; How to Improve Your Appearance
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How to Improve Your Appearance

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How to improve your appearance - Handsome or good look does not reserved for good lock people ony, in fact each and everyone could become handsome if they want. Don't believe the hype that the media tried to sell you. Just check out old photos of Hollywood celebrities and you know what I mean. If you want to improve your social and professional life, you must improve your appearance

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How to Improve Your  Appearance   

Handsome Factor 

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Improve Your Appearance To Attract Women 
By Drew Peacock 

Appearance: One of the first lessons with appearance is to make sure you look your best at all times, you never know when and where you will meet a beautiful woman. Women are mainly attracted to a neat look, they like a man to be well groomed and presentable. Your clothes will have to match and will have to be clean. Make sure your include everything with your appearance, women will notice every little detail such as if you nails are clean, if your hair is washed and if your clothes are clean. Smelling appropriately is also very important make sure you smell great. Colognes: How you smell is very important to a woman, and it is another method to get a different sense of hers tingling. It is not only important to buy the right cologne you need to apply it correctly. You should not apply cologne to your face (that is for aftershave) or on your clothes cologne is made for the skin, the key areas to apply the scent is on the chest, the back of your neck, behind your ears and on your wrists. Also it is crucial that you do not spray too much on you do not want the smell to be overbearing, just enough to get her attention. When applying behind the ears just put a little in your palms and dab behind your ear. Another important point is to change round your cologne especially when you get to know a girl better, this way she keeps guessing what your going to smell like and gets her really interested. Colognes that women like: Davidoff - cool water Giorgio Armani - Acqua Di Gio Channel Allure – Homme Sport (recommended cologne) Ralph Lauren – Polo sport Lacoste – Style in play Belts: Belts are very important fashion accessories and you need to make sure you get it right. It’d easy to remember hat goes with what, black shoes = black belt, brown shoes = brown belt. If you wearing a watch there is another part you must match, a silver watch goes with a silver buckle and a gold watch goes with a gold buckle. Shoes: Women love shoes, just face it and this also means that your shoes will have to be the best. Women check mens shoes straight away, so if they are dirty or falling apart it will not make a good impression. A few golden rules with shoes is: They must always been clean and polished If you are wearing a belt it needs to match your shoes They must not be cheap, rubbish shoes from a supermarket. If you are wearing a more casual outfit and are wearing trainers as shoes, MAKE SURE THEY ARE CLEAN, dirty, scrappy trainers are a big turn-off for women. When choosing trainers to wear it is most advisable to buy Lacoste trainers as they do not really make bad trainers, even though they are more expensive it does not matter just see it as paying for your success with women. Learn more how to improve your appearance. For more FREE TIPS on how to approach, talk to, attract and seduce any woman of your choice visit pickupin3days.com

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How to Improve Your Appearance Starting With  Clothing 
By Ashley Morgan 

The first thing you need to do is take a step back and evaluate your wardrobe. What do you like the most? The least? We're all guilty of wearing our "laundry day" clothes once in a while, but it better just be on laundry day! Don't let yourself fall into the trap of dressing carelessly just because you're running a little late or because you've convinced yourself that you just don't care. If you've realized that your closet is outdated it's time to go shopping! Before you run into the streets to buy up similar clothing to what you already have take a breather, we have to start you off with a game plan. If you go into just about any store there are magazines up at the counter. Buy a copy of GQ, Maxim, or some other mens magazine that highlights clothing. Now, you don't have to buy exactly what's in the magazine but it's nice to know what's in style. And who knows, you can see something in the magazine that might look good on you--something you wouldn't have found yourself in the store. If you don't have a lot of money to go shopping don't worry, there are things you can do right now that can make your wardrobe look a little nicer. Start by organizing, hang up dress shirts, t-shirts, and jeans. If you notice anything is severely wrinkled or smelly now is a good time to do a load of laundry. Now it's time to move onto shoes, most tennis shoes can survive a wash, boots can be shined, and so can dress shoes. If you have white shoes a bottle of shoe whitener costs about four dollars and is pretty easy to put on. If you do have some cash that's burning a hole in your wallet go to the mall, or your favorite store--it makes no difference to me. Keep in mind that no matter what your style is that the point of improving your wardrobe is just that, an improvement. Clothing should still reflect your personality and make you feel comfortable, but don't be afraid to change things up every once in a while. Clothes don't have to be expensive to fit properly and look good, but keep in mind the higher quality clothing costs more. Stay away from bright colors, intense prints, and any outfits you would really have to "work" to pull off. If it's too much of a hassle it's never going to leave your closet, trust me-I've done it! Nice jeans are a staple to any wardrobe. Ask a sales associate for help if you're a little stuck, trust me working in retail is terrible, and they can't wait to find something to do. Jeans should be tight enough to stay up without a belt, but not so tight that you can no longer breath. Keep in mind that jeans shrink in the dryer, and most stretch a little over time. So if you don't want them to shrink hang dry them, and if they start to stretch out throw them in the dryer. It's a fun game. No wardrobe should be an all t-shirt wardrobe. Even if you just start out getting one thing at a time it's all right. A nice button up or collared shirt is essential, short sleeve or long sleeve it makes no difference. The shirt should come down to about the bottom of your belt loops on your jeans (about mid hip level). Beware of shirts that are too big/long, they look trashy and undermine any physical attributes you have. The more formal the outfit the more necessary to tuck the shirt in--but in most situations there is no need. Try wearing a nice pair of slacks or dark denim jeans with a belt, and a nice shirt. You'll be able to change your style as you see fit, the more formal the occasion just wear a nicer shirt and you'll be fine. Improve your appearance now! Please visit http://www.mylamadson.com

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How To Keep Up Your Appearance and Look Great by  Following These Six Male Body Grooming Tips 
By Gary Machado  

Male body grooming is no longer a closely-guarded secret. Men realize that looking good can give them a significant advantage, both in their professional and personal lives. As a man, one way that can control how you are treated by others, and that will give you a better sense of self is to work on your appearance. People will usually judge you on how you look. Try to always be your best . Your Appearance - How you present yourself - is partially determined by your Hair and Nails, Mouth, Skin, Personal Hygiene and Physical Fitness. Your appearance tells a lot about you. Center on the basic way you appear to differentiate yourself from others. Take charge of your appearance and it will raise your self-confidence level. We feel better about ourselves when we're able to be at our best. - and the people that are around you will find you more interesting. 1. Hair: To have good results, be flexible in your personal grooming standards. For your head hair, make certain you are neatly cut over the ears. Or if your hair is thin, you may decide to shave your scalp completely and go bald. But make a point to use shampoo and conditioner to keep your head hair soft. Make sure to watch out for signs of dandruff. Having stylized facial hair is okay, just make certain the hair is not irritating to the woman you're with. And keep it trimmed well. 2. Nails: The nails play a major part in the how your hands appear, and they reflect on you to some degree. Keep them clean, trimmed and cut at all times. Consider a monthly routine of a manicure to keep your nails looking their best. 3. Mouth: Your teeth and gums should always be clean. You can accomplish this by brushing after each meal. Keep a little toothpaste and tooth brush handy. And don't forget your tongue! Flossing your teeth is also a must. Use mouthwash regularly to keep your mouth clean and fresh, and help destroy gum germs. And make certain you always have some breath mints available. If you drink coffee or tea, make a point that your teeth are not discolored or stained. There are many bleaching products available to do the job inexpensively. 4. Skin: You don't have to make your skin feel soft like a baby's bottom, but hard, cracked, and calloused skin isn't appealing to a woman. Use a moisturising lotion on your hands to get your skin soft enough to touch. If you've any skin blemishes, such as acne, there are is a wide choice of products on the market that will help you keep the breakouts under control. Use a facial scrub at least every other day to get out deep grime and maintain a healthy glow to your face. 5. Personal Hygiene: Body odor is unappealing to almost everyone. Be aware of how often you shower because it can make a noticeable difference. Try to shower at least daily. Deodorant is a necessity. Use an antiperspirant if you sweat profusely. If you use cologne or after-shave, be sure to use a good, pleasant scent. Try to find something that suits you . There are many different brands that are appealing. Apply just enough to give off a light scent. Don't go overboard!

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6. Physical Fitness: Your body is your temple so pay heed to it. Your fitness level is a gauge of your attitude toward your surroundings. Exercise at least every other day. Consider joining a health club or gymnasium. The above male body grooming tips are just the beginning of an overall plan to keep one's appearance looking sharp at all times. Personal grooming for men -- looking good is not just for women anymore. Utilize The Handsome Factor to the most to make a brand new you and attract women like a charming prince. Copyright 2007 - Gary Machado. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Learn more about male body grooming by going to http://www.usfreeads.com/818587-cls.html


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Men's Skin Care Products To Help You Look More  Handsome 
By Ken Black 

While men's skin care products still do not have the same exploding market as do skin care products for ladies, the market is growing as more and more men are seeing the need to take care of their skin. Here are some tips. More men are beginning to become conscious of their need for men's skin care products for their grooming needs. Men have very unique skin and they need to choose carefully when purchasing anything that claims to improve or enhance their appearance.

Cleansing is Not Optional
Many men may just be using bar soap, or even worse, nothing at all to cleanse their face. It is important that a man properly cleanses his face to prevent excess oils from building up and causing unsightly skin problems. There are anti wrinkle and special cleansing skin care lotions and creams that are made to clean the unique skin of a man without drying it out and making it rough. Using regular soap can leave the skin too dry, so picking out a specific facial cleanser for men will help men get the skin they want. Moisturizing for Men - Another important skin care cream for him, are moisturizers that are designed especially for a guy's skin. Not just any moisturizer will do, so you want to steer away from moisturizers that have oil bases and go for those that are water based. When you use moisturizers on your skin, it can prevent drying, chapping and premature aging, as well. Shaving After-Care - Whether using a straight razor, disposable razor, or an electric razor, many men choose to shave frequently to keep their beard either trimmed, or completely shaved off. When shaving regularly, men may find that their skin becomes irritated and sometimes leaves pores open, which can be unsightly and a place for bacteria to breed. There are men's skin care products that are designed, in the forms of toners and aftershave gels that will help with problems that occur after shaving. Toners will help to minimize pores and aftershave gels can help with the irritation that often occurs. Dark Circles - Men’s skin care products also include special formulas for men to get rid of dark circles under their eyes. Most of these products for men contain either caffeine or Vitamin K to help minimize the appearance of circles. Using these kinds of anti aging skin care products can help the guys appear more professional and handsome than ever before. Skin care is important, even for men, and using the best skin care products can help improve the quality of your skin and help keep it looking younger and healthier as well. There are a variety of men's skin care products available for use, so if you want to improve your skin, why not try some of them today and find out how great your skin can look. Improve your other areas here. Visit Skin Care Review sites for more information on men's skin care products and men's skin care tips. Ken Black is the owner of Skin Care Reviews, a website all about the Best Skin Care Products 

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How To Keep Staying Handsome, With Face Exercises! 
By Joey Capone 

While still a relatively unknown form of fitness, face exercises provide men with dramatic face sculpting results when used consistently. Upon entering the 21st century, we see that more often than ever, men are very concerned about their appearance and looks in general. The 21st century has even dubbed the popular term "metrosexual", which is defined as " heterosexual men with a strong concern for their appearance, or whose lifestyles display attributes stereotypically seen among gay men. The metro- (city) prefix indicates this man's purely urban lifestyle, while the -sexual suffix comes from "heterosexual," meaning that this man, although he is usually straight, embodies the heightened aesthetic sense often associated with certain types of gay men". More often than ever , men are discovering new ways to enhance their good looks and make the best of what they have. A new method for helping men stay handsome involves facial exercises. While it is still a relatively unknown method among the masses, these exercises are proven to help you tone, define and sculpt the facial muscles, with little effort. With regular use any guy can build and define a chiseled jawline, enhance the cheekbones,reduce under eye puffiness/fatigue and so much more! As the new millennium came, men all over the world decided that they too, wish to turn back the clock and enhance their image to the best of their ability. Women have proclaimed that 60 is the new 40 and now we more and more men wishing to adopt the same proclamation for themselves! And with good reason, there's nothing wrong with wanting to look your ultimate best. There's nothing gay about it. Just imagine how much better life would be if you looked your best. More confidence, self esteem, more opportunity to get the girl of your dreams or sexual desires, advancement at the workplace and so much more! Let's face it, life is a whole lot better when you look your ultimate best. It's just the plain truth of the matter. And there's nothing wrong with being concerned about your looks, as the benefits of such are definitely worth it a thousand times over. Unfortunately, as men age, their faces elongate and look older just as women's faces do. No matter how many face creams, treatments, lotions and potions you use, it doesn't matter much because facial muscles that are soft make even the most handsome man look older. Celebrity males and television personalities often use facial exercises as their non-surgical "secret weapon" for image enhancement that requires no down-time and can be done practically anywhere. An added benefit is that with some time, the exercises will become like second nature. With regular aging, jowls form along the jaw line, cheekbones lose definition, eyes become tired looking and all of a sudden that toned chin becomes a concern. You can expect facial muscles to elongate almost an inch by the time you’re in your 50.

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Most men who go in for any kind of face work at the plastic surgeon's office often get that "paralyzed" or pulled and stretched look on their faces; hardly natural-looking. Even celebrity males, who go in for the very finest care, often leave tell-tale signs that you can easily spot if you look carefully. Fixes like injections will eventually wear off and surgery is only temporarily permanent since muscles that support the skin will continue their downward slide, affecting the skin in an unnatural way and look. Handsome, boyish good looks are the result of a toned, athletic looking face. Words like chiseled tightened and toned all describe an athletic, handsome, boyish and youthful looking face. So let's say you have decided against going under the knife and you slowly realize that proper skin care methods aren't keeping your chin, face and neck tightened and toned. What can you do possibly do now to tone and sculpt your face? Facial exercises! Isometric exercises for the face with resistance type movements can really target specific muscle groups. Just as you can workout and define your chest, abs and arms, so can you with your face! In less than 15 minutes, you can get an effective, face muscle strengthening system that targets all 50+ muscles of the face! In as little as 2 weeks, face exercises will help your face resemble a more boyish,balanced and younger looking appearance. Joey Capone is the writer/creator of the increasingly popular Face Sculptor facial exercises for men and the Men's Life Zine's Ultimate Anti-Aging, Body & Success Bible which can be found at http://www.menslifezineultra.com Joey Capone is a fitness expert specializing in sports medicine and is the editor of the popular,innovative men's health blog, http://www.menshealthzine.com "Anti-Aging Secrets 4 men" is now available FREE on the blog for a limited time. His blog is updated daily with free quality advice on enhancing your looks, feeling your best and creating success in every area of your life! "Look better, feel better, create success" is the blog's motto! Certainly improving your overall appearance is a must to boast your career, sex lives, higher income and network.


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