5th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic by sdfgsg234


									5th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic
        Monday, April 21, 2008
          El Caballero Country Club


  “The cancer we can see, but no one talks about.”

                   Presented by
          The Actors’ Network
  Many thanks to
Dr. Keith S. Richman
   and all of the
    supporters at
      honor of
   Dr. Francesco
                      Kerry Scot Daveline
                     March 4, 1961             South Bend, ID
                     January 4, 2003       Sherman Oaks, CA

          Kerry Daveline (far left), at his final USC / Notre Dame game with
           tournament Co-Hosts Kevin E. West and Michael Moynahan.

        “Every man dies. Not every man truly lives.”
                                 — Braveheart

The Hack n’ Smack event is the fulfillment of a promise made to
Kerry Daveline by his friend, Kevin E. West, just prior to Kerry’s
death on January 4th, 2003. Kevin and Kerry wanted to combine
their passion for golf to raise money and awareness in the fight
against melanoma. Kerry fought like a champ for nearly five years,
still singing, doing voice over work and traveling.

While Kerry was not able to share in the joy of their birth, his widow,
Mia Daveline gave birth to their miracle post-mortem twin daughters
on January 3rd, 2004. They all attend the event annually.
Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
 is a proud Sponsor of the
      5th Annual 2008
       Hack N’ Smack
  Kerry Daveline Memorial
   Celebrity Golf Classic
Why we are really here!

Every hour of every day, someone dies of melanoma in the US. Melanoma strikes people
of all ages, race, and economic level.

One in 75 Americans will develop melanoma during their lifetime. Melanoma is the most
highly preventable, and treatable if caught early. Please help start the awareness this
particular cancer needs now more than ever.

Of all of the various skin cancers, melanoma is known to be the most deadly if not caught
in its earliest phases. Approximately 60,000 will be diagnosed with melanoma and 8,00
will die this year from melanoma. Melanoma is the fastest rising cancer it continues to
receive less than 10% of the funding given to basic research of other cancers. In fact,
funding for melanoma research is typically distributed to studies focused on treatments
for other cancers in the hope that there might be benefit for the melanoma patient.

This has been happening since the late 70’s and 80’s. We know that therapies effective
for other cancers typically are not effective for the
melanoma patient. Yet critical funds are expended in basic research that is over 20 years
old and known to have little benefit to the
melanoma community. To find new and more effective treatments, funding MUST be
increased now.

On behalf of the staff and Board of Directors, thank you for being a part of this event
to benefit the Melanoma Research Foundation.

Randy Lomax, Chair
Linda Pilkington, Executive Director
       Tournament Co-Host                      Tournament Co-Host
         Kevin E. West                        Michael Moynahan

“On January 4, 2003 I lost a 17-         “I feel so honored to have been
year friend and became glaringly         a part of Kerry’s life. I met him
aware of how precious life is.“ You      in 1987 and shared many of my
don’t have to have a spouse, kids        most memorable life experiences
or be old to realize...time is short.    with him and his family. I think
We hurry, we rush, and push to           about him everyday. I wish he
succeed...guilty as charged. But         could be here playing with us
since the death of my friend...I’ve      today (preferably in someone else’s
slowed just a hair, so that I won’t      foursome).’ He taught me so much
miss much from here on out.              in his living and in his dying. The
                                         love he shared with Mia, is but one
 I hope you enjoyed the sky, the         shining example. Let’s play hard
golf, the grass, and the laughs.         and enjoy every minute of it. Kerry
Kerry would have liked that. I           would have wanted it that way.
hope it brings you good cheer and
back here...next year! Irish eyes are    “Oh, and Mia...he still owes me 20
smiling on you.”                         bucks.”

                 Tournament Administrator - Jenn Wilson

                Tournament Coordinator
                           Ron Ransen
                     Stone cold -- SOLID GOLD!
 Major Tee Gift Sponsors         Photography Sponsor
Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.      End It Entertainment
  Lakeside HealthCare
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Hoberman, Newman, Warren             Kevin Sullivan
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  you guys are...
                Celebrity Players
Anthony Anderson          Dennis Haysbert                        Jeffrey Nordling
Tammy Allen Brown         Denny Hocking                          Joe Pesci
Regan Burns               James Hyde                             Jeremy Ratchford
Michael Chiklis           Alex Hyde-White                        Shawn Ryan
William Stanford Davis    Gregory Itzin                          Richard Schiff
Brian Dunkleman           Kenny Johnson                          Bill Smitrovich
Jaime Gomez               Brian Krause                           Pam Teeguarden
Christopher Gorham        Paulo Logan                            Robert Torti
Harold Greene             Dan Moriarty                           Glynn Turman
Robert Hays               Lorenzo Neal                           Kevin Weisman

    Our sincerest thanks to all our celebrities, for their time!
                      And apologies for any late addition omissions.

            Tournament Committee
                                   Aaron Postil
                                End It Entertainment

                                 Dana Saraceno
                                      ING Funds

                                   Darby Doran
                                Rant n’ Rave Prods.

                                   Mia Daveline
          Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman, Newman, Warren & Richman

                                 Mike Moynahan
                                   The Beach Toys

                                  Kevin E. West
                                The Actors’ Network
      Paul English, Nate Randall
        & Kevin Wakefield...
The true Freak, Gamer and Go For it boys!!
Dr. Francesco                                   Hack n’
  Federico                                      Smack

     2008                                      Warrior
    Honoree                                     of the

 Dr. Francesco Federico was Kerry           Hack n’Smack golfers and organizers...
                                                    Rewind the clock 2 years, and I was on top
Daveline’s oncologist, and is attributed    of the world. I really could not ask for more.
by Kerry’s family to helping Kerry live     I had a job I loved, I was living in Maui, about to
years beyond his initial prognosis.         build my own home, and thinking seriously obout
                                            getting engaged to my girlfriend of 6 years on an
  Dr. Federico founded Lakeside Medical     upcoming trip to Italy. Then, in an instant, it was all
Group (The IPA) in 1986 and                 gone. A diagnosis of Stage IV melanoma.
  continues to serve as its President and
                                             Before, cancer was the farthest thing from my
Medical Director: He is also                mind. Now, there is cancer physically in my brain,
  co-founder of Lakeside Medical            among many other places. I’ve had bio-chemother-
  Associates (The fully integrated group)   apy, high dose immunotherapy, many surgeries,
                                            experimental drugs and treatments, and enough
in 1993 and serves as its Vice Presi-       radiation to microwave a burrito by putting it in my
dent. In 1991 he co-founded the             pocket . Each day I reflect on the words of
  predecessor of Lakeside Healthcare,        patriot Terence MacSwiney. He said ‘ It is not he
Lakeside Health Services (The MSO) and      who inflicts the most, but he who suffers the
                                            most who will conquer.’ and while I await a
continues to serve as its President and      resolution, your charity, prayers and efforts
Chief Executive Officer.                     raise our spirits and ease our sufferings . I did
                                            end up getting engaged to my girlfriend, a little
 Currently, the combined Lakeside           later and not the exact way I would have per-
 organization cares for and manages         ferred, and she has since become my home care
over 100,000 lives in the San Fernando      nurse.
and Santa Clarita Valley areas with a        We recently got a puppy ( Zola ), and we are all
panel of 250 primary care physicians         looking forward to purchasing our first house
and over 1000 specialists and ancillary     together. I don’t know what will happen from this
providers.                                  point forward, but I assure you we will never give
                                            up if you don’t give up on us .
 We thank Dr. Federico for his support      Thanks you all,
of the Hack n’ Smack and congratulate       Nate Bloom, Libby Khiev,
him on being our 2008 honoree.              The Bloom Family, and Zola
                                            *In 2007 Nate’s father donated his Maui
                                            home to raise money for Hack n’ Smack!
       Post golf, enjoy our hosted promo bar, dinner,
      live entertainment and the live auction. For only
          $100 you can win one of these great items.

  Enjoy seven nights at this North Shore Lake Tahoe cabin. This
  charming 3 bedroom and 2-1/2 bath home sleeps six and has a view of
  the lake. Mutually agreeable dates before November 15, 2008.

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  oceanfront. Enjoy most of the amenities that Maui offers just outside
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  scuba diving, fishing, whale watching, surfing, art galleries, and more!
  (don’t know how many bedrooms or baths) Sleeps 4. Mutually agree-
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  MGM Grand have access to all the MGM Grand’s amenities plus the
  amenities accessible only to guests staying at the Signature (e.g. the
  Signature’s private pools, lounge, restaurant, Starbucks, in-room
  Jacuzzi and the fitness center) at no additional charge. 1 bed/2 bath
  Sleeps 4, available for 12 months except for major Holidays.

  Two Round-Trip Southwest Airlines Tickets (value $800)
  Anywhere Southwest flies in the Continental U.S.
  Restrictions Apply.

  Two Round-Trip AirTran Airways U.S.(value $1,000)
  Anywhere AirT flies in the Continental U.S.
  Restrictions Apply.

   - By Bob Stoops
   -Jay Norvell
   -Josh Heupel
 Aaron Postil
You’da MAN...
...now End It!
     We are proud to support

     The Melanoma
   Research Foundation
     in memory of our friend
         Kerry Daveline
   Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman,
    Newman, Warren & Richman, LLP

   Mr. Hiroshhi E. Hishiki
Dr. and Mrs. Marc R. Abrams
    Dr. Francesco Federico
 as this years Honoree by the
Melanoma Research Foundation!
                      OUR FABULOUS VOLUNTEERS
Wendy Allyn               Shirley Hughes          Tom Rian
Paulo Andres              Leslie Karpman          Veronika Rybalov
Jill Kathryn Awbrey       John Keating            Tracy Saunders
Lauren Bass               Angela Kerwin           Ed Schoen
Elise Baughman            Kit Koenig              Jimmy Shin
Holly Baumann             Jessica Koucouthakis    Deron Shirley
Peter Bedard              Richard Clarke Larsen   Aiko Tanaka
Jade Brandais             Lisa Lawley             Katie Taub
Shana Brown               Sarah Logan             Lori Allen Thomas
Sherri Chalmers           Stacy Malia             Mychal Thompson
Don Donnelley             Viktoria Marton         Liz Ventre
Bryn Drescher             Emily Merryn            Steve Vorel
Mandy Dunlap              Cindy Miles             Efraim Wyeth
Elliot Ehlers             Stephen Moffat
Sonja Fisher              Channe Nolen            Photographers
Irene Georgerian          Kristen Olson           Stacey Annette
Misha Grimm               Markell Pool            Dan Murphy
Chris Hammel              Tara Radcliffe          Stella Pigago

                        EVENT VIDEOGRAPHY
A special thank you to the following individuals and
corporations who have donated goods and services,
which have helped make our tournament a success.
2nd St Jazz Vegan Supper Club   Los Angeles Kings                       Dan Moriarty
Aaron Postil                    Madeleine Bistro                        Lorenzo Neal
Air Tran Airways                Marc Edwards Skincare                   Larry Krystkowiak
Amber Man                       Marisa LeBlanc                          Milwaukee Bucks
Anheuser-Busch, Sylmar          Aaron Norvell                           Fleur Henry
Stacey Annette                  Jay Norvell                             National Hockey League
Art’s Delicatessen              OU Sports - Bob Stoops                  Mark McFadden
Be Mobile Massage               John Wells Productions                  David Mendelson
Belding Golf                    Pam Teeguarden                          Dave Calnon
Robert Bloom, Hawaii            Pasadena Playhouse                      Mike Quattro
Danielle Bisutti                Pelican Hill Golf Resort                David Ross
Brazilian Bronze                Pink’s Famous Hot Dogs                  Bill Bock
Brian Gold –                    PodZilla, Inc.                          Sean Wiggins
Sultana Distribution            Randy Lomax                             Steve Brown
Bubba Gump Shrimp Orlando       Rangetsu Orlando                        Dr. Janellen Smith
Bubba Gump Shrimp Universal     Rant n’ Rave                            Tom West - Pink’s
Callaway                        Regal Cinemas                           Lisa Claire
Sherri Chalmers                 Rena LeBlanc                            Mike Saiz - Kinkos
Kenny Chapman                   Roclord Photography                     Paul Tanner, Flavio and Shayla
Charlie Wilke                   Russian Souvenirs                       Lauren Busener
Cheesecake Factory              Ryan Hyatt                              Amber Kenain
Cheri Bradshaw                  Sahara Hotel Casino Las Vegas           Patrick Juarez
Chez Mimi                       Silver Palace                           Victor Juan
Chinatown Dental Clinic         Small Audience – Tammy Ames             Tommy Owen
The Color Company               Southwest Airlines                      Tera Bonilla
Daily Grill                     Stacy Malia                             Drew Belzer
Daily Planet Marketing          Suburbia Salon & Spa                    Steve Mason
Dana Saraceno                   Susan Johnston                          David Singer
Denny Hocking                   Susan Finn                              Jayne Sandilands
Disneyland                      Tara Radcliffe                          Tim Elrod
Dr. Marc Abrams                 Tim Allen                               Rahul Gupta
Dr. Nancy Zhang                 Total Workshop for Acting –             The Beach Toys
Electronic Arts                 Michael Savage                          Brian Gold
Embassy Suites, La Quinta       Trader Joe’s                            Pat Hook
Estancia La Jolla               UCLA Football – Bob Lopez               Frances Nichols
Galinda Palmer                  Universal Studios Hollywood             Durell Stouse
Gwen Stefani                    Valley Musical Theater – Ronn Goswick   Rick Regalado
Haru Sushi                      Victory Candles                         Julia Lohr
Herbal Max –                    Vitello’s                               Brien Patermo
Dr. Li Zhang-Marshall           Viva International
Hollywood Hill                  Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill                  Special Thanks to…
Homemaid                        Julieanne Younghans
Islands                         Dave Abeles                             El Caballero Country Club
Jackie Apodaca                  Linda Millen                            To the El Caballero staff a special thanks
Junior Sense                    Crunch Fitness                          and proud salute for making this easier than
Jewelry House                   Mia Daveline                            it could have been for me.
Kaiser Restaurant Group         Chris Martin
Ken Hertz                       Michael Ross - Cleveland Golf           General Manager -
Ken Palmer & Amy Scatchard      Ayala’s Embroidery, Raul                      Thomas Bernsen
Kenny Mayne                     Movin 93.9 FM                           Events Manager. -
Kristin Thompson                Melissa Russell                                Joseph Zarillo
KCBS2/KCAL9                     Russian Souvenirs                       Pro Shop - Mark Taylor
Laemmle Theaters                Angela Rose Sarno                       Pro Shop - Brent
Landmark Theaters               Smoke Zone                              Deliveries - Nacho
Lea Chazin                      Rahul Gupta
Los Angeles Dodgers             Denny Hocking
                                             A Survivor’s Story
Wayne Benson and Kevin E. West have been friends since 1992. Wayne was one of the first
20 members of The Actors’ Network way back inits infancy. They both shared a passion for
golf (Wayne is better), snow skiing (Wayne is better), and acting. When Kerry was diagnosed
in 1998 they found one more thing in Common…Melanoma. Wayne’s hits about as close to
home as one can. Here’s his story. We are blessed to still have him with us.
I am a two-time cancer survivor. My latest bout was with malignant melanoma. I found out about
my first cancer diagnosis on my birthday in 1984—it was cancer of the muscle, Desmoid Sarcoma,
and it was also malignant. They removed my right-top quadriceps and I had radiation treatments
twice a day for three months. After a lot of pain, and rehab (and being told by doctors that I would
never play sports again, which, by the way, I still do!) I’m fine, and VERY lucky.
                                                                                                       Wayne Benson
In 1999, I was standing on the 10th tee at Steeple Chase golf course with a friend of mine from California who just
happened to be in town. He noticed a little black dot by my nose, it looked like a freckle, but dark like a piece of
chocolate. He asked if I had ever had it looked at, I told him no and asked why? he told me he had a friend with a
similar-looking thing and I should definitely have it looked at; when I asked about his friend he told me she had passed
away from malignant melanoma. I promptly stood on the tee and hit the ball about 100 yards straight right into the
hazard. Having gone through the whole cancer thing once already, his statement really shook me up. Thinking I
already had cancer once, I was sure lightning wouldn’t strike twice, but after talking with my wife, I decided to go to
a dermatologist and get checked out.

I went to see the doctor told him my story. He showed me some pictures of what melanoma looks like, looked at my
face and said it was nothing. I told him that I had cancer before in LA and was concerned. He asked me what I did
in LA, and when I told him I was an actor he said, and I quote, “oh, so it’s a vanity thing.” I said no, it was because
a friend new someone who had a similar looking mark on her face and she had died. “I’m a doctor and your friend
is not, you believe whomever you want—your friend is wrong, that is not melanoma.”

I was very, very upset. I went to my car, and after crying a bit, called my wife and told her what he had said. (She
wanted to come over and rip his heart out.) You see with my first cancer I went through about 5 weeks of tests; doctors
telling me it was nothing; then that it might be cancer, but its not so don’t worry about it; and then they finally did a
biopsy and came in and told me I had cancer. I was floored. Needless to say my opinion of doctors, their bed-side
manner, and the whole medical profession took a severe hit. It was a joke!

We decided to get a second opinion, so I went to see Dr. Jeff Altman, a great guy and dermatologist. He agreed
that it didn’t look like melanoma and I had nothing to worry about. He said the only way to give me peace of mind
and make 100% sure was to do a biopsy. He put on his gloves and said, “Let’s do it. We’ll take a biopsy, send it to
pathology and then we’ll know for sure. The dot will be gone, and the incision should hardly be noticeable. He went
straight down like a cookie cutter, it was the shape of an eye with a little circle where the dot used to be, he sewed
me up, said I’ll know something in about 5-7 days, and that he’d give me a call.

My wife and I were going to Vegas to celebrate, you guessed it, yet another B-day, the big 40. So we went, had a
great time, came home and the day after my birthday at 7:30 am the phone rang. It was Dr. Altman telling me that
the biopsy had come back, that it was a 2nd stage melanoma, malignant and that they hadn’t clear the margins.
I had to go back in immediately to have another surgery. They did the same procedure—only now the scar was
starting to get a bit bigger.

5 days later, another call: still didn’t clear the margins. Dr. Altman told me if we didn’t clear the margins this time we
would need to go to Mayo clinic for mosh surgery. We called Mayo just in case but hoped for the best with the third
surgery. The third biopsy came back, we had cleared the margins(!) and once again I had (knock on wood) been
extremely lucky and survived something that many people had not.

Remember, the one thing I found to be true is that if a doctor tells you 30% of the people die, that means 70% live. The
mind and body are powerful things and can go a long way to healing one’s self if you maintain a positive attitude.

Yes, I am a 2-time cancer survivor and, depending on how you look at it, either very unlucky or lucky. I choose to
believe the latter. Wayne Benson
 For 16 years we have stood strong. In the face of chasing
   the quick elusive buck, and using all sorts of tactics
    within the actor marketplace, The Actors’ Network
         has remained steadfast in its philosophy.

          “Help us, help you...help all of us.”

         “Learn from the mistakes of others,
   you don’t have time to make them all yourself.”

    We are different, we are unique, and we are always
    leading the way quietly in the face of extreme odds.

We are the only performer’s business information-education
           organization, of its kind, in the world.

        “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
       committed citizens can change the world; indeed
             it is the only thing that ever has.”
                     --Margaret Mead

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