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									Ways To Make Easy Twitter Profits
by Karrie Brittan If you sell products online, you have to learn how to make easy Twitter profits. It doesn't matter whether you have a complete online store or not. The principles of selling products on Twitter are the same. If your target customers know that you have products to sell and if they are quality products, then it's pretty simple to make easy Twitter profits because you're not really selling. The secret to easy Twitter profits is actually not a secret. All you need to do is to focus on how you can take advantage of Twitter to sell your products. You also need to understand how Twitter works and how people communicate with each other on Twitter. Here's what you need to know about Twitter, in a nutshell. Twitter is actually a micro-blogging and social networking site. People use Twitter to make friends and communicate with people sharing the same interests online. If you go beyond than that, people will be more likely tag you as spam. There are a lot of places where you can use Twitter other than on the Twitter website. You can also send tweets using your mobile, instant messenger, Facebook and many more. Reading messages on Twitter is as easy as viewing a web page or blog. You can't make easy Twitter profits and post your own messages though, unless you join. Joining Twitter is painless and free. What you need is to pick a username that you want, set your password and dress up your site. To make easy Twitter profits, of course you need to have followers. Followers are basically those other Twitter users who are interested of what you have to say. Adding your followers is easy. You can find potential Twitter followers by simply bringing in your contacts from your Outlook or other email accounts. You need to make sure though that these contacts are in relation to the product you are selling. Of course, you may want to check if the user fit to the demographic of your product sale before you add them. It is a requirement to have a decent follower base for you to make easy Twitter profits. Let's do the math. If the average is a 1% to 3% conversion rate, you'll need, say 100, followers to make one sale. This is why you'll see some Twitter users following and followed by thousands of other Twitter users. Somewhere along the way some of these Twitter users, power-users or not, have decoded the way to make easy Twitter profits for themselves. What is the best way to sell on Twitter? Make it look like you are not selling anything, period. Start out by saying you're curious to try this Twitter thing. Be pleasant. Your tweets should also be related to what you are selling. Of course, if you managed to ramp up your follower base, time now to build up to a more direct approach. You can do this by asking advice, running polls or giving away free samples. It is important to be subtle on Twitter. Easy Twitter profits come from those who don''t outright act as though they''re only trying to sell something. Keep in mind that Twitter is a social networking site, not a commerce site. So just be social. Communicate with your

followers by asking questions and advice. Ask others opinions and respond to those who replied to you. Sooner or later, if your followers like your product, there will figure out a time and place to buy it. There's a little known code word called, @replies. How you can use this and help you build your brand on Twitter. First, search through tweets, using Twitter search, to find people who are talking about something that could relate to your product. Start by following them, and then send them @reply message. This "@username" before your message. Easy Twitter profits can also be hurt if you try to market to people who have no comments or relationship to your product. For example, in an @reply if someone was talking about fishing and you bring up pet food, which is a fast way to get blacklisted by a group of people. So, remember, be clever about how you market and try to sell something on Twitter. If you are ready to start leveraging Twitter to create lists of thousands of people you can peddle your products to, Easy Twitter Profits is your best guide.

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