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					Circuit RAJ/01: Jodhpur(3)-Jaisalmer(3)- Bikaner(2) 8 Nights/ 9 days

Access Points for Jodhpur                       Udaipur - 260 kms, Jaipur - 317 kms
Jodhpur – Jaisalmer                             285 kms – 5 hours
Jaisalmer – Bikaner                             333 kms - 6 1/2 hours
Bikaner to Other Access Points                  Bikaner - Delhi 470 Km., Jaipur - 354

Nearest Station: Jodhpur

From Mumbai to Jodhpur

                                                                Arr.    Days Of Run
         Train Name     Origin    Dep.Time        Destination
                                                                Time M T W T F S S
       RANAKPUR         BANDRA
                                      15:00       JODHPUR JN 10:05   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
       EXPRES          TERMINUS
                                      12:50       JODHPUR JN 06:50   Y N Y N Y N Y
       EXP             TERMINUS
       JODHPUR           *VASAI
       EXPRESS            ROAD
                                      22:45       JODHPUR JN 18:10 N N      N N N N Y
       JODHPUR          *KALYAN
                                      21:45       JODHPUR JN 18:10 N Y      N N N N N
       EXPRESS             JN

  Bikaner to Mumbai

                                                                             Days Of Run
          Train Name         Origin      Dep.Time Destination Arr.Time
                                                                           M T W T F S S
      RANAKPUR EXPRES BIKANER JN              09:45   BORIVALI     10:41   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

  For Accommodation option visit:
Jodhpur: (3nights)
Jodhpur is a typical Rajasthan city with Havelis, Palaces and Cenotaphs all over which
stand testimony to the imperial grandeur.

Sightseeing within Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort          The beauty and the grandeur of numerous palaces in
                         the fort narrates a saga of hard sandstones yielding to
                         the chisels of skilled Jodhpuri sculptures.
Umaid Bhawan             Grandeur of this 20th Century palace, now a heritage
                         hotel is so imposing that its become a landmark in
   Jaswant Thada         The 19th century royal cenotaph is built in white marble,
                         in commemoration of Maharaja Jaswant Singh. Some
                         rare portraits of the rulers of Jodhpur are also displayed
 Mandore Gardens         Just at the outskirts of Jodhpur lies Mandore Gardens
                         which also has a ancient temple.
   Sardar Samand         This is the royal summerhouse, now a heritage hotel
       Palace            located on a man-made lake.

At the Sadar Market near the Clock Tower Look for the tie & dye textiles,
embroidered leather shoes, lacquerware, antiques, carpets and puppets, textiles,
clay figurines, miniature camels and elephants, marble inlay work and classic
silver jewellery.


Mewar festival:

Duration The festival is held in the month of Ashwin (September-October) in
Jodhpur, for two days during the full moon of Sharad Poornima.

Significance : Originally known as the Maand Festival, this festival features folk
music centred on the romantic lifestyle of Rajasthan's rulers. This festival is
devoted to the music and dance of the Marwar region.

Attractions: It offers a good opportunity to see the folk dancers and singers who
assemble here and provide hours of lively entertainment. These folk artists
provide a glimpse of the days of yore, of battles and valiant heroes who still live
on in their songs.

Other attractions : Camel tattoo show and Polo.
Excursions from Jodhpur :

1. Osiyan Jain Temples: These are a group of Jain Temples located at couple
of hours drive from Jadhpur enroute to Jaisalmer. Some of the temples are in
ruins and others restored. There is also an abandoned Sun Temple. There is
also a Devi temple at Osiyan which is very popular among locals.

2. Barmer:
Barmer is known for its rich crafts, dances and music. Once on the ancient camel trade
route, the town in now the centre for wood carving, pottery, carpets, intricate embroidery
work, block printed fabrics and multi- hued traditional costumes. Especially famous are the
geometric Ajrak prints in dark shades of red and blue, ideal for protection against the sun.

The most interesting part of a trip to Barmer is the journey through rural Rajasthan. The
small villages with mud-walled houses decorated with delicate folk motifs and colourfully
attired people on the way, offer a fascinating sight.


Every year in March, the desert town is at its colorful best during the exuberant Barmer
festival. The festival is the best time to plan a visit to Barmer

Other Attractions in Barmer

Situated on the foot of a hill near village Hathma in Barmer tehsil is Kiradu. The inscription
dating back to 1161 AD reveals that the place was called Kiratkoop and had once been the
capital of Punwars. The ruins of five ancient temples-one dedicated to Lord Vishnu and
other four dedicated to Lord Shiva are of interest to archaeologists and art lovers, alike.
The biggest of these temples is the Someshwar Temple.

3. Bishnoi Villages: Bishnois are tribes who believe in protecting the environment. Bishnoi
Villages are an hour drive from Jodhpur. A Bishnoi weavers are known for their colorful
rugs. There is also a deer sanctuary enroute where you may spot a bucks, reindeer,
Sambars etc.
Jaisalmer: (285-km From Jodhpur )(3 nights)
Jaisalmer is best known for its access to Thar Dessert sand dunes. Besides that there are
Jain Temples, Cenotaphs, Jaisalmer Fort and hordes or heritage monuments to savour.

Jaisalmer is also famous for mirror work, embroidered articles, woollen pattu and other
items made of good quality, locally produced wood, wooden boxes, trinklets, silver jewelry
and curios.

Sightseeing Options around Jaisalmer

             The 800 year fort stands almost 30 metres over the city and
Jaisalmer fort
             houses an entire living area within huge ramparts. Walking
             through the narrow lanes is an experience worth savouring
Jain temples This group of fine Jain temples were built in the 12th to 15th
             century within the Jaisalmer Fort. They are beautifully carved
             and dedicated to Rishabdevji and Sambhavnathji.
Havelis      The beautiful mansions built by Jaisalmer's wealthy merchants
             are known as 'havelis' and several of these fine sandstone
             buildings are still in beautiful condition. Patwon ki Haveli is the
             most elaborate and magnificent of all the Jaisalmer havelis.
Gadsisar     Gadsisar Lake in Jaisalmer, the rainwater fed reservoir, was
Lake         built in 1156 AD and rebuilt in 1367AD by Maharwal
             Garsisingh. Gadsisar Sagar is a scenic rain water lake with
             numerous beautiful shrines around. There is also a museum.
Govt Museum The large collection of wood and marine fossils in the museum
- Jaisalmer  gives an insight into the geological past of the area.
Kailana Lake Located 11 kms off the Jaisalmer Road, Kailana Lake is a
             picturesque lake. One can witness the spectacular sunsets and
             cherish the beauty of the place.

Held in the months of January-February, the Desert Festival exudes a delightful spirit. For
three days, the otherwise barren land of Jaisalmer comes to life and is clustered with
hordes of colourfully dressed people.

The famous Gair dancers and the traditional fire-dancers leave the crowds enchanted
whenever they perform. The grand finale is a trip to the sand dunes where one can enjoy
the pleasure of a camel ride and at times also view the musicians and dancers performing
on the dunes.

Sam Sand Dunes(42Km.)
Any trip to Jaisalmer is indeed, incomplete, without a trip to the most panoramic dunes of
Sam where the wind is unceasingly carving out scenic patterns. Situated 42 kms from
Jaisalmer, the sun-soaked Sam Sand Dunes bring to light a glided mirage. Truly the
essence of the desert, the ripples of the wind-caressed dunes create an enchanting mirage.

Khuri Village (45Km.)
Khuri Village unlike Sam Dunes is more laidback and offers dunes of larger size. This is a
popular spot for evening trip or overnight stay in one of the round traditional cottages.

Desert National Park(40Km.)
It preserves the Eco-system of the desert within its confines. The Monitor lizards, desert
foxes, porcupines, occasional wolves and black bucks, and the Great Indian Bustard (a
protected bird ) are found here, forming an ecological chain revolving around cacti and
other hardy desert plants.

Wood Fossil Park(17Km.)
Wood Fossil Park at Aakal, is 17-kms from the city of Jaisalmer. Lying on the Barmer Road,
this park transports you back to the Jurassic period, when the whole Thar region lay under
the sea. The park with 180 million-year-old fossils that are the geological landmarks for the
study of the Thar Desert is any geology enthusiast's delight.

It looks like a army frozen in its tracks, standing petrified in the forest of Aakal, in a bare
hillside of mica, and red and yellow stone. It is a fossil park where 180 millions years ago
stood a forest. The fossil trunks lie scattered in this part.

Bada Bagh(6Km.)
Only 3-km or so north of Jaisalmer, Bada Bagh is a fertile oasis, with a huge old dam on
the banks of an artificial lake. The enchantingly scenic backdrop of a dainty lake and the
dam in the middle of the plateau, add to the beauty of the place.

Off-the-beaten Track Options

Resort Rawla
Resort Rawla is situated at a distance of 32 kms from the city of Jaisalmer. It offers you 10
ethnic desert huts and 12 luxurious Swiss Tents for accommodation. The resort offers
Special Arabian Nights Theme Dinner in the vicinity of exotic Resort Rawla and sunset and
sunrise on the Sand dunes in freezing winters is an experience worth going there for.
Bikaner (2 Nights)
This Royal walled city is a part of the desert tourist triangle and lies on the northern tip of
the triangle. The city was founded in 1486 AD by the Rathore prince, Rao Bikaji, hence the
name Bikaner.

Bikaner is known for good breed of riding camels, which are among the best in the world.
The Camel Festival held every year is famous all over the globe. Bikaner has many
magnificent buildings made of Reddish Pink sandstone that transcends the surrounding
barren wilderness.

 Junagarh fort        One of the most imposing forts of Northern India-- Junagarh
                      Fort has remained unconquered till date.
 Lalgarh palace       Designed by a Britisher for Maharaja Ganga Singh, this
                      palace displays a magnificent blend of Oriental and
                      European style.
 Bhandeshwar &        Five kms from the city, these temples are the oldest
 Sandeshwar           surviving monuments of aesthetic heritage.The mirror work
 Temples              and the gold leaf paintings in the temple are noteworthy.
                      The temples are dedicated to 23rd Jain teerthankar,
 Camel Breeding       Take a ride on one or watch the calves gamboling, or
 Farms                submit to a Raika or a Rebarifrom traditional camel
                      breeder, over a cup of camel's milk at the camel breeding
                      farms just eight kms away from the city. This farm is the
                      only of its kind in Asia.
 Fort Museum –        Ganga Mahal, the imposing halls added by Maharaja
 Bikaner              Ganga Singh, now houses the Fort Museum. It contains a
                      fine collection of antique Rajput weaponry, jade handle
                      daggers, camel hide 'dhals' (shields) and inlaid handguns
                      and camel guns. Gold and silver 'howdahs', 'jhulas', 'palkis'
                      and a First World War biplane are on view.
 Ganga Golden         This small museum has a large collection of pre-Harappan,
 Jubilee Museum       Gupta and Kushan pottery. The Bikaneri miniatures, which
                      are displayed in a separate section for local arts, makes
                      visit to the museum a must.

The purses, slippers made from the camel hide are worth a bargain. The camel skin also
ends up as cushions and lacquered lampshades. The local carpets and the woodwork are
very popular among the tourists.

Camel festival:

The red sandstone backdrop of the Junagarh Fort, the festivity advances to the open sand-
spreads of the grounds, followed by the best breed competition, the tug-of- war contest,
camel dance and acrobatics, etc. The camels display amazing footwork, dancing gracefully
to the slightest direction of their trainers. Bridal bridles, bejeweled necks, jingling anklets
and long, lanky camel shadows on dusky sands cast a magical spell.
The evenings close with a different tenor and tempo altogether: a traditional rendezvous of
renowned artistes of Rajasthan and the local folk performers. The jubilant skirt-swirling
dancers, the awe-inspiring fire dance, and the dazzling fireworks light up the fortified desert
city of Bikaner.

Jambeshwar Fair:
The Jambheswar Fair is held in the village Mukam of Tehsil Nokha, Bikaner District, twice a
year on Phalgun Budi Amavasya and Ashvin Budi Amavasya, in memory of the founder of
the Bishnoi sect Jambheswar ji.

Kapil Muni Fair :
The Kapil Muni Fair is the largest fair of Bikaner district held on Kartik Purnima at Kolayat --
originally Kapilayatan -- named after the sage Kapil who is believed to have done 'tapasya'
(meditation) here for the redemption of mankind.

Karni Mata Fair :
Karni Mata Fair is held twice a year at Deshnok, a small town near Nokha in Bikaner
district. The first and larger fair is held in March-April during the Navratras from Chaitra
Shukla Ekam to Chaitra Shukla Dashmi. The second fair is held in September- October,
also during the Navratras, from Ashvin Shukla Ekam to Ashwin Shukla Dashmi.
Off-the-beaten Track Options

Khimsar : ;

1 1/2 hour drive from Jodhpur are the two WelcomHeritage hotels. Where
following activities are possible.

*Visit the inhouse, ancestral museum of miniature paintings and family
*Walk into the handicraft shop with articles personally handpicked by the
members of the royal family.
*Ride into the village or the countryside on horse or camel back. Or if you so
prefer, rent a bicycle.
*Witness the revival of Rajasthan's ancient handicrafts by visiting the local
cobbler, goldsmith, potter, weaver and stone mason.
*Use the inhouse telescope to stargaze in the clear starlit night.
*The piece de resistance at Khimsar is a candle lit dinner set in the ancient ruins
of Fateh Mahal
Apart from a camel/horse safari in the village or to the nearby sand dunes, a
personalised jeep safari to the Black Buck Reserve (15 km away) is something
not to be missed. Follow it up with picnic tea atop the famous Panchala sand
dunes and watch the sun dip into the marvelous desert countryside.
A day trip to Bikaner (150 km) enroute the Rat Temple at Deshnoke, Nagaur
Fort, the 8th century Jain temples at Osian can be made comfortably.
Rohet Garh :
Rohetgarh is located at Rohet, dist. Pali off Jodhpur (Rajasthan, India). It is now
a heritage hotel but has remained a family home, where the members of the
erstwhile ruling family welcome you personally as their honored guest.
Activiities :
   o   Village Safari
   o   Horse riding & An extensive one to five day horse safari programme.
   o   Picnics in the countryside.
   o   A one day camel safari through neighbouring villages with picnic lunch.
   o   A two day cooking workshop on traditional cuisines, including a visit to the
       spice market and cooking demonstrations by selected local chefs
Fort Chanwa Luni :
Fort Chanwa Luni is located at Luni at 35 kms from Jodhpur. It is now a heritage
hotel offering 23 rooms, swimming pool and other modern amenities.
Activiities :
   o   Village Safari
   o   A one day camel safari through neighbouring villages with picnic lunch.

Manvar Desert Resort and Camp –
Manvar Safaris offer great outdoor adventure and a taste of the Thar Desert.
Visitors can choose between camel and Jeep safaris.
Visitors can visit tribal (bishnoi) villages, see desert wild life, watch local
craftsmen at work and enjoy the beautiful sand dunes. The dunes around Manvar
are untouched & not at all commercialized like Jaisalmer
Jodhpur via Balesar :115 kms,2 hours ( on the main road midway between
Jodhpur & Jaisalmer)
Jaisalmer via Pokhran :170 kms,4 hours
Bikaner via Phalodi & Dechu : 225 kms,4 hours

Resort Rawla ( is situated at a distance of 32
kms from the city of Jaisalmer. It offers you 10 ethnic desert huts and 12
luxurious Swiss Tents for accommodation. The resort offers Special Arabian
Nights Theme Dinner in the vicinity of exotic Resort Rawla and Sunset/Sunrise
Camel rides to Sand dunes.