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                          Bar Code Products



    The Zebra® Line
      at a glance:                                                   DEDICATED TO                    Caption to come caption
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                                                                     YOUR SUCCESS                    to come caption to come
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                                                                     Why do more than 70% of the Fortune 500 companies
      XiIII Series™
                                                                     turn to Zebra for their bar code and labeling
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                         Thermal technology produces the clearest,
         Page 6              crispest, most accurate bar codes.
                                                                     It starts with Zebra products. They’re solid. They’re

                           Thermal Printing Looks                    tough. They’re simply the most reliable in the industry.
       Z Series™
         Page 7            Great, Saves Money
                                                                     They’re backed by world-class sales support and
                           When scanning accuracy is
                           important, nothing beats                  service that ensures our customers get the most out
     Mobile Printers
       Page 8-9            thermal printing. Thermal
                                                                     of their labeling systems. Zebra printers, supplies, and
                           printing saves money
      Stripe® Series       compared to printing with                 software help thousands of companies, in more than
         Page 10
                           costly ink jet or laser toner             95 countries, operate more efficiently and improve the
                           cartridges, plus on-demand
 Stripe Desktop Series     labeling means you print                  way they serve their customers.
        Page 11
                           only the labels you need,
                                                                     Companies who rely on Zebra are increasing their
                           avoiding waste.
       S Series™
        Page 12                                                      edge over the competition because Zebra is at
                           In a hurry? Dedicated label
                           printers are fast: a four-inch            the forefront of technology, bringing advanced
 PAX3™ Print Engines       wide label printed at six
      Page 13                                                        connectivity, RFID and mobile printing solutions to
                           inches/second (ips) equals
                           a laser printer speed of 33               the world’s best performing printers. Whether you’re
 BAR-ONE® Software         pages/minute! Performance-
      Page 14                                                        looking to seamlessly integrate bar coding into a
                           match a Zebra bar code
                           printer for your operation                growing operation, or to improve an existing system,
Genuine Zebra Supplies
       Page 15             with print speeds of up to
                                                                     Zebra has a solution that’s right for your business.
                           12 ips.

2                                                                                                                              3
                                       ZebraLink Benefits                                                   Xi Series Applications
                                       • Receive printer alerts in                                          • High-volume, mission-
                                         real time from anywhere                                             critical applications
                                       • Change printer settings                                            • Compliance labeling, such
                                         with easy-to-use Web                                                as AIAG, ODETTE, and
                                         interface                                                           UCC/EAN 128
                                       • Create stand-alone                                                 • High-resolution printing
                                         applications with basic                                            • Wide-label applications
                                         ZBI programming language

ZebraLink™ Real-time Connectivity                                      Xi Series™
and Control Solution                                                   XiIII™ printers are the ones you need when the going gets
Only ZebraLink gives you the power to control and monitor              tough. Heavy gauge steel frames give Xi Series printers
your printers anytime, anywhere. Every ZebraLink printer               the strength to handle hard knocks, dirt, dust and harsh
(just look for the ZebraLink logo), when used with                     chemicals. When the work is critical, and there’s a lot at
ZebraLink-compatible network options, provides three                   stake, your printer has to handle the pressure. If it’s an Xi
core features:                                                         Series printer, you can be confident it will deliver 24/7. These
• Alert provides real-time error notification via any email-enabled,   workhorses require very little maintenance, even when you
  wired or wireless network device (such as a pager, PDA, PC, or       run them around the clock.
  phone). You can monitor your print job from any location.
                                                                       And if you need speed, the Xi Series printers have the
• WebView makes printer set-up and control as simple as surfing
  the Web! With WebView, your printer has an integrated Web            fastest throughput in the industry. Zebra’s 96XiIII is the
  server and IP (Internet Protocol) address. Using any Web-enabled     industry’s first bar code label printer to offer 600dpi print
  network device, you can access and change printer settings from
  anywhere in the world.                                               resolution as a standard feature.

• ZBI™ controls and interprets incoming text and data streams.
  Replace any brand of old bar code printer with the superior
  performance and reliability of Zebra printers, without costly
  label reformatting. And create stand-alone applications using
  a scanner, keyboard or weigh-scale, without a PC.

XiIII At-A-Glance

Model                  Resolution                Max. Print Width      Max. Print Length                   Max. Speed
90XiIII                300dpi                    3.4”/86mm             39”/991mm                           8”/203mm per second
96XiIII                600dpi                    3.2”/81mm             20”/508mm                           4”/102mm per second
140XiIII               203dpi                    5.04”/128mm           39”/991mm                           12”/305mm per second
170XiIII               300dpi                    6.6”/168mm            39”/991mm                           8”/203mm per second
220XiIII               203dpi                    8.5”/216mm            39”/991mm                           10”/254mm per second

4                                                                                                                                        5
                                    RFID Applications                                                       Z Series Applications
                                    • Supply chain management                                               • Shipping/receiving or other

                                    • Inventory control                                                      compliance labeling

                                    • Book, videotape, and                                                  • Asset tracking
                                     sensitive document tracking                                            • Inventory control

                                    • Package and cargo tracking                                            • Ticketing

                                    • Reusable container tracking                                           • Work-in-process

                                    • Work-in-process

                                    • Access control and security
                                    • Capital asset labeling/tracking

                                                                                                                                  ( Z4M only)
R-140™ RFID Printer/Encoder                                             Z Series™
Zebra’s innovative R-140 can read, write and print “smart”              Z Series printers with standard flash memory are competi-
labels, which carry embedded ultra-thin RFID transponders.              tively priced, state-of-the-art printers that you can customize
This technology enables you to change and update data                   to your application. With print speeds of up to 10 inches per
repeatedly throughout the life of a smart label. Because                second, they are some of Zebra’s fastest printers.
smart labels are read using radio waves, you can read labels
                                                                        The Z4M™ metal printer is the price-performance leader
through paint, and most non-metallic containers. You can
                                                                        in its class with more standard features per dollar. A full-
even scan multiple smart labels in one pass!
                                                                        metal enclosure and die-cast metal base, frame, and print
Based on Zebra’s award-winning XiIII printers, the R-140                mechanism lend to its rugged yet sleek design. Intuitively
can handle the 24-hour duty cycles in industrial, mission-              designed to be user-friendly, the Z4M features color-coded
critical applications. Brains and brawn in one revolutionary            operator cues, auto-calibration, standard LCD front panel,
printer!                                                                wide paper path, and a full-size media window.

R-140 At-A-Glance

Model                  Resolution              Max. Print Width         Max. Print Length              Max. Speed
R-140                  203dpi                  5.04”/128mm              39”/991mm                      12”/305mm per second

Z Series At-A-Glance

Model                  Resolution              Max. Print Width         Max. Print Length              Max. Speed
Z4M™                   203/300dpi              4.1"/104mm               105”/2667mm (203dpi)           10"/254mm per second (203dpi)
Z4000™                 203/300dpi              4.1”/104mm               37”/940mm (203dpi)             10”/254mm per second (203dpi)
Z6000™                 203/300dpi              6.6”/168mm               23”/584mm (203dpi)             10”/254mm per second (203dpi)

6                                                                                                                                          7
                                                                                      Mobile Applications
                                                                                      • Point of transaction processing

                                                                                      • Shelf labeling

                                                                                      • Price marking

                                                                                      • Bin labeling

                                                                                      • Product identification

                                                                                      • Forklift mounting

                                                                                      • Receipt printing

                                                                                      • Route accounting

                                                                                      • Event and passenger ticketing

                                                                                      • Parking tickets and violations
                                                                                      (from L to R: PT400, Encore and Cameo)

Mobile Printing Solutions—Thermal Printers                                            Mobile Printing Solutions—Receipt Printers
Zebra PT400™, PA400™, and Encore™ Series mobile                                       Receipt printing is quick and efficient with Cameo™ Series
thermal printers, the fastest mobile printers in their class,                         mobile receipt printers. These are the lightest Zebra printers,
provide consistent print quality, long battery life, internal                         weighing only 1-2 pounds each. Cameos are sleek and
shock mounting, and rugged housing. Print outdoors or                                 durable enough to carry and print clean, custom receipts
anywhere your business takes you. Plus, with wireless                                 indoors and out. Optional wireless connectivity, magnetic
connectivity options, mobile printing is now easier and                               card readers and smart card readers make these printers
more convenient than ever.                                                            ideal for queue-busting and point-of-sale applications.

Mobile Thermal Printers At-A-Glance

Model                    Dimensions (H, W, D)                      Weight (lbs)       Max. Print Width                         Max. Speed/second
PT400 (TT)               7.9” x 9.2” x 2.9”                        3.5                       4.1”                                   1.5”, 2”
PA400 (DT)               7.9” x 9.2” x 2.9”                        3                         4.1”                                   1.5”, 2”
Encore 2™                5” x 4” x 3.15”                           1.32                      2”                                     3”
Encore 3™                5.6” x 5” x 4”                            2                         3”                                     3”
Encore 3N™               6.8” x 5” x 4”                            2.75                      3”                                     3”
                         Smallest network-addressable printer in the market

Encore 4SE™              5” x 6.1” x 4”                            3.2                       4”                                     3”
Encore 4™                5” x 6.1” x 4”                            3.2                       4”                                     3”

Mobile Receipt Direct Thermal Printers At-A-Glance

Model                    Dimensions (H, W, D)                      Weight (lbs)       Max. Print Width                         Max. Speed/second
Cameo   2™               6.6” x 3.7” x 2.6”                        1                         2”                                     3”
Cameo   2 Plus™          6.6” x 3.7” x 2.6”                        1                         2”                                     3”
Cameo   3™               6.2” x 4.7” x 2.6”                        1.4                       3”                                     3”
Cameo   PEP™             9” x 5.3” x 2.6”                          1.85                      3”                                     3”
Cameo   3N™              8.2” x 3.5” x 4.5”                        1.9                       3”                                     3”
                         Smallest network-addressable receipt printer in the market
              All Zebra mobile printers print at 203 dots/inch
8                                                                                                                                                   9
                                    Stripe Applications                                                Desktop Applications
                                    • Professional/Business                                            • Small offices/Home offices
                                      offices                                                          • Retail/Business offices
                                    • Hospitals and healthcare;                                        • Healthcare and medical
                                      medical laboratories                                               laboratories
                                    • Incoming product labeling                                        • Point-of-sale
                                    • Receipts and ticketing                                           • Receipts and ticketing
                                    • On-demand shipping                                               • Mailing and shipping
                                      labels and parts tracking                                          labels
                                                                                                       • File folder labeling

Stripe® Series                                                     Stripe Desktop Series
The economical, full-size Stripe Series printers are in a class    Think big. Or in this case, think small. Zebra’s Stripe
all their own. They can each accommodate a full-size roll          Desktop Series printers come in a compact size at an
of media within the printer, minimizing media maintenance          affordable price.
and label contamination by airborne dust or moisture.
                                                                   A great choice for bar code label novices, these intuitive
Lightweight, yet highly durable, these printers can be             printers offer color-coded operator cues, auto-calibration,
moved easily from one workstation to the next, anywhere            and one-button darkness adjustment. They are ideal for
they are required. Or purchase more than one of these              any low-volume, on-demand application in which an
extremely affordable printers for distributed printing             easy-to-use, space-saving, dedicated printer is desired. Use
throughout your company. Stripe Series printers are perfect        Stripe Desktop printers at home or at the office. You’re
for moderate printing needs in commercial or light                 guaranteed great results, whether you’re printing labels
industrial applications.                                           individually or in batches.

Stripe Series At-A-Glance

Model                 Resolution                Max. Print Width   Max. Print Length                  Max. Speed
S400™                 203dpi                    4.1”/104mm         36”/914mm                          4”/102mm per second
S600™                 203dpi                    4.1”/104mm         39”/991mm                          6”/152mm per second

Stripe Desktop Series At-A-Glance

Model                 Resolution                Max. Print Width   Max. Print Length                  Max. Speed
DA402™                203dpi                    4.1”/104mm         22”/559mm                          2.5”/64mm per second
T402™                 203dpi                    4.1”/104mm         22”/559mm                          2.5”/64mm per second

10                                                                                                                                 11
                                    S Series Applications                                                    PAX3 Applications
                                    • Shipping/Receiving                                                     • Pallet labeling

                                    • Compliance labeling, such                                              • Case and carton applications
                                      as AIAG and ODETTE                                                     • Fully automatic print/apply
                                    • Product labeling (Part ID etc.)                                         systems
                                    • Asset, product and document                                            • Mission-critical industrial
                                      tracking                                                                applications
                                    • Work-in-process

                                    • Warehouse inventory/Shelf

S Series™                                                               PAX3™ Print Engines
S Series printers fit your industrial applications and your             Engineered with the same reliability and durability as all
budget. The industrial steel-frame construction of the                  Zebra bar code printers, PAX3 Series next-generation print
printer housing, drive gears and other critical components              engines are a perfect fit for any mission-critical case, carton
assures maximum durability and dependable performance,                  and pallet labeling application, including multi-shift and
even when used in medium to high-volume printing in                     24-hour duty cycles.
manufacturing or industrial environments.
                                                                        The print engines feature the industry’s largest ribbon
These popular, flexible printers meet the needs of first-time           roll capacity, 3,000 feet (900 meters), which increases
and experienced users, offering on-demand compliance                    productivity by reducing the downtime caused by frequent
labeling, single or multiple-up label printing, wide-label              replacement of smaller ribbon rolls. PAX3 print engines are
printing, and variable resolution settings.                             available in right-and left-handed configurations to match
                                                                        any print-and-apply system easily.

                                                                        Keep your eyes peeled for the exciting new 110PAX3, to be
                                                                        launched soon!

S Series At-A-Glance

Model              Resolution                    Max. Print Width       Max. Print Length                Max. Speed
105Se™             152/203/300dpi                4.1”/104mm             37”/940mm (203dpi)               6”/152mm per second (203dpi)
160S™              203dpi                        6.3”/160mm             24”/610mm                        6”/152mm per second

PAX3 Series At-A-Glance

Model              Resolution                    Max. Print Width       Max. Print Length                Max. Speed
170PAX3            203/300dpi                    6.6”/168mm             39”/203mm                        12”/305mm per second (203dpi)

12                                                                                                                                           13
                                     Software Benefits                                                 Supplies Benefits
                                     • Print labels on-demand; no                                      • Minimizes printhead wear
                                       more wasted sheets                                                and tear, reducing mainte-
                                     • Create labels in all shapes                                       nance costs
                                       and sizes                                                       • Maximizes print quality from

                                     • WYSIWYG on-screen label                                           your Zebra printer
                                       design                                                          • Resists chemicals and

                                     • All popular bar code                                              solvents (select labelstocks)
                                       symbologies                                                     • Adheres in cold, hot, rough

                                     • Print directly from SAP and                                       or dirty environments (select
                                       other ERP systems                                                 labelstocks)
                                                                                                       • Ships quickly in one (ZIP
                                                                                                         Ship) to four (custom speci-
                                                                                                         fications) days

BAR-ONE® Software                                                    Genuine Zebra Supplies
Zebra’s Windows™-based label design and printing                     Zebra-brand labels, ribbons, and tags make a superior
software, BAR-ONE, turns your printers into powerful                 impression. Our supplies are specially engineered to
tools for printing labels from all major computer platforms.         optimize the performance of Zebra printers, which means
                                                                     less wear and tear on your printheads and reduced cost
Easy Label Printing from ERP
                                                                     of maintenance.
Enhance your ERP or legacy applications by integrating
high-quality bar code printing without costly modifications          Zebra carries more than 1,000 combinations of labels,
to databases, reports or source codes. Zebra’s BAR-ONE               ribbons, and tags—more than 300 of which are UL-
software means faster implementation, reduced develop-               recognized and CSA-accepted. Our Zip Ship stocking
ment costs, enhanced printer performance, and superior               program has hundreds of ribbons and labels readily
label output.                                                        available—including synthetic labels. Zebra’s sample
                                                                     program means you can try before you buy, and through
BAR-ONE software solutions, include:                                 our Proto X-Press program, our R&D product development
• BAR-ONE for R/3™, the first integrated bar code printing           team will custom-make and test label/tag prototypes to
     solution for SAP R/3 users. Automatically generates the         meet your unique application needs.
     SAPscript page formatting commands, embeds them into
                                                                     In addition, our media specialists can help determine the
     the label design and provides users with full graphics
                                                                     right combination of media and ribbons so you get crisp,
     manipulation and formatting capabilities.
                                                                     long-lasting, scannable images that resist smudging and
• BAR-ONE with JetForm Central™, certified by Baan and               smearing, even when exposed to dirt, chemicals or
     SAP, provides effortless integration with ERP and other         extreme heat.
     major application software.

14                                                                                                                                   15

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