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					                September 2010

                                              The Bosin Arrow
               Volume 3, Issue 1

                                   Principal’s Message                         focus on improvement in Reading. In
                                                                               order to do this, we must stay focused
Inside this Issue                                                              on improving student achievement.
                                   Ms. Lura Jo Atherly, Principal              Everything we do will be based on
                                                                               improving each of our students’
                                   Welcome back to school! By the time         proficiencies in Mathematics, Reading
2      Mr. Ghram
       Ms. Barnett
       Mrs. Ackland
                                   you receive this newsletter, we will
                                   have successfully completed a couple of
                                                                               and Writing.
                                   weeks of classes and the bus schedules      In our continued effort to improve
                                   will be running smoothly. It has been
2      Coach’s Clipboard
                                   such a good start! The staff and I were
                                   excited to greet both the returning and
                                                                               instruction in the areas of Reading and
                                                                               Math, we will continue offering both
                                                                               Math and Language Arts Ramp-Up and
                                   new students.                               Navigator Math classes. You may have

2      Counselor’s Corner          Each school year brings new changes.
                                   This year we have three new staff
                                                                               read about these programs in the paper
                                                                               as they are part of the supplemental
                                                                               services the district contracted with
                                   members in our building. Mrs. Kidder,       America’s Choice. We will also

3      Mr. Bolan
       Mr. Pittman
       Mrs. Plank
                                   paraprofessional, comes to us from
                                   Mead Middle School where she served
                                   as the technology specialist. She will be
                                                                               continue our school-wide mentoring
                                                                               program called Mentoring Mondays.
                                                                               The focus here is to better track the use
                                   working with students and teachers in       of student agendas, progress reports,

3      Site Council
       Library News
                                   the classroom and assisting at lunch.
                                   Mrs. Kidder will also be scheduling and
                                   monitoring after school detentions this
                                                                               goal setting and grades.

                                                                               We will continue to participate in the 25
                                   year. Mrs. Malicoat has most recently       Book Campaign. Mrs. Busch, Middle
4      Mrs. Malicoat
       Open House Celebration
                                   worked at Marshall Middle School. She
                                   is teaching Language Arts, Ramp Up to
                                   Language Arts and managing the
                                                                               School Assistant Superintendent, has
                                                                               again challenged each of us to read 25
                                                                               books during the course of the school
                                   library. Mr. Pittman is also teaching       year. Students will have reading logs
4      Community Reading
       Mentoring Mondays
                                   Language Arts. Additionally, he
                                   teaches Speech and Extreme Reading.
                                   Mr. Pittman taught at Hadley Middle
                                                                               and rewards. We also will continue the
                                                                               morning tradition of the Principal’s
                                                                               Book of the Month reading from 7:00-
                                   School the last several years. I am so      7:10 am. The first selection of the year
5      Ms. Portley
       Ms. White
                                   happy Mrs. Kidder, Mrs. Malicoat and
                                   Mr. Pittman have joined our staff. Their
                                                                               is the classic book Old Yeller by Fred
                                                                               Gipson. The staff and I are reading and
                                   experience and enthusiasm will only         keeping track our books. We hope you
                                   make Blackbear Bosin Academy a
5      Bringing Medication to
                                   better place to work and learn.
                                                                               will join us and encourage your student
                                                                               to read independently to meet our goal
                                                                               of 2,000 books!
                                   During the 2009-2010 school year, the
                                   staff focused on creating success for our
6      Truancy Information
       Mr. Halling
       Blackbear Bosin Facts
                                   students. This was evident by the gains
                                   in State Assessment scores. Early
                                                                               As we continue to create academic
                                                                               excellence, we also recognize that
                                                                               middle school is a time of transition for
                                   scores show a large gain in the area of     both students and parents. However,
Blackbear Bosin Academy            Math. Our scores on the Reading             the most important factors for your
6123 E 11th St N                   Assessment stayed pretty much the           student’s success remain the same.
Wichita, KS 67208                  same as the year before. As a result, our   Open and honest communication
                                   expectation for the 2010-2011 school        between home and school is essential
316-973-2600                       year is to continue to show                 for continued success. I have been
                                   improvement in the area of Math and         visiting classrooms and have seen
September 2010

teachers and students actively engaged        in our health curriculum. If it looks
in learning. I invite you to come in and      like we will have time for it, I will be     Patti Minton, Counselor
use our “Red Chairs” to experience this       sending permission slips home with the
for yourself. This is an excellent way        students.                                    973-2613
to stay informed about your child’s
performance. However, this is not the         Mrs. Barnett’s Classes                       Coach’s Clipboard
only way to ensure communication
between the home and the school. This         7 Grade Geography                            Physical Education
newsletter will be published monthly          We will start studying about basic           We have a lot of new faces this year. I
and mailed to you with updates about          geographic concepts such as latitude,        can’t remember a time when I have had
the activities and ongoing events at          longitude, and map reading. We will          so many new students. The kids all
Blackbear Bosin Academy. You will             locate political and physical features on    seem ready to work and learn so I am
also receive progress reports from your       Earth, compare physical and human            very excited to begin this year. We will
student’s teachers every two weeks (our       characteristics of world regions, identify   start by fitness testing each student. I
first one was sent home on Aug 27). If        and define a region and describe and         will weigh and measure everyone to
you do not see a progress report, do not      analyze population characteristics. We       either see how they have changed over
hesitate to call us. Another way to           will then work on recognizing how            the summer or as a starting point to
check on your student’s assignments is        cities and governments are formed,           check progress over the next year or
to use Parent Assist. We have asked           understand how limited resources             years with our new students.
students to write in their agenda daily in    require choice and what factors              Additionally, there will be a body fat
each class. It is our expectation they        influence international trade.               analysis, mile run, pacer test, sit and
will bring it home for you to check each                                                   reach test, trunk lift test, push up test
night and initial. Our school Site            9 Grade Algebra                              and sit up test. Each week we will work
Council will meet four times this year        We will start studying Unit One:             to improve our scores doing a number
with the first meeting on September 14th      Numbers for Algebra which includes           of different activites.
at 6:30 pm in the library. Finally, we        the number line, absolute value, integer
have parent/teacher conferences two           addition, subtraction, multiplication and    Cross Country
times a year for you and your child’s         division, simplifying number                 Cross Country is under way and I look
teacher to get together and discuss your      expressions, exponents, and problem          forward to our team competing in the
student’s progress.                           solving.                                     upcoming meets. We have a neat bunch
                                                                                           of kids that I am sure will represent our
I am looking forward to a great year and      Counselor’s Corner                           school well. I will be proud to say I am
with your help we can ensure all of our                                                    their coach. They seem very excited to
students improve their Math and               Welcome to all of our new students and
                                                                                           begin the season.
Reading proficiencies so they are able        their families from all of us at Blackbear
to go on to the next grade and be             Bosin Academy!
                                                                                           Mrs. Ackland’s Classes
                                              In September, I plan to visit with every      th
                                                                                           8 Grade Science
Welcome!                                      ninth grade student individually. I will     First, I’d like to say “Welcome Back” to
                                              give them the opportunity to complete        all returning and new students at
Lura Jo Atherly                               the 2x2 plan. This is an individualized      Blackbear Bosin. I am excited to begin
Blackbear Bosin Academy Principal             plan that allows ninth graders to            my second year! My 8th graders will
                                              evaluate the credits they are taking this    begin the year by exploring what matter
                                              year and to see what courses they need
Mr. Ghram’ Classes                            to complete high school in the future.
                                                                                           is and how it can be broken down into
                                                                                           elements. In addition to further
7 Grade Science                               The ninth graders will also be taking a      studying the properties of matter, we
Students will be learning the importance      test called Explore this year. This is a     will also work on measuring it.
of Newton’s Laws and how it effects           mini ACT test that measures academic
them every day of their lives. They will      skills and abilities, provides preferences
create posters and use labs to raise          for work tasks, and communicates
                                                                                           My Biology students will be studying
comprehension levels of Newton’s three        personal needs, plans, and goals.
                                                                                           the characteristics of life and how living
famous laws.                                                                               things are classified. We will identify
                                              Please feel free to call me with any
                                                                                           the characteristics that prove a tree is
Health                                        questions you have regarding any issue
                                                                                           living, but a block of cement is not. We
Students will start their journey to better   your child may be having at school
                                                                                           will also use classification keys to
health by learning about positive eating      regarding social/emotional issues, future
                                                                                           identify different organisms and create
and exercising habits. There is also a        career exploration, or plans for next
                                                                                           our own keys to classify other objects.
Human Growth and Development unit             year.

      2                . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                   BOSIN ARROW

Message from Mr. Bolan                       now need to come up with a plan to
                                             achieve that goal.
I would like to welcome all of our
returning students and new students.
                                                                                          This Month’s
                                             Please feel free to visit the classroom
Last year was one of the best school
years I have had for a long time and I
                                             and see what exciting things are             Events
                                             happening. What a year this is going to
am expecting this year to be even better.    be!                                          September 6-7
One thing I would like to do is send
                                                                                          No School
home progress reports every week. By
doing this, I hope to avert any surprises    Mrs. Plank’s Class
at the end of the each marking period.       It’s been a good start to the year and I’m   September 10
My assignment policy was handed out          looking forward to exploring history         Progress Reports Sent Home
during open house, but in the event that     with the eighth and ninth grade
parents were not able to attend, I’ve        students. Ask your student about the         September 11
provided copies to my students.              themes we’ll be discussing during the        Cross Country @ Sedgwick
                                             year. These themes are the “big              County Park
Mark Your Calendar!                          picture” ideas that change over time but
                                                                                          3:00 pm
                                             are still important to us in 2010.
We hope you can plan on joining us for
some or all of our four Site Council                                                      September 14
                                             Eighth graders will be studying the
meetings this year. Please mark the          arrival of Europeans in the Americas         Site Council Meeting
dates of September 14, November 16,          and the colonial period at the beginning     6:00 pm in the Library
February 15 and April 12 as nights that      of September. Later in the month, the
we will meet in the Library at 6:30. Site    causes of the American Revolution will       September 17
council exists as a method for parents       be the topic as we begin our study of the    Cross Country @ Cessna
and the community to be a part of the        history of the United States.                Activity Center
decision-making process at our school.
                                                                                          3:00 pm
                                             In World History, ninth grade students
                                             will begin with a study of the changes       September 20
Mr. Pittman’s Class                          that happened in Europe during the           Crosse Country @ Derby
It seems like yesterday when I first         Renaissance. As we finish the
                                             Renaissance, we will look at European        3:00 pm
stepped into a classroom. That was
sixteen years ago and I still look           exploration of the world, ironically, at
                                             the same time that China and Japan           September 24
forward with anticipation at the                                                          Progress Reports Sent Home
beginning of a new school year. I’m          were trying to keep foreigners out.
Scott Pittman and I’ll be teaching
Language Arts, Speech, and eXtreme           Blackbear Library                            September 30
Literacy at Blackbear Bosin Academy.                                                      Cross Country – All City Meet @
                                             Welcome back! New books           Cessna Activity Center
                                             in the Bosin Library! Come in and
This school year has already started         check out the new books! Here's a few        3:00 pm
with a play in Speech class. Which, I        of the new titles: The Percy Jackson
might add, the students performed with       Series by Rick Roirdan, including The
the ease of veteran stage performers.        Demigod Files; Titles by Sharon
WAY TO GO!!!                                 Draper: Out of My Mind, Double
                                             Dutch, November Blues, Copper Sun,
Language Arts classes have already           Romiette and Julio, and several others;
taken their AIMSweb Assessment for           The Ranger’s Apprentice Series by John
Reading Fluency. According to the            Flanigan; The Gallagher Girl Series by
early test scores results, we have some      Ally Carter; Big Book of Horror: 21
very good readers.                           Tales to Make You Tremble by various
                                             authors and many more!
In eXtreme Literacy, the classes are
learning about “Possible Selves.” This       We still have several books that are
is a series in which the student will find   still checked out/missing from last year.
themselves motivated when they have a        If your student has overdue/missing
goal in mind and believe they can            library books, a slip will be sent home        Cairn of the Medicine Seeker
achieve that goal. The students have         with their progress report. Please take        Painted by Blackbear Bosin
done goal-oriented writing already and

        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                   3
September 2010

some time to look for these books. If       effect. We will work on the good           Wednesday, September 29th at 7:00
they cannot be found, please make           reader strategies of inferring             pm. The Vlad Series follows a half-
arrangements in the office to replace       (predicting) and visualizing (creating     vampire teenager who struggles with
them. The replacement cost will be on       images). Thank you, M'am by Langston       middle school and high school while
the library notice. If you have questions   Hughes, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Rudyard        discovering his misfit place in the
about overdue/lost materials, please        Kipling, The Scholarship Jacket by         world. The series starts with Eighth
contact Stacy Malicoat.                     Marta Salinas, and Crush by Cynthia        Grade Bites and wraps up with Twelfth
                                            Rylant. Please remember that for           Grade Kills, the latest book in the series,
                                            homework each evening, students are        which comes out September 21st. This
Mrs. Malicoat’s Class                       required to read a minimum of 30
                                                                                       event will be a special opportunity for
                                                                                       young people to meet an author who is
Welcome back! The 2010-11 school                                                       devoted to encouraging young readers
year is well underway! This is my first
                                            In 8th Grade Language Arts                 and loves connecting with her fans. If
year at Bosin and I am excited to be                                                   you place orders or pre-orders for
here! I am enjoying getting to know the     Classes, we will be exploring narrative
                                            text. Our focus will be on                 Heather Brewer's books, you will get a
students, and I am looking forward to a                                                genuine Vlad Tod book bag and your
GREAT year! Please feel free to             understanding plot, setting, characters,
                                            conflict, point of view, mood, and         name will be entered to win a Vlad t-
contact me with any questions or                                                       shirt. Email
concerns you have. Here's what we will      theme. We will work on the good
                                            reader strategies of inferring   
be working on in September:                                                            to place your order. Please remember to
                                            (predicting), drawing conclusions, and
                                            vizualizing (creating images).             include your phone number.
In 7th/8th Grade Ramp Up
                                            Raymond's Run by
Literacy, we have been busy learning        Toni Cade Bambara,
the rituals and routines of the Ramp Up     Ransom of Red
classroom. In unit one, Mysteries and       Chief by O Henry,                                     Open House and
Investigations, we will be exploring the    and the Treasures
genre of mystery. We just finished                                                                  Mardi Gras
                                            of Lemon Brown
reading Ziggy and the Black                 by Walter Dean                                          Celebration
Dinosaurs: The Buried Bones                 Myers. Please                                      Thank you to all our families
Mystery by Sharon Draper. In                remember that for                                  who attended our Open House
September, we will read Wanted by           homework each                                      Celebration, what a great
Caroline Cooney and the non-                evening, students are                           turnout! Students gave their
fiction/informational text Fingerprints     required to read a minimum of 30           families a tour, showed them their
and Talking Bones: How Real Life            minutes.                                   lockers, and introduced them to their
Crimes Are Solved by Charlotte Jones.                                                  teachers, as well as received a strand of
Students will be working on the good                                                   Mardi Gras beads! We’re looking
reader strategies of activating prior                                                  forward to a great partnership with our
knowledge (making connections),                Community Reading
                                                                                       families this year.
visualizing (creating images), inferring         Opportunities
(predicting), clarifying (asking
questions), synthesizing (summarizing),                                                Mentoring Mondays
                                                         Manga Meet
and determining importance of                                                          “Mentoring Mondays!” will kickoff on
                                            Saturday, September 11th from 2:00 -
ideas. We will also start working on our                                               Monday, August 30. Every Monday,
                                            4:00 PM at the Central Libary, teens
own memoirs. We will use the mentor                                                    students will meet in a small group with
                                            aged 12-17 can meet fellow anime fans
text, When I Was Young In the                                                          a Mentor/Teacher during 1st hour
                                            and create their own manga for a chance
Mountains by Cynthia Rylant as our                                                     Consortium. These groups will serve as
                                            to win a prize. Bring cards for trading
model for how we will put together our                                                 accountability groups to ensure students
                                            and playing, join the costume contest,
memoirs. Please remember that for                                                      are keeping up with their assignments
                                            and enjoy an episode of an anime series
homework each evening, students are                                                    and also receive help with
                                            over popcorn. Call the Central Library
required to read a minimum of 30                                                       organizational and study skills. An
                                            for more information and to get signed
minutes.                                                                               additional focus this year will be on
                                            up for this fun event - 261-8500.
                                                                                       helping students build good character as
In 7th Grade Language Arts                                                             we concentrate on the following 6
Class, we will be exploring narrative                                                  character traits: Respect, Caring,
                                             Meet Author Heather Brewer
text. Our focus will be on
                                            Heather Brewer, author of The
understanding plot, setting, characters,
                                            Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, will be at
conflict, point of view, and cause and                                                 Continued on page 5…
                                            Watermark Books (4701 E. Douglas) on

  4                   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                     BOSIN ARROW
Continued from page 4…
                                            school persons designated to administer
Responsibility, Trustworthiness,            the medication.
Fairness and Citizenship.
                                            Any change in medication dosages or          Ms .White’s Class
Progress Reports and Agendas will be        administration schedules will require
checked during this time as well.           new written physician and lawful             Ramp Up:
To continue with our commitment to          custodian requests and new or newly          In Ramp Up, we started the school year
keep communication strong between           labeled medication containers.               talking about procedures, rules, and
home and school, Mentor Teachers will                                                    expectations. After getting settled, we
call or e-mail parents if agendas aren’t                                                 began our first unit titled Foundations of
signed each day and signed Progress                  Ms. Portley’s                       Algebra. This unit teaches students
Reports are not returned every other                                                     reasoning skills for working with
Monday. We are very excited about                    Technology                          numbers. It helps develop tools to
this program and we’re confident it will    Ninth Grade                                  justify answers and solve problems.
continue to play an important role in       Students will start out the year by
helping our students reach greater          learning to type …the right way. They        Pre-Algebra:
academic success.                           will be working out of our “Century 21       In Pre-Algebra we are studying Chapter
                                            Typing” books. Initially they will be        1: Principles of Algebra. Students will
                                            learning how to use proper formation         learn to compare and order positive and
Medication at School                        and the home row keys. As the year           negative numbers called integers. They
                                            progresses, they will learn other            will also learn to add, subtract, multiply
Board of Education Policy 5316 deals
                                            concepts related to drafting letters and     and divide integers. The skills learned
with the administration of medication
                                            documents.                                   in this chapter can be used to solve a
during school hours. The entire policy
can be viewed at                                                         formula or balance a checkbook.
Here are some select highlights of the      Seventh & Eighth Grade
current policy:                             It’s an exciting time to be in 7th & 8th     Course 2:
                                            grade in USD259. New curriculum has          In Course 2 we began Chapter 1:
When necessary to administer                been implemented in the middle school        Algebraic Reasoning. In this chapter,
medication during school hours, written     technology classes. USD259 has chosen        the students will study simplifying
requests will be submitted to the pupil’s   the Project Lead the Way curriculum in       expressions with order of operations and
school, signed and dated by the both the    our district. This new curriculum            exponents. This will help solve
lawful custodian and licensed physician     incorporates state standards from            problems in Math and Science.
containing the following:                            Science, Math, and Language
                                                       Arts in a lab like setting to
                                                         help expose the students to
                                                                                             Our Commitment to
    1.   Name and birth date of pupil to
         receive medication                                engineering. It is our goal           Excellence
    2.   Diagnosis/reason for                               to help the students         Excellence means making a decision to
         medication                                          discover whether            be the BEST you can possibly be.
    3.   Name of medication to be                            Engineering is              Excellence means continually striving
         given                                                something they would       to become better than you are. At
    4.   Dosage/amount to be given                            be interested in and can   Blackbear Bosin Academy, we ask each
    5.   Times to be given                                     study at a deeper level   student to commit to the following
    6.   Expected duration of                                  in high school if they    standards:
         treatment                                        so choose. The first nine
                                                            weeks, we will be             Keep daily objectives and
Additionally, lawful custodian                              working on a unit called       assignments written in your student
signature must certify that at least one    Science of Technology in 7th grade and         agenda.
dose of the prescribed medication has       Automation & Robotics in 8th grade.           Strive to become better each day.
previously been given and no adverse        Students will learn how to keep an            Be on time to every class.
reactions were experienced.                 Engineering notebook and basic                Be alert and attentive in every
                                            concepts related to Engineering. We are        class.
It is the responsibility of the lawful      all very excited about the new adventure      Turn in every assignment.
custodian to transport the medication to    we are embarking on this year. Go             Be in attendance every day
and from school and make sure that it       Bosin students!!                               possible.
be given to a school employee who will
immediately contact the school nurse, or
in cases of refilled prescription, and

         . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                                     5
September 2010

                                              novel by Joyce McDonald.                     will be working with the Junior Great
                                                                                           Books series and the 7th grade literature
From Mr. Halling                              Freshman English:                            series.
                                              The students are implementing many of
I wanted to welcome all of you to the
beginning of a new school year and a
                                              the rituals and routines from the Ramp       Who Was Blackbear
                                              Up Program. This group of students will
very exciting time at Blackbear Bosin.        begin the year with activities. The first    Bosin?
My excitement comes from the fact that        adventure will begin with a foray into       Born to a Kiowa father and a Comanche
I am teaching a variety of subjects this      the Short Stories. We will analyze           mother on June 5, 1921, in Anadarko,
year and I’m looking forward to the           author’s purpose and characterization.       Oklahoma, Blackbear Bosin became an
outstanding strategies offered in the         Additionally, we will begin reading SL       internationally recognized artist.
courses.                                      Rottman’s wonderful novel Hero.              After serving in the Marine Corps in
                                                                                           WWII, Blackbear Bosin moved to
Ramp Up:                                                                                   Wichita, which would become his
                                              Eighth Grade English
This America’s Choice Literacy                The students are adapting to the routines    adoptive home. Here, he developed his
Program features outstanding read             and rituals very well. We are diving into                   skills further and devoted
alouds and a variety of resources to          the literature book and we will be                          all his efforts to portray
enhance readers’ interests. This course       focusing on prediction, making                               scenes and tales of his
is based on routines and rituals which        inferences and drawing conclusions. I                        beloved Indian heritage.
are documented and posted in the              have yet to select a novel for this class,                    National
classroom and in the students’ source         but you can expect one by mid-                                 Geographic gave
books. These daily behaviors are              September.                                                      Blackbear Bosin his
designed to encourage positive habits                                                                           first national
for students. The marvel of the routine                                                                          recognition in March
                                              Seventh Grade English
is that they create a structured                                                                              1955, with the
                                              The students are adapting to the routines
classroom environment. I have adopted                                                                      publication of his
                                              and rituals very well. We are diving into
many of these strategies in all of my                                                                   painting, "Prairie Fire."
                                              the literature book and we will be
classes this fall. Currently, the students                                                          Among the most famous pieces
                                              focusing on prediction, making
are reading a novel entitled Swallowing                                                       Blackbear Bosin created is a mural
                                              inferences and drawing conclusions. We
Stones. This is a great young adult                                                        commissioned by the Farm Credit Bank
                                                                                           of Wichita, in Wichita, Kansas, entitled
                                                                                           "From Whence All Life." His only
                           Truancy Information                                             sculpture, the design of which he
                                                                                           donated to the City of Wichita, "Keeper
                                                                                           of the Plains", is a forty-four foot tall
   Board Policy 1460
                                                                                           sculpture of Cor Tan steel expressing
   Pupil Attendance
                                                                                           the essence of the Indian heritage. The
   Regular school attendance is required of all pupils enrolled in elementary and
                                                                                           "Keeper of the Plains" remains
   secondary schools under Kansas Compulsory Attendance Statue (KSA 72-
                                                                                           Blackbear's most famous contribution to
   1111). The Kansas Compulsory School Attendance Law holds parents
                                                                                           the City of Wichita. He was
   responsible for requiring a child under their control or charge who is between
                                                                                           commissioned by the Franklin Mint of
   seven (7) and less than eighteen (18) years of age to attend school on a
                                                                                           Franklin, Pennsylvania, to contribute to
   continuous basis.
                                                                                           a metallic Historical series and by the
                                                                                           United States Department of the Interior
   Board Policy 1461                                                                       in Washington, D.C., to create several
   Reporting Process – Pupils Not Attending School and Inexcusably Absent                  paintings.
   Pupils (Truants)                                                                        His paintings have been shown widely
   In compliance with requirements of the Kansas Compulsory School                         across the nation and featured in
   Attendance Law, reports shall be filed with appropriate authorities when a              numerous private collections. Some
   child is not enrolled in a public school or non-public school or when a child is        pieces are shown on a permanent basis
   enrolled in school and is inexcusably absent.                                           at the Heard Museum in Phoenix,
                                                                                           Arizona; the Philbrook Art Center in
   3,5,7 Rule                                                                              Tulsa, Oklahoma; the Whitney Museum
   Inexcusably absent for a substantial part of a school day on either three (3)           in Cody, Wyoming and the Indian
   consecutive school days, or five (5) school days in any semester or seven (7)           Center Museum in Wichita.
   school days in any school year, whichever of the aforementioned occurs first.
   A student’s attendance pattern must meet this rule before he/she can be
   reported to the Office of SRS or to Office of the District Attorney.

  6                    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                       BOSIN ARROW

Blackbear Bosin Academy
6123 E 11th St N
Wichita, KS 67208

       . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        7

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