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Family Resource Center - Dayton by fjzhangxiaoquan


									 Family Resource Center Wish List

 Critical needs: Operating Expenses for Family Resource Center
                 Child Health Information Packets (one year supply $ 500)
                 Call 937-641-6405 for details

 Always needed

 Video games: PlayStation 1 or PlayStation 2 video games rated E or E-10
 Disney DVD movies
 Family DVD movies: rated G, PG or PG-13
 Books and DVD movies on child health, behavior, parenting and safety
 Kids books: board books, picture books, chapter books
 Books for parents: fiction, mystery, sports, biographies
 Office supplies

 Anatomical Models

 Asthma MH79740
 Blood Components MH79267
 Chest Model (Ports, Cath, PICC) MH64242
 G-NG Tube MH56070
 Heart MH54250
 Lung MH54289
 Ostomy Care MH26130
 Skin MH52454
 Special Needs Child MH56085
 Spine MH64055
 Torso Case MH54261
 Torso Central Nervous System MH54069


 Anatomical Model

 Brain C25

 See Anatomical Chart Company

See critical items on our wish list at
 Patient Education Items

 Fire Safety Puppet
 Farm Fresh Crate of Fruit
 Farm Fresh Crate of Vegetables


 Fruit & veggie beach ball
 Fruit & veggie flash cards
 Fruit & veggie memory game
 Nutrition cards


 Nutrition ball


 Exercise cards


 Tobacco prevention ball


 Size wise laminated charts


 Portion sizes of food



 1000 Signs of Life: Basic ASL
 101 Activities for Kids in Tight Spaces
 AACAP Your Adolescent
 AACAP Your Child
 AAP Building Resilience in Children and Teens

See critical items on our wish list at

 AAP Caring for Your Baby & Young Child
 AAP Caring for Your School Aged Child
 AAP Caring for Your Teenager
 AAP CyberSafe
 AAP Food Fights
 AAP Guide to Toilet Training
 AAP Guide to Your Child’s Allergies & Asthma
 AAP Immunizations & Infectious Diseases
 AAP Less Stress, More Success
 AAP Mommy Calls
 AAP Parent's Guide to Building Resilience
 AAP Wonder Years
 AAP Your Baby’s First Year
 Achieving Best Behavior
 Activity Schedules for Children with Autism
 Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum
 Alphabet Kids
 American Cancer Society: Cancer Caregiving A to Z
 American Cancer Society: Guide to Pain Control in Cancer
 American Cancer Society: Eat Right Cookbook
 American Diabetes Association: Guide to Raising a Child with Diabetes
 American Dietetic Association: Guide to Healthy Eating…Kids
 American Dietetic Association: Play Hard Eat Right
 American Medical Association: Boys Guide to Becoming a Teen
 American Medical Association: Girls Guide to Becoming a Teen
 Asthma & Allergy Action Plan for Kids
 Autism 24/7
 Autism, Asperger's and Sexuality
 Autism's False Prophets
 Being the Other One
 Beyond Baby Talk
 Bipolar Child 3E
 Bipolar Kids
 Brave New Stepfamilies
 Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs
 Brothers & Sisters
 Building A Joyful Life
 Caring for Your Child with Hemophilia

See critical items on our wish list at

 Celiac Disease: Guide to Living with Gluten Intolerance
 Cerebral Palsy: A Complete Guide for Caregiving
 CF Guide for Patient and Family 3E
 CHADD Information & Resource Guide
 Challenge of Childhood Diabetes
 Chemo Girl
 Childhood Cancer Survivors
 Childhood Leukemia
 Children with Autism 2E
 Children with Seizures
 Children with Spina Bifida 2E 2008
 Children with Tourette Syndrome 2E 2007
 Children with Visual Impairments 2E 2006
 Colleges That Change Lives
 Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome
 Complete IEP Guide 3E
 Complete Single Father
 Complete Single Mother
 Conquering Your Child's Chronic Pain
 Consumer Reports Guide to Childproofing & Safety
 Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Autism
 DASH Diet (National Institutes of Health)
 Different Kind of Perfect
 Difficult Child
 Digestive Wellness for Children
 Discipline without Shouting or Spanking
 Doctor Paula's Good Nutrition Guide
 Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary with CD-Rom
 Early Intervention Dictionary
 Eating Right from 8 to 18
 Encouraging Appropriate Behavior
 Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders & Birth Defects
 Engaging Autism
 English/Spanish Medical Dictionary
 Epilepsy Ultimate Teen Guide
 Epilepsy: Patient & Family Guide
 Everybody is Different
 Everyday Solutions

See critical items on our wish list at

 Everyone Likes to Eat
 Explosive Child
 Extreme Parenting
 Finnie's Handling the Young Child with Cerebral Palsy at Home
 First Human Body Encyclopedia
 From Crib to Kindergarten
 Galludet Dictionary of ASL
 Germ Proof your Kids-Protecting without Overprotecting
 Germs Make me Sick
 Gifts: Mother's Reflect
 Good Parenting through your Divorce
 Granny Nanny
 Healing Images for Children
 Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood
 Healthy Anger
 Healthy Eating for Life for Children
 Heart of a Child
 Helping Your Child Overcome Separation Anxiety
 Hidden Pictures – any title by Liz Ball
 How to Teach Nutrition to Kids
 Hurried Child
 If Your Child is Overweight
 Imagine a Rainbow
 In Time and With Love
 It Takes Two to Talk (Book and DVD)
 Just Take a Bite
 Keys to Parenting Multiples
 Kids in the Syndrome Mix
 Kids with Celiac Disease
 Like Sound Through Water
 Living Alongside a Child's Recovery
 Married with Special Needs Children
 Mental Health, Naturally
 Merriam Webster's Medical Dictionary
 My Food Pyramid (KIDS)
 My Tummy Hurts
 Nana, What’s Cancer
 Newborn Intensive Care

See critical items on our wish list at

 Nurturing Adoptions: Resilience after Neglect
 OASIS Guide to Asperger Syndrome
 Oh the Things You Can Do
 Out of Sync Child
 Out of Sync Child Has Fun
 Parenting a Bipolar Child
 Parenting a Child with Sensory Processing
 Parenting School Age Twins, Multiples
 Parenting That Works
 Parenting Your Complex Child
 Parenting Your Out of Control Child
 Parent's Guide to Children with Cerebral Palsy
 Parent's Guide to Developmental Delays
 Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome
 Parent's Guide to Food Allergies
 Parent's Guide to Special Education
 Parent's Guide to Speech & Language Problems
 PDR Pocket Guide to Prescription Drugs
 Pediatric Facts Made Incredibly Quick
 Period Book
 Personal Hygiene: What’s That Got to Do With Me?
 Physical Therapy in Bleeding Disorders
 Plain Language Pediatrics
 Playing it Safe: Sports/Hemophilia
 Playing, Laughing & Learning
 Preemies: Essential Guide for Parents of Premature Babies
 Prescription for Nutritional Healing
 Raising a Child with Arthritis
 Raising your Spirited Child
 Right from the Start
 Road Map to Holland
 Seizures Epilepsy & Childhood
 Self Help Skills for People with Autism
 Should you Medicate your Child's Mind?
 Show Jo How to Wash your Hands
 Sibling Grief
 Siblings of Children with Autism
 Signs for Me

See critical items on our wish list at

 Sleep Better…special needs
 Sleeping Through the Night
 Snack, Munch, Nibble, Nosh book
 Social Skills for Teenagers & Adults with Asperger's Syndrome
 Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems
 Special Needs Planning Guide
 Stedman's Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions & Nursing
 Straight Talk About Psychiatric Medications for Kids
 Sugar was my Best Food
 Sweet Kids
 Take Charge of your Child's Eating Disorder
 Take Charge of Your Child's Sleep
 Take Your Pediatrician With You
 Taking Care of Your Child: Parent's Guide to Complete Medical Care
 Taking Seizure Disorders to School
 Talking on the Go
 Talking with Children & Young People @ Death
 Teach Me How to Say it Right
 Teenagers with ADD & ADHD 2E
 Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism
 To be Gifted and Learning Disabled
 Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis
 Understanding the Mind of your Bipolar Child
 Understanding your Child's Temperament
 Verbal Behavior Approach
 Visual Support for Children with Autism
 Von Willebrand Disease
 Wash Your Hands!
 What to do For Teen Health English
 What to do For Teen Health Spanish
 What to Eat with IBD
 What to Expect the First Year
 What's Happening to My Body Boys
 What's Happening to My Body Girls
 When to Worry
 You Will Dream New Dreams
 Your Cleft Affected Child

See critical items on our wish list at
 Spanish books and DVD movies

 123 Magia
 Ayudando a su Hijo en el Hospital
 Bebes con sindorme de down
 Como Hablar para que los Adolescentes Escuchen y Como Escuchar para que los Adol
 Como Hablar para que los Ninos Eschuchen y como escuchar para que los ninos habien
 Dos o Mas
 El Cuidado de su Hijo Pequeno
 El primer ano de su bebe
 Empieza con amor/Begin with Love
 Esos desagradables detestable su cios complemente asquerosos pero invisibles germens
 Guiandose por la Intrincada Senda de la Educacion Especial
 Que hacer para La Salud de los adolescentes
 Que hacer para Tener Dientes Sanos
 What to do for Teen Health

 DVD Movies

 Any family DVD rated G, PG or PG-13
 Any Disney DVD

 123 Magic
 Alexander the Elephant Goes to School: See
 ASL Handshape Dictionary DVD
 Asperger Syndrome
 Asthma Understanding & Control See
 Autism & Me
 Baby Cues
 Baby Signing Time: any title
 Begin with Love
 Children & Teens with Type 2 Diabetes
 Coping With Brain Injury
 Crying, What Can I Do? English
 Crying, What Can I Do? Spanish
 Diabetes: Team Effort (American Diabetes Association)
 Different Shades of Autism
 Discovery: Down syndrome
 Disney: Any title
 Down Syndrome The First 18 Months

See critical items on our wish list at
 DVD Movies

 Embracing Play
 Environmental Controls
 Epilepsy 101
 Epilepsy Child & Family
 Epilepsy What is It
 Food Allergies
 Getting your Asthma in Control/Hospitalization
 Giving Adoption DVD
 Growing Straighter & Stronger
 Heads Up Baby
 How to Recognize & Classify Epilepsy Seizures
 It Only Takes One Bite (Book & DVD)
 It Takes Two to Talk (Book & DVD)
 Kids with Down Syndrome
 Living Well with Bipolar Disorder
 Managing Diabetic Hypoglycemia, American Diabetes Association
 More 123 Magic
 On the Spectrum
 Out of the Shadows
 Positive Discipline Without Shaking, Shouting or Spanking
 Raising Healthy Children
 Seizure Disorders 1
 Seizure Disorders 2
 Seizure First Aid Rev
 Sesame Street: Elmo's World Food, Water & Exercise
 Sesame Street: Happy, Healthy Monsters
 Sesame Street: Let's Eat
 Sesame Street: Play with Me Sesame
 Signing Time: any title
 Smart Parents, Safe Kids
 Speech, Language & Hearing Milestones: Birth to age 5
 Staying in Balance, American Diabetes Association
 Staying in Control of your Asthma
 Teen to Teen ADHD
 Teen Years
 Treating Seizures & Epilepsy Rev
 Understanding Asthma Medications

See critical items on our wish list at
 DVD Movies

 Understanding Epilepsy & Seizures
 Understanding Pain
 Walk Smart
 What Did You Say?

 DVD Movie
 Shattered Dreams


 Pamphlets from American Academy of Pediatrics

 Allergies in Children
 Asthma & Your Child
 Food Allergies
 Understanding ADHD
 Understanding ADHD
 Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders


 Pamphlets from American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

 All About Asthma
 Asthma & Allergy Medications
 Asthma & Exercise
 Asthma Triggers and Management
 Childhood Asthma English/Spanish
 Inhaled Asthma Medications
 Prevention of Allergies & Asthma in Children


 Pamphlets from the American Diabetes Association

 A Child You Care About: Type 2
 Choose Your Foods: Diabetes
 Choose Your Foods: Weight Management

See critical items on our wish list at
 Pamphlets from Channing-Bete

 About Asthma
 About Epilepsy
 About Pneumonia
 About Seizures
 Asthma in Children
 Asthma: You can Breathe Easier
 Helping your Child Manage Asthma
 Learn About Breathing Easier
 Your Child & Asthma


 Pamphlets from the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome

 Enjoy Your Baby


 Pamphlets from American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

 How Does Your Child Hear & Talk English
 How Does Your Child Hear & Talk Spanish


 Pamphlet from Brain Injury Association of America

 Living with Brain Injury


 Pamphlets from the American Diabetes Association

 Your Child has Type 2 Diabetes English
 Your Child has Type 2 Diabetes Spanish
See critical items on our wish list at
 Your Child has Type I Diabetes


 CD from American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

 Let's Talk Speech & Language Development & Disorders English
 Let's Talk Speech & Language Development & Disorders Spanish


 CD from Amazon

 Time to Sing


 Database from American Academy of Pediatrics

 AAP Patient Education Online


 CD-ROM from American Academy of Pediatrics

 TIPP/Connected Kids


 Games from Health Edco

 Fruits & Veggies Bingo
 Fitness Dice
 Tumble n Teach Cubes
 Nutrition Toss up Ball
 Learning about Diabetes
 Food Pyramid Bingo English
 Food Pyramid Bingo Spanish


See critical items on our wish list at
 Kits from Health Edco

 CPR Anytime Child
 CPR Anytime Adult

 Charts from Pritchett and Hull

 Asthma Flip Cards
 Lung Conditions


 Charts from Anatomical Chart Company

 Desktop Anatomical Chart English and Spanish
 Understanding Asthma
 Understanding Type 1 Diabetes
 Understanding Type 2 Diabetes


 Charts from American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

 Asthma Triggers


 Charts from American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

 How Does Your Child Hear & Talk Slide Wheel English
 How Does Your Child Hear & Talk Slide Wheel Spanish


 Chart from Health Edco

 Diabetes Chart


See critical items on our wish list at

 HP Printer/Scanner with photo quality printing. See
 Kindle (for the visually impaired). See

 Office Supplies
 Brother labeling system

 Critical need: Child Health Information Packets: call 937-641-3700. One year supply @ $ 500

 Demco Clip on Shelf Label Holder, 3/4"
 Disc Skin
 Envelopes 9 x 12 Kraft (box of 100)
 Envelopes 10 x 13 Kraft (box of 100)
 Fellowes Neato CD/DVD Labels, Matte (500/pack)
 Headphones, Disposable
 Highlighter, Yellow
 Index cards, unruled, green, yellow, blue, pink (pack of 100)
 Index cards, unruled, white (pack of 100)
 Laser labels, 1” x 2-5/8”
 Paper Clip, Jumbo (100/bx)
 Paper Clip, Small (100/box)
 Paper, Letter Size 10 reams
 Post it Flags for medical journal articles (pack of 200)
 Post it Notes, Large
 Post it Notes, Small
 Sharpie, metallic silver, 4 pack
 Sharpie markers, chisel point black
 Staples for Swingline electric and manual staplers
 Swiffer with extendable handle
 Tape, office style, ¾” wide (10 pack)


 See or

 Living Without
 Adoptive Families
 American Baby
 Boys Life

See critical items on our wish list at

 Car & Driver
 Consumer Reports Health
 Cosmo Girl
 Countdown for Kids (Diabetes)
 Disney Family Fun
 Disney & Me
 Disney Princess
 Exceptional Parent Magazine
 Girls Life
 Good Housekeeping
 National Geographic Little Kids
 Parent's Magazine
 Pediatrics for Parents
 Ranger Rick
 Sports Illustrated
 Sports Illustrated for Kids
 Wonder Time
 Working Mother
 Your Big Backyard

 See our critical needs wish list on

 Thank you for thinking of the Family Resource Center at The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton

See critical items on our wish list at

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