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									    LifeCare Fitness Center – Onaga
               120 W 8th
           Onaga, KS 66521
         785-889-4256 Ext 1295

Hours:          Mon-Thurs       6:00 am – 6:30 pm
                Fri             6:00am – 4:30 pm
                Sat             8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Special Features:
Indoor Heated Pool – Swim year round in our indoor pool, included with your membership! The water is always 88
degrees and ideal for all forms of aqua fitness activities such as swimming laps or deep water running, water aerobics or
water walking. This is also a great, fun way for families to exercise together. Exercising in the water has comparable
benefits with exercising on land, increasing cardiovascular fitness and heart health, and building muscular strength and
endurance as you move against the resistance of the water. Warm water exercise is gentle, soothing, and therapeutic and
is beneficial for anyone with back, knee or joint problems. Water supports the body, easing stress on joints, making it
possible to perform movements that might be painful or difficult on land. Pool dimensions are 22’ x 48’ and water depth
is three to six feet.
Pool Activities – The pool schedule has designated times for adult swim/lap swimming and public swim. A variety of
water aerobics classes are offered which range in intensity. Joint therapy class is ideal
for those with joint issues including arthritis and fibromyalgia. Private swimming
lessons are offered throughout the year, an excellent opportunity to continue progress
made in the summer. Private pool parties are great for birthdays, youth groups or other
groups, especially in the winter! The 100 Mile Club tracks your laps and gives out
rewards at each 25 mile increment up to 100 miles. Please call for more information
regarding pool schedule and activities.
Spa – Access to a hot tub allows not only the soothing relief of warm water, but also
the massage of the jets, encouraging the relaxation of tight muscles. Relaxed muscles
lend to an overall feeling of comfort.
In addition to membership plans, punch cards and day passes are available, perfect for the occasional user!
                                               Climate Controlled Fitness Arena
                                               Life Fitness Treadmill                  Vision Ellipticals
                                               Star Trac Treadmills                    Stairclimbers
                                               Nordic Track Ski Machine                Rowing Machine
                                               Backdraft Recumbent Bike                Schwinn Airdyne Bikes
                                               Gravitron                               11 Piece Keiser Circuit
                                               Spacious Aerobics Area                  BOSU Balance Trainers
                                               Exercise Balls                          Medicine Balls
                                               Dumbbells                               Arm Ergometer
                                               Check out the Aerobics Schedule to see types of aerobics classes offered!

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