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									How To Change
Your IP Address
To Any Desired
A Special Report on Changing Your
IP Address To Transact Businesses


Ken Nwankwo

                           My name is Ken Nwankwo and I teach people
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To be frank with you, I have no other job except the internet and I don’t
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In this FREE report, I’m going to show you A SECRET Way Of
Changing Your IP Address Freely To Do Transactions Online.

So, relax and read till the end.

Thank you for your time.

I’m committed to your success,

Ken Nwankwo
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                              A Great Warning

I need to sound a note of warning here before I proceed. The IP Changing
Strategies I’m going to write here are not fool-proof to use on PayPal

PayPal account access require static and dedicated IP which VPN (Virtual
Private Network) service providers can deliver for now.

This information is meant for those who do online transactions like making
payment with a virtual VISA or MasterCard, doing online survey, CPA
Marketing, ClickBank account opening and other online businesses.
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          Step-By-Step Guide On How To Change Your IP Address

With the procedures am going to write below, you can change your country’s
IP address to any country of your choice.

Here are the steps:

1. Download Mozilla Firefox browser. If you already have it, then proceed to
the next step. But if you don’t, then click on Mozilla Firefox Browser to
download and install.

2. After installing Mozilla Firefox Browser, then go to
and click on IP: Port Proxies.

3. When it opens, locate Free Proxy List (Real-Time 24/7 database)

There you will see names of countries. In this report, I used Brazil as an
example. So, I located Brazil and clicked on Update results. You can see the
results that came up in the snapshot above as at the time of writing this report.

Now, there are lots of IP addresses and proxy ports that came up. In fact, they
were 376 to be precise in number. But I have to be selective here.

Am looking for IP address that has good Speed and Connection Time based
on green bars seen above. More so, it will be of more interest to me if the
proxy port number is 8080.

If you take a closer look at the snapshot above, you will discover that I
selected IP Address Number: and Proxy Port Number: 8080

4. Now, go to the installed Mozilla Firefox browser and open it. When it opens,
locate Tools on the menu bar and click on it. Then, select Options and click

5. As you click on Options, it will bring out a small window. Click on
Advanced, then Network and subsequently Settings.

6. As you click on Settings, another small window will pop-up. In there, click
on Manual proxy configuration and select Use this proxy server for all
protocols. In the HTTP Proxy and Port bars, do paste the IP address and
port number you got from respectively.

In my example of changing my Nigerian IP address to Brazil, I pasted and 8080 in those bars.

7. After doing all these, click OK to return to Options’ window. There too, click
OK to return back to the browsing interface.

8. Now, we are set to enjoy our new IP address. To check if everything is
working very well, do type in the browser’s
address bar and hit Enter button.

If the IP is going you will see the location. In my own case, I got a broadband
connection from Brazil as you can see in the snapshot above.

However, there are times when the IP address and port number you selected
will not be working or has stopped working. What you need to do is to go back
to, get another set of IP address and port number, then
repeat the process again to get your desired country’s IP.

My good friend, I hope this report will help you a great deal in changing your
IP address. You can post your comments on my FaceBook Page <= Click.

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Thank you very much!

Ken Nwankwo


                 How To Open, Verify & Fund
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            Anywhere In The World Even If Your
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