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Research Degree Studentship Application Form


									                                                                                               Ref: RDSA FORM (June 2008)

                                                                 FOR OFFICE USE ONLY               Student Number:

                                                                 Received by:
                                                                                                   Fee Category:

                                                                                                   Director of Studies:
Studentship Reference Number:

                                                                 Please return to:

                                                                 (ENTER RI ADDRESS HERE)

Research Degree Studentship Application Form
Please complete the form below and forward your application to the address above who will then contact you
directly. Submission of this form does not in any way obligate you or the University.

Please note also that you are not accepted onto a research degree programme at this University until a full Research Proposal
has been approved and signed by the Chair of the Student Management Board at which point you will be required to enrol and
will be liable for payment of fees.


Title (Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms etc)                                      Family Name on 16th Birthday

Family Name                                                           First / Given Name(s)

Main Contact Address                                                  Home Address (if different)

Postcode                                                              Postcode

Main Contact Telephone Number                                         Mobile Phone Number

Home Telephone Number (if different)                                  Fax Number

E-mail Address

SEX:                                                                      Date of Birth (e.g. 15/03/1972)

Male (M)
                                                                         Day         Month      Year
Female (F)


If you have a disability / special need and may require extra support in your study or accommodation, please
enter in the box the type of disability code (See Notes for Guidance)

Please give details of the disability(ies) and indicate clearly what help you may require:

Are you in receipt of Disabled Students’ Allowances? Yes/ No

If you have a relevant criminal conviction, enter X in the box
See Notes for Guidance for a definition of relevant convictions.


Nationality:                                                       Area of Permanent Residence:

Country of Birth:                                                  If country of birth is not UK, when did you first come
                                                                   to live in the UK?

Have you lived outside the UK during the past three                Residential Category (please see notes
years? (YES/NO)                                                    for guidance):

If YES Please                                                      Who will be paying your tuition fees? (please give
give details:                                                      full name and address) (If you are a member of staff at
                                                                   the University, a Pathways agreement must be attached)

3. PLANNING STATISTICS (For statistical purposes only)

Please choose from the ethnic origin terms printed in the Notes for Guidance which you feel most clearly
describes your ethnic origin and write its code in the boxes.             National Identity Code

4. QUALIFICATIONS GAINED: (Degree level and above only)

Name of Qualification          Duration/     Subject(s)              Result     Level/     Mode of         Place of Study
(including Awarding Body)      Date                                             Credit     Study           (College/University)
                               (mm/yy –                                         Rating     (Full or
                               mm/yy)                                                      part


Please complete if you are an international student and/or your native language is not English and append evidence of score
(minimum required – IELTS score of 6.5, TEOFL score of 627 (or 263 for computerised version)
Other Score (Please specify)

Please give the names, qualifications, positions and addresses of two academic references to whom an approach may be made
by the appropriate Research Institute or Approved Unit

Name of Referee 1                                                  Name of Referee 2

Position                                                           Position

Address                                                            Address

Telephone Number                                                   Telephone Number

Fax Number                                                         Fax Number
E-mail Address                                                             E-mail Address

Please give details of previous research experience (if any); including any project undertaken as part of a first degree course
and/or other relevant work experience.


I confirm that the information given on this form is true, complete and accurate and no information requested or other material information
has been omitted. I understand that the information provided will be held and processed by the University in accordance with the Data
Protection Act (the Act) and I give my express consent to the processing of my personal sensitive data as defined by the Act by the University.
I have read the Notes for Guidance and I undertake to be bound by them. I undertake to pay or cause to be paid to the University of
Wolverhampton by the due date, all fees and charges for tuition, accommodation and other services and goods supplied to me by the
University, should my application be successful.

Insert name to show acceptance of Declaration                                                              Date
Guidelines for the Completion of the Studentship Application Form


This section asks for details about your self and your qualification. Please note that all subsequent changes to your
name and / or address MUST be communicated without delay both to the School / Unit / Institute Research
Secretary and to the Graduate School. Full personal details and details of your higher education qualifications (and,
in the case of International Students, your English Language qualifications) should be given in the appropriate
sections on the forms, including the main subjects studied hitherto, so that a reasonable assessment of your
academic suitability can be made. Equivalent qualifications gained from overseas institutions can be checked by
contacting the Higher Education Shop - Telephone. (+00 44) (0) 1902 321197; email: Your
proposed DoS is required to sign that s/he has verified your qualifications and that these qualifications are
appropriate for the level of study indicated

We should also like to know whether you have previously studied at the University of Wolverhampton and, if not,
how you heard of our Postgraduate Research Programmes.


The University asks you to say on your application whether you have any criminal convictions. This is to help us
ensure a safe environment for all our students.

If you have been convicted of a criminal offence you are required to tick the Yes box in section A1 of your form.
‘Criminal offences’ here exclude (a) a motoring offence for which a fine and/or maximum of three penalty points
were imposed or (b) a spent sentence (as defined by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974), except for certain
courses – see below. If you have not been convicted of a criminal offence you must complete the No box. If you
do not tick either box, we will need to contact you to obtain this information and this will delay your application.

You should be aware that for certain courses particularly related to Teaching, Health and Social Work programmes
or courses involving work with children, any criminal conviction, including spent sentences and cautions, must be
declared. If you are in any doubt, you should contact the University and seek advice.

If you are not sure whether to tell us about a previous conviction, you should get more advice from a UK Citizens
Advice Bureau or probation service, or from NACRO (the National Association for the Care and Resettlement of
Offenders). You can also contact a solicitor, but you may have to pay for legal advice.

If your circumstances change after you have applied (for example you are then convicted of a criminal offence)
you must declare this information to the University.

Serving Prisoners

If you are currently serving a prison sentence you must show the prison address for correspondence in section 1 of
your application form, and in addition you must complete the Yes box in this section.

The University is very willing to help students with disabilities. In order to allow us to provide the best available
support for you, we need to know about the nature of your disability and how it might affect your studies. The
information you provide will not affect judgements concerning your academic suitability, and will be treated
confidentially by the University.

If you have a disability and may require extra support in your study or accommodation, please enter on the form
the code that is most appropriate to you from the list below. If more than one disability applies to you, please use
code 8.

1.      You have dyslexia
2.      You are blind/partially sighted
3.      You are deaf/hard of hearing
4.      You are a wheelchair user/have mobility difficulties
5.      You need personal care support
6.      You have mental health difficulties
7.      You have an unseen disability, e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, heart condition
8.      You have two or more of the above disabilities/special needs
9.      You have a disability not listed above
0.      You do not have a disability or are not aware of any additional support requirements in study or


You are required to identify your residential category for statistical purposes and to determine funding implications.
Enter on the form one code from the table below which best describes your residential category:

A       You or your parents are British citizens or nationals of another European Union country and
           a) you have lived in the European Economic Area for the past three years, apart from
                temporary absences, and will continue to do so; and
           b) your residence has always been for a purpose other than full-time education.

B       You do not fulfil the conditions of category A above, but
           i) you have lived in the UK for the past three years, apart from temporary absences, and will
                continue to do so; and
           ii) your residence has always been for a purpose other than full-time education; and
           iii) the length of your stay in the UK will not be limited by UK immigration control on 1st
                September of the year of commencement of your programme of studies.

C       You, one of your parents or your spouse are recognised by the UK Government as a refugee or have
        been granted Exceptional Leave to Enter or Remain as a result of an asylum application and have
        lived in the UK since that status was granted and will continue to do so until 1st September of the
        year of commencement of your programme of studies, apart from temporary absences.

D       You are a national of Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway, resident and employed in the UK as a
        migrant worker, or child or spouse thereof, ordinarily resident in the EEA and not for purpose of full-
        time education.

G       You are a UK/EU national, or child of, temporarily employed outside the EEA, otherwise ordinarily
        resident in the EEA.

O       Other

Please note this self-coding is provisional. The University may require additional information.


This information is used purely for statistical purposes. State on the form the code from the following table which
best describes your ethnic origin.

Ethnic Origin Codes
White                                                    Asian or Asian British
British                                           11     Indian                                            31
Irish                                             12     Pakistani                                         32
Other white background                            19     Bangladeshi                                       33
                                                         Chinese                                   34
                                                         Other Asian background                             39
Black or Black British
Caribbean                                         21     Mixed
African                                           22     White and Black Caribbean                          41
Other black background                            29     White and Black African                            42
                                                         White and Asian                           43
                                                         Other mixed background                             49
Other ethnic background                           80



You need only enter here the highest level qualification gained, including details of the award, subject, date and
awarding body The minimum entry requirement for registration for the degree of MPhil is normally a first or upper
second class honours degree from a UK University, or a qualification which is officially regarded as equivalent to
such an honours degree; any exception to this rule must be formally justified. For exceptional entry to PhD direct,
evidence of advanced standing will need to submitted to, and approved by, the Student Management Board.

Should you require an English Language qualification, please note that the minimum requirement for entry onto
the MPhil is normally an IELTS score of 6.5, or a TEOFL score of 627 (or 263 for the computerised version), or a
pass in the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) examination; any exception to this rule must be
formally justified. If you have obtained a Masters level qualification from a UK University, this is usually considered
to be acceptable; however, each case is considered on its merits.



The Research Institute or Unit to which you will be attached may well wish to take up academic references. The
persons named should be different from those proposed in the supervision team; at least one referee should be
independent of both the University and of any collaborating establishment.

Research Students: Conditions of Appointment

1.     Research students are postgraduate students of the University and a normal
       prerequisite for appointment to a Research Studentship is an appropriate first or
       upper second class honours degree;

2.     They have a full-time commitment to investigations associated with an approved
       research project, to reading, to assessed work (where appropriate), to tuition via a
       programme of related studies and to general research training;

3.     They are expected to register for a higher degree. In the first instance this is normally
       for MPhil with the possibility of transfer to PhD (MPhil/PhD);

4.     Research Studentship contracts run for a maximum of three years. Students who
       remain at MPhil or register for PhD direct will be limited to two years’ funding.
       Students who receive their awards significantly before the end of their contract, ie,
       one quarter or more in advance, will normally have their Studentship contract
       terminated from the date of conferment;

5.     The project supervision team and general arrangements for the research to be
       undertaken are approved by the University Research Committee, who effects a
       research student’s registration for a higher degree of the University following
       recommendation by the School Research Committee. Application for such
       registration is required to be submitted to the Secretary of the School Research
       Committee within six months of appointment;

6.     Research Students are expected to familiarise themselves with the Regulations for
       the Award of the University’s Degrees of Master of Philosophy and Doctor of
       Philosophy. These are issued to students upon initial enrolment;

7.     They are permitted to undertake an appropriate amount of teaching as considered
       suitable by the Dean of School within which they work, and by their supervisors.
       Such activities should not normally occupy more than six hours per week. For such
       work they are paid as part-time lecturers;

8.     Research Students receive an annual tax-free bursary, to the value specified in the
       appointment letter, paid quarterly in advance. Additional (taxable) income such as
       that deriving from teaching commitments does not normally prejudice the tax-free
       status of the bursary;

9.     Research studentships carry the same status and benefits regardless of the source of
       funding (University, Funding Body, Charity, Company, etc);

10.    Payment of tuition fees by the student is normally waived. Such fees are normally
       paid by the funding source. However, should a student’s registration extend beyond
       the bursary contract, they will be liable to pay fees (normally part-time);

11.    Research students are eligible for membership of the Student’s Union of the

12.    Research students are expected to maintain regular and frequent contact with their
       Director of Studies and other supervisors. In particular, it is important that annual
       monitoring reports are submitted promptly, no later than given deadlines, as the
       funding and facilities associated with studentships are made available on the firm
       understanding that such requirements are fulfilled;
14.    Research students must enrol at the commencement of their contract. Subsequent
       enrolment will take place each year via the annual monitoring process. They will
        receive an enrolment receipt that will allow them to obtain a student ID card which is
        issued by the Learning Centre and which acts as a library card and to obtain a
        Student Union card. Any research student who undertakes teaching at the University
        is eligible for a staff ID card. The School gives authorisation of this status and
        Personnel issue ID cards;

Any queries relating to the Regulations or to the conditions attaching to bursaries or their
payment should be made to the appropriate Research Institute Administrator

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