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                                                                                     October 2008

 The Urban Ministry InstituteTraining Urban Pastors
      The Church empowers the urban poor in America. World Impact trains
      indigenous leaders to pastor healthy churches!

For most people in urban ministry, attending college or seminary is virtually impossible. It is too expensive,
too far away, the academic requirements are too stringent or restrictive, and the venue and content are
unrelated to urban life and ministry.

Inner-city pastors or laymen who want
theological education must change cultures
and know someone who is wealthy.

The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI)
provides quality theological education for
the urban poor. Classes conducted in their
communities are culturally relevant and affordable. This curriculum allows churches and ministries to
provide applicable theological training for their leaders at their urban locations.


    WORLD IMPACT                 OTHER URBAN                 PRISON INMATES               INTERNATIONAL
     MINISTRIES                   MINISTRIES                (Partnering with                MINISTRIES
                                                           Prison Fellowship)
    Leaders from              Like-minded urban                                            International
  churches we plant            ministries adopt             Inmates who wish             urban ministries
   are equipped to              TUMI to equip                to minister inside          among the poor
       pastor.                   their leaders.                and outside of           use TUMI to train
                                                               prison receive            pastors in their
                                                           theological training.             countries.
Will Ward, age 31, is a student of TUMI St. Louis. Will had two failed kidneys, a transplant, a third
failed kidney and a few years of dialysis. He has two associate degrees from St. Louis Tech School and
has completed six TUMI modules.

Will recently preached at Bridge of Hope, a church we planted in his neighborhood. He recounted his
testimony, his childhood, his struggles as a youth, the loss of his mother, and the physical blows that
were dealt him.

Will spoke about the life the Church shares in their neighborhood, the things they wish were not,
and the things they are glad for. He led the congregation to Biblical answers for the griefs of life and
expressed a clear proclamation of God’s “Good News.” After the worship service, people shared how
much the message and Will’s life meant to them.

Mike Murray spent years on the streets of San Francisco addicted to drugs and abusing alcohol. He almost
gave up on life on many occasions. Through a Christian-based drug-recovery program, he experienced
a radical conversion to Christ. He has a heart for those whose shoes he once filled and has a passion for
studying and teaching God’s Word. Mike loves TUMI and its mission. He co-mentors classes and works
with our Bay Area church planting.

Will                                                    Marcelino                                  Mike

Marcelino Calvin leads a Bible study at his Fresno boarding house. He studies the passage he will
teach, using what he is learning in our TUMI course on Biblical Interpretation.

Bernadette Walls runs the summer enrichment program and teaches at the After-School Program at
World Impact’s Frederick Douglass Christian School in Chester, PA. She is on our Highland House
church-plant team.

Bernadette, after enrolling in TUMI to enrich her Biblical knowledge, stated, “This course helped me
to better understand Scripture and have a better foundation for sharing God’s Word. It confirmed
God’s call for me in my home, community and immediate surroundings.”
Tom                                                   Michael                                    Bernadette

Our San Francisco staff met Michael Cartwright at the City Team Recovery Center, where he had lived for
a year. Michael has seen harsh times on the street, yet through his hard exterior a love shows in his smile.
After Michael completed his second course in TUMI, he preached at a church using material from our
“Old Testament Witness to Christ and His Kingdom” course. Jake Lindsey, our TUMI site coordinator,
said, “It is incredible to see a guy who has been through so much, seen the worst of the worst, allow God to
transform his life and share from his heart.” Michael is a security manager for the farmer’s market, where
he confidently shares his faith.

Tom Anthony used what he learned at TUMI Chester to preach at Highland House Church. Tom
said, “TUMI helped me understand and explain the Bible better.”

Carlos Torres, a machinist in Fresno, often discusses scripture and faith with his boss, a Jehovah’s
Witness. Carlos is gaining more knowledge through TUMI that helps him defend and explain the
truth of Christ’s divinity.

Rosalba Lira, a student at TUMI San Diego, serves in the U.S. Navy. Because of her involvement in
TUMI, she is volunteering in a prison ministry. She desires to teach women in prison and counsel
them through their difficult situations.

Alfredo                                  Rosalba                                                      Carlos
Oscar had been in prison and never finished junior high school. He became a follower of Jesus and
serves Him faithfully. He is a custodian at a Fresno church. When Oscar received his first assignment
back with a “B” grade, he said, “This is the first time I have received a passing grade in anything.” He
continued working hard and ended the course with an “A.”

Alfredo Lopez, a TUMI student from Fresno, says, “I am finding my gifts and how to focus my efforts
for God’s Kingdom.” He has been an enthusiastic believer for three years and has finished two courses
that have added knowledge to his passion.

John Bailey, a graduate of the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles, is assistant pastor at You Are
Forgiven Fellowship. He leads a discipleship group at the mission called “Servant Leaders.” After
John came to know Christ, he had a strong desire to understand the Bible. John, a diligent student,
has completed three courses.

God delivered Andy from sex, drugs and alcohol. He came to TUMI in Lincoln, Nebraska, operated by
MiddleCross Christian and Missionary Alliance Church to prepare to minister to the urban poor. Every
Sunday, Andy works with MiddleCross’ youth, and teaches God’s Word at their Saturday night services.

Henry Covington, a Detroit pastor, sponsors a substance-abuse program. Henry uses what he has learned
at TUMI in his sermons, giving him more confidence. The congregation is maturing in their faith walk
because of Henry’s commitment to study through TUMI.

TUMI has a satellite campus at Northern Baptist Seminary. Their Chicago-based Grow Center for
Biblical Leadership works with Koinonia House, a national prison ministry, to provide training to men
living in their residence program in Wheaton, Illinois.

                 Owen                          Grow Center                                      John

PRISON INMATES (Partnering with Prison Fellowship)
We partner with Prison Fellowship to provide TUMI classes to qualified inmates in Southern
California prisons. One student at the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) in Norco said, “This
means everything to me. It is something wonderful in a place that is not. It is the topic of most of my
conversations and the one thing training me for the ministry that awaits me.”
Owen Daniels, a former inmate at CRC in Norco, gave his heart to the Lord in 1991. When he was
released in 1999, he asked God for a way to help other inmates. He has been leading Bible studies with
Prison Fellowship for two years at CRC. Last year, he prayed that God would give him more to share with
the other prisoners. So Owen was delighted when Prison Fellowship asked him to be a TUMI mentor.

At the R J Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego, TUMI had to expand from 25 to 35 students.
One volunteer said, “I do not want to miss a single week of this amazing curriculum.” Even with its larger
size, the class has bonded. Gary, another facilitator, stated, “The prayer circle is the highlight. Students
share and are learning to love each other like Jesus. I see so much spiritual growth in these guys already.”

One student reflects, “We see an incredible need within the walls of prison for godly instruction.
While Bibles and church services are abundant within prison, very little biblical teaching goes on. I
thank God for TUMI and Prison Fellowship. May their union for Christ continue to transform lives
both inside and outside of prison.”

                                                        INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES
                                                        In Winnipeg, Canada, several students have
                                                        become active in community development as a
                                                        result of the TUMI course, “Doing Justice; Loving
                                                        Mercy.” One student investigated Winnipeg
                                                        “soup kitchens” as his class project, and contacted
                                                        his Canadian Member of Parliament to discuss
                                                        his concerns. He has been asked to join a
                                                        government committee addressing how faith-based
                                                        organizations and the issues of poverty can be
                                                        brought together.

                                                        Margaret Mensah is involved with Covenant
                                                        Family Community Church in a deprived area
                                                        in Accra, Ghana. TUMI courses have equipped
                                                        her to relate to Muslims and atheists who have
                                                        misconceptions about Christianity.

                                                       Gonzalo Gonzales, a Mexican immigrant, was
                                                       an outstanding student at TUMI Los Angeles.
                                                       He was mentored by Hector Cedillo, the pastor
                                                       of a church World Impact helped establish
                                                       in MacArthur Park. Hector commissioned
                                                       Gonzalo to return to his home town of San Juan
                                                       del Rio to plant a church and start a TUMI
                                                       satellite in Mexico.
Dear Christian Friend,

Not many Christian colleges or seminaries actively recruit students among America’s urban poor.
There are many legitimate reasons. But there is one gigantic misunderstanding: man’s ways are not
God’s ways. The Lord looks upon the heart!

  Historically God has called the most unexpected people to lead His causes:

    *   Moses – a murderer and a fugitive from justice.

    *   David – a shepherd, an adulterer, a murderer.

    *   Saul – persecutor of His Church, who was at least an accomplice to murder.

    *   Rahab – a prostitute.

    *   Peter – a fisherman, who denied His Master.

Who is to say that the Lord is not calling pastors out of the 50 million urban poor in America? Who
better to reach our inner cities?

We teach hundreds of students in scores of satellites. But we need your help to maintain our current
enrollment and to expand our outreach. Here is how you can get involved:

    * For $5000 youGod’shelp us establish a TUMI satellite, where we will equip pastors to sharpen
      their skills as
                           appointed representatives.

    * It costs $1,000can provide a full set oftotextbooks for a student who cannot afford them.
                      for one urban pastor complete their seminary-level education.

    * For $350you can sponsor one student to take a class at The Urban Ministry Institute.

    * For $65
Please give generously to this strategic investment in
those who prepare God’s people for works of service.
“He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He
will reward him for what he has done” (Proverbs 19:17).

Yours in Christ,


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