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									Gadgets & Gizmos

Keith Washington

• What are some of the technological devices that you use or interact with on a daily basis? • How many of you are familiar and or use text messaging? • What is a PDA and its functionality? • What are you looking to learn or expectations from this course? • What is a personal information system? • What are some of the devices used to communicate information in today’s business world? • What is Bluetooth Technology? • What is PDF?

What is a Gizmo?
• Gizmo is a placeholder name for any small technological item. Other similar names are gadget, widget, thingamajig, blobject, etc..

What is a Gadget?
• A gadget is a device that has a useful specific practical purpose and function. Gadgets tend to be more unusual or cleverly designed than normal technology.

And the difference is . . .
• a gizmo has moving parts, whereas a gadget need not have them. For example, a nifty digital watch would be a gadget, while an analog watch would be a gizmo. • Sure, you don't need any of this stuff • But . . .

Fact or Fiction
• In fiction, gadgets are best known in popular spy films, especially in the James Bond series (See List of James Bond gadgets). Superheroes, especially ones like Batman and Iron Man whose premise revolves around equipment, have numerous gadgets themselves. There is a cartoon character, Inspector Gadget, whose super powers come from an assortment of gadgets.

Latest Gadgets and Gizmos
iPhone Mania • The summer's übergadget-which as of this writing is slated to appear June 29--isn't just one great gadget, but three: an innovative phone, the next step in iPod tech, and a handheld Wi-Fi device with the first truly creative approach to wireless e-mail since the BlackBerry. Summer may be over before you get one. Advance orders have been heavy, even at anticipated prices of $499 and $599.

Latest Gadgets and Gizmos Contd.
• Myvu video gogglesConnect them to your iPod, lie back, and watch a show, enjoying the illusion of viewing it on a good-sized TV screen. The $300 eyewear includes earbuds, and the battery pack's good for up to eight hours, Myvu says--and doubles as an iPod protective case. Playback controls are in the connector cable, and AC and car chargers are included.

Latest Gadgets and Gizmos Contd.
• How do you get highquality audio underwater? It's obvious--bone conduction. Finis' SwiMP3 MP3 player clips to swim goggles so its transducers press against your cheek or other bones and let you listen to your favorite tunes underwater. The $199 MP3 player's rechargeable battery and 256 Mbytes of memory provide four hours of music. It plays MP3 and WMA files and comes with software to manage your

Latest Gadgets and Gizmos Contd.
• AT&T Remote Monitor is a software-hardware-services package that lets you monitor your house from afar. For $10 a month, you can view live video from eight cameras, monitor doors and windows, control lights, and more using a PC or a Web-enabled AT&T phone. The $99 starter kit includes a gateway controller that plugs into your home router and an IP camera with pan and tilt.

Latest Gadgets and Gizmos Contd.
• I-mate's Momento is a wireless digital picture frame that communicates with your PC and the Web. You can sort your pictures on your computer, then stream them to Momento. And the Momento Live Online subscription service lets you upload pictures from anywhere and send them to other Momento Live users. Frames run $199 for a 7-inch model and $299 for a 10.2inch one.

Latest Gadgets and Gizmos Contd.
• If your idea of a vacation is taking your laptop to the beach, then this is the perfect accessory. Brando's $33 USB Mini Fridge plugs into USB power and cools one can of your favorite beverage. And because no fridge is complete without a light that comes on when you open the door, it has an internal LED. Sorry, no ice tray.

Latest Gadgets and Gizmos Contd.
• So you spent thousands on a fab vacation, but you'd never know you were there from the pictures. This $25 extendable handheld support for your camera is a clever way to snap yourself. Open up Fromm Works Quik Pod, attach your camera, set the selftimer, and line yourself up in the tiny mirror.

Latest Gadgets and Gizmos Contd.
• Most GPS devices, like most cars, are built for paved roads. DeLorme's Earthmate PN-20 is different. At $370, it has a waterproof housing designed to fit your hand, comes with U.S. topographic and street maps on DVD to export from your PC as needed, and includes $100 worth of DeLorme Aerial Data Packets showing U.S. areas of interest.

Latest Gadgets and Gizmos Contd.
• On vacation you surf, ski, skate, and mountain bike, but no one believes you when you get home. GoPro's Digital Hero 3 will turn scoffers into fans. This 3-megapixel, 4.5ounce wrist-mounted waterproof digital video camera captures all your exploits. At $140, it shoots 2,048-by-1,536-pixel still images or 640-by-480 video and saves to 16 Mbytes of internal memory or removable SD cards.

How do you eat an elephant?
• One “byte” at a time • Where do we start?

Blogging and Text Messaging

Instant Messaging
• Abbreviated IM, a type of communications service that enables you to create a kind of private chat room with another individual in order to communicate in real time over the Internet, analogous to a telephone conversation but using text-based,

• • • • What is “Blogging?” Web logs Bulletin boards News boards

Text Messaging

Text Messaging
• Sending short text messages to a device such as a cellular phone, PDA or pager. Text messaging is used for messages that are no longer than a few hundred characters. The term is usually applied to messaging that takes place between two or more mobile devices

The Language
• Lesson 1

Device Etiquette

Device Safety

Source: Progressive Insurance Effect of cell phone chitchat More than 112 million people use cell phones in the U.S., and an estimated 85% of them use their phones while driving.

DWT – Contd.
• Hidden dangers • Danger to you • Danger to others

How to . .
• Send a text message

• George Orwell • Enemy of the State • Minority Report

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