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									                        #B36-135                                                  #B36-136                                                  #B36-137
                        ANGEL COMPANIONS                                          WITCHCRAFT                                                WELCOME HOME
                         (Daley)                                                  (Sawyer)                                                    (Gibbs & Tayne)
                         This book contains 23                                    38 designs for stained                                      A new book of designs for
                         patterns for free form                                   glass, fusing and mosaics.                                  doors, sidelights, tran-
                         angels of all sizes. Each                                Wizards, Warlocks, Sorcer-                                  soms and windows. Each
                         angel has a personality of                               ers and more, all delight-                                  of the 27 designs is a
                         its own and is shown in                                  fully wicked as well as fun.                                modern version of an
                         full color pictures. They                                Full-color pictures and                                     ancient symbol meant to
                         are easy to make and                                     construction tips included.                                 bring harmony to your
include instruction tips. Beginner to Intermediate.                               Beginner to Intermediate.          home or business. From the pineapple of welcome
$17.95                                                                            $19.95                             and hospitality to the web of balance and cohe-
                                                                                                                     siveness! All are shown in full color.
                                                                                                                     Intermediate. $17.95

                        #B36-138                                                  #B316-47                                                   #B316-46
                        FUN WITH FUSING                                           BASICALLY BEVELS 2                                         TIME FOR GLASS
                        (Zuhlke & Geyer)                                         (Vogt)                                                       (Eaton)
                        Contains 29 simple projects                              This book features projects                                  11 fun, funky clocks that
                        perfect for tabletop kilns,                              designed around 4" x 6"                                      can be created with fused
                        classes and quick gifts.                                 oval bevels with engraved,                                   glass or the copper foil
                        Included are step-by-step                                etched or sandblasted                                        method. Each functional
                        instructions, including how                              designs. Some feature                                        clock is fairly small (the
                        to make your own glass                                   plain oval bevels incorpo-                                   largest is 10" x 10") and
                        nuggets, materials lists and                             rating pressed flowers or                                    can be created quickly.
                        firing schedules. $14.95         other objects. Instructions and material lists are          Glass beads can be strung to create the pendulum
                                                         included, and all projects are shown in full color.         and decorative accents on each clock. Each
                                                         $14.95                                                      project is shown as a fused clock and as a stained
                                                                                                                     glass clock. Materials lists and instructions are
                                                                                                                     also included. $14.95

                        #B799-30                                                  #B36-139                                                   #B36-140
                        SUMMER GARDEN                                             DOG DESIGNS                                                ART OF FUSING…
                        (Marick Studios)                                          (McOnie)                                                   CONTEMPORARY
                        Enjoy summer flowers in                                   A collection of 38 original                                MOOD LAMPS (THE)
                        your home all year long.                                  designs featuring many                                    (Gill)
                        Your indoor garden can have                               popular breeds in their                                   This book contains four-
                        sunflowers, orchids, cone-                                most endearing poses.                                     teen designs for fused
                        flowers, pansies, a pitcher                               Designed as suncatchers,                                  glass table lamps. All are
                        filled with favorite garden                               these dogs can easily                                     shown in color pictures
                        blooms and more. A color                                  enlarged or reduced.                                      and include detailed fusing
                        photo is provided for each                                Beginner to Intermediate.          and assembly instructions and materials lists.
                        full-size pattern. $14.95                                 $19.95                             Advanced. $17.95

                        #B36-141                                                  #B148-35                                                   #B36-142
                        TWELVE FANS OF                                            WINDOWS OF                                                 HOLIDAY 25 PIECES
                        TIFFANY                                                   CHARACTER & STYLE                                          OR LESS
                      (Alfuth)                                                     (Chuck Franklin Glass Studio)                             (Tayne)
                      Based on original Tiffany                                    This book features the Chuck                              Each of the pieces in this
                      designs, this book is a tribute                              Franklin Glass Studio of Port-                            book is easy to make and
                      to the artists of Tiffany Stu-                               land Oregon. The portfolio                                contains less than 26
                      dios. It contains twelve                                     presented highlights the stu-                             pieces of glass. Included
                      patterns for elegant fan lamps                               dio’s wide-ranging glass                                  are 26 designs for panels
                      in a variety of patterns includ-                             creations for discerning home-
                                                                                                                                             and suncatchers for
                                                         owners, churches, and commercial applications. This
ing Dogwood, Dragonfly, Peony Flower Border,                                                                         celebrating Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanzaa. All
                                                         80-page book contains more than 140 color photo-
Orange Red Poppy and more. Intermediate. $14.95                                                                      are shown in color pictures and include construc-
                                                         graphs of stained glass creations illustrating the essen-
                                                         tial design elements of balance, color, and movement.       tion tips. Beginner. $17.95

    FRANKLIN ART GLASS STUDIOS INC. PHONE:614-221-2972 (TOLL FREE) 800-848-7683 FAX:614-221-5223 (24 HOUR FAX)
                          #B148-36                                                   #B316-48                                                    #B36-2010
                          WINDOWS OF                                                 SNOWFLAKES                                                  LAMPS FOR ALL
                          ENDURING COLOR                                              (Haebich)                                                  SEASONS 2010
                          (Preston Studios)                                           These10 patterns are                                       The Association of Stained
                          The Tenth book in Wardell                                   inspired by actual micro-                                  Glass Lamp Artists was
                          Publications Studio                                         photography of nature.                                     formed in 1991 to per-
                          Designers Series features                                   Unlike actual snowflakes,                                  petuate, improve and
                          the work of Preston                                         these projects won't melt                                  promote the art of stained
                          Studios. This 80 page                                       when you touch them. For                                   glass lamp construction.
                          book contains more than                                     maximum sparkle, it is                                     In its eighteenth year this
80 color photographs of stained glass creations,            suggested that these snowflakes be constructed              calendar was conceived by Carol Conti to demon-
58 shown within the room setting. In addition you           with a variety of textures of clear glass, but you          strate the artwork of the association members. In
will find artist comments and design details for            can also use pale cathedral colors or some                  addition to the wonderful Tiffany-inspired lamps,
each installation, plus a history of their studio.          brightly colored glass if you want a more contem-           there are many original creations in a variety of
$23.95                                                      porary (albeit surreal) look. Intermediate. $14.95          design styles. $12.95

                          #B316-49                                                    #B316-50                                                   #B316-51
                          BOX COLUMN                                                  PRAIRIE STYLE                                              BEST OF STAINED
                          LANTERNS                                                    MINIATURES                                                 GLASS NEWS
                        (Williams)                                                    (Haebich)                                                  VOLUME 3, THE
                        Patterns inspired by Art                                      These Suncatchers are                                      (SGN)
                        Nouveau, Craftsman and                                        quick "one afternoon"                                      The patterns from the front
                        Mission Styles, are incorpo-                                  projects that will add a                                   cover of SGN issues #61-
                        rated into decorative 4" x                                    touch of class to any small                                80 appear in this book.
                        14" square column lamps.                                      space in your home. All                                    You'll find a wide variety of
                        The lanterns' simple shape                                    but one of the 24 designs                                  projects in this collection,
and classic designs coordinate well with either             are comprised of entirely straight lines making             with subject matter that includes: floral, animals,
traditional or contemporary décor. Full size patterns       these projects perfect for beginners. All of the            abstract geometric, landscape, beveled and sea-
and instructions for 12 lanterns are included. The          projects in "Prairie Style Miniatures" are shown in         sonal. All patterns can be created full size or you
lanterns are intended to be lit by a 40-60 watt elec-       full color to help you choose color schemes.                can enlarge some of the patterns to make larger
tric bulb. Beginner. $14.95                                 Beginner. $14.95                                            projects. $14.95

                          #B36-143                                                 #B1267-3                                                  #1267-4
                          FIRE & ICE, HOT                                          MAKING TIFFANY                                            MAKING STAINED
                          TECHNIQUES FOR                                           LAMPS                                                     GLASS BOXES
                          COOL PROJECTS                                            (Archer)                                                  (Johnson)
                           (Vogt)                                                  This how-to book de-                                      Illustrated step-by-step
                           Lisa Vogt’s latest glass                                scribes in detail how to                                  instruction on techniques
                           fusing book shows you                                   create an authentic                                       to make a variety of beau-
                           how to ramp up your skill
                                                                                   Tiffany reproduction.                                     tiful and practical stained
                           level using various simple
                           techniques in combination                               Step-by-step color                                        glass boxes. Photos
to create striking, artistic pieces. Includes more          photos illustrate the entire lamp-making                    show exactly how to assemble corners, attach
than 30 patterns, tips for project layout, stenciling       process, from cutting the pattern and select-               hinges and lids, work with mirrored glass,
and glass embossing, individual project assembly            ing glass to assembling tiles and soldering                 create shelves and compartments, and add
and firing instructions. Intermediate to Advanced.          shades. Advanced. $24.95                                    feet and lips. Intermediate to Advanced.
$17.95                                                                                                                  $21.95

                          #B316-52                                                   #B316-53                                                    #B36-144
                          ART STRIPS                                                 STAINED GLASS WALL                                          WARM GLASS PLATES
                          (Eaton)                                                    MIRRORS                                                     AND PLATTERS
                          The projects in this book                                   (Coleman)                                                  (Roberts)
                          were designed to fill small                                 A beautiful mirror can make                                21 fun fusing projects of all
                          narrow spaces, between                                      quite a statement in your home                             shapes and sizes. Choose
                          doors, windows, etc. or to fill                             by reflecting light and making                             from Holiday plates,
                          in entryways. You could                                     your room seem larger. This                                bamboo, dragonflies, fish,
                          also display a group of three                               book provides you with many
                          or more for a bigger impact
                                                                                                                                                 hearts, abstracts and
                                                                                      mirror choices (both in shape
on a wall or in a window. Make them with opalescent                                                                                              more. All include detailed
                                                            and style). There are rectangular, oval and round mir-
glass and mirror for wall hangings or use transparent                                                                   instructions, project dimensions and firing sched-
                                                            rors. Tips and hints for working with mirror are included
glass and bevels for sidelights and windows. Most of        here and will help you add something beautiful and new      ules. Advanced. $17.95
these projects are quick and easy with lots of straight     to your décor. Intermediate to Advanced. $14.95
cuts. Beginner to Intermediate. $14.95

 FRANKLIN ART GLASS STUDIOS INC. PHONE:614-221-2972 (TOLL FREE) 800-848-7683 FAX:614-221-5223 (24 HOUR FAX)
                             #B316-54                                                      #B36-145                                                     #B36-2011
                             CANDLE RINGS &                                                DESTINATION                                                  LAMPS FOR ALL SEASONS
                             COMPLEMENTARY                                                 INNOVATION                                                   2011
                             BOX LANTERNS                                                (Vogt)                                                        The Association of Stained Glass
                           (Williams)                                                    A collection of 41 fun new                                    Lamp Artists was formed in
                           A collection of full size                                     fusing project ideas.                                         1991 to perpetuate, improve and
                           patterns featuring 9 circu-                                   Choose from vases,                                            promote the art of stained glass
                           lar candle shelters with leaf                                 clocks, candlestick, plates,                                  lamp construction. In its 19h
                           and petal motifs. The                                         picture frames, art pieces                                    year this edition features page
theme is repeated in the 9 box lanterns, which are                                       and even glass sinks. All                                     after page of hand-made lamps
also designed to use with candles. Each project is             projects feature System 96 products, lots of instruc-          created by the members of the Association of Stained
shown in a full color photograph on the cover.                 tions and complete firing schedules. Intermediate to           Glass Lamp Artists. This calenedar is a wonderful testa-
Beginner. $14.95                                               Advanced. $18.95                                               ment to the beauty and timeliness of stained glass. Also
                                                                                                                              included are bonus pages featuring additional lamps and a
                                                                                                                              magnificent stained glass quilt. $12.95

                             #B316-55                                                      #B316-56                                                     #B316-57
                             DANCE OF LIFE                                                 FUSED GLASS FOR                                              STARCATCHERS
                             (Sheppard)                                                    WALLS                                                        (Haebich)
                             Jody Sheppard tries to ex-                                      (Eaton)                                                    Smaller "suncatcher size"
                             press the language of dance                                     If you're running out of                                   versions of the kaleidoscopic
                             through her patterns for                                        window space for your art                                  images from “STARBURSTS”.
                             stained glass in The Dance of                                   glass creations these con-                                 This book contains 20 full-size
                             Life. Although a dance disap-                                   temporary designs for 15                                   starburst patterns that are only
                             pears when it is finished,                                      fused tiles are what you need
                             some performances are so                                                                                                   6" to 7.5" in diameter. You can
                                                                                             to decorate your walls. Each
                             memorable that the dancer                                                                                                  use any combination of your
                                                               tile is only 6"x6" so you can create them in even a very
and the interpretation is never forgotten. Jody tries to       small kiln. They are intended to be created in sets of         favorite glass colors and textures in these easy-to-
capture these moments in her 19 evocative glass panels.        three (or more) & then mounted, so that they "float" an        create window hangings. Rather than filling up a win-
Crafters will have fun recreating the ballet, the waltz, the   inch or so in front of your wall. You can display the tile     dow with one large Starburst, you can hang several of
cha cha, a pas de deux or scenes from a dance class, as        sets horizontally or vertically, or use them individually to   these smaller “Starcatchers” to liven up a room. They
well as many other historical & contemporary dance             liven up a small nook or cranny. Beginner to                   also make great gift items. Beginner to Intermediate.
styles from around the globe. Intermediate to Advanced.        Intermediate. $15.95                                           $15.95

                            #B1542-1                                                       #B316-58                                                     #B1267-5
                            STAINED GLASS BOXES                                            NOSTALGIC STAINED                                            MAKING STAINED GLASS
                            SIMPLIFIED (Revised)                                           GLASS                                                        PANELS
                            (J Floyd)                                                      (Jorgensen)                                                   (Johnston)
                            Complete step - step - teach-                                  A "best of" compilation, this                                 This book teaches beginning
                            ing manual for the making and                                  new book features 5 projects                                  stained glass crafters how to
                            building of stained glass                                      each from Jorgensen's previ-                                  make windows or sun catch-
                            boxes. Full color photos                                       ous titles: Nostalgic Glass                                   ers. Starting with detailed
                            included. $14.95                                               Boxes, Nostalgic Picture                                      instructions for the most basic
                                                                                           Frames, and Nostalgic Can-
                                                                                                                                                         steps in working with stained
                                                               dleholders. The keepsakes you'll create from these
                                                                                                                              glass, such as cutting glass and using a soldering iron,
                                                               patterns feature lots of bevels, decorative wire, and glass
                                                               nuggets. Instructions for assembling these projects            this book guides readers through the process of building
                                                               include a unique method of making copper foil flowers          a large stained glass panel. It includes multiple designs
                                                               and leaves to use as added embellishment. Full-size            that can be mixed and matched and built in the readers
                                                               patterns and color photos of the projects are included.        choice of colors to create a personalized project. $24.95

                            MAKING STAINED
                            GLASS LAMPS
                          This illustrated guide offers
                          techniques to make a num-
                          ber of lamps from simple,
                          contemporary shades to
                          elaborate Tiffany styles.
                          How to directions are in-
cluded to create and work with patterns, assemble
panels, use a lamp jig, solder and patina, tin and at-
tach caps, and select a base. $24.95

     FRANKLIN ART GLASS STUDIOS INC. PHONE:614-221-2972 (TOLL FREE) 800-848-7683 FAX:614-221-5223 (24 HOUR FAX)

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