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      How to get accepted into any CPA Networks

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2    CPA Passport

    How To Get Accepted Into Any CPA Networks
    I’ve seen some people really need a step-by-step guide on how to get
    approved by CPA networks.

    I am not a US resident. When I was first started with affiliate marketing, I didn’t
    even have a website which CPA networks “love” to see. Yet I’ve been approved
    by practically every major CPA network that I have applied to.

    You don't have to be a US resident to be able to get approved by CPA

    Though a few networks like Azoogle only approves residents from US (and a
    few other countries like CA, UK, AUS etc...), you can skip these. Apply with
    other networks. There are tons of network around.

    Most networks accept international affiliates. I’m now an affiliate to the
    following CPA networks:

          Azoogle
          Ads4Dough
          CX Digital
          CanadianSponsors
          Clickbooth
          Copeac
          Neverblues
          Hydra
          FluxAds
          OurFreeStuff
          Pepperjam
          XY7

3    CPA Passport

    Note: I was approved by Azoogle when they still allowed international

    I managed to get approved by the above CPA networks using the method I’m
    going to explain below.

    Read and apply my steps, you shouldn’t have a problem getting approved by
    most of the networks you apply to.

4    CPA Passport

    Sign Up With CPA Networks
    For every CPA networks, you need to show them a decent website to get
    approved. It MUST be you own site, a few networks will require you to
    show ownership of your website before they’ll approve your application.

    My friend received this message from Azoogle when he applied:

    “If your domain(s) are privately registered, you will need to email us a receipt
    from your domain registrar or a screenshot of your online management
    panel—something showing the domain name and your name and address—
    so that we can verify ownership.....”

    As long as it’s your own website, it could be a totally unrelated website to
    show them, this doesn't matter.

    When I was first started, I showed them my personal website. I’m a t-shirt
    graphic designer; I have personal website showing all my past work. I used
    that “unrelated’ site to apply to a few networks and get approved without
    any problems.

    When you fill out the affiliate application form, there is usually a field
    where you can put any message for the administrators who will review and
    approve your application.

    Tell them you’re going to run PPC direct linking so your website isn’t
    really all that applicable.

    Make it sound like you’re a seasoned CPA marketer. Tell them you’re
    already with a few other networks and someone said something good
    about them, so you want to try out their offers.

5    CPA Passport

    Build a Site To Show CPA Networks
    If you don’t have a site and you’re too lazy to build one from scratch, there
    is a short cut.

    I've a little trick where you get to set up a professional website in 5

    It’s simple and fast.

    You download a free script, upload it to your hosting, a few clicks more and
    you're done. It gives you a great site that most networks "love". Last year, I
    tried this with Azoogle and I was approved in 24 hours!

    For this method to work, you need to get a domain name and get it hosted.

    This is what you can do:

       1. Sign up at

       2. Download the SGS package and install it (pretty easy)

       3. You're done. You now have a nice, content filled site to show the

       4. Don’t know how to do it? Contact the customer support here

6    CPA Passport

    Call CPA Networks for Fast Approval
    After you’ve sent in your application, you should receive their reply in a
    short while.

    Normally they’ll send a message to you through an autoresponder. Read
    their message, find their phone number and call them immediately.

    This is what you need to say over the phone:

    “Hi, I’ve just signed up as an affiliate, and I want to talk to an affiliate
    manager to get me approved”

    When you’re on the line with an Affiliate Manager, tell him/her you’ve just
    sent in your application and you would appreciate if he can get you
    approved as soon as possible so that you can send traffic.

    They might ask you a few simple questions like how did you find them, how
    do you drive traffic, what offers do you plan to run with them etc....

    Tell them your fellow members from Digital Point (or Warrior Forum)
    recommend them. A couple of members there are having some success
    with their email submit offers and you’re planning to test some of those
    offers with your traffic. Tell them you’re a ppc marketer and you do direct
    to merchant pay per clicks.

    This is sufficient to “convince” them you know your stuff and to get you

7    CPA Passport

    Reply CPA Networks Questionnaire
    A few CPA networks (normally bigger players in the market) will send you
    an email requesting some information before they will approve your

    I’ve helped a friend out with answering a questionnaire from
    and Azoogle. Download the document here (it’s free), take my format
    reference and use your own words. You should have no problem getting

    Non US residence needs to complete a W8-Ben form and submit to the
    networks. I’ve completed a sample here showing you how to fill the form.

    If You Still Need Help

    Go here:

    Scroll down to the end of the page, ask your questions in the comment box
    and I’ll try my best to help.

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