NathanImogen by pengxiuhui


									WALT: Understand the key
   features of Myths
 By Nathan Barbato and Imogen
        Pandora's box
  Who are the main charictors
The main characters are:
 Bad spirits
               What happened?
The Gods had sent a girl called Pandora to help a man called
  Epimetheus. She knocked on the door. He answered it. She said I
  am here to look after you. One night voices were coming from the
  box saying Pandora come let us out. The voices were coming from
  the box that Epimetheus said not to open. The black, bad spirits
  wanted to get out. Pandora was tempted to open the box. Pandora
  had to take one peek. She opened the box and loads of bad spirits
  came out. Just at the bottom corner she found a small fairy. Pandora
  asked what her name was. She was called Hope. She had sneaked
  in the box when the Gods where not looking.
What problems does the hero have
           to solve?
The hero is Hope because she sends all the
 bad spirits away. Hope is a kind fairy who
 gives everyone hope.
 What is magical about the myth?
The thing that is magical about the story is
 Hope because she flies around the world
 giving everyone hope.
 What is the moral of the story?
The moral of the story is if you get told not to
 do something then don’t do it otherwise
 there will be consequences.

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