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                                                                                               Wellness                    page      17         the heart of Harlem is celebrating its
                                                                                               Urbanology                  page      18         85th anniversary. For those who have
                                                                                               Lifestyle                   page      19
                                                                                               Literary Corner             page      20         never visited the Schomburg, Black
                                                                                               Church News                 page      21         History Month is a perfect time to go.
                                                                                               Classified                  page      23
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                                                                                                                                                        The Black Agency Executives
                                                                                               Publisher/Editor       Pat Stevenson             presented their 34th Annual Dr. Martin
                                                                                               A&E Editor             Linda Armstrong
                                                                                               Art&Cultural           Stacey Ann Ellis          Luther King, Jr. Luncheon last month..
                                                                                               Adams Report
                                                                                               Travel Editor
                                                                                                                      Audrey Adams
                                                                                                                      Audrey Bernard
                                                                                                                                                (see page 10)
                                                                                               Writer                 Erin Lewenauer                    There are many Black History
                                                                                               Writer                 Donna Lamb
                                                                                               Columnist              Bro Bill Defosset         Month Celebrations throughout the
                                                                                               Columnist              William A. Rogers         month of February. The NYC College
                                                                                               Columnist              Zakiyyah
                                                                                               EducationColumnist     Michelle Greenidge        of Technology presents a full calendar
                                                                                               Book Review            Terri Schlichenmeyer
                                                                                               Queens Photojournalist Juliet Kaye               of events. (see page 9)
                                                                                               Brooklyn Writer        Keith Forrest                     Hue-Man Bookstore in Harlem
                                                                                               Bronx Writer           Howard Giske
                                                                                               Business Columnist Jennifer Edwards              is presenting its first Black Comic
                                                                                               Political Editor       Cedric McClester
                                                                                               Society                Audrey Bernard            Book Day featuring the works of
                                                                                               Photographer           Michelle James            African-American artists and writers.
                                                                                               Sales Consultant       Dawn Hill
                                                                                               Layout                 Dariusz Granatowski       (see page 4)
                                                                                               Editor/A/c Mgr.        Peter Cooper
                                                                                               Publisher Assistant Dominic Jones                        Well, the report is in and the
                                                                                               Computer Dir.          David Sinclair            groundhog did not see a shadow today
                                                                                               Online Support         1209 Affair
                                                                                                                                                - so they say. Let us hope this predic-
                                                                                               Marketing & Strategy Consultant
                                                                                               William A. Rogers                                tion that winter is over and Spring is
                                                                                               Urbanology Systems, LLC
                                                                                                                                                right around the corner comes true.
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Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

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 Harlem News Group
         n a chilly fall Sunday, 25 ele-    teacher from P.S. 171. GOAL empha-           cooking practices and as a result, the     design to capitalize on their strengths

O        mentary and middle school chil-
         dren show up to PS 171 at 8:45
a.m. to go and support walkers in the
                                            sizes individual creativity and student
                                            initiative while developing relationships
                                            with students and their families. GOAL
                                                                                         students are recommitting themselves to
                                                                                         learn more about nutrition and the foods
                                                                                         that they eat.     Two 8th graders in
                                                                                                                                    and the observed needs of their students.
                                                                                                                                    Children benefit from the best teaching
                                                                                                                                    the school has to offer, after and out of
Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Through-           employs local parents as aides and           GOAL have even decided to make             school, on Saturdays, holiday breaks,
out the school year, these students will    works to find family resources when          NYC’s High School for Food and             and during the summer.
participate in a number of volunteer        crises arise. Entirely privately funded,     Finance their first choice in their high            The curriculum integrates tech-
activities including volunteering at the    it has strong school and parental sup-       school applications as a result of the     nology, project-based learning and real-
Yorkville Common Pantry, Ronald             port, expert teachers, and a committed       cooking classes. Through exposing stu-     world experiences to expose students to
McDonald House, Central Park, and the       board of directors.                          dents to new opportunities, GOAL has-      a world of opportunities otherwise not
Humane Society just to name a few.                    Partnering with P.S. 171 in East   expanded students’ lives by showing        available to them. Ongoing community
These students are members of GOAL,         Harlem, GOAL serves 85 students in           them the resources available throughout    service projects are also stressed.
a non-profit organization that engages      grades three through eight with pro-         New York City.                                      In this time of budget cutbacks,
students from East Harlem in enrich-        gramming to help children succeed in                  Dimities Pantelidis, PS 171       high quality enrichment programming
ment activities. These activities include   school and make meaningful contribu-         principal, is “encouraged by the great     for inner city children is more important
giving back to the community, drama,        tions to their communities. GOAL             work that GOAL is doing to make a dif-     than ever. By extending and broadening
debate, music, and healthy lifestyles       gives Harlem kids opportunities to live      ference in the lives of our young peo-     the best work of PS 171, GOAL is a
cooking classes.                            up to their potential with independent       ple.” Principal Pantelidis states “GOAL    partner in education that is making a
         Giving Open Access to Learn-       research showing that GOAL students          is a valuable asset to our school.”        good Harlem school better.
ing — GOAL — is a unique nonprofit          do better in school and have a chance at     GOAL prides itself on making good                   GOAL Executive Director
program now making one good Harlem          brighter futures. One of the strengths       schools better. GOAL not only invests      Bryan Powell, a former teacher with a
school better with a design to be replic-   of GOAL is that they are exposing stu-       in the lives of the students that they     Masters degree in Education, currently
able in many other Harlem schools and       dents to new opportunities and provid-       work with, but GOAL has also invested      writing his PhD dissertation, together
aspirations to expand Harlem-wide,          ing them with the opportunity to             in the school. In 2008, GOAL donated       with the volunteers on the GOAL board,
serving kids who can benefit most,          discover a love for things that they had     30 guitars to P.S. 171 music program       aspire to provide similar leveraged
while being entirely privately funded       never experienced before.                    and has recently partnered with P.S.       investments at more Harlem schools.
and provided at no cost to families and               An example of this exposure to     171 computer lab to donate headphones,              For more information on
students. GOAL was founded in 2003          new experiences can be seen through          keyboards and printer cartridges.          GOAL, visit
by members of the Wall Street commu-        Goal’s healthy lifestyles cooking class-              GOAL employs dedicated and
nity in response to a conversation that     es. The cooking classes offered by           creative teachers already at PS 171 to
the founding members had with a school      GOAL are exposing students to healthy        teach curriculum that they themselves

                                                       Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer
                                                Proclaims February 4th Carolina Flower Shop Day
                                                   Join us at 1952 7th Ave on February 4th 12:00Noon

                                                                                                                                                                                Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

                                     Harlem News Group
                                     HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX
                                            he first Black Comic Book Day      and anthologies such as: Solid, a col-     the corner store and seeing the new

                                     T      will be held at the Hue-Man
                                            Bookstore in Harlem on Satur-
                                     day, February 19th from 2:00 to 4:00
                                                                               lection of comic stories for mature
                                                                               readers by David Walker; Tri-Boro
                                                                               Tales by Keith Miller; Ray Billings-
                                                                                                                          issue of Spider-Man waiting for me.
                                                                                                                          Reading comics helped build our
                                                                                                                          vocabularies. Played games pretending
                                     pm. The bookstore will unveil a dedi-     ley’s Living on Sponge Cake: the Cur-      to be the Silver Surfer or the Incredible
                                     cated rack filled with comics created     tis Chronicles; The M City Defender by     Hulk stimulated our imaginations,”
                                     by African-American artists and writ-     Omar Bilal; Mama’s Boyz: The Gift of       Craft said. Unfortunately with technical
                                     ers.                                      Life by Jerry Craft; Prodigy by Joe        advancements in video games and
                                             Comic fans will get to meet       Robinson Currie; and Paka & Shujaa         movies, that no longer seems to be the
                                     cartoonists such as Ray Billingsley       by Glen Brewer. The artists intend to      case for kids. Craft laments that kids
                                     whose Curtis comic strip has been         regularly restock Hue-Man to keep          don’t have to imagine themselves as
                                     nationally syndicated since 1988. Also    interest fresh and grow readership.        superheroes when all they have to do is
                                     on hand will be Jerry Craft, creator of            Black Comic Book Day is the       pop a game into their X-Box 360 and
                                     the award-winning Mama’s Boyz             brainchild of artist/writer Turtel Onli    become a superhero. As a result, many
                                     comic strip, distributed by King Fea-     (Father of “The Black Age” concept/        kids aren’t fully developing their imag-
                                     tures Syndicate since 1995; Alex Sim-     movement) and Jerry Craft. The idea        inations or reading skill.
                                     mons creator of the acclaimed             developed as the duo brainstormed                  “We’re creating the opportunity
                                     Blackjack: Blood and Honor graphic        ideas to promote their work along with     for our kids to get into comics despite
                                     novel, and winner of the 2010 Glyph       that of the many other talented artists    advancements in games and movies,”
                                     Best Writer Award for his work on The     and writers in the African-American        said Onli. “We’re giving them annual
                                     Cartoon Life Of Chuck Clayton for         community.                                 conventions such as Philadelphia’s East
                                     Archie Comics; and N. Steven Harris,               Onli and Craft believe that the   Coast Black Age of Comic Convention         acy as it is about being artistic. It’s all
                                     creator of The Fringe as well as Ajala:   event and similar ones around the          (ECBACC), New York’s Kids Comic             connected!”
                                     A Series Of Adventures. Black comic       country will have many benefits. It will   Con, OnyxCon (Atlanta), and my                       “One of the other critical goals
                                     book historian Professor Bill Foster      encourage reading. Also, who better to     Black Age Comic Convention in               of this event,” said Craft “is to get us to
                                     and Harvey Richards from DC comics        create heroes for our young readers        Chicago. I wish they would demand           realize that we, as artists, are not com-
                                     will also be on hand to share their       than artists and writers from within our   more. Readers should go into their          petitors, we’re in this together. The big-
                                     unique perspectives of the rise and       own community?                             local stores and say, ‘I want a different   ger we make our audience, the more
                                     development of the African-American                “The only reason I, and most of   product!’ The more books we can sell,       we let the world know that we’re here,
                                     comic artist.                             my friends, read regularly was because     the more people we can hire to produce      the better we all do!”
                                             Also available on Hue-Man’s       of comic books,” Craft said. “I still      our products. It’s as much about eco-                Hue-Man Bookstore & Café is
                                     new Black comic art rack will be books    remember the excitement of running to      nomics as it is about morality and liter-   located at 2319 Frederick Douglass
                                                                                                                                                                      Blvd, between 124th and 125th Streets.
Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

                                                                                                                            2544 Frederick
                                                                                                                            Douglass Blvd.               (212) 234-3859
                                                                                                                             New York, NY                                           Free Consultation
                                                                                                                                10030                    By Appointment                with this ad

Harlem News Group

      ACT-SO Photography Students.with Photographer, Lecturer and
Teacher Jamal Shabazz * Frank Stewart takes a group photo with ACT-
SO Photography Students                    Photos by Gerald Peart
       ast month, NAACP NYC          essence of the rhythm, the

L      ACT-SO Photography
       Coach Gerald Peart took a
few of his students to the open-
                                     rhyme, and the vibes of musi-
                                     cian, dancers, and most of all the
                                     sounds of the “Worlds’ People”.
ing of Frank Stewart’s photogra-            Entering its 24th year;
phy exhibition titled “Traveling     the NAACP New York City
Full Circle - Frank Stewart’s        ACT-SO program has been serv-
Visual Music” at Jazz at Lincoln     ing New York City High School
Center.                              students with 25 workshops
       The exhibition kicks off      which students can be a part of.
Frank Stewart’s visual celebra-      For additional details regarding
tion of an artist on the road, and   the program, you may view their
his discovery. Music being the       web-site at:
focus, Frank has captured the

                                                                                      Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

                                      Harlem News Group
                                      HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX
                                                         FINANCIAL REFORM - WHAT IT IS AND WHY IT MATTERS TO YOU: PART II
                                                         By Jennifer Edwards, President of Global Portfolio Management Ltd. -

                                          nstitutional investors’ inability to     by the SEC, which can fine firms that          relatively low-risk mortgages, such as        funds but from the assets of the bank or

                                     I    determine the amount of global
                                          financial exposure to derivatives—
                                     investments based on the value of other
                                                                                   issue too many faulty ratings over time.
                                                                                   Also, investors will now have the right
                                                                                   to sue an agency for issuing ratings it
                                                                                                                                  fully documented loans with a fixed
                                                                                                                                  interest rate, are exempted.)
                                                                                                                                            Financial institutions will be
                                                                                                                                                                                company, and, if necessary, assess-
                                                                                                                                                                                ments on large financial institutions.
                                                                                                                                                                                The law does not permit the Federal
                                     investments—contributed to the panic          knew or should have known were                 more limited in their ability to engage       Reserve or the FDIC to lend to or pro-
                                     at the height of the financial crisis.        flawed.                                        in proprietary trading in their own           vide a guarantee for individual or insol-
                                     Over-the-counter derivatives must now                  Shareholders of public compa-         accounts, which could represent a con-        vent companies or banks, but both may
                                     be traded on a public exchange, and           nies will have the right to a nonbinding       flict of interest with their responsibility   lend funds to provide liquidity for mul-
                                     trades must be cleared through a regis-       vote on compensation for the compa-            to their clients. They also will have to      tiple institutions.
                                     tered clearinghouse. Nonstandard              ny’s executives. Also, protections for         set up separate operations to handle                    In some cases, this far-reaching
                                     derivatives can still be traded privately,    people reporting securities law viola-         their most risky derivatives trades, such     legislation’s impact will be felt only
                                     but must be reported to a central             tions have been enhanced. Whistle-             as swaps. A bank will not be permitted        after regulations are developed to
                                     authority in order to increase regula-        blowers with information that leads to         to invest more than 3% of its core capi-      implement its provisions. That’s why
                                     tors’ ability to monitor the overall level    monetary sanctions of more than $1             tal in hedge funds and private equity,        it’s important to have someone help
                                     of activity.                                  million will be eligible for 10% to 30%        but it may still organize and offer them      you monitor those regulations as they
                                               Hedge funds and private-equi-       of the funds collected, and can sue            as long as certain conditions are met.        evolve and evaluate just how they
                                     ty advisors will be required to register      more easily if an employer retaliates.                   A new Financial Stability           might affect you. Don’t hesitate to seek
                                     with the Securities and Exchange Com-                  An Investor Advocate office           Oversight Council is charged with             expert advice.
                                     mission (SEC) and disclose to the com-        will be established within the SEC to          assessing and managing risks that could                 Jennifer is a has her series 7,
                                     mission information such as investment        help individual investors resolve signif-      threaten the entire U.S. financial sys-       63, 66, Health, life and Disability
                                     positions and the amount of leverage          icant problems and to promote investor         tem. Also, the FDIC will manage the           Licenses. Please feel free to contact
                                     involved. Also, the $1 million mini-          interests.                                     liquidation of any financial institution      Jennifer Edwards to schedule a free
                                     mum net worth required to be an                        Banks will be required to hold        whose failure the Treasury Secretary          meeting at 212-410-1302.
                                     accredited investor eligible to invest in     additional capital to cover potential          determines would disrupt the stability                  Forefield Inc. does not provide
                                     such funds will no longer include the         losses, and some securities are no             of that system. This can include firing       legal, tax, or investment advice. All
                                     value of a principal residence, and that      longer acceptable as vehicles for capital      corporate management responsible for          content provided by Forefield is pro-
                                     $1 million threshold will be reviewed         reserves held by large banks. Financial        the failure and prohibiting any pay-          tected by copyright. Forefield is not
                                     every four years.                             institutions also will be required to          ments to shareholders until all other         responsible for any modifications made
                                               Credit rating firms, which were     retain a financial interest in at least 5%     claims are paid. The FDIC may borrow          to its materials, or for the accuracy of
                                     criticized for being too lax in their eval-   of the value of a loan they make if the        from an Orderly Liquidation Fund to           information provided by other sources.
                                     uations of securities based on subprime       loan is sold or repackaged with other          pay for a liquidation, but those costs                  Prepared by Forefield Inc.
                                     mortgages, will be subject to oversight       loans and securitized. (However, some          must be replenished not from taxpayer         Copyright 2011

                                                                               Heritage Healthcare Center was one of many agen-
Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

                                                                               cies to participate.   Photos by Seitu Oronde

                                           * New Location 2313 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd
                                                            (bet 135th and 136th Streets)

 Harlem News Group
                                                                                                                                   REAL ESTATE
                PROFILES IN RESILIENCY -
                By Rev Charles Butler

           ith all of the bad news sur-     paying someone else’s mortgage. I saw               At the time I didn’t think those

W          rounding the housing indus-
           try these days, I thought it
would be refreshing to hear some inspi-
                                            owning a home as a possible means of
                                            investing in myself and my future, you
                                            know what they say, “a girl has to look
                                                                                       late payments would present a problem
                                                                                       except a few months later my coun-
                                                                                       selor, Rev. Butler informed me of an
rational success stories. So I am start-    out for her own interest.”                 excellent opportunity to purchase a
ing a new series this month profiling                How did you learn about the       newly renovated coop unit in Harlem. I
some new homeowners in Harlem. You          home buying process?                       was probably not ready to make the
will hear the story of their journey                 After investigating several       purchase but decided after speaking
enduring trials, tribulations and chal-     housing counseling agencies, I contact-    with Rev. Butler that the opportunity
lenges but overcoming in order to           ed Harlem Congregations for Commu-         was too good to past up. So I decided
achieve their goal of homeownership.        nity Improvement, Inc. (HCCI) and          to see the unit and begin the application
Our first profile will highlight Ms.        registered for their Home Buyer Educa-     process.
Adrienne Williams who dreamed of            tion 4 Session Seminar Series.                      It was not easy, but my never
becoming a homeowner in Harlem.                      What major obstacles did          give up attitude allowed gave me the
         Tell us a little about yourself,   you have to overcome on the way?           incentive to step out on faith and armed
when did you first decide to buy a                   After completing the Home         with the conviction that I could achieve
home?                                       Buyer Seminar series I knew it wasn’t      my dream of homeownership I pushed
         I migrated to Harlem from my       going to be easy, but I was not deterred   forward even when the lenders told me
parent’s home in Georgia at the age of      by the task facing me. I began trim-       no.
17. I was an aspiring actress. While        ming my monthly household budget by                 Next week read the exciting
refining my acting skills I worked a        eliminating excess spending and            conclusion of Adrienne’s story of suc-
variety of jobs and soon realized that I    increasing my savings. I started paying    cess as she continues to pursue her
was not able to save much money             down my monthly credit debt. I had a       dream of homeownership in Harlem.
because of the high rental cost for my      pretty decent credit score but then over            For information or questions
tiny apartment. At that moment I started    the Christmas holidays I forgot to make    related to the home buying process or
thinking about homeownership. I felt        the payments on 2 small accounts and       foreclosure prevention contact Rev.
that buying a home would in the long        my score really suffered.                  Charles Butler at (212)281-4887
run be less expensive than renting and                                                 ext.131 or email at

                                                                                                                                                       Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

                                      Harlem News Group
                                      HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX
                                                                                                                                                                  COMMUNITY CALENDAR
                                         C           O           M              M         U          N          I        T        Y                  C           A           L        E         N          D         A          R
                                     Feb 5                                              ter Cup Trophy and an arm full of new gear.       Chocolate Tasting Come learn how wine &           Feb 26
                                     1:00-3:00pm                                        For more information, please visit                chocolate are a perfect coupling. Certified       3-7pm
                                     The 14th Annual Gwendolyn Simmons SOUL   , keyword: Winter Jam,           wine specialist Vicente Pina will present an      "To You, Mr. Hughes" will make its appear-
                                     ON ICE Winter Skating Party.Hosted by Fig-         or call 311.                                      educational wine tasting and Morris-Jumel         ance on the stage of the Langston Hughes
                                     ure Skating in Harlem, being held at Lasker                                                          Education Director Carol Ward will discuss        Auditorium of the Schomburg Center. Origi-
                                     Ice Rink, Central Park North (Enter at 110th                                                         which chocolates best complement each             nally produced by the African American
                                     St. & Lenox Ave.) Tickets: $15, includes skate     Feb 5                                             wine sample. Tickets are $25 per person           Institute of the United Nations in 1992, "To
                                     rental and a chance to win an iPod Touch,          6:00pm                                            and $20 for members. Pre-paid advanced            You, Mr. Hughes" is a comedic, dramatic,
                                     Ebook reader or digital camera. A fun fami-        Supporting Businesses and the Arts in the         registration is required. Being held at Morris-   musical tribute to Langston Hughes, The
                                     ly event for all ages, this ice skating party is   Queens Community! CHDC Business Awards            Jumel Mansion, 65 Jumel Terrace. For more         Poet Laureate of Harlem. The cast will
                                     filled with DJ music, raffle prizes, giveaways,    & Theater Party. Presented by the Cambria         information call 212-923-8008.                    include Jeff Bolding ~ Angela Bourelly ~
                                     food and more! All proceeds support the            Heights Development Corporation (CHDC).                                                             Michael Liverpool
                                     girls of Figure Skating in Harlem, an educa-       Being held at the Black Spectrum Theatre,         Feb 19                                            Denise Spann-Morgan ~ Kevin Sipley ~ Lyn-
                                     tion and fitness program for our neighbor-         177th Street & Basiley Boulevard, Jamaica,        1-2:30pm                                          nard Williams. Tickets are available NOW
                                     hood girls.For more info: Call 646-698-3440        NY. CHDC will present an Awards & Buffet          Martin Luther King and the Legacy of a            Schomburg Center for Research in Black
                                     or visit      Dinner at 6:00pm followed by the play,            Committed Life. During Black History Month        Culture, 515 Madison Avenue, Harlem
                                                                                        ResurGENTS: The Reappearance of Hope at           we will learn about Dr. Martin Luther King,       Gift Shop (212) 491-2206 (Open Mondays
                                     Feb 5                                              8:00pm. For additional information e-mail         Jr., his commitment to community service          thru Saturdays ~ 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
                                     11:00am-4:00pm                           , call 917-501-6780           and what it means to us all. Community            Tickets are $20 ~ Schomburg Members are
                                     SKI, SNOWBOARD AND MORE AT WINTER                  or          Conversations for Families is for parents and     $16.
                                     JAM 2011. Being held at Prospect Park                                                                children between 3rd & 6th grade. Light
                                     Nethermead. Enter the Park at Ocean                Feb 8                                             refreshments will be served. This program is      Feb 27
                                     Avenue and Lincoln Road, Brooklyn.                 7pm, 9pm                                          sponsored by the New York Council for the         1:00pm
                                     Being presented by The Parks Department,           An Inspirational Gospel Concert featuring         Humanities, a state-affiliate of the National      Audiences of all ages are invited to raise
                                     in partnership with the Prospect Park              Lonnie Youngblood, Prince of Harlem               Endowment for the Humanities. FREE but            their voices alongside the renowned Young
                                     Alliance, will host Winter Jam NYC, the            Being held at the Dwyer Cultural Center,          advanced registration is required. Being          People's Chorus of New York City and
                                     annual winter sports festival, at the Nether-      258 St. Nicholas Avenue. Performing for over      held at Morris-Jumel Mansion, 65 Jumel Ter-       experience first-hand what it's like to be a
                                     mead in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. This FREE        50 years, this dynamic vocalist and saxa-         race. For more information Call 212 923           part of the choir. Participating families are
                                     event is open to the public.                       phonist presents an extraordinary Gospel          8008                                              encouraged to check Carnegie Hall's web-
                                     Our partners at the Olympic Regional               inspired good time. Advance Purchase                                                                site in the weeks preceding the perfor-
                                     Development Authority will be blowing fresh        Required. Capacity Limited. Visit                 Feb 26                                            mance for sheet music and audio clips to
                                     snow, weather permitting, the week before to purchase $15           11am-4pm                                          assist them in practicing before the event.
                                     the event creating the stage for the Lake          Live Performance Theater Seating                  Washington's Birthday Celebrationat Morris-       Pre-concert activities including vocal warm-
                                     Placid Snow Field, Winter Jam's snow sports        $10 Simulcast Seating. A special perfor-          Jumel Mansion.. Celebrate George Wash-            ups led by members of the ensemble, will
                                     activity center. New Yorkers can learn to ski      mance in honor of the new exhibition              ington's Birthday with us! At noon & 3 pm         begin one hour prior to the concert. Being
                                     and snowboard with instructors from Moun-          Harlem is…The Gospel Tradition, which hon-        join Robert Murphy, portraying Gen.               held in Zankel Hall. For a full schedule of
                                     tain Creek, in addition to trying cross-coun-      ors influential contributions of 12 of Harlem's   George Washington, and colonist Jeffrey           Carnegie Hall Family Concerts, visit
                                     try skiing and snow shoeing. Participants          current and religious leaders and examines        Carduner, for an interactive presentation
                                     can sample treats and get hot drinks from          four churches at the forefront of the migra-      with these educators. Also, tour the man-
                                     the Pride of New York Warming Hut. Red             tion of African Americans from downtown           sion, create a birthday card or try on Colo-
                                     Bull will host the Butter Cup, a national con-     to Harlem.                                        nial costumes. For all ages. FREE no              Non-profits: Email your events calendar
                                     test series, where professional and amateur                                                          advanced registration required. Being held        listings to us (maximum 50 words) at
                                     snowboarders and skiers can show off their         Feb 11                                            at Morris-Jumel Mansion, 65 Jumel Terrace.
                                     best tricks on multi-featured custom ramps,        7-9pm                                             For more information Call 212 923 8008  
                                     pads and rails. Winners take home the But-         Third Annual Chocolate Day: Wine and
Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

                                                                   01/30/2011                                              01/30/2011                                         01/30/2011

 Harlem News Group
        ew York City College of Tech-       and a performance by Professor Ahnee       in colonial and early New York, and the

N       nology (City Tech) of The City
        University of New York will
celebrate Black History Month next
                                            Freeman of her piano jazz cantata.
                                            Also, the Black Male Initiative will
                                            host a presentation on the work of the
                                                                                       enslaved African presence in the North.
                                                                                       She has lectured at the Smithsonian
                                                                                       Institution, the American Museum of
month with the following free events at     celebrated African American painter        Natural History, the NY African Burial
300 Jay Street (at Tillary) in Downtown     and sculptor Elizabeth Catlett, narrated   Ground, the Museum of the City of NY,
Brooklyn.                                   by Professor Diane Wilson.. Bein held      the U.S. Mission to the United Nations,
         FEBRUARY 1 - 28, 2011              in the Atrium 632 (Faculty & Staff         the American Institute of Architects
         Library Exhibit: “African          Lounge)                                    (AIA), the New York Historical Soci-
Cultural Survivals in the Americas:                 FEBRUARY 24, 2011,                 ety, the Schomburg Center for Research
The Legacy of Harriet Tubman” Poster                10 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.               on Black Culture, among others nation-
exhibit by City Tech Advertising                    The Legacy of Harriet Tub-         ally and internationally.
Design and Graphic Arts Students.           man: Lectures and Performances.                     She is the recipient of the 2005
Being held in the Atrium Building, 4th      Being held in the Atrium Amphitheater      History Visionary Award from the
Floor. 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Daily when                 Professor Tshombe Walker will      Manhattan Borough President’s Office
College is open.)                           examine the legacy of Harriet Tubman       and the first recipient of the African
         FEBRUARY 10, 2011,                 as the embodiment of African cultural      American Heritage Award from His-                    Dr Sherill Wilson
         1 P.M. - 2:30 P.M.                 survivals. Sundog Theatre actress          toric Hudson Valley Museum in Tarry-        Humanities supported by the National
         The African Diaspora: Lest         Christine Dixon will perform “Harriet      town, NY. In 1999, she was recognized       Endowment for the Humanities, the
We Forget! Haiti, One Year After the        Tubman Herself.” Dr. Sherrill Wilson,      by the Mayor’s Office of the City of        New York State Legislature and the
Earthquake. Panel discussion spon-          cultural anthropologist and founding       NY as a Centennial Historian.               Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation.
sored by the Haitian Students Associa-      director, Office of Public Education                Among the sponsors of these                 New York City College of
tion. Being held in the Atrium 632          and Interpretation, NY African Burial      events are the City Tech Department of      Technology (City Tech) of The City
(Faculty & Staff Lounge)                    Ground (designated a national monu-        African American Studies, the Office of     University of New York (CUNY) is the
         FEBRUARY 22, 2011,                 ment in 2006), will deliver the keynote    the Provost, the Black Male Initiative,     largest public college of technology in
         1 P.M. - 2:30 P.M.                 address, “Celebrating Freedom.” The        Tea & Talk and the Black Women’s            New York State. Located at 300 Jay
         City Tech Celebrates the           event also will feature a performance      Networking Committee. Dr Wilson’s           Street in Downtown Brooklyn, the Col-
22nd Year of the National African           by the City Tech Community Choir.          lecture is made possible through            lege enrolls 15,400 students in 62 bac-
American Read-In. This observance                   Dr. Wilson lectures and writes     “Speakers in the Humanities,” a pro-        calaureate, associate and specialized
will include the serving of a special tea   on the subjects of the African presence    gram of the New York Council for the        certificate programs.

                                                                                                                                                                             Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

                                     Harlem News Group
                                      HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX

                                     (l-r) Maria C. Willis, Co-Chair, BAE MLK Luncheon; Mary D. Redd, President & CEO, Steinway Child & Family Services; Darwin M. Davis, President, BAE; Carla D. Brown, Chair,
                                     BAE MLK Luncheon ; Honorable Jacqueline A. Berrien, Chair, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; Honorable Priscilla Hall, NY Supreme Court, Appellate Division *
                                     Darwin M. Davis, President, BAE, Maria C. Willis, Co-Chair, BAE MLK Luncheon; Carla D. Brown, Chair, BAE MLK Luncheon ; Imam El-Hajj Talib Abdur Rashid; DeMarco Morgan,
                                     WNBC-TV Anchor and Master of Ceremonies * Black Agency Executives Group with Hazel N. Dukes and Dr. Barbara Shaw: Dais starting from left side; Maria C. Willis,Co-Chair,
                                     BAE MLK Luncheon; Arva Rice, President, New York Urban League; Dr. Barbara Shaw, Chair, NCNW; Hazel Dukes, President, NYS Conference NAACP; Darwin M. Davis, Presi-
                                     dent, BAE; DeMarco Morgan, WNBC-TV Anchor and Master of Ceremonies
                                         n Thursday, January 20,                Negro Women (NCNW) & Nation-                munity” said Darwin M. Davis,              agencies (Harlem Children’s Zone,

                                 O       2011 the Black Agency
                                         Executives (BAE) held
                                 their 34th Annual Rev. Dr. Martin
                                                                                al Urban League (NUL). Following
                                                                                the awards ceremony Chair Jacque-
                                                                                line A. Berrien, U.S. Equal
                                                                                                                            President of BAE.
                                                                                                                                    The theme of the luncheon
                                                                                                                            was “Equal Access, Equal Justice:
                                                                                                                                                                       New York City Mission Society,
                                                                                                                                                                       Steinway Child & Family Services,
                                                                                                                                                                       Care of the Homeless, etc.) in the
                                 Luther King, Jr. Luncheon and                  Employment Opportunity Commis-              A Blueprint for Civil Rights” and          New York City area. Collectively,
                                 22nd Annual Founders’ Awards.                  sion facilitated a panel discussion         was emceed by WNBC-TV Anchor,              our agencies provide senior ser-
                                 Recognized as the premier net-                 with Hazel N. Dukes, President,             DeMarco Morgan. The event drew             vices, educational and recreational
                                 working event of the season and                NAACP New York State Confer-                over 450 professionals and commu-          youth programs, mental health care
                                 known for its powerful keynote                 ence, Dr. Barbara L. Shaw, Chair,           nity leaders from the non-profit,          and HIV/AIDS services, etc. to
                                 speakers, the luncheon proudly                 NCNW and Arva Rice, President,              corporate and faith-based commu-           thousands of New Yorkers and are
                                 honored three of the most promi-               New York Urban League. “The                 nities.                                    largely responsible for improving
                                 nent civil rights organizations in the         questions and responses nicely                      BAE is a group of Black            the lives and conditions of many
                                 nation – National Association for              highlighted current civil rights            CEOs, Presidents and Executive             children, adults and families living
                                 the Advancement of Colored Peo-                issues, pertinent hot topics and            Directors responsible for leading          throughout the New York City com-
                                 ple (NAACP), National Council of               social concerns critical to our com-        many of the major human service            munity.
Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

Harlem News Group
                                     WIN A FREE WEDDING CEREMONY
                                     AT RIVERSIDE CHURCH
                                             elping future brides    spaces, enjoy the traditional

                                     H       and grooms navigate
                                             through the many
                                     important details and choices
                                                                     elegance of The Riverside
                                                                     Church’s beautiful architec-
                                                                     ture, sample wedding cake
                                     in planning their weddings,     and partake in a champagne
                                     The Riverside Church will       toast.
                                     make the life of one lucky             Guests will also have
                                     metropolitan area bride-to-be   the opportunity to meet the
                                     that much easier, by provid-    Church’s premier onsite
                                     ing the chance to win a free    caterer and Wedding &
                                     wedding ceremony at the         Reception Coordinator,
                                     historic Church during its      Angela Gregory. The icing
                                     annual Wedding Open House       on the (wedding) cake will
                                     on Saturday, February 19        be a raffle drawing in which
                                     from noon to 2:00 p.m. at       one lucky couple will win a
                                     The Riverside Church, 490       free wedding ceremony.
                                     Riverside Drive (bet. 120th            The event is free to
                                     & 122nd St.), Morningside       attend and anyone interested
                                     Heights.                        in attending should RSVP to
                                           At the event, attendees   212-870-6802 or email mail-
                                     will get to tour the Church’s   to:weddings@theriver-
                                     chapels and reception 

                                     Harlem News Group
                                      HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX
                                     85TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION By Bernice Green
                                            o how does a national research center that     ing: Patchwork Quilts by Africans (Siddis) in         ied in another Schomburg learning project.               reins to director-designate Dr. Khalil Muhammad.

                                     S      collects, preserves, and provides access to
                                            resources documenting the experiences of
                                     peoples of African descent celebrate Black Histo-
                                                                                           India” and “Harlem Views/Diasporan Visions:
                                                                                           The New Harlem Renaissance Photographers.”
                                                                                           The exhibitions of respectively 15 quilts in the
                                                                                                                                                            Right around the corner are Women’s
                                                                                                                                                 History and Black Press celebrations for the
                                                                                                                                                 month of March. The Schomburg staff is already
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Along the way, they are prepared for
                                                                                                                                                                                                          any surprises or new programmers. They know
                                                                                                                                                                                                          that every day is Black History Day at the
                                     ry Month?                                             Latimer/Edison Gallery and 23 photographers in        further into the year, working on Black History          Schomburg, a special place in Harlem that not
                                                 “At the Schomburg, each and every         the Center’s Exhibition Hall opened on Tuesday,       programming for May, and the eventual changing           only preserves history; it constantly makes histo-
                                     day of its 85 years has been a celebration of the     February 1. Separately, these initiatives are         of the Guard – when Schomburg chief gives the            ry.
                                     African American and African Diaspora cultural        enough to launch any library’s full Black History
                                     and historical experience,” says Howard Dodson,       month agenda. But not for the Schomburg.
                                     chief of the Schomburg Center for Research in
                                     Black Culture at 515 Malcolm X Blvd.
                                                                                                      Behind the scenes, a hardworking staff
                                                                                           managed and organized materials – manuscripts,
                                                 In the past four months of the Center’s
                                     life, nearly 100 community, scholarly, education-
                                                                                           newspapers, periodicals, photographs, prints and
                                                                                           more. They did this work while facilitating the
                                                                                                                                                                                                               CENTER 85th
                                     al programs and activities for all ages were pre-
                                     sented; a major collection acquired; a powerful 2
                                                                                           public’s access to Schomburg holdings – Arts and
                                                                                           Artifacts, General Research and Reference, Man-
                                     ½-day Black Studies conference attracting more
                                     than 1,000 attendees and 250 scholars from
                                                                                           uscripts, Archives and Rare Books, Moving
                                                                                           Image and Recorded Sound, Photographs and                                                                              GALA
                                     around the nation and 8 countries convened; an        Prints — through mail, telephone and computer.
                                     all-star theatrical, “Transformations,” on 20th                  Programs producer-director Clarisse
                                     century milestones in Black History in celebration    Shariyf and Schomburg Junior Scholars director
                                     of Arturo Alfonso Schomburg produced; and last        Deirdre Holland (who also designs the Education
                                     week a successful 85th anniversary gala celebra-      Programs, including the educators workshops),
                                     tion attended by hundreds was held at Aaron           are the Schomburg’s community conscience.
                                     Davis Hall.                                           They remember the special events and anniver-
                                                 The evening gala paid tribute to the      saries – known and little-known – around which
                                     Schomburg’s monumental legacy -- past and pre-        programs can be created to educate and entertain
                                     sent -- in its festive, moving tributes to director   the community.
                                     Dr. Howard Dodson and ceremonial presentation                    So, in addition to the two major exhibi-
                                     of a symbolic “key” to incoming director-desig-       tions, Schomburg launched its FEBRUARY
                                     nate Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad.                      Black History month celebration with an all-day
                                                 Right after the Gala, the Schomburg       birthday salute to literary great Langston Hughes
                                     began nearly round-the-clock work on the mount-       on Hughes’ Feb. 1 birthday. And Langston
                                     ing of TWO major exhibitions: “Soulful Stitch-        Hughes will be back later in the month to be stud-

                                                                                                                                                 Tskeegee Airman Roscoe Brown &                     Cicely Tyson               Howard Dodson Jr. and successor,
                                                                                                                                                 Rev Butts, Abyssinnian Baptist Church                                         Khalil Gibran Muhammad
Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

                                                                                                                                                 (l-r) Ms. Carol Alexander, Schomburg director Howard Dodson, Mrs.               (l-r) Howard Dodson, director of
                                                                                                                                                 Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad and Ms. Lawson's husband, Schomburg                   the Schomburg Center for
                                                                                                                                                 director-designate Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad at the VIP reception for the      Research in Black Culture,
                                                                                                                                                 Schomburg's 85th Anniversary Gala celebration. The event featured a spe-        Aysha Schomburg, Gala Vice
                                                                                                                                                 cial tribute to Dodson and salute to the Center's visionary founder Arturo      Chair
                                                                                                                                                 Alfonso Schomburg on the occasion of the 137th anniversary of his birthday,
                                                                                                                                                 January 24.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Photos By: Terrence Jennings

Harlem News Group
       he Schomburg Center for Research in

T      Black Culture explores centuries-old
       Africa/South Asia cultural connections evi-
denced by the rich arts and crafts traditions of
descendants of Africans living in India, in a major
exhibition Soulful Stitching: Patchwork Quilts by
Africans (Siddis) in India, currently open
through June 30, in the Center’s Latimer/Edison
          Curated by Dr. Henry J. Drewal, Evjue-
Bascom Professor of African and African Diaspo-
ra Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Soulful Stitching features 15 striking patchwork
quilts of Siddi women, heirs to the culture and
values of Africans brought to Goa on India’s west
coast beginning in the 16th century.
          “While the Siddis, who number about
18,000 in the state of Karnataka, have adopted,
adapted, and integrated many aspects of Indian
cultures, they have also retained and transformed
certain African traditions, and in the visual arts,
the tradition that stands out are the beautiful
                                                       ity, beauty.”                                                    This exhibition is part of a six-month       from those that took place across the Atlantic. In
patchwork quilt known as kawandi,” says Dr.
                                                                 In addition to the quilts, the exhibition   series on the African Diaspora in the Indian            India, some Siddis became founders of dynasties,
                                                       also presents the photography of Dr. Drewal           Ocean World which will feature public events            prime ministers, military commanders, builders of
          “Mixing together a vibrant array of
                                                       which captures Siddi families and the quilters in     and a website. “The voluntary and forced migra-         cities and monuments.”
well-worn clothing fabrics,” says Dr. Drewal,
                                                       their majesty carrying on the tradition of their      tions of East Africans through the Indian Ocean                   This exhibition, the events and an
who has spent several years researching, observ-
                                                       ancestors, shaping scraps of memory into great        are little known by the general public,” says Dr.       upcoming website will shed much needed light on
ing and documenting the Siddi women’s work,
                                                       functional heirlooms.                                 Sylviane Diouf, historian and Schomburg’s Cura-         the African Diaspora from Arabia to Iraq and
“the quilts are highly individualistic, yet quilters
                                                                                                             tor of Digital Collections, “they are quite different   Iran, and from Turkey to India and Sri Lanka.
share many clear and precise opinions about qual-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

                                     Harlem News Group
                                     HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX

                                       U.S. first lady Michelle Obama dances
                                       with underprivileged children at the Mum-
                                       bai University in Mumbai, India, Satur-
                                       day, Nov. 6, 2010. U.S. President Barack
                                       Obama began a 10-day trip through Asia
                                       on Saturday.

                                                               Museum Gift Shop (9th Floor)
                                      Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Bldg., 163 West 125th Street @ 7th Ave.
                                                         You Must Have Photo ID to Enter Building
                                          Find us: profb’sexticcheesecakes on facebook
                                                           749-5298 us:

                                                                                             As Seen on
                                                                                          ABC Channel 7
                                      “Live” R&B Entertainment on Sundays 3:30-7:30pm   “Neighborhood Eats”
                                                             Two Locations:
                                               373 Lenox Avenue (corner of 129th Street)
                                         ** 2695 Frederick Douglass Blvd. (corner 143rd Street)
                                                    **new location - opening June 25th
Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

 Harlem News Group
          ASK MICHELLE:
          By Michelle Grenidge
    have advocated strongly for par-            service.                               The Chancellor thanked                 Original scores were low-

I   ent training and on-line educa-
    tion in this column. I am happy
to say the NYC DOE has just been
                                               -Access to online
                                                educational resources.
                                               -Digital literacy training.
                                                                               Mayor Bloomberg for his success-
                                                                               ful effort in acquiring “our share”
                                                                               of the stimulus funds.
                                                                                                                      ered when the state implemented
                                                                                                                      new standards. As a result, border-
                                                                                                                      line students went from scores of
awarded one of the largest federal             -Access to a bilingual                  “The NYC Connected             4’s and 3’s to 1’s and 2’s.
grants to do just that. The U.S.                help desk.                     Learning Initiative is a comprehen-            Funds will be distributed
Dept. of Commerce has awarded                  The NYC Connected Learn-        sive program to bridge the digital     amongst 532 public schools to fund
the NYC DOE (Dept. of Education)       ing Initiative will also provide:       divide and extend learning to the      various types of educational sup-
22 million dollars through the         training, curriculum and classroom      home, increase parental involve-       port such as: in-school tutoring,
American Recovery and Reinvest-        technical support for all participat-   ment and train and support teachers    after-school programs, weekend
ment Act. The NYC Connected            ing schools to facilitate on-line       in assigning learning activities       school and purchase of tutoring/
Learning Initiative will affect more   learning at home and at school.         which utilize on-line educational      intervention strategies including
than 18,000 middle school students             The grant award was             resources at home and at school.”      web based programs,
in 72 schools city-wide.               announced on January 22, 2011.                  Ten million dollars has been           Parent leader Zakiyah
        The goal of the NYC Con-       Present were Mayor Bloomberg,           allocated by the NYC DOE to assist     Ansari of the NYC Coalition for
nected Learning Initiative is to       Chancellor of the NYC Public            532 schools city wide!                 Educational Justice stated, “Now
improve student achievement and        School System Black, Deputy                     Mayor Bloomberg, Chan-         tens of thousands of students will
encourage use of broadband tech-       Mayor of Education Wolcott, Dept.       cellor Black, Speaker Quinn and        get additional support to help them
nology in low income families in       of Information Technology and           UFT President Mulgrew, jointly         get on track for college and career
order to strengthen middle school      Telecommunication Commissioner          announced on January 18, 2011, the     success.”
student performance by combining       Post and a host of other supporters.    allocation of funds to assist those            Follow up with your child’s
school and home based learning.                Chancellor Black stated,        students in schools where 2/3rds of    school principal to see if his /her
        The program will provide       “Sixth grade is a crucial year when     the students performed below grade     school was chosen or visit
families with tools to create a home   it is important to keep students        level on the ELA (English Lan-
learning environment including:        engaged and on track for success in     guage Arts) and Math assessments               Remember: askMichelle
        -Free computer                 high school.”                           in June 2010.                
        -Discounted broadband

                                                                                                                                                            Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

                                      Harlem News Group
                                      HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX
                                                                                                                                                   ART & CULTURE
                                     JOIN HAA BUS TRIP TO ALBANY FOR ARTS ADVOCACY DAY
                                     IN ALBANY - FEBRUARY 8
                                              arlem Arts Alliance          critical for the arts community     other arts organizations from       HAA plays an essential role by

                                     H        (HAA) will travel to the
                                              State Building in
                                     Albany, New York with local
                                                                           in Harlem to raise its voice to
                                                                           advocate for continued state
                                                                           support of the arts and for equi-
                                                                                                               Harlem and all boroughs to gal-
                                                                                                               vanize and network. “The bus
                                                                                                               will act as a mobile conference
                                                                                                                                                   helping to build the resources,
                                                                                                                                                   network, and capacity of its
                                                                                                                                                   richly diverse membership.
                                     artists, organizations and sup-       table funding for the arts in       room to strategize and network      Counted among its members are
                                     porters to meet and voice their       Harlem and for communities of       as arts organizations,” says Kim    young emerging artists as well
                                     concerns to State representa-         color across the state,” says       George, Harlem Arts Alliance        as established and international-
                                     tives. As a part of this state-wide   Michael Unthank, Executive          Associate Director.                 ly recognized artists. Also repre-
                                     day of arts advocacy, a bus will      Director of HALREM Arts                    Harlem Arts Alliance         sented are small grassroots
                                     depart on Tuesday, February 8 at      Alliance. “With the new admin-      urges all arts organizations and    organizations and major cultural
                                     6:45 a.m. from Adam Clayton           istration in Albany, and the con-   supporters to join this move-       institutions in Harlem and
                                     Powell Jr. State Office Building      tinued fiscal crisis, we must       ment. For more information call     beyond. In addition, HAA main-
                                     (163 West 125th Street at Adam        voice our concern that the arts     HARLEM Arts Alliance at 347-        tains strong partnerships with
                                     Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard         remain a priority in New York       735-4280.                           numerous arts organization and
                                     /7th Avenue, New York, NY             precisely because of the enor-             Harlem Arts Alliance         institutions throughout New
                                     10027) and take constituents to       mous benefits both economical-      (HAA) is a not-for-profit service   York State, the region and the
                                     Albany. Round-trip bus trans-         ly and culturally that they bring   organization committed to the       nation to maintain vital collabo-
                                     portation is $15 for the general      to our state.”                      development of artists and arts     rative efforts to promote the arts
                                     public and $10 for HARLEM                     The journey to Albany       organizations in Harlem and its     in communities.
                                     Arts Alliance members and             will also be an opportunity for     surrounding communities. Com-
                                     NYC Arts Coalition members.           HARLEM Arts Alliance mem-           prised of over 750 individual
                                             “Now more than ever it is     bers, supporters of the arts and    artists and arts organizations,
Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

 Harlem News Group
             By Zakiyyah

        rthritis, one of the most        pain killer. Chaparral contributes its   dates/rates.

A       common ailments we suffer
        in this day-and-time, can be
relieved with the help of Nature’s
                                         analgesic/vasodepressant (and
                                         antioxidant and anticancer) proper-
                                         ties to this potent formula. Sarsapar-
                                                                                          This information should not
                                                                                  be used as a cure for disease, and
                                                                                  should be taken with the advice of
Medicine.                                illa contributes its saponins as a       your physician. Send me an email to
        The formula I want to share      whole body tonic herb. Licorice          request my FREE CHART on
with you contains Alfalfa, Celery        Roots powerful anti-inflammatory         Chakra Sacred Healing Crystals &
Seeds, Burdock Root, Chaparral,          properties likens its profound effects   Gemstones. Inquire online about our
Sarsaparilla and Licorice Roots,         to those of coritsone/hydorcortisone.    6-month Advanced (already sched-
Kelp, Queen-of-the-Meadow Root           Queen-of-the-Meadow is established       uled for January to June 2011) and
and Cayenne, and can be taken in         as an effective treatment for            4-week Beginners herb courses. We
capsules (2caps 4Xday; 3caps             rheumatic/gouty conditions due to        offer herbal consultations and make
3Xday or 4caps 2Xday), tea or            uric acid depsits in the joints; pri-    custom healing gemstone jewelry.
poltice form. This blend of herbs        marily a diuretic, its stimulating       The Sacred Healing 7 Herb Center
helps reduce stiff, inflamed/sore        effect on glands/organs that clear the   carries a full line of herbal products,
muscles/joints due to various arthrit-   body of toxins and wastes makes it       gemstone jewelry, crystals and other
ic disorders: Rheumatism, Lupus,         invaluable in most forms of inflam-      healing accessories. You can call:
Gout and Bursitis; and Atherosclero-     matory distress.                         347-269-5766, email: zakiyyah@
sis, Blood Cleansing and Acidosis.                MEET ME twice a month at, or visit her website:
        Alfalfa’s high nutritive value   44 West 32nd Street, 11th floor (off for all
makes it an effective anti-rheumatic     Park Ave) from 11noon to 3pm and         archived articles, and to submit your
remedy. Celery Seed, traditionally a     join our mini-sessions on healing        health queries, register for work-
diuretic and blood cleanser, is well     with herbs and crystals, 20min Con-      shops/classes, and access lots of
suited for arthritic conditions (espe-   sultations/$20 (by reservation) or 2-    alternative health information.
cially with Damiana). Burdock Root,      hour herb class (1/29, 2/12 and 26).
is an effective blood purifier and       See the website for specific

                                                                                                                                       Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

                                     Harlem News Group
                                      HARLEM . QUEENS .BROOKLYN . BRONX
                                                       LET’S HEAL THE WORLD: PART III
                                                       By William A. Rogers
                                         n parts I and II of this column,   approach to health.                      of hormones, chemicals, oxygen        donitis, and carpal tunnel syn-

                                     I   which can be viewed on my
                                         blog www.theartofwarogers
                                     .com, I wrote about my experi-
                                                                                     If you visit my wellness
                                                                            page at www.letshealthe world.
                                                                            com/artwar you can learn more
                                                                                                                     and blood to troubled areas in the
                                                                                                                     body. It is truly acupuncture with-
                                                                                                                     out needles.
                                                                                                                                                           drome. Asian wellness practition-
                                                                                                                                                           ers have used the moxa herb in a
                                                                                                                                                           technique called moxibustion,
                                     ences in the South Korean moun-        about things that you can do to                  The second LHTW prod-         which is the burning of small
                                     tains learning ancient Korean          address many of the health and           uct is Miracle Salt, a specially      amounts of the herb on the skin,
                                     Taoist healing techniques. I also      stress issues we face today. You         treated sea salt derived from an      for centuries. The Herbal Pack
                                     described working with Korean          can also learn about three well-         ancient Korean wellness remedy        Therapy is a heated pack that
                                     masters in America to help bring       ness products that will be very          for getting rid of toxins that has    works exactly like a moxibustion
                                     the knowledge that we collective-      helpful in a proactive, self-help        been handed down from genera-         treatment. It’s an excellent way to
                                     ly learned to Harlem and other         wellness strategy.                       tion-to-generation for more than a    speed healing in damaged tissue
                                     urban communities.                              The first and, I believe, the   thousand years. This product          by decreasing swelling and
                                            The Let’s Heal the World        most popular LHTW product is             takes over three years to produce     inflammation. This product is
                                     (LHTW) organization was found-         the Guardian Angel, which is a           and is full of healing herbs and      also a wonderful way to boost
                                     ed by Grand Master James Min, a        24K gold plated hand-held device         minerals. It is a strong antihista-   your energy level.
                                     Taoist wellness practitioner           that is specially designed to stimu-     mine; it clears lungs and generates            I invite you to visit to learn
                                     known for his skill in acupuncture     late acupuncture points in your          hydroelectric energy in human         not only how to help yourself but
                                     and a host of other traditional ori-   hand. The human hand has over            cells. This product has produced      how to help others. I also invite
                                     ental healing techniques. It is a      345 acupuncture points that con-         amazing results for digestive and     you to visit and
                                     common belief among many well-         nect to all of the body’s vital          inflammation problems.                preview my new book Reflections
                                     ness practitioners that there is a     organs. The device was specially                 The third LHTW product        on Self Empowerment - just type
                                     growing need to educate as many        designed with over 300 spikes            is Herbal Pack Therapy, which         in the title in the find box.
                                     people as possible about ways that     placed in such a way that when           makes use of the Moxa herb, also
                                     they can take care of themselves       you squeeze it you trigger the           known as Mugwort, to address
                                     in a proactive, time-tested            brain to release a balanced amount       ailments such as arthritis, ten-
Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

 Harlem News Group
                CRAYONS TO PERFUME! By Audrey Adams
         alentine’s Day is a little less            Then I got older, stopped       expectations.                                     The moral of the story is not

V        than a couple of weeks
         away and I know that you
are expecting me to write about all
                                           decorating shoeboxes, and started
                                           noticing boys; I also noticed that
                                           girls began to treat Valentine’s Day
                                                                                             Who is to blame? The com-
                                                                                    mercialism of romance certainly
                                                                                    plays a part, as well as the sublimi-
                                                                                                                              to rely on material things to fill up
                                                                                                                              your need for love and respect . . .
                                                                                                                              and you shall receive . . . That said,
sorts of Valentine’s gift sugges-          as some sort of “Day of Reckon-          nal, yet very powerful message that       for those of you who really need a
tions, like sexy lingerie, a glamour       ing.” It was funny though, because       everyone should be in a relationship      Valentine’s fix, next week, I’ll come
photo or box of chocolates! Not this       the campaigning for cards and gifts      and if you’re not . . . then something    up with some Valentine’s related
year, but I do have a sort of Valen-       would begin in January. At that          must be wrong with you. I say don’t       things: gift ideas to consider buying
tine parable that I would like to          point we were all long past grade        give into the hype. Instead touch         like hot sexy lingerie or one of those
share with you.                            school and no one wanted to be left      base with “romantic reality.”             glamour photos, etc. . . And I
         Depending upon the state of       out on Valentine’s Day. Those                     If you are in a relationship,    promise to really think about it. See
my mind and heart, Valentine’s Day         mandatory childhood card giving          why worry about whether or not he         you next week.
has meant both a lot and very little       days were over. To avoid ridicule        or she will get you a gift? How are               CONNECT: TALK! with
to me over the years. I have grade         from their peers and having to buy a     you treated on the other 364 days of      AUDREY is now on FACE BOOK
school memories of decorating              gift, guys would try to break-up         the year? If the relationship is solid,   and TWITTER. I invite you to say
shoeboxes with red and white crepe         with someone they liked. The girls,      don’t fret if there isn’t a gift given    hello or share your thoughts with
paper, hearts and doilies in anticipa-     well, they did what they could do to     and if it’s on shaky ground . . . then    me on my Face Book Fan Page and
tion of receiving the coveted cards        keep the boyfriend, even if it meant     maybe its time to rethink the rela-       on Twitter.
from my classmates. I could count          avoiding the object of affection . . .   tionship.
on getting at least 28 messages of         at least until Valentine’s Day.                   And for you singles don’t             Audrey Adams, former director of cor-
love (okay, the teacher required                    Instead of securing a heart     get caught up with what others are         porate public relations and fashion mer-
each of us to do that, but it didn’t       warming moment, they would only          getting. Show some love to your            chandising for ESSENCE continues to
                                                                                                                               motivate and inspire women through her
lessen the sentiment). Then we             set themselves up for heartbreak. I      family and friends, and most impor-        syndicated columns and motivational speak-
would exchange our cards, followed         can recall the long, sad faces that      tantly, to yourself. And if it will        ing engagements. E-mail your fashion,
with a cupcake and candy hearts            wandered the halls days, weeks, and      make you feel better, get your own         beauty and lifestyle questions or comments
party. Finally we took our Valentine       months even, after the holiday           flowers and candy.                         to her at Audrey@THEADAMSREPORT
boxes home to read each message.           because of unfulfilled romantic                                                     .com THE ADAMS REPORT©

                                                                                                                                                                            Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

                                                                                                                                               January 31, 2011

                                      Harlem News Group
                                      HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX
                                                                                                                                                                      LITERARY CORNER
                                     BOOK REVIEW
                                     “EYE OF THE HURRICANE: MY PATH FROM DARKNESS TO FREEDOM”
                                     BY DR. RUBIN “HURRICANE” CARTER, LLD                                                          (with Ken Klonsky), Foreword by Nelson Mandela
                                     Review by Terri Schlichenmeyer, Harlem News contributor
                                             ife is a struggle. From the moment    honed his boxing skills but boxing was            preaching than it is pugilistic.

                                     L       the doctor smacks your behind and
                                             you gasp your first breath, til the
                                     moment you gasp out your last, you have
                                                                                   ultimately his undoing. According to
                                                                                   Carter, the Mob tried to get him to throw
                                                                                   a match and when he didn’t, he was
                                                                                                                                                Author Rubin “Hurri-
                                                                                                                                     cane” Carter alternates between a
                                                                                                                                     little of the abstract, a lot of Bible
                                     to work hard to get where you live, what      framed for the murder of three white peo-         (though he spurns organized reli-
                                     you own, how you move, and who you            ple. Though he was innocent, Carter was           gion), fascinating personal para-
                                     move with.                                    sent to prison for three consecutive life         bles,      keen       insights     and
                                                Some people fight more than        terms.                                            observations, and ideas that may
                                     others – literally and philosophically                 But he never allowed the system          puzzle you. Though this book is
                                     speaking. As you’ll read in “Eye of the       to imprison his mind.                             laden with grace and a feeling of
                                     Hurricane: My Path from Darkness to                    Carter wrote a book about his            peace and acceptance, Carter
                                     Freedom” by Dr. Rubin “Hurricane”             life while in prison, and he sent it to           sometimes speaks in metaphors
                                     Carter, LLD (with Ken Klonsky), the           dozens of people, including celebrities.          and stories that may turn some
                                     aftermath of the battle can sometimes lead    His words came to the attention of some           readers off.
                                     to a better life for the warrior.             Canadians who believed in him and his                        Still, his tale of persever-
                                                Young Rubin Carter was known       innocence. They worked to clear him and,          ance, strength, and personal con-
                                     as a boy with fast fists. He wasn’t a bit     nearly two decades after he walked into           viction can’t help but inspire,
                                     scared to take down opponents that vastly     prison, he was a free man.                        especially if you’re in any sort of
                                     outweighed him, and he’d do it, too, espe-             In this book, Carter writes about        “prison”.
                                     cially if the opponent was harming a vul-     his life since that day in 1985 when he                      Overall, if you’re looking
                                     nerable person.                               was no longer an inmate. He explains how          for a memoir you can read and dis-
                                                His fists got him in trouble. He   people are “asleep” and need to wake up           card, look elsewhere because “Eye
                                     spent time at Jamesburg State Home for        to Truth. And he writes about his new             of the Hurricane” demands con-
                                     Boys in New Jersey, where he beat up a        passion: working to ensure that innocent          templation and time for reflection.
                                     pedophile. He later escaped and joined the    people don’t languish behind bars, forgot-        If you’ve got that, this book will
                                     Army, where Carter found a mentor who         ten.                                              pack a punch.                                        c.2011, Lawrence Hill Books
                                     taught him about Islam and helped him                  Let’s get this out of the way first:                “Eye of the Hurricane: My Path   $26.95 / $29.95 Canada           328
                                     overcome a speech impediment and gain         boxing fans looking for a hard-hitting            from Darkness to Freedom” by Dr. Rubin      pages, includes index
                                     confidence.                                   story are going to be disappointed. “Eye          “Hurricane” Carter, LLD (with Ken Klon-
                                                The Army was also where he         of the Hurricane” is more private and             sky), foreword by Nelson Mandela
Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

Harlem News Group                                                                                                                        CHURCH
                    CHURCH NEWS:
                    BEYOND THE MICROPHONE
                     By Bro. Bill, Host of 3G Experience,
                     WHCR-90.3 FM Gospel Radio
           HCR-90.3 FM is spon- 2011 with an inspiring platform ser-           Pastor of Samuel’s Temple, in          Claude Mangum.

W          soring a “Church ‘Cook- vice. The five speakers were each
           Off” on Saturday, March given a word of encouragement to
12th. Churches from around the present to the newly installed offi-
                                                                               Harlem, celebrated a birthday.
                                                                               Happy Birthday to Amsterdam
                                                                               News Publisher and Editor in Chief
                                                                                                                              Security Guard Training is
                                                                                                                      available to those seeking certifica-
                                                                                                                      tion and potential employment.
city are registering to participate in cers. On Saturday, February 5th, at     Elinor Tatum.                          Contact this column for class dates
the event. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd 11:00am, there will be a “Black                        As part of their African       and other pertinent information.
prize winners will receive prizes History Brunch” celebrated at                American History Month Celebra-                Thank you for your cards
from major cookware suppliers. Shiloh. Rev. Calvin G. Sampson is               tion, the African-American Experi-     and letters. I appreciate them all.
Contact me for registration.           the Pastor.                             ence Forum of Convent Avenue           You expressed a lot of things and I
        I will be the guest speaker            Sister Belle Star, one of our   Baptist Church, located at 420         encourage reading your ideas and
at the Pastor’s Aide Ministry after- local songstress celebrated 50 years      West 145th Street, hosted a Panel      thoughts!
noon service. The service will be in the gospel music ministry. The            Discussion titled “What’s Your                 Check out
on Sunday afternoon, February service was held at the Fordham                  Calling” based on the film “Say It is the latest in
20th, 2011 at the Tabernacle of Gospel Mission, on Alexander                   Amen, Somebody.” The singing           media tools for the media conscious
Deliverance, 2890 Frederick Dou- Avenue, the Bronx. Rev. Tinnie                and the discussions were lively and    and there are so many enjoyable
glass Blvd., Harlem. Rev. Joseph James is the Pastor.                          informative. The panel was led by      things on the site. Call me after you
T. Bright is the Founder and Pastor.           Childs Memorial Church on       Dr. Mary McRae of NY University.       look at it.
Last Sunday, Rev. Bright and the Amsterdam Avenue was where Sis-                       Last Tuesday, The Associa-
Tabernacle of Deliverance were the ter Virginia Pope celebrated her            tion for the Study of African Ameri-
guests of Bronx Community Bap- 89th birthday. Happy Birthday to                can Life and History held an                 If you have information for this column
tist, located at 2074 Valentine Geraldine Collins of Greater File              African American Month Procla-          please send it to me c/o PO Box 446, Colonial
                                                                                                                       Park Station, New York, NY 10039, or face
Avenue, the Bronx. Pastor David Baptist Church, Harlem, NY.                    mation Ceremony. The service was        book – Brother Bill-WHCR 90.3. Be sure to
Jenkins and his wife Rev. Sheila Happy Birthday also to Rev. Roger             held at United Christian Baptist        listen to the 3G Experience, every Thursday
Jenkins were the hosts.                Hambrick, Pastor of Green Pastures      Church, on East 222nd Street, the       morning from 6am to 10am. Live video and
        The Shiloh Baptist Church, Baptist Church on Ward Avenue,              Bronx. The keynote speaker was          audio streaming on
installed their officers for the year the Bronx. Sister Shirley Sultan,        Fordham University Professor

                                                                                                                                                                       Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

                                     Harlem News Group
                                     HARLEM . QUEENS . BROOKLYN . BRONX
                                                                   EMPLOYMENT                                                                EMPLOYMENT/ TRAINING
                                                                 Director of Communications
                                                        Columbia University in the City of New York                                       Security Guard Licenses
                                         Columbia University’s Student & Administrative Services Division seeks can-                 Andy Frain Security Services, Inc.
                                       didates for a Director of Communications. The Director reports to the Assis-
                                       tant Vice President of Communications, Student & Administrative Services                   (We actually employ over 3,000 Guards)
                                       (S&AS). The position is responsible for the development and implementation               Classroom: Harlem - 125th and 7th Avenue
                                       of a communications strategy for Columbia University Information Technology
                                       (CUIT), including the promotion of information regarding technology safety
                                                                                                                                   (2090 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.)
                                       and security. In addition, the position will create a public information campaign            Classes Offered: 8 Hour / 16 Hour /
                                       to promote the services, goals and business accomplishments of CUIT. The
                                       position is also responsible for the Division’s Ask Us student Q&A service and
                                                                                                                                         8 Hour Annual / Fire Guard
                                       Emergency Information initiatives.                                                      TIPS / CPR / AED / Hospitality (Hotel) Training
                                         The incumbent must have demonstrated experience in a variety of communi-
                                       cation disciplines, including internal and external communication and the abili-          Call: 212-222-8755 to schedule a class
                                       ty to ensure effective communications by developing a detailed                               Prices start at $49.99 - 8 hour class.
                                       communications plan, regularly measuring results of programs/initiatives,
                                       strategic projects, deliverables, and timelines. Strong candidates can demon-
                                       strate they are capable of developing new ways to broaden the reach, both
                                       internally and externally, of organizational-related information. Sample pro-
                                       jects include web development, communications strategy, branding, emer-                               BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY
                                       gency communications, and educational and public information campaigns.
                                       Responsibilities include:
                                         Develops, implements, and manages a communication program for the Divi-
                                       sion’s CUIT client group using various communications conduits (online, mass
                                       and targeted e-mails, bulletins, update reports, print materials, and presenta-
                                                                                                                               License Insurance Brokers
                                          • Collaborates with various CUIT departments and project teams to create
                                                                                                                              Do you want a jump start on increasing
                                       plans that deliver targeted information to CUIT’s diverse group of constituents
                                          • Maintains current and relevant content in CUIT website and other online
                                                                                                                               your income? It is yours. You begin
                                       conduits                                                                              with the purchase of an active clients list
                                          • Responsible for developing targeted, relevant, pertinent, and customer-
                                       specific information                                                                  and the commissions are yours. The list
                                         • Has oversight and quality control of key messages and branding
                                         • Manages Division’s Ask Us efforts                                                    comes with a dozen markets and an
                                          • Manages Division’s Emergency Communications initiatives, including all
                                       test and preparation phases                                                           introduction to this business. For details
                                         • Provides ongoing editorial assistance to CUIT Senior Leadership Team
                                         • Reviews/edits written material prepared by others for message consisten-           sent email to
                                       cy, format, grammar, and style.
                                         • Works with S&AS Communications team to maintain Division’s online pres-                                   REAL ESTATE
                                       ence with a focus on current and accurate information
                                         • Creates methods to increase awareness of CUIT strategy, news, priorities,
                                       and policies within CUIT and the University
                                                                                                                                            SELLING TIME SHARES
                                       Qualifications:                                                                              Best Bargains, Excellent price Must Sell
                                       Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience; plus at least 5 years of relevant
                                                                                                                                               call for more details
                                         • Strong writing skills with creativity and flexibility in delivering messages to                        917 952-8883
                                       diverse audiences                                                                           Beautiful Ocean View - right on the beach
                                         • Solid knowledge of technologies (Desktop Publishing, Desktop Publishing
                                       Graphic Software, Clip Art Packages, etc.)                                                         Hilton Head South Carolina
                                          • Knowledge of methods and techniques used in journalism, communica-                                  Deeded property for Life.
                                       tions, marketing, education, and training
                                         For a detailed job description and to apply, please visit our online job appli-        1 week 46 Nov. 13-20 2010                        2 bedrooms
                                       cation system at:                    1 week 47 Nov 20-27 2010                         3 bedrooms
                                       Find=122081                                                                              1 week 48 Nov 27-Dec 4 2010                      3 bedrooms
                                       The position requisition number is 060440.
                                                                                                                                1 week 17 April 23-30 2011                       3 bedrooms
                                            Columbia University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.

                                                                               Get delivery each week by mail.
Harlem News Group February 3, 2011

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