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Affordable Housing Programs
in the Halifax area
March 2005
    Foreword                                            Table of Contents
You or your group may already know about
                                                      Getting Start ed                               3
the extent of the shortage of affordable
                                                      Basic Information                            4-5
housing in Canada. You probably also have
compassion for the needs of people who                Municipal Information                        6-7

want to acquire or rent safe, affordable              Federal Housing Programs
housing, and help them break free of the
                                                      Seed Funding                                  8
poverty cycle. In fact, your group may have
                                                      Consultation                                  8
already committed to the delivery of
affordable housing to low and moderate                Proposal Development Funding                  9
income earners.                                       Capital Replacement Planning                  9
                                                      Mortgage Loan Insurance                       9
Many different groups, such as non-profit,            CMHC Capacity Development Training            10
faith and fraternal groups, ethnic, cultural or       Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit Grants        10
community organizations, builders and                 Supporting Communities Partnership            10
developers, are involved with the production          Initiative
of affordable housing. This document offers           Nova Scotia Housing Programs
encouragement and advice to groups
                                                      The Home Ownership Preservation               11
starting out or getting reorganized, and              Program
describes the different federal, provincial,          The Rental Housing Preservation               11
municipal, corporate and private foundation           Program
programs that may be useful in creating               The New Home Ownership/ Purchase              11
affordable housing.                                   Program
                                                      The New Rental Housing Initiative             11

There are some details to remember as you             Parent Apartment Program                      12
use this handbook. Acceptance in some                 Small Loan Assistance Program                 12
programs may restrict your group from                 Shelter Enhancement Program                   12
                                                      Senior Citizens Assistance Program            12
applying for another program, and where               Provincial Housing Emergency Repair           12
this matters is not noted in this handbook.           Program
These restrictions also apply for private and
corporate charities. Groups are encouraged            Home Adaptations for Seniors’                 13
to contact the different program                      Rent Supplement Program                       13
administrators and ask them to explain all            Family Modest Housing Program                 13
the rules and requirements. This handbook             Access-A-Home                                 13
does not describe each of the programs
                                                      Residential Rehabilitation and                14
exhaustively, but instead offers a brief              Assistance Programs (RRAP)
description and contact information.
                                                      Community ACCESS-ability Program              15
    Notes                                             Community Wellness Fund                       15

                                                      Halifax Regional Municipality Programs
                                                      HRM Community Grants Program                16 - 17

                                                      Residential Property Tax Exemption            17
                                                      Land Donations & Below Market Value Sales     17

                                                      Property Tax Exemption for Non-Profit         18
                                                      Councillors District Activity Fund            18

                                                      Private Charitable Foundations      19 - 20
                                                      Corporate Charitable Foundations 21 - 2 3
                                                      Internet Links for Affordable Housing 24

     Getting Started
This section is intended for new non-profit      Organization
groups, existing non-profit groups getting re-
organized and non-profit groups partnered        Even the smallest groups need to pay
with a government or a private company.          attention to their organizational form and the
These tips may confirm what you already          way they conduct their meetings. Good
know, but also may bring certain ideas to        record keeping and organizational
your attention.                                  management can help small groups to
                                                 achieve big goals. Meetings need goals and
Goals and Mission Statements                     general rules, so one person has to take the
                                                 initiative to create an agenda before the
Your group has a purpose, such as providing      meeting, and records the meeting event
affordable housing, that has caused you to       (keeping minutes) so a record of group
get organized. Clarifying this purpose is        decisions exists.
important. You need to establish a group
identity. Consider a written Mission             Your affordable housing group may wish to
Statement, outlining your organization’s         enhance their fundraising by applying as a
purpose. Group decision-making is easier         charitable organization registered by
with a clear Mission Statement, as it can        Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. More
provide guidance for whether your group          information about charitable status can be
actions support your purpose. Mission            found on this website:
statements are also helpful in applying for
different types of funding, because the          su06811.html#a1Partnerships
group’s purpose is clearer.

Mission Statements are generally tied to
                                                 Record keeping
achieving a goal. Remember to keep your          Basic record keeping skills are crucial.
short and medium term goals within a range       Organize all deeds, legal documents,
that can be reasonably accomplished. Many        planning documents, property records,
groups are fuelled by caring, enthusiasm and     application forms, expenses, assessments,
idealism, but concrete goal setting requires     permission letters and other relevant
a realistic analysis of what can be              documents in a way that they can be
accomplished. Attainable goals need to be        accessed quickly and stored securely. Store
elaborated.                                      documents in file folders and storage
                                                 binders. By using file boxes, all your
Group Skills                                     important documents are organized,
                                                 portable, and easily accessible because they
When groups form for specific purposes,
                                                 are all in one place. You never know when
several individuals pool their skills,
                                                 certain documents are needed in different
education and experiences. The combined
                                                 meetings, and having them close-by and
skills of a non-profit group may be
                                                 organized helps move the application
scrutinized by lenders and program
                                                 process along quicker. It may be useful to
managers when applying for funding.
                                                 assign record keeping duties to one person,
Document the skills, work experience and
                                                 instead of having different documents with
educational backgrounds of the people in
                                                 different people.
your group. Keep resumes on hand, and
document all the skills that each person can
be expected to undertake. After determining      Public Communication
the strengths and skills of people within your   After a certain point, your affordable
group, tasks can be assigned to people with      housing project needs to be communicated
the appropriate background. Responsibility       to a wider audience, and it is worth spending
delegated to the right person helps the          the time to create a good communications
efficiency of your group.                        package. Many businesses specialize in

    Basic Information
communicating ideas to the public and                Before starting, it is worthwhile to become
would be a wise investment if your group has         acquainted with the features of your
money available, or can recruit them as              property. Investigate how the site has been
volunteers.                                          used in the past, and search for evidence of
                                                     pollution. Check for the present zoning, what
Affordable housing groups have many                  services are available for your site or if there
options in the way they communicate their            is a lien against the property.
goals to the public. Consider creating a
pamphlet, scale models or detailed drawings
                                                     Proposal Information
that show your project. Much of the more
detailed information can be placed on an             A Call for Proposals may require applicants
internet website for the public to see. Clear        to provide a wide variety of information
writing, public speaking, photography and            including:
desktop publishing become valuable skills
when you want to communicate your idea to            w       Location information, such as
the public.                                                  describing nearby commercial areas,
                                                             public transportation, zoning, public
Perhaps your group may wish to bring                         services or health-care services
attention to yourselves through the media.
Newspaper, radio and television news                 w       Detailed demographic information
departments typically have assignment                        about the area, future tenants and
editors and program directors who may be                     average market rents and evidence
receptive if you approach them with a story                  of need
idea.                                                w       Compliance with NS Residential
Successful communications is important tool                  Tenancy Act, Human Rights
in winning approval for your project if there                Legislation, NS Building Code, NS
are local questions or objections to your                    Fire Code
project (See NIMBY) .                                w       Design requirements, such as a
                                                             percentage of units with Barrier-Free
Partnerships                                                 Design

Non-profit housing providers might want to           w       Environmental assessments, building
consider the benefits that different                         condition reports, letters of
partnerships bring to their projects. Private                conditional financing, incorporation
sector partnerships create opportunities for                 documents or building or land
innovative financing mechanisms, shared                      appraisals
resources, providing equity and minimizing           w       Outlining how the project is cost
risks. Partnerships need to be explicit in who               effective or conforms to Modesty
is responsible for what commitment. Groups                   Standards of floorspace for the area
working together should decide on the legal                  where you are building
arrangement that the relationship takes,
such as the difference between general or            Modesty Standards
limited partnerships. Affordable housing
groups might want to take advantage of the           Affordable housing must be modest in floor
various training programs for board                  size. These area measurements are provided
development listed elsewhere in this                 by the Province of Nova Scotia (2004):
                                                           Type         sq. meters       sq. feet
Know Your Property                                       Bachelor           41.8          450
                                                         1 Bedroom          60.4          650
Some groups are fortunate enough to have a
                                                         2 Bedroom          79.2          853
parcel of land donated for their project.
                                                         3 Bedroom          92.9          1000

    Basic Information
Financial Viability                                   Ask Your Municipal Councillor
Non-profit organizations are community                Councillors are helpful in providing advice or
focused, so they are good at defining need            guiding groups through the various meetings
and explaining what their project is for, but         and procedures. When dealing with a
must also emphasize the business case for             municipal government, there is almost no
their project. Affordable housing groups will         substitute for the efforts of an effective,
have to determine the cost and revenues of            supportive municipal councillor. Affordable
operating a property, for both lending                housing providers would be wise to involve
institutions and government staff overseeing          their councillor in the early planning stages
programs. Development takes time and                  of their projects.
expenses do not occur in a lump sum, so
cash flow projections are needed when                 NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard)
applying for some programs. Groups will
need first year revenue-expense plans, along          Local resistance to higher density housing
with five and ten year projections. The first         or housing designed for lower income
year of operation is critical, and a plan             households may limit the potential for
should show how revenue, costs and                    building affordable housing. Associated
expenses are expected to occur in first year.         delays by local residents can increase costs,
Affordable housing projects may fail to gain          lengthen or complicate the approval process
approval when the financial arrangements              and sometimes results in the cancellation of
are weak.                                             projects. Residents are usually concerned
                                                      that a poorly designed, badly operated
Facility Management                                   housing project will be built, resulting in
                                                      decreased property values and increased
Funding applicants must demonstrate some              traffic and property crime. Communication
knowledge and experience in property                  strategies are important in this case, to build
management. Any housing project will face             community understanding and acceptance
deteriorating conditions over time, and               of affordable housing projects.
sooner without good property management.
With some programs, an administration fee is          Some preliminary precautions can stop
included for non-profit groups to hire                NIMBYism before it begins. Local
capable management staff. Affordable                  consultation helps dispel myths, spreads the
housing providers need to address property            ideal goals of the development and even
management within their applications.                 brings ideas about what local residents want
                                                      the housing design to reflect. An approval
Community Support                                     process that attempts to placate
                                                      neighbourhood residents and does not
Affordable housing providers are commonly             consult in good faith may face opposition.
asked to document their efforts to raise local        Good consultation includes involving more
awareness for their project when applying             people in the design and planning process.
for funding. It is a good idea to keep track of       When citizens feel that they have contributed
people that support your project, because             and been listened to, they may turn from
you may need to call on their support later           being opponents into neighbourhood
on. Documented support counts, so take                advocates. The attempt to educate and
care to save all your testimony, letters to the       effectively communicate the ideals of your
editor, newspaper clippings, municipal                group to the wider general public is an
council meeting minutes, etc. Your group              onerous task, but in the longer term helps
may need to prove how community oriented              gain neighbourhood support and increase
they are.                                             your claim to being community-oriented.

    Municipal Information
Municipal Planning and Land Zoning               of right’ development is clearly preferable
in Halifax Regional Municipality                 here because the development application
                                                 proceeds with less public attention.
                                                 Currently there are over 30 Planning
Housing groups, to make their projects
                                                 Strategies in HRM with their corresponding
affordable, spend considerable effort and
                                                 Land Use By-laws and secondary strategies,
resources securing federal or provincial
                                                 so what may be permitted in one area of
funding. While securing land and resources
                                                 HRM may not be permitted in another. In
for capital and operating expenses is
                                                 some areas the policy may not accept any
important, the municipal land use and
                                                 multi-unit dwellings, and rezoning may not be
development approval process is sometimes
                                                 an option.
more consuming than some groups expect.
This section outlines the general structure of   The new HRM Regional Plan, when it is
HRM approval process, what your                  adopted by municipal council, should make
organization can do to avoid common              the land use policies more consistent across
pitfalls, and what options exist when the        the region. In any case, it is wise for groups
project does not comply with existing by-        developing affordable housing to request a
laws and regulations.                            zoning confirmation letter from HRM before
                                                 dedicating any financial resources to the
Local governments, such as HRM, are
                                                 project. The letter will confirm the zone of
empowered to regulate land use by the Nova
                                                 your land parcel and its specific
Scotia Municipal Government Act (sections 8
                                                 requirements. HRM planning staff can also
and 9). The municipality uses a number of
                                                 be consulted about the different zoning
tools to exercise that power, such as a
Municipal Planning Strategy, which
designates land use zones and policy, and        Discretionary Approval
land use by-law, which specifies detailed
zoning requirements such as use, setbacks,       If land cannot be developed ‘as of right’,
lot coverage, parking requirements, and          then housing projects must begin an
other important details. Local governments       application under the discretionary approval
use land use zoning to control permitted         process. Depending on the relation of the
uses and densities over entire                   project to the overall policy and land use
neighbourhoods. Zoning is determined in          bylaw, a project may require rezoning, a
consultation with local communities and          development agreement, a policy change or
takes into consideration factors such as         any combination of the three. The
existing municipal infrastructure (sewer,        discretionary approval process may vary in
water, roads), direction for growth and          length and procedure, depending on the
existing or abutting land uses.                  size, location and complexity of the project.

As Of Right, Or Not?                             The local Community Council considers the
                                                 planning application, and they present the
Ideally, a housing project should pursue         idea to the public at a public hearing. In a
development ‘as of right’, which means that      typical application, HRM Planning staff study
land dedicated for the project meets the         existing policy and the neighbourhood
existing zoning and land use by-law              context of the application request, then
requirements. Only the development permit        consult with municipal advisory boards,
and building permits need to be issued           committees, agencies and (if needed)
before construction begins. Sometimes an         provincial and federal departments, for
affordable housing group may wish to             feedback. Planning staff makes
develop their project anonymously, and ‘as       recommendations to council in a report

     Municipal Information
before the Community Council votes to                        project requires lot grading, a lot
decide whether to approve or reject a                        grading plan must be included.
project. These processes vary in length, but
                                                      ♦      A building plan, which is a detailed
may take months to complete.
                                                             floor plan of the housing project.
HRM Planning and Development Services                        Building plans list all the dimensions
acts as one business unit, but the two                       of the building interior and describe
sections have different responsibilities in the              relevant building construction
development process. What this means to                      details.
housing providers is that applications for ‘as
                                                      ♦      NS Department of Environment
of right’ projects with correct zoning are
                                                             design approval for on-site sewage
directed to Development Services staff,
                                                             disposal systems.
while applications for zoning or municipal
plan amendments are directed to Planning              HRM Planning and Development officers and
Services staff.                                       technicians will explain anything you need to
                                                      know about the development approval
Development ‘as of right’ is clearly
                                                      process, so contact them early in your
preferable from both time and cost
                                                      planning stages. There are three planning
perspectives. Locating a property with the
                                                      and development offices in HRM, each
correct zoning allows affordable housing
                                                      dealing with a different region. The areas
groups a quicker, easier path to receive their
                                                      that each region covers, and their phone
development agreements and building
                                                      numbers, are:
permits. If your group does not have a
choice with regard to the location, you can
                                                      Eastern Region
meet with planning staff before filing an
application. You might consider hiring a              Dartmouth, Eastern Passage,
planning consultant to assist you with the            Musquodoboit, Lawrencetown
process.                                              Preston and area          (902) 490-4490

Development and Building Permits                      Central Region

A development permit is written approval              Bedford, Hammonds Plains,
that your development complies with HRM               Beaverbank, Fall River
land use by-laws. After applying for a                Waverley and area         (902) 869-4375
building permit, HRM staff will examine your
submitted plans to ensure that the proposed           Western Region
building complies with the various                    Halifax Peninsula and Mainland,
government building codes. Development                Timberlea, St. Margarets,
and building permits can be issued at the             Prospect and area           (902) 490-5650
same time. Permit applications are typically
processed within five business days, but
complex applications may take longer. A
permit application must include:

♦      A site plan that documents the
       building ‘footprint’, the location of
       driveways, doorsteps, or any building
       appendages. Other important
       information needed is set-back
       measurements, parking space
       allocation and building height. If the

    Federal Housing Programs (CMHC)
The federal government manages many                 development succeeds. Housing projects
aspects of housing, such as financing, tax          approved for this program must be either
policy, energy codes and assistance for             affordable, innovative, community based, or
municipal infrastructure. The main federal          any combination of the three. There are no
government agency involved in affordable            restrictions on building form or tenure type.
housing is the Canada Mortgage and                  There are also no restrictions on what sort
Housing Corporation (CMHC). The CMHC                of organization proposes the project, so
works to remove barriers to affordable              eligible groups may include non-profit, First
housing by encouraging neighbourhood                Nations, housing co-ops, entrepreneurs or
rehabilitation, conducting research and             unincorporated groups.
promoting home ownership & non market
housing.                                            Seed Funding is focused on preliminary
                                                    expenses in the early planning stages of a
CMHC provides funds for housing projects            project. Eligible expenses may include
that are innovative, affordable, and                housing market studies, developing business
community based. These definitions are              plans, financial viability analysis and
important when you apply for some CMHC
                                                    preliminary design, as well as activites
and Nova Scotia housing programs.
                                                    related to group organization, training or
Innovative refers to a non-conventional             incorporation. There is traditionally a
approach to addressing a need or demand,            January deadline for applications, but please
such as:                                            confirm this with your local CMHC officer.

♦      A concept that has been tried                Contact: Carla Staresina
       elsewhere, but is new to the
                                                    Phone: (902) 426-8430
       immediate area
♦      New or non-conventional financing
       arrangements                                 Consultation Services
♦      New building materials, components           CMHC sponsors the Canadian Centre for
       or systems                                   Public Private Partnership in Housing, whose
Affordable is defined as the rent or sale           staff actively works to help affordable
price of the project as compared to average         housing providers develop housing projects.
market rents, price, size and design in the
                                                    The Centre helps organize community
same housing market. A project is affordable
                                                    meetings, to explain the development
if the monthly costs to residents is below
                                                    process to the public. Housing seminars and
two levels of affordability, or 30% of median
income. The more affordable the housing             workshops can be provided, where fellow
                                                    housing providers and CMHC staff give
project, the wider the range of benefits
                                                    presentations about housing related topics.
Community Based is when a project is
produced by residents or for other members          The Centre also provides one-on-one
of the same community, and has support              consultation and financing advice to prepare
from the geographic community in which the          groups for approaching a lender. Up-to-date
housing will be located.                            housing market analysis and research is
                                                    available, with knowledgeable staff qualified
CMHC Seed Funding                                   to comment on the information. The centre
                                                    also gives advice and provides opportunities
CHMC Seed Funding provides up to $20,000            for affordable housing providers to network
per housing project, to help pay for the            with like-minded groups.
preliminary costs of planning and
development. Up to half of the funds are            There are no deadlines for CHMC
available in the form of a grant, with no           consultation services.
repayment required. An additional $10,000           Contact: Carla Staresina     Audrey Moritz
is available as an interest-free loan, and is       Phone: (902) 426-8430        (902) 426-8430
repayable if the affordable housing

     Federal Housing Programs (CMHC)
Proposal Development Funding                          reports, enter or edit data and calculate
                                                      annual reserve requirements. The manual
CHMC helps foster the development of                  provides a step-by-step plan for affordable
affordable housing through the Proposal               housing providers to be ready for long-term
Development Funding (PDF) program. PDF                replacements.
provides repayable interest-free loans of up
to $100,000 to facilitate project proposals by        The software can be downloaded at:
any proponent of affordable housing,        
provided that the intended project meets              otaspr_001.cfm
affordability criteria set by CHMC. PDF loans
are repayable if the project succeeds, but a          Mortgage Loan Insurance
portion of this loan may be forgiven for
                                                      Mortgage loan insurance, offered by CMHC,
projects that add to the stock of affordable
                                                      makes it easier for non-profit groups to
                                                      obtain financing for affordable housing
PDF funds must be used to develop proposals           projects. Affordable housing providers are
for new construction or conversion from a             provided relief through lower premiums and
non-residential or non-affordable housing to          more flexible underwriting criteria for their
affordable housing. The project must have at          mortgage loan insurance. CHMC insured
least five housing units, be below the market         loans reduce the risk to lenders by
value for similar housing, be modest in size          protecting them against loan default, so NHA
and design, and there must be a                       (National Housing Act) approved lenders can
demonstrated need for the proposed housing            offer lower interest rates to housing
project.                                              projects. Most major banks are CHMC
                                                      approved lenders.
PDF is focused on reducing the ‘soft costs’ of
development planning that occur before the            CHMC provides mortgage loan insurance for
affordable housing providers approach a               all forms of rental properties, retirement
lending institution. Projects that are eligible       homes, nursing homes, mixed use
for PDF are usually farther along in the              properties, and other forms of co-ownership
planning stages than projects in the ‘Seed            such as co-housing, co-op, life lease and
Funding’ program. Providers using the PDF             undivided interest. Mortgage financing is
are restricted from applying for programs             available for a variety of purposes, including
funded under the 2003 Canada-Nova Scotia              the purchase of an existing property, new
Affordable Housing Agreement. The PDF                 construction, renovations, conversions and
program is available throughout the year, with        restructuring of existing debt.
no deadlines.
                                                      CHMC has a three-step approach in
Contact: CMHC Halifax Office                          assessing mortgage loan insurance. First,
Phone: (902) 426-3530                                 they will analyse the housing market to
                                                      determine the level of risk. Then, CMHC will
Capital Replacement Planning                          study the borrower’s assets and consider
                                                      management experience and financial
CMHC helps non-profit housing providers               capacity. Finally, CMHC will assess the
with capital replacement planning. An                 market value of the real estate.
interactive software program specifically
designed to consider the major repairs and            Groups looking to access mortgage loan
replacements that occur over a number of              insurance must apply through an NHA
years helps housing providers to plan and             approved lender listed on the CMHC website.
budget for these signifigant costs without            Application for this program is on a case-by-
large rent increases or emergency funding.            case basis.

With the capital replacement planning                 Contact: CMHC Halifax or an NHA lender
software the user can run scenarios, print            Phone: (902) 426-3530

    Other Federal Housing Programs
CMHC Capacity Development                        pre and post-retrofit energy efficiency rating
Training                                         under ‘EnerGuide for Houses’ to be eligible
                                                 for the grant. One time grants are provided
CMHC provides a Capacity Development             to owner occupied homes and Aboriginal
Training program to assist housing providers     housing, to a maximum value of $3,348. The
in acquiring the skills they need to organize    house must be a principal residence that is a
themselves and develop and manage                low-rise, detached, semi-detached or row
housing. The CHMC training program is            house or a mobile home on a permanent
flexible and can accommodate almost any          foundation. The applicant’s house must not
training that an affordable housing provider     share heated areas with another house.
thinks will help them along. Training            Rental properties are not eligible for this
programs are divided into three modules:         program.

Organizational Development - to help             The grant application must be submitted to
housing providers understand their roles,        NRCan (Natural Resources Canada) no later
responsibilities, liabilities and legal          than 18 months after the date of the pre-
obligations.                                     retrofit evaluation. The closing date for
                                                 submissions is March 31, 2007, when this
Housing Project Development - To help            program expires. For an application, phone
housing providers understand community           the toll-free number below.
housing needs through market assessment
and examination of development options.          Contact: Natural Resources Canada
This module also covers project viability,       Toll-free: 1 (800) 387 2000
leveraging funds, finding partners and
understanding the design and tendering
Housing Project Management - To provide an
overview of housing project management           Supporting Communities
and maintenance. Training is more                Partnership Initiative (SCPI)
specifically focused on financial planning
and budgeting for repairs and upgrades.          The SCPI program is a community based
                                                 approach offering local, long-term solutions
Training offered by CHMC can be tailored to      as well as immediate care to the needs of
the needs and skill level of housing providers   homeless people, and is one of several
and developers. This program is available        programs belonging to the federal National
throughout the year.                             Homelessness Initiative. Halifax has been
Contact: Carla Staresina                         selected as one of ten national “most
Phone: (902) 426-8430                            affected cities”. The program is funded by
                                                 the federal Department of Labour and
Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit                  Housing, but locally coordinated by the
                                                 Community Action on Homelessness.
                                                 Funding is available under SCPI for pre-
In Canada’s commitments to the Kyoto             development costs of projects aimed at
Protocol, a goal was set for energy              housing the homeless or people with low-
efficiency retrofits of 20 percent of existing   income, but also issues proposal calls for
low-rise housing by 2010. The Government         specific capital homeless initiatives.
of Canada launched a grant program to
encourage homeowners, particularly those         Contact: Judy McMillan
who have older homes, to retrofit their          Phone: (902) 426-2568
homes to make them more energy efficient.
The applicant dwelling must have received a

    Canada-Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Agreement
The Canadian and Nova Scotia governments         provided by direct capital contributions
agreed to assign $37 million towards             between $25,000$ and $30,000 per house, to
addressing the need for affordable housing.      reduce costs and maintain housing so it is
Funding for affordable housing projects          affordable for people with low and moderate
under this agreement will be available until     incomes. The program is meant to
2007. There are four programs funded within      complement existing Residential
the agreement, two for rental units and two      Rehabilitation and Assistance Programs
for owner occupied units. The Nova Scotia        ( RRAP) funding, where the original sum is
Department of Community Services                 not enough to cover the building repairs.
administers the four programs under the
agreement.                                       New Home Purchase Program
Contact: NS Community Services - Housing         This program assists affordable home
Phone: (902) 424-5110                            ownership within designated ‘urban areas
                                                 being revitalized’ by either new building
The New Rental Housing Initiative                construction or conversion of existing
                                                 buildings from other uses. The program
This program is focused on creating              encourages moderate income households to
affordable rental housing through new            remain in a community, by assisting them in
construction or conversion of buildings from     purchasing a new home.
other uses. Assistance is provided by direct
capital contributions to affordable housing      Assistance is provided by direct capital
providers for low and moderate income            contributions, aimed at reducing costs and
households. Capital funding of $25,000 per       make the housing affordable for people with
unit is provided upfront, with an additional     low and moderate incomes. Forgivable loan
$25,000 per unit provided in supplemental        agreements of between $30,000 - $40,000
funding over 10 years.                           are available for each property, but
                                                 restrictions exist so that any unforgiven
Projects sponsored under the New Rental          portion of the loan must be repaid if the unit
Housing Initiative must meet a specific          ownership changes within a decade.
criteria, developed by proposal call to both
the private sector and the non-profit sector.    Rental Housing Preservation Program
The second proposal call expired in February
2005, and a third proposal call is               This program is focused on non-profit
anticipated. Requests for information about      housing providers creating affordable rental
this program or the proposal package can be      housing through the acquisition or
directed to the Nova Scotia Department of        renovation of existing buildings or housing at
Community Services.                              risk of being removed from the pool of
                                                 affordable housing. Capital funding
Home Ownership Preservation                      assistance is aimed at reducing costs and
Program                                          making the housing affordable for people
                                                 with low and moderate incomes.
The program assists in maintaining
                                                 Capital funding of $25,000 per unit is
affordable home ownership in specifically
                                                 provided upfront, with an additional $25,000
targeted areas where the loss of affordable
                                                 per unit in supplemental funding added over
housing stock is occurring. This program is
                                                 10 years.
focused on renovating buildings to convert
them from other uses and carrying out major      The program administrators work with pre-
repairs to provide a standard of health and      selected non-profit groups, so this program
safety. Nova Scotia has one of the highest       is not as accessible as others. However,
rates of home ownership in the Canada, but       groups interested in this program should call
also has a large stock of older houses.          Nova Scotia Department of Community
                                                 Services for more information.
Like the other programs, assistance is

    Nova Scotia Housing Programs
The Nova Scotia government is directly           loans over $5,000. The loan interest rate
responsible for housing in Nova Scotia. The      varies, depending on income, and the
Province, through the Department of              repayment period is usually 5 to 10 years,
Community Services, plays a major role in        depending on the loan amount.
affordable housing by influencing municipal
planning and development decisions through       Shelter Enhancement Program
policy and legislation and by funding housing
projects, either through land donations or       SEP offers capital funding to support non-
financial assistance. Provincial programs        profit groups in enhancing existing shelters
intended for the public at large or affordable   for women or children victims of family
housing providers are described on the Nova      violence. This program covers both new
Scotia Department of Community Services          development and renovation of existing
website:                                         stock. For new projects, a contribution of up
                                                 to 100% of capital costs may be awarded,                secured by a forgivable 15-year mortgage.
default.asp                                      For renovation, loans vary up to $18,000 per
                                                 unit, according to the location and number
Telephone and mail contact information for
                                                 of existing units within the project.
the Halifax metro area is:
Dapartment of Community Services - Housing       Senior Citizens Assistance Program
2131 Gottingen Street, Suite 502
                                                 Grants of up to $5,000 are available for
Halifax NS B3J 3E4
                                                 homeowners over 65 years old to repair
Phone: (902) 424-5110                            conditions that threaten the occupants’
Toll free: 1-800-774-5130                        health and safety (e.g., roofing, plumbing,
                                                 heating, etc). The maximum grant of $3,000
Parent Apartment Program                         is available to homeowners with incomes
                                                 less than $11,000. Households eligible for
This program will loan a family member up to     this program must have annual incomes less
$25,000 to build an addition to a house for an   than $20,000.
elderly relative. The family member eligible
for benefits under the program must be older     Provincial Housing Emergency
than 50 and have an income of less than
                                                 Repair Program
$20,000. The building addition must add a
minimum of 120 square feet of space              This program provides assistance to low
(including closet space) and have a              income households who cannot afford to
bathroom that is easily accessible. Interest     carry out emergency repairs on their homes.
rates may vary with income, and loans must       Grants of up to $5,000 are available for
be repaid within 10 years.                       households making less than $14,000 a year
                                                 to make safety related improvements to a
Small Loan Assistance Program                    single family residence. This program is
                                                 oriented towards homeowners in smaller
This program improves housing conditions
                                                 towns or rural areas.
by providing low interest loans to qualified
applicants. Low interest loans of up to
$20,000 are available to households whose
income is less than $35,000, who own their
own home and have a good credit rating.
Loans less than $3,000 are secured by a
promissory note and loans greater than
$20,000 are secured by a registered
mortgage. A title search is required for

     Nova Scotia Housing Programs
Home Adaptations for Seniors’                     Access-A-Home
Independence (HASI)                               This program provides funds for renovations
The HASI programs offer a maximum grant           to make houses wheelchair accessible for
of $2,500 to homeowners or landlords to pay       family members with long-term disabilities.
for home adaptations to extend the time           Households with incomes less than $30,000
seniors can live independently in their own       are eligible for grants between $1,000 and
homes. Funds are awarded to applicants            $3,000.
assisting people 65 years and older, with
                                                  Access-A-Home applicants must fill out a
obvious declining mobility. The grant must be
                                                  general form, available at any of the
used for upgrades that foster senior
                                                  Department of Community Services offices,
independence, such as handrails, grab bars,
                                                  and the application is sent to the appropriate
walk in showers or lever handles on doors.
                                                  program managers. Applicants are asked to
The income limit for people eligible for this
                                                  provide their last income tax return, and
program varies, depending on location and
                                                  proof of home ownership (eg. property tax
household size.
                                                  bill or deed). After an application is made an
HASI applicants must fill out a general form,     inspector is sent to the applicant residence
available at any of the Department of             to look at what is being proposed. The
Community Services offices and the                inspector reports to the program manager,
application is sent to the appropriate            and the application process continues.
program managers. Applicants are asked to
provide their last income tax return, and         Family Modest Housing Program
homeowners are to provide proof of home
ownership (eg. property tax bill or deed).        This program is designed to provide funds
                                                  for lower and middle income families to build
After an application is made, an inspector is     or buy modest housing. Mortgages of up to
sent to the applicant residence to consider       $70,000 are offered to families with incomes
what is being proposed. The inspector             less than $50,000 who do not own a home,
reports to the program manager, and the           have a good credit rating, steady
application process continues.                    employment and the ability to repay the loan.
                                                  Interest rates are fixed for 5 years and must
Rent Supplement Program                           be repaid within 25 years.
The purpose of this program is to assist in
maintaining adequate, affordable rental
housing to seniors and families on fixed or            Notes
low incomes. Applicant income, family size,
special needs, and present accommodations
are considered before acceptance. The rent
supplement program is a rental subsidy paid
to selected private landlords and housing
co-ops who have entered into an agreement
with the Province. The rent paid by tenants is
based on their household income, and the
difference between what the tenant pays and
the local market rent is suppl emented to the
landlord by the program.

Contact: Metropolitan Housing Authority
Phone: (902) 420-6000

    Residential Rehabilitation and Assistance Programs (RRAP)
There are several RRAP programs for              Disabled RRAP for Homeowners
homeowners or landlords who own
apartments and rooming housing. These            This RRAP program provides a loan of up to
RRAP programs repair substandard                 $16,000 for homeowners to modify their
dwellings of households that are unable to       homes to accommodate somebody with a
afford shelter that meets adequacy,              disability. Up to $12,000 of this loan may be
suitability and affordability norms. Funding     forgivable, depending on household income
for this program is provided jointly by the      and cost of repairs.
Government of Canada (75%) and the
Province of Nova Scotia (25%).                   Rooming House RRAP
To access any of the RRAP programs,              The Rooming House RRAP assists landlords
applicants must fill out a general form,         of rooming houses by providing up to
available at any Department of Community         $12,000 per unit in forgivable loans for
Services offices and staff will forward the      mandatory repairs. Landlords must enter
application to the appropriate program           into an agreement that limits rent increases
managers. Applicants are asked to provide        after assistance is provided.
their last income tax return and homeowners
are to provide proof of home ownership (eg.      Conversion RRAP
property tax bill or deed).
                                                 This program provides forgivable loans to
After an application is made for these           entrepreneurs, non-profit groups, co-
programs, an inspector is sent to the            operatives, and Municipalities to convert
applicant’s residence to look at building        non-residential properties into affordable
condition and consider the proposed              rental housing units and/or units for low
renovation. The inspector reports to the         income households. Landlords renting to
program manager, and the application             relatives are not eligible for assistance.
process begins.
                                                 Eligible properties must be five years or
Homeowner RRAP                                   older and be non-residential property free of
                                                 environmental hazards. The maximum loan is
This program provides homeowners with a          $24,000 for self-contained units and $16,000
forgivable loan of up to $12,000 to repair       for shared units, forgivable over a period of
substandard housing. The amount of               up to fifteen years.
financial assistance depends on the cost of
repairs, household income and housing size.

Rental RRAP
The Rental RRAP provides landlords with
forgivable loans of up to $18,000 per unit, to
pay for the mandatory repairs to apartments
for low income occupants. Landlords must
enter into an agreement that limits rent
increases after assistance is provided.

Disabled RRAP for Landlords
This program provides landlords with
forgivable loans of up to $18,000 per unit to
carry out work to modify a unit for a disabled

    Other Nova Scotia Housing Programs
Community ACCESS-ability Program
This program, under the Nova Scotia
Department of Municipal Services, offers
cost shared grants to non-profit community
organizations for accessibility related
capital improvements, such as new
construction aimed at improving public
accessibility or to upgrade existing
accessible facilities, using the Barrier Free
Design requirements of the Nova Scotia
Building Code Regulations.
The program is intended for shelters and
group homes run by non-profit groups.
Grants of up to 2/3 of eligible costs to a
maximum of $10,000 per project are
available. Cost sharing is required, but
applicants may use donations of eligible
labour and materials as part of their
contribution. Grants from other government
sources may affect the amount awarded
under this program.
The deadline for applications is March 31 of
each year. Application forms are available on
the website listed below.
Contact: Karen Ramsland
Phone: (902) 424-7798

Community Development /
Community Wellness Fund (CD fund)
The Chebucto West and Halifax Peninsula              Notes
Community Health Boards Community
Wellness Fund handed out over $100,000
worth of grants to twenty groups in 2004.
The fund has five categories to apply under.
Affordable housing providers may apply
under the ‘Social Supports’ or ‘Healthy
Environments’ categories.
This fund is focussed on grassroots groups,
and is noted to be an easy program to apply
Contact: Sharon Fraser
Phone: (902) 424-5147

    Halifax Regional Municipality Programs
The Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM)                 Capital Grants are available for a
does not play a direct role in the funding and          variety of construction,
delivery of affordable housing, but supports            maintenance and acquisition projects
non-profit groups through the Community                 for supportive housing
Grants program, councillor funds, tax
exemptions and capital land donations. Each       Safe Communities Sector
program has policies, procedures, eligibility
criteria and an annual budget.                    ♦     Emergency Assistance – Funding is
                                                        available for projects on community
HRM Community Grants Program                            owned and operated sites that
                                                        provide crisis support with access to
The Community Grants program provides                   the general public, but does not
both one-time and multi-year grants to non-             include affordable or supportive
profit organizations for special initiatives.           housing applicants.
This includes capital funding for affordable
                                                  ♦     Emergency Shelters - These grants
and supported housing and emergency
                                                        are available for projects by groups
assistance for vulnerable individuals. This
                                                        that operate shelters for people
program targets ten categories under three
                                                        deemed to be at risk.
sectors. Each category offers Program
Grants (up to $5000) and Capital Grants (up       ♦     Social Supports – Grants are
to $25,000). The Capital Grants program                 available for groups that provide
provided over $480,000 to 98 different                  support to people who face barriers
groups in 2004. Specific criteria apply to              to participating in community life
each category. Potential applicants are                 due to disability, literacy, economic
encouraged to read “Community Grants                    status or family composition.
Program 2005-2006 Handbook” for more                    Affordable housing groups can apply
information, which can be downloaded for                under this category.
from this website address:
                                                  Cultural Communities Sector
grants.html                                       ♦     Heritage – Affordable housing groups
                                                        can apply for funding if their project
The other grant sectors where housing
                                                        protects heritage assets or promotes
groups may be eligible to receive funding
                                                        the unique character of the HRM.
                                                        Program Grants are available for
Healthy Communities Sector                              photograph displays, reproduction of
                                                        older properties or for specialized
♦      Affordable Housing – Details are                 storage equipment. Capital grants
       listed on page 17                                are available for buildings with a
                                                        historical character.
♦      Environment – Program Grants are
       available for ‘greening’ projects, bird    ♦     Ethnocultural – These grants are
       feeding stations or bird nesting                 available for groups to preserve local
       boxes. Capital grants are available for          customs and traditions, and promote
       look-off or viewing stations, outdoor            a collective, distinctive and local
       seating and other expenses for                   social heritage.
       building outdoor amenities
                                                  ♦     Arts and Crafts – Affordable housing
♦      Supportive Housing – Grants are                  groups may apply for these grants if
       given to groups that operate assisted            a project helps publicize local talent,
       living accommodations for persons                original composition and artistic
       with special needs. Program and                  expression.

     Halifax Regional Municipality Programs
Priority in the Affordable Housing category        HRM Grants Program
is given to independent living                     c/o Regional Grants Program Co-ordinator
accommodations for low and moderate                PO Box 1749
income groups, mixed use developments and          Halifax NS B3J 3A5
projects near existing services (roads,            Phone: (902) 490-5469
water, sewer, public transportation). The
program also prioritizes re-development of         Deadline: March 31 (Some programs vary)
potential heritage properties, urban infill,       Website:
abandoned buildings and the re-use of              bccgrants/grants.html
commercial or industrial sites for lofts, live-
in studios, apartments or co-operative living.     Residential Property Tax Exemption
Proposals that demonstrate good planning,
community integration, sustainability and
aesthetic design are encouraged.                   This program reduces the amount of
                                                   property tax for HRM property owners with a
The program does not fund groups for who
                                                   gross yearly income of under $26,000. The
they are, but funds groups for the activities
                                                   value of the tax rebate is calculated using
they want to do. In the Affordable Housing
                                                   gross household income, the residential
category, the activities eligible for Program
                                                   portion of property tax assessment and the
Grants include technical studies, such as
                                                   amount of property tax billed. This program
market analysis, feasibility studies,
                                                   allows for flexibility in paying property tax
environmental assessment, and other
                                                   through either a payment plan, a property
surveys or reports. Professional fees and the
                                                   tax rebate or a deferral, depending on the
purchase of safety equipment are also
                                                   homeowner’s needs.
eligible expenses.
                                                   HRM staff have some flexibility in these
Activities listed as being eligible for Capital
                                                   matters, so if the circumstances are special,
Grants include energy efficiency and
                                                   people are encouraged to call HRM staff for
building code compliance upgrades and
                                                   advice. Program applications are available in
‘Greening’ (planting trees, etc.) or major
                                                   May from HRM Customer Service Centres,
repairs to existing buildings. Capital Grants
                                                   but application deadline is December 31 for
may also contribute towards costs of
                                                   the following fiscal year.
purchasing property or the construction of
affordable housing.                                Contact:
Groups must be non-profit, located within          HRM Customer Service
the HRM and registered with the Nova Scotia        Phone: (902) 490-4000
Registry of Joint Stocks for at least one year.    Toll Free: 1 (800) 835-6428
Funds must be spent on the submitted
project and not on staff salaries. Groups          HRM Tax & Grants Office
applying must submit financial statements,         Phone: (902) 490-5454
and prove that they can meet all their legal,
fundraising, financial and organizational
Municipal staff accepts grant applications
on behalf of the HRM Grants Committee,
who make recommendations to Regional
Council for final approval.

Grant proposals or information requests can
phone or mail to:

    Halifax Regional Municipality Programs
Property Tax Exemption for Non-                   Requests are received throughout the year.
Profit Organizations                              Contact: Your Municipal Councillor or
Under By-law T-201, HRM can offer property        Councillors’ Support Office
tax exemptions and reductions to non-profit       Councillor Support Office phone numbers:
organizations based on the type of service
they provide to the community. This               Halifax and area Councillors
exemption was extended to affordable              (902) 490-4050
housing groups in 2004.
                                                  Dartmouth and area Councillors
Eligible non-profit groups must be registered     (902) 490-5692
with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks     Sackville and area Councillors
with a Federal Charitable Status Number,          (902) 869-4360
and the program applicant must be the
registered property owner. Other eligible         Cole Harbour and area Councillors
groups in the housing sector include,             (902) 490-6261
transitional residences, emergency shelters
and homes for persons with special needs.         Fall River and area Councillors
Levels of tax relief vary and are non-            (902) 860-4258
transferable. Tax exemptions must be
renewed each year.                                Land Donations and Below Market
                                                  Value Sales
Application forms are available in
September, can be either downloaded from          HRM periodically donates surplus land to
the website listed below or mailed to people      non-profit groups. Affordable housing
interested by writing to:                         providers are eligible to request that the
                                                  municipality sell them land at less than
HRM Grants Program                                market rates. To promote the financial
3rd Floor, 5251 Duke Street,                      aspect of the affordable housing, the
PO Box 1749                                       municipality has in the past financed the
Halifax NS B3J 3A5                                land sale through deferred payments. Land
Contact: HRM Financial Services                   donations or sales must go through a public
Phone: (902) 490-4000                             meeting.
Deadline: Nov 30 for the following fiscal year    Contact:
Website:                HRM Real Estate
bccgrants/taxexemp.html                           Phone: (902) 490-5931
                                                  HRM Planning and Development Services
Councillors District Activity Fund                Phone: (902) 490-4612
Each Councillor is allocated $3,000 yearly to
provide modest donations (under $500) to
volunteer groups and projects within their
electoral district. Funds must be spent
before March 31. This fund is for causes that
are not eligible for funding under the Capital
Grants programs, because they are too small
or time sensitive.
Applicants must be registered non-profit
organizations or charities. Staff at the
Councillors’ Support Office and Financial
Services process these requests for funds.

    Private Charitable Foundations
Each private charitable foundation expects       United Way of Halifax
applicants to be registered charities. Groups
applying are encouraged to learn more            The United Way supports selected local
about the foundations they are applying for,     charities and organizations through their
as each program has different degrees of         yearly fundraising campaigns. Phone or
restriction.                                     write to the United Way and ask for an
                                                 ‘Expression of interest’. This package
The Edwards Family Charitable                    containing the guidelines for funding.
Foundation                                       47 Portland Street
                                                 Dartmouth NS B2I 1H4
This foundation places emphasis on funding
                                                 Phone: (902) 422-1501
Nova Scotia charities for children,
disadvantaged, the community and
innovative causes that promote social
                                                 The McCain Foundation
responsiveness. Donations are awarded in         The McCain Foundation funds a wide variety
mid December.                                    of Maritime charities. The foundation will fax
                                                 or mail information and applications to
For an application form, phone or write to:
                                                 groups upon request.
PO Box 29093
Halifax Shopping Centre RPO                      c/o Kim DeMerchant, Secretary, Charitable
Halifax NS B3L 4T8                               Donations
Phone/ Fax: (902) 466-0085                       107 Main Street
                                                 Florenceville NB E7L 1B2
                                                 Phone: (506) 392-5541 Fax: (506) 392-6840
Flemming Charitable Foundation
The foundation funds smaller charitable          The Beaverbrook Canadian
organizations in the HRM that focus on           Foundation
relieving poverty and illness.
                                                 This foundation funds organizations seeking
For an application form, phone or write to:      to improve the quality of life for the next
                                                 generation, mainly in the Maritimes, through
Fleming Charitable Foundation
                                                 activities in the fields of education, health,
PO Box 65
                                                 social welfare, and culture. For more
Dartmouth NS B2Y 3Y2
                                                 information, phone or write to:
Phone: (902) 435-1291
                                                 Beaverbrook Foundation Head Office
Bishop William E. Power Family                   c/o Mr. Hugh Cowans
Charitable Foundation                            350 Brandy Cove Road
                                                 St. Andrews NB E0G 2X0
Part of the foundation’s mission is to assist    Phone: (506) 529-4432 Fax: (506) 529-4435
the poor by providing seed funding for
projects that enable those in need to help       Alward Charitable Foundation
themselves. Housing is specifically
mentioned as a funding target.                   The foundation funds charities in general
                                                 and groups can apply by sending a letter
For more information, phone or write to:         describing their project to:
WIlliam E Power Charitable Foundation
                                                 Alward Charitable Foundation
PO Box 5000
                                                 PO Box 2001
Antigonish NS B2G 2W5
                                                 Havelock NB E4Z 6H3
Phone: (902) 867-2375 Fax: (902) 867-3628
                                                 Phone: (506) 534-2241 Fax: (506) 534-8263

    Private Charitable Foundations
Sir Joseph Flavelle Foundation                     The J.W. McConnell Family
The foundation’s purpose is to provide
funding, with a preference for seed and            This foundation supports initiatives across
project funding, to smaller registered             Canada that directly strengthen
charitable organizations in Canada involved        communities. Housing corporations that
in innovative projects that directly support       provide low-cost housing for the aged are
their local communities.                           invited to apply, although funds are not
                                                   available for buildings, facilities or
Grants of between $500 and $2,500 are
                                                   equipment. The foundation funds projects
awarded in December of each year. For
                                                   that respond to a pressing national social
more information, phone or write to:
                                                   issue, such as affordable housing. This fund
Sir Joseph Flavelle Foundation                     also supports training and leadership
c/o Scotiatrust                                    initiatives and may make exceptional grants
1 Adelaide Street East, 4th Floor                  that fall outside of its stated restrictions.
Toronto ON M5C 2W8
                                                   Organizations are invited to submit a four or
Phone: (416) 361-3615 Fax: (416) 361-3717
                                                   five page project summary by mail to:
Donner Canadian Foundation                         The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
                                                   c/o The Secretary
The foundation is a general charity that
                                                   1002 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 1800
allocates funds to charitable groups for
                                                   Montréal QC H3A 3L6
development projects and social services
across Canada. The foundation does not
accept unsolicited requests. Instead, groups
                                                   Dewdney Family Charitable
can send the director a two or three page
description of their goals and programs, and       Foundation
the letter is kept on file. Letters can be sent    The mission of the foundation is to provide
to:                                                financial assistance to groups focussed on
Donner Canadian Foundation                         helping youth and families.
Patrick Luciani, Executive Director                For more information about this foundation,
8 Prince Arthur Avenue, 3rd Floor                  phone or write to:
Toronto ON M5R 1A9
Website:                  Dewdney Family Charitable Foundation
                                                   c/o Wilfred Taylor, President
The McLean Foundation                              McClurkin Ahier & Company
                                                   57 Queen Street
This foundation funds local projects by            Streetsville ON L5M 1K3
charities across Canada related to the arts,       Phone: (905) 858-4147 Fax: (905) 858-1162
health and welfare. Groups can apply by
writing a brief letter describing the              The Harold E. Ballard Foundation
applicant, project goal, duration, references,
previous contact and finances. The letter          The foundation is known to provide financial
can be sent to:                                    support for special needs housing groups.
                                                   For more information, phone or write to:
The McLean Foundation
c/o Ms. Ev McTaggart                               The Harold E. Ballard Foundation
2 St. Clair Avenue West, Suite 1008                c/o Thomas W. Ouchterlony
Toronto ON M4V 1L5                                 Borden Ladner Gervais
Phone: (416) 964-6802 Fax: (416) 964-2804          Scotia Plaza 40 King Street West
Website:               Toronto ON M5H 3Y4
                                                   Phone: (416) 367-6006 Fax: (416) 361-7098

   Corporate Charitable Foundations
Most of the corporate foundations require        CIBC In Your Community
applicants to be registered charities. Groups
are encouraged to explore these programs         CIBC gives priority to organizations and
before applying, as many have restrictions       causes that contribute to and support
that are not listed here.                        community development.
                                                 Requirements and restrictions are listed on
Citigroup Foundation                             the CIBC website. Applicants can send their
The Citigroup Foundation supports initiatives    information to:
which help build the communities in which        CIBC In Your Community - Atlantic
Citigroup does business, which includes the      1809 Barrington Street, 16th Floor
HRM.                                             Halifax NS B3J 3K8
The CitiFinancial Local Contributions            Fax: (902) 429-6416
Program is designed to help CitiFinancial        Website:
branches contribute to not-for-profit            your-community/how-to-apply-for-
charitable organizations. Construction and       funding.html
renovation of affordable housing is one of
their priorities. The Local Contribution         Manulife Partner in the Community
Program administers grants made available
through the Citigroup Foundation.
Grants range between $100 and $5,000.            Manulife supports many community focused
Applications are available at the local          groups and programs. Each year employees
Citifinancial branch.                            give their time, energy and commitment to
                                                 raise funds and offer volunteer support for a
Halifax              Dartmouth                   large number of community organizations.
6100 Young Street    100 Main Street,
                                                 Manulife require a comprehensive
Halifax NS B3K 2A4   Dartmouth NS B2X 1R5
                                                 description of the organization and project,
(902) 455-2228       (902) 462-4097
                                                 these requirements are listed on the
Website:          website. Groups applying for this program
ecommunity.html                                  must use the online application form.

RBC Foundation
This foundation is focused on funding
community programs related to youth and
the elderly, and has given to non-profit             Notes
housing projects in the past.
The list of application requirements can be
found on their website.

RBC Foundation
c/o Lori Smith, Manager Public Affairs
5161 George Street, 13th Floor
Halifax NS B3J 2Y1

Download form at:

   Corporate Charitable Foundations
Bank of Montreal Community Giving              Canadian Tire Foundation for
Program                                        Families
Bank of Montreal gives grants to community     Foundation for Families is a cluster of
projects and has given funds to groups that    smaller programs that provides assistance
provide housing affordable for low-income      to charitable organizations that help families
families. Affordable housing groups must       meet their basic needs, including shelter.
apply under the ‘Civic and Community
Service’ category.                             Program details are listed on the website.
                                               Groups must make a written request for
Applicants should send a short letter of       funding and send it to:
inquiry describing their project to the
address below. When a project is selected,     Canadian Tire Foundation for Families
applicants will be asked to submit a           2180 Yonge Street, 10th Floor
proposal.                                      Toronto ON M4P 2V8
                                               Phone: 1(877) 616-6600
BMO Financial Group
Donations Coordinator-Atlantic Division        Website:
PO Box 2207                                    foundation.html
5151 George Street, 15th Floor
Halifax NS B3J 3C4                             ING Canada Online
Phone: (902) 421-3405
                                               ING Canada provides donations and
Website:                 community investment funding for not-for-
0,1263,divId-7_langId-1_navCode-               profit and registered charitable
3676,00.html                                   organizations in Canada that are important
                                               in the communities where ING employees
Bank of Montreal Fountain of Hope              live. ING does not support capital
Employee Foundation                            campaigns, but has supported community
                                               housing projects in the past. Groups applying
Fountain of Hope is run entirely by Bank of    for funds must use the online application
Montreal employees and donates funds to        form.
charities across Canada where the primary
focus is humanitarian causes.
To make a donation request, download an
application from the website and mail the
forms to:
Fountain of Hope - Atlantic Region
c/o Marilyn Dawdy - Regional Administrator
5151 George Street, 15th floor
Halifax NS B3J 1M5
Phone: (902) 421-3555


     Corporate Charitable Foundations
Nova Scotia Credit Unions                      online application. Requirements and
Charitable Foundation                          restrictions can be found on the TD website.

Grants are provided to charitable              Website:
organizations whose work is in keeping with    how_submit.jsp#focus
the four main giving areas of the foundation   Online application:
(health care, education, the environment and   SID_371/
the arts). This charity has given money to
groups involved with providing emergency
shelter and women’s shelters.
For more information or to apply, visit the
Nova Scotia Credit Union website at:


Imperial Oil Charitable Foundation
This foundation gives grants to programs
aimed at improving the health of
communities, such as those that emphasize
wellness, safety and healthy lifestyles.
Feasibility studies, funds for operating
budgets or groups funded by the United Way
are not eligible.

Grants are directed to community based
projects that improve the quality of life in
communities where the company has
employees. The HRM is an eligible area, so
send application or information requests to:
Imperial Oil Foundation
111 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto ON M5W 1K3

Phone: 1(800) 668-3776

TD Canada Trust ‘The Future
Matters’ Program
TD Canada Trust offers cash donations,
gifts-in-kind and charitable sponsorships to
charitable non-profit groups that promote
arts and culture, improve social services,
and strengthen our civic institutions.

Groups applying for funding can use the

       Internet Links for Affordable Housing
    Statistics Canada Census Topic Based Tabulations
      Nova Scotia Community Counts Census information
      Proposal writing ideas
      Information about services provided by the Halifax Public Library
      Canada’s supersite for the non-profit sector
      A variety of publications and resource guides for non-profit housing groups
      Business Startup Assistant, from the Canadian Business Service Centre
      Imagine Canada encourages partnerships between charities, business and non-profit
groups to build stronger Canadian communities
      Website with resources for non-profit groups
      Design ideas for affordable housing

      Many people contributed advice and information for this handbook. Thanks to
      the staff at the HRM Housing Resource Group in the HRM Planning Department,
      Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Nova Scotia Department of
      Community Services. This is a student project by T. Williams.

         Planning and Development Services
         PO Box 1749
         Halifax, NS B3J 3A5
         Phone: (902) 490-4612

   This handbook was printed with funds
   provided by the Government of Canada

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