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					           THE BROW
VOL. IV.                    BERLIN, N. H., JANUARY 1,       1923
Page Two                                                   THE BROWN BULLETIN

THE B R O W N BULLETIN                                                                                       The editors have thought it best to dis-
                                                                                                           continue publishing the sequels to the
                                                                                                           "Why Not—Because" arguments.            It
                                                                                                           seems that no good purpose would be
Vol. IV.                              JANUARY, 1923                                            No. 7       served in carrying the argument any

Editor—W. E. Taft                                           Cartoons—Stark Wilson
Associate Editors—G. L. Cave, H. A.                         Athletics—G. Lovett, Jos. Hennessey,             The Annual Meeting of the Brown
                  Chase, W. L. Bennett                                H. T. Raeburn                        Publishing Association was held Dec.
Photographs—John Graff, Howard Smith                        Business Manager—J. H. Briggs                  5th, at the YMCA in Berlin at 4 p. m. In
                                                                                                           view of the fact that all the employees of
                                                                                                           the Brown Company are members of this
                                                                                                           association, the attendance was small.
                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                     The Sulphite Mill Group named Stark
UPPER PLANTS                 SULPHITE MILL                CASCADE MILL               BROWN CORP.           Wilson as director to serve for two years,
  G. A. Richter                C. A. Martin                  O. P. Cole                John Heck           that is the unexpired term of C. A.
  P. W. Churchill              A. L. Laferriere              Jos. Hennessey            W. L. Bennett       Martin, resigned. Harold Moreau was
  Ray Smith                    W. E. Taft                    H. A. Chase '             W. L. Gilman
                                                                                                           elected for a full term.
                                         PORTLAND OFFICE
                                                                                                             The Berlin Mills Group named Walter
                                         Arthur T. Spring
                                                                                                           Elliott to serve the unexpired term of
                                                                                                           Ray Smith, that is two years, and George
                                                                                                           Richter for the full term.
                                           REPORTERS                                                         The Portland Office Group named C. S.
UPPER PLANTS              SULPHITE MILL              CASCADE MILL                BROWN CORP.               Means for its director for the ensuing
 H. E. Malloy              Theo. Belanger             Wm. Foren                   H. B. Curran             year. The Brown Corporation named
 M. H. Griffin             Guy Fortier                Geo. Snow                   F. E. Howell
 H. D. Bevins              Fred Snyder                E. Byrd                     J. C. Corbett            John Heck to serve three years.
 Wm. Roach                 B. Covieo                  D. Fogg                     W. L. Gilman
 Flora Howell              M. C. Frost                J. Toohey                   John Carter
 Elizabeth McLellan        Harold Moreau              L. Hughes                   L. P. Jutras
 M. McCarthy               Amie Lavoie                R. Cox                      F. J. Smith                The Board of Directors elected G. L.
 W. E. Haynes              Archie Belanger            A .H. Eastman               V. A. Beede
 J. J. Tellington          Elphage Charest            H. Hayden                   A. S. Meland             Cave of the Research Department as
 Peter Beaudoin            Elsie Porter               F X. McNally                R. Guimont               editor. Col. Cole of the Cascade mill
 Henry Holland             C. E. Thayer               Dionysius Gillis            J. S. Cassidy
 H. E. Brakewood           John Powers                Edwin E. Howe                                        was elected chairman of the Board of
 Lynn Madan                                                                                                Directors and of the Brown Publishing
                                      PORTLAND OFFICE                                                      Association. A. L. Laferriere was elected
                            C. G. Means                    P. G. Peterson                                  clerk.
                            W. T. Callahan                 W. E. Perkins
                            R. E. Brown, Jr.               H. B. Chase
                                             G. M. Fozzard
                                                                                                             The editorial staff has appointed the
                                                                                                           following associate editors:
                                                                                                             A. L. Laferriere, Sulphite Mill.
                                 SERVICE DIRECTORY                                                           H. A. Chase, Cascade Mill.
                                                                                                                    ASSISTANT EDITORS
                     (Affiliated with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company since 1916)                        Jos. Hennessey, Cascade Mill.
      Miss E. A. Uhlschoeffer, Supervising Nurse ; Miss Laura Swetland, Mrs. Florence Keenan, Miss           Harold Moreau, Sulphite Mill.
Dorothy Goodwin, Miss Gertrude Kennedy. Office, 226 High street; telephone 85; office hours. 8-8.30          H. A. Chase, Cascade Mill.
a. m. and 12.30-1.30 p. m. Calls for a nurse may be sent to above office, to Metropolitan Life Insurance
Company office, 153Main street, telephone 283-2, or to any Brown Company time office. Working                L. Madan, Brown Company.
hours (except for emergencies) 8 a. m. to 6 p . m . A nurse answers all first calls from any source, but     Cartoons, Stark D. Wilson, Sulphite
may not continue upon a case except a doctor is in charge.
                                  Consulting Physician for November, Dr. Wilkinson                         Mill.
                                                                                                             Photographs, John Graff, Research De-
                                                                                                             Business Manager, Gerald Kimball,
                      BROWN COMPANY RELIEF ASSOCIATION                                                     Purchasing Department.
               Open to all employees except those eligible to Burgess Relief Association
PRES., A. K. Hull, Riverside                                      SEC., P. L. Murphy, Cascade
VICE-PRES., Peter Landers, Cascade                                TREAS., E. F. Bailey, Main Office          Mr. Eichenstein returned home from
                                     EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                   business and found his wife rocking the
Irving Teare, Riverside                                                 Alec. Martell, Cascade
J. B. Morneau, Riverside                                                C. J Oleson, Upper Plants          baby and singing, "By-low, baby, by-low,
B. L. Barnett, Cascade                                                  Olaf M. Nelson, Saw Mill           by-low, baby, by-low^"
T. D. Walsh, Cascade                                                    Walter E,. Haines, Box Mill
A. N. Perkins, Cascade                                                                                       "Dot's tight, Sarah, you teach him to
                                                                                                           buy low, and I'll teach him to sell high."

                                                                                                              "Do Englishmen understand American
                             BURGESS RELIEF ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                           slang? "
           PRES., J. J. McKinnon                                   SEC., H. T. Raeburn
           VICE-PRES., James Moody                                 TREAS., J. H. Briggs                       " Some of them do. Why ? "
                                        INVESTIGATORS                                                         " My daughter is to be married in Lon-
John Cavagnaro, Maintenance                      Harold Moreau, Yards, Electrical, SO2                     don, and the earl has cabled me to come
John McDougall, Wood and Barker Plant           Leo Frechette, Acid, Dig., Steam.Office
W. C. Thomas, Machines, Screens, Bleachery      A. W. O'Connell, Chemical Plants                           across."
                                                    THE BROWN BULLETIN                                                     Page Three

                                                                                               Boxing, 4 rounds            St. Pierre Bros.
                                                                                               Burgess Troupe Entertainment, at Gym
    GORHAM WINTER CARNIVAL                                                                         Miss Amelia Lavoie at the Piano
                                                                                               Opening number "Yoo Hoo"
                                                                                                                            Entire Troupe
                                                                                               Come Out of the Kitchen, Mary Ann
       WINTER carnival is a community           ters are especially invited to be present
A      affair and of interest and advantage
       to every wide awake member of the
                                                with their animals and liberal prizes will
                                                be awarded. The afternoon will be re-
                                                                                                                               J. J. Moody
                                                                                               Lonesome Mamma Blues....H. B. Moreau
                                                                                               Habitant Sketch              A. E. Michaud
 community in which it is held. To make         served for horse racing.        Numerous       Gee ! But I Hate to Go Home Alone
 the carnival a success requires the co-        inquiries insure good entries and an ex-                                       John Laffin
 operation of everybody, with a fair dis-       citing program. Finals of ski and snow-        Dancing Fool                      Ed. Nolan
 tribution of the large amount of work          shoe runs will be held at the same time        Dance                       A. E. Michaud
 involved and each citizen called on for        if necessary. The carnival ball will come                               Asa Ingalls, violin
 his oj her help must stand ready to do         Friday night and the entertainment com-        My Buddy                       Amie Lavoie
 their best. Gorham has a reputation for        mittee promises the best music obtainable      Dance                   Nolan and Moreau
 community spirit and this year's event         and plenty of it.                              Wake Up, Little Girl            John Laffin
 scheduled for January 18th, 19th and              Saturday will be the "Big Day" com-         Mr. Gallagher & Mr. Shean
 20th, promises to be the biggest and best      mencing with skijoring in the morning,                      Dr. Ingalls and A. L. Thomas
 ever.                                          Senior ski jumping in the afternoon and        Finale, Dixie                Entire Troupe
    Three years ago Gorham organized the        a hockey game in the evening between             Billiards, pool and bowling were in-
 White Mountain Carnival Association            the famous Berlin team and some worthy         dulged in after the musical entertain-
 and staged the original winter carnival in     antagonist to be announced in the near         ment. Ice cream and fancy crackers
 this country. Newspaper and moving             future.                                        were served.
 picture men from all over the country             Mr. Brunnell has been at work on the
 showed their interest by their attendance.     ski jump with a large crew for some time
 The dog team race which was inaugurated        and many improvements suggested in
                                                                                               BURGESS BAND NOTES
 in Gorham, has become an annual, in-           past seasons have been carried out.              At the closing of the regular band re-
 ternational event.                                The Association meets every Monday          hearsal Wednesday, November 29th, a
    With three years' experience and the        evening at 7.30 in the lower town hall and     meeting was held for the purpose of bid-
 natural advantage of the town's location,      everyone interested, resident or not, is       ding good-bye to our former manager,
 the White Mountain Carnival Association        cordially invited to attend. The manage-       Mr. H. T. Raeburn, and our former
 promises a bigger and better carnival          ment solicits suggestions, criticisms and      treasurer, Mr. J. H. Briggs. After a few
 than ever before.                              assistance.                                    appropriate remarks by our band master,
                                                   "Community Spirit, Sportsmanship, and       Mr. George E. Stevens, and our secretary,
   At a recent meeting the following
                                                Pep."                                          Mr. P. E. Grenier, they were each pre-
 appointments were made which will in-
                                                                                               sented with a beautiful scarf pin as a
sure proper management:
                                                                                               token of the high esteem in which they
Manager                       C. A. Chandler
Assistant Manager              C. E. Sullivan   YMCA BURGESS NIGHT                             are held by the band members. After a
                                                                                               short smoke talk, good-byes were said,
Secretary                        J. O. George      In order to stimulate the interest of its
                                                                                               everybody wishing Harry and Bob the
Treasurer                        E. W. Libby    members to make use of the privileges
                                                                                               best of luck in their venture.
   Committee chairmen in charge of              available, the YMCA is having a course
Publicity                        S. D. Wilson   of stag parties for the various mill groups.
 Program                       .C. A. Walker    On the 12th of December the Burgess              Due to the resignation of Mr. H. T.
Pageant and Parade Mrs. T. H. Marble            Group was entertained. The following           Raeburn and Mr. John H. Briggs, Mr.
Skating                      Walter Weston      committee from the mill aided the YMCA         Walter E. Taft has kindly consented to
Ski Jumping                   C. A. Brunnell    officials in producing the entertainment:      act as manager and Mr. G. H. Fowler as
Skijoring                   Royden Leavitt      H. B. Moreau, Matt Ryan, R. A. Riva, A.        treasurer.
Horse Racing                    T. H. Malloy    L. Watt and A. L. Thomas. Their efforts
Ski and Snowshoe Racing                         were rewarded by the hearty appreciation                PUSH MEN WANTED
     Events            Rev. J. B. McCaffery     of those who attended the party, some             We are now beginning a new year with
Entertainment                     E. C. Libby   two hundred in number.                         the same number of men we had last
Toboggan Slide                  M. M. Willis       The following program was carried out       year. Why not increase the number by
Transportation             F. E. Purrington     in a very pleasing manner.                     five or more new men. With that many
   The program outlined for the three           Swimming Stunts                     At Pool    members we can guarantee the best of
days is as follows:                             Concert by Burgess Band           In Lobby     music on any occasion that may arise
   Thursday afternoon, January 18th, will       Tumbling Stunts by H. Barbin                   and have the best band in the North
be devoted to Junior events : Junior ski             and Son                        At Gym     country. If push means press forward
jumping, snowshoe and ski races. The                            Basket Ball                    let band men and mill men be push men,
evening is reserved for the costume and         J. McGivney           vs        A. Thomas      that's what we want.
skating carnival and, weather permitting,       G. McGivney                         A. Watt
there will be a display of fireworks and        B. Preo                        Willoughby        Husband : " I see they're wearing gowns
signal fires from nearby mountains.             H. Powers                        Morrisette    longer this year."
   Friday morning at 10.00 a. m., a pageant     R. Leavitt                       Anderson        Wife: " Well, if they wear them any
and parade will be followed by the Junior       Score, 22                         Score, 11    longer than I do, they '11 have to make
dog team races. All youthful dog teams-         Tugo'War                       Free for All    them out of sheet iron."
Page Four                                        THE BROWN BULLETIN

                                 UPPER PLANTS NOTES
       RIVERSIDE DOINGS                           Our mighty hunter, Syl, returned from       deal more of a success than ever before
   Henry Bedard has returned to the cut-       a second hunting expedition with no deer.      both for our own good and the fine Com-
ter room crew after an extended vaca-          It is supposed that he didn't go to sleep      pany that employs us.
tion. We missed his silent ways.               this time, so the deer had no chance to
                                               commit suicide.                                  RESEARCH DEPARTMENT
  Thomas Sheridan is back to work after                                                         On Saturday afternoon, December 16,
a long illness. Tommy sure has lots of           We are pleased to hear that A. K. Hull       the Joliettes gave a farewell tea at the
hard luck.                                     (better known as "Old Man" Hull) has           Garden for Miss Mary Anderson. There
                                               been elected a director of the Brown           was a Christmas tree and many unique
  WANTED :—Most of the cutter and fin-         Bulletin for three years. We feel sure         gifts and last but not least, a bountiful
ishing room crews would like to hire a         that the Riverside mill will be heard of       spread.
hall for Monroe, Goodreau, and Vien. It        from now on. We know that if Mr. Hull            Miss Beatrice A. Hayes has accepted
sure would be a great relief to the rest of    would open up and write us a story of          the position left vacant by Miss Anderson
us.                                            some of his fishing trips down to his old      in the photo section.
                                               home in Charlestown, N. H., it would have
  Leodore Couture has returned to his          the story of " The Sheik," " Simon Called        On Saturday evening, November 25th,
duties on No. 6 machine after a three          Peter," and numerous other stories beat        the members of the research and en-
months' illness with appendicitis.             to a frazzle. Mr. Hull, we bid you wel-        gineering departments with their wives,
                                               come.                                          enjoyed a supper and social evening at
  This is a great year for paper hogs and                                                     the Y. M. C. A. The office girls catered
the supply is much larger than the de-           Bill Goudreau: "Onct eighteen cars           and served an excellent supper, after
mand.                                          and two engines went over me, and —            which dancing, bowling, pool, etc., were
                                                 Jimmy Johnson: " Where were you,             enjoyed during the evening.
  We also have a large number of would-        Bill, under a bridge ? "
be auditors. Any party in need of a few                                                          Mr. Peter Pellison has been engaged to
can have any any amount of them by                                                            assist Mr. Graff in the photographic sec-
                                                 Our old friend, "Spike" visits us            tion. Mr. Pellison has been in Europe
applying at the mill.                          occasionally and brings plenty of hot air      for the past five years as a camera man,
                                               and good cheer, but as usual, is always        gathering documentary photographic
   Skeeter Nolan, our progressive young        out of tobacco.
3rd hand, was the hero in the following                                                       evidence for the United States Govern-
hair raising episode. It appears that                                                         ment. He travelled through many coun-
                                                 Alice Cote has returned to her duties        tries and spent much time in Paris. He
after Skeeter had admired his father's         in the cutter roum after a pleasantly
recently grown mustache he decided to                                                         will take up the position left vacant by
                                               spent vacation.                                Mr. Howard Smith.
acquire a fur lined lip himself. After
weeks of careful cultivation with the aid         A short time ago Joseph Streeter, more
of an eyebrow pencil and other para-                                                             Miss Jeanette McGivney has been en-
                                               commonly known as Joe, in his kind and         gaged to take charge of the photostat and
phernalia, Skeeter was quite satisfied that    benevolent way, bought some woolen felt
it was ready for its first trim, so he trips                                                  blueprint work in the photographic sec-
                                               at the mill to present to a friend of his to   tion. She is a graduate of Berlin High
merrily down to his favorite tonsorial         make up some blankets for his children.
parlor. A little birdie told us the rest of                                                   school, 1922, and is well known among
                                               The felt was sent to the Riverside office      the younger set.
the story, which goes something like this:     to be wrapped up. Some way or other
   Nolan: "I'll have my mustache               the bundle of felt got mixed with a bundle
trimmed."                                                                                       Miss Leota Palmer will assist at the
                                               of old burlap and when Joe came after          Bureau of Tests office. Miss Palmer is a
   Barber (after brief pause) "Beg your        his bundle he took the burlap. Shortly
pardon."                                                                                      graduate of Lowell Business College.
                                               after Joe presented the bundle to his
   Nolan: " I said ' I'll have my mustache     friend, saying that it would make up
trimmed."                                      some nice blankets for the winter, for the       Miss Mary Anderson has severed her
   Barber (after long pause) "Er-bave          kiddies. From the last accounts Joe has        connection with the photographic section
you got it with you ? "                        not been able to convince his friend that      after six years' service as office manager
                                               the bundles were exchanged unknown to          and secretary to Mr. Graff. After a short
  We wish to state that our shipping de-       him. Joe, we knew you when you worked          rest she will enter Long Island College
                                               on the ice wagon in Brooklyn, New York,        Hospital at Brooklyn, New York.
partment is very much handicapped for
car loading space. The matter was taken        and we knew you in your boyhood days
up with the proper authorities, early last     in Lancaster, and if we can help you to           Oscar Taylor of the Bureau of Tests
spring. Nothing has been done about it,        convince this friend of yours that the         has accepted a position as teacher of
consequently there has been quite a lot of     bundles were exchanged, why look us up.        science and mathematics at New Hamp-
extra time put in, in getting out our ship-                                                   ton Literary Institution, New Hampton,
ments and clearing our limited room.             We commenced making Bond again               N. H., and will begin his duties there
This doesn't look much like efficiency to      December llth. Now let us all take ex-         after the Christmas recess. This institu-
us.                                            ceptional interest and make it a great         tion is one of the oldest in the state. It
                                                  THE BROWN BULLETIN                                                       Page Five

was founded in 1821 and at present has         the issue of February, 1921, and the log        Our little Lloyd Budway, proprietor of
an alumni body of over six thousand.           jam picture in the issue for July, 1921,     Bud's Lunch, purchased a Dodge car re-
                                               and for September, 1922. In 1920, Mr.        cently. Pat Collins told Bud that, if a
   Mr. Hugh K. Moore, Mr. G. A. Richter,      Smith married Miss Dora Gray of Berlin        telephone pole hits his car, it is always in
and Mr. W. B. Van Arsdel attended a           and we had thought of him as a perman-        self-defence.
recent meeting of the American Institute      ent employee of the company. In his
of Chemical Engineers at Richmond, Va.,       new position with the John Dunn Com-            Bill Fowler claims that the kick of a
where Mr. Van Arsdel read a paper on          pany, Mr. Smith will be directly respon-      cow is not the most acceptable form of
" Effect of Rate of Flow on Absorbtion of     sible to the vice-president. He will have     milk punch.
Gasses." Van said he certainly did enjoy      two men under him. The work of the
the fried chicken and baked yams of the       present section is mainly concerned with         Black Jack told Pat Couture that, when
sunny South.                                  the preparation of photographs for the        liquor goes to a man's head, it finds itself
                                              advertising and catalogs of the company,      in a very lonesome place.
  Mr. O'Neal of the Kream Krisp Sales         which was established in 1842. His many
Department spent a few days with us re-       friends in the Brown Company join in
cently and we all enjoyed the cakes,          congratulating him upon his new position        Tom Gravel claims that a man who
doughnuts and biscuits which he brought       and in wishing him continued good             drinks liquor commits suicide on the in-
forth from the oven twice a day.              fortune.                                      stallment plan.

  The photographic girls were hosts this                                                      Fred Perkins says that Christmas is
month at a Joliette supper, after which       BLACKSMITH SHOP SPARKS                        that glorious season when every man and
the club enjoyed the movies.                           "JIM"                                his money are easily separated.
                                              Jim, kindly Jim—
  Mr. Carl Gunsel took a trip to Chilli-      Here's to him!
cothe, Ohio, to visit his sister.             Heart like a running prairie fire,                          THRIFT
                                              Yarns and jokes that never tire,
   " Don" White is at the John Hopkins                                                      When I was young and my spirits gay
                                              A word for every one we pass—
Hospital in Baltimore, Md., for rest and                                                    I was clearly taught the thrifty way.
                                              The baker's boy, the farmer's lass,
                                                                                            I should not smoke, I should not drink
treatment.                                    The children playing on the street,
                                                                                            For that would lead me to the brink.
                                              The dogs that romp about his feet,
                                                                                            My recompense, I was often told,
  "Newt" Nourse, "Duck" Swan and              The bird that nests in the maple tree.
                                                                                            Was health and wealth when I got old.
Jere Steady represent the Research in         He'd never hurt a bird—not he!
                                                                                            And now the years have sped away;
this year's bowling league at the YMCA.
                                              Jim, kindly Jim—                              I am not young I am not gay.
                                              Here's to him!                                I am not rich, I am not poor
   Fred Pilgrim has made a very success-      Straight from the shoulder, bluff and true,   But comforts some I have in store.
ful ski-wax, which can be used on tobog-      He's got the ready word for you.              My eyes have not begun to rust;
gans, skis, etc., and is guaranteed not to    A sort of magic wraps him round,              My teeth are plated as they bust;
stick to snow. He has also prepared a         The kind of charm that's seldom found,        My arm, once used to playing ball,
washable floor wax wh:ch has a very high      Some call it one thing, some another—         Is good for golf and that is all;
lustre and will polish anything from finger   I think it's just that Jim's your brother,    My hairs are numbered, so they say,
nails to automobiles. It can be used on       A friend to everyone is he,                   But I can't count them, though some are
surfaces treated with shellac or varnish,     A spokesman for humanity,                          gray.
and prevents spotting or whitening when       He's got a rainbow for a soul                 Now thrift was my subject as I started to
water comes in contact with them.             And justice is his spirit's goal.                  write,
                                              He'll give the fastest kind of play—          But filling up space is my principal fight.
  Howard Smith of the photo section has       He's "on the level," all folks say,           Thrift in words is not my aim
resigned his position with the Brown          I've got to write a word for Jim—             But rarefied air my principal game.
Company, in order to accept a splendid        Here's to him!                                So just to make my subject fit,
opportunity with the John Dunn Com-                                                         Why not tighten up a bit ?
pany, furniture manufacturers of Gard-          Pat Collins says people who want every      Not with strings, belts, or like,
ner, Mass. Mr. Smith came to Berlin in        one to shut up, should start the perfor-      But as the canny Scotch or Ike.
the fall of 1919, after he was discharged     mance by shutting up themselves.              Save your money, save your strength,
from the aircraft service of the American                                                   End a life of wealth and length.
Expeditionary Forces. In the army he                                                        Leave your money, when you croak,
                                                George Pinard says this world would be
held a position as second lieutenant and                                                    To the family " always broke."
                                              a nice place to live in, if women were all
was one of the few pioneers in airplane                                                     Then their battles will be won,
                                              as good as they look and men as good as       They will tell what Father's done.
photography. During his three years at        they seem.
Berlin, he has been a valuable assistant                                                    They will move in festive air
to Mr. Graff, displaying initiative and                                                     When you and I are gone from there.
                                                Tom, the song bird, says smoking is         They will point to friends from home
originality. As a photographic editor of
                                              undoubtedly injurious—to the tobacco.         " Father lieth beneath that stone.
the Brown Bulletin, he has had a large
part in getting striking and worth-while                                                    He worked hard to the journey's end;
photographs. Among the action photo-            Bill Willet claims it is all O. K. to be-    He woi ked hard that we might spend.
graphs for which he will be especially        come a yeast addict, but be careful and        His thrifty habits I can rightly see
remembered are the skijoring picture in       don't eat raisins.                            But would they do for you or me ? "
Page Six                                          THE BROWN BULLETIN

    IN THE OLD DAYS                            and proceeded to put a man-sized charge       NOVEMBER ACCIDENTS
                                               of dynamite under the toe of the jam.
   In the old T. P. days, many years ago,      The photos show the result. He had a                    SULPHITE MILL
it was the custom to run drives of full        clear passage for his logs and the mill       Serious                                    0
length saw logs down the river. This           had a long period of low water while re-      Minor accidents                            4
was before the extensK e water storages        pairs were made.                              Without loss of time                      29
had been developed and the progress of                                                           Total...                          .. 33
the drives was more dependent upon the
natural flow of the river.                     I've paid close heed to the ways of men,                 CASCADE MILL
   Owing to the obstructions caused by            I've observed what the world calls luck,
the several dams from the saw mill to          I have silently marveled, now and then        Serious                                    0
the sulphite mill and on account of the           At the potent power of pluck;              Minor accidents                            7
rocky channel, numerous heavy log jams         And this is a bit of truth I hail,            Without loss of time                      58
would form. In order to clear them it             A sentence that's worth one's heed;             Total                                65
was necessary to raise the water by            The man who is always afraid he'll fail
shutting off the gates at the different           Doesn't stand much show to succeed!                   UPPER PLANTS
                                                               —Roy Greene in "Forbes."      Serious                                    0
                                                                                             Minor accidents                           15
                                                                                             Without loss of time                      15
                                                A new toat* .    ' The ladies—God dress
                                               em; we can't                                       Total...                         .. 30

                                                                   A PAPER MAKER'S PLAINT
                                                                                  By C. KING SMITH
                                                        Several inquiries have recently been received for copies of the clever lines
                                                   which were written some years ago by Mr. C. King Smith of the Golden
mills, causing temporary loss of produc-           Valley Paper Mills, Bitton, near Bristol, and we think the best way of answer-
tion. These shut downs occurred fre-               ing the inquiries will be by again printing the verses. They originally appeared
quently during the time of driving and             in the World's Paper Trade Review under the title of " A Papermaker's Plaint."
were a source of great annoyance.                  In the following reprint the first two lines are revised by Mr. King Smith:
  Log driving was entitled to the natural                       You send us a sample which we must match,
flow of the river and the men in charge                         And return intact, without a scratch;
were in the habit of ordering the Burgess                       We must promise exactly to get your shade,
mill to shut down and did not always use                        And to use no pigments which might fade;
much diplomacy in the matter.                                   We would test the colour with every care,
   One spring the water was unusually                           But—the sample is only one inch square.
low and the shut downs had been fre-
                                                                The fibre, you say, is rag and wood;
quent and very disturbing to T. P.'s
                                                                Before giving our price, we would make this good,
nerves. The final blow came one morn-
                                                                The bulking, too, must be matched, we see,
ing. An immense jam had formed on
                                                                We must keep exactly to .003;
top of the roll-way of the dam and pres-
                                                                But the loading, we fear we cannot test,
ently the foreman river driver appeared
                                                                And we have to guess at all the rest;
at the office. He had apparently had
                                                                We cannot try if the ink will bear,
something stronger than coffee for break-
                                                                For the sample is only one inch square.
fast and his method of stating what he
wanted caused T. P. to emphatically re-                         We notice the paper has to pull,
mark that he would not shut down. "All                          On the " Leunig " a mean of 20 full,
right," said Mr. River driver, " 1 will blow                    And the " Mullen " and " Southworth," too, must show
up your d      n dam." He marched out                           To full advantage their quid pro quo;
                                                                But we scarcely can judge e'en the finger tear,
                                                                From a sample only one inch square.
                                                                Whether pattern is plated or simply rolled,
                                                                If it shrinks, or stretches, in heat or cold,
                                                                If it fold one hundred or only ten,
                                                                And will stand the rubber, as well as the pen;
                                                                These matters, we fear, can only be guessed,
                                                                For we cannot apply a single test;
                                                                And we think, perhaps, it was scarcely fair
                                                                To send us this sample one inch square.
                                                                                     From World's Paper Trade Review, London.
                                                    THE BROWN BULLETIN                                                     Page Seven

                                                                                                      WINTER SPORTS
                                                                                                      HE dog team pictured upon our front
                                                                                                T      cover brings to mind once more the
                                                                                                       fact that the North Country, over
                                                                                                which the interests of the employees of
                                                                                                the Brown Company and Brown Corpora-
                                                                                                tion are widely dispersed, has in the past
                                                                                                had an unchallenged monopoly in winter
                                                                                                sports. This year, it is believed, will be
                                                                                                no exception and all centers will have
                                                                                                their own attractions. While there may
                                                                                                be differences in the events that are pos-
                                                                                                sible at each place, the same spirit of
                                                                                                good cheer and good fellowship will
                                                                                                characterize all of these celebrations.
                                                                                                   Following our usual custom, we solicit
                                                                                                interesting photographs from all points.
                                                                                                In the nature of things, we cannot give
                                                                                                up-to-the-minute accounts of each cele-
                                                                                                bration. The daily and weekly press
                                                                                                must accomplish this. As a monthly, we
                                                                                                shall attempt to record those photographs
                                                                                                that may have permanent interest. The
                                                                                                biggest event of the year is the Eastern
                                                                                                International Dog Sled Derby to be run
Madrid Mill. Berlin Mills Company, Phillips, Me. About 1910. Shows Incinerator and Framework    from the City of Quebec on February 22,
                 of room where in winter exhaust steam was used to thaw out logs                23, and 24. In 1921, this race was run
                                                                                                from Berlin to Gorham. In 1922, the
                                                                                                route was from Berlin through Errol and
                                                                                                the Dixville Notch to Colebrook; thence
                                                                                                by North Stratford and Groveton to Lan-
                                                                                                 caster ; and from there through Jefferson,
                                                                                                 Randolph and Gorham to Berlin. It is
                                                                                                only fair that this race should be held
                                                                                                 under the Union Jack this year. In view
                                                                                                 of the dates, it seems wise to feature
                                                                                                photographs of the Quebec events in the
                                                                                                 issue for April. We assure our Quebec
                                                                                                 friends that they can have ample space
                                                                                                 in this issue.
                                                                                                    The Berlin Carnival will be held on the
                                                                                                 first three days of February, taking ad-
                                                                                                 vantage of all of the good weather usually
 Boarding'House, Madrid Mill. Logs were unloaded from narrow gauge Railroad in the foreground    predicted for the full of the moon, Plans
                                                                                                 are being made that will feature the
                                                                                                 Nansen Ski Club at its own excellent
                                                                                                 jump. There may also materialize a dog
                                                                                                 race, second only in promise to the
                                                                                                 Quebec event. The right of way in our
                                                                                                 March issue is reserved for this carnival.
                                                                                                    The Gorham Carnival is booked for
                                                                                                 January 18, 19 and 20. In spite of the
                                                                                                 fact that these dates lie in the shadowy
                                                                                                 time of the month, when photographs
                                                                                                 should be on their way back from the
                                                                                                 engravers, we shall do our level best to
                                                                                                 feature this carnival in the February
                                                 Boiler Room at Farmingdale Mill, Mr. C. E.      issue.
                                                           Barker in the Foreground                 The Nansen Ski Club is receiving many
                                                                                                 invitations to send competitors to other
                                                                                                 carnivals in New England and Canada.
                                                   "De man dat succeeds," said Uncle
                                                                                                 Undoubtedly some of these invitations
                                                 Eben, " is de one dat has de grit to get up     will be accepted. We would be glad to
                                                 every mornin' and put ditto mahks under         have any striking photograph that may
Farmingdale Mill Near Gardiner on the Kennebec
                    River                        his New Year's resolutions."                    be taken at any of these events.
                                               THE BROWN BULLETIN                                                     Page Nine

                                                                                           week end.
EASTERN INTERNATIONAL                                                                        Mr. D. P. Brown called on us while en
                                                                                           route to La Tuque.
   DOG-SLED DERBY FOR 1923                                                                   Messrs. Spaulding and Smith of Niles
      DOG-SLED race is to be run in the           Holt, Renfrew & Co., the furriers        & Niles, New York City, are at the pres-
A     vicinity of the City of Quebec next
      February 22nd, 23rd and 24th for
                                                  Mr. Vesey Boswell
                                                  Lt. Col. B. A. Scott
                                                                                           ent time auditing our books.

the Eastern International Dog-Sled Derby          Mr. William M. Dobell                      Mr. J. F. Heck of Berlin and F. W.
Cup (a gold cup presented by Mr. W. R.       and some others, most of whom will enter      Thompson of Portland spent a few days
Brown, of the Brown Corporation, which       teams.                                        with us. We find that Mr. Thompson
must be won three times to become the           Mr. Arthur T. Walden, of Wonalancet,       can take a serious loss with a grin.
property of the owner of a winning team)     N. H., who won the cup last year, together
and cash prizes of $1000.00 and a silver     with Mr. Edward P. Clarke, (an employee
cup for first prize; $400.00 in cash for     of Revillon Freres) of West Milan, N. H.,
second; $300.00 in cash for third; $200.00   will enter teams to defend the present
in cash for fourth and $100.00 in cash for   United States title to the cup.
fifth. A ribbon will also be given with         Scoring will be on the basis of time
each prize.                                  only, the team making the fastest time
   The race is open to any individual or     getting first prize.
association of individuals in the United        All dogs must finish in the team or on
States or Canada, and will be run with       the sled, and in order that there may be
teams consisting of any kind of dogs, no     no hardship for the dogs, any dog that
more than seven dogs to the team and         becomes lame or tired must be taken
any equipment desired.                       onto the sled under strict penalty of dis-
   The total distance to be covered will     qualification if this is not done.
be fifty miles a day for three days- or a       Mr. Vilhjalmur Stefanssor, the Artie
total of one hundred and fifty miles,        explorer, has expressed his willingness to
starting from and returning each day to      act as one of three judges if he is in the
the City of Quebec.                          East at that time.
   The object of the race is to stimulate       A suitable route in the environments of
winter sports in the Northeast, and to       Quebec is now being laid out.
improve the quality of the useful sled-         Entries are solicited from all owners of
dog.                                         dog teams in the United States and
                                             Canada, who will be required to deposit
   The race is sponsored by a number of      an entry fee of $10.00 on or before
the large paper and lumber companies         February 1st with the secretary, Mr. F.
and private individuals in the Province      J. Smith, care of the Brown Corporation,
of Quebec, including the following:          Quebec, P. Q.
     Price Brothers
     Laurentide Company
     Gulf Pulp & Paper Company                        QUEBEC OFFICE
     St. Regis Paper Company                   Visitors have been numerous in the
     Power Lumber Company                    office this month.
     Brown Corporation                          Mr. W. R. Brown was here over one
Page Ten                                            THE BROWN BULLETIN

    31                      PORTLAND OFFICE                                                                                        *
  The boys in Portland office wish to ex-        the Company and is now in the paper             ought to be a car conductor on the South
press their thanks and appreciation for          sales department.                               Portland line—his middle name being
the excellent turkeys presented them by                                                          Robert (Rob Nichols).
the Company for Thanksgiving dinner.               Will someone please enlighten Louis as
                                                 to the meaning of "K. K." in K. K. Klan.          F. W. Thompson was at the Quebec
  At the election held at Portland on            He thinks it means " Kream Krisp," and          City office for a week during December.
December 5th last, Charles G. Means was          has come out strong for it.
chosen director of the Brown Bulletin for                                                          Harold A. Collins has purchased a home
Portland office for the coming year, suc-          Charlie believes in the Golden Rule and       in South Portland.
ceeding Arthur T. Spring.                        one of his first acts as director of the
                                                 Bulletin will be to publish the Ten Com-          It is rumored Byran Cady told his girl
  Harold Eaton, formerly employed in             mandments (after he has learned them).          he could die for her and she told him to
the credit department and who resigned                                                           forget it as she knew enough dead ones
last spring, has returned to the employ of         J. R. Nichols, accounting department,         now.

                           CHEMICAL MILL EXPLOSIONS                                                                                0
  Devost went hunting one Sunday. He                " How Do " Hopkins is full of schemes,       comes only once a year, for he doesn't
didn't get much—all he got was a call            etc., that he is going to put forward at the    like the idea of his wife meeting him
down from his wife for getting home so           next Legislature.                               nights when he is coming home from
late.                                                                                            work, because she brings him into a store
                                                   Remy Lambert is getting quite a repu-         and he has to dig in his pocket.
  Brick LaPointe is building a garage on         tation as a washwoman. All the boys'
                                                 overalls are clean now.                           Buck Whitehouse let his moustache
the easy plan—one at a time.                                                                     grow and makes the people believe he is
                                                   "Little Joe" Vallis was in Montreal           a real guy now, for he says " Never mind,
  Some of the boys at the caustic plant          over Xmas.                                      boys, I am going to the Thousand Islands
shake a wicked foot.                                                                             soon, hurrah!"
                                                   Times are getting better now. Jack
  Manton and Laffin want it distinctly           Williams bought a plug of chewing to-              Buckley says: "I am going back to the
                                                 bacco.                                          flowery banks of the Mirimichi, where
understood that they are all through buy-                                                        you have to dive every morning for your
ing soap for the bunch.                            Eddie Obert says he is glad Christmas         breakfast."

BERLIN'S PLACES                                  each less than 100 inhabitants—Cam-             Pleasant and Church streets, until, when
                                                 bridge, Dixville and Millsfield ; the follow-   the present St. Anne's church was built,
          OF WORSHIP                             ing less than 200—Berlin, Clarksville,          it was moved to a position back of the St.
   N our last issue we published a plate of      Dummer, Errol and Randolph. In none             Regis Academy. In the period from 1860
I   fifteen recent photographs of Berlin's
    places of worship. Since this was sent
                                                 of these eight towns is there any church,
                                                 unless Clarksville and Dummer be ex-
                                                                                                 to 1885, when Rev. N. Cournoyer settled
                                                                                                 in Berlin as resident pastor, Berlin was
to press, we found a number ot interest          cepted, where a church of 66 Freewill           attended first from Lancaster by Father
ing documents dealing with the history           Baptists are found."                            Noiseux, and later from Gorham by
of the churches in Berlin previous to               Up until about 1880, Berlin had to go        Fathers Sullivan, Charland, Gorman, and
1896. With the hope that we shall some           to Gorham for theology as well as for           Walsh. Services were held in private
time be able to print a better propor-           legal and medical services. The first           homes. Father Charland first agitated
tioned account, we will outline at this          church society organized was that of the        the question of building a church, and
time the facts contained in Chapter 96 of        Congregationalists, under the Rev. A. J.        bought the land, on which the original
the " History of Coos County, "published         Benedict, who was pastor at Gorham.             church was built by Father Gorman.
in 1888, and in an article entitled " Berlin :   From June 1, 1876, he held services in             Duriug the early eighties, the Univer-
A Town of Today," written by Edward C.           the hall above the Berlin Mills store,          salists held irregular services in Eagle
Niles and published in "The Granite              until in 1882 the society, largely through      hall, which was built by the Reform Club
Monthly" for March, 1896.                        the liberality of W. W. Brown, built the        in 1875 with contributions from the
   "For almost half a century after its          first church edifice in town. It was            friends of the temperance movement
incorporation in 1829," Berlin " contained       modelled after the Williston church in          They organized a society in 1886 and
no organized religious body and no church        Portland.                                       built their place of worship beside the
edifice." In "Lawrence's New Hampshire              In 1880, the Roman Catholics built the        Berlin House in the following year. A.
Churches," published in 1856, is this state-     original St. Anne's church, the wooden           H. Gerrish was chairman of the executive
 ment : "The following three towns have          building, which stood at the corner of           committee of the building association.
                                                  THE BROWN BULLETIN                                                                  Page Eleven

In recent years, this building has been
purchased and furnished as the synagogue
of Beth Israel Congregation.
   In 1887, the Scandinavian Lutherans
                                                         THREE THINGS TO REMEMBER
                                                         The. Basis ThaWeeK  The. Days
formed themselves into a parish and built
St. Paul's Lutheran church at Berlin              IWork and Earn   NATIONAL
Mills. For a time Rev. George T. Rygh                                 THRIFT           Wednesday         I7a
came from Portland to preach. Rev. S.            gMake a Budget       WEEK-               Thrift Day
N. Garmoe was the first resident pastor.
   St. Barnabas Mission of the Protestant        3 Record yt our Always betifins on Thursday
Episcopal church was organized by the             f _ r     ures
                                                    Expendibu    Benjamin franklin's
labors of the Rev. Wm. Lloyd Himes of            4Have a Bank    Birthdax January 17J Frid§y             19
Concord. The place of worship was built             Account        - JAM JA *Y was     Life Insurance Day
through the generosity of Mr. Henry H.           5 Carry Life     S MT w T r S
 Furbish, who operated the soda process             Insurance         1 2 3 4 5 <b     Saturday          20-
 at the mills of the Forest Fibre Company        6 Own your own   7 S 9 10 II 12 13    Orcn Your Home Day
directly across from the sulphite mill.             Home          14 15 16 17 18
                                                                                 19 20 Sunday            Z\'~
   The Methodists worshipped for some            ?MaKa a Will     21 a Z3 24 25 24 27 Share wlh Others J)ar
time in the Universalist church and in                                               23 29 30 51
 1892 built the commodious structure now          8Pax Bills                           1923 Objectives                     Monday
standing on the west side of the Grand             Promptly                        Half million Budget-League
 Trunk Railway. This was for a time a             9Invest in Safe
 mission church of the denomination.               Securities                       5000 JHRirT CLUBS                      Tuesday           Z5
    As the number of English speaking            IQShare wibh                      Franklins Birthd^ Cel-                  Make g Will Jgy
 members of St. Anne's church increased,           Others                           ebration
 a separate parish was created and in                                     Nail Thil Up Nil'     V Day — Work Ar II All Tbe Time
 1894-1895, St. Kieran's church was built       ought to be operated on as scientific a             service men in Berlin, ground-hog or
under the energetic management of Rev.          basis. Estimates should be listed under             aviator, gob or marine, doughboy or
 E. D. Mackey.                                  such headings as Food and Shelter,                  wagon soldier, officer or buck, join the
    The group picture published with the        Clothing, Savings and Investment, Ad-               Legion. It costs but little and the re-
 Niles article showed seven churches,           vancement, Recreation, Giving, Miscellan-           turns are great. The Local Post needs
while the one published last month gives        eous.                                               more men. There are over 800 men in
fifteen places or worship. The Bulletin            Having gone this far, it is logical that         Berlin eligible, but not Legion men.
solicits further facts to round out this        the next step should be " Spend Sens-               Wherever you are from, join the Legion.
outline and to bring it up to the present       ibly." Roosevelt said "Thrift is common                The right thing to do is, "Sign up and
time.                                           sense applied to spending."        Careful          sport the button." It is an honor. Every-
                                                expenditure has a lot to do with success            body can't do it.
                                                in life. It is comparitively easy to earn              The American Legion is an organiza-
HOW TO BEGIN                                    money and to plan to use it effectively.            tion of the American veterans of the
          A BUDGET                              But to actually control the outgo so that           Great World War. It is non-partisan,
                                                it will not exceed the estimates, so that           non-political and non-sectarian.
     National Thrift Committee                  something will be left for saving and                  No distinction of rank or discrimination
           of the Y. M. C. A.                   investing—there's the rub.                          between over-seas service and American
            E. A. Hungerford                       Buy judiciously. Get what you really             service. AH veterans who served honor-
                                                need. Don't scrimp on either quality or             ably between April 6, 1917, and November
   Making a budget is about as easy as it       quantity and sacrifice your comfort or              11, 1918, are eligible.
is to lie a-bed in the morning and about        efficiency. Then " Record Expenditures."                  "WE FOUGHT TOGETHER"
as important as it is to get up an go to        This will take you only a little time. It              "For God and Country we associate
work. In fact going to work is the first        will inform you as to how near you come             ourselves together for the following pur-
requisite in keeping personal or family         to the budget estimates.                            poses: To uphold and defend the Con-
finances by the budget plan. Without an            That is about all there is to budget             stitution of the United States of America;
income there is not apt to be much outgo.       making. But in the experience of many               to maintain law and order; to foster and
And with neither money earned nor               individuals or families, it represents the          perpetuate a one hundred per cent.
spent, a budget is of as little use as a silk   difference between success or failure in            Americanism; to desever the memories
stocking north of the Arctic Circle.            life. Certainly the chances of notable              and incidents of our associations in the
   Since the usual way to get an income         achievement are all in favor of those who           Great War; to inculcate a sense of indi-
is by diligent labor, " Work and Earn " is      recognize the importance of making a                vidual obligation to the community, state
set down as the first requisite in taking       budget.                                             and nation; to combat the autocracy of
the budge out of budget.                                                                            both the classes and the masses; to make
   The second injunction is "Estimate                                                               right the master of might; to promote
Expenditures in Advance." This is just
                                                THE AMERICAN LEGION                                 peace and good will on earth; to safe-
plain ordinary horse sense which a pro-           The membership drive for the Ryan-                guard and transmit to posterity the prin-
gressive man would apply to his business        Scammon Post, No. 36, of the American               ciples of justice, freedom and democracy;
                                                                                                    to consecrate and sanctify our comrade-
as a matter of course. But a family is          Legion is now in full swing, and their              ship by our devotion to mutual helpful-
more important than any business and            motto is "Join the Legion!" All ex-                 ness."
Page Twelve                                        THE BROWN BULLETIN

    DOROTHY'S DIARY                             Cole ? " to which Alna replied, "Extremely     Holy Family church on December 1, with
                                                so, sir. The amount of agenda we have          Rev. James B. McCaffrey in charge. In-
   My name is Dorothy and I work in the         in the perspective is colossal." And right     terment was in the church cemetery near
Multigraph Room. Unlike any other               there I felt like yelling, " Oh, Man, thou     the grave of one of his grandsons, Mr.
Dorothy who works for the company, I            art indeed the personfication of that little   George Wentworth, who died in France
can always be found in the office on time       word of four letters." But I could not         while with the American Expeditionary
every day. I am a tireless worker and           speak. I could not even murmur. I was          Forces.
uncomplaining; having a faculty of hum-         dumb indeed, for you see I am only a
ming to myself as I labor. If it wasn't         poor, obedient multigraph machine.
for Ruth I'd be quite embarrassed work-                                                                 PROMOTIONS
ing here with three young men. I re-                                                                      SULPHITE; MILL
member how I blushed the first time Cole                                                          Eugene Marshall from baling man to
took the rolls out of my head and washed                                                       back tender "B."
my face. Ruth says she likes Cole best                                                           Alfred Paulin from back tender " B " to
and is sorry he is to be married so soon.                                                      back tender "A."
I like Alna quite well myself but I can't                                                        Karmine Barnett from baling man to
understand some of his arguments. His                                                          back tender "B."
favorite soliloquy is "Woman and Her
                                                                                                 Amede Larrivee from baling man to
                                                                                               back tender "B."
   Gendron is realiy quite a nice chap.
                                                                                                 Jos. Francour from stock grader to
Now that I have memorized all his cuss                                                         loading shed foreman.
words, I have a vocabulary enormous. I
                                                                                                 Jacob Harriman from bleach wrapper
used to have an awful crush on Thomas                                                          to back tender "B."
but I have cured myself now. I refuse to
                                                                                                 Rene King from bleach wrapper to
play second fiddle to any girl who is
                                                                                               back tender " B."
fatter and not a bit taller than I am.
                                                                                                 Edward Cadorett from back tender "B"
                                                                                               to back tender "A."
                                                                                                 Alphonse Terrio from back tender "A"
                                                                                               to dryer foreman.
                                                                                                  Ernest Gagne from back tender "B"
                                                                                               to back tender "A."
                                                                                                  Napoleon Rheaume from back tender
                                                    TIMOTHY HURLEY                             " A " to dryer foreman.
                                                                                                  Ernest Perron from back tender " A "
                                                  Timothy Hurley, one of the oldest and        to dryer foreman:
                                                most conscientious employees of the Cas-
                                                cade mill, died at his home on upper Main                  CASCADE MILL
                                                street in Gorham on November 29. He              Arthur Bineau from B. & S. wet ma-
                                                was born of Irish parentage at Peters-         chine to Parker dryer.
   Jim Moody and Bob Sturgeon were in           burg, Ontario, on October 30, 1847. He           John Becotte from B. & S. wet machine
here talking over old times this morning        came to Gorham in 1893 and was em-             to Parker dryer.
but their story still remains unfinished.       ployed for a time by the E. Libby & Sons         John Haney from helper to electrician.
Mr. Taft came walking in and Jim and            Co. His continuous service with the              Fredrick Bovaird from electrician to
Bob went rushing out simultaneously, one        Brown Company dates from May 1, 1904.          head welder.
might say. I never can understand why           He was employed as a watchman when               Oneal Twitchell from helper to welder.
everyone goes hustling off whenever Mr.         the dam and canal were built at Gorham           Albert Fowler from helper to welder.
Taft appears. It seems awfully impolite         in preparation for the starting of the                    CHEMICAL MILL
to me. Mr. Taft was telling Alna that           Cascade mill. He was then transferred            Fred J. Roberge from repairs to exp.
he had at last found a use for the Ford         to the Cascade mill, where he was a            repairs.
he won at the hockey raffle. " I will give      watchman and gateman up until October            William Simpson from repairs to exp.
it to Mary Ryan," he said, " so that she        25 of the present year. He was a natural-      repairs.
can get to work on time, thereby sparing        ized citizen and loyal to the country of                     SAW MILL
Mr. Fowler's nerves and also promoting          his adoption.                                    Theodore Anderson from laborer to
the efficiency of my department."                 He is survived by his wife, by three         latheman.
   Mr. Cole is very philosophic. Some-          sons, Richard, Patrick and Edward, and           Otto Mason from laborer to latheman.
times I feel quite burdened with his            by four daughters, Mrs. Minnie Went-
weighty phraseology. Today he left me           worth, Mrs. Alice Currier, Mrs. Zelma
for hours with nothing to do, but yester-       Carboneau, all of Island Pond, Vt., and          No life amounts to much until it has a
day, Ye God ! how I labored. About two          by Miss Delia Hurley, an army nurse,           program—something definite, something
o'clock I heard Cole remark:—" Thomas,          who has seen service in Russia and the         particular. Nothing else can take the
you better get Dorothy busy as Fowler is        Far East and is now stationed in Cali-         place of it. Education cannot, talent can-
coming down." And Arthur did just that.         fornia. He is also survived by fifteen         not, genius cannot, hard work cannot.
In fact, I had to work so fast that I scarce-   grandchildren and six great grandchild-        Until there is a definite aim, the energies
ly had time to glance at Mr. Fowler,            ren, many of whom were with him at the         will run to waste, the ability be squand-
whom I heard remark in a cold, distin-          end.                                           ered. The faculties deteriorate when
guished voice:—"Are you busy, Mr.                 Funeral services were held from the          working without a definite aim.
"We wish you dTtappyand Prosperous A/evD~year and offertk.s                                               following

                FOP THRIFTINESS           says.
                         9~~}irtft-i-ness ts good Jiu.stta.-nd.ry; ziaise

  R E ST ROO 'ri"| [BUREAU .HHFORMATIW|| ^^|A^u-j ^°!^ ^~ ^^^^^^'^^^"^-^TTT.^- 'F^.O^B.^*- « • ] f^V^A^
                                                                                                           :~,r   |/a«e^%tm™xl I I   MILLWOR^
Page Fourteen                                   THE BROWN BULLETIN

    *                              SULPHITE                       MILL GAS                                                 *
                                               Mr. and Mrs. A. Stanley Cabana have      ate some of your cooking?"
                                             given up their summer home at Gorham
                                             and have taken cozy apartments for the        Jim Farwell, the champion hunter of
                                             winter in the new Montminy building,       the electrical crew, tells us that when he
                                             Green street.                              was hunting up the Ammonoosuc river
                                                                                        about two weeks ago, he saw two wild
                                               Dear Ed.                                 turkeys fly by. They weighed thirty
                                                 We want our picture took for the       pounds each. One was three years old
                                             Bulletin. We are waiting at the tinshop.   and the other five. But Jim claims that
                                             We are very busy so can't wait more        it didn't surprise him much as there are
                                             than two or three weeks.                   wild turkeys the year 'round at Milan
                                                             Yours truly,               Corner.
                                                                THE TINKNOCKERS.
                                                                                          Cleve Richardson claims that he heard
                                               P. S. Bob Sturgeon is waiting with us.   the canaries sing on the Canary Islands
   If anyone has a gun they want to try
                                                                                        on the radio in Gorham a few nights ago.
out, they can use Alfred Marois' car. He       Cook (answeringtelephone): "Draft-
did, and claims it makes a good target.      ing room."
                                               Voice on the automatic: " Oh, h ."
  Mystery: Who dropped a broom on              Cook; " No, next place to it.
Leon Noel's head from the west screen
room building roof ? Cheer up, Leon, it        Thomas (cook pro tern): "Eat 'em
might have been a bag of cement.             up, boys. Take a chance, Steve Brody
   Roberge, our tinknocker, wishes to in-      Steve Belanger: " What ya mean, Steve
form the person who cut the buttons off      Brody took a chance ? "
his red sweater, that if a new supply is       Thomas: "He jumped off Brooklyn
needed, the said person may obtain some      bridge."
at the tinshop, as Durant now leaves his       Steve: "Why, Thomas, because he
red sweater hung up in the shop. Don't
be bashful, boys, dig in and help your-

  Arthur Thomas has been wondering
what he could do so his girl would not
have to go to the kitchen to see what
time it is, while he is calling on her. He
claims it takes all the joy out of indoor
sports. Well, Art, why not buy her a
wrist watch. They say Arthur is work-
ing hard for the Hockey Association this
year. He believes it is safe because the
new players are all married.

  If anyone is in doubt as to who is boss
in the electric department, ask Fred King.

  Austin Buckley and Albert Harvey
claim that the best way to start a car
during cold weather is to warm up the
carbureter with a gasoline blow torch or
build a fire with birchbark underneath
the same.

  Mr. Dion, our gate watchman, had a
chicken shake recently. We wonder
what he feeds them on.

 The ice plant boys would like to know
what happened to George Heroux lately.
He is full of Jazz.
                                               THE BROWN BULLETIN                                                 Page Fifteen

                                         CASCADE JUICE
  The Cascade noon hour school has                                                         Our old friend, John Lepage, of the
closed its semi-annual session and this                                                  time office has kindly thanked us for the
period has proved successful to its nine                                                 advertising we gave his Ford automobile
pupils. Mr. Streeter is the teacher and                                                  in the last issue of the Bulletin. It is
books and materials have been supplied                                                   very seldom that we get thanks. It is
by the Y.M.C.A. The school room is                                                       mostly knocks. We are at this time go-
located in the Cascade waiting room.                                                     ing to present John with a fur-lined can
Sessions are held every school day from                                                  opener, to add to his collection of antique
12.10 to 12.55 p. m. Reading, arithmetic                                                 tools as part of his Ford equipment.
and geography are the lessons taught.
The pupils who have just finished this                                                     Alfred Amedee Lapointe of the store-
period wish to thank all those who so           We claim that a certain 3rd hand, who    house crew, returned from the hospital
generously helped to make this noon-hour     works on No. 4 machine, is the "Undis-      recently. Fred says, " I'll soon be on my
class successful.                            puted Champion Bum " in the Cascade         feet again, you can't keep a good French-
                                             mill. Its "Hello, nice day, got a match,    man down.
  Anyone suffering from a cold or an         give me a cigarette, got any soap. Gee!
attack of the grippe is advised to consult   I forgot my carfare." And he is so nar-
                                                                                             IN THE STEAM DEPARTMENT
Fred Studd, as he is making some great       row, he parts his hair in the middle.
                                                                                         E    is for engines, here at our mill,
medicine for these diseases. " Sir " Sam                                                 D    is for drives, that never are still.
Hughes received a treatment and sur-           "Coon " Morris had a bad cold recently    W    is for wheels, always on the go,
vived, whether this is a recommendation      so he went to see a doctor. The doctor      A    is for ashes, percent combustible low.
or not we do not know.                       told him he had better take something       R    is for rust, that never is found,
                                             for it, so while the doctor was talking,    D    is for dirt, he won't have it around.
  The electrical department will be well     " Coon " took his watch and pocketbook.     S    is for Service, he is always the same,
represented at Concord this winter. The      Next day " Coon" went to see another             Put them all together, Chief Edwards,
following were elected: John A. Hay-         doctor. This doctor told him he had                 that's his name.
ward, John E. Kelliher, A. E. Mortenson.     better take iron for his blood, " Coon "
                                             took a neighbor's stove and nearly got
  Christmas time is a great time for the     arrested.                                     William Astel (better known asButsie)
boys in the machine room.                                                                of the cutter room, can never be made to
                                                                                         believe that he is getting old. "Butsie "
                                                Louis: "I say there, Sambo, what's
                                                                                         says: " I am good for forty years more."
  Jack Jacques came home late one night.     your favorite animal ? "
                                                                                         You can always find him with a smile a
His mother asked him where he had been.         Fred: " Ma favorite animal, horse and
                                                                                         mile long. We hope you live another
Jack said, "I was out shooting craps,"       wagon. What's yourn ? "
                                                                                         hundred years, " Butsie."
His mother said, " Now, Jack, you leave         Louis: " Brudder, ma favorite animal
those little animals alone, they like to     has got no legs, no hair, and lays on its
live as well as you do."                     back."                                        John Smith of the finishing room,
                                                Fred: "What kind of animal, doyouse      denies buying the deer he brought back
   Reed:    " I know a new way to keep       call dat ? "                                from his hunting trip. But when Eph.
fish from   smelling."                          Louis: " Brudder, dat's what I calls a   Perkins, the constable from Errol, showed
   Hunt:     " How do you do it ?"           ' hot dawg,' nigger man."                   us the receipt for the money " Pie Crust"
   Reed:    " Cut off their nose."                                                       paid for the deer that convinced us.
                                                                                         Smithy, you can't spill the stuff you used
                                               George Hooper of the boiler house is a    to in the Second Division, so you're
  That piece in last month's Bulletin
                                             very intimate friend of our old stand-by,   S. O. L.
about "Coon" Morris staging a "come-         Rufus Smith. Smith lives up over Hooper
back," was all bunk. He's been trying to
                                             and they have had quite a few games of
come back now for twenty years, and                                                                     NOTICE!
                                             checkers. "Hoop" has often told Smith
even Berlin farmed him out last season.                                                    If anyone has any horses they want to
Why he's so slow he couldn't even referee    that it was his move.
                                                                                         have boarded for the year or want a
the hockey games last year as he couldn't                                                couple of good spring chickens, please
keep out of his own way. He fell down                                                    look me up. I will buy or trade anything.
and was a general nuisance all around.                                                   Address, Archie Grenier, Cascade Boiler
                                                                                         House, or Cascade Hill.
  Cal Dunton is a good fellow, but—he
hates to get up in the morning, especially
when he is on his day tour.                                                                No, nothing new about "Hank." He
                                                                                         has only been up to the Pond twice since
  Louis Rabichaud, the village black-                                                    the last issue. You say what Pond, well
smith. Why do they call him that ? Be-                                                   what other Pond is there ? Oh! yes, he
cause " Day in, day out, from morn 'till                                                 got kinda peeved because his name did
night, you can hear his bellows blow."                                                   not appear in last month's Bulletin.
Page Sixteen                                    THE BROWN BULLETIN

  Oliver Keenan is gradually getting bald        " Skibby " McNally, the pride of Chesa-     cares for some first-class Honey, can call
headed. Once in a while he has to hide        peake Bay, also ward heeler in Ward            " Echo " up, either at the printing depart-
in a closet whose ceiling is kind of low.     Two, is an ardent supporter of the Berlin      ment or at his residence on the Cascade
                                              Hockey Association. When " Skibby " is         Boulevard.
 Sympathy is being extended to George         right, the eloquence of William Jennings
Willett on the death of his sister.           Bryan, and the gestures of Patrick Henry         Levi Paulsen is the proud possessor of
                                              fade into insignificance. S-h s-h-h, we        a new fountain pen, presented to him by
  Sil Peters of the Riverside is to be con-   wish that everyone at the Cascade could        Ryan-Scammon Post, No. 36, American
gratulated if he has the initiative and       get in on one of " Skibby's " St. Patrick      Legion, for his efficient work as treasurer
cleverness to bum tobacco from Capt.          Day speeches.                                  of the Post for the past year. Levi surely
(Spike) Hennessey. It is news to the                                                         handled the job to perfection and our
tobacco chewing employees of the Cas-           Pug Mahaney has opened a boxing              hats are off to him. Our only wish is,
cade mill, that " Spike " was ever known      school during the noon hour. He has            that he doesn't get stuck with the
to have a plug of tobacco.                    engaged " Hot Foot" Lynch as a trainer.        treasurer's job for the Winter Carnival
                                              He tried to use Geo. Thurlow as a punch-       this coming year.
                                              ing bag for exercise, but from the dope
  William H. Palmer, foreman of the           we get, George must be made of rubber            We sure do admire a good loser, and
cutter room, has been very anxious to         as Pug bounced right back.                     there is none better than our old friend,
have his rewinders speed up. By install-                                                     Patrick James Hinchey of ward one.
ing a variable speed control the speed of        OUR IDEA OF NOTHING AT ALL                  "Hinch" was beaten by only 21 votes in
a rewinder was so increased that the             The guys who are wind jamming for           the last election. There is comfort, Pat,
machine vibrated so that it shook apart.      the hockey season to start, and you            in knowing that Jimmie Cox was beaten
                                              couldn't get a nickel from them with a         worse than that two years ago.
  Once every year Chub Ford joins the         stick of dynamite. These same guys have
Bachelors' Club. He fills out a four          already got their reserve seats picked out       Barney Thomas, one of our millwrights
weeks' membership card. It takes effect       on St. Laurent's piazza.                       has quite an engagement on his hands
three weeks before Xmas and ends one                                                         next summer. Barney has agreed to
week after Xmas. Then they say long              Fred Sylvester, our oil expert, was a       meet some of the fastest motorcycle
headed people don't come from Groveton.       great deer hunter in his younger days.         drivers in the country. We are told on
                                              It is a treat to hear Fred telling his hunt-   good authority that Barney's motorcycle
                                              ing stories of the days he used to chase       uses blue flame.
  The Korner Klub has been organized
for the ensuing year, and the following       deer up around the cross power. Fred,
officers elected:                             we do say that you handle the truth care-
President             John Aloysius Lynch     lessly.
Vice President       Nukus Byron Johnson                                                                 CASCADE MILL
                                              SOME OF OUR MAIN OFFICE CROWD
Secretary       P. "Fortune Hunter" Goss                                                       James Frazier was born November 1,
                                              H is for Honey, so jolly and gay,
Treasurer                 J. "Radio" Haney                                                   1865. He commenced work with the
                                              I is for Irene, with her bewitching way.
             Board of Directors                                                              company at the Cascade mill, June 2,
                                              C is for Carlos, our head office clerk,
Chairman         W. "I know it all" Dwyer                                                    1904, where he worked until the time of
                                              L is for Levi, who never shirks work.
Vice Chairman                                                                                his death, November 16, 1922.
                                              B is for Bouchard, and his funny grin,
          " Shady " " I told you so" Palmer                                                    Timothy Hurley was born September
                                              S is for Sam, who at certain games is sure
          William " Hunter " McGee                to win.                                    30, 1847. He commenced working at the
          "Dusty" "Prove it" Landrigan                                                       Cascade mill, May 1, 1904, where he
                                              A is for Arty, our Steno so fine,
          F. "Chicken" Mahaney                                                               worked at the time of his death, Novem-
                                              G is for Gilbert, who sure loves French
Librarian           Leslie "Silent" Fealey                                                   ber 29, 1922.
  Meetings are held every day but Sun-
                                              P is for Patrick, P. J. Hinchey, you all         George W. McKenzie was born January
day from 4.50 to 5.05 p. m. Questions
                                                  know well,                                 11, 1859. He has worked for the Cascade
concerning everything under the sun are
                                              H is for Hawkins, who sometimes wishes         mill as a millwright since May 22, 1903.
brought up and threshed out.
                                                  that Maines was in h       1.              He died December 9, 1922.
                                              F is for Foolish, with me you will agree,
  Leopold Bouchard claims that he is an                                                                 CHEMICAL MILL
                                              That the man who writes this stuff should
expert on telephone switchboards. Sam                                                          Solomon Lovejoy was born February 2,
                                                  be hung to a tree.                         1872. He started in work at the sulphite
Hughes says, " I'll say he do be a good          By the Milltown, New Brunswick, Sage.
one."                                                                                        mill, November 13, 1917, and has worked
                                                                                             for the company off and on at different
                                                Ralph Grant, Bill Palmer, and "Gene"         mills since that time. At the time ol
  George Thurlow of the engine room,          Gilbert are expert cribbage players. They      his death, which occured November 29,
foster father of " Hot Foot" Lynch and        have their usual sessions during the noon      1922, while hunting, he worked at the
" Pug" Mahaney, used to be quite a            hour. After a few weeks' training, they        chemical mill.
kicker in his day, but George was cured       will be ready to meet any and all comers
of this habit several years ago. George       for the championship of the world.
happened to kick a saw horse while he
was in a jovial mood. If George hadn't          Our old friend, Everett A. Bird, of the        If we are contented to unfold the life
kicked that saw horse, someone (we are        printing department, formerly of the high      within, according to the pattern given us,
not mentioning any names) would have          seas and Gardiner, Maine, is now in the        we shall reach the highest end of which
had to eat standing up that night.            Honey business. Anyone in the mill who         we are capable.

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