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                             T EA
                         A Selection of Fine Teas

         Assam                      Earl Grey                Lemon & Ginger
A strong dark tea, As-      A light tea, pale gold         A warming infusion
 sam is known for its      in colour with the deli-      where the spiciness of
   body, briskness,           cate yet distinctive       the ginger is balanced
  malty flavour, and         flavour of the citrus         with the cleansing
burgundy red colour.            fruit bergamot.           zesty taste of lemon.

       Camomile                     Peppermint             Green Tea & Lemon
 Sunny Golden in col-        The high essential             A mild green tea
 our, camomile pollen         oil content of the           and a juicy lemon
 heads give this tea its     peppermint leaves                 flavour have
 uniquely subtle taste         gives this tea its           been blended for
  with delicate floral         comforting and                 a nutrient rich,
         hints.               refreshing taste.              revitalising tea.

       Darjeeling            Cranberry, Raspberry                 Everyday
                                & Elderflower
 A light golden black                                       Winner of a 2 Star
tea from the foothills         This tea is ideal          Gold Award from the
of the Himalayas, this        when your senses             Guild of Fine Foods,
tea has a delicate and      need a lift, the fruits         this is a refreshing
unique character that       are expertly blended            and full flavoured
   is likened to the         to create a refresh-         blend, perfect for any
   Muscatel grape.            ing combination.                 time of day.

        Alternatively, Heacham Manor filter coffee is also available.
            Traditional Afternoon Tea

                 Dainty Sandwiches
 A selection of sandwiches made from freshly baked
  bread with a variety of fillings including the finest
cucumber, pink salmon, Arthur Howell’s ham and Mrs
                  Temple’s cheese.

                   The Cake Stand
    A delightful selection of fresh, home-made cakes
  including fresh baked fruit scones with clotted cream
and home-made preserves, fruit cake, lemon and polenta
   cake, chocolate and pistachio brownies, home-made
                 cookies and shortbread.

                  Mulberry Royale
For an extra special experience, try the exclusive house
champagne cocktail, made with chilled Duc de Roucher
Champagne and a fine cordial created with berries from
 Heacham Manor’s famous mulberry tree planted 400
 years ago by Pocahontas, the native American wife of
               Heacham born John Rolfe.
A FTERNOON TEA      Price List
                 Traditional Afternoon Tea
        Tea, sandwich selection and cake stand

              Mulberry Royale Afternoon Tea
          Glass of Mulberry Royale on arrival,
      then tea, sandwich selection and cake stand

        Gift Vouchers Are Available From Reception - 01485 536030
 Heacham Manor Hotel, Hunstanton Rd, Heacham, West Norfolk, PE31 7JX.

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