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Google,AdSense Partner Program Invitation

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AdSense Partner Program Invitation

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									AdSense Partner Program Invitation
Enable your bloggers to uncover the revenue potential of their blogs

Google AdSense Referral Partner Team Feb 1st 2005

Google, Inc – The Company
Corporate Overview: Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
• Google is the world’s largest search engine, with access to over 8 Billion web pages


Google is the 4th most visited web site (source: MediaMetrix)
Google alone reaches 40.4 percent of U.S. Internet users; in total the Google Network reaches over 80 percent of Internet users – is one of the 5 most popular sites on the Internet and is used around the world by millions of people.

– Global unique users per month: 81.9 million (Nielsen/NetRatings 6/03)
• Google's targeted advertising program, which is the largest and fastest growing in the industry, provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while enhancing the overall web experience for users. For more information, visit


Google Confidential


Google’s AdSense Referral Partner Program
Google can help you enhance your value proposition to your bloggers through Google AdSense
– Google AdSense is a quick and easy way for website publishers/ bloggers of all sizes to display contextually relevant, unobtrusive ads on their blogs and earn money. – Every time one of your bloggers qualifies as a completed referral, Google will pay you a bounty.

Google AdSense at Work
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Product Overview – Google AdSense
• Google AdSense makes it easy for bloggers to earn money by displaying targeted ads on their site. When blog readers click on these ads, Google pays the blogger/publisher. – Google AdSense delivers ads that are targeted to the blog’s content – Ads can be tailored to match the look and feel of the blog. – Ads delivered by Google AdSense can enhance the online experience of blog readers AdSense Case Study:
To learn more about how PVRBlog made more money with AdSense, visit OR Refer to the attached case study on how PVRBlog found a way to cover costs and make a profit through Google AdSense.

Google Confidential


Reasons to become an AdSense Referral Partner
• The Google Partner Referral Program helps you make money
– Bloggers realize the power of Google’s search technology and recognize Google AdSense as a market leading offering. And for every completed referral, Google pays you.

• Its hassle-free
– Getting started if easy - including the URL for referring bloggers takes just minutes. – Google provides a large selection of banners to choose from. – Google’s conversion tracking takes care of sending you monthly e-mails regarding the number of sign ups your referrals generate.

• It costs nothing
– Just include a link to Google AdSense on your site and you can start referring your bloggers &/or other site visitors and earning money.

Google Confidential


Become an AdSense Referral Partner in 3 easy steps
• Fill out an online form - it takes just a couple of minutes – • Google will provide you with a special AdSense link for your site

• When your bloggers click on the Google AdSense link, sign up for AdSense and qualify as a completed referral, you earn $20

For more information
• Visit
• Terms and conditions at • • Referral Program FAQs at E-mail Jessie Ghai at

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