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    1.        Minimum Guarantee and Security Deposit:
Particulars                           Local PCOs incl.         Local VPTs without          Local VPTs with             95        STD/ISD* PCOs
                                      CCB Type PCO             95 facility                 facility/STD VPTs
                                       Rural    Urban             Rural        Urban                  Rural                         Rural           Urban
Minimum Guarantee**                   100      100             0             0             0                                     100          300
Security Deposit*
Handicapped                       0           0             0              0            250                                      0            0
Other than Handicapped            600         1000          0              0            250                                      600          1000
    * For ISD facility, additional security deposit of Rs.2000 may be taken for Urban areas PCOs.
    ** Minimum guarantee is inclusive of service tax but exclusive of commission viz. net billing
    2.        Pulse Rate
    (i)       For All type of PCOs except Local VPT (without 95 facility):
Particular                            Unit Rate                                                      Pulse Rate
                                      (Inclusive of                BSNL Network                                               Other Network
                                      service tax)     Wireline/WLL (F)/WLL (M)           Cellular         Wireline         Cellular/ WLL (F)/WLL (M)
Local & Intra Circle Calls            Rs.1.00          90                                 60               60               60
upto 50 Kms
Intra Circle Calls > 50 Kms           Rs.1.00          60                                 60               60               60
Inter Circle Calls
0-50 Kms                              Rs.1.00          30                                 30               30               30
> 50 Kms                              Rs.1.00          30                                 30               30               30
    Note: Uniform pulse rate for all inter circle calls irrespective of distance in respect of CCB & Local PCO and PCOs working on DSPT.
    (ii)          For Local VPT (without 95 facility):
Particular                                       Unit Rate                                        Pulse Rate
                                                 (Service Tax                  BSNL Network                         Other Network
                                                 Not               Wireline/WLL       Cellular/UASP/     Wireline/WLL        Cellular/UASP/
                                                 Applicable)       (Except 9 level)   WLL (9 Level)      (Except 9 level)    WLL (9 Level)
Local & Intra Circle Calls upto 50 Kms           Rs.1.00           90                 60                 90                  60
Intra Circle Calls beyond 50 Kms                 NA                NA                 NA                 NA                  NA
Inter Circle Calls                               NA                NA                 NA                 NA                  NA
    (iii)     ISD Call Charges (Unit Rate of Rs.1.00 inclusive of Service Tax):
Country Category                                                      Pulse (Sec)               Rs./Min. inclusive of Service Tax
USA, Canada, UK, Sri Lanka                                            6                         10
Europe (Other than UK), Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and 5                          12
Hong Kong, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Qatar
Rest of World                                                         4                         15
     Note:(a) All type of PCOs means Local PCOs including CCB/Handicapped PCO, local VPTs with 95 facility, STD/ISD & STD VPTs.
          (b) All Local PCOs shall have STD facility.
    3.        Commission Structure:
    (i)       For All type of Postpaid Landline PCOs including fixed PCOs provided on WLL & VPTs (except Local
              VPT without 95 facility):
Billed MCU          per      MRP per       Defined                               Net billed to PCO Discount
                                                            ST & Cess applicable on                                                    Return on Investment
month                        MCU           Rate             defined rate (12.36%)Operator per MCU per MCU                              for PCO Operator (%)
                                                                                 inclusive of ST & Cess
C1                    C2              C3             C4=C3*12.36%                C5=C3+C4                 C6                           C7=C6/C5
<=400                 1.00            0.623          0.077                       0.700                    0.300                        42.86 %
> 400 & <= 800        1.00            0.605          0.075                       0.680                    0.320                        47.06 %
> 800 & <= 1200       1.00            0.578          0.072                       0.650                    0.350                        53.85 %
> 1200 & <= 1500      1.00            0.561          0.069                       0.630                    0.370                        58.73 %
> 1500 & <= 2500      1.00            0.547          0.068                       0.615                    0.385                        62.60 %
> 2500                1.00            0.534          0.066                       0.600                    0.400                        66.67 %
    Note: 1. MRP is defined as: Maximum limit of the price allowed to be charged to public by the PCO operator.
            2. Defined rate is: Basic price charged to PCO operators (excluding S.T & Cess).
    (ii)      For Local VPT without 95 facility:
              There is no change in discount structure of local VPT without 95 facility since no service tax is leviable on local calls made from
              Local VPT without 95 facility. However billing shall be done in respect of Local VPT Operators without 95 facility on the basis of
              revised billing policy i.e. Bills shall be issued to VPT Operators @ 50 paise per MCU after allowing discount instead of Rs.1.00 per
    4.        Loyalty Bonus: Loyalty bonus discontinued w.e.f. 01/06/2008
    5.        Service charge for franchised STD/ISD PCOs & STD VPTs: Since the tariff is also applicable to CCB type PCOs ,
              the levy of service charge is not mandatory.
    6.        Identification of PCOs: There is no necessity of separate identification for local PT after extending STD facility. As such
              in the new arrangement there will be only three type of PCOs 1) Local VPT without 95 facility 2) PCOs without ISD facility
              3) PCOs with ISD facility
    7.        Billing Schedule:
          S.No.                                          Type of PCOs                                                    Billing Schedule
            1             PCO with ISD facility (Rural as well as Urban)                                                   Fortnightly*
             2         PCO including VPTs without ISD facility in Urban Area                                           Fortnightly*
             3         PCO including VPTs without ISD facility in Rural Area
                       (i) with call revenue per fortnight more than Rs.1000/-                                         Fortnightly
                       (ii) with call revenue per fortnight less than Rs.1000/-                                         Monthly
            4          VPTs without 95 facility                                                                         Monthly
       * Weekly bills for PCOs mentioned at S.No. 1 & 2 above may be issued by the local authority where call revenue (per month) exceeds

                                  GSM PCO SERVICE
       1.        Tariff for Cellular (GSM) PCOs:
Types of calls                                                                                  In Rs.
All Intra Circle Call (Inclusive of S. Tax)                                                     1.00 per minute
All Inter Circle Calls (Inclusive of S. Tax)                                                    1.00 per 30 Seconds
ISD Calls (Charge per minute)
(a) USA, Canada, UK, Srilanka                                                                   8.00
(b) Europe (Other than UK), Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia,                                      12.00
    Indonesia and Hong Kong, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Oman & Qatar
(c) Rest of World                                                                              15.00
        Note: Service tax has already been included in call charges. Hence                     no additional service tax is required to
        be charged.
       2.        Sale Price, Talk Value and Validity of Recharge Coupons of GSM PCOs (w.e.f.

  Sale Price                 Discounted value of                                             Talk Value (Incl.                              Return on
                                                                     ST & Cess                                           Validity
  ( Incl. of ST &            recharge coupons (Excl.                                         of ST & Cess) in                               Investment for
                                                                     (12.36%) in Rs.                                     (Days)
  Cess) in Rs.               S. Tax) in Rs.                                                  Rs.                                            PCO Operator
  Recharge Coupon
  210                        186.90                                  23.10                   300                         15                 42.86%
  345                        307.05                                  37.95                   500                         30                 44.93%
  660                        587.40                                  72.60                   1000                        45                 51.52%
  1920                       1708.79                                 211.21                  3000                        45                 56.25%
  3050                       2714.49                                 335.51                  5000                        45                 63.93%
  5800                       5161.98                                 638.02                  10000                       60                 72.41%
  5670                       5046.28                                 623.72                  9000                        100                58.73%
  Validity Coupon
  150                        133.50                                  16.50                   Nil                         20                 Nil

       (i)   The SIM card will be provided on payment of Rs.200/- plus applicable service tax with a talk time of
             Rs.50/- for testing. SIM card will be issued from BSNL customer centre only after verification of
             PCO instrument with printed billing facility by the designated officer of BSNL.
       (ii) Commission will be paid upfront i.e. net amount after deducting commission will be charged at the
             time of sale of the recharge coupon.
       (iii) Recharge coupons will be sold from the BSNL Customer Care Center and authorized dealer.
       (iv) Uniform grace period of 15 days is allowed for all value of cards. However no additional grace
             period is allowed. No outgoing call is allowed during the grace period. The unutilized balance
             amount in the previous card can be carried forward in case renewal within the grace period,
             otherwise it shall lapse.
       3.        Conditions for provision of GSM STD/ISD PCOs:
       (i)       The GSM STD/ISD PCOs can be allowed to any person as per the existing terms and conditions for
                 landline PCOs. The PCO holder can also be offered GSM PCOs without any Security/Registration
                 charges. However, no security deposit in the form of cash/bank guarantee etc. is required to be taken
                 in the case of GSM PCO.
(ii)  No service charge is allowed for intra circle calls. Considering the difficulty in identification of
      rural/urban areas, PCO holders can collect a service charge of Rs.2/- per call for all successful long
      distance inter-circle calls (STD/ISD calls).
(iii) The PCO owner can use any mode of transport namely cycle, scooter (two or three wheeler) or any
      four wheelers.
(iv) The GSM based STD/ISD PCO holder will be allowed to move anywhere within the Licensed
      Service Area. However roaming facility should be barred.
(v)   It may be mandatory for such PCO holder to ensure BSNL branding prominently at the site. In case,
      such PCOs are installed in mobile vans, the van must have BSNL branding on both sides and top of
      the van.
(vi) The PCO holder has to arrange for the Fixed Cellular Terminal (FCT) inclusive of bill printing
      mechanism at his own cost.
(vii) The tariff is w.e.f. 01/05/2008.

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