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									The Military Saves Campaign
            OPLAN 2009
  Julie Kyrazis, Assistant Director
       •   Military Saves Campaign
       •   Campaign Model
       •   Promotional Events and Activities
       •   Resources
       •   Campaign Timeline
       •   Partnerships
       •   Military Saves POCs
       •   Sponsors

Social Marketing Campaign
        • Military Saves is a DoD-wide financial
          readiness campaign to persuade
          military service and family members,
          to reduce debt and save money
        • Result: Ensuring personal financial
          readiness and positively impacting
          the nation's personal/household
          savings rates

Social Marketing Campaign
       • Military Saves encourages:
         – Developing a personal financial
         – Establishing good credit
         – Saving a portion of each paycheck
         – Enrolling in SGLI, TSP, and (when
            eligible) SDP

Desired Outcomes
       • Increased household savings for short- and
         long-term needs
       • Decreased consumer debt
       • Command climate and overall culture that
         supports prudent financial behavior over
       • Demand for financial literacy education and
       • Supply of financial products that encourage
         saving, especially regular (automatic)
         deposits, systematic increase in amount of
         deposits, and advance planning for
         purchasing and investing
Annual Saver Drive
        • Annual during ―Military Saves Week‖
          – Last Sunday/Feb to first Sunday/Mar
          – In conjunction with America Saves Week

        • Military Saves Week 2009:
              22 February – 1 March 2009

Ongoing Saving/Debt Reduction
        • Enrollment open 24/7 year-round
        • Participating organizations welcome
          and encouraged to organize local
          promotions to stimulate
          increased/new/automatic saving and
          debt reduction throughout year
        • Changing to an ongoing campaign
          with 4 Quarterly themes: Save &
          Invest, Military Youth, Debt
          Reduction, Retirement

Campaign Focus
       • Tactic: Annual ―Military Saves Week‖
           • Started in 2007
           • Each year has a focus/theme
             – 2007: Emergency Savings
             – 2008: Automatic Savings
             – 2009: Automatic Savings
Military Saves Week/America Saves Week
        Use it as a AAA check up:

        1. Yearly reminder to Assess your
           savings status
        2. Act to improve
        3. When you act, act Automatically-
           through automatic savings

Saver Drive
        • An organized effort to enroll as many
          people as possible in Military Saves

Ultimate Goal

        • 10% or more of military personnel,
          civil servants, and defense contractor
          employees worldwide enrolled as
          Military Savers
           – Receive electronic newsletters for
             financial readiness and savings tips
           – Encourage them to get involved in
             encouraging others to:
               • Build wealth. Not Debt.

Campaign Model

Campaign Method
       • Modeled on the Combined Federal
         Campaign drive
       • Recruiting method is one-on-one
         personal contact of all personnel
         (military and civilian)
       • Supported by visible leadership,
         emails, website, public affairs,
         partnerships, posters, special events,
         fun challenges, and outreach to
         family members, contractors, and
         the general community
What is the CFC Model?
       • Project Officers in every unit (at least 1 per
         50 people)
       • 100 % Ask
       • Goal Setting
       • Competition
       • Kick off Rallies
       • Target Account Strategies
       • Leadership Breakfasts
       • Personalized Correspondence
       • Recognition Items
       • Leadership enrolling in a public way
       • Evaluation
       • Celebrate Successes
       • Keep the Campaign Alive all year
       • Publicity/Marketing
Project Officers

         • Project Officers at every U.S. military
           installation CONUS and OCONUS
         • One POC in every shop
            – Suggested ratio for POCs to personnel is
              1: 50 to facilitate one–on-one contact
            – Ratio of 1:500 is better than no POC at all

Campaign Impact

                  Out of a 5000 member

                   If you have at least
                       200 PROJOS

                       And ½ of
                     PROJOS or 100
                     people change
                       their lives
Key to Success
        • Volunteers to Run the Campaign
        • Recruiting:
           – Need people to POC the Campaign
           – Policy letter tasking personnel or
             directing people to run campaign
           – A lot of success with ―Voluntolds‖
              • These are the people who get
                personally involved and change
                their lives
        • Installation Commander Involvement

Tips for Success
        • Make it official and ceremonial
        • Make it action oriented throughout
        • Make it fun and something people
          want to do
        • Make it accessible (no firewalls

Campaign Success: Leadership Dynamics
Training Project Officers and Commanders
        • Appoint an overall POC
        • Unit Commanders officially appoint
          individual POCs
        • Have a meeting with all Commanders
          and POCs
        • Explain what the campaign is
        • Get buy-in
        • Establish an organization goal
        • Hold contests for Saver enrollment

Training Project Officers and Commanders
        • Present the different activities for
          installation involvement
        • Get the Commanders to talk about it
        • Form tiger teams to promote savings
          and savings enrollment
        • Make sure the base can link to the
          Military Saves website
        • Acknowledge successes & give letters
          of appreciation

Training Project Officers and Commanders
        • Have everyone take the Saver Pledge
          as a group and sign up on-line
        • Have fun events
        • Get incentives for project officers to
          do a great job—prizes, gift cards,
          time off awards, recognition, etc.

Promotional Events and

Promotional Methods
       • Regular feature stories, ads, and other
         articles in military/civilian newspapers
       • ―Hold music‖ messages
       • Reader board messages
       • Billboards, posters, flyers, banners
       • Briefings and motivational speeches at
         commanders’ calls, organizational events,
         clubs, and special events
       • Take the Saver Pledge at all personal finance
         and life skills classes and briefings
       • Profile successful Savers and fun Military
         Saves events and activities in unit
         newsletters and other promotional avenues
Promotional Methods
       • Place America Saves Week articles in
         newsletters/newspapers, get civilian media
       • Host motivational workshops
       • Declare a goal of new savings accounts
         opened, dollars to be saved
       • Promote Saving at Tax Time, hold EITC
         workshops and promote tax preparation
         program sites while encouraging Saver
         enrollment –divert money into savings
       • Organize local Money Fairs at the base

Promotional Methods
         • Set up Military Saves Week display/area for
           reading/research and Web access to saving,
           debt reduction, and wealth building
         • Encourage enrollment as a Saver at
           information desks or reception areas
         • Hold contests/activities targeted to youth on
           saving and wealth building
         • Send emails installation wide
         • Place a link to America Saves Week and
           Military Saves website internal network
         • Add Military Saves messages to a daily
           communication bulletin

         • Brown bag lunches (coordinate with dining
           facility to get lunches made for members on
           meal cards)
         • Financial planning counseling**
         • Information tables or booths
         • Morale boosting activities that save money
           (pot luck lunches instead of eating out, unit
           sponsored burger burn with Saves-related
           games and prizes)
         • Commissary trip to find bargain snacks
         • Budget making day – help members make a

                   **Work with FEs and CFSs                28
         • Investment day – have someone come in
           and talk about the different types of
         • Military Saves Call (invite a leader from the
           Military Saves committee to your unit event
           or introduce the campaign, invite members
           to give testimonials about the benefits of
           getting out of debt and saving money)
         • Credit card cut-up/cancellation day (have a
           jar, put cut up credit cards in the jar and
           keep them on display)
         • Retirement planning day**
         • Savings Basics day – have someone come
           and talk about different types of savings
           accounts **                                     29

Campaign Success: Necessary Players

Military Saves Campaign Materials
        • Growing infrastructure to support
          campaigning communities
        • Resource Kit
          –   Customizable Graphics
          –   Checklists
          –   PSAs
          –   Briefings
          –   Calendar
          –   Suggested activities

Campaign Timeline

Campaign Success: Player Integration
Recommended Schedule: October
       • Commander: Appoint installation
         Project Officer
       • Communicate command directive for
          – Request POCs designated in all
            subordinate units, tenants and affiliated
       • Authorize Project Officer to task
         functional areas to invite community
         participation (PA, Finance, MWR,
         SEA, AAFES, DECA, spouse clubs, on
         base financial institutions, CAP, etc.)
Recommended Schedule: November
       • Commander, Project Officer & POCs take the
         Saver Pledge at
       • Project Officer trains POCs
       • Project Officer ensures no firewalls block
         access to and
       • Project Officer schedules major events
         (Saver Drive kick-off, volunteer appreciation
         event, etc.) to permit Commander’s
       • Project Officer meets with PA and other key
         partners to establish marketing plan and
         other support

Recommended Schedule: December
      • POCs get unit manning document to
        identify the people you’re responsible
        for recruiting
      • POCs plan your program to start in
        January and go through the week
        following America Saves week
      • POCs get creative about inviting
        family members, deployed members,
        and anyone else you don’t see
        regularly at work

Recommended Schedule: January
       • POCs hang flyers, posters, and banners
         (start with a few, increase every week
         through kick-off)
       • Project Officer, POCs meet with any
         volunteers you’ve recruited to help maintain
         their excitement/involvement and give them
         specific tasks
       • Project Officer, POCs confirm with your
         leadership that they will be attending
         installation-wide special events and
         unit/shop activities
       • PA start running teaser stories

Recommended Schedule: February
       • POCs Recruit Savers
       • Public Affairs run feature stories
         about campaign activities and Saver
         success stories
       • Project Officer install/display/update
         Saver enrollment display (similar to
         CFC thermometer – what is the goal,
         and how close is the installation to
         reaching it)
       • Attend kick-off and other events

Recommended Schedule: March
       • Project Officer prepares after action
         reports as required by branch of
         service; submit success stories,
         suggestions, and best practices at
       • Commander, Project Officer, POCs
         recognize workers – volunteer
         appreciation event, certificates of
         appreciation, letters to supervisors,
         passes/time off work, etc.

Promotional Campaign
       • Year-round promotional campaign
       • Commands encouraged to keep
         ―Build Wealth, Not Debt‖ message in
         front of the community at all times
       • Engage public affairs to promote the
       • Encourage defense credit union and
         military bank to do the same


Banks and Credit Unions
        • Military Saves invites defense credit
          unions and military banks to
          aggressively promote automatic
          deposits to savings accounts
        • Identify at least one existing or new
          ―Military Saver‖ product
           – No fees or minimum balance for at least
             18 mos.
           – Stand alone, interest-bearing, no or low
             minimum opening balance

Effective Incentives to Entice People to
Open Accounts
        •   Higher interest
        •   The ability to win a car
        •   A contribution toward retirement
        •   Flat screen T.V.
        •   Gas cards
        •   Savings Bond
        •   Free food
        •   Musical event
        •   IPod drawing

        • Military banks and defense credit
        • Cooperative extension, Boys and
          Girls Clubs, 4H, your local chamber
          of commerce, Military Affairs
        • All military and private organizations
        • MWR, AAFES/NEX, DECA
        • Partnerships between for-profit
          companies and military organizations
          subject to restrictions
Past Participation
        • All four Services and the U.S. Coast
          Guard participated in the campaign
          in 2007 and 2008
           – Enrolled more than 25,000 individuals
             and stimulated more than 100,000
             positive financial actions such as putting
             money in savings or investment accounts
        • More than 80 credit unions and
          military banks participated in a wide
          variety of activities to promote
          personal financial readiness

Military Saves POCs

Campaign Coordinators
        Military Saves Director – Sarah Shirley, 702-
        Military Saves Assistant Director – Julie Kyrazis

Military Saves is part of the DoD Financial
Readiness Campaign
         OSD – Brenda McDaniel
            and LCDR Dave Julian
         Army – Michael Wood
         Dr. Lillie Cannon
         Navy – Mary Spear
         Air Force – Leslie Joseph
         Marine Corps – Anna Jones

Military Saves Sponsors

• The campaign guidelines and
  resources are provided by DoD’s
  nonprofit partner, Consumer
  Federation of America

•   Military Saves was made possible in part
    through the generous support of the
    FINRA Investor Education Foundation.

Please visit

•   Military Saves is also supported by Chase
    Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, and Dave
    Ramsey’s Financial Peace University
    Military Edition.


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