6th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic by sdfgsg234


									6th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic
        Monday, May 11, 2009
          El Caballero Country Club


  “The cancer we can see, but no one talks about.”

                   Presented by
          The Actors’ Network
     Aaron, Darla
      & Mike...
You simply have made the
event possible since its inception!
Thank you.
                      Kerry Scot Daveline
                     March 4, 1961              South Bend, ID
                     January 4, 2003        Sherman Oaks, CA

          Kerry Daveline (far left), at his final USC / Notre Dame game with
           tournament Co-Hosts Kevin E. West and Michael Moynahan.

          “Every man dies. Not every man truly lives.”
                                   — Braveheart
The Hack n’ Smack event is the fulfillment of a promise made to
Kerry Daveline by his friend, Kevin E. West, just prior to Kerry’s
death on January 4th, 2003. Kevin and Kerry wanted to combine
their passion for golf to raise money and awareness in the fight
against melanoma. Kerry fought like a champ for nearly five years,
still singing, doing voice over work and traveling.

While Kerry was not able to share in the joy of their birth, his widow,
Mia Daveline gave birth to their miracle post-mortem twin daughters
on January 3rd, 2005. They all attend the event annually.
                      Dr. Francesco Federico!
 We are proud to     We are deeply indebted to
    support            you for your support!

    in memory
   of our friend
                                    Silver Lake’s
                                    “Walking Man” is
     Kerry                          far more than that!
    Daveline                        Thanks so much for
                                    caring about Kerry
                                    and being the man
Hansen, Jacobson,                   you are...
 Teller, Hoberman,                  shirt or no shirt.
Newman, Warren &     Dr. Marc Abrams is a giant amongst
   Richman, LLP          giants. Generous and sincere.
                          We are forever in your debt.
Why we are here!

Every hour of every day, someone dies of melanoma in the US. Melanoma strikes people
of all ages, race, and economic level.

One in 75 Americans will develop melanoma during their lifetime. Melanoma is the most
highly preventable, and treatable if caught early. Please help start the awareness this
particular cancer needs now more than ever.

Of all of the various skin cancers, melanoma is known to be the most deadly if not caught
in its earliest phases. Approximately 60,000 will be diagnosed with melanoma and 8,00
will die this year from melanoma. Melanoma is the fastest rising cancer it continues to
receive less than 10% of the funding given to basic research of other cancers. In fact,
funding for melanoma research is typically distributed to studies focused on treatments
for other cancers in the hope that there might be benefit for the melanoma patient.

This has been happening since the late 70’s and 80’s. We know that therapies effective
for other cancers typically are not effective for the
melanoma patient. Yet critical funds are expended in basic research that is over 20 years
old and known to have little benefit to the
melanoma community. To find new and more effective treatments, funding MUST be
increased now.

On behalf of the staff and Board of Directors, thank you for being a part of this event
to benefit the Melanoma Research Foundation.

Randy Lomax, Chair
Linda Pilkington, Executive Director
       Tournament Co-Host                      Tournament Co-Host
         Kevin E. West                        Michael Moynahan

“On January 4, 2003 I lost a 17-         “I feel so honored to have been
year friend and became glaringly         a part of Kerry’s life. I met him
aware of how precious life is.“ You      in 1987 and shared many of my
don’t have to have a spouse, kids        most memorable life experiences
or be old to realize...time is short.    with him and his family. I think
We hurry, we rush, and push to           about him everyday. I wish he
succeed...guilty as charged. But         could be here playing with us
since the death of my friend...I’ve      today (preferably in someone else’s
slowed just a hair, so that I won’t      foursome).’ He taught me so much
miss much from here on out.              in his living and in his dying. The
                                         love he shared with Mia, is but one
 I hope you enjoyed the sky, the         shining example. Let’s play hard
golf, the grass, and the laughs.         and enjoy every minute of it. Kerry
Kerry would have liked that. I           would have wanted it that way.
hope it brings you good cheer and
back here...next year! Irish eyes are    “Oh, and Mia...he still owes me 20
smiling on you.”                         bucks.”

                             Event Coordinator
                               Jenn Wilson

                            Event Director
                           Ron Ransen
 Major Tee Gift Sponsors       Photography Sponsor
         Nektar                    Steiner Bros.
      Metaphor, Inc.
                                Executive Sponsors
    Volunteer Sponsor                ING Funds
       Mixen Vixens                RSS Marketing
 Awards Dinner Sponsor
   End It Entertainment
                                Beverage Sponsors
 Awards n’ Wine Sponsor         Smart/Glaceau Water
 Hansen, Jacobson, Teller,              Steaz
Hoberman, Newman, Warren         Dr. Frank Federcio
     & Richman L.L.P.                Big Sunday
    Cocktail Sponsor            Brian Gold - Sultana
                                      Tee Bags
     Water Sponsor
      Big Sunday
                                 Sleepers Magic Rub
     Peter Heilbron
    Breakfast Sponsor           Svetlana International
       Nate ‘n Al’s          Avesha Michael Photography
                                     Big Sunday
    Contest Sponsors          Mark Robert Halper Photo
        ING Funds                   Dr. Ilya Reyter
      RSS Marketing                   Pomodoro
  Mercedes-Benz Encino       Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery
 Cycle Dragon Motorsports             Golfsmith
                                                                                      ONLY $100 WILL
OPPORTUNITY BOARD MANIA!                                                               GIVE YOU THE
        Post golf, enjoy our hosted promo bar, dinner,                               CHANCE TO WALK
       live entertainment and the live auction. For only
           $100 you can win one of these great items.                               AWAY WITH ANY ONE
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                Celebrity Players
Anthony Anderson            Richard Karn                            Joe Pesci
Adam Baldwin                James Kaufman                           Geoff Pierson
Matthew Borlenghi           Brian Krause                            Max Ryan
Regan Burns                 Drew Lachey                             Shawn Ryan
Shawn Christian             Kenny Lofton                            Grant Show
Kevin Dobson                Joe Mantegna                            J.K. Simmons
Mark Doerr                  Eric Martsolf                           David Rees Snell
Scott Elrod                 Jack McGee                              Kevin Sorbo
Daniel Fathers              Heather S. Michaels                     Gordon “Luggnutz” Stewart
Jaime Gomez                 Dan Moriarty                            Jeremy Sumpter
Christopher Gorham          Chuck Muncie                            Paula Trickey
Harold Greene               Joel Murray                             Travis Aaron Wade
Robert Hays                 David Naughton                          Matthew Willig
Dennis Haysbert             Lorenzo Neal
Alex Hyde-White             Don Michael Paul
Gregory Itzin               Ron Perlman

   Our sincerest thanks to all our celebrities, for their time!
                        And apologies for any late addition omissions.

            Tournament Committee
          Aaron Postil                                             Mia Daveline
        End It Entertainment                          Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman,
                                                         Newman, Warren & Richman

         Dana Saraceno                                           Peter Heilbron
            ING Funds                                            Smith-Barney/RBC

          Darby Doran                                               T. Pat Long
        Rant n’ Rave Prods.                                  Long, Williamson & Delis

          Kevin E. West                                         Mike Moynahan
        The Actors’ Network                                        The Beach Toys
 Christopher                                                  Hack n’
   Gorham                                                     Smack

      2009                                                   Warrior
     Honoree                                                  of the

  You’ll likely know Chris from his two years on           Our Warrior of the Year is award-winning journalist
ABC’s Ugly Betty, as America Ferrera’s love interest      Harold Greene, well known for his long, distinguished
Henry Grubstick. Gorham, who now stars on CBS’s           television news career in Southern California.
Harper’s Island, isn’t your regular Hollywood guy.
He is probably one of the most gentle, genuine and         Harold’s honors include 10 Golden Mike awards,
giving people you’ll ever encounter in entertain-         seven Emmy awards; the Columbia Graduate School of
ment. He is a UCLA graduate, a husband and dedicated      Journalism Award, three Edward R. Murrow Awards,
                                                          12 L.A. Press Club Awards, and a Star on the Holly-
                                                          wood Walk of Fame. Harold is also a melanoma survi-
  Chris has also been an important friend and sup-
porter of the Hack n’ Smack and the Melanoma Re-
search Foundation. In 2004, when the Hack n’ Smack        Harold’s story:
commenced, we did not have any foundation or major
people associated with the event and fundraising is         “I’ve been an outdoors person my whole life;
quite difficult in such a competitive market. What we     training for and running marathons, surfing,
had, going all the way back to that time, was Chris-        golfing and all the other great things we can do
topher Gorham. At the time Chris was starring on          under the sun just about all year long. As a TV
Medical Investigation, then later on Out of Practice      News Anchor I covered plenty of stories about
as well and he was our lone active Series Regular         skin cancer and showed my viewers plenty of
playing.                                                    pictures of what to look for. As a red head I
                                                          knew I was at risk but for the most part didn’t pay
   When Chris arrived at the 3rd Annual Hack n’ Smack     too much attention to the little moles that would
(2006) he had just begun his stint on Ugly Betty and      pop up and in most cases go away. But about five
it proved to be a banner year when he made a Hole-        years ago sitting on my long board in Del Mar
in-One on #16 in that year’s tournament. Chris has        I saw a nasty looking mole on my right thigh. It
been willing to take interviews, reach out to fellow      looked just like the bad ones in the pictures I had
Celebs, and make sure that our event is in ink every      shown on the news. The next day I went to my der-
year. Certainly it is commendable with any disease hits
                                                          matologist. He took a biopsy and a few days later
one’s family or dear friends and you carry a torch
                                                          the shocking news was relayed to me that it was
on their behalf. But in some ways, it is even more
                                                            Melanoma. Man, I freaked. But because I caught it
amazing when you choose to carry a torch without a
direct association. We certainly hope that Melanoma       early the cancer didn’t get into my blood stream
never finds Chris, his family, or yours but if it ever    and I didn’t need Chemo or radiation. If I hadn’t
does Christopher Gorham has unconditionally put in a      been monitoring myself on a more regular basis
great amount of love and time...to see that the Mela-     as I grew older the outcome would have been
noma Research Foundation has funding for its future.      much different. Please, check yourself and your
                                                          loved ones, because early detection will save
                                                          your life.”
A SPECIAl THANK YOu to the following individuals and corporations who
have donated goods and services helping make our tournament a success.
Aaron Postil                                Lorenzo Neal                      Amy Lynn Grover
Anheuser-Busch, Sylmar                      Fleur Henry                       CC Fontana
Stacey Annette                              Bruce Deziel                      Andrew Lear
Robert Bloom, Hawaii                        Allie MacKay                      Catherin Campion
Brian Gold – Sultana Distribution           David Mendelson                   Sommer Saqr
Race Owen - Roush Racing                    Gridley Family Cellars            Wendy Allyn
Sherri Chalmers                             Omni Hotel                        Gwen Roos
Kenny Chapman                               Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle         Nick Spampanato
Charlie Wilke                               Palms Casino Resort               Dana Saraceno
Dana Saraceno                               Robert Bloom                      Larry Guli
Dr. Marc Abrams                             Dr. Marc Abrams                   Ron Neef - Big Sunday
Gwen Stefani                                Dr. Gabriel Chiu                  Pat Battistini
KTLA - Allie MacKay                         Dr. Ilya Reyter                   Paul Mize
Marisa LeBlanc                              Southwest Airlines                Matt Halverson
Tom West - Pink’s Famous Hot Dogs           Mike Quattro                      Kevin Wakefield & Paul English - Callaway
Randy Lomax                                 Bill Bock                         Janella
Rant n’ Rave                                Michael Chao                      Pamela Miller - Starbucks
Rena LeBlanc                                Dr. Janellen Smith                Rosemary Devlin
Susan Finn                                  Maria Martirosyan - UPP           Rosana Cavoto
Tara Radcliffe                              Mike Saiz - Kinkos                Christina Holder - Sleepers
Tim Allen                                   Paul Tanner, Flavio and Shayla    Greg Darling - Cycle Dragon Motorsports
Rachel Madison Hill                         Drew Belzer - ESPN 710            Bill Raymond
Andie Brokaw & Carolyn Bolin - PAMA         Dave Denholm & Brian Long         Dan Ramm
Dave Abeles & Linda Millen - Taylor Made    Naomi Sekiguchi                   David B. Robinson
Aries Sanders                               Aaron Bronstetter                 Stephanie Dolch
Linda Pilkington                            Zeghai Tekeste                    Michelle Czernin von Chudenitz
Rob Harriell - Crunch Fitness               Jeridan Frye
Mia Daveline                                Rahul Gupta                       Special Thanks to…
Brien Patermo & Robyn Hazard - GSW          The Beach Toys                    El Caballero Country Club
Stephanie LeBlanc - MRF                     Pat Hook                          GM - Thomas Bernsen
Michael Ross - Cleveland Golf               Chet Nelson                       Events Manager. - Joseph Zarillo
Ayala’s Embroidery, Raul                    Durell Stouse                     Food/Beverage
Smoke Zone                                  David Cooper                              Sal (Deliveries - Nacho)
Lincoln Kennedy                             Aaron Bronsteter                  Pro Shop - Mark Taylor & Pro Shop - Brent
Dan Moriarty                                Amanda Putman

                               OuR fAbulOuS vOluNTEERS
 Sherae Adams                              John Keating                      Ayn Vaughan
 Jodi Adler                                Kristoffer Kelly                  Allison Volk
 Nathan Patrick Agin                       Richard Clarke Larsen             Mandy Wilson
 Wendy Allyn                               Lisa Lawley
 Paulo Andres
 Pat Battisitini
                                           Nicole Marcluk
                                           Stephen Moffat
 Claire Bocking                            Todd Nonenberg                    Stacey Annette
 Denise Carole                             Rob Norton                        Dan Murphy
 Lydia Castro                              Kristen Olson                     Kenneth Hollis
 Scott Christopher                         Joe Orlando
                                                                             Cathryn Farnsworth
 Emily Churchill                           Deron Paul
 Cerina da Graca                           Tara Radcliffe
 Courtney Day                              Kito Buni Robinson                Massage
 Judy Dinella                              Veronika Rybalov                  Susan Lynn Bragg
 Elliot Ehlers                             Andres Salazar
                                                                             Michael Whitfield
 Nicole Flannigan                          Sommer Saqr
 Judy Fleming                              Ed Schoen                         Cristina Villacres
 Irene Georgerian                          Cindy Shope                       Christopher Wilson
 Benjamin Hisoler                          Katie Taub
 Shirley Hughes                            Bunita Tilley

                                             A Survivor’s Story
Wayne Benson and Kevin E. West have been friends since 1992. Wayne was one of the first
20 members of The Actors’ Network way back inits infancy. They both shared a passion for
golf (Wayne is better), snow skiing (Wayne is better), and acting. When Kerry was diagnosed
in 1998 they found one more thing in Common…Melanoma. Wayne’s hits about as close to
home as one can. Here’s his story. We are blessed to still have him with us.
I am a two-time cancer survivor. My latest bout was with malignant melanoma. I found out about
my first cancer diagnosis on my birthday in 1984—it was cancer of the muscle, Desmoid Sarcoma,
and it was also malignant. They removed my right-top quadriceps and I had radiation treatments
twice a day for three months. After a lot of pain, and rehab (and being told by doctors that I would
never play sports again, which, by the way, I still do!) I’m fine, and VERY lucky.
                                                                                                       Wayne Benson
I went to see the doctor told him my story. He showed me some pictures of what melanoma looks like, looked at my
face and said it was nothing. I told him that I had cancer before in LA and was concerned. He asked me what I did
in LA, and when I told him I was an actor he said, and I quote, “oh, so it’s a vanity thing.” I said no, it was because
a friend new someone who had a similar looking mark on her face and she had died. “I’m a doctor and your friend
is not, you believe whomever you want—your friend is wrong, that is not melanoma.” 5 days later, another call: still
didn’t clear the margins. Dr. Altman told me if we didn’t clear the margins this time we would need to go to Mayo
clinic for mosh surgery. We called Mayo just in case but hoped for the best with the third surgery. The third biopsy
came back, we had cleared the margins(!) and once again I had (knock on wood) been extremely lucky and survived
something that many people had not. Remember, the one thing I found to be true is that if a doctor tells you 30%
of the people die, that means 70% live. The mind and body are powerful things and can go a long way to healing
one’s self if you maintain a positive attitude. Yes, I am a 2-time cancer survivor and, depending on how you look at
it, either very unlucky or lucky. I choose to believe the latter. Wayne Benson

                           6th Annual Hack n’ Smack
                                            is presented by...

                           “Help us, help you...help all of us.”
                    “Learn from the mistakes of others,
              you don’t have time to make them all yourself.”

   Alums include: Christopher Gorham (Harper’s Island/Ugly Betty), Maggie
  Grace (Taken/Lost), Masi Oka (Heroes), and Merrin Dungey (King of Queens)!

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