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THe MOrrell STOre AT rOCkeFeller CeNTer liT uP FOr THe HOliDAYS

                               Dom Pérignon 2002
                               Andy Warhol Tribute
                                              (188091)    $159.95

                                                     3 Pack
                                        One color each - Red, Blue, Yellow
                                             (188085)      $479.85
                                                                                                            Fabulous  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
                                                                                                            Alsace .  .  .  .Holiday . Gifts .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .4-6                   . 15
                                                                                                                                                             to  .  .
                                                                                                            Pre-packed and ready  .  .  .go!  .  .  .  . 20-24
                                                                                                            American Reds .  .  .  .  .  .
                                                                                                            American Whites  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .18-19
49th Street Between 5th and 6th Avenues • New York, NY 10022 • 212.688.9370 • 800.96.WINES                  Alsace .  .  .&  .  .  .  .  .Zealand  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .32-33
                                                                                                            Australia  . New  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 18
                                                                               American Reds .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 22-25
                                                                                                            Austria  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 15
                                                                                                            American Whites  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 16
                                                                                                            Beaujolais  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 17
                                                                                                            Argentina  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 32
Our SPeCiAlTY                                                                                               Big Bottles  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 35
                                                                                                            Australia & New Zealand  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .31-32
Exciting pre-packaged three and                                                                             Bordeaux - Bargains  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4
                                                                                                            Austria  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 19
                                                                                                            Bordeaux  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .4-5
six bottle wine and Champagne                                                                               Beaujolais  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 19
                                                                                                            Bordeaux - Under $30  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4
assortments for all of your Holiday                                                                         Bordeaux - Bargains  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 9
                                                                                                            Bordeaux - Fine & Rare  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 6
gift giving needs!                                                                                          Bordeaux  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .9-13
                                                                                                            Bordeaux - Futures 2005  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 7
                                                                                                            Bordeaux - Futures  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .12-13
                                                                                                            Bordeaux - Futures 2006  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 8
                                                                                                            Bordeaux - Fine & Rare  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 11
                                                                                                            Bordeaux - White  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 6
                                                                                                            Bordeaux - White  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 11
                                                                                                            Burgundy - White  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .12-14
 Morrell's Corporate                                                                                        Burgundy - Red  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 16
                                                                                                            Burgundy - Red  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 10-11
                                                                                                            Burgundy - White  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .14-15
 Holiday Gift Order Division                                                                                Cabernet Sauvignon  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 22-23
                                                                                                            Cabernet Sauvignon  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .20-21
 The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year, but finding the                                        Champagne  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 9
                                                                                                            Champagne  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .7-8
 perfect gift for family, friends and associates can be a stressful
 and time-consuming process. This year, relieve the stress by doing
                                                                                                            Chardonnay  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .18-19
                                                                                                            Chardonnay  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 20
 your holiday shopping with Morrell. From bubbly Champagne                                                  Germany .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 15
                                                                                                            French Country . Discoveries  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 19
 to exceptional wines to enjoyable wine classes, Morrell offers
 something special for everyone.
                                                                                                            Half Bottles  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 19
                                                                                                            Germany .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 35
                                                                                                            Ice Wine  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 6
                                                                                                            Half Bottles .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .21
 For large holiday orders, e-mail our                                                                       Italian Reds  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 26-29
                                                                                                            Italian Reds  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 26-28
 holiday gift department directly at                                                                        Italian Whites .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 25
                                                                                                            Italian Whites .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 29                                                                               Loire Valley Whites  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 17
                                                                                                            Loire Valley Whites  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 18
                                                                                                            Merlot .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 23
                                                                                                            Merlot .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 25
 Or visit us online at                                                                  Pinot Noir .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 22
                                                                                                            Pinot Noir .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 24
                                                                                                            Portugal                                                                             30
                                                                                                            Port .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 33
 If you don’t find what you need, our knowledgeable                                                                    and Beyond .
                                                                                                            Rhône Valley Reds  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 16-17                  .  . 17
 sales team is ready to assist you at 212-688-9370                                                          Sauternes & Barsac  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .18
                                                                                                            Rhône Valley Whites                                                                   6
 or 800-96-wines                                                                                            Sauternes .  .  .  .  .White .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 33
                                                                                                            South America  .  .  .  .                                                            11
                                                                                                            South America Red  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
                                                                                                            Sauvignon Blanc and  .Beyond  .  .  .  .  .  . 34                                    21
                                               FeATureS                                                     Spain  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
                                                                                                            South America  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .30-31           32-33
FAbulOuS HOliDAY GiFTS                      reD bOrDeAux                   CHAMPAGNe & SPArklerS            Syrah                                                                        .  .  . 24
                                                                                                            Spain  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .30-31
Beautiful wine assortments, Champagne       A collector’s dream come       The “Bubbly Season” is here —
gift sets and more — all pre-packed and affordable prices.   and we have the best selection   SparklingfEaturEs .  .  .  .  .  . 8
                                                                                                                                .  .  .  .  .
                                                                                                            Zinfandel Wine .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                                 23
ready to go! Just add your personal                                        and prices in town!              Spirits .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 34
greetings.                                  Pages 9-13
                                                                           Pages 7-8                        Syrah  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 25
Pages 4-6
                                                                                                            Zinfandel  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 25
                                                                                                            Wonderful Wines of New York  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 19

                        MOrrell GiFT CerTiFiCATeS                                                                        MOrrell
                                                                                                                     Wine institute
                                                                                                            BH = Burghound           RP = Robert Parker
                        Gift Certificates are fun gifts that let your friends choose their own
                        favorites among hundreds of the world’s finest wines and spirits .
                                                                                                                        Fall Classes Tanzer
                                                                                                            CG = Connoisseur’s Guide ST = Steve
                                                                                                                     See inside back cover
                                                                                                            MWI = Morrell Wine Institute WE = Wine Enthusiast
                        Gift Certificates from $25
                                                                                                            PM Peter Morrell
                                                                                                            BH ==Burghound              RP =WS = Wine Spectator
                                                                                                                                             Robert Parker
                                                                                                            PR = Morrell Wine Institute ST = NR = Not Rated
                                                                                                            MWI =Pierre Rovani               Steven Tanzer’s

                           HOliDAY HOurS                                                                    PM = Peter Morrell
                                                                                                            WA = Wine Advocate
                                                                                                                                             International Wine Cellar
                                                                                                                                        WE = Wine Enthusiast
                                          For your convenience we are open late from                                                    WS = Wine Spectator
                                          Wednesday, December 1st to Thursday, December 23rd                                            RM = Roberta Morrell

                                          Our Holiday shopping hours are:
                                          Mon-Fri      9am-9pm                                                     Free Delivery on
                                          Sat          9am-7pm
                                          Sun          10am-6pm                                                   Orders over $100 in
                                          Friday, December 24th and December 31st 9am-6pm                           New York State
                                     Exciting 3-Bottle Gifts
                                                                              A NOTE FROM ROBERTA MORRELL
                                                                              “Every year I taste and select the wines for our gift packs. I try to choose a combination of
                                                                              highly rated wines and small boutique Morrell discoveries so that the gifts are consistently
                                                                              interesting as well as tastefully delicious. Unfortunately wine is not infinite, so if we have to
                                                                              substitute, I will personally select an alternate wine of equal or greater value. Happy Holiday
                                                                              Gift Giving!” - Roberta Morrell

NOËl GiFT SeleCTiON                                                ClASSiC GiFT SeleCTiON                                           CONNOiSSeur GiFT SeleCTiON
G31                                              $29.95            G35                                            $79.95            G37                     $149.95
labouré-roi Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 France                         Château Marquis de lalande 2006                                  Tournelle de beau-Séjour bécot St-emilion 2006
Giacomo Sangiovese Toscana 2009 italy                              lalande-de-Pomerol                                               Serradenari barolo 2005 Piedmont
Callia Alta Torrontés 2009 Argentina                               Fonterutoli Chianti Classico 2007 Tuscany                        invictus reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Napa
                                                                   invictus Chardonnay 2008 Sonoma
A terrific gift with three amazing wine values: a super southern                                                                    A rich, well-structured, Merlot-based St-Emilion pairs with a
French Cabernet from a stellar red Burgundy producer; a soft,      A concentrated, beautifully textured, sensuous red               91-point (WS), rich and ready-to-drink Tuscan Brunello, and a
spicy Tuscan gem; and a dynamite dry, grassy-green, apply          Bordeaux; a famous cherry-cassis-mushroom scented                quintessential, First Growth-quality Napa Valley Cabernet, to
Argentine white. The “Best Buy of the Season” wine gift.           Italian Chianti with great structure; and a knockout rich,       make a very sophisticated wine gift.
                                                                   complex, butterscotch/hazelnut California Chardonnay—
HOliDAY GiFT SeleCTiON                                             a very serious threesome.
G32                                               $39.95                                                                            OeNOPHile GiFT SeleCTiON
                                                                                                                                    G38                      $199.95
Château Chapelle St-Jean 2005 Côtes de Castillon                   exeCuTiVe GiFT SeleCTiON
Montgras Carmenère reserva 2009 Chile                              G36                      $99.95                                  Château Haut-batailley 2001 Pauillac
Anselmi Soave 2009 italy                                                                                                            Col d’Orcia brunello di Montalcino 2004 Tuscany
                                                                   Château Morillon 2008 Grand Cru St-emilion
                                                                                                                                    Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 Napa
A delicious, black licorice-marzipan-spring flowers red            invictus Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
Bordeaux; a quintessential Reserva red from Argentina; and         Napa labouré-roi bourgogne blanc 2007 burgundy
a highly rated, favorite Italian white make this an outstanding                                                                     Three stars. A soft, full-bodied Bordeaux from the stunning
international Holiday Selection.                                   Complex, supple, opulent Grand Cru St-Emilion; rich, smooth,     2001 vintage; a rich, top-of-the-line Brunello from one of
                                                                   voluptuous, Bordeaux-like Napa Valley Cabernet; intensely        Brunello’s top estates, and Caymus Cabernet, the legend
                                                                   flavored French white Chardonnay from one of Burgundy’s          and standard bearer for Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. A
                                                                   well-known producers—a fabulous gift.                            serious wine gift.

                                                                   WOrlDlY bubbleS GiFT                                             b42                                              $59.95
                                                                   Scharffenberger brut Anderson Valley
                                                                   Don roman Cava Spain
                                                                   banfi rosa regale brachetto D’Acqui italy

                                                                   Is your recipient in for a treat! A Wall Street Journal “Best Buy” California sparkler owned by renowned French Champagne
                                                                   House Louis Roederer, a refreshingly crisp and elegant Spanish Cava and Castello Banfi’s famous sparkling red wine with berry
                                                                   flavors and hints of almonds. Each one unique in its own way.

G33                                              $49.95
                                                                                                                                         CHAMPAGNe lOVerS GiFT
Château Greysac 2006 Médoc                                                                                                               b41                   $124.95
Valdarno Chianti Superiore 2007 Tuscany
Colombo Côtes du rhône blanc les Abeilles 2008 rhône Valley                                                                              Gosset brut excellence
                                                                                                                                         Pol Gardere brut
A full-bodied, sumptuous red Bordeaux; a lovely dried-cherry,
                                                                                                                                         louis roederer brut Premier
smoky, berry-flavored Italian Chianti; and a crisp, concen-
trated, vibrant French Rhône white make an exciting and
eclectic trio.                                                                                                                           Three outstanding Champagnes: Gosset Brut, rich,
                                                                                                                                         fragrant and extremely elegant; Pol Gardere, a delicious,
                                                                                                                                         ripe, Chardonnay-based small-grower boutique Cham-
FOur-STAr GiFT SeleCTiON                                                                                                                 pagne; Louis Roederer, intense, complex and toasty.
G34                      $64.95                                                                                                          This lovely Champagne gift says “Happy Holidays” in
                                                                                                                                         the true spirit of the season.
Château Peychaud Maisonneuve 2006 Côtes du bourg
Poliziano rosso di Montepulciano 2007 Tuscany
louis latour Mâcon Viré-Clessé 2008 burgundy

An elegant, 92-point, velvety, concentrated red Bordeaux; a
full-bodied Tuscan Rosso (raspberry and cherry mingled with
spice); and an oozing-with-charm, super Burgundian Char-
donnay made by master Louis Latour. A stellar wine gift.

    4 | HOliDAY 2010 OR DE R NOW - 212 .688 .9370 OR VISIT US ONLINE AT WWW .MOR R E LLWINE .COM
                                 Fabulous 6-Bottle Gifts

                                                                       reGAl GiFT ASSOrTMeNT                                                italian Wine Gifts
                                                                       G68                   $299.95
                                                                       Tournelle de beau-Séjour bécot 2006
                                                                       Col d’Orcia brunello di Montalcino 2004 Tuscany
                                                                       Napanook Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Napa
                                                                       Marques de Tomares rioja Gran reserva 2001 Spain
                                                                       invictus Chardonnay 2007 Sonoma
                                                                       louis latour Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru
                                                                       Sous les Puits 2006 burgundy

                                                                       Four superb reds: A stylish, silky St-Emilion a stunning 2004
                                                                       Brunello from one of Brunellos top estates, “lush, elegant,
                                                                       fleshy and pure” (Parker) Napanook from Christian Moueix’s
                                                                       legendary Dominus estate, 2001 cellar treasure Gran Rioja,
                                                                       paired with a rich, complex, butterscotch/hazelnut California
                                                                       Chardonnay and Latour’s masterful, concentrated white Bur-           GreAT iTAliAN WiNe GiFT
                                                                       gundy, and you have six of the best for a great wine gift.           b72                     $87.95
NOble GiFT ASSOrTMeNT                                                                                                                       Chianti Superiore Valdarno 2007 Tuscany
G65                   $149.95                                                                                                               Giacomo Sangiovese Toscana 2009 Tuscany
                                                                       COlleCTOr’S GiFT ASSOrTMeNT                                          Monte Antico 2006 Tuscany
                                                                       G95                   $495.00                                        rapitalà Nero d’Avola Campo reale 2007 Sicily
Château Peychaud Maisonneuve 2006 Côtes du bourg
                                                                                                                                            Anselmi San Vicenzo 2009 Veneto Colle dei bardellini
Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre 2006 Veneto                              Château Virginie de Valandraud 2005 St-emilion                       Vermentino u Munte 2009 liguria
labouré-roi Côtes de beaune-Villages                                   la Spinetta barbaresco la Gallina la Spinetta 2005
les Manoirs 2007 burgundy                                              Piedmont                                                             A mini wine tour of Italy! Three terrific Tuscan reds with three
Silver Palm Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 North Coast                                                                                             distinctive flavor profiles: quintessential Chianti, lush Sangio-
                                                                       bodegas Alion Vega Sicilia 2006 ribera del Duero
invictus Chardonnay 2008 Sonoma                                                                                                             vese, full-bodied Spectator 90-point Monte Antico and an in-
                                                                       invictus reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Napa                        tense, spicy Sicilian red. Combine these with a soft, floral white
louis latour Mâcon-Viré Clessé 2009 burgundy
                                                                       Moreau Chablis Grand Cru les Clos 2007 burgundy                      from the Veneto and the lemony-crisp Vermentino and you’ve
                                                                       ramey Chardonnay ritchie Vineyard 2007 Sonoma Coast                  got a “fun” wine gift and an Italian wine education as well!
Four outstanding reds: A soft, rich Bordeaux with nuances of
black olives, earth, minerals and roasted meat; an irresistibly
stylish “baby Amarone” from Allegrini; a delicious red Burgun-
                                                                       Six wines that will tap-dance on anyone’s palate! A Parker           SuPer iTAliAN WiNe GiFT
dy with notes of red berries and marmalade peach liqueur;
                                                                       93-point rich, ripe “cult” St-Emilion whose sister wine, Va-         b73                     $149.95
                                                                       landraud, sells for $325 a bottle; a 94-point (WS) Barbaresco
and an elegant, dark chocolate-cherry, peppery Sonoma                  from one of the masters of Piedmont; a Parker 94-point world-        Serradenari barolo 2005 Piedmont
Cabernet. Paired with a rich, intensely flavored California            class Spanish red; a 95-point, Bordeaux-like, voluptuous Napa        Canalicchio di Sopra rosso di Montalcino 2008 Tuscany
Chardonnay, and a delicious Burgundian Chardonnay from                 Cabernet; Moreau’s exquisite Grand Cru Chablis; and David
                                                                                                                                            Sandri langhe Nebbiolo 2006 Piedmont
Louis Latour—six great wines to please any wine lover.                                                                                      Cantina Santadi Shardana 2005 Sardinia
                                                                       Ramey’s powerful, highly rated Russian River single-vineyard
                                                                                                                                            Feudi di San Gregorio Falanghina 2009 Campania
                                                                       Chardonnay. Six of the best for a very great wine gift.
                                                                                                                                            Funtanin roero Arneis 2008 Piedmont
                                                                       THe exTrAOrDiNArY reD WiNe GiFT                                      Full-bodied and luscious 91-point (WS) Barolo; silky-soft Rosso
G66                  $199.95                                                                                                                from a top Brunello producer; a stunning, mouthwatering
                                                                       G91                  $995.00                                         Nebbiolo Langhe; and the 94-point Parker-rated blockbuster
Château Morillon Grand Cru St-emilion 2008                                                                                                  Sardinian red, Shardana. Four stunning Italian reds paired
Châteauneuf-du-Pape Domaine de Nalys 2007                              Château Cos d’estournel 2005 St-estephe                              with the lively, honey-scented Falanghina and the soft, lemony
rhône Valley                                                           Château rauzan-Ségla 2005 Margaux                                    Arneis. Who wouldn’t love this as a holiday gift?
invictus Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Napa                                  Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru Nicolas Potel 2007
Cantina Santadi Shardana 2005 Sardinia                                 burgundy                                                             ulTiMATe iTAliAN WiNe GiFT
Carpe Diem Firepeak Vineyard Chardonnay 2007                           Joseph Phelps insignia 2006 Napa.                                    b31                    $225.00
edna Valley                                                            Molinari brunello Cerbaiona 2004 Tuscany                             Antinori Guado al Tasso 2006 bolgheri
louis latour Meursault 2007 burgundy                                   Champagne krug Grand Cuvée                                           Casanova di Neri brunello Tenuta Nuova 2004 Tuscany
                                                                                                                                            Sotimano barbaresco Curra 2006 Piedmont
A soft, caressing, stylish Grand Cru St-Emilion; a plucky              Each of these wines is at the top of its classification: 98-point
Châteauneuf loaded with dark, ripe fruit; a 93-point, rich, full-      Parker-rated Cos, “unquestionably another superb classic”;           From the two greatest Italian vintages of the decade—2004
bodied Napa Cab and the 94-point (WA) blockbuster Sardin-              97-point (WS) Rauzan-Ségla—the Spectator’s #2 Wine of the            and 2006. Piero Antinori’s dark, sensual 95-point (WS)
ian red, paired with two stunning whites: a complex, flavorful         Year; rich, silky, sexy Grand Cru red Burgundy; Phelps’s block-      Guado al Tasso needs no introduction; Giacomo di Neri’s
Chardonnay from the Edna Valley and Latour’s savory classic            buster Napa Cab (94-96 Parker); a 97-point Parker Brunello,          96-point (WS) gorgeous Brunello is drinking exquisitely now;
                                                                       and the one and only…full-bodied, toasty, delicious Krug             and the “long, powerful, refined and classy” 94-point (WS)
Meursault—an exceptional wine gift.
                                                                       Champagne—a perfect sextet to celebrate the holidays.                Barbaresco Curra is a treat. Give this gift and your recipient
                                                                                                                                            will love you!

                                              Twelve Days Of Christmas Case                                                                      G07                          $199.95
                                              Last year…for the 12 days of Christmas my true love gave to me 12 bottles of simply delicious
                                              wine from Morrell’s . (I sure hope my true love does the same thing this year!)
                                               Six delicious reds from Bordeaux, Southwest France,                                Five outstanding whites from Burgundy, Alsace, Italy, California,
                                               California, Tuscany, Spain and Argentina                                           and Spain, and an elegant 90-point (WS) Italian sparkling wine
                                                                                                                                  to add that extra special touch to the holiday celebrations.
                                               Château Peychaud Maisonneuve 2006 Côtes du bourg
                                                                                                                                  Domaine d’Ardhuy bourgogne blanc 2007 burgundy
                                               Aramis 2008 Côtes de Gascogne                                                      Schlumberger Pinot blanc les Princes Abbés 2007 Alsace
                                               Clos robert Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Central Coast                                  Anselmi San Vicenzo 2009 Veneto
                                               Poliziano rosso di Montepulciano 2007 Tuscany                                      Clos robert Chardonnay 2008 Central Coast
                                               Don roman Tinto 2007 rioja                                                         Valdepinta Verdejo 2009 Rueda, Spain
                                               benMarco Malbec 2008 Argentina                                                     Ferrari brut NV Sparkling Wine italy

                                                                    Order Now - 800 .96 .WINE S                        FAX 212 .223 .1846                  www .morrellwine .com | 5
                                         Elegant Holiday Gifts

MOËT & CHANDON CHill bOx                         kruG CHAMPAGNe                                      DOM PeriGNON 2002                                   DOM PeriGNON 2002 GiFT bOx
The Moët Chill Box is an elegant piece that      “TreASure FOr TWO” GiFT PACk                        ANDY WArHOl TribuTe                                 WiTH FluTeS
transforms itself into a reusable isothermal     Krug Treasure for Two is a precious gift box        liMiTeD eDiTiON                                     The Dom Pérignon gift box, created in honor
bucket. The gift comes with a delicious          containing a true treasure: all the excellence      Inspired by Warhol’s unconventional                 of the first vintage of the 21st century,
bottle of Moët & Chandon Imperial inside.        and refinement of Maison Krug. Nestled              representation of icons, and the playful use        contains one bottle of Dom Pérignon
(188086)                           $39.95        inside are a half-bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée       of codes and color in his work, Dom Pérignon        vintage 2002 and two crystal Champagne
                                                 and two champagne glasses for a delectable          commissioned the Design Laboratory at               flutes, specially designed for Dom Pérignon.
                                                 tête-à-tête tasting experience.The treasure is      Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design        (180590)                         $169.95
                                                 protected by a small lock engraved with a “K”       to reinterpret its timeless bottle. The result is
                                                 for Krug, opened using a tiny key on a chain,       a unique collection of three bottles, each with
                                                 all gilded to highlight the pristine white of the   its distinct label in red, blue or yellow, paying
                                                 precious box.                                       homage to Warhol’s iconic color games.
                                                 (385060)                             $89.95         (188091)                              $159.95

THe PerFeCT HOliDAY uNDer $100                    CriSTAl CHAMPAGNe lOuiS                            Perrier JOueT Fleur De                              VeuVe CliCQuOT lA GrANDe
GIFTA bottle to be sipped, savored and            rOeDerer 2002                                      CHAMPAGNe 2000 GiFT SeT                             DAMe 1998 riVA GiFT bOx
loved. ”Sweets for the sweet”                     Louis Roederer’s magnificent 98-point              WiTH FluTeS                                         Veuve Clicquot partners with Riva to
                                                  Cristal is a most elegant Champagne                This elegant gift box is packaged in white          introduce the ultimate jet-set accessories
CHATeAu rieuSSeC                                  gift. The 2002 combines the magic of an            with gold and copper laced anemone                  with the La Grande Dame by Riva Cruiser
SAuTerNeS 2005                                    exceptional vintage with the exclusivity of        flowers. When opened, the inner vibrant             Collection. Excellent materials, elaborate
Robert Parker 96 Points. Wine Spectator 96        its Premier and Grand Cru vineyards. On            green background holds two hand painted             details and smooth style of La Dolce Vita.
Points. “Enticing aromas of toffee, cream,        sale throughout the holidays.                      flutes with an encased bottle of Fleur de           The limited edition gift box is made of black
dried apricot and caramel, full-bodied, very      (180061)                       $199.95             Champagne 2000.                                     lacquer and mahogany, with chrome and
sweet and thick, with honey and caramel                                                              (181100)                       $129.95              leather details and encases one bottle of
flavors. Long and rich, oozing with sweet                                                                                                                1998 La Grande Dame.
ripe fruit, this is like liquid candy.”                                                                                                                  (188092)                       $159.95
(167702)                              $79.95

GleNMOrANGie SiNGle MAlT                          MACAllAN CASk STreNGTH                             HeNNeSSY x.O. GiFT bOx                              reMY MArTiN
SCOTCH WHiSkY DiSCOVerY                           GiFT SeT WiTH GlASS                                WiTH GlASSeS                                        lOuiS xiii COGNAC iN
GiFT PACk                                         Everyone’s favorite Speyside Single Malt           Maurice Hennessy, the great-grandson                bACCArAT CrYSTAl DeCANTer
The perfect introduction to single malts, this    Scotch, exclusively matured in selected            of Hennessy’s founder, believed that                This Cognac boasts only the finest flavors.
elegantly designed gift box is emblazoned         sherry oak casks from Jerez, Spain, and            modernity would become synonymous                   You are greeted by a noble deep amber color.
with the gold and black Glenmorangie label,       bottled at original cask strength. The bottle      with rarity. A visionary, he created an Extra       On the nose there are aromas of delicate
contains a magnetic door that opens to            comes with a great rocks glass to enjoy this       Old cognac, a blend of more than 100                flowers, rich fruits and intense spices. On
reveal a treasure trove from the renowned         delicious whisky in.                               rare and matured eaux-de-vie of quality.            the palate, Louis XIII takes you on a world
Highlands distillery. One 750ml bottle of         (1003205)                          $69.95          This handsome limited edition tasting box           journey: to China with flavors of lychee and
The Original 10 year is flanked by three                                                             includes one 750ml bottle of Hennessy X.O.          ginger to Cuba with cigars and cigar box and
50ml bottles of the 12 Year Old Extra                                                                and two beautifully crafted glasses.                Central America with cinnamon.
Matured Range – Lasanta (Sherry finish),                                                             (1106700)                         $199.95
Quinta Rubin (Port finish), and Nectar d’Or                                                                                                              (3108436) 50ML Miniature        $499.95
(Sauternes finish).                                                                                                                                      (1108790) 750ML                $1,995.00
(1103730)                          $59.95                                                                                                                (1108960) 1.75L Magnum         $4,995.00

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                                             French Champagne
                                                         On Super Sale Throughout the Holidays
                                SMAll-GrOWer bOuTiQue CHAMPAGNeS AND
                               CHAMPAGNeS FrOM SMAll PrODuCTiON HOuSeS
Micro-produced artisanal Champagnes made                          GOSSeT brut excellence                    39.95     479.40         GOSSeT Grand Millésime
                                                                              WA:90 “A fragrant, open bouquet leads to a deep,       Vintage 2000                           89.95 1,079.40
from fruit grown in individual villages and                                   layered core of fruit. The wine shows gorgeous                            “Gosset’s 2000 Brut Grand Millésime is
vineyards and excellent Champagnes from                                       complexity, nuance and a multidimensional                                 a large-scaled, exuberant wine bursting
smaller Champagne houses often get lost in                                    personality that is simply compelling. The                                with ripe apricots, roasted hazelnuts,
                                                                  significant presence of red grapes gives the wine much of                             smoke and sweet baking spices, with
the holiday shuffle. They shouldn’t, for when it                  its breadth and richness on the palate.” (180028)
                                                                                                                                                        slightly oxidative overtones that add
comes to making Champagne, there are some                                                                                                               complexity. Extended lees aging adds
                                                                  Pierre GiMONNeT Cuis
benefits that come with being small. Here are                     1er Cru blanc de blancs brut            44.95     539.40           additional volume and breadth to an already finessed
some of our favorites:                                                            iWC:92 “Pure, sharply focused citrus               mousse.” - Wine Advocate (180201)
                                                                                  flavors are impressively racy, with a
POl GArDere brut                        29.95       359.40                        refreshing note of lime zest on the back           VilMArT eT Cie
               With our exacting standards, it isn’t easy to                      end. Very fine Blanc de Blancs….” One the          Cuvée Création 1999                  124.95 1,449.40
                                                                  most elegant of nonvintage Champagnes. (188057)                              WS:94 One of a few cult producers in
               find a true French Champagne at $29.95—
                                                                                                                                               Champagne. The Création is Laurent Vilmart’s
               but we’ve done it with Pol Gardere, a soft,        billeCArT SAlMON brut rosé                 89.95 1,079.4                     most grandiose and complex Champagne,
               fresh, lovely cuvée, quite rich and elegant,                    “Billecart-Salmon’s NV Brut Rosé is one of the                  made from 40-year-old vines, aged in barrique
and made exclusively for Morrell by a small grower. (188081)                   most consistently delicious rosés readers are                   with incredible spice, honey and nuttiness. This
                                                                               likely to find; beautifully balanced in its layers              truly resembles a Grand Cru white Burgundy
                                                                               of perfumed red fruit, berries and flowers. Clean
GArDeT brut Cuvée St-Flavy         32.95     395.40               mineral notes frame a silky, sensual finish.”- Wine Advocate                 with perfect bubbles! (180300)
        WS:91 “Firm and harmonious, featuring peach,
        apple, honey and spice notes [with] citrus
        accents toward the finish, which is long and                 THe STuNNiNG SMAll GrOWer                                      HeNri GirAuD esprit rosé              64.95     779.40
                                                                     CHAMPAGNeS OF HeNri GirAuD                                               WA:91 “…surprisingly rich and intense…a
        mouthwatering.” (180022)                                                                                                              gorgeous, layered expression of fruit on an
                                                               “Claude Giraud makes some of the most unique,
                                                               individualistic wines in Champagne. All of the wines bear                      expansive, generous frame. Red berries, orange
PAul GOerG brut blanc de blancs     34.95        419.40        the unmistakable stamp of the Grand Cru vineyards of Aÿ…                       zest and sweet baking spices linger on the
          MWi:92      Fresh and delicious with ripe            the Giraud Champagnes offer incredible intensity, class and          powerful close.” (188089)
          Chardonnay flavors, and poured by the glass          balance.” - Wine Advocate
                                                                                                                                    HeNri GirAuD Grand Cru
          at the Morrell Wine Bar & Café. (181370)                                                                                  Hommage François Hémart                   74.95       899.40
                                                               HeNri GirAuD esprit brut                 49.95    599.40
                                                                         WA:92 “…opens with a delicate array of dried                        WA:93 “…one of my favorite Champagnes from
PAul GOerG Premier Cru brut rosé 39.95        479.40                     apricots, dried pears, and hazelnuts that come                      Aÿ. The wine literally sparkles on the palate with an
             MWi:93 A gorgeous color, elegant                            together in an elegant style. The mousse is quite                   intricate array of peaches, pears, berries and subtle
             bubbles, rich and generous on the palate.                   polished, showing lovely detail and complexity.            oak. The mousse is gorgeous, while the finish is long, silky
                                                               70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay…a lovely introduction              and exceptionally refined. All of the elements are in the right
             The pouring Rosé at many of your favorite                                                                              place in this magical Champagne.” (188090)
             restaurants. (188040)                             to the wines of Giraud.” (188088)

                              Outstanding Cuvées                                                                            Sumptuous rosé Champagnes
“Why do I drink Champagne for breakfast? Doesn’t everyone?”                                         “Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.”
 —Noel Coward                                                                                       - Mark Twain
                                                Rating     Bin#          Bottle        Case                                                           Rating     Bin#         Bottle        Case
POl GArDere brut                                          (188081)       29.95        359.40        PAul GOerG 1er Cru brut rosé                        (188040)     39.95                 479.40
                                                                                                    NiCOlAS FeuillATTe rosé                             (180010)     42.95                 515.40
GArDeT brut Cuvée St-Flavy                                (180022)       32.95        395.40
                                                                                                    MOËT & CHANDON rosé                                 (180710)     49.95                 599.40
NiCOlAS FeuillATTe blue label brut                        (180120)       32.95        395.40        VeuVe CliQuOT rosé                                  (188058)     59.95                 719.40
DeuTZ brut Classic                                        (180700)       33.25        399.00        HeNri GirAuD esprit rosé                            (188089)     64.95                 779.40
PAul GOerG brut blanc de blancs                           (181370)       34.95        419.40        lAureNT Perrier rosé                                (180080)     69.95                 839.40
lA CArAVelle brut blanc de blancs                         (181170)       36.95        443.40        ruiNArT 1er Cru brut rosé                           (180207)     74.95                 899.40
lAureNT Perrier brut                                      (180190)       37.95        455.40        billeCArT SAlMON brut rosé                          (180023)     89.95               1,079.40
Perrier JOuËT Grand brut                                  (180130)       37.95        455.40        kruG rosé                                 WS:95 (181270)        295.00               3,540.00
POl rOGer brut reserve                                    (181080)       38.95        467.40                        For Dom Pérignon and Cristal Rosé, please inquire.
MOËT & CHANDON imperial                                   (180530)       39.95        479.40
rOeDerer brut Premier                                     (181330)       39.95        479.40                            extraordinary Prestige Champagnes
GOSSeT brut excellence                                    (180028)       39.95        479.40
VeuVe CliCQuOT Yellow label brut                          (180170)       39.95        479.40        “Come quickly! I’m tasting stars.” —Dom Pierre Pérignon, French Benedictine monk,
TAiTTiNGer brut la Française                              (180160)       39.95        479.40        when he first tasted his newly created Champagne.
Pierre GiMONNeT brut blanc de blancs                      (188057)       44.95        539.40
                                                                                                                                                      Rating     Bin#         Bottle        Case
billeCArT SAlMON brut reserve                             (180049)       47.95        575.40
                                                                                                    lAureNT Perrier Grand Siècle la Cuvée             WS:94     (181510)      99.95       1,199.40
HeNri GirAuD esprit bru WA:92                             (188088)       49.95        599.40        VilMArT et Cie Cuvée Création 1999                WS:94     (180300)     124.95      1,499.40
bOlliNGer brut Special Cuvèe                              (180210)       57.95        695.40        Perrier JOuËT Fleur de Champagne 2000             WS:91     (181860)     129.95      1,559.40
ruiNArT brut blanc de blancs                              (180208)       59.95        719.40        VeuVe CliCQuOT la Grande Dame 1998                ST:92+    (188043)     149.95      1,799.40
MOËT & CHANDON Grand Vintage 2003                         (180390)       64.95        779.40        kruG Grande Cuvée                                 WS:96     (180200)     149.95      1,799.40
VeuVe CliCQuOT Gold label 2002                            (180240)       64.95        779.40        DOM PeriGNON 2002                                 WA:96     (180940)     159.95       1,919.40
HeNri GirAuD Grand Cru Hommage                  WA:93     (188090)       74.95        899.40        rOeDerer Cristal 2002                             WA:96+    (180061)     199.95      2,399.40
GOSSeT Grand Millésime Vintage 2000                       (180201)       89.95      1,079.40        kruG Vintage 1998                                 WS:98     (180051)     239.95      2,879.40

                                                                                      Two Very Special Dom Pérignon Champagne Gifts
                                               DOM PÉriGNON ANDY WArHOl lAbel 2002                                                              (188091)                               159.95
                                               DOM PÉriGNON ANDY WArHOl lAbel 2002
                                               3 PACK One Color each - Red, Blue, Yellow                                                        (188085)                               479.85
                                               DOM PÉriGNON Vintage 2002 Gift box with Two Crystal Flutes                                       (180590)                               169.95

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                                                            A Step Above...
                                                                               On a balmy evening in October, Olivier Krug, Directeur de la Maison Krug, hosted a dinner
                                                                               for some of Morrell’s friends and customers at the Morrell Wine Bar & Café in Rockefeller
                                                                               Center. The food was delicious and, needless to say, the champagnes were sublime. With
                                                                               each course a different Krug cuvee was poured, Clos de Mesnil 1998, Vintage 1998, Brut
                                                                               Rosé and Grande Cuvée. Among the highest rated wines in Champagne, the Krug style
                                                                               exemplifies all that a champagne lover could wish for, achieving a striking balance of
                                                                               elegance and power...treasured by connoisseurs the world over.
                                                                                                                                   Bin #         Rating          Bottle              Case
                                                                               kruG Grande Cuvée                                  (180200)       WS:96          149.95            1,799.40
                                                                               kruG Vintage 1998                                  (180051)       WS:98          239.95            2,879.40
                                                                               kruG brut rosé                                     (181270)       WS:96          299.95            3,599.40
                                                                               kruG blanc de blancs Clos du Mesnil 1998 (180470)                 WS:96          795.00            4,770.00 (6)

 Olivier Krug and Roberta Morrell at the Morrell Wine Bar & Café

Great Value Sparkling Wines from Around the World
                            France                                                              italy                                                        Spanish Cava
                                                                                                                                        CODOrNiu brut Pinot Noir                   14.95     179.40
                                                                                      PrOSeCCO                                          Salmon pink color, refreshingly crisp and elegant with plenty
                                                                                                                                        of fresh raspberries and black currants. (185190)
                                                                       Absolutely delicious and perfect for large parties.

                                                                   PrOSeCCO Pisani                           12.95      155.40          rAVeNTOS reserva brut
                                                                   Having a party? Let our inexpensive yet delicious Pisani             l’Hereu de raventos 2007                   19.95 239.40
                                                                   Prosecco entertain your guests with its sparkle. (187322)            iWC:92 “Pale straw with a frothy mousse. Exotically
DANiel PArDiAC                                                                                                                          perfumed bouquet of pear, orange, toasty lees and anise,
brut blanc de blancs                     12.95      155.40                                                                              along with a suave floral quality; smells like a white
                                                                   PrOSeCCO rOSÉ riondo                     13.95      167.40           Burgundy…Impressively complex and powerful Cava with a
A MOrrell DiSCOVerY! A great 100% Chardonnay                       Amazingly delicious. Fresh, berry flavors, delicate bubble.
sparkling wine, perfect for parties and casual dining. Crisp                                                                            long, smoky, mineral-driven finish.” (186043)
and lively. (186013)
                                                                   PrOSeCCO Sergio Mionetto                       16.50      198.00                       American Sparklers
                                                                   Dry, slightly fruity wine with just a hint of crispness. Delicious
          AN ASTONiSHiNG DiSCOVerY                                 with oysters, shellfish or on its own. (187010)                      CHANDON brut Classic
          AND A MOrrell exCluSiVe!                                                                                                      Domaine Chandon Napa                      14.95    179.40
                                                                   PrOSeCCO rosé Mionetto                    16.95 203.40               The best selling American sparkling wine made by the French
CreMANT De bOurGOGNe brut                                          Richer and deeper, like a Rosé Champagne, yet with the               house of Moët & Chandon (185010)
Simonnet Febvre                          17.95       215.40        lightness and freshness of a Prosecco. (186000)
          From the famous Chablis domaine, now owned
          by Louis Latour. An absolutely delicious, crisp,
          elegant, refreshing sparkling Chardonnay.                PrOSeCCO rustico Nino Franco           17.95     215.40
          Captivating and a steal at its price. (186023)           rP:90 “A textbook Prosecco; frothy, fresh, pure, delicate
                                                                   and delicious.” (187310)
                                                                                                                                        SCHArFFeNberGer brut
CreMANT De bOurGOGNe rosé brut                                          PrOSeCCO Aneri                      22.50       270.00          Anderson Valley                        16.95     203.40
Simonnet Febvre                            18.95      227.40            Absolutely top-of-the-line. Good depth, full, round and         A Wall Street Journal Best Buy! Owned by Louis Roederer
Lovely pale salmon hue. Delicate mousse, appealing aroma                rich and very Champagne-y. (186004)                             Champagne. Toasty and round with notes of hazelnut, fig and
of strawberry and citrus. Smells, tastes and feels like a Rosé                                                                          citrus. Delicious! (180048)
Champagne selling for twice the price. (186024)                    FerrAri brut                             19.95    239.40
                                                                   WS:90 “Giulio Ferrari’s NV Brut is a gorgeous effort…                rOeDerer eSTATe brut
                                                                   Medium in body, it reveals flowers, sweet peaches and                Anderson Valley                        19.95   239.40
                          Australia                                smoke, with excellent persistence on the palate and terrific         WS:90 “A delicious California sparkler. Rich and toasty
                                                                   poise.” - Wine Advocate (187260)                                     aromas; focused and complex.” (185030)
bleASDAle                                                          rOSA reGAle                                                          SCHrAMSberG blanc de blancs 2006
Sparkling Shiraz                         19.95    239.40           brachetto D’Aqui 2009                      22.50  270.00             Napa                                       29.95     359.40
A big, juicy sparkling Australian red. The best we’ve ever         Castello Banfií’s famous sparkling red wine. Dry yet fruity          Floral and spicy, with depth and intensity. (185090)
tasted! (186031)                                                   with berry flavors and hints of almonds. (187270)
                                                                                                                                        rOeDerer l’erMiTAGe 2002
                                                                                                                                        Anderson Valley                       39.95      479.40
                                                                                                                                                        The jewel in the crown of Roederer’s
    Free Delivery on Orders Over $100 in New York State                                                                                                 American sparklers. Ripe, and spicy with
                                                                                                                                                        hints of hazelnut and citrus. Classic and
                                                                                                                                                        elegant. (185110)

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    All of Our Fine bordeaux Châteaux are ON SALE throughout the Holidays.
                                                                                                                    Our Bordeaux Bargains Taster’s case
                        Our bOrDeAux bArGAiNS                                                                       contains 2 bottles each of the six
                   TASTER’S CASE - ONlY $174.50 (TC12)                                                              excellent châteaux listed below:

                                                           bOrDeAux bArGAiNS
    Each of our everyday-affordable “Bordeaux Bargains” exceeds expectations and continues the Morrell tradition of delivering high
             quality Bordeaux at very reasonable prices. These top vintage Bordeaux Châteaux are “the best of the bunch.”
 PeTiT COurreT 2009 bordeaux                                               9.95      119.40          GreYSAC 2006 MeDOC                                                      14.95         179.40
 An inexpensive Cabernet lover’s dream at a bargain price! Impressively spicy aromas                 Halves 375ml Case/24                                                     9.95        238.80
 of black licorice is very attractively fulfilled in soft, rich, long-lingering mouth flavors. A     The style of the wine of Château Greysac has great aromatic finesse combined with good, full
 decidedly Best Buy! (111680)                                                                        body. It is a lovely Médoc with plenty of flavor, sumptuous rich fruit and excellent complexity.
                                                                                                     Buy it by the case for luxury everyday-affordable enjoyment! (124681) (Halves: 310040)
 CHAPelle ST JeAN 2005                                                                                          lA TOur De GuieT 2003
 Côtes de Castillon                                                  12.95         155.40                       Cotes de bourg                                            16.50          198.00
 PM: 91 Soil in Castillon is nearly identical to that of St-Emilion; this exceptional wine                      rP:88 - “This big, sexy, plump Côtes de Bourg is undeniably a sleeper of the
 delivers very attractive aromatics with nuances of black licorice, marzipan and spring                         vintage. Aromas and flavors of melted fudge, black cherries, forest floor, and earth
 flowers...then vivid and charming flavors with classic Bordeaux finesse.”(110030)                              emerge from this medium-bodied, supple-textured wine. It will offer delightful
                                                                                                                drinking over the next 2-3 years.” (111400)
               CADillAC 2008 bordeaux Supérieur                      12.95         155.40
               Halves 375ml Case/24                                   6.99         167.76            De CAZeNOVe 2005/06
               Magnum Case/6                                         29.95         179.70            bordeaux Supérieur                                                    19.95       239.40
                                                                                                     PM: 93 - With vines contiguous to Margaux 5th Growth, Château Dauzac, this lovely
               For well over a decade, Morrell has been a fan of the Merlot based wine of            affordable Bordeaux is pure Margaux in character yet at a price that is a pittance given
               Château Cadillac. From vines situated on a south facing slope of the Dordogne         its sensational quality: A scrumptious, engagingly elegant, full bouquet expresses spring
               river in a district known as Fronsadais, the château produces a lovely                flowers, gobs of sweet macerated red and black cherries and a promise of velvety softness
               cherried red, supple, fruit intensive and marvelously enjoyable when young.           which the wine then totally fulfills in its Margaux-like soft, rich, round, generous flavors.
               (Bottles: 110020) (Halves: 311210) (Magnums: 213470)                                  Buy it in multi-case lots! (100016)

All of our Fine bordeaux Châteaux are ON SAle for Gifts & Holiday enjoyment
         GrAND TerTre 2006                                            MOrillON 2008                                                      CANTeMerle 2006
         Côtes de Castillon            19.95       239.40             St-emilion Grand Cru                     29.95        359.40       Haut Medoc                            34.95         419.40
         PM:90 “Spicy blackcurrant and cherry flavors with            “A wonderfully expressive nose jumps out of the glass and          rP:90 “A quintessentially elegant Bordeaux displaying a
         the style, charm and finesse of St-Emilion make              grabs your attention…floral and seductive, with lovely             lovely bouquet of forest floor, sweet cherries, cranberries,
         this everyday-affordable Bordeaux a bargain!” (9433)         blackberry fruit set against a background of vanilla and           and blackcurrants, medium body, a textured, sweet, tannic
                                                                      licorice, good depth of flavor and an intriguing flint note on     mouthfeel, and a long finish. Everything is beautifully pure
CH. DeS MilleS ANGeS 2007                                             the lingering finish. A real find!” –Jean K. Reilly MW (124715)    as well as perfectly balanced in this outstanding effort.”
Premieres Côtes de bordeaux        19.95         239.40                                                                                  (124596)
French for “House of 1000 Angels”…supple, fruit-filled and            HAuT MAZeriS 2005
delicious! (124284)                                                   Canon-Fronsac                        29.95        359.40           lAFON-rOCHeT 2004
                                                                      rP:89 “Very perfumed with lots of blackberry and floral            St-estephe                               37.50    450.00
SiMArD 1999                                                           character. Medium to full-bodied, with fine tannins and a          rP:90 “A big-time sleeper of the vintage, the noteworthy
St-emilion                             22.50        270.00            fruity, creamy aftertaste.” (125048)                               2004 Lafon-Rochet boasts sweet aromas of crème de cassis
           Simard dates from the 16th century and consists                                                                               intermixed with smoke, licorice, and toasty new oak, a ripe,
           of 85 acres of south-facing vines on sandy,                MOuliN PeY-lAbrie 2001                                             medium- to full-bodied style, sweet tannin, and loads of
           gravelly soil. A perennial wine value, as the              Canon-Fronsac                         29.95         359.40         flavor as well as depth. This beauty can be consumed now
           château always holds back large stocks of wine             Château Moulin Pey-Lambrie is from a great Bordeaux
           from the best vintages, then releases them years                                                                              and over the next 14-15 years.” (124419)
                                                                      vintage and has nine years in the bottle. It displays terrific
later when the wine is ready to enjoy. (100058)                       purity, power and richness with notes of raspberries,              Fleur CArDiNAle 2004
                                                                      crushed rocks and spring flowers; nicely mature and                St-emilion Grand Cru                  39.95        479.40
MArQuiSe De lAlANDe 2006                                              thoroughly delicious. (124712)
lalande-de-Pomerol                        24.95       299.40                                                                                           rP:91 “...a powerful sleeper of the vintage…
“Classic Pomerol in style, subtle, but with a firm structure,                                                                                          aromas of crushed red and black fruits
                                                                      PAuillAC De PiCHON lAlANDe 2005                                                  interwoven with notes of flowers, cedar,
ripe tannins, a core of ripe fruit accented by notes of eastern
spices with well-integrated leather alongside understated             Pauillac                               29.95          359.40                     new oak, and licorice. Possessing supple
forest-floor tones; admirable at just four years old.” –Jean          This deep ruby-colored effort exhibits a slightly herbaceous
                                                                                                                                                       tannin, an opulent, medium- to full-bodied
K. Reilly MW (124714)                                                 nose revealing hints of roasted coffee, cedar wood, cherries
                                                                      and blackcurrants. Medium-bodied, it boasts good acidity                         mouthfeel, and beautiful purity, texture, and
                                                                      and elevated tannins and a silky, fresh finish. (124550)           length…an estate on a roll.” (124404)
CANON PeCreSSe 2006
Canon-Fronsac                         24.95        299.40                                                                                TrOiS OriGiNeS 2005
            “The Canon Pecresse 2006 reveals silky                                rOYllAND 2003
                                                                                  St-emilion Grand Cru     33.25          399.00         St-emilion                            39.95        479.40
            tannins, with lovely aromas of black fruits and                                                                              WS:89-91 “Notes of raspberries, crushed rocks, and spring
            great texture. [An] elegant and well done wine,                       “Impressively complex with lots of character,
            so much so that one speaks of it as a ‘beautiful                      oodles of charm, a very stylish nature, nicely         flowers are found in this medium-bodied, structured wine
            Bordeaux’ still undervalued by the market.”                           mature and thoroughly delicious!” (100013)             along with admirable purity, depth, and texture. Consume it
(The Express Magazine) (125102)                                                                                                          over the next 10-15 years.” (125078)
                                                                      GlOriA 2006
             HAuT berGeY eTOile 2009                                  St-Julien                              33.25         399.00        lAGrANGe 2006
             Pessac-léognan          27.50        330.00              rP:90 “Sweet, cedary, cigar box, roasted herb, and                 St-Julien                             41.95       503.40
             From the sensational 2009 vintage, this fruit-           blackcurrant fruit aromas are followed by a lush, full-bodied,     rP:91 “A very strong effort…. A deep opaque purple color
             forward black beauty delivers soft, charming             textured, concentrated wine. A steal in today’s marketplace,       is followed by aromas of espresso roast, subtle pain grillé,
             tannins in an envelope of blackcurrant fruit.            this is a gorgeous St-Julien to enjoy now and over the next        blackcurrants, and cigar box. Full-bodied and surprisingly
             (110570)                                                 15+ years. Good value.” (124605)                                   powerful…with outstanding purity, texture, and depth,
                                                                                                                                         Patience will be required for this beauty. Anticipated
VrAi CANON bOuCHe 2003                                                HAuT-bATAilleY 2006                                                maturity: 2013-2027.” (124711)
Canon-Fronsac                        29.95         359.40             Pauillac                               33.25          399.00
rP:88-90 “This noble effort displays terrific purity, power           rP:89 “With silky tannins, its sweet berry-scented nose
and richness [with] aromas of violets, blueberries and                intermixed with some forest floor and underbrush offer
crushed stones. Powerful, rich and generous, a sleeper of             impressive aromatics. The wine is medium-bodied, with                   More great bordeaux
the vintage.” (123936)                                                silky, noble sweetness, and a fine, pure finish.” (123943)

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FiNe bOrDeAux – ON SALE for Gifts & Holiday enjoyment
ClOS Du MArQuiS 2006                                               lASCOMbeS 2006                                                     COS D’eSTOurNel 2005
St-Julien                               47.50       570.00         Margaux                                 84.95        1019.40       St-Estephe                            229.95     2,759.40
rP:90 “As usual…a more fruit-forward effort with sweeter           rP:90 “…a prominent overlay of toasty new oak, espresso                            rP:98 “…unquestionably another superb
tannins, and a more precocious, evolved personality. With          roast, and sweet black fruits…an elegant wine with notes of                        classic…this superb effort…boasts an
super intense black cherry and cedary notes intermixed             licorice and blackcurrants as well as a hint of tobacco leaf…                      inky/purple color as well as a glorious
with hints of licorice and barrique, this deep, medium to          concentrated and obviously outstanding….” (124718)                                 perfume of licorice, Asian spices, crème
full-bodied, velvety-textured wine is ideal for consumption                                                                                           de cassis, blackberries, and toasty oak.
over the next 15+ years.” (111240)                                 brANAire-DuCru 2005                                                                This full-bodied St-Estephe is exceptionally
                                                                   St-Julien                                89.95         1079.40     powerful, pure, and dense with a layered mid-palate that
D’iSSAN 2007                                                       rP:95 “One of the more distinctive wines of St-Julien…the
                                                                                                                                      builds like a skyscraper. While there are massive tannins,
Margaux                           49.95       599.40               2005 is a big, structured, intensely rich effort with raspberry,
                                                                   blueberry, and spring flower garden characteristics, stunning      they are remarkably velvety and well integrated in this big,
Located very near Château Margaux, D’Issan is not only                                                                                backstrapping effort that should enjoy an unusually long
                                                                   purity, full-bodied power, and good underlying acidity as
one of the most beautiful châteaux in Bordeaux, but a              well as harmony.” (124494)                                         life.” (124646)
sensational value! (123820)
                                                                   PAPe CleMeNT 2007                                                  le GAY 2005
FOMbrAuGe 2005                                                     Pessac-léognan                          95.00        1,140.00      Pomerol                                 249.95       2,999.40
St-emilion                             49.95          599.40       rP:92 “One of the stars of the vintage [with] sweet burning        rP:95+ “The finest Le Gay produced since the post World
rP:90; WS:91 ”Dark in color, with intense aromas of dried          ember, charcoal, barbecue smoke, blackcurrant, plum,               War II era, the 2005 even eclipses the fabulous 1982 and
mushroom and very ripe fruit. Almost raisiny. Full-bodied,         and graphite notes. This opulent, impressively endowed,            1989. An extraordinary perfume of blueberries, blackberries,
with chewy tannins and lots of ripe fruit. Turns meaty and         medium- to full-bodied 2007 possesses sweet tannin and a           flowers, truffles, and a touch of steely minerality is
raisiny. A very mature style, but one that I like a lot. This is   long finish. It can be drunk now or cellared.” (124466)            followed by a massive wine of exceptional concentration,
always a wonderful value.” (124577)                                                                                                   a multilayered texture, phenomenal purity, and a finish that
                                                                   lYNCH-bAGeS 2006                                                   lasts for nearly a minute. It is a massive, old style, pure, rich
           kirWAN 2007                                             Pauillac                                109.95        1319.40      Pomerol….” (124486)
           Margaux                    55.00        660.00          rP:92 “This dense purple-colored wine displays sweet notes
           We:91 “A solid, finely perfumed wine, the               of crème de cassis, tobacco leaf, licorice, and some cedar and     PAVie 2005 St-emilion
           tannins giving concentration and structure…             graphite…plenty of structure… beautiful fruit on the attack        Premier Grand Cru Classé               444.95      5,339.40
           bitter chocolate character and tight texture that       and alluring purity and a nicely textured mouthfeel.” (116050)
                                                                                                                                      Magnum (265554)                        999.95      5,999.70
           should age well.” (111700)                                                                                                 375 Ml (310280)                        199.95      4,798.60
                                                                   MAleSCOT ST-exuPerY 2000
                                                                   Margaux                               124.95        1499.40        6 liter (625554)                     3,979.95            -
              MAleSCOT ST-exuPerY 2007                                                                                                               WS:100 rP:98+ “Pavie’s 2005 exhibits a
              Margaux                  59.95       719.40          rP:95 “…a home run in 2000…its floral nose displays notes
                                                                   of melted licorice, crushed rock, blueberries and black                           thick-looking purple color to the rim as well
              rP:89 “Elegant notes of Chinese black tea,                                                                                             as an exquisite perfume of blueberry and
              blackcurrants, licorice, and flowers emerge          raspberries. A wine of extraordinary balance, equilibrium,
                                                                   and purity, with supple tannins, this medium- to full-bodied,                     blackberry liqueur, unsmoked cigar tobacco,
              from this excellent, medium-bodied, supple-                                                                                            crushed rocks, damp earth, and hints of
                                                                   concentrated effort is already compelling.” (123578)
              textured Margaux.” (100084)                                                                                                            truffles and incense. The vineyard’s limestone
                                                                   PiCHON lAlANDe 2003                                                soils have provided massive concentration, a laser-like
DOMAiNe De CHeVAlier 2007                                          Pauillac                               139.95        1679.40       precision, fresh, zesty acidity, and massive tannin. Despite
Pessac-leognan                           59.95        719.40       WS:98 rP:95 “Brilliant [and] opulent…reminiscent of the            the wine’s enormous concentration and intensity, there is a
                 rP:91 “One of the vintage’s top successes…        1982…2003 Pichon offers gorgeous aromas of blackberries,           lightness to its style.” (124389)
                 [it] exhibits a juicy, blackcurrant, forest       plum liqueur, sweet cherries, smoke, and melted licorice.
                 floor, and soil-scented nose. Layered with        Fleshy, full-bodied, and intense, displaying a seamless            lATOur 1999
                 brilliant precision, purity, and density, it is   integration of wood, acidity, tannin, and alcohol, this beauty     Pauillac                             749.95        8,999.40
                 a medium to full-bodied, elegant, intensely       can be drunk now or cellared….” (123976)                           rP:94 “Readers looking for a modern-day version of Latour’s
flavored, soft, upfront [Bordeaux].” (116650)
                                                                                                                                      magnificent 1962 or 1971 should check out the sensational
                                                                   RAUZAN-SEGlA 2005 Margaux              169.95      2,039.40
                                                                                                                                      1999 Latour. It is a big, concentrated offering, exhibiting a
leOVille POYFerre 2004                                                         Rated 97 points and the #2 wine in Wine
                                                                               Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of the Year. “Very           classic nose of minerals, blackcurrants, leather, and vanilla.
St-Julien                               64.95        779.40
                                                                               beautiful aromas of crushed berry, flowers,            The wine is long, ripe, and medium-bodied, with high levels
rP:93 “…this is among the stars of the appellation. Made
                                                                               currant and Indian spices follow through to a          of sweet tannin.” (168010)
in a more floral, supple, Margaux-like style, the deep ruby/
purple-hued 2004 Leoville Poyferre exhibits sweet, broad                       full body, with ultrafine tannins and a long, long
                                                                               finish. Extremely polished and beautiful, with a       lA MiSSiON HAuT-briON 2005
flavors, and plenty of tannin lurking beneath the surface…
This rich, powerful, broad beauty should be drinkable in 2-3       seamless texture.” (124531)                                        Pessac-léognan                         799.95           —
years, and last for two decades.” (124464)                                                                                            rP:97; WS:97 “While there is little difference between La
                                                                   PAVie 2007                                                         Mission and Haut-Brion’s terroirs (their vineyards are only
QuiNAulT l’eNClOS 2005                                             St-Emilion                            199.95       2,399.40        separated by a two-lane road), La Mission possesses more fat,
                                                                              rP:94 “Pavie is one of the wines of the vintage…        texture, and intensity. An enormously endowed wine with huge
St-emilion                           74.95       899.40
                                                                              [with] notes of crème de cassis, kirsch, graphite,      tannin and structure, the 2005 offers a quintessential Graves
rP:94 “…a pure, elegant, stylish wine…this highly focused                     and toast. A massive wine for the vintage, the
wine exhibits a beautiful bouquet of black raspberries,                                                                               bouquet of burning embers, charcoal, blackberries, truffles,
                                                                              2007 Pavie is very full bodied with extraordinary       blackcurrants, and a meaty character.” –Parker (125071)
blueberries, camphor, spring flowers, and spice box. With                     intensity, power, and richness.” (110690)
superb concentration, a hint of minerals, and a lovely
textured mouthfeel….” (110920)                                                                                                        lAFiTe-rOTHSCHilD 1996
                                                                   DuCru-beAuCAillOu 2005                                             Pauillac                              1,895.00          —
                                                                   St-Julien                            225.00      2,700.00                           rP:100 “Tasted three times since bottling,
brANe-CANTeNAC 2005                                                          rP:97; WS:95 “An exceptionally powerful wine
Margaux                                82.50        990.00                                                                                             1996 Lafite is unquestionably this renowned
                                                                             with a dense purple color, superb intensity,
rP:94 “The finest Brane-Cantenac I have tasted in over                       and a beautiful, sweet nose of spring flowers,                            estate’s greatest wine. This massive wine
thirty years. Unusually perfumed and already approachable,                   raspberries, blueberries, graphite, and crème de                          may be the biggest, largest-scaled Lafite I
it reveals a stunningly flamboyant bouquet of smoked                         cassis. Full bodied with fabulous concentration,                          have ever tasted…[with] a knock-out nose
herbs, licorice, camphor, black cherries, currants, and            exceptionally high tannin, good acidity, and massive layers        of lead pencil, minerals, flowers, and blackcurrant scents.
notions of plums and blackberries. Elegant with silky tannin       of richness that build incrementally on the palate, this           Extremely powerful and full-bodied, with remarkable
and medium body, it is clearly a classic statement on the          monumental effort is more structured than their outstanding        complexity, oozing extract and richness, yet has managed
Margaux appellation…beautifully concentrated, stunningly           2003. It may be the finest wine produced at this estate            to preserve its quintessentially elegant personality…even
balanced, and surprisingly forward.” (124570)                      since the 1982 and 1961 Ducrus.” (125075)                          richer than it was prior to bottling.” (116590)

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                                                                   bOrDeAux / SAuTerNeS / DrY WHiTe bOrDeAux

              Finest & rarest bordeaux                                                                               Half bottles of Fine bordeaux
                in limited Quantities                                                                      CADillAC 2008 bordeaux Supérieur
                                                     Rating         Bin#             Bottle         Case   lYONNAT 2006 lussac-St-emilion                   PM:89        (310130)         14.95      358.80
lA GOulee 2005 Medoc                              rP:89          (124376)        34.95              —      lA Vieille Cure 2004 Fronsac                     WS:90        (310010)         17.95      430.80
                                                                                                           POTeNSAC 2006/05 Médoc                           rP:90        (310250)         20.95      502.40
lYNSOleNCe 2005 St emilion                        rP:91          (124374)       74.95               —
                                                                                                           PAPe CleMeNT 2005 Pessac-léognan                 rP:98        (365558)        174.95     4,198.80
MAleSCOT ST-exuPerY 2000 Margaux                  rP:95          (123578)      124.95           1,499.40
                                                                                                           PAVie 2005 St-emilion                            WS:100       (310280)        199.95    4,798.80
PiCHON lAlANDe 2003 Pauillac                      rP:95          (123976)      139.95           1,679.40
                                                                                                           MArGAux 2005 Margaux                             rP:98+       (310410)        599.95   14,398.80
DuHArT MilON rOTHSCHilD 2000 Pauillac             rP:90          (123483)      139.95               —
le GAY 2005 Pomerol                               rP:95+         (124486)      249.95               —
VAlANDrAuD 2005 St-emilion
CHeVAl blANC 2007 St-emilion
                                                                                                                       Magnums of Fine bordeaux
MArGAux 2004 Margaux                              rP:93          (124430)      550.00           6,600.00                                                    Rating        Bin#          Magnum Case/6
MOuTON rOTHSCHilD 1996 Pauillac                   rP:94          (112620)      599.95           7,199.40   CADillAC bordeaux Supérieur                      PM:89        (213470)        29.95    179.40
HAuT briON 1998 Pessac-léognan                    rP:96          (111960)      725.00           8,700.00   FAuGereS 2004 St-emilion                         rP:90        (210030)        99.95    599.70
lATOur 1999 Pauillac                              rP:94          (168010)      749.95           8,999.40   MONTrOSe 2005 St-estephe                         rP:95        (225072)       299.95 1,799.70
lAFiTe-rOTHSCHilD 2002 Pauillac                   rP:94          (124202)      959.95               —      PAPe CleMeNT 2005 Pessac-léognan                 rP:96        (265557)       699.95      -
CHeVAl blANC 2005 St-emilion                      rP:96          (125088)      999.95               —      PAVie 2005 St-emilion                            rP:98        (265554)       999.95 5,999.70
lAFiTe-rOTHSCHilD 1996 Pauillac                   rP:100         (116590)    1,895.00               —      lA MiSSiON HAuT-briON 2005 Pessac                rP:97        (225071)     1,599.95      -
PAlMer 1928 Margaux                               N.r.           (100097)    1,950.00               —      lAFiTe-rOTHCHilD 2001 Pauillac                   rP:94        (223847)     1,749.95 10,499.70
PeTruS 1982 Pomerol                               rP:98          (112780)    5,998.00               —      CHeVAl blANC 2005 St-emilion                     rP:96        (265556)     2,835.00      -
                                                                                                           HAuT-briON 2005 Pessac-léognan                   WS:100       (265562)     3,400.00      -
     Quotes on many other vintages of First Growths are available on request.

                                                                                                                 Grand Formats of Fine bordeaux
                                                                                                                                                                Rating              Bin#              Each
                                                                                                           PAPe CleMeNT 2005 Pessac-léognan 3 liter             rP:96               (565557)       1,199.95
                                                                                                           DuCru-beAuCAillOu 1985 St-Julien 5 liter             rP:92               (394241)       1,495.00
                                                                                                           PAPe CleMeNT 2005 Pessac-léognan 6 liter             rP:96               (665557)       2,495.00
                                                                                                           PAVie 2005 St-emilion 6 liter                        WS:100              (625554)       3,979.95

Sauternes: The # 1 Wine Gift
                             Dry White bordeaux
   For Your Sweetheart                                                                                     When you want an Old World white that’s lighter than Burgundy, white Bordeaux is just
    lusciously sweet, Sauternes set the world standard in delectable late harvest wines.
                                                                                                           the thing. Based on the Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes, these wines tend to be
                Enjoy them “neat” or with fruit, cheese, dessert or foie gras.
                                                                                                           very aromatic and quite elegant; perfect with mild fish dishes.

            Our Great Selection of Sauternes                                                               CHATeAu GrAND PAlAiS 2009                                            10.95       131.40
                                                                                                           This refreshing white is made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc; it’s crisp and lightweight with
                                       bOTTleS                                                             a pretty nose of cut grass and quince. A sure crowd pleaser yet easy on the wallet, this is
                                                                                                           one to keep in mind for your next large gathering. (120310)
                                      Rating            Bin#                Bottle             Case/12
lieuTeNANT De SiGAleS                 WS:90             (167713)            32.95              395.40      CHATeAu lAMOTHe 2009
De MAlleS 2005                        WS:92             (126852)            49.95              599.40      bordeaux                                                                12.95       155.40
COuTeT 2005                           rP:92+            (126853)            59.95              719.40      “This spunky little white has a great nose of cut grass and herbs along with a crisp, elegant
lA TOur blANCHe 2005                  WS:92             (126855)            59.95              719.40      palate with notes of citrus peel and freshly mown hay. Mouthwatering!” –Jean K. Reilly
GuirAuD 2005                          WS:97             (125099)            69.95                --        MW (120023)
rieuSSeC 2005                         rP:96             (167702)            79.95              959.40
SuDuirAuT 2005                        WS:93             (126854)            82.50              990.00      CHATeAu reSPiDe MeDeVille 2008
De FArGueS 2005                       WS:95-100         (125091)           149.95                --        bordeaux                                                               24.95       299.40
CliMeNS 2005                          rP:97             (167704)           159.95                --        A great wine for the price, the 2008 Respide is fresh, with good fruit purity, medium body
                                                                                                           and clean, vibrant flavors of crushed herbs, asparagus and lemon peel; a winner! (120120)
                                  HAlF bOTTleS                                                                         CHATeAu COuHiNS 2006
                                      Rating            Bin#                375ml              Case/24                 Pessac-léognan                                           29.95     383.40
GuirAuD 2005 375Ml                    WS:97             (323815)            39.95                ---                   WA:90 “Sauvignon Blanc 85%, Semillon 15% Intense aromas of warm
SuDuirAuT 2005 375 Ml                 WS:93             (323819)            49.95                ---                   grapefruit, pineapple and cedar. Touch of crushed stones Medium to high acid
De FArGueS 2005 375 Ml                WS:95-100         (323820)            74.95             1,798.80
                                                                                                                       and great concentration. Long finish.” (120170)

                                                                                                           CHATeAu CArbONNieux 2006
                                                                                                           Pessac-léognan                                                      47.95     575.40
                              CHATeAu D’YQueM                                                              WA:91 “Crisp honeyed grapefruit, white currant, and some smoked herbs are present in
                                                                                                           this classic, textbook dry white from Pessac-Léognan. The texture is gorgeous, and the
                         The World’s Greatest Sweet Wine                                                   wine aromatic and pure. Drink it over the next 15 years.” (120016)

                                                                                                           CHATeAu SMiTH HAuT-lAFiTTe 2007
                                                                                                           Pessac-léognan rP:95-97 (147220)                                            87.95      645.96
                                         Rating           Bin#              Bottle             Case/12
D’YQueM 2003 750 Ml                   rP:94-96          (123899)        299.95                3,599.40
D’YQueM 2005 750 Ml                   WS:95-100         (125097)        759.95                9,119.40
D’YQueM 2005 375Ml                    rP:95-98          (325190)        384.95                9,238.80

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                                                                      2009 may turn out to be the finest vintage i have
                                                     “First, and most importantly…

                                                      tasted in 32 years of covering bordeaux…the peaks of quality may turn out to be
                                                      historic. The overall style of this vintage is one of opulent, voluptuous textures with abundant fatness and succu-
                                                      lence…Yet, the 2009s also have the structure, freshness, acid levels as well as vibrancy and
                                                      precision of such cooler years as 1986, 1996, and 2000…this is the glory of the 2009s.”

                                                      - Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

                                                     “The hallmarks of the 2009 vintage are definitely going to be the balance and
                                                      wonderful fruit in the reds.”
                                                      - James Suckling, The Wine Spectator

THe leFT bANk:
                                                                                                                                     BIN #             RP              WS           Bottle Price       Case Price

                                                                                                                                    MArGAux (continued)
“I do not think I have ever tasted such extraordinary Cabernet Sauvignons…and I
                                                                                             la Tour de Mons                        191025                          92-95            $21.95           $263.40
believe the 2009 vintage is at its greatest in the Médoc and Graves.” – robert Parker
                                                                                             lascombes                              191052          94-96+          92-95            $91.95          $1,103.40
                             BIN #        RP         WS       Bottle Price    Case Price     Malescot St exupery                    191107          95-97           97-100          $101.95         $1,223.40
                                                                                             Margaux                                191151          98-100          96-99         $1,199.95        $14,399.40
                                      ST. eSTePHe                                            Marojallia                             191110          92-94+          92-95           $79.95            $959.40
Cos D’estournel              191147      98-100*   97-100      324.95        3,899.40        Palmer                                 191130          94-96           95-98          $324.95          $3,899.40
Cos d’estournel 1500 ml      192147      98-100*   97-100      749.95        4,499.70        Pavillon rouge
Cos d’estournel 375 ml       193147      98-100*   97-100      174.95        4,198.80        du Chateau Margaux                     191152          91-93           90-93           $114.95          $1,379.40
Cos d’estournel 3l           194147      98-100*   97-100    1,595.00        4,785.00        Prieure lichine                        191093          91-93           94-97            $51.95           $623.40
Cos d’estournel 6l           196147      98-100*   97-100    3,250.00                        rauzan Segla                           191136          92-95           93-96            $94.95          $1,139.40
lafon rochet                 191089      91-93     89-92        51.95          623.40
les Ormes de Pez             191062                92-95        35.95          431.40                                         PeSSAC leOGNAN / GrAVeS
les Pagodes De Cos           191081      91-94     90-93        60.95          731.40        Carbonnieux rouge          191074                      89-92*          87-90            33.95    407.40
lilian ladouys               191004                92-95        21.95          263.40        Domaine de Chevalier blanc 191112                                      95-98           100.95   1,211.40
Meyney                       191053                92-95        32.95          395.40        Domaine de Chevalier rouge 191121                      94-96*          93-96            77.95    935.40
Montrose                     191127      96-100    97-100      224.95        2,699.40        Fieuzal rouge              191119                      91-93+          93-96            40.95     491.40
Tronquoy lalande             191063      90-93     89-92        37.95          455.40        Haut bailly                191116                      96-98+          95-98           132.95 1,595.40
                                                                                             Haut bergey rouge          191061                      92-94                            33.95    407.40
                                      PAuillAC                                               Haut brion                 191144                      98-100          97-100        1,149.95 13,799.40
bellegrave                   191031                92-95         29.95         359.40
                                                                                             larrivet Haut brion        191055                      91-93*          90-93            33.95    407.40
Carruades de lafite
                                                                                             la Mission Haut brion      191128                      98-100          94-97          894.95 10,739.40
                                                                                             le Clarence de Haut brion  191137                      90-93*          90-93           149.95 1,799.40
rothschild                   191166      92-94+*               249.95         2,999.40
                                                                                             Pape Clement rouge         191133                      95-97+          94-97           149.95 1,799.40
D’Armailhac                  191087      90-93*    91-94        48.95           587.40
                                                                                             Smith Haut lafitte blanc   191134                                      93-96            98.95   1,187.40
Duhart Milon rothschild      191077      94-96*    91-94        82.95           995.40
Grand Puy lacoste            191161      91-93     94-97        81.95           983.40                                             HAuT MeDOC / MeDOC
lafite rothschild            191160      98-100    96-99     1,399.95        16,799.40       bernadotte                             191064                          87-90              22.95             275.40
lafite rothschild 1500 ml    192160      98-100    96-99     2,999.95        17,999.70       Cantemerle                             191067          92-94*          88-91              35.95             431.40
latour                       191129      98-100    97-100    1,599.95        19,199.40       Charmail                               191037          89-91           86-89              21.95             263.40
les Hauts de Pontet          191057                             32.95           395.40       la Tour Carnet                         191051          91-93                              34.95             419.40
lynch bages                  191105      94-96     96-99       144.95         1,739.40       Paloumey                               191007                          90-93              18.95             227.40
Mouton rothschild            191124      96-98+    97-100      974.95        11,699.40       rollan De by                           191013          90-92           88-91              20.95             251.40
Pichon baron                 191131      93-95     92-95       139.95         1,679.40
Pichon lalande
Pichon lalande 1500 ml
Pichon lalande 375 ml
                                                                                             THe riGHT bANk:
                                                                                             “i have never seen anything like it in my career.” --Christian Moueix
reserve de la Comtesse       191078      91-93     89-91        41.49           497.88
Pichon lalande
                                                                                             Certan De May                          191016          93-95                            103.95          1,247.40
                                      ST. JulieN                                             Clinet                                 191146          97-100                           249.95          2,999.40
                                                                                             Clos l’eglise                          191103          96-100                           233.95          2,807.40
beychevelle                  191126      92-94+    90-93        75.95           911.40
                                                                                             esprit de l’eglise                     191094                                            38.95             467.40
branaire Ducru               191106      92-95     92-95        69.95          839.40
                                                                                             Gazin                                  191036          94-96           92-95             79.95            959.40
Du Glana                     191027                91-94        24.95          299.40
                                                                                             la Croix de Gay                        191028          91-93*                            34.95             419.40
Ducru beaucaillou            191138      96-98+    96-99       274.95        3,299.40
                                                                                             la Croix de Gay 1500 ml                192028          91-93*                            72.95             437.70
Gloria                       191084      91-93     90-93        42.95           515.40       la Croix de Gay 375 ml                 193028          91-93*                            17.95            430.80
Gruaud larose                191083      92-94+    94-97        67.95           815.40       la Croix de Gay 3l                     194028          91-93*                           139.95             419.85
lagrange                     191096      90-93     91-94        63.95           767.40       la Fleur De Gay                        191029          93-96                             96.95           1,163.40
leoville barton              191117      93-95+    92-95       109.95         1,319.40       la Grave a Pomerol                     191172                          89-92             49.95            599.40
leoville las Cases           191150      96-100    97-100      349.95        4,199.40        la Pointe                              191088                          92-95             39.95             479.40
leoville las Cases 1500 ml   192150      96-100    97-100      745.00        4,470.00        la Providence                          191046                          95-98            135.95           1,631.40
leoville las Cases 6l        196150      96-100    97-100    3,250.00                        lafleur                                191167          94-97           97-100         1,399.95         16,799.40
les Fiefs de lagrange        191097                             26.95          323.40        lafleur-Gazin                          191017                          88-91             40.95             491.40
St Pierre                    191104                91-94        77.95          935.40        le bon Pasteur                         191043          92-94           93-96             77.95            935.40
Talbot                       191102      92-94     92-95        61.95          743.40        le Gay                                 191122          91-93           93-96            124.95          1,499.40
                                                                                             l’eglise Clinet                        191154          98-100                           499.95          5,999.40
                                      MArGAux                                                l’hospitalet De Gazin                  191048                                            34.95             419.40
Cantenac brown               191092      94-96                 $64.95         $779.40        Petrus                                 191164          96-100          97-100         2,699.95         32,399.40
Clos Margalaine              191109                            $24.95         $299.40        Petrus 1500 ml                         192164          96-100          97-100         5,750.00         34,500.00
Du Tertre                    191060      90-92                 $38.95         $467.40        Tour Maillet                           191006                          93-96             34.95             419.40
Giscours                     191079      94-96     91-93       $62.95         $755.40        Vieux Chateau Certan                   191156                          97-100           299.95          3,599.40
kirwan                       191125      90-92+    92-95       $56.95         $683.40        Prices are subject to change without notice. Some quantities are limited and we may restrict the number of bottles sold.
la Sirene de Giscours        191135                            $24.95         $299.40        Delivery Fall 2012. Shipping charges will be added at time of delivery. 2009 Bordeaux pre-arrival orders are non-
la Tour de bessan            191002                91-94       $19.95         $239.40        cancelable and non-refundable.

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                             BIN #         RP        WS      Bottle Price     Case Price                                   BIN #          RP          WS         Bottle Price    Case Price

                             lAlANDe De POMerOl                                                                            SAuTerNeS/bArSAC
Chambrun le bourg            191071      91-93      92-95      45.95           551.40      Climens                         191111      96-98                      120.95          1,451.40
Jean De Gue                  191009      90-92                 28.95           347.40      D’Yquem                         191149      96-98        97-100        824.95         9,899.40
la Fleur de bouard           191042      91-93      92-95      35.95           431.40      d’Yquem 375 ml                  193149      96-98        97-100        424.95        10,198.80
la Fleur de bouard le Plus   191058      95-98      93-96     144.95         1,739.40      Guiraud                         191023      94-96        95-98          55.95            671.40
Plaisir de Siaurac           191159                            14.95           179.40      Guiraud 375 ml                  193023      94-96        95-98          28.95           694.80
                                                                                           rabaud Promis                   191026      94-96        90-93          44.95           539.40
                                                                                           rieussec                        191038      95-97        92-95          89.95         1,079.40
                                      ST. eMiliON                                          rieussec 375 ml                 193038      95-97        92-95          46.95          1,126.80
Angelus                      191148      96-100     94-97      348.95          4,187.40    Sigalas rabaud                  191024      95-97        92-95          52.95           635.40
barde Haut                   191080      93-95*     89-92       36.95           443.40     Suduiraut                       191022      97-99        94-97          90.95          1,091.40
beausejour Duffau            191100      96-98+                124.95         1,499.40
                                                                                           Coutet                          191039                   95-98          79.95           959.40
bellefont belcier            191090                 91-94       40.95            491.40
bellevue                     191163      92-94                  69.95           839.40
bellevue Mondotte            191142      95-100     95-98      339.95         4,079.40
                                                                                                                          OTHer APPellATiONS
bellisle Mondotte            191082                 91-94       25.95            311.40    “I hope readers will take a serious look at many of the less prestigious appellations…
berliquet                    191068                 93-96       34.95            419.40    as they will no doubt represent fabulous bargains in 2009. Given the overall style of
Canon                        191132      93-95      95-98      144.95         1,739.40     the 2009s…the best of the “little” wines will be delicious young.” -- Robert Parker
Canon la Gaffeliere          191162      94-96      94-97       99.95          1,199.40                                    BIN #          RP          WS         Bottle Price    Case Price
Cheval blanc                 191157      98-100     96-99    1,349.95        16,199.40     Vrai Canon bouche               191059      91-93*                       25.95          311.40
Cheval blanc 1500 ml         192157      98-100              2,699.95        16,199.70     Canon Fronsac
Clos de l’Oratoire           191086      91-93                  43.95            527.40    Cap de Faugeres                 191069      90-92*                       18.95          227.40
Closerie Fourtet             191114                             29.95           359.40     Cotes de Castillon
Croix De labrie              191120      92-95                  67.95            815.40    Clos les lunelles               191034      92-94                        31.95         383.40
Destieux                     191072      91-94*                 46.95           563.40     Cotes de Castillon
Faugeres                     191076      90-93      92-95       37.95           455.40     Cote Montpezat                  191001      87-88        91-94           17.95          215.40
Figeac                       191140                 97-100     259.95          3,119.40    Cotes de Castillon
Fleur Cardinale              191085      90-92      92-95       40.95            491.40    Cuvee Compostelle               191001      87-88        91-94           17.95          215.40
                                                                                           Cotes de Castillon
Fombrauge                    191050      91-93      88-91       30.95            371.40
                                                                                           Joanin becot                    191070      91-93                        26.95         323.40
Godeau                       191005                 93-96       29.95           359.40
                                                                                           Cotes de Castillon
la Croix Figeac              191044                 92-95       22.95           275.40     la Croix lartigue               191008                   92-95           22.95         275.40
la Gaffeliere                191123      94-96      92-95       90.95          1,091.40    Cotes de Castillon
la Serre                     191047      88-90                  44.95           539.40     roc                             191003                   91-94           18.95          227.40
l’Archange                   191021                 91-94       30.95            371.40    Cotes de Castillon
l’Arrosee                    191075      92-94                  47.95           575.40     Fontenil                        191049                   91-94           28.95          347.40
les Angelots de Gracia       191099                 90-93       64.95            779.40    Fronsac
les Gravieres                191065                 90-93       27.95           335.40     la Vieille Cure                 191010      90-93                        24.95         299.40
lucia                        191030                 94-97       55.95            671.40    Fronsac
Magdelaine                   191018      92-94+                 71.95           863.40     la Vieille Cure 375 ml          193010      90-93                        12.95          310.80
Magrez Fombrauge             191056                 93-96      136.95         1,643.40     Fronsac
Monbousquet blanc            191032                 88-91       74.95           899.40     Moulin Haut laroque             191012      90-92                        24.95         299.40
Monbousquet rouge            191033      92-94      89-92       47.95           575.40     Fronsac
                                                                                           Villars                         191040      90-92+*                      17.95          215.40
Pavie                        191139      96-100     94-97      299.95         3,599.40
Pavie Decesse                191141      93-96      95-98      188.95         2,267.40     lyonnat Cuvee emotion           191066                   92-95           24.95         299.40
Puy blanquet                 191019                             20.95            251.40    lussac St emilion
rol Valentin                 191041      87-90      94-97       40.95            491.40    Faizeau Vieilles Vignes         191011      90-92                        18.95          227.40
Tertre-Daugay                191073      89-91*     92-95       30.95            371.40    Montagne St. emilion
Trois Origines               191014                 88-91       27.95           335.40     Poujeaux                        191054                   93-96           28.95          347.40
Troplong Mondot              191101                 94-97      149.95         1,799.40     Moulis
Valandraud                   191169      95-98                 374.95         4,499.40     An asterisk (*) after the score denotes Robert Parker’s opinion that according to his 32 years of
Virginie de Valandraud       191168                             64.95            779.40               tasting notes, this is the greatest wine ever made at this particular estate.

                                                       October 2, 2010

                             $3,650,512 SOLD
                      including lot 844: 12 bottles 1947 Cheval Blanc $87,320
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WHiTe burGuNDY

White burgundy
White Burgundy offers the most elegant and nuanced                CHABlIS 1er Cru Vaulorent (Fourchaume) 2008                         MeurSAulT
representations of Chardonnay of any wine region on earth.        Jean-Marc brocard                                                   1er Cru les Perrières 2007
Here are our favorites:                                           ON SAle! reGulArlY $41.95             $33.95        $407.40         Vincent Girardin                        119.95      1,439.40
                                                                  bH:91-93 “This offers up floral aromas but here the nose is         WA:93 “White peach, vanilla, and brown spices…usher in
                                                                  cut with green fruit and tidal pool notes that continue onto        a creamy and for the vintage surprisingly plush palate…
            FreNCH CHArDONNAY                                     the refined, pure and seductive flavors that are a brilliant        culminating in a vibratory interaction of pit fruit, citrus,
         Fine quality Chardonnay at gentle prices.                combination of power and finesse, all wrapped in a sappy            toasted hazelnut, and virtually tactile mineral notes.” (137758)
                                                                  and strikingly long finish. I very much like this. (Vaulorent
CHArDONNAY Ardèche 2008                                           is a sub-climat of Fourchaume and sits directly across from
louis latour                            7.95    95.88             Les Preuses; it is considered by many, along with Montée de
             Latour brought Burgundian practices to the           Tonnerre, to be the best 1er Cru in Chablis.)” (135630)                      CHASSAGNe-MONTrACHeT
             south of France. This is a ripe, aromatic,                                                                                         Richly full bodied with laser-like acidity.
             very pleasing Chardonnay at an everyday-             CHAbliS 1er Cru Montée de Tonnerre 2008
             affordable price. (137410)                           Jean-Paul et benoit Droin               39.95       479.40          CHASSAGNe-MONTrACHeT 2007
                                                                  bH:91-94 “The intense, powerful and broad-scaled flavors            louis latour                           33.25         399.00
CHArDONNAY Grand Ardèche 2008                                     possess superb intensity and impressive underlying material         Vivid lemon-yellow. Powerful aromas of ripe fruits and
louis latour                     11.95        143.40              on the seriously persistent finish. This has grand cru power        scents of honey. Spicy with hints of vanilla. Full-bodied, and
             Fermented in oak barrels, this deservedly            and weight…” (164470)                                               a bargain at this price. (135033)
             popular Chardonnay combines the ripe,
             rich flavors of the south of France with             CHAbliS Grand Cru les Clos 2007
             the Burgundian flavors so popular in                 Domaine C. Moreau                  79.95          959.40
             America. (137420)                                                    WS:94 “A flinty, steely style, featuring            1er Cru les Chaumes 2006
                                                                                  aromas and flavors of oyster shell,                 “la Truffière” Nicolas Potel           52.95      635.40
                                                                                  apple, lemon and, above all, mineral.               An exceptionally stylish wine, with lime-blossom and citrus
              bOurGOGNe blANC                                                     Firm and slightly austere, yet balanced             notes along with an earthy undertone of newly-mown hay.
      The flavor and character of fine white Burgundy                             and long on the aftertaste. No other                Deliciously crisp.” (137430)
              at an everyday-affordable price.                                    white smells like this.” (137709)
                                                                                                                                      CHASSAGNe-MONTrACHeT 2008
                                                                                                                                      bernard Moreau                         54.95         659.40
                                                                         ST-AubiN & AuxeY-DureSSeS                                    bH:90 “A deft touch of pain grillé frames a completely
                                                                                  The Côte d’Or’s hidden gems.                        different nose of white peach, crushed rosemary leaf and
                                                                                                                                      fresh earth that merges into the rich, full and generous
                                                                  ST-AubiN 2007                                                       flavors that retain fine delineation and excellent depth on
bOurGOGNe blANC 2008                                              Domaine Thomas Morey                    29.95         359.40        the nicely punchy and powerful finish. This is also terrific for
Gabriel d’Ardhuy                       19.95        239.40        Located just above Chassagne & Puligny-Montrachet, the              its level, plus it will age.” (137746)
Clean and fresh with excellent purity and a lovely touch of       St. Aubin whites reflect fine pedigree with excellent aromas
minerality; a superb Burgundian Chardonnay. It is a delicious     and character at half the price of their neighbors. (135037)        CHASSAGNe-MONTrACHeT 1er Cru en remilly 2008
white wine bargain with a delicate nature and the scent and                                                                           Colin-Deleger                         69.95         839.40
taste of elegant Puligny-Montrachet. (135260)                     AuxeY-DureSSeS blanc 2007                                           bH:92 “The nicely rich, round and detailed medium-
                                                                  Maison Deux Montille                   37.95       455.40           bodied flavors are utterly delicious and display an intense
                                                                  bH:90 “Polished and silken in texture and with deep,                minerality on the elegant, refined and stylish finish. Lovely
                     MACONNAiS                                    toasted nut richness, wet stone, and peach kernel bitterness        juice.” (137753)
           Charming whites with delicate natures                  underlying its citrus…[and] at the same time preserves
              and rounded fruit on the palate.                    plenty of nettle, lemon zest, and salt-tinged invigoration,
                                                                  with lots of refreshment in its pointed, prominently citric
                                                                  finish.” (137463)                                                               PuliGNY-MONTrACHeT
                                                                                                                                        The most elegant white Burgundy, with subtle notes of
                                                                                        MeurSAulT                                            hazelnuts and a restrained sense of power.
                                                                   Fabulous mineral flavors, full-bodied, nutty and complex.          PuliGNY-MONTrACHeT 2007
Vrac 2009                            11.95      155.40                                                                                louis latour                          39.95        479.40
A blend from 8 vineyards in Mâcon. Excellent fruit/acid                                                                               Spice, hazelnut, and white flowers in the aromas, then fine
balance. Wonderfully fresh and delicious Chardonnay—the                                                                               depth and concentration with excellent purity, complexity
best Mâcon under $15 we’ve tasted. (13715)                                                                                            and expression. (137484)

                                                                                                                                      PuliGNY-MONTrACHeT 1er Cru Sous les Puits 2006
                                                                  MeurSAulT 2007
                                                                                                                                      louis latour                          49.95       599.40
                                                                  louis latour                             29.95          359.40
                                                                                                                                      WS:90 “Ripe, offering apricot and tropical fruit notes, but
                                                                  Great Value! Displays attractive citrus notes and light mineral
                                                                  flavors. Savory on the palate, broad and balanced. Always a         with enough structure to keep this balanced and lingering
                                                                  favorite at Morrell for its quality/price ratio. (137720)           on the finish. There’s a nice touch of mineral and savory
VirÉ-CleSSÉ 2008                                                                                                                      elements on the aftertaste.” (137370)
louis latour                           19.95          239.40
Latour’s superb single village Mâcon is one of the 20 most        MeurSAulT le limozin 2007
                                                                  Nicolas Potel                          39.95       479.40           PuliGNY-MONTrACHeT 1er Cru Chalumeaux 2007
exciting white Burgundies we have ever offered. Gorgeous                                                                              Château de Puligny-Montrachet           65.95        791.40
apple/pear/vanilla scents lead to intense Chardonnay              ON SuPer SAle! WAS $52.50 Per bOTTle/$630
                                                                  PER CASE! SAVE $12.55/BOTTlE, $150.60/CASE!                         bH:90-92 “An airy, cool and admirably pure reserved green
flavors backed up with refreshing, bright acidity. (137626)                                                                           fruit nose marries into racy, detailed and minerally medium-
                                                                  PM:91+ “With 1-2 minutes in the glass, this opened up
                                                                  beautifully with a sensual nose of butterscotch, pear and           bodied flavors that possess an almost Chablis-like quality
POuillY-FuiSSÉ Marie Antoinette 2008
J J Vincent                              23.95       287.40       mineral scents followed by a rich mouth-feel and plenty of          to them as the very firm finish is defined by its acidity and
A great everyday Pouilly-Fuissé, the Marie Antoinette cuvée       complexity and flavor that married quite perfectly with the         stony character.” (130024)
from Jean-Jacques Vincent is bursting with ripe apple and         delicious skate I was enjoying. It is a great value!” –Peter
citrus fruit, backed up by a steely core of refreshing acidity.   Morrell (135013)                                                    PuliGNY-MONTrACHeT 1er Cru Champ Canet 2007
A perfect choice with grilled fish. (137487)                                                                                          Etienne Sauzet                         114.95       1,379.40
                                                                  MeurSAulT 1er Cru Genevrières 2004                                  bH:93 “Very subtle wood frames expressive and ripe
POuillY-FuiSSÉ Vieilles Vignes 2008                               louis latour                              54.95         659.40      aromas of orchard fruit, including apricot, white peach and
Chateau Fuissé                          49.95       599.40        “This is a very pure expression of the 2004 vintage: steely,        pear aromas with floral and citrus influences that slide into
WS:90 “Rich and broad, featuring apricot, quince, citrus and      with a core of fresh acidity that argues for long aging. Just now   rich, full and impressively voluminous flavors…all wrapped
vanilla aromas and flavors, backed by vibrant acidity, with a     coming into its own, this Meursault offers nutty complexity on      in a long, sappy and utterly delicious finish.” (137757)
nice long aftertaste of citrus and spice.” (137742)               the nose as well as a lingering mineral finish; grab this before
                                                                  all the 2004s disappear.” –Jean K. Reilly MW (137447)               PuliGNY-MONTrACHeT 1er Cru Clavoillon
                        CHAbliS                                                                                                       Domaine leflaive                       144.95       1,739.40
                                                                  MeurSAulT Chevalières 2007                                          WS:94 “Touches of citrus and the sea. On the palate, this
  The driest and most distinctive Chardonnays on earth.           Domaine Jean-Philippe Fichet          79.95         935.40          is concentrated and seamless, with balance and harmony.
                                                                  WA:93 “…an ester-rich, high-toned essence of green herbs            Offers fine length, with a chalky feel at the end.” (137759)
CHAbliS 2008                                                      that lends a lovely cleansing sense to both the aroma and
Jean-Marc brocard                                                 flavors, and marries beautifully with the lime and white
ON SAle! reGulArlY $29.95             $24.95      $299.40         peach fruit that serves for refreshment. Toasted almond and
The Brocard family is one of the leading producers of Chablis
and their entry-level wine is everything you expect from
                                                                  honey lend richness to this clear, vivacious and...mineral-          More Great White burgundy
                                                                  inflected Meursault that finishes with mesmerizing and
Chablis—steely, refined and thoroughly refreshing. (137396)       reverberating length.” (137754)

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                                                                                                                                                    WHiTe burGuNDY

PuliGNY MONTrACHeT 1er Cru les Pucelles 2007                     COrTON-CHArleMAGNe Grand Cru 2007
Domaine leflaive                    299.95            -          Vincent Girardin                         99.95    1,199.40
WA:94 “Seductive lily, heliotrope and iris along with high-      bH:92-95 “A highly complex lemon and orange peel, white
toned herbal and pit fruit essences on the nose find their       flower and green apple nose introduces substantially bigger
counterpart in wafting, bittersweet perfume and pure             and richer if less refined broad-shouldered flavors that are
essence of peach and quince on a silken palate…. Hints           quite dense…. This is a big wine with plenty of extract that
of honey and toasted almond well up as this takes on air,        really stains the palate. Don’t miss!” (136060)
suggesting an additional dimension of future richness.”

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                                                                            bATArD & MONTrACHeT
           Hedonistic, very rich and intensely flavorful.
                                                                    When only the best Grand Crus will do. Very Limited!            receive special offers
COrTON-CHArleMAGNe Grand Cru 2006
                                                                 bATArD-MONTrACHeT 2007 Domaine leflaive
                                                                                                                                     on wine and events
louis latour                          81.95       983.40         bH:95              (137749)           429.95
bH:92 “Exotic fruit aromas and round, intense and
moderately austere full-bodied flavors that are supple yet
                                                                 MONTrACHeT 2006 louis latour
pack plenty of muscle and punch on the powerfully long
                                                                 bH:94               (137030)                     550.00
finish.” (135740)

      Louis Roederer
              On Sale Throughout The Holidays
                                                                     Bin#         Bottle                Case

     rOeDerer brut Premier                                        (181330)       39.95              479.40

     rOeDerer Cristal 2002                              We:98 (180061) 199.95                    2,499.40

                                                                                A very special wine lover’s gift…..

                                                                      LOUIS XIII
                                                            The First Growth of Cognac
                                                                 In Baccarat Cristal
                                                                 reMY MArTiN lOuiS xiii COGNAC
                                                                 This Cognac boasts only the finest flavors. You are greeted by a noble deep
                                                                 amber color. On the nose there are aromas of delicate flowers, rich fruits and
                                                                 intense spices. On the palate, Louis XIII takes you on a world journey: to China
                                                                 with flavors of lychee and ginger to Cuba with cigars and cigar box and Central
                                                                 America with cinnamon.

                                                                 (3108436) 50ML Miniature                                        $499.95
                                                                 (1108790) 750ML                                                $1,995.00
                                                                 (1108960) 1.75L Magnum                                         $4,995.00

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 reD burGuNDY

red burgundy
Burgundy is the source of the world’s greatest Pinot Noir,         VOlNAY 1er Cru Champans 2007                                        NuiTS-ST-GeOrGeS les Pruliers 2006
sculpted by communal terroir, then by the vintner’s art,           Domaine de Montille                  94.95      1,139.40            Henri Gouges                        69.95        839.40
with each wine an individual experience and a fascinating                            bH:90-92 “…high-toned red berry                   WA:92 “Ripe, rich cherry, plum and lingonberry retain
example of the art of wine.                                                          fruit aromas with undertones of earth,            lovely clarity to a wealth of somehow ore-like as well as
                                                                                     crushed herb, wet stone and a hint of             chalky mineral nuances.” (130449)
                                                                                     the sauvage merge into fresh, intense
                                                                                     and beautifully detailed medium-bodied            GeVreY-CHAMberTiN 1er Cru les Goulots 2005
                                                                   flavors underpinned by firm structural elements including           Domaine Dominique Gallois                 74.95        899.40
                                                                   obvious minerality.” (130443)                                       bH:90-91 “This is very fresh though somewhat more
                                                                                                                                       reserved with cool and exceptionally pure, even airy aromas
                                                                                                                                       of briar and red berry fruit and hints of game and stone…a
PiNOT NOir Domaine de Valmoissine 2008                                                                                                 really lovely effort that is tautly focused.” (130446)
louis latour                          15.95         191.40                            COTe De NuiTS
A fine, fruit-forward Pinot with excellent Burgundian                                                                                  CHAMbOlle-MuSiGNY 1er Cru Aux echanges
character at an everyday-affordable price! (130118)                HAuTeS-CÔTeS De NuiTS rouge 2006                                    Nicolas Potel                         79.95       959.40
                                                                   Gros Frères                            29.95        359.40          ON SUPER SAlE! WAS $99.95 PER BOTTlE/ $1,199.40/
bOurGOGNe rOuGe Perrières 2008                                     “A very well-structured wine, with notes of red cherries            CASE! SAVE $20/BOTTlE, $240/CASE! PM:92+
Simon bize                                27.95       335.40       and black earth underpinning a floral top note. Great                               “Classy sensual, very charming aromas of
This gutsy red tastes more like a Beaune or a Volnay to us,        concentration for the price!” –Jean K. Reilly MW (130421)                           raspberry and black raspberry tinted by a
with rich, ripe fruit, forest floor undertones and just a bit of                                                                                       sweet perfume of rose hips waft up from
grip; hugely popular in the Morrell Wine Bar. (130417)             CÔTeS De NuiTS-VillAGeS 2007                                                        the glass. The flavors are equally sensual
                                                                   J J Confuron                           39.95         479.40                         capturing the essence and charm of the
                                                                   bH:89 “Here the nose is even earthier with similar red pinot        best of the Chambolle-Musigny appellation. A hedonistic
                 COTe De beAuNe                                    fruit, underbrush and the same jerky hint that transfers            wine!” –Peter Morrell (130092)
                                                                   over to the rich, round and supple flavors that are unusually
SANTeNAY 2006                                                      forward on the mid-palate but tighten up on the balanced            ClOS ST-DeNiS Grand Cru 2006
Drouhin                                 24.95       299.40         and persistent finish.” (130690)                                    Domaine Heresztyn                   119.95      1,439.40
Santenay is becoming more sought-after as a source of                                                                                  bH:92 “Elegant aromas of plum, mocha and black berry
flavorful reds that over deliver for their modest price tags.      NuiTS-ST-GeOrGeS 2006                                               fruit that lead to sappy and exceptionally rich flavors
This one from Drouhin has charming woodsy notes and                louis Jadot                             43.95        527.40         that soak the palate with dry extract on the textured and
warm cherry fruit; a great choice with salmon. (132040)            “A spicy style, less dense than many of its peers, yet intense      impressively voluminous finish…. A striking showing in a
                                                                   and tightly wound, with cherry, clove, tobacco and mineral          vintage that produced any number of first rate examples of
CHOreY–leS-beAuNe Vieilles Vignes 2006                             notes. The finish is firm and dry.” -WS (130099)                    Clos St-Denis. Recommended.” (130392)
Michel Gay                            26.95         323.40
“Rich, with bright cherry and raspberry fruit layered over         VOSNe-rOMANÉe Petits Monts 1er Cru 2007                             CHArMeS-CHAMberTiN 2006
deeper earth tones. The lingering finish shows finely              Nicolas Potel                             49.95        599.40       Vincent Girardin                     149.95       1,799.40
polished tannins; this charming wine is a great introduction       ST:91 “Enticing bouquet of black raspberry, minerals,               WS:92 “A bright, pure and juicy red. Cherry, black currant
to fine Burgundy!” –Jean K. Reilly MW (133172)                     smoke, fresh herbs and incense. The palate offers lovely            and violet notes have a sweetness and intensity, yet the
                                                                   intensity and sweetness without weight, with a sappy edge           overall impression is one of elegance and breed. Terrific
VOlNAY Vieilles Vignes 2007                                        of acidity framing and lifting the black fruit and spice flavors.   balance and length, with a sweet fruit aftertaste.” (130448)
Nicolas Potel                          29.95         359.40        This really shows the dark fruit side of the vintage.” (130059)
“Pale cherry-red. Lovely minty lift to the aromas of red                                                                               ClOS VOuGeOT Grand Cru 2006
cherry, raspberry and licorice. Juicy, pure and penetrating,       NuiTS-ST-GeOrGeS Aux Chaignots 2006                                 Domaine d’Ardhuy                      175.00     2,100.00
with excellent definition to the flavors of red fruits, spices     Nicolas Potel                          59.95         719.40         bH:93 “A beautiful wine with a floral expressive nose of
and licorice.” –Tanzer (130115)                                    “Saturated red-ruby. Reduced aromas of black raspberry,             earthy dark berry fruit aromas, then powerful yet precise
                                                                   licorice, violet and spices. Juicy, spicy and nicely                flavors that deliver a real sense of volume on the long and
beAuNe Clos des Vignes Franches 1er Cru 2007                       concentrated, with black fruit and floral flavors.” –Stephen        superbly complex finish.” (133074)
Nicolas Potel                          32.95         395.40        Tanzer (130075)
WS:90 “This restrained red has a solid core of black cherry,
and blackberry flavors that wrap around its stiff backbone,        CHAMbOlle-MuSiGNY 2007
leaving an impression of sweet fruit on the finish.” (130064)      Maison Dujac Père et Fils              69.95       839.40
                                                                                      “A great value from the owner/
                                                                                      winemaker of the famous Domaine
                                                                                      Dujac. The exceptionally complex nose
                                                                                      offers up strawberry, raspberry and wet
                                                                                      stone notes. This is a riper style, with
                                                                                      pure fruit expression and a sophisticated
                                                                   tannin structure.” –Jean K. Reilly MW (130040)
SAViGNY-leS-beAuNe Vieilles Vignes 2006
Nicolas Potel                          33.95       407.40
WS:90 “Alluring aromas of violet and raspberry announce
this delicate red. Red berries hold court on the palate, and
this shows lovely harmony and purity, with fine length.”
                                                                                                     end of bin Great Values
                                                                                                                                                           Bin#                          Bottle
Domaine Jean-Noël Gagnard               37.95      455.40           POMMArD 2006 Courcel                                                                  (130426)                       49.95
Red Chassagne-Montrachet is one of the great values in              VOSNe-rOMANee 2007 Drouhin                                                            (130416)                       49.95
Burgundy! Especially from an exceptional producer like
Jean-Noël Gagnard. This is affordable and equally enjoyable
for collectors and neophytes alike. (130119)

SAViGNY-leS-beAuNe Aux Vergelesses 2007
Simon bize                             49.95          599.40
bH:90-92 “A notably ripe yet fresh liqueur-like nose of red
and blue pinot fruit nuanced by touches of undergrowth,                                           Fine & rare red burgundy
earth, mint, stone and spice melds with rich, round and                                                                in Tiny Quantities
relatively polished middle-weight flavors that firm up quickly
on the long, powerful and driving finish. Lovely.” (133060)
                                                                    ClOS DeS lAMbrAYS 2007 lambrays                                                       (130424)                       109.95
VOlNAY Vendanges Selectionées 2007                                  ClOS De lA rOCHe 2003 lignier                                                         (130422)                       199.95
Michel lafarge                         57.95        695.40
“From the acknowledged master of Volnay, this superbly              GrANDS eCHeZeAux 2007 Domaine de la romanée-Conti                                     (130409)                       595.00
elegant wine shows lovely crushed blackberry fruit on top           riCHebOurG 2007 Domaine de la romanée-Conti                                           (130412)                       899.00
of black earth and moss tones. Tannins are fine but firm
and ripe, suggesting significant potential for improvement.”        riCHebOurG 2004 Domaine de la romanée-Conti                                           (133063)                     1,699.00
–Jean K. Reilly MW (131190)

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France’s rhône Valley reds
From everyday affordable Côtes du Rhône to mid-range              CHATeAuNeuF-Du-PAPe 2008
Châteauneuf to Côte-Rôtie and Hermitage, the Rhône is             Telegramme du Vieux Télégraphe 42.95                  515.40                               Côte-rôtie
heralded for producing some of the most beguiling wines           WS:90 “Layered, with a mix of citrus and apple notes laced           A fabulous Rhône district with wines of immense depth,
in all of France.                                                 with macadamia nut, honeysuckle and mineral notes. The                           finesse, complexity and power.
                                                                  long, stony finish lingers nicely.” An affordable piece of the
                                                                  world-famous Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe! (147792)                 CÔTe-rÔTie 2006
                 The Southern rhône
                                                                                                                                     Clusel roch                             64.95         779.40
                  Delicious and affordable.                       CHATeAuNeuF-Du-PAPe 2007                                           ST:90 “Raspberry and Asian spices on the nose, lifted by
                                                                  Domaine Chante Cigale                  44.95       539.40          sexy mace and allspice qualities; this smells like a fruitcake.
                                                                  WA:90 “…the bottled essence of Provence. Deep, broad,              Supple red berry and cherry flavors are complemented by
                                                                  profound plum, fig, cassis, garrigue, and cherry notes are         floral pastilles and clove, reminding me of a pinot noir. A
                                                                  found in both the aromas and flavors, and as the wine sits in      juicy, elegant wine that is delicious today but balanced to
                                                                  the glass, roasted meat blood juices also emerge. Rich and         age.” (143230)
                                                                  intense with silky tannins.” (147802)
CÔTeS Du rHÔNe Saint esprit 2008                                                                                                     CÔTe-rÔTie 2004
Delas Frères                          11.95       143.40                                                                             Domaine Michel & Stéphane Ogier 79.95              959.40
A winner year-in, year-out, the Delas Côtes du Rhône is                                                                              WS:93 “Rich and structured…with layers of shaved vanilla
a charming wine, with bright red fruit, a plush palate and                                                                           bean and cocoa powder woven into the supple black cherry
lingering notes of licorice, herbs and fresh earth on the                                                                            and plum fruit notes. Long and fine-grained on the finish,
finish. (142570)                                                                                                                     with spice and mineral notes stretching out nicely.” (142720)
                                                                  CHATeAuNeuF-Du-PAPe 2005
CÔTeS Du rHÔNe 2008                                               e. Guigal                              44.95         539.40        CÔTe-rÔTie 2006
Domaine du Grand Veneur/                                          A classic from one of the most recognized names in the             Château d’Ampuis                        149.95            --
Alain Jaume et Fils                     14.95      179.40         Rhône Valley, the 2005 Guigal is now coming into its own,          WA:93-95 “The 2006 Côte-Rôtie Chateau d’Ampuis is
“One of the finest properties in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Grand       with an open, expressive bouquet of roasted game, herbes           exquisite…it possesses abundant floral scents along
Veneur’s estate wines have been performing at a brilliant         de Provence, violets and wild flowers followed by a full-          with hints of frying lard interwoven with crème de cassis,
level…” –Parker (147749)                                          bodied palate spiked with licorice notes. Ready to enjoy now       cherries, and spice. Round and generous with a superb
                                                                  but will continue to improve with careful cellaring. (147806)      texture, terrific purity, and a long, spicy finish, there is not
CÔTeS Du rHÔNe-VillAGeS 2007                                                                                                         a hard edge to be found in this brilliant Côte-Rôtie.” (147814)
Seguret Feraud                        18.95       227.40          CHATeAuNeuF-Du-PAPe la Crau de Ma Mère 2007
                                                                  Domaine du Père/Famille Mayard 49.95                599.40
rP:90 “The outstanding 2007 Côtes du Rhône-Villages
                                                                  WA:92 “This beauty exhibits a deep ruby/purple color                                       Hermitage
Seguret is a brilliant wine as well as a fabulous bargain.
                                                                  along with ripe black raspberry, blackberry, and kirsch fruit                     “Frequently and not by chance,
Aromas of licorice, lavender, cassis, and kirsch emerge           interwoven with notions of camphor, incense, licorice, and
from this dense ruby/purple-hued offering. Full-bodied                                                                                            the manliest wine in all of France.”
                                                                  graphite. It possesses full-bodied, powerful flavors, high
and pure with the sweet tannins that make this vintage so         glycerin, silky tannin, and good acids that give the wine a
impressive….” (142017)                                                                                                               HerMiTAGe Cuvée emilie 2005
                                                                  vibrancy as well as laser-like precision.” (147810)                Domaine remizières                    79.95    959.40
VACQueYrAS Hameau des roques 2007                                                                                                                  ST:93 “Dark purple. Very ripe nose [with]
                                                                  CHATeAuNeuF-Du-PAPe reserve 2006                                                 roasted aspect to its powerful cherry
Château des roques                         19.95        239.40    Domaine du Pégau                         89.95      1,079.40
WS:90 “Juicy and racy, with a stylish beam of raspberry                                                                                            liqueur and blackcurrant scents. Plush
                                                                  ST:92-95 “Ripe blackberry and candied cherry on the nose,                        and velvety, with deep, sweet dark berry
fruit laced liberally with enticing spice, black tea and melted   with lively minerality and fresh flowers adding complexity.
red licorice notes. The finish is long and lively.” (142022)                                                                                       flavors and a late-arriving note of bitter
                                                                  Juicy red and dark berry flavors are impressively deep but                       chocolate. Oak spice builds on the long,
                                                                  lively, with silky tannins adding grip. Becomes creamier and                     sweet finish.” (147734)
                                                                  lusher with air, finishing sweet, broad and very long.” (147762)
                                                                                                                                     HerMiTAGe 2007
                                                                                   The Northern rhône                                Jean-louis Chave                      224.95      2699.40
                                                                                                                                     WS:94 “Tight but already alluring, with gorgeous fig cake
                                                                                      Where Syrah is king.                           and warm cocoa aromas slowly yielding to a dark, dense
lirAC Clos de Sixte 2007
Domaine du Grand Veneur/                                                                                                             core of plum, blueberry, hoisin sauce, currant reduction and
                                                                                Crozes - St-Joseph - Cornas                          maduro tobacco. Muscular but super-velvety, with a long
Alain Jaume et Fils                     24.95      299.40
WA:93 A MOrrell DiSCOVerY! “Abundant licorice,                                                                                       finish.” -Parker (143400)
                                                                  ST-JOSePH Offerus 2007
graphite, black cherry, and blackberry characteristics            Jean-louis Chave                       29.95      359.40
are offered in a full-bodied, deep, fleshy style…it is a big,                                                                        erMiTAGe le Pavillon 2005
                                                                  WS:90 “Very bright and racy, with mouthwatering damson             Chapoutier                           264.00          --
impressively endowed wine.” (147800)                              plum, crushed cherry, lavender, iron and tobacco notes that        rP:98+ “Classic acacia flower, graphite-based, smoky
                                                                  race through the well-focused finish. Long and pure, with a        crème de cassis nose with a tremendous intensity and a
rASTeAu Cuvée les Argiles bleues 2005                             lingering spice note.” (147750)                                    full-bodied power and richness that is awesome.” (142190)
Domaine de beaurenard                29.95     359.40
            WS:90 “Offers a delicious mix of raspberry,           CrOZeS-HerMiTAGe 2008
            blueberry and boysenberry fruit, all layered
            with sweet spice, incense and mineral notes.
                                                                  Alain Graillot                          33.25       399.33
                                                                  “Exotic aromas of cherry pie, incense, bacon fat and violet…
                                                                                                                                         The Great Single-Vineyard
            Almost flashy.” (147771)                              fresh and focused, with red berry, cherry, mineral and
                                                                  candied flower flavors and good back-end cut. Finishes on
                                                                                                                                              Wines of Guigal
                                                                  a tangy note, with a hint of smoky minerals.” -Tanzer (147797)               Quantities extremely limited
                Châteauneuf-du-Pape                               COrNAS Cuvée Casimir balthazar 2007                                CÔTe-rÔTie la landonne 2006
Inimitable and authoritative, intensely perfumed and meaty,       Franck balthazar                       34.95       419.40          (147811)                 WS:97                        349.95
modern Châteauneufs are amazingly deep and rich. Robert                     WS:93 “This is old school, with lots of grilled
                                                                            thyme and dried lavender notes, followed by              CÔTe-rÔTie la Mouline 2006
Parker called the 2007 vintage: “The best of my lifetime.”                                                                           (147812)                 WS:95                        349.95
We are offering a selection from the heralded 2007 vintage                  roasted fig, coffee, game and olive flavors. All of
as well as a few other favorites.                                           it is backed by burly-textured tannins and a taut,       CÔTe-rÔTie la Turque 2006
                                                                            chalky minerality.” (147788)                             (147813)                 WS:96                        349.95
CHATeAuNeuF-Du-PAPe 2007
Domaine de Nalys                        34.95       419.40
                This plucky Châteauneuf is the best                             See Our Complete Selection of Fabulous Holiday Gifts on Pages 4-6
                value we’ve seen from this prestigious
                appellation in years! There’s loads of rich,       NOble GiFT ASSOrTMeNT                         Château Peychaud Maisonneuve 2006 Côtes du bourg
                ripe fruit, intense minerality and a well-                                                       Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre 2006 Veneto
                balanced finish of plum and boysenberry            G65            $149.95
                                                                                                                 labouré-roi Côtes de beaune-Villages les Manoirs 2007 burgundy
flavors, couched in a bed of finely polished tannins. Drinks
                                                                                                                 Silver Palm Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 North Coast
like a much more expensive wine. (142660)
                                                                                                                 invictus Chardonnay 2008 Sonoma
CHATeAuNeuF-Du-PAPe 2007                                                                                         louis latour Mâcon-Viré Clessé 2009 burgundy
Clos des brusquières                   39.95        479.40                                                       Four outstanding reds: A soft, rich Bordeaux with nuances of black olives, earth,
ST:92 “Highly pungent bouquet of raspberry preserves,                                                            minerals and roasted meat; an irresistibly stylish “baby Amarone” from Allegrini;
peppery spices, herbs and minerals, along with a smoky                                                           a delicious red Burgundy with notes of red berries and marmalade peach liqueur;
undertone. Lush, creamy raspberry and blackberry flavors….                                                       and an elegant, dark chocolate-cherry, peppery Sonoma Cabernet. Paired with
Seamless and sweet on the finish, which eventually leaves                                                        a rich, intensely flavored California Chardonnay, and a delicious Burgundian
notes of sweet red fruits and spices behind.” (142082)                                                           Chardonnay from Louis Latour—six great wines to please any wine lover.

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 rHONe / AlSACe / lOire

rhône Whites                                                      Delicious Whites from Alsace
                                                                  Charming, expressive, food-friendly wines
The broad, unctuous texture and savory aromas of these
wines evoke lazy lunches under the Avignon sun.

CÔTeS Du rHÔNe-VillAGeS Saint Maurice 2008
                                                                        Three Terrific Value                                       GeWÜrZTrAMiNer 2007
                                                                                                                                   Hugel                              23.95      287.40
Domaine de l’echevin                  22.95       275.40
                 This wine really astonishes for the price
                                                                      Zind Humbrecht Whites                                        Beautifully balanced with wildflowers, elderberries and
                                                                                                                                   spice on the nose and palate. A dry, spicy Gewürz. Great
                                                                           All 92 points from The Wine Spectator                   food wine. (140041)
                 level; it’s honestly better than many
                 Hermitages we’ve tasted. Round and
                                                                                                                                   rieSliNG Schlossberg Grand Cru 2005/06
                 intensely flavored, offering scents of
                                                                                                                                   Paul blanck                           36.95        443.40
toasted hazelnuts, chamomile tea, spiced orange and fresh
                                                                                                                                   Combines richness, minerality and complexity. “Vibrant,
hay, impressive concentration and a long, luxurious finish; a
                                                                                                                                   pure aromas of powdered stone, pineapple and menthol,
sure hit with white Burgundy lovers! (142690)
                                                                                                                                   and a captivating, accessible yet persistent finish.” –Tanzer
CrOZeS-HerMiTAGe blANC 2008
Cave de Tain l’Hermitage             25.95        311.40
                                                                                                                                   rieSliNG brand Grand Cru 2007
“From the impressive cooperative situated at the foot of the      PiNOT GriS 2008                        24.95      299.40         Domaine boxler                        59.95        719.40
famous Hermitage hill, this gutsy white is made from the          WS:92 “…nice salty minerality, with crackling acidity            WA:94 Honey, brown spice and orange zest aromas; plush,
great Marsanne and Roussanne grapes. It’s full bodied and         supporting the white peach, quince and kumquat flavors…          honeyed palate. Spicy with floral fruitiness, finished with
intensely perfumed, with aromas of macadamia nuts and             fine intensity and length, with a vibrancy that enlivens the     fabulous length. “The domaine of Albert Boxler has long
a lingering chamomile flavor on the finish. A sure hit with       wine and a long, smoke-tinged finish.” (140065)                  exhibited a consistency and quality that few other wineries
Chardonnay lovers!” –Jean K. Reilly MW (142021)                                                                                    in France can equal.” (140010)
                                                                  rieSliNG 2008                          24.95       299.40
CONDrieu 2008                                                     WS:92 “A well-cut Riesling, offering a salty mineral note and    rieSliNG Sommerberg Grand Cru 2007
Yves Cuilleron les Chaillets          71.95       839.40          laserlike acidity that defines the quince, yellow peach and      Domaine boxler                         59.95         719.40
WS:93 “This is really juicy, with a nicely packed core of         floral notes. This packs a lot of flavor into an elegant and     WA:91 “…already smells mouth-watering in its diverse
anise, damson plum, yellow apple and heather honey notes          lightweight package.” (140066)                                   citrus and marine mineral way. Lemon, grapefruit, and saline
backed by a long, pure, minerally finish. Drink now through                                                                        mineral elements inform a bright, penetrating, refreshing,
2013.” (142048)                                                   GeWÜrZTrAMiNer 2008                     24.95   299.40           and saliva-inducing palate to which alkaline and fruit pit
                                                                  WS:92 “Tangy acidity enlivens the apple sauce, lychee and        bitterness add finishing interest by their discretion. This has
HerMiTAGe blanc ex Voto 2007                                      clementine flavors, and there’s lots of smoke and white          the focus, energy, and extract to merit ten or a dozen years’
Guigal                             159.95          --             pepper on the finish. Delicious.” (140067)                       cellaring.” (140033)
WA:92-94 “The barrel samples I tasted revealed a honeyed
ripeness, spicy new oak, and outstanding concentration . . .”
                                                                  PiNOT blANC les Princes Abbés 2007/08
                                                                  Schlumberger                           14.95       179.40
                                                                  No producer in Alsace makes more pleasing and fairly
                                                                  priced wines. Crisp, citrus-scented yet soft and round in the
                                                                  mouth—a wonderful aperitif wine. (140470)

                                                                  rieSliNG Classique 2009
                                                                  Paul blanck                            19.95         239.40
                                                                  This Classique Riesling is bone dry yet full of apple and pear
                                                                  scented fruit. Wonderful with fish. (140270)

Crisp, Refreshing loire Valley Whites
                                                                  SANCerre Cuvée des Moulins bales 2008                            POuillY-FuMÉ baron de l 2007
                        Muscadet                                  Celestin-blondeau                      23.95       287.40        ladoucette                               97.50    1,170.00
                                                                  Crisp, mineral-intense, Chablis-like Sancerre with               The ultimate white Loire wine, in a category with the great
MuSCADeT Clos Senaigerie 2009                                     exceptional verve, clarity and precision. Wonderfully fresh      white Burgundies. Subtle but very complex, with a long,
luc Choblet                            12.95        155.40        and mouthwatering citrus notes. Superb fish wine. (146250)       stony, creamy finish; racy and fresh. (146010)
Our favorite inexpensive Muscadet ever. As fresh as a daisy
with bright, refreshing mineral notes and a bracingly clean,      SANCerre Chavignol les Mont Damnés 2009
crisp finish. (146240)                                            Thomas-labaille                        27.95       335.40                              Chenin blanc
                                                                                        ST:92 “Pungent citrus and pear on
                   Sauvignon blanc                                                      the nose, with complicating notes          VOuVrAY
                                                                                        of dried flowers and candied ginger.       Domaine de Vaufuget 2009               12.95        155.40
                                                                                        Nervy and minerally on entry, gaining      We’ve stocked this outstanding Vouvray for over 15 years.
The two most famous Sauvignon Blanc-based wines of the                                  weight and power in the middle palate      Soft and easy to enjoy with an ingratiatingly mellow Chenin
Loire are Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé.                                                    and offering gently sweet nectarine
                                                                                                                                   Blanc finish - just off-dry. (146150)
                                                                  and tangerine flavors. Very complex…” (146057)
Sancerre is more delicate than Pouilly Fumé, a wine of great
purity and elegance boasting abundant fruit with a flinty,        SANCerre le Chêne 2008                                           SAVeNNiereS Clos Papillon 2006
mineral quality; a stellar choice for shellfish and seafood.      lucien Crochet                        29.95       359.40         Domaine baumard                         39.95       479.40
                                                                  ST:92 Crochet’s single-vineyard wines are the Sancerres by                             WS:91 Quite comparable in quality
Pouilly Fumé, is a thicker and deeper wine, with a strong         which all others are measured. The elegance, precision and                             to a 1er cru Puligny-Montrachet.
flavor of flint, musk and smoke; it complements richer            harmony of the Chêne, his top wine, remind one of Grand                                Remarkably bright and racy, with
tasting fish such as tuna and salmon as well as chicken and       Cru Chablis. (146019)                                                                  a fine minerally veil over the green
veal dishes.                                                                                                                                             apple, floral and quince flavors.
                                                                  POuillY-FuMÉ 2008                                                Transparent and long on the flinty finish. (146560)
QuiNCY Vieilles Vignes 2009                                       ladoucette                          34.95      419.40
Domaine Mardon                         17.95       215.40                     The ‘05 received 90 points from the
An irresistibly quaffable, fragrant and friendly Sauvignon                    Spectator: “…lovely texture, with the                Savennières les Clos Sacrés 2007 52.95              -
Blanc. Mardon’s old vines cuvée is simply the best we have                    creaminess up front, backed by mineral,              *** Eric Asimov, NY Times #1 “Rich and round yet focused
tasted. (146440)                                                              sea salt, lemon curd and floral notes. The           with lingering waxy, mineral, saline, citrus and spice
                                                                              finish is long and pure.” (146100)                   flavors.” (146037)
SANCerre 2009
Domaine la Croix St. laurent        19.95       239.40
            A MOrrell DiSCOVerY! This under-the-
            radar estate makes a classy, intense, lime-
                                                                                                             VeuVe CliCQuOT lA GrANDe DAMe 1998
            scented Sancerre that rivals $25 wines from                                                      riVA GiFT bOx
            the region. (146080)                                                                             Veuve Clicquot partners with Riva to introduce the ultimate jet-set accessories
                                                                                                             with the La Grande Dame by Riva Cruiser Collection. Excellent materials,
POuillY-FuMÉ les loges 2008/09                                                                               elaborate details and smooth style of La Dolce Vita. The limited edition gift box
Domaine Michel bailly                   19.95        239.40                                                  is made of black lacquer and mahogany, with chrome and leather details and
“One of the very finest, and most reasonably priced of all                                                   encases one bottle of 1998 La Grande Dame.
the Pouilly-Fumés. Juicy, dense, minerally and tactile. A rich,
bright and fascinating Sauvignon Blanc.” –Tanzer (137460)                                                    (188092)                     $159.95

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            beAuJOlAiS / FreNCH COuNTrY DiSCOVerieS / GerMANY / AuSTriA

beaujolais                                                         French Country Discoveries
The easy-drinking, crowd-pleasing wines of Beaujolais have                                                                       CHAPOuTier bila-Haut 2008
long been holiday favorites. Crisp and juicy, with very little                             WHiTe
                                                                                                                                 Côtes de roussillon                    13.95         167.40
tannin, they complement a wide variety of food and are an
                                                                                                                                 WS:90 “This muscular red shows concentrated flavors of
ideal choice for big gatherings, as their charm and berry          lA Vieille FerMe blanc 2008                                   dark cherry, plum, raspberry tart and grilled fig. The dense
flavors appeal to oenophiles and neophytes alike.                  Côtes de luberon                      8.95      107.40
                                                                   A delightful crisp, fresh everyday white for a pittance.      finish of dark chocolate is firm and focused, with smoky
beAuJOlAiS NOuVeAu 2010                                            (147072)                                                      notes.” (147027)
Georges Duboeuf                          9.95           119.40
This is the 25th vintage of this fresh, fruity wine, a perennial                             reD                                 MAS DeS CHiMereS 2007
favorite. (148140)                                                                                                               Côteaux de languedoc                      19.95       239.40
                                                                                                                                 Intense, powerful red, with a meaty aroma and loads of
beAuJOlAiS-VillAGeS 2009
                                                                                                                                 licorice and black fruit flavors. Plenty of finesse and a long
Henri Fessy                     12.95           155.40
              Bursting with ripe red fruit, this is a                                                                            finish of pepper with touches of vanilla and cream flavors.
              great red for casual sipping. It’s light                                                                           (147211)
              and fresh and offers up scents of wild
              flowers and just-ripe cherries. A perfect
                                                                   ArAMiS 2008                                                   DOMAiNe De GreSSAC la Madonne 2004
              accompaniment for grilled fish. (149001)             Côtes de Gascogne                     11.95       143.40      Côteaux de languedoc                   29.95        359.40
                                                                   rM:90 “WHAT A buY! Made from Cabernet and the
brOuillY 2008                                                      local Tannat grape, with aromas of vanilla and berry soup     Rhône blend of 80% Syrah, 20% Grenache. A rich, supple,
Château de la Chaize                14.95         179.40           underscored by an earthy, herbal note. Lots of grip, full-    sensuous red with complexity and power from the Syrah
            A favorite at Morrell for decades. Fresh, with         bodied and lush. A phenomenal bargain.” (147440)              and fine tannins from the Grenache. Elegant. (147208)
            floral aromas and hints of berries. Lively and
            charming. (148270)

CHirOubleS 2009
                                                                                                                         THe MOrrell
                                                                                                                        liQuOr lOCker
Domaine Cheysson                      15.95          191.40
WA:91 “Red raspberry and red currant mingle with black tea
and peony in the nose, then combine vividly—right down to
the tart, invigoratingly bitter crunch of their seeds—on the
palate, with smoky, saline, and alkaline accents. There is a
saline, exuberantly tart berry-brightness to the finish that                                                             An up-to-date, eclectic array of
positively exhilarates.” (148500)
                                                                                                                         spirits, brandies, single-malts,
CÔTe De brOuillY Terres Dorées 2009
Jean-Paul brun                      19.95        239.40                                                                         vodkas, liqueurs…
This is several steps above your average Beaujolais. It
boasts exceptional definition and a pronounced minerality
that might make you think you’re drinking a Burgundy—but                                                                     Find it at
at a quarter the price! (148268)

Germany’s Great rieslings                                                                                                        Austria’s Finest
From the off-dry to the super-sweet, wines of unqualified
elegance, freshness and charm.
                                                                   NierSTeiNer PATerberG riesling Spätlese 2009
                                                                   Strub, Rheinhessen                 24.95         299.40
                                                                   One of our perennial favorites…slatey/mineral accents with    Magnificent, powerful, intense wines.
                                                                   fine palate appeal. (166520)
                     QbA & kabinett                                                                                              GrÜNer VelTliNer kamptal 2009
                       Light & delicate.                           ZelTiNGer SONNeNuHr riesling Spätlese 2008                    Gobelsburg                      14.95           179.40
                                                                   Selbach-Oster, Mosel               29.95         359.40       Gorgeous aroma of pear and peach with delicate minerals.
“l” riesling 2008                                                  A trifecta of quality: great vintage, estate and wine that    A perfect harmony of juicy, seductive fruit with a crisp,
Dr. loosen, Mosel                    11.95        143.40           handsomely express the soft sweetness of Spätlese’s late      clean, dry finish. (165610)
WS:90 From vintage to vintage, Dr. Loosen produces the             harvest. (166150)
best value in high quality Riesling made in Germany! (166023)                                                                    GrÜNer VelTliNer kremser Freiheit 2009
                                                                                           Auslese                               Nigl                                19.95           239.40
OCkFeNer bOCkSTeiN riesling kabinett 2008                                                                                        The house Grüner at restaurant Jean-Georges, this brilliant,
St Urbans-Hof, Mosel                 19.95           239.40                           Sweeter and richer.                        affordable wine delivers all the round, juicy fruit of a fine
One of Germany’s most popular wines: delicate by nature                                                                          Grüner with invigorating acidity and minerality. (165548)
with very light, floral scents and dry apricot flavors. (166080)   WeHleNer SONNeNuHr riesling Auslese 2009
                                                                   Meulenhof, Mosel                   27.95        335.40        GrÜNer VelTliNer Spitzer Point Federspiel 2008
rieSliNG kabinett 2008                                             Light in body, the fresh scents and sweetness are ideal for   Donabaum                            24.95          299.40
J. J. Prum, Mosel                  29.95         359.40            melon/ fruit/fig/cheese combinations. (166350)                WS:92 “There’s plenty of snap and definition to the
J. J. Prum is one of Germany’s legendary wine estates…a                                                                          concentrated red peach, McIntosh apple and grapefruit
Mosel Riesling of perfume, delicacy and complexity. (166010)                                                                     flavors. The long finish echoes with glazed citrus and spice.
                                                                                      beerenauslese                              Should gain with time in the cellar.” (165667)
                          Spätlese                                                Intensely sweet and exotic.
          Slightly sweet, but balanced with acidity.               uNGSTeiNer HerreNberG SCHeurebe
                                                                   beerenauslese 2005
FOrSTer PeCHSTeiN riesling Spätlese 2009                           Pfeffingen, Pfalz 375ml        49.95            -
Eugen Müller, Pfalz                  22.50 270.00                  Great producer…concentrated, apricot/honey-like in the
A fine Riesling with slightly more sweetness and a                 mouth! (366011)
considerably richer flavor. (166012)

ruDeSHeiMer MAGDAleNeNkreuZ
riesling Spätlese 2009
leitz, Rheingau                    24.95          299.40
This district and town are the source of many of Germany’s
most prized Rieslings. (166051)

              We De liVe r AlMOST ANYWHe re
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American Chardonnays span a range from the crisp                 FerrAri CArANO 2007                                              rODNeY STrONG reserve 2008
unoaked style (perfect as a cocktail hour white) to              Alexander Valley                  24.95       299.40             russian river                         38.95       443.40
medium to full-bodied, the fuller bodied wines being             “Sleek and well-balanced, offering subtle green apple,                         WS:93 “Floral honeysuckle, ripe fig and
perfect accompaniments to all fish, fowl and veal. Clearly,      mineral and citrus flavors that whisper delicacy and                           melon scents are rich, full-bodied, elegant
                                                                 finesse.” –Spectator (176250)                                                  and refined, showing a light touch of toasty
Chardonnay is the most popular of all white varietals.
                                                                                                                                                vanilla oak on the finish, where the flavors
Read our tasting notes and choose your favorites from our        SONOMA CuTrer 2008                                                             turn subtle and delicate.” (179259)
selection below.                                                 Sonoma Coast                          26.95           323.40
                                                                 One of the most popular Chardonnays on restaurant wine           TAlbOTT Sleepy Hollow 2007
buTTerFielD STATiON 20008                                        lists: fine floral aromas with a touch of flinty green apple     Monterey                              44.95        539.40
California                             9.95     119.40           and attractive pear-laced fruit on the palate. (176760)                    Quintessentially Burgundian and absolutely
beST buY! Bright citrus and juicy pear notes with subtle                                                                                    delicious. Medium straw in color, this wine has
graham cracker and toasted oak in the background. The            lANDMArk Overlook 2008                                                     aromatics of honeysuckle, melon, peach, pear
subtle oak tones provide enough complexity to accent the         Sonoma/Santa barbara/Monterey 27.95             335.40                     and vanilla. Creamy palate, the finish is long
wine without overpowering it. (175130)                                       rP:90 “Offers a beautiful bouquet of                           and clean, with bright, vibrant acidity. (175050)
                                                                             peaches, pineapples, and other tropical
MiCHAel SullberG reserve 2008                                                fruits along with super-purity and focus.            NeWTON unfiltered 2007/08
California                                9.95         119.40                One of the best Chardonnay values in the             Napa                                   44.95       539.40
Fresh scents of varietal fruit with tropical and apple nuances                                                                    “Orange blossom, charred oak and coconut on the nose…
                                                                             marketplace is their Overlook.” (175980)
in a delicious everyday-affordable Chardonnay. (178150)                                                                           Pliant and silky in the mouth, but with good harmonious
                                                                                                                                  acidity framing the soft citrus and subtle leesy flavors.” –
                                                                                                                                  Stephen Tanzer (175760)

                                                                                                                                  FlOWerS 2008
                                                                                                                                  Sonoma Coast                             44.95       539.40
                                                                                                                                  Brilliant, pale straw color. Citrus aromas of lemon and floral,
                                                                                                                                  followed by subtle notes of mineral and vanilla bean. Fruit
ClOS rOberT 2008                                                                                                                  flavors and citrus on entry complemented by round mouth-
North Coast                          11.95         143.40        iNViCTuS 2008
                                                                 Sonoma                                29.95        359.40        feel and defined minerality leading to a long, complex finish.
PM:90 beST buY! Our best-selling inexpensive                                                                                      (176843)
Chardonnay for over a decade! Delicate scents of apple with      PM:93 “A knockout Chardonnay with an arresting
a hint of pear, medium-body, nice round palate...immensely       butterscotch, hazelnut bouquet and the richness, complexity,
                                                                 texture and palate refreshing acidity of a $50 wine. Bravo!”     PATZ & HAll Dutton ranch 07/06/05 44.95             539.40
appealing Chardonnay. (176807)                                                                                                                   WA:92 2007: “…a more buttery, caramel,
                                                                 Our best-selling mid-price Chardonnay. (176834)
                                                                                                                                                 and hazelnut-scented style.… This broad,
eDNA VAlleY Paragon Vineyard 2008                                                                                                                full-bodied, rich, bone dry effort harkens
edna Valley                          13.95       167.40          rAMeY Chardonnay 2007/08
                                                                 russian river                           33.25           399.00                  back to the older style of California
Intense with ripe, vibrant pear, fig and honeydew melon,                                                                          Chardonnays. For the past twenty years, Patz and Hall has
smoky oak and hazelnut hints. (175020)                           ST:91 “Powerfully scented bouquet of lemon, orange,
                                                                 iodine and floral honey, with a suave spicy undertone. The       been one of California’s finest negociant firms.…” (175009)
         SilVer PAlM 2009                                        citrus flavors repeat on the palate, along with gingerbread
                                                                 and tangy mineral qualities. Very fresh and precise, with        rAMeY Hyde Vineyard 2007
         Sonoma Coast                 15.95         191.40                                                                        Carneros                            59.95      719.40
         This Chardonnay glistens in the glass and greets        excellent finishing lift and lingering minerality.” (179019)
                                                                                                                                           WA:94 “The brilliant 2007 Chardonnay
         the nose with the perfume of apple blossom                                                                                        Hyde Vineyard reveals lots of nectarine,
         and pear. On the palate, ripe flavors of white                                                                                    honeysuckle, orange blossom, and citrus
         peach, Gravenstein apple and Meyer lemon glide                                                                                    oil notes intertwined with good acidity,
         seamlessly like a silk ribbon. A near flinty finish                                                                               considerable minerality, and a full-bodied,
         provides balanced acidity and leaves the palate                                                                                   fresh finish with no evidence of wood.” (177322)
         yearning for another sip. (179276)
                                                                                                                                  kiSTler les Noisetiers 2008
MillbrOOk reserve 2007                                           CHAlk Hill 2007                                                  Sonoma Coast                            64.95        779.40
Hudson Valley, NY                      16.50          198.00     Sonoma                             34.95          419.40                         The entry-level bottling of the Kistler 92-
Lemon-crisp acidity meets aromatic layers of white peach         rP:90 “…reveals an attractive bouquet of smoky hazelnuts,                        96 point Chardonnays. This has a distinct
cobbler, flower petal and pear, followed by a rich creaminess    nectarines, and buttered citrus, medium to full body, and                        character with flavors of green apple, pear,
and smooth finish. (175400)                                      good freshness and acidity.” A consistent favorite with                          and a touch of lemon-citrus. It is completely
                                                                 Morrell customers. (179008)                                      barrel-fermented and aged in 50% new French oak barrels.
FOxGlOVe 2009                                                                                                                     Bottled unfiltered. (176958)
edna Valley                             17.95       215.40       beriNGer Private reserve 2008
              Parker on the 2008, 91 points: “Sensational…a      Napa                               35.95         443.40          rAMeY ritchie Vineyard 2007
              fabulous Chardonnay. Loads of tropical fruit,                WA:94 “Notes of brioche, hazelnut, marmalade,          russian river                             74.95     899.40
              honeysuckle, and orange blossom notes.…                      honeyed tropical fruits, buttered citrus, and a        WA:93 “Full-bodied with an earthy, rich minerality, fresh,
              The wine is buttressed by crisp underlying                   gentle touch of smoke are found in this full-          lively poached pear, honeysuckle, and subtle smoke and
acidity, and the result is a fresh, naked expression of                    bodied, concentrated wine with impressive              tropical fruit notes, this well-delineated Chardonnay reveals
Chardonnay that is top-flight.” (175030)                                   purity, depth, and length.” (176440)                   laser-like clarity.” (179018)
CAMbriA katherine’s Vineyard 2007/08
Santa Maria Valley                   19.95          239.40
PM:92 Excellent, complex bouquet with nutmeg, vanilla,
caramel with floral accents, then broad, flavorful pineapple
                                                                                                 exceptional Chardonnays
                                                                                                                      in Small Quantities
and stone fruit with some apple-pie spice and a rich, long
finish. (177270)                                                                                                                         Bin#                Rating                       Bottle
                                                                  ZD 2008 California                                                   (179260)                                           39.95
NeWTON red label 2008
                                                                  breWer-CliFTON Santa rita Hills 2008                                 (179184)             ST:90                         39.95
Sonoma-Napa                             19.95        239.40
                  Enticing notes of ripe pear and green apple     MellVille Clone 76 inox 2009                                         (179267)             WA:91                         42.95
                  mingle with light butterscotch, vanilla         breWer-CliFTON Mt Carmel 2008                                        (176982)             ST:92                         59.95
                  and almond aromas. On the palate, ripe          PATZ & HAll Hyde Vineyard 2007                                       (179000)             WA:94                         59.95
                  pear combines with pie crust and Golden         rAMeY Hudson Vineyard 2007                                           (179098)             WA:94                         59.95
                  Delicious apple flavors, accented by a hint     rAMeY Hudson Vineyard 2006                                           (176818)             WA:94                         64.95
of orange zest. (176630)
                                                                  STONeSTreeT upper barn 2007                                          (179006)             WA:94                         65.95
MOrGAN 2008                                                       breWer-CliFTON Sweeney Canyon 2008                                   (179266)             rS:91                         69.95
Santa lucia Highlands                    22.50       270.00       breWer-CliFTON Sea Smoke 2008                                        (179265)             ST:93                         69.95
                  WA:89 “Intense and focused on a mix of          PAHlMeYer 2007                                                       (179094)             WA:95                         74.95
                  ripe pear, melon, spice and light hazelnut.     liTTOrAi Mays Canyon 2007                                            (179262)             ST:92                         99.95
                  This is full-bodied, clean and complex, with    liTTOrAi Thieriot 2007                                               (179263)             ST:93                         99.95
                  a lingering aftertaste.” A hugely popular
                                                                  MArCASSiN 3 Sisters Vineyard 2006                                    (170390)             WA:96                        195.00
                  wine in New York restaurants. Elegant,
fruit-driven, reasonably complex and fairly priced. (176820)      MArCASSiN Marcassin Vineyard 2006                                    (176821)             WA:96                        195.00

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                                                                     SAuViGNON blANC AND beYOND / HAlF bOTTleS

Sauvignon Blanc and Beyond…
Vivid and lively in citrus scents and flavors, Sauvignon Blanc and other exotic white varietals keep the palate engaged and interested and accompany fish, light poultry and Asian food beautifully.

HOGue Fumé blanc 2008                                               HONiG Sauvignon blanc 2008                                              THOMAS GeOrGe eSTATeS Viognier 2008
Washington State                    10.95           131.40          Napa                                  16.95           203.40            Sonoma Valley                         27.95          335.40
Refreshing yet inexpensive, with aromas of grapefruit and           WA:89 “Consistently one of the finest Sauvignons made in                “This pretty Sonoma Viognier is very true to type—gorgeously
guava. Crisp and round with nice richness. (176120)                 California…It exhibits crisp fig and melon notes intermixed             fragrant with effusive notes of honeysuckle, apricots and
                                                                    with hints of beeswax and crushed rocks. Drink this medium-             summer wild flowers that draw you into the glass. There’s
               kuNG Fu Girl riesling 2009                           bodied, stylish, attractive white over the next year.” (176858)         also an underlying freshness here that keeps this wine light
               Charles Smith Wines                                                                                                          on its feet; a perfect partner for Thai food!” –Jean K. Reilly
               Columbia Valley      14.95      179.40                                   CONuNDruM White blend 2008                          MW (173310)
               NY Times: “Fresh, juicy and exuberant…                                   Napa                    20.95            251.40
               perfumed, with lively flavors of citrus,                                 “Bursting with fragrant honeysuckle and
                                                                                                                                            PAuMANOk Chenin blanc
               flowers and minerals.” (179243)                                          jasmine with ripe melon, peach, nectarine and
                                                                                        honeycomb grace notes. Intensely flavored,          North Fork, long Island            28.95            347.40
                                                                                        with refreshing acidity.” - Spectator (176660)                “Chenin Blanc, long a Paumanok speciality, is a
MillbrOOk Tocai Friulano 2009                                                                                                                         perennial favorite of mine. Bracing and aromatic,
Hudson Valley                      15.95             191.40                                                                                           it resembles a Loire Vouvray from a cool year.
Full-bodied and firm, this lovely white offers light pear,          PAlMiNA Tocai Friulano Honea Vineyard 2007
                                                                    Santa Ynez                             22.95      275.40                          Densely flavorful, it has herbal accents and a
almond and smoke flavors, with a hint of lychee. (176110)                                                                                             mouthwatering acidity that ideal for seafood.”-
                                                                    WA:90 “…offers notes of apple skin, lemon zest, spring
                                                                    flowers, and hints of herbs and spice. The wine is dry and                        Howard Goldberg, NY Times (179194)
           DeCOY Sauvignon blanc 2008
                                                                    deliciously fresh and vibrant.” (179190)
           Napa                      15.95           191.40
                                                                                                                                                             CAkebreAD Sauvignon blanc 2009
           “Crisp and refreshing, offering a well-balanced          ST iNNOCeNT Pinot Gris 2009                                                              Napa                32.95      395.40
           blend of mouthwatering, citrusy lemon-lime               Vitae Springs Vineyard
           flavors, with touches of flowers and freshly cut                                                                                                  Balanced, with juicy acidity and good
                                                                    Oregon                            22.95         275.40                                   Meyer lemon, apple and pear flavors.
           grass, followed by a honeydew melon note on the          Parker gave the 2008 90 points: “…classy perfume of
           finish” - Spectator. Made by Duckhorn. (179270)                                                                                                   The favorite Sauvignon Blanc of Morrell
                                                                    baking spices, tangerine zest, and white peach. Smooth-                                  customers. (175100)
                                                                    textured and intense on the palate…St. Innocent and
MACMurrAY rANCH Pinot Gris 2008                                     owner/winemaker Mark Vlossak consistently deliver superb
Sonoma Coast                          16.50          198.00                                                                                 MerrY eDWArDS Sauvignon blanc 2009
                                                                    bang-for-the buck.” (179179)                                            russian river                       42.95            515.40
                WA:90 “The 2008 Pinot Gris continues their
                string of winners, offering notes of honeyed                                                                                A step above…Not yet reviewed. The Spectator gave the
                                                                    GrGiCH HillS Fumé blanc 2008
                orange blossom, baked apple pie, and white          Napa                                27.95          335.40               2007 96 points: “A rocket beam of vibrancy, with effusive
                currants. This fresh, unoaked, medium-              ST:91 “Juicy and brisk but ultimately supple, with intense,             honeysuckle notes and ripe honeydew melon, citrus, pear
                bodied white reveals good acidity, and fills        medium-bodied flavors of grapefruit and licorice lifted by              and apricot flavors that have amazing structure, depth and
the mouth with joy…one of the finest as well as reasonably          minerals and flowers. Finishes brisk, firm-edged and long”              body. Ripe flavors end with a mouthwatering finish, where
priced in California.” (176898)                                     (176803)                                                                the mineral and spice details echo on and on.” (176853).

Half bottles                           (cases of 24 bottles)
                                                   Bin#         Rating         Bottle       Case/24                                                           Bin#       Rating      Bottle     Case/24

                                            reD                                                                                                      WHiTe
CHATeAu CADillAC                                                                                          AlOiS lAGeDer Pinot Grigio 2008                     (355620)                9.95       238.80
bordeaux Supérieur 2008                              (311210)             6.99    167.76                  blANk Pinot Gris 2008                               (340016)                9.95       238.80
bArberA D’ASTi Ca di Pian la Spinetta 2007           (355047)            11.95    286.80                  kiM CrAWFOrD Sauvignon blanc 2009                   (364753)                9.95       238.80
ClOS Du VAl Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 2004             (370074)            13.95    334.80                  AlbAriÑO la Cana 2009                               (363187)   WA:90        9.95       238.80
CHiANTi ClASSiCO Felsina 2007                        (355040)            14.95    358.80                  GrÜNer VelTliNer
MuGA reserva unfiltered rioja 2006                   (363189)    WA:91   14.95    358.80                  Forstreiter Grande reserve 2009                     (365516)               11.95       286.80
CHATeAu lA Vieille Cure Fronsac 2004                 (310010)    WS:90   17.95    430.80                  lANDMArk Overlook Chardonnay 2007                   (375011)   WS:92       16.50       396.00
CHATeAu POTeNSAC Medoc 2005                          (310250)    rP:90   20.95    502.80                  PiNOT GriGiO Jermann 2007                           (355012)               17.95       430.80
riDGe Zinfandel lytton Springs 2006                  (370167)            21.95    526.80                  CHASSAGNe-MONTrACHeT latour 2007                    (335250)               22.95       550.80
bruNellO Di MONTAlCiNO Mocali 2004                   (355050)    WA:90   24.95    598.80                  PATZ & HAll Dutton Chardonnay 2007                  (375050)   rP:92       24.95       598.80
bArOlO revello 2004                                  (350120)    WS:90   25.95    622.80                  COrTON-CHArleMAGNe latour 2004                      (335930)               59.95     1,438.80
rAMeY Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Napa                   (370058)    rP:90   28.95    694.80
MerrY eDWArDS Pinot Noir russian river 2006          (370027)            29.95    718.80
bArbAreSCO bric balin Moccagetta 2006                (355036)    WS:93   39.95    958.80
berGSTrOM Pinot Noir Shea 2006                       (370061)    WA:94   39.95    958.80                  brACHeTTO D’ACQui banfi rosa regale 2009            (325016)               12.95       310.80
PluMPJACk Cabernet Sauvignon estate 2007             (370071)    rP:95   54.95 1,318.80                   PiPer HeiDSieCk brut NV                             (380220)               14.95       358.80
PAPe CleMeNT rOuGe 2005 Pessac-léognan               (365558)    rP:98  174.95 4,198.80                   VeuVe CliCQuOT Yellow label NV                      (380170)               24.95       478.80
CHATeAu PAVie St-emilion 2005                        (310280)    WS:100 199.95 4,798.80                   GOSSeT Grand reserve NV                             (380013)               35.95       862.80
CHATeAu MArGAux Margaux 2005                         (310410)    WS:100 599.95 14,398.80                  kruG Grande Cuvee NV                                (380200)               79.95     1,918.80

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                                      MOËT & CHANDON CHill bOx                                                      GleNMOrANGie SiNGle MAlT
                                      The Moët Chill Box is an elegant piece that                                   SCOTCH WHiSkY DiSCOVerY
                                      transforms itself into a reusable isothermal                                  GiFT PACk
                                      bucket. The gift comes with a delicious                                       The perfect introduction to single malts, this
                                      bottle of Moët & Chandon Imperial inside.                                     elegantly designed gift box is emblazoned
                                      (188086)                           $39.95                                     with the gold and black Glenmorangie label,
                                                                                                                    contains a magnetic door that opens to
                                                                                                                    reveal a treasure trove from the renowned
                                                                                                                    Highlands distillery. One 750ml bottle of
                                                                                                                    The Original 10 year is flanked by three
                                                                                                                    50ml bottles of the 12 Year Old Extra
                                                                                                                    Matured Range – Lasanta (Sherry finish),
                                                                                                                    Quinta Rubin (Port finish), and Nectar d’Or
                                                                                                                    (Sauternes finish).
                                                                                                                    (1103730)                          $59.95

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Cabernet Sauvignon
American’s best Cabernets deliver spicy scents and flavors of cedar, blackcurrants and blackberries. Perfect for pairing with meat and spicy foods.

AVAlON 2009                                                                PAuMANOk Cabernet Franc 2007                            NAPANOOk 2007
California                              9.95      119.40                   North Fork long island     24.95      299.40            Napa                                  49.95        599.40
Delicious and a terrific value! The nose shows cherry pie,                 WS:90 “This solid red delivers ripe flavors of                      rP:92 “...exhibits the Bordeaux style that
rhubarb, boysenberry jam, and a hint of rosemary. French                   black cherry and plum, with accents of tobacco,                     proprietor Christian Moueix has fashioned from
oak adds a touch of vanilla and nutmeg with a lovely finish                herb and smoke. This isn’t heavy, but has good                      this legendary vineyard in Yountville. Its deep
of juicy blue and black fruit. (170120)                                    density, and the finish is fresh and floral.” A                     plum/ruby color is accompanied by sweet
                                                                           terrific red! (172385)                                              aromas of cedar, blackcurrants, cherries, spice
MiCHAel SullberG reserve 2009                                                                                                      box, and earth. Lush, fleshy, elegant, and pure, it should
California                                 9.95    119.40       buTY WiNerY Wildebeest 2008                                        drink nicely for 15+ years.” (172600)
A very enjoyable value-priced Cabernet. Ripe, forward berry     Columbia Valley
fruit complemented by notes of chocolate and vanilla oak. A     Phinney Hill & lefore Vineyards         25.95        311.40        JOSePH PHelPS 2006
favorite at Morrell for a decade. (171420)                                       This handmade BEAST is a captivating              Napa                               49.95        599.40
                                                                                 and exotic blend from Washington State.           “…plenty of black currant fruit notes intertwined with hints
                                                                                 The Cabernet Sauvignon has a heart of             of tobacco leaf, licorice, and forest floor as well as deep,
                                                                                 darkness: black cherry, blackberry and            medium to full-bodied flavors, ripe tannins, and a long
                                                                                 black spices. Adding to the dark earth and        finish.”-Wine Advocate (171242)
                                                                                 plush mouthfeel is a wild dose of Syrah.
                                                                                 The final wine is powerful with extracted         DuCkHOrN PArADuxx 2006
ClOS rOberT 2006
                                                                                 fruits filling the palate. (171194)               Napa                                   49.95       599.40
North Coast                             11.95       143.40
                                                                                                                                   “…chocolate, leather, sage and blackcurrant merging with
Still the best California Cabernet under $15 we’ve tasted!
This juicy, quintessential Cabernet reveals classic black       ClOS Du VAl 2007                                                   generous toasty oak. Firms up nicely on the finish.” –
fruits intermixed with hints of herbs and spice, underlying     Napa                                    29.95       359.40         Spectator. Another terrific wine from Duckhorn. (171271)
sweet cassis notes, fine ripeness and a smooth, mouth-          We:92 “A beautiful young Cab, built along classic Napa
filling finish. Our best-selling everyday-drinking American     lines. Stands at the elegant end of the stylistic spectrum,        ViNeYArD 29 Cru 2007
red. (170060)                                                   with relatively low alcohol, less ripe fruit and a delicate        Napa                                   49.95        599.40
                                                                mouthfeel. Shows flavors of herbs, cherries and blackberries.      WA:92 “One of Napa’s finest Cabernet Sauvignon-based
ClAAr Cabernet-Merlot 2006/07                                   Good value in an upscale Cab.” (173690)                            wines in the $50 range. This beautiful wine exhibits a dense
Columbia Valley, Washington             14.95       179.40                                                                         ruby/purple color as well as pure blackcurrant fruit aromas
Made from 30-year-old vines. Wonderful finesse, with            FiSTiCuFFS 2008                                                    intermixed with notions of licorice, charcoal, subtle smoke,
currant, praline and very ripe raspberries. Full bodied, with   Napa                                   32.95        395.40         and high class unsmoked cigar tobacco. It is an elegant,
lots of chocolate and berry character, smooth tannins and a                 Hourglass owners have once again produced              stunningly concentrated, seductive, lush wine that should
luscious finish. (170740)                                                   a delicious yet affordable Napa Cabernet, with         age nicely for a decade or more.” (170421)
                                                                            a touch of whimsy, but not short on punch.
JOel GOTT 815 Cabernet blend 2008                                           This is their “third round” and they have              PHiliP TOGNi Tanbark Hill
California                            15.95       191.40                    quickly gathered a big fan base with Fisticuffs.       Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
             Joel Gott has earned his reputation making                     A knockout Cabernet from the stellar 2007              Napa                                  49.95       599.40
             affordable, carefully crafted wines that                       vintage, it has every possibility of running out                           The great second label of Philip Togni.
             combine fruit from Napa, Paso Robles,              faster than anyone could say “lights out.” (171991)                                    “…exhibits attractive aromas of
             Mendocino Coast and Lake County. The “815                                                                                                 sweet blueberries, blackcurrants, and
             Cab” is bright and juicy, with spicy red and                                                                                              cherries with floral underpinnings, and
             black fruit, cedar, and vanilla. An elegant,                                                                                              spicy, subtle oak in the background.
luscious wine! (170157)
                                                                 SPeCiAl CAberNeT SAuViGNON                                        This elegant, medium-bodied 2007 should evolve for 12+
                                                                                                                                   years.” (170053)
lAYer CAke 2007                                                      Highly rated wines for gifts or for your table.
Napa                                 16.95       203.40
          ST:90 “True to its name, the Layer Cake
          Cabernet is rich and chocolaty with
          exceptionally ripe fruit. The style here is bold
          and intense, though the soft tannins make
          this an easy choice for a red to serve before
          dinner.” — Jean K. Reilly MW (171992)                                                                                    iNViCTuS reSerVe 2006
                                                                                                                                   Napa                                    55.00       660.00
ex-libriS 2007/08                                               iNViCTuS 2007                                                      PM:95 A step above. Only the best barrels were selected
Columbia Valley, Washington            18.95       227.40       Napa                                   39.95       479.40          for this limited bottling. Dark purple color with a knockout
             Made from grapes sourced from some of              PM:93 Another triumph for Invictus, whose wine we first            nose of charcoal, Bing cherries, cassis and ripe black fruits.
             the top Columbia Valley vineyards. Classic
                                                                introduced to our customers in 1998. Made from fruit grown         Chocolate palate-coating texture with mineral and earth on
             Washington State Cabernet with deep cassis
                                                                at a prestigious, first-growth-quality vineyard, Invictus is       the back end. Fabulous and a Must Buy—tastes like $75!
             fruit and hints of cedar and spice. The palate
             is full, with broad, concentrated fruit. The       just the kind of wine we seek but do not find very often:          (170967)
pedigree of these great vineyards comes through clearly in      one that tastes 50-75% better than its price suggests.
this superb value Cabernet. (171015)                            Bordeaux-like garnet color, rich, smoky yet restrained nose        rAMeY larkmead Vineyard 2006
                                                                and voluptuous richness in the mouth, balanced by fine             Napa                                      59.95         719.40
AlexANDer VAlleY Vineyards 2007                                 minerality. An elegant wine and a great wine value. (170158)                   ST:93 “Deep, youthfully brooding cassis and
Wetzel Family estate                  19.95        239.40                                                                                      dark cherry on the nose, with a strong licorice
Featured in the “Fifty Super Domestic Wine Values” in           rAMeY 2006                                                                     note…. Sappy black and blue fruit flavors are
Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate: “Another top value, the          Napa                                    44.95        539.40                    framed by dusty tannins and energized by a tangy
2007 Cabernet Sauvignon offers spicy, cedary, blackcurrant      ST:92 “Ripe and smoky, offering powerful raspberry and                         mineral note. The licorice quality repeats on the
notes intermixed with hints of roasted herbs and smoke.         cherry scents, along with tobacco and roasted coffee.                          finish, which is broad, sappy and impressively
Medium-bodied with excellent fruit, good purity.” (172510)      Surprisingly vibrant in the mouth, with zesty red- and             persistent. For a big boy, this is pretty graceful.” (171002)
                                                                blackcurrant flavors, velvety texture and good mineral snap.
        SilVer PAlM Cabernet Sauvignon 2007                     Finishes clean and brisk, with excellent lift and cut.” (171206)   SilVer OAk 2006
        North Coast                   19.95      239.40                                                                            Alexander Valley                         69.95       839.40
        “The 2007 vintage bares its soul, as seductive          JOrDAN 2006                                                        The 2006 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon combines
        wafts of dark chocolate cherry rendezvous with          Sonoma                                  47.95       575.40         full body and richness with moderate alcohol. It has a
        aromas of black peppercorn and wood smoke…              Aromas of blackberry, blueberry and cassis. Full bodied            garnet color and a nose of cassis liqueur, nutmeg and
        intense flavors of blackcurrant and blackberry on       with flavors of blackberry, cassis, black cherry with a hint       dark chocolate. On the palate, it has a rich, mouth-coating
        the palate, enriched by espresso, cocoa and vanilla     of vanilla, coconut and cedar. A supple, well-balanced wine,       attack, great expression of fruit, a full body and beautifully
        tones, with a long, silky finish.” A Jess Jackson       delicious now. (172150)                                            integrated tannins that lead to a long, spicy finish. (172394)
        production. (170700)

rODNeY STrONG 2007                                                                            MOre GreAT CAberNeT SAuViGNON
Alexander Valley                      23.95       287.40
The Alexander Valley signature profile is evident in this
delicious Cabernet: bold fruit aromas and flavors centered
on red plum and boysenberry, and a rich and mouthfilling
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texture with soft tannins, all of which are framed in the                          on wine and events
finest oak barrels. (171281)

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 TOP-OF-THe-liNe CAberNeT SAuViGNON                                          beriNGer Private reserve 2006                         PHelPS iNSiGNiA 2006
                                                                             Napa                     99.95       1,199.40         Napa                                   159.95     1,919.40
            When only the very best will do…                                 WS:93 “Elegant, rich and complex, with                                     WA:94-96 “A superb effort…. Another
                                                                             supple layers of ripe pear, apple, melon and                               30+ year wine, it boasts a dense plum/
CAYMuS 2008                                                                  appealing ginger spice notes that unfold                                   purple color as well as abundant notes
Napa                               74.95        899.40                       gracefully and end with a succulent array of                               of licorice, blackcurrants, charcoal,
          WS:93 “Openly fruity, rich, lush and layered,                      flavors, polish and finesse.” (170923)                                     black olives, and graphite. Full-bodied,
          serving up a complex mix of plum, blackberry,                                                                            pure, and rich with moderately high tannins, it represents a
          black licorice and spices. Full-bodied and                                                                               California version of a Bordeaux from Pauillac or St-Julien.”
          supple-textured, ending with a long, persistent     QuiNTeSSA 2007                                                       (171454)
          finish that keeps repeating the core flavor         Napa                                   129.95    1,559.40
                                                              rP:91 “The 2007 looks to be one of Quintessa’s stronger              PHelPS iNSiGNiA 2007
          themes.” (170460)                                                                                                        Napa                                   199.95    2,399.40
                                                              efforts in a number of and medium- to full-
                                                              bodied, with round, silky tannins, and an attractive set of          WA:97-100 “The 2007 Insignia offers a seamless
                                                              aromatics. Very accessible and drinkable now, it should age          introduction to this flagship cuvee. Its inky/purple color is
                                                              nicely for 15 or more years.” (171950)                               followed by aromas of crème de cassis, incense, crushed
                                                                                                                                   rocks, lead pencil shavings, cedar, and spice box. It
                                                                                                                                   possesses a massive, opulent mouthfeel, serious tannins,
                                                              riDGe Monte bello 2006                                               and no hard edges. This stunning effort should hit its peak
O’SHAuGHNeSSY Cabernet Sauvignon 2006                         Santa Cruz Mountains                 144.95       1,739.40           in 5-8 years, and last 40 years. I would not be surprised to
Howell Mountain                        79.95      959.40                   WA:94+ “…a very strong effort. Its dense                see it become the greatest Insignia to date and close in on
WA:94 “A dense purple color in addition to plenty of crème                 purple color is followed by copious aromas              a perfect score.” (170770)
de cassis, crushed rock, blueberry, and brioche-like notes                 of crème de cassis, licorice, spice box, and
are found in this full-bodied Cabernet. It…exhibits good                                                                           OPuS ONe 2007
                                                                           a touch of oak. Well balanced, dense, pure,
sweetness and purity of fruit. Consume it over the next 15-                                                                        Napa                                   199.95      2,399.40
                                                                           layered, and rich, its big, rich style is similar       WA:94 WS:92-94 “Firm, dense and concentrated, with
20 years. One of the superstar estates on Howell Mountain.”                to the 2003. This cuvée should keep for 25-
(170724)                                                                                                                           excellent structure and a complex mix of herb, currant, sage
                                                                           30 years in a cool cellar.” (170250)                    and spice, providing a tight, savory profile.” Limited. (171269)

                                                                  CAberNeTS iN liMiTeD QuANTiTieS
SWiTCHbACk riDGe Peterson Family Vineyard 2007
Robert Foley, Napa                    89.95     1,079.40
        WS:94 “Rich and flavorful, with tiers of ripe plum,
        black cherry, mocha, herb, cedar and dill. Full-                                                                                       Bin#            Rating                  Bottle
        bodied, focused, pure and well-structured, gaining     lANG & reeD Cabernet Franc 2008 Napa                                           (170884)                                 24.95
        nuance and substance on the finish, where the          kluGe eSTATe New World red 2004 Virginia                                       (170278)                                 29.95
        flavors sail on and on, ending with black licorice     HONiG 2006 Napa                                                                (171861)                                 35.95
        and raspberry touches.” (170535)                       riDGe Proprietary red 2006 Santa Cruz                                          (171134)         WA:91                   39.95
                                                               HAll 2006 Napa                                                                 (170697)         WS:94                   42.95
SilVer OAk 2005
                                                               TerrACeS 2006 Napa                                                             (170028)                                 44.95
Napa                                    99.95    1,199.40
ST:91 “Musky aromas of cassis, licorice, game, tobacco         NAPANOOk 2006 Napa                                                             (171490)         WA:92                   46.95
leaf and subtle brown spices. Velvety-sweet and deep, with     FAuST 2006 Napa                                                                (170857)                                 49.95
hints of tobacco leaf, mint and herbs giving definition to     GHOST blOCk 2007 Napa                                                          (171247)                                 59.95
the middle palate. Nicely bright but youthfully tight wine,    reAlM Parella Vineyard 2007                                                    (171983)         WA:91                  134.95
finishing with broad tannins.” (172012)                        kluGe Meritage Viscount linley box 2000                                        (170222)                                495.00

                THe AMAZiNG reD WiNeS OF breSSler ViNeYArDS
                                        Stacey & Bob Bressler, Vintners | Mia Klein (Dalla Valle) Winemaker

                                                                                                          “every once in a while you taste a new wine and know
                                                                                                          in a nanosecond that a star is being born. That’s how it
                                                                                                          was for me when i tasted these two bressler reds. Tiny
                                                                                                          production, enormously exciting wines.” –roberta Morrell
                                                                                                          The wines come from the 5-acre vineyard behind the bressler’s home
                                                                                                          in St. Helena. The vineyard is adjacent to the Hayne Vineyard and
                                                                                                          across the road from beckstoffer’s Dr. Crane Vineyard.

                                                                                                          breSSler YOuNG ViNeS 2007
                                                                                                          Napa                                     49.95              599.40
                                                                                                                      61% Cabernet Franc, 35% Merlot, 4% Cabernet
                                                                                                                      Sauvignon. 120 cases made. Made by Mia Klein of
                                                                                                                      Dalla Valle fame, from young vines planted in 2000,
                                                                                                                      this stunning red is very impressive, offering up a lush
                                                                                                                      dollop of crème de cassis, blackberries, raspberries,
                                                                                                                      cocoa and spice, combining softness with power.

                                                                                                          breSSler CAberNeT SAuViGNON 2006
                                                                                                          Napa                                     84.95              1,019.40
                                                                                                                        “The Big Boy.” This is only the sixth vintage of this
                                                                                                                        monumental wine; we sold out of the 2005 very
                                                                                                                        quickly. The 2006 boasts a great diversity of flavors:
                                                                                                                        raspberry jam, blackberry, peach blossom, lavender,
                                                                                                                        cocoa and dark chocolate, coffee berry, cinnamon,
                                                                                                                        brown sugar, molasses, vanilla. The level of extraction
                                                                                                                        and the structure make it a wine for aging, but it can
                                                                                                                        be enjoyed now with decanting. (172396)
    Mia Klein (Winemaker), Bob Bressler, Stacey Bressler

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  PiNOT NOir

Pinot Noir
The dried rose hips (sachet-like) perfume and satiny texture of well-made American Pinot Noirs are hedonistic joys to experience and beautifully complement almost every kind of food from
fish to steak. As complicated as it is to source the best offerings, when we come across great values, we buy in, and so should you! Be sure to visit our store regularly or talk to any of our
sales representatives and we’ll let you know when we do get a few cases of those extra-special, never-last-a-week Pinot Noirs in stock.

CASTle rOCk 2009                                                                                                                    DOMAiNe SereNe 2006
California Cuvee                     9.95         119.40                                                                            evenstad reserve
“Value packed! This has authentic Pinot Noir flavor and a                                                                           Willamette Valley, Oregon         59.95          719.40
plush texture, with pretty strawberry-cherry aromas and a                                                                           WS:92 “Smooth and round, with a lovely polished feel to
finish of fresh earth and exotic Asian spices; great for your                                                                       the dark berry, cherry, licorice and spice flavors, flowing
next party.” –Jean K. Reilly MW (173177)                          eYrie ViNeYArDS estate 2007                                       easily over finely tuned tannins, persisting expressively.”
                                                                  Willamette Valley, Oregon         34.95         419.40            Our customers’ favorite Pinot Noir 4 years running. (172121)
THe PiNOT PrOJeCT 2009                                            ST:90 “Intriguing perfume of redcurrant, pomegranate,
California                         14.95          179.40          strawberry bitters, botanical herbs and dried flowers;            breWer-CliFTON 2008
The inaugural vintage of The Pinot Project drinks as an           reminds me of a Barolo Chinato. Sweet, light-bodied red           Mt. Carmel Vineyard
absolutely delicious, yet serious, Pinot Noir that any wine       berry flavors are firmed by bitter cherry skin and licorice       Santa Rita Hills, California       61.95         743.40
lover would be proud to pour liberally at their dinner table.     qualities.” (173142)                                              WA:92+ “Exhibits plenty of black cherry and strawberry
Hand-crafted from the finest California Pinot Noir grapes.                                                                          notes with hints of lead pencil shavings, Chinese black tea,
Pure Pinot aromas and flavors—black cherries kissed by oak        breWer-CliFTON 2008
                                                                                                                                    and earth. Dark ruby, medium to full-bodied, with a striking
and complemented by just the right amount of Asian spice.         Santa rita Hills                    39.95         479.40
                                                                                   WA:93 “Beautiful floral, raspberry, and          minerality.” (173239)
                                                                                   blueberry notes with hints of spice box and
                                                                                   underbrush are present in this full-bodied,      breWer-CliFTON 2008
MACMurrAY rANCH 2008                                                                                                                Ampelos Vineyard
Sonoma Coast                      17.95         215.40                             supple-textured, perfumed wine, which
                                                                                   also possesses terrific purity and depth. It     Santa Rita Hills, California    64.95         779.40
          “This reasonably-priced Pinot is bursting with                                                                            WA:96 “Extraordinary. Sweet raspberry, blueberry, and
          juicy cherry fruit, scents of dried apricots and        is a stunning blend from many different vineyards in their
                                                                  portfolio.” (173238)                                              boysenberry notes interwoven with hints of spring flowers
          flavors of mixed berry soup. It’s an easygoing                                                                            and loamy soil are followed by a full-bodied, beautifully
          wine that is sure to win over any crowd; great
                                                                  FlOWerS 2008                                                      textured, sumptuously styled wine that is fabulously
          with grilled fish.” –Jean K. Reilly MW (172112)
                                                                  Sonoma Coast                         47.95          563.40        concentrated, silky smooth, and truly world-class.”
kiNGS riDGe 2008                                                  “One of the original cult Pinots from California, the 2008        (173279)

Oregon                              18.95           227.40        Flowers is fragrant and spicy, with a lovely red fruit nose and
“A great find! This spunky little wine is delicately fragrant,    hints of potpourri and crushed raspberries in the mouth. It’s     MerrY eDWArDS 2007
with wildflower overtones to its rhubarb and sweet                silky smooth and boasts an amazingly long finish of cassis        Flax Vineyard
strawberry fruit and a clean line of acidity that’s thoroughly    and vanilla.” –Jean K. Reilly, MW (172890)                        russian river Valley                  74.95         899.40
refreshing. Astounding value for an Oregon Pinot!” –Jean K.                                                                         This is very distinctive, with fleshy tones of black cherry and
Reilly MW (173184)                                                SiNeANN 2008                                                      a sexy, musky note that gives a lift to the densely packed
                                                                  Yates-Conwill Vineyard                                            fruit on the mid-palate. There’s great concentration and a
CAMbriA Julia’s Vineyard 2008                                     Yamhill, Oregon                   44.95         539.40            wonderful finish spiked with licorice and cassis flavors that
                                                                  “From one of the Oregon’s most sought-after Pinot                 linger nicely. (173271)
Santa Maria Valley, California 24.95                299.40
                                                                  producers, the 2008 Yates-Conwill shows very Burgundian
“One of the most popular Pinots with the Morrell crew, this
                                                                  character, with pronounced mineral and earth aromas               DuMOl 2008
stunner is juicy and ripe, with a lingering finish of red plums
                                                                  supported by fresh black cherry and strawberry fruit in the       russian river Valley                77.95         935.40
couched in finely polished tannins. This is one that really
                                                                  mouth; a truly profound wine.” –Jean K. Reilly MW (170155)        “The Dumol 2008 is made in a restrained style, with
over delivers for its price point.” –Jean K. Reilly MW (170070)
                                                                                                                                    notes of raspberries and wet stones upfront, followed
                                                                  MerrY eDWArDS 2007                                                by juicy strawberry fruit in the mouth. There’s excellent
FOur GrACeS 2008
                                                                  russian river Valley                54.95          659.40         concentration here and ripe tannins, though the wine will
Willamette Valley, Oregon        24.95          299.40                      We:92 “Marked by fresh, sleek acidity and firm,
               “Fresh red berries and spicecake on the                                                                              benefit from a few years’ aging.” –Jean K. Reilly MW (174637)
                                                                            dusty tannins, this is a Pinot to stash in the cellar
               nose, with notes of rose and mint adding                     for a while…. Give it 4–6 years to soften, and let
               lift. Light, focused and bracing on the                                                                              WilliAMS SelYeM 2007
                                                                            the black cherries, red currants and cola mesh
               palate, with slightly wound-up strawberry                                                                            Central Coast, California            79.95       959.40
                                                                            with the oak and transform with the magic of
               and raspberry flavors.” –Tanzer (173258)                                                                             ST:90 “Spicy red and dark berry aromas are complemented
                                                                            bottle age.” (172183)
                                                                                                                                    by fresh flowers and baking spices. Smoothly blends spicy
lYNMAr eSTATe 2006                                                SiDuri 2008                                                       and sweet on the palate, offering black raspberry and
russian river Valley               29.95        359.40            Gary’s Vineyard                    49.95         599.40           white pepper qualities and finishing with dusty tannins that
“Jam-packed with interest—black cherries, leather and ripe        “The 2008 Gary’s Vineyard from Siduri is an astoundingly          add grip. A deeper cherry note arrives on the long, sappy
red apples vie with rose petal aromas while the lush, dense       sophisticated wine, with complex aromas of wild berries and       aftertaste. This is already delicious.” (174585)
palate delivers intense red-cherry flavor punctuated by           forest floor, backed up silky tannins and a rich mouthfeel.
woodsy notes. A real winner.” –Jean K. Reilly MW (170567)         Winds down to a long, decadent note of black cherries.” –         PATZ & HAll 2006
                                                                  Jean K. Reilly MW (173285)                                        Pisoni Vineyard,
COPAiN Tous ensemble 2007                                                                                                           Santa lucia Highlands                  89.95     1,079.40
Anderson Valley                     32.95        395.40           SiDuri 2008                                                                                     WS:94 “Intense and structured,
                           bH:90 “Ripe, elegant pinot fruit       Cargasacchi Vineyard                 $54.95        659.40                                       this beautifully crafted red
                           trimmed in a discreet touch of         WA:91 “I enjoyed the outstanding 2008 Pinot Noir                                                offers a core of blackberry,
                           earth merges into rich, round,         Cargasacchi Vineyard. It boasts a deep plum/ruby color in                                       raspberry and blueberry flavors.
                           naturally sweet and solidly well-      addition to lots of blueberry and black currant flavors with                                    Full-bodied, pleasantly chewy
detailed middle weight flavors that possess good mid-palate       hints of vanilla and forest floor in the background. This lush,                                 and gutsy, gaining depth and
concentration and fine length…very well balanced and              rich, medium to full-bodied, accessible Pinot is ideal for                                      momentum and finishing with a
fashioned in a generous yet understated style.” (173206)          drinking over the next 3-4 years.” (173286)                       strong, assertive, flavorful finish.” (170068)

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                                                                                                                      MerlOT / SYrAH / ZiNFANDel

Merlot, Syrah and Zinfandel
                                                                  PAHlMeYer 2006                                                    MAuriTSON 2009
                           MerlOT                                 Napa                                 84.95      1,011.40          Dry Creek                             27.95       335.40
The softest and most approachable of the California Reds,         WS:94 “…one of the classic examples of just how great             Dense and savory, with a nose of mixed-berry soup, licorice
a truly good Merlot offers an all-too-often-overlooked            Merlot can be in Napa. The 2006…exhibits sweet chocolate,         and violets, underlined by white pepper and anise. Great
alternative to a powerful Cabernet. Rich, earthy, chocolatey      mocha, cola, black cherry, and plum aromas and flavors            choice for barbecued ribs! (173235)
and full of fruit.                                                as well as full body, a sumptuous, dense texture, and no
                                                                  hard edges…a hedonistic, mouthfilling, luscious Merlot.”                 rOberT FOleY Charbono 2008
HACieNDA 2008/09                                                                                                                           Gary Heitz Vineyard, Napa 34.95               419.40
                                                                  Extremely limited. (173289)
California                                8.95      107.40                                                                                 An unusual red, often referred to as Napa Beaujolais
A great find! This wine packs in honest, plummy herb-tinged                                                                                with a “kick,” the ’08 vintage ripened this variety to
Merlot flavor at a truly modest price. Perfect for a big                                    SYrAH                                          perfection and this wine can wrestle with the big
gathering. (173287)                                                                                                                        boys. Grapey, firm and ripe, to be enjoyed with
                                                                  Frequently underestimated, well made American Syrah is a
                                                                                                                                           almost any type of cuisine. (170399)
                                                                  glorious complement to all roasted meats as well as spicy
MiCHAel SullberG reserve 2009
                                                                  Indian, Chinese and Thai food. Their underdog status makes
California                                9.95        119.40
                                                                  them better values than many more popular varieties.
A soft, delicate, subtle, charming California Merlot with lush
aromas of sweet cherries intermixed with hints of chocolate
                                                                  bArNArD GriFFiN 2008
and a touch of spice. Easy, affordable drinking. (172680)
                                                                  Columbia Valley, Washington State 15.95          191.40
                                                                              This is a fabulous find—excellent value for
JeANNe MArie 2008
                                                                              money! There’s a wealth of savory aromas
California                                14.95         179.40
                                                                              to keep your nose interested while the silky          OriN SWiFT The Prisoner 2008
Created by the Wine Director of New York’s famous Tribeca
                                                                              palate lights up with berry tones and just            Napa                                     34.95       419.40
Grill, this popular Merlot offers up plenty of juicy blackberry
                                                                              a hint of roasted meat. Great with steak or           beST Seller! WS:92 “Focused, rich and ripe, showing
fruit, underlined by plum pudding and baking spice notes
                                                                              game. (172384)                                        aromas of black cherry and smoky pepper, with sleek but
that trail off to a velvety, chocolate-infused finish. Delish!
                                                                                                                                    complex flavors of boysenberry, licorice and toasty oak that
                                                                              eSCA 2005                                             linger with balanced tannins. Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon,
                                                                              Napa                        24.95          299.40     Syrah, Petite Sirah, Charbono and Grenache.” (170683)
SubSTANCe 2008
                                                                              A MOrrell WiNe DiSCOVerY! And a
Columbia Valley, Washington            19.95         239.40
                                                                              favorite of Morrell customers. A wonderfully
               A delicious mouthful of great value                                                                                               rOberT biAle 2008 Stagecoach
                                                                              rich, extracted wine, with fruit, spice, chocolate
               Washington wine! Plums and dark currants                                                                                          Napa                       43.95       527.40
                                                                              and coffee notes. Tiny production. (171087)
               move to sweeter notes of red cherries on                                                                                          WS:92 Dense and richly structured, offering
               the finish. Soft and round in texture, the                                                                                        aromas of huckleberry and loamy white pepper
                                                                  FeSS PArker 2007
               Substance has hints of spice accenting the                                                                                        and layered flavors of black cherry and toasty
                                                                  The big easy                         29.95        359.40
               juicy finish. Excellent value. (173233)                                                                                           vanilla, with ripe but firm tannins that finish
                                                                  WA:91 “…very approachable with silky tannins as well as
                                                                                                                                                 with sage and anise.” (170097)
                                                                  oak and flesh. It is a deep, chewy, rich effort displaying
rAYMOND reserve 2006
                                                                  plenty of blackberry, incense, and toasty oak notes. Full-
Napa                                   24.95          299.40
                                                                  bodied and opulent….” (172383)
Loaded with luscious sweet berry fruit, mocha aromas and
velvety tannins, this is a very easy-to-like, mid-weight red
                                                                                                                                      THe FAbulOuS WiNeS OF
                                                                  NeYerS 2008
that will appeal to a wide audience of wine lovers. (170970)
                                                                  Sonoma Coast Old lakeville road 34.95                419.40        ZiNMASTer lArrY TurleY!
                                                                  WS:91 “A strong personality, with firm, rich tarry berry,
                MATANZAS Creek 2005
                                                                  mineral, sage and underbrush flavors that are tightly wound           QuANTiTieS VerY liMiTeD!!
                Napa                     29.95         259.40
                                                                  and slow to unfold, though as they do they reveal greater
                One of our most popular Merlots, Matanzas
                                                                  depth and concentration, offering a promising future.”
                Creek offers juicy black fruit, excellent depth
                of flavor and a lingering cassis and Asian
                spice on the finish. A great crowd pleaser!
                                                                             OJAi Melville 2005
                                                                             Santa barbara                49.95         599.40
                                                                             ST:93 “Highly perfumed bouquet…. Vibrant red
                                                                             and dark berry flavors gain depth and sweetness        TurleY 2008
                                                                             with air, picking up an exotic candied floral          rattlesnake ridge                    67.95        815.40
                                                                             quality. The mineral element resonates strongly        WA:92-94 “The brilliant dark ruby/plum-colored 2008
                                                                             on the strikingly pure and focused finish.” (170726)   Zinfandel Rattlesnake Ridge exhibits lots of blueberry,
                                                                                                                                    blackberry, and forest floor notes, but the blue fruit
NeWTON unfiltered 2005                                                                                                              spectrum of aromas and flavors dominate. Full-bodied with
Napa                                    43.95          527.40                            ZiNFANDel                                  sweet tannin and a layered, textured mouthfeel, it should
WA:91 “The 2005 Unfiltered Merlot is a beauty, dark ruby/                                                                           drink well for a decade.” (173283)
purple with notes of cassis, plum, a hint of mocha, some          Spicy and briary, rich and with full berry flavors, a well
truffle, and a long, full-bodied mouthfeel. There is tannin to    made Zin is a wonderful “All American” red and the perfect
                                                                                                                                    TurleY 2006
shed, but the wine is fleshy, pure, and impressive.” (174440)     pizza wine.
                                                                                                                                    Dragon Vineyard, Howell Mountain 69.95                839.40
                                                                                                                                    WA:92-95 “From Howell Mountain, it is one of the strongest
            SHAFer 2007                                           brADFOrD MOuNTAiN 2005
                                                                  Dry Creek Zinfandel                     14.95         179.40      Zinfandels produced by Turley. The wine exhibits lots
            Napa                       49.95       599.40                                                                           of structure as well as considerable aging potential for a
            WS:92 “Dark and muscular, with blackberry             A truly complex Zinfandel at an everyday price. This gutsy
                                                                  red has real depth of flavor, chewy tannins and a lingering       Zinfandel (10+ years). It offers loads of mineral-laced blue
            and graphite aromas and youthful, concentrated
                                                                  finish of bramble and roasted berries; delicious! (173291)        and black fruits combined with notions of new saddle
            black cherry and mocha fruit that show notes
                                                                                                                                    leather, crushed rocks, flowers, and berries.” (173282)
            of roasted herb, with a hint of game.” Limited.
            (172298)                                              rOSeNbluM 2007
                                                                  Paso robles                              16.95        203.40
DuCkHOrN 2007                                                     This rich, full wine exhibits the signature spicy earth tones
Napa                                     54.95        659.40      that make Paso Robles Zinfandel so excellent. Overall charm
One of this country’s iconic Merlots, the Duckhorn 2007
                                                                  and complexity with flavors of rich cherry, black raspberry
                                                                  a touch of chocolate truffles and aromas of anise. (170125)
                                                                                                                                       Visit our “Closeout Corner”
displays enticing licorice, leather, smoke and dark chocolate
aromas along with restrained sweet fruit. Finishes with fine                                                                          The place to come for terrific
                                                                                  riDGe Three Valleys 2009
tannins and good length. (170078)                                                 Sonoma                  22.95          275.40           bargains on lots we’re
                                                                                  Another winner from the wizards at Ridge,
PriDe MOuNTAiN 2008                                                               the Three Valleys is 74% Zinfandel with            eliminating from our inventory
Napa–Sonoma                             59.95       719.40                        Petite Sirah, Carignane, Mataro, Syrah and
Just released! This inky wine is lush and rich in classic                         Grenache blended in for complexity. There’s
Pride Mountain style, with flavors of plum and Asian spices.                      gutsy fruit flavor here and an elegance not 
Not yet rated; the 2007 received 94 points from the Wine                          often found in California Zinfandel. (172336)
Spectator. (172296)

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iTAlY reD

italy red
                  CHiANTi ClASSiCO                                              THe beST eVerYDAY reDS

                                                                                                                                      PAlAZZO DellA TOrre 2005
                                                                                                                                      Allegrini, Veneto                       19.95          239.40
                                                                                                                                      “Allegrini’s Palazzo della Torre is often an irresistibly stylish
CHiANTi SuPeriOre 2007                                           GiACOMO SANGiOVeSe TOSCANA 2009                                      wine, as it is again in 2005. This opulent, generous red is
Valdarno                               14.95        179.40       Tuscany                                9.95        119.40            loaded with jammy dark cherries, chocolate, spices and sweet
A MOrrell DiSCOVerY! We blind tasted 22 Chiantis in              A MOrrell DiSCOVerY! The warm, dry Tuscan climate,                   toasted oak. A portion of the fruit is left to air-dry on racks
search of an inexpensive beauty. The Valdarno stood out for      along with a traditional approach to the cultivation of the          (Amarone-style), giving Palazzo della Torre an uncommon
its lovely dried cherry, smoky aroma, its charming delicious     vines, has produced Sangiovese grapes bursting with robust           level of richness, density and complexity. Allegrini is one of
berry flavors and its food friendly freshness on the finish. A   flavors to create this inexpensive yet complex red. A great          the Veneto’s historic estates.” –Wine Advocate (150252)
true Chianti value. (150281)                                     value. (150717)
                                                                                                                                                      VillA ANTiNOri rosso 2006
            CHiANTi ClASSiCO 2006                                reMOle 2008                                                                          Tuscany               22.50        270.00
            bucciarelli                17.50    210.00           Frescobaldi Tuscany                   10.95           131.40                         ON SAle! Piero Antinori’s delightful Tuscan
            Earth, dried cherries and flowers, rich and          Dense, complex bouquet of fruit flavors with a velvet smooth                         blend from a great Tuscan vintage...a silky,
            flavorful. Great 2006 vintage, great price.          palate. Warm and rich, with a refreshing crispness. (151240)                         supple, delicious wine. (151500)
            We’ve stocked this wine for 2 decades – our
            customers love it! (151560)                                            SANTA CriSTiNA Antinori 2007/08
                                                                                   Tuscany                11.95          143.40
CHiANTi ruFiNA riserva Nipozzano 2006                                              This Sangiovese-Merlot blend is a supple,
Marchesi de Frescobaldi              19.95           239.40                        plush wine. A favorite at Morrell for decades.
ON SAle! Bright cherry and blackberry. Fine tannins, full                          (150510)
bodied, long finish. Always gets 90+ ratings. (151160)                                                                                le VOlTe 2008
                                                                 NerO D’AVOlA Campo reale 2008                                        Tenuta dell’Ornellaia, Tuscany         24.95        299.40
CHiANTi ClASSiCO riserva 2005/06                                 Rapitalà, Sicily                      12.95        155.40            Made by Ornellaia, and one of the best $25 wines anywhere.
la Selvanella, Melini                 23.95          287.40      Sicily’s most indigenous variety. Bright cherry and plum             Rich and delicious in the Ornellaia style. (153365)
Tre biCCHieri WiNNer! “Complex, pervasive and elegant            flavors with hints of spice. Robert Parker says he would be
nose...gutsy palate, extraordinary length.” (154046)             “hard pressed to name another wine that offers this much             DOlCeTTO D’AlbA Siri d’Jermu 2007
                                                                 pleasure for the money.” (150217)                                    Pecchenino                              24.95         299.40
                                                                                                                                      WA:90 “…a rich, layered wine bursting with fruit. Made in a
                                                                 MONTe ANTiCO 2007                                                    full-bodied style, the Siri d’Jermu possesses tons of length as
                                                                 Tuscany                                 12.95      155.40            well as harmony. Balsamic suggestions of menthol and sweet
                                                                 WS:90 A luscious blend of Sangiovese/Merlot/Cabernet                 spices linger on the potent finish.” (151096)
                                                                 Sauvignon. “Full-bodied with fine tannins and refined berry
CHiANTi ClASSiCO riSerVA 2006                                    and cherry flavors.” Utterly delicious. (151830)
rocca Delle Macie                     24.95         299.40                                                                              THree bArberAS FrOM
WA:90 “…a big, super-ripe wine loaded with black cherries,       AGliANiCO Del TAburNO 2006
blueberries, French oak and spices. Stylistically, this is a     Campanis                              15.95            191.40        GreAT PieDMONT PrODuCerS
concentrated, voluminous Riserva with terrific persistence       WA:90 “…one of southern Italy’s great red varieties. This
and balance. It is one of the finest wines I have tasted here    forward, soft red offers up sweet cherries, smoke, herbs,            bArberA D’AlbA Seghesio 2007 18.95                    227.40
in some time.” (152690)                                          spices and cured meats in an approachable style, with plenty         “The outstanding 2007 Barbera’s dark ruby/purple color is
                                                                 of varietal character and tons of personality. It is a fabulous      followed by loads of briery, berry fruit, earth, herbs, pepper,
CHiANTi ClASSiCO 2007                                            effort from Cantina del Taburno, as well as a terrific value.”       and spice. Gutsy and zesty, it is a delicious, medium-bodied
Fonterutoli, Mazzei                  24.95         299.40        (150671)                                                             red with abundant personality” -Wine Advocate (150921)
            WS:90 “There’s a good concentration of
            black fruit, with a hint of vanilla on the nose      PriMiTiVO Critèra 2006                                               bArberA D’AlbA Altare 2008         24.95       299.40
            and palate. Medium-to full-bodied, with well-        Schola Sarmenti, Puglia                 16.50        198.00          From a world-famous producer. Fresh and delightful with
            integrated tannins and a medium finish.”                            This almost black, brooding wine is made from         citrus and berry aromas and flavors. Medium-bodied, with
             (175009)                                                           25 year old vines and vinified in all stainless       bright acidity. (150029)
                                                                                steel. The palate is blueberry and blackberry
CHiANTi ClASSiCO 2008                                                           with a spicy note near the front of the tongue        bArberA D’AlbA
Querciabella                        29.95         359.40                        underscored by an espresso finish. Delicious          Tres Vigne Clerico 2007               29.95       359.40
Not reviewed at press time but ratings are always in the         stuff. (151116)                                                      WA:91 “…superb richness, elegance and balance in its
90s. Elegant style with sweet spices, cherries and tobacco                                                                            layers of fragrant, dark fruit. This sumptuous, impeccable
“In recent years the Querciabella has established itself as      DOlCeTTO D’AlbA la Serra 2008                                        Barbera is sure to provide immense drinking pleasure…
one of Tuscany’s top Chianti Classicos.” -Wine Advocate          Manzone, Piedmont                        16.95       203.40          Piedmontese winemaking at its very highest level.” (150503)
(150069)                                                         WS:90 Soft and round with raspberry and lemon aromas and
                                                                 flavors. Medium-bodied, with bright acidity and a clean finish.
CHiANTi ClASSiCO riserva 2007                                    (150917)                                                             ViSTOrTA MerlOT 2005
Felsina                               29.95       359.40                                                                              Conti Brandolini d’Adda, Friuli      27.95       335.40
“Superripe aromas of raspberry, red cherry, fresh flowers        DOlCeTTO Dogliani 2009                                                          Tre biCCHieri! A Merlot with character.
and bay leaf. At once plump and sweet, with harmonious           Einaudi, Piedmont                        18.95          227.40                  Plum, berry and spice aromas and flavors; richly
acidity and a suggestion of mineral flintiness nicely lifting    WA:89 “…offers up dark red fruit, bacon fat, smoke and                          textured and concentrated. One of the very best
the ripe red cherry flavor. Very smooth on the finish, with      licorice in a surprisingly rich style for an entry-level bottling.              Italian Merlots. (153140)
serious length…” -Intl Wine Cellar (1533920)                     This shows wonderful density and tons of Dogliani character.
                                                                 Among Italy’s finest wine values.” (150492)
CHiANTi ClASSiCO riserva 2005                                                                                                               TWO DeliCiOuS
Marchesi Antinori                 39.95          479.40          MONTePulCiANO D’AbruZZO Madonna 2007
               WA:91 “…sweet, supple and perfumed,               Cataldi                                18.95           227.40           rOSSO Di MONTAlCiNOS
               with attractive layers of dark fruit that                       WA:90 “The 2007 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is              “Mini-Brunellos…Soft, friendly, eminently drinkable now and
               emerge from its medium-bodied frame.                            simply awesome. This sumptuous wine boasts             less than half the price of their big brother Brunellos.”
               The wine possesses terrific intensity in a                      tremendous balance and harmony in its dark,
               graceful, weightless style that is sure to                      dense fruit, with a long, harmonious finish.           uCCellierA rosso 2008
               find many admirers.” (151750)                                   Everything is in the right place in this delicious     Tuscany                               27.95           335.40
                                                                 red from Abruzzo. When will consumers discover how                   “…a fragrant, juicy wine with attractive ripe fruit and sweet,
CHiANTi ClASSiCO riserva rancia 2006                             delicious the best Montepulcianos can be?” (150117)                  candied notes on the finish.”-Wine Advocate (151077)
Felsina                           44.95          539.40
          WA:95 “A vibrant, focused wine that flows                         NebbiOlO langhe 2006                                      CANAliCCHiO Di SOPrA rosso 2008
          with the essence of dark fruit, minerals and                      Sandri, Piedmont             19.95          239.40        Tuscany                              28.95         347.40
          flowers…gorgeous length and proportion, all of                    Super-rich 2006 vintage. Alluring aromas of plums         Perfumed aromas of red cherry and rose petal, with enticing
          which is framed by powerful yet well-integrated                   and tart cherries that lead to a mouthful of red          hints of truffled underbrush and leather. (151055)
          tannins. Simply put, this is a superb Chianti                     currants and ripe plums. Sensuous, with racy acidity
          that also happens to be one of the best relative                  and a long smooth finish. Good Langhe Nebbiolos are
          values in fine, ageworthy wine.” (150496)                         often considered the poor man’s Barolo. (151094)            MOre GreAT iTAliAN reDS

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                                                                                                                                                                           iTAlY reD

italy red                      (continued)
ViNO NObile Di MONTePulCiANO 2007                                 le Serre NuOVe 2007/08 Tenuta dell’Ornellaia                                       OrNellAiA 2007
Avignone, Tuscany                   29.95     359.40              bolgheri                                  64.95      779.40                        Tenuta Ornellaia
The quintessential Vino Nobile…complex, with cedar, new           WA:92 “This is an accessible, silky-textured Serre Nuove to                        Bolgheri                179.95     2,159.40
saddle leather, sweet tobacco and cherry. On our list for         enjoy while the 2006 rests in the cellar. It is an unusually                       WS:97 “A wine that does everything right
years. (150020)                                                   harmonious, refined wine that is sure to deliver much                              and puts it all in beautiful balance. Full-
                                                                  pleasure over the coming years.” At one-third the price of its                     bodied, yet reserved, silky and elegant, with
il bruCiATO Guado Al Tasso 2007                                   big sibling Ornellaia, this is a must-purchase wine.” (150522)                     wonderful fruit and friendly tannins.” -James
Antinori, Bolgheri                     29.95      359.40                                                                                             Suckling(151097)
              WA:89 “This brooding, intense wine flows            iNSieMe 2004 elio Altare
              from the glass with the essence of dark             Piedmont                                   79.95  959.40           SASSiCAiA 2007
              cherries, tar, smoke and menthol. It offers         Long awaited, the 2004 Insieme of Altare is a gorgeous             Tenuta San Guido Bolgheri               189.95 2,279.40
              excellent length and a long, resonating finish      wine. Cabernet Sauvignon with Nebbiolo amd Barbera in a            WA:95 “The 2007 Sassicaia explodes onto the palate
                                                                  tiny production. Perfumed and intense, dark and brooding,          with masses of rich, opulent fruit that caress the palate
              that captures the warmth of Tuscany.” (151093)
                                                                  and fairly priced for such high quality. (150303)                  with gorgeous length and a seamless beauty that is hard
CAMPACCiO 2006 Terrabianca                                                                                                           to fully capture. This is an especially bold, perhaps slightly
Tuscany                                   29.95       359.40                      SuPer iTAliAN reDS                                 uncharacteristic Sassicaia in its extroverted personality….
ON SuPer SAle! SAVe $120 A CASe! WA:91 “...layers                                                                                    The 2007 is more than a worthy follow-up to the profound
of ripe fruit with notable vitality on the palate...outstanding   GuADO Al TASSO 2006                                                2006.” (151113)
length and fine overall balance in a big, bold style...” A        Antinori, Bolgheri                     99.95    1,199.40
                                                                                WS:95 “This racy and refined red shows               SOlAiA 2006
favorite at Morrell for over a decade. (152270)
                                                                                intense aromas of blackberry, currant and            Antinori, Bolgheri                    299.95 3,599.40
                                                                                dried flowers that follow through to a full          WS:97 “Displays loads of mint, eucalyptus, currant and
                GreAT iTAliAN reDS                                              body, with sleek, minerally undertones and           meat on the nose. Full-bodied, with masses of fruit, yet
                                                                                superpolished tannins.” “…a dark, sensual            reserved and structured. Mouthpuckering now from all the
                                                                  beauty imbued with the essence of black pepper, earthiness         tannins, but this will give incredible pleasure in years to
                                                                  and dark fruit.” (150446)                                          come.” (152940)

                                                                  TiGNANellO 2007                                                    MASSeTO 2007
                                                                  Antinori, Tuscany                         99.95     1,199.40       Tenuta Ornellaia, Bolgheri                 please inquire
                                                                                 WS:95 “…wonderfully ripe and seductive in           WA:96 “The estate’s 2007 Masseto is fabulous. Loads of
SHArDANA 2005                                                                                                                        black cherry, blackberry and cassis are intermingled with
Santadi, Sardinia                        34.95      419.40                       its dark cherries, flowers, spices, tobacco,
                                                                                 sage, cedar, mint and minerals…This is as           minerals, violets and French oak. This is an especially
WA:94 “The 2005 Shardana is an awesome Carignano                                                                                     sensual Masseto that impresses for its clarity, intensity and
endowed with exuberant dark fruit, smoke, licorice, sage,                        opulent a Tignanello as I have ever tasted. The
                                                                                 wine’s richness and warmth are such that in a       length. The wine’s pedigree is impossible to miss….” (151117)
rosemary and tar. This is a big, masculine wine with great
                                                                                 blind tasting I mistook the 2007 Tignanello for
intensity, depth and roundness.. The Shardana is formidable,
                                                                                 a wine from Maremma! The dense, muscular
and a terrific choice for hearty cuisines. (151126)               fruit follows through to an impeccable finish with no hard
                                                                  edges and impossibly fine, silky tannins. Simply put, the
        CeuSO CeuSO 2006                                          2007 is a magnificent Tignanello. (150280)
        Nero d’Avola/Cabernet/Merlot
        Sicily                          36.95    443.40

                                                                                   bruNellO Di MONTAlCiNO
        WA:92 Rivals the great $75 Sicilian wines.
        “Brooding, intense, dark wine…powerful expression
        of jammy blue and black fruit, grilled herbs,
                                                                                                            Fruit-filled, delicious, and so drinkable
        chocolate and spices.” (154085)
                                                                   From two entirely different vintages, the much heralded 2004, a great vintage that will benefit from some bottle age, and
TOSCANA SANGiOVeSe Molinari 2006                                   the fruit-driven 2005, a vintage that should offer pleasurable drinking right now.
Cerbaiona, Montalcino                   39.95        479.40
From a 97-point (WA) producer: “A sweet, fragrant offering.
Black cherries, smoke, licorice and tobacco emerge from            bruNellO la lecciaia 2004                                       (150972)        WS:93          39.95             479.40
this firm yet generous wine…terrific integrity and purity.         bruNellO Mocali 2005                                            (151082)        WS:91          39.95             479.40
This is a gorgeous effort.” -Wine Advocate. (150961)               bruNellO Camigliano 2004                                        (151038)        WS:92          44.95             539.40
                                                                   bruNellO Castelgiocondo Frescobaldi 2005                        (151073)        WA:91          49.95             599.40
TOrriONe 2007                                                      bruNellO Argiano 2005                                           (150278)        WS:90          49.95             599.40
Petrolo, Tuscany                       42.95      515.40
WS:93 “Plenty of blackberry and currant bush aromas.               bruNellO uccelliera 2005                                        (151078)        WA:94          59.95             719.40
Intense. Full-bodied and very chewy, with ripe tannins and         bruNellO Castello banfi 2004                                    (150180)        WS:93          64.95             779.40
a long, powerful finish. A structured Sangiovese. Like the         bruNellO Pertimali Sassetti 2003                                (152061)        WS:90          64.95             779.40
2001 or better.” (151072)                                          bruNellO Tenuta Nuova Casanova di Neri 2004                     (150729)        WS:96          69.95             839.40
                                                                   bruNellO la Casa Caparzo 2004                                   (150722)        WS:93          74.95             899.40
belNerO Toscana Sangiovese 2007
Castello Banfi, Montalcino            44.95      479.40            bruNellO Siro Pacenti 2005                                      (151085)        WA:92          79.95             959.40
Full-bodied and rich, with a soft, lush finish. Belnero is         bruNellO Canalicchio di Sopra 2004                              (151057)        WA:93          84.95           1,019.00
a quintessential taste of Tuscany. Made by the same                bruNellO Poggio Alle Mura Castello banfi 2004                   (151510)        WS:94          89.95           1,079.40
winemaker who makes Banfi’s famous Brunellos, at half the          bruNellO Valdicava 2005                                         (151065)        WA:92         134.95           1,619.40
price. (151095)
                                                                   bruNellO rSV Cannalicchio di Sopra 1999                         (151061)                      149.95               -
PrOMiS CA MArCANDA 2007 Gaja                                       bruNellO riserva Madonna Val di Cava 1998                       (151068)                      274.95               -
Maremma, Tuscany                        49.95   599.40             bruNellO Fuligni 2003 Magnum                                    (263586)        ST:93         149.95               -
Merlot, Syrah and Sangiovese. “Vibrant aromas of cherry,           bruNellO Valdicava 2004 Magnum                                  (251066)        WS:95         299.95               -
raspberry, smoke and a touch of spice, Elegant, seamless
wine...immensely enjoyable.” -Tanzer (150300)                                                        HiGHlY rATeD 2004 riSerVA bruNellO
FONTAllOrO 2007                                                    bruNellO riserva Capanna 2004                                   (151076)        WA:93           74.95            899.40
Felsina, Tuscany                      54.95       659.40           bruNellO riserva Fattoria Dei barbi 2004                        (151046)        WA:93           79.95            959.40
ST:96 “Superrich, highly concentrated and seamless,                bruNellO riserva raunate Mocali 2004                            (151111)        WS:96           79.95            959.40
with densely packed flavors of raspberry, dark plum and            bruNellO riserva Poggio il Castellare                           (151051)        WS:96           84.95           1,019.40
marzipan. Finishes creamy-rich and explosively long, with
a pretty violet note. This was so good I really had trouble        bruNellO riserva Paganelli il Poggione                          (151047)        WA:96           89.95          1,079.40
letting the glass go.” (150450)                                    BRUNEllO Riserva Ugolaia, lisini 2004                           (151049)        WA:94          109.95           1,319.40
                                                                   bruNellO riserva Fuligni 2004                                   (151048)        WA:96          114.95          1,379.40
PieTrADONiCe 2007                                                  bruNellO riserva Togata 2004                                    (151052)        WS:96          119.95          1,439.40
Casanova di Neri, Tuscany               59.95       719.40         bruNellO “PS” Siro Pacenti 2004                                 (151086)        WA:96          119.95          1,479.40
WA:90 “…surprisingly forward and fruity in this vintage…
attractive suggestions of strawberries and flowers framed          bruNellO riserva Cannalicchio di Sopra 2004                     (151059)        WA:93+         139.95               -
by soft tannins follow through to the round, sensual finish…       bruNellO Cerbaiona Molinari 2004                                (150226)        WA:97          144.95          1,739.40
ready to drink upon release.” (151044)                             bruNellO Cerretalto Casanova di Neri 2004                       (151043)        WS:98          174.95          2,099.40

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  iTAlY reD

        barolo & barbaresco
     The gems of Piedmont. Big, long lasting, powerful wines yet with elegance
      and finesse. barbarescos are released one year before barolos and tend
                to be less massive and more approachable earlier.
                                                                                                 bASTiANiCH WiNeS
                             bArbAreSCO                                                          A partnership between award winning chef Lidia Bastianich and her son, Joe Bastianich,
                                                                                                 world renowned restaurateur.
                                    Supple and elegant
                                                     Rating      Bin#      Bottle   Case                                                   WHiTe
bArbAreSCO bric balin Moccagatta 2006              (150922)     WA:92       54.95 659.40
bArbAreSCO basarin Moccagatta 2001                 (151118)     WS:92       59.95   719.40       FriulANO 2008
bArbAreSCO Curra 2006 Sottimano                    (151009)     WS:94       64.95 779.40         Bastianich, Friuli                                          16.95           203.40
bArbAreSCO Chiaramonte 2007 Ca rome                (151128)     Nr          69.95 839.40         Medium-bodied, with luscious ripe pear flavors and a refreshing minerality, with zesty,
bArbAreSCO bernadot 2005 Ceretto                   (151089)     WS:94       74.95 899.40         mouthwatering acidity and a hint of almond in the finish. (155451)
bArbAreSCO Gallina la Spinetta 2005                (152350)     WS:94      112.50 1,350.00
                                                                                                 SAuViGNON “b” 2008
bArbAreSCO Gallina 2006 la Spinetta                (150923)     WS:93      119.95    ---
                                                                                                 Bastianich, Friuli                                      19.95              239.40
                                                                                                 100% Sauvignon Blanc, complex with extreme freshness. Aromas of white Sambuca,

                                                                                                 mint, tomato leaves, banana and mango. Fresh and elegant with good acidity and a long,
                                                                                                 refreshing finish. (155452)
                                   Intense and powerful                                          VeSPA biANCO 2006/08
                                                                                                 Bastianich, Friuli                                      39.95            479.40
                                                     Bin#       Rating     Bottle     Case       A rOberT PArker 90-POiNT WiNe. The flagship white of the Bastianich Estate.
                                                                                                 Equal parts Chardonnay and Sauvignon with a measure of Picolit produce a wine of
bArOlO Serradenari 2005                                                                          complexity and longevity. Wildflowers, clover honey and mature pear with a touch of
la Morra                                                            (151123) 33.25 399.00        minerality and citrus. (155453)
WS:91 “Attractive ripe fruit, showing milk chocolate, cedar and dried mushroom character.
Full-bodied and luscious, with chewy tannins and a berry, chocolate aftertaste.” Have you ever
heard of a 91-point Barolo at this price? We say, grab it while it lasts.                                                                    reD
bArOlO Corino 2005                                (150955)      WS:92       39.95    479.40      MOrelliNO Di SCANSANO i Perazzi 2007
bArOlO Castelletto Manzone 2005                   (150926)      WA:93       44.95    539.40      la Mozza, Maremma                                             18.95                227.40
bArOlO Gallinotto Molino 2005                     (150927)      WA:92       47.95    575.40      Dark juicy fruit mingles with spice and licorice. Rich and flavorful with a soft, full texture.
                                                                                                 From the Tuscan vineyard owned by Lidia and Joe Bastianich. (150986)
bArOlO Marchesi di barolo 2005                    (152220)      WS:91       49.95    599.40
bArOlO Cannubi Marchesi di barolo 2005            (152720)      WS:91       59.95    719.40      VeSPA rOSSO 2006
bArOlO Vina Giachini Corino 2005                  (150954)      WS:96       59.95    719.40      Bastianich, Friuli                                     39.95              479.40
bArOlO brunate Ceretto 2004                       (151091)      WS:93       89.95 1,079.40       A world-class red that balances power and finesse. 50% Merlot, with ripe fruit, spicy,
bArOlO Ciabot Manzone Grasso 2004                 (151012)      WS:95       89.95      -         earthy notes, and a lush palate; good depth and complexity. Delicious now, it will age
                                                                                                 well for the next 10 years. (150985)
bArOlO Ciabot Mentin Ginestra Clerico 2005        (150925)      WA:96       97.95 1,175.40
bArOlO Pajana Clerico 2005                        (150935)      WS:95       99.95 1,199.40
bArOlO bric del Fiasc Scavino 2004                (150193)      WA:96      129.95      -
bArOlO Colonnello A.Conterno 2005                 (150932)      WS:95      139.95 1,679.40
bArOlO Campe la Spinetta 2004                     (150393)      WS:95      144.95 1,739.40
bArOlO romirasco A. Conterno 2004                 (150933)      WS:94      149.95 1,799.40
bArOlO Percristina Clerico 2003                   (150936)      Nr         149.95 1,799.40
bArOlO Cascina Francia G.Conterno 2005            (150557)      WA:95+     159.95 1,919.40
lANGHe SPerSS Angelo Gaja 2005                    (152420       WS:95      249.95 2,999.40
bArOlO Cannubi e.Pira-boschis 2004 Magnum         (234539)      WA:94      187.95      -

   For Barbaresco, Barolo and Amarone tasting notes visit

The King of Veronese wines, combining power and softness, evolving to Port-like
lusciousness with awesome grandeur and depth. Spicy, aromatic and jammy, Amarones
are the perfect accompaniment to game and aged cheeses.

                                                     Bin#         Rating    Bottle   Case
AMArONe Classico Zeni 2006/07                        (150984)               39.95 479.40
AMArONe Costasera Masi 2006                          (151310)   WS:91       59.95   719.40
AMArONe Classico Allegrini 2005                      (150622)   WS:92       74.95 899.40
                                                                                                 Revised and edited by Morrell’s own Wine Buyer,
AMArONe Vaio Alighieri Masi 2003                     (150033)   WS:92       79.95 959.40
                                                                                                 Jean K. Reilly, who compiled a team of contributing
AMArONe Speri 2005                                   (151320)   WA:91+      89.95 1,079.40
AMArONe Classico bertani 2001                        (150082)   WA:92      129.95 1,559.40
                                                                                                 editors representing the country’s top wine experts.

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                                                                                                                                               iTAlY WHiTe

Delicious italian Whites
                                                                  SOAVe Classico Superiore 2009
                        Pinot Grigio                              Pieropan, Veneto                         17.95       215.40
                      italy’s Favorite White                      WA:87 “The 2009 Soave Pieropan offers up ripe peaches,
                                                                  apricots, flowers and light honey in a rich, textured style.”
PiNOT GriGiO Danzante 2009
Frescobaldi-Mondavi, Veneto          8.95      107.40             PeCOriNO bianco il Feduccio 2009
Firm, quite fruity, plump and pleasing, with a hint of            Abruzzi                                   17.95        215.40
sweetness. (152840)                                                                    A MOrrell DiSCOVerY! Golden
                                                                                       straw in color. Subtle aromas of herbs,
                                                                                       wild flowers and honey meet juicy lime
                                                                                       citrus that melds into faint licorice and
                                                                                       honey flavors offset by a pleasingly tart
                                                                                       finish of endive. Excellent acidity, ripe
                                                                  fruit, great balance. (155474)

PiNOT GriGiO 2008
Villa Dugo                               14.95      179.40
                                                                                                                                    THe MOrrell

A MOrrell DiSCOVerY! A “new find” Pinot Grigio that
tastes much more expensive than its price. Rich and round
with notes of flowers and honeysuckle, yet crisp and vibrant
on the palate. A great value Pinot Grigio! (155479)

                                                                  GreCO Di TuFO 2008
PiNOT GriGiO 2009                                                 Feudi di San Gregorio, Campania         19.95       239.40
Santa Magdalena, Alto Adige          17.95        215.40
                                                                  WA:89 “…a very serious white at this level. It is classic
         A MOrrell DiSCOVerY! The nose is pure                    Greco in its reserved, steely demeanor, but with time its
         heaven—apricot blossoms with a touch of honey            mineral-driven personality begins to emerge. The wine
         and a dash of minerality; the palate, full, round        offers terrific energy and focus in a taut style that recalls
         and rich and the finish, long and satisfying.            Chablis.” (155011)
         Fabulous Pinot Grigio.” –RM (155476)

PiNOT GriGiO San Angelo 2009
Castello banfi                         18.95      227.40
                                                                  ArNeiS lANGHe 2009
                                                                  Ceretto. Piedmont                       19.95        239.40
                                                                                                                                     Come discover
                                                                                                                                    the complex and
Fresh, fruit-forward bouquet with notes of pear, banana,          Our favorite Arneis. Buttery and lemony with good body,
peach, anise, and honey. Rich and full-bodied, with a long        great acidity and a long pineapple-lemon zest finish. (155471)
finish. (155430)

                                                                                                                                     delicate flavors
                                                                  VerMeNTiNO Guado Al Tasso 200/09
PiNOT GriGiO 2009                                                 Antinori, Bolgheri                     22.50        270.00
Santa Margherita, Trentino       24.95        299.40                            Plenty of exotic fruit, with apple, lime and

                                                                                                                                        of sakes.
ON SuPer SAle! The most famous Pinot Grigio. Light and                          mineral character. Medium-bodied, with a
charming and delicious. (155220)                                                crisp finish. (155030)

PiNOT GriGiO 2009                                                 FiANO Di AVelliNO 2008/09
Silvio Jermann, Friuli                    29.95       359.40      Terredora, Campania                       24.95        299.40
ON SAle! SAVe $120 A CASe! This past spring it was                WS:91 “Fabulous aromas of piecrust, mineral and honeydew
selling for $39.95 a bottle. From the master of Italian
whites, Silvio Jermann. The wine is full, round and rich, with
great minerality and intense flavors. (156030)
                                                                  melon lead to a full body, with a refined, silky texture and an
                                                                  aftertaste of slate and melon. Subtle yet complex.” (155540)       An up-to-date
                                                                  GAVi Di GAVi black label 2008
                                                                  la Scolca, Piemonte                     39.95        479.40
                                                                  The most famous and finest of all Gavis with a well-deserved
                                                                                                                                      selection of
                                                                                                                                     Junmai, Ginjo,
               Delicious italian Whites                           reputation. (155230)

                                                                  CerVArO DellA SAlA Chardonnay 2008

                                                                                                                                      Daiginjo and
        VerMeNTiNO u MuNTe 2009                                   Antinori, Umbria                          49.95      599.40
        Colle dei bardellini          11.95    143.40                              WS:92 This has a lovely golden color, with
        A terrific everyday inexpensive white with the                             exquisite aromas of baked apple studded

        lemony-crisp freshness that Vermentino offers.                             with clove, meadow flowers, salted butter
        (155466)                                                                   and burnt piecrust. Full-bodied, with a
                                                                                   surprisingly linear palate, turning crisp on
VerMeNTiNO Villa Solais 2009                                      the finish.” (155650)
Sardinia                             13.95     167.40

                                                                         SIlVIO JERMANN,
         rM:90 Luminous straw yellow with greenish
         and golden reflections. Crisp, fresh and
         appealing with intriguing mineral notes on                                                                                    Find it at
         the palate. Tastes like a much more expensive
         wine. (155475)

                   rOerO ArNeiS 2008
                   Funtanin, Piemonte 14.95            179.40
                   Rarely do you find a truly delicious Arneis
                   at this price. Soft and round, fresh, clean,

                                                                                                                                     We Deliver
                   lemony and utterly delicious. (155392)
                                                                  CHArDONNAY 2008                        29.95       359.40
           Terre Di TuFi 2008                                     Ripe, round and bright. With fresh floral and citrus notes.
           Teruzzi & Puthod, Tuscany 15.95              191.40    (155970)

           A favorite of our customers for decades! Flowers
           and bright citrus flavors lead to an elegant, full     SAuViGNON blANC 2007/08                34.95       419.40
           finish in this lovely Tuscan white. (155040)           As complex, intense and crisp a Sauvignon Blanc as you will
                                                                  find. (155750)

       FAlANGHiNA 2009
       Feudi di San Gregorio, Campania16.50           198.00      DreAMS 2007                          59.95      719.40
       Lemons, melon, minerals and honey with a hint of           Barrique-fermented Chardonnay. Fascinating and complex.
       banana. Lively acidity and a long, ripe finish. (155042)   A true cult wine. Limited. (155600)

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Stunning Spanish reds
                                                                  AVANTe Mencia 2009 bodegas Avanthia                                rAMireZ De PiSCiNA Gran reserva 2001
 GreAT VAlue eVerYDAY reDS                                        Tierra de Castilla                   17.95      215.40             rioja                                   34.95       419.40
                                                                                Another great Spanish red. Dark ruby color           WA:92 From a great year. “…compelling perfume of Asian
CArrO Tinto 2009 Señorio de barahonda                                           with nose of earth overlaid with dark fruits         spices, violets, incense, and secondary fruit aromas….
Yecla                                   9.95     119.40                         and spice. Intense and ripe on the palate            Silky-textured, elegant, and filled with finesse, it still has
                                                                                with a fruit-packed lingering finish. Very           enough concentration and structure to improve for another
“The crimson-colored 2009 displays lifted aromas of                                                                                  1-2 years…terrific value.” (165481)
underbrush, brier, violets, blackberry, and blueberry.                          satisfying. (165662)
Succulent, forward, and seamless, this crowd-pleaser is
a terrific value for drinking over the next 3 years.”-Wine                                                                                    SuPer SPANiSH reDS
Advocate. Our new great everyday Spanish red. (165665)

PANArrOZ 2007
Jumilla                                10.95     131.40
                                                                  SOlPOST 2007 Sant rafel
Aromas of earth, underbrush, mineral, and blueberry. Fruity,
                                                                  Montsant                                19.95    239.40
succulent, and concentrated on the palate and surprisingly        Robert Parker Recommended Under $25 Red. “Voluptuous
lengthy. A great buy! (165407)                                                                                                       FAuSTiNO GrAN reSerVA i 1998
                                                                  texture, deep flavors, with vivid cherry, boysenberry, lilac,      rioja                                    42.95        515.40
                                                                  mint and mineral notes. Plush palate with a fresh, long            Twelve years old yet still young and full of life. Classic Rioja
el COTO Crianza 2006/07                                           finish.” (165656)
rioja                                     11.95     143.40                                                                           with mature flavors of cedar and tobacco over cherry, dark
A forward, savory effort with a pleasant bouquet, good                                                                               plum and spice notes. It’s elegant, but still firm enough for
                                                                  MuGA reserva 2005                                                  food, and finishes with lovely vanilla notes. (165615)
balance. The nose is all berry fruit with a smooth brightness     rioja                                   25.95      311.40
of red fruit and light oak, carrying onto a refreshing finish.    WA:90 “...delivers an alluring nose of cedar, tobacco, earth
                                                                                                                                           MArQueS De TOMAreS reserva 2001
                                                                  notes, mineral, and black elegant wine with                  rioja                            49.95       599.40
                                                                  good depth and enough ripe tannin to evolve for several                  ST:90 “Powerful aromas of cherry-vanilla, sassafras,
eVODiA Old Vine Garnacha 2008                                     years.” (163110)                                                         oak spices and cigar box, with a subtle floral quality
Calatayud                              12.95     155.40                                                                                    adding complexity. Very traditional Rioja in its vanillin
          ST:89 “Fresh strawberry and raspberry aromas                   TerMeS-NuMANTHiA 2007                                             and sweet red fruit way and in need of a hunk of spicy
          are deepened by notes of licorice, black tea and               Toro                             29.95       359.40               grilled lamb.” (165588)
          pungent herbs. Supple in texture, offering sweet               WA:92 “The 2007 Termes is elegant with its velvety
          red fruit flavors and showing no rough edges…                  texture, ripe tannins, and silky finish. It has the         HACieNDA MONASTeriO 2006
          excellent depth and clarity for the money.” When               ability to improve with 2-3 years of cellaring, but can     ribera del Duero                         59.95     719.40
          you see Garnacha, think Rhône Valley. (165642)                 be enjoyed now.” (165636)                                               WA:93 The saturated purple 2006 Crianza
                                                                                                                                                 offers up a nose of graphite, smoke, espresso,
MONTebueNA Tempranillo 2009
rioja                                13.95        167.40           2 GreAT ViÑA reAl riOJA reDS                                                  black cherry and blackberry. This leads to a
                                                                                                                                                 medium to full-bodied, dense wine with layers
WA:90 “…packed with ripe fruit, has outstanding                             FrOM CuNe                                                            of savory fruit, a firm structure, and 4-6 years
concentration, and impeccable balance. It is a great bargain      CUNE, founded in 1879, is one of the most renowned and                         of aging potential. (164320)
that offers a sneak preview of the great 2009 vintage in          historic bodegas in all of Spain. We have just re-discovered
Rioja…” (165658)                                                  how great their wines can be.                                      NuMANTHiA 2007
                                                                  Here are two of our favorites:                                     Bodegas Numanthia Termes, Toro 59.95               719.40
           ADriANO 2006 ramos Pinto                                                                                                           WA:94+ “…a dense, layered, voluminous,
           Douro, Portugal              13.95       167.40        reSerVA ViÑA reAl CuNe 2004                                                 structured wine. Given the requisite cellaring, it will
           Generous, fruit-intensive, surprisingly complex        riOJA                                   29.95       359.40                  eventually become both elegant and powerful….
           and very well crafted. A buy-by-the-case red for                       WA:92+ “Deep crimson-colored, it delivers                   There is no questioning the performance of the
                                                                                  complex perfume of smoke, mineral, game,                    2006 and 2007 vintages.” (165311)
           delicious everyday enjoyment. A favorite at Morrell
           for over a decade. (165014)                                            underbrush, and black cherry. This terroir-
                                                                                  driven offering is medium-bodied, mouth-                     MAS lA MOlA Vinyeta Vella 2005
                                                                                  filling, and quite rich while maintaining a                  Priorat                    59.95        719.40
A1 MuVeDre Telmo rodriguez 2008                                                                                                                WS:92 “This alluring red draws you in with
Alicante                                  14.95      179.40       sense of elegance. This lengthy effort will evolve for another
                                                                  4-6 years.” (163090)                                                         floral and berry aromas, then follows through
                     MuST buY! “The talented Telmo                                                                                             with expressive blackberry, mineral, licorice
                     Rodriguez makes a wide range of high-                                                                                     and rosemary flavors that are balanced and
                     quality wines from both ends of the          GrAN reSerVA ViÑA reAl CuNe 2001                                             harmonious. Focused and long.” (165644)
                     price spectrum. The 2008 A1 Muvedre          riOJA                                      39.95      479.40
                     Tinto Joven…sports an alluring bouquet                        WA:94+ “2001 was a great vintage in Rioja         PiNTiA 2006
                     of brier, wild cherry, spice box, incense,                    and is reflected in this superb effort…alluring   Toro                                   74.95     899.40
and plum. Smooth textured, spicy, and well balanced, it is an                      bouquet (earth notes, background oak, Asian       ST:93 “Sexy, expressive aromas of red and dark berries,
outstanding value in savory red wine.” –Wine Advocate (165659)                     spices, a hint of balsamic, roasted herbs,        incense, Asian spices and cola. The red berry quality
                                                                                   lavender, black cherry, and blackberry) that      dominates the palate, gaining complexity from notes of
                                                                  is given added complexity from the extended bottle aging.          clove, rose pastille and sassafras and taking on a building
                                                                  Medium-bodied and elegant with plenty of spicy red and             spiciness on the finish.” (165648)
                                                                  black fruits, impeccable balance, and 5-7 more years of aging
                                                                  potential.” (163139)                                               FlOr De PiNGuS 2008
                                                                                                                                     Ribera del Duero                        84.95 1,019.40
                                                                  PAlACiOS leS TerrASSeS 2007                                        WA:96 “Flor de Pingus always comes from the same pieces
                                                                  Priorat                                  39.95      479.40         of ground [as Pingus]. In that sense it is not a second wine
DON rOMAN Tinto 2007                                              ST:91 “…spicy red berry flavors and a strong undercurrent          but a very close approximation of Pingus at a fraction of the
rioja                                    15.95      191.40        of smoky minerals…A note of cracked pepper adds vibrancy           price. That makes it a relative bargain… [The 2008] displays
Aged three months in American oak and a minimum of nine           to the long, gently sweet and penetrating finish. This is the      outstanding volume, intensity, and balance. Rich, dense,
months in bottle. Brilliant violet, black cherry, vanilla and     most graceful version of this bottling I’ve tasted.” (165430)      and succulent.” Limited. (165446)
spice coupled with sweet purity of fruit. A modern Rioja,
supple and elegant. (163112)                                      PeSQuerA Tinto 2006                                                AliON 2006 bodegas Alion
                                                                  ribera del Duero                         32.95     395.40          Ribera del Duero                       84.95 1,019.40
TreS PiCOS Garnacha 2008 borsao                                                WA:91 “Deep garnet-purple color…revealing a           WA:94 “…saturated purple color with a fetching bouquet of
Campo de Borja, Aragon                    15.95       191.40                   waft of warm raspberry, red cherry, white pepper      sandalwood, smoke, Asian spices, incense, and black cherry
WA:91 “Plush on the palate bordering on voluptuous, this                       and forest floor. A very well balanced, elegantly     confiture. In the mouth it has outstanding volume, kinky
pleasure-bent, full-flavored effort will drink well for another                structured style…. Great concentration of             spice notes, savory black fruits, and enough fine-grained
3-4 years although few will be able to resist its charms for                   earthy, mineral flavors and red berry fruit. Long     tannin to evolve for another 5-7 years. Its drinking window
that long.” (165661)                                              finish. Drink now to 2020.” (163971)                               will extend from 2015 to 2031.” Limited. (163109)

FAuSTiNO Crianza 2005
rioja                                    16.50      198.00                                        SeriOuS SPANiSH reDS
               Classic style Rioja. 100% Tempranillo.
               Smoky and leafy aromas and flavors frame                                                           in Small Quantities
               crisp cherry fruit in this focused, supple red                                                                                      Rating               Bin#                        Bottle
               with a bright, yet tender, texture and just         Artadi Viñas de Gain 2006 rioja                                                 WA:92               (165340)                     29.95
enough tannin for grip. (164590)                                   Descendientes Corullon 2006 Palacios                                            WA:93               (163074)                      47.95
                                                                   Hacienda Monasterio 2006 ribera del Duero                                       WA:92               (164320)                     59.95
JuAN Gil 2007 bodegas Hijos de Juan Gil
Jumilla                                16.95      203.40           Alion 2005 ribera del Duero                                                     WA:94               (165609)                     89.95
WA:90 “...superb aromatics of wood smoke, damp earth,              roda Cirsion 2005 rioja                                                         ST:92               (165614)                    199.95
violets, and blueberry pie. Layered, succulent, and long....”      Vega Sicilia                                                                                                   please inquire
Sexiness in a glass. (165632)                                      Finca Dolfi 2007 Palacios                                                       WA:93               (165420)                     89.95

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                                                                                                                         SPAiN / DOWN uNDer reDS

Stellar Spanish                                               “Down under” reds
Whites                                                               D’AreNberG The Stump Jump Shiraz 2008
                                                                     South Australia                 10.95           131.40
                                                                                                                                 JOHN DUVAl Plexus, Shiraz, Grenache, Mourvèdre 2007
                                                                                                                                 barossa Valley                         37.95      455.40
VAlDelAPiNTA VerDeJO 2009                                            WA:90 “Ripe and open-textured, this is impressive           WS:93 “It is dark ruby-colored with a perfumed nose of
rueda                                  13.95      167.40             for the way it packs in the cherry, blackberry and          cedar, tobacco, lavender, kirsch, and black cherry. Velvety-
An impressive blend of power and verve with tangerine, lime          raspberry flavors and keeps its foot on the gas pedal       textured, rich, and concentrated, it is packed with flavor,
and orange zest on the palate and a minerally, musky yellow          through the mineral-inflected finish.” (160515)             is impeccably balanced, and will drink well for a decade.”
plum on the finish. (163510)                                                                                                     (160415)
                                                              STrONG ArMS Shiraz 2008
CuNe Monopole blanco 2009                                     South Australia                        11.95       143.40                     D’AreNberG The Dead Arm Shiraz 2006
rioja                                  14.95        179.40    WA:88 “The deep crimson-colored 2008 Strong Arms Shiraz                       Mclaren Vale             55.95      671.40
A traditional white Rioja with spicy vanilla aromas and       spent 12 months in American oak. The nose offers up cedar,                    WA:95+ “Opaque purple-colored, the nose is
flavors. Clean and deep, with notes of pear, vanilla and      plum, and blackberry leading to a lush, sweetly fruited, full-                reticent but gives up aromas of meat, bacon,
herbs. Fresh and firm and quite delicious. (165503)           flavored Shiraz that will provide enjoyment over the next 4                   game, truffles, blueberry, and blackberry.
                                                              years…great value.” (160136)                                                  Firm, layered, and complex, this beautifully
AlbAriÑO burgans 2009                                                                                                                       rendered Shiraz demands a decade of
rias baixas                            14.95      179.40      reD HeADS STuDiOS Yard Dog red 2008                                           cellaring.” (160174)
WA:90 “…light gold-colored with a lovely bouquet of white     South Australia                        12.95       155.40
flowers, hazelnut, peach pit, and mineral…surprisingly        A great value in Australian red wine! Although the 2008 has                      HeNSCHke Mt. edelstone Shiraz 2005
complex for its bargain price with a viscosity bordering on   yet to be rated, Stephen Tanzer noted of the prior vintage,                      Eden Valley               99.95    1,199.40
opulence. If you enjoy Albariño, this is one to buy by the    “More serious and structured than just about any other wine                      WS:97 “…100% Shiraz sourced from a
case.” (163470)                                               at this price I tried this year.” Made from a blend of Petit                     vineyard planted in 1912…a great edition of
                                                              Verdot, Cabernet and Merlot. (160469)                                            Mount Edelstone, one of South Australia’s
ViÑA GODeVAl Godello 2009                                                                                                                      iconic wines. Purple-colored, the nose gives
Valdeorras                              16.50       198.00    WiNNer’S TANk Shiraz 2008                                                        up notes of mocha, chocolate, smoked meat,
Wine Advocate gave the 2008 90 points: “Light gold-colored    langhorne Creek                        16.95       203.40                        pepper, leather, blueberry, and blackberry.
with an earth/mineral and melon-scented bouquet; creamy-      WA:90 “A perennial Best Buy, Winner’s Tank’s 2008 Shiraz                         Elegant, already complex, layered, and
textured with excellent depth and balance…excellent           is a glass-coating opaque purple. It exhibits an excellent                       thoroughly satisfying.” (160517)
value.” The ’09 is considered a better vintage. (163370)      nose of violets, incense, blueberry, and blackberry. Layered
                                                              on the palate with succulent flavors, this smooth-textured,        HeNSCHke Hill of Grace 2006 $695                      –
TxAkOliNA Txomin etxaniz 2009                                 lengthy effort will offer pleasure over the next 4-5 years.”       WA:99 “Purple-colored, it reveals a breathtaking aromatic
Getaria                                 19.95       239.40    (160086)                                                           array of violets, pepper, leather, smoked meat, game,
                          WA:90 “Txomin Etxaniz’s 2009                                                                           blueberry compote, and black cherry. It splendidly combines
                          Txakoli remains the prototype.
                                                              D’AreNberG The Custodian Grenache 2006                             elegance with power in a spicy, savory amalgam along with
                          Light straw-colored with an
                                                              Mclaren Vale                       17.95       215.40              that extra dimension that can only be provided by old vines
                          enticing bouquet of sea salt,
                                                                            WS:89 “Firm tannins clamp down around                and a great site.” (160130)
                          mineral, baking spices, spring
                          flowers and green apple, on                       the edges, but this has a purity of fruit
                          the palate it is crisp, vibrant,                  and floral flavors that find an intriguing
                                                                            balance and let the strawberry and
impeccably balanced, and totally refreshing.” Pronounced
“chocoleena,” this is Spain’s new cult white. (165663)                      rhubarb character linger on the finish.”
                                                                                                                                    lOVelY DOWN
                                                              JiM bArrY Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignon 2008                       uNDer PiNOT NOirS
                                                              Coonawarra                                18.95        227.40
                                                              WS:89 “Bright, focused and generous, shooting a solid              De bOrTOli Windy Peak Pinot Noir 2008
         Professional                                         beam of cherry, sassafras and dried herb flavors through a
                                                              long, vivid finish. Stylish and deftly balanced.” (160018)
                                                                                                                                 Victoria, Australia                   14.95       179.40
                                                                                                                                 An amazing Pinot for the money! Unoaked with plenty of
         Wine Storage                                         MiSFiTS Cycle buff beauty Shiraz/Malbec 2008/09
                                                                                                                                 vibrant cherry fruit on the nose. On the palate strawberry
                                                                                                                                 and raspberry fruits with body and rounded tannins. (160423)
                                                              South Australia                        19.95       239.40
                                                              “Intensely floral bouquet of cherry and dark berries, with a       These popular Pinot Noirs from New Zealand have a
                                                              suave Indian spice complexity. Sweet black raspberry and           style halfway between California and Burgundy, with
                                                              cherry flavors are firmed by notes of graphite and cracked         ripe, forward fruit but also an elegant frame and earthy
                                                              pepper, with fine-grained tannins adding support.” –Josh           undertones.
                                                              Reynolds, International Wine Cellar (160466)
                                                                                                                                 NObilO Pinot Noir icon 2008
                                                              MiTOlO Jester Shiraz 2007                                          Marlborough, New Zealand                18.95       227.40
                                                              Mclaren Vale                             22.95       275.40        WS:90 “Bright and juicy, with fleshiness to the raspberry
                                                              WA:91 “...alluring perfume of mineral, earth notes, blueberry,     and cherry flavors, finishing with coffee and cream notes as
                                                              black cherry, and blackberry. Smooth-textured, ripe, and           this lingers. Drink now through 2015.” (164514)
                                                              intensely flavored, the wine conceals enough structure to
   New York’s largest and oldest                              evolve for 4-6 years. The finish is lengthy and pure.” (160368)    PAlliSer Pinot Noir 2007
                                                                                                                                 Martinborough, New Zealand               29.95         359.40
  full service wine storage facility                          ADJeNDA Shiraz Cabernet Malbec 2006                                WA:92 “Conservative on the nose with notes of sous-
   offering the most competitive                              langhorne Creek                          23.95         287.40      bois and a touch of cigar box…nice weight on the middle,
                                                                                                                                 building towards some lovely pure dark fruits on the sappy
                                                              ST:92 “Fresh cherry and boysenberry aromas are sexed up
   storage, handling and delivery                             by cola, violet, candied licorice and Indian spices, plus a        finish. This Pinot improves the longer it stays in the mouth….
       rates in the metro area.                               light kiss of vanilla. Broad and packed with dense dark berry      Excellent.” (164512)
                                                              compote flavors energized by zesty minerality and floral
              Call Wine Cellar                                pastilles. For its size and depth this is surprisingly elegant.”   DOG POiNT Pinot Noir 2006
                                                                                                                                 Marlborough, New Zealand             42.95        515.40
          Master Tony Leventhal                               (160438)
                                                                                                                                 WA:92 “The razor-sharp 2006 Pinot Noir exhibits a crisp
         at 212-245-4889 ext 1                                TORBRECK Juveniles Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvèdre 2008                Côte de Beaune-like nose and a vibrant, wonderfully poised
          or visit our web site at                            barossa Valley                        24.95         299.40         palate that is imbued with great intensity thanks to its                            WS:90 “Supple and silky, this is distinctive for an herbal         natural balance and tautness. Great wine—simple as that!”
                                                              edge to its dark cherry and chocolate flavors, lingering           (164741)
                                                              beautifully. Grenache, Shiraz and Mataro.” (160178)

                                                              MOllYDOOker The boxer Shiraz 2008
                                                              South Australia                       27.95        335.40
                                                              WA:91 “Fragrant scents of bacon, game, lavender, plum,
                                                              and blueberry lead to a dense, layered, ripe, and intense
                                                              wine that can be enjoyed now but will continue to drink well
                                                              for another 5-7 years.” (160323)

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Down under Whites
A bevy of beauties that over-deliver for their price points         leeuWiN Prelude Chardonnay 2007                                    DASHWOOD Sauvignon blanc 2009
                                                                    Margaret River, Western Australia 30.95                 371.40     Marlborough, New Zealand                 12.95       155.40
COCkFiGHTer’S GHOST Sémillon 2008                                            WA:90 “Medium straw-colored, it offers up an              Fresh and intense but at the same time round, with flavors
Hunter Valley, Australia                     16.95     203.40                alluring bouquet of buttered toast, spiced apple, and     of peach and ripe citrus fruits, herbs and spices. Finishes
ST:89 “… light straw-colored with attractive mineral and                     tropical notes. Crisp and refreshing on the palate,       with lingering notes of passion fruit and key lime. (164530)
melon aromatics. Light in body, vibrant and with a good core                 it has superior depth, ripe flavors of pineapple and
of savory fruit, it will pair well with raw bar over the next 2-3            mango, and a lengthy, fruit-filled finish.” (160016)      kiM CrAWFOrD Sauvignon blanc 2009
years.” (160402)                                                                                                                       Marlborough, New Zealand                   15.95     191.40
                                                                    STreiCker Chardonnay 2007                                          The Wild Man of Marlborough, Kim Crawford, puts out
HeNSCHke Tilly’s Vineyard 2007                                      Margaret River, Australia            39.95      479.40             another winner, with complex herbal scents and intense
South Australia                         19.95      239.40           WS:93 “Polished and ripe, brimming with pear, apple, toast         flavors of kiwi, lemon peel and crushed white flowers, all
           WA:89 “…58% Semillon, 23% Sauvignon Blanc,               and hazelnut flavors, mingling harmoniously as the finish
                                                                                                                                       pulled together by ripe, piercing acidity. Scrumptious! (164740)
           and 19% Chardonnay . . . Light straw-colored,            rolls on against a medium-weight frame. Stylish, complex
           it offers up a fragrant nose of citrus and melon         and long.” (160491)
           leading to a medium-bodied wine with complex
                                                                                                                                       MOMO (by Seresin) Sauvignon Blanc 2009
           flavors, good acidity, and a lengthy finish. In          leeuWiN Art Series Chardonnay 2005
           style, it could easily pass for a quality Pessac-        Margaret River, Western Australia 89.95 1,079.40                   Marlborough, New Zealand                    17.95       215.40
Léognan from Bordeaux.” (160516)                                    ST:94 “Deep, bright gold. A complex bouquet offers ripe,           ST:90 “Bright pale yellow. Pungent aromas of ginger, dusty
                                                                    smoky tangerine, candied ginger, honey, anise and nutmeg.          stone, mint and flowers. Supple, juicy and intense, with a
COCkFiGHTer’S GHOST Dry riesling 2008                               Weighty orchard fruit flavors firm up with air, taking on          distinctly mineral saline quality complicating the enticing
Clare Valley, Australia                  19.95     239.40           candied lemon, lime and pear skin character. The spiciness         ginger and citrus peel flavors and giving definition to the
ST:89 “Vibrant aromas of lemon, grapefruit, anise and               builds and carries into an impressively broad, clinging finish.    middle palate. I like this wine’s purity and dusty texture.
minerals. Graceful, tightly wound citrus and green apple            Leaves vibrant citrus and mineral notes behind.” (160112)          Finishes quite dry but ripe, with . . . excellent length.” (164751)
flavors are complemented by a deeper note of honeydew,
with tangy acidity adding cut. I like this wine’s energy and          NeW ZeAlAND SAuViGNON blANCS
finishing precision.” (160043)                                                                                                         ClOuDY bAY Sauvignon blanc 2009
                                                                    Terrific, moderately priced dry Sauvignon Blancs;                  Marlborough, New Zealand             26.95     323.40
MOOrillA riesling 2006                                              unique and bracing                                                 ON SAle! WS:89 “Light and appealing for its citrus
Tasmania, Australia                     28.95       347.40                                                                             character, with lemongrass and lime flavors that dance
ST:90 “Stony citrus and quince aromas convey impressive             SuNDAY MOuNTAiN Sauvignon blanc 2009                               easily through the finish. Drink now. Tasted twice, with
clarity and thrust. Piercing lime and orchard fruit flavors         Marlborough, New Zealand                  11.95      143.40        consistent notes.” (165330)
are filled in and deep, with a tangy mineral bite on the long       Beautifully refreshing, bursting with grapefruit peel, crushed
finish.” (160508)                                                   green herbs, grass and lemon notes. This is a stunning
                                                                    value! (164722)

South American reds Argentina and Chile offer some of the best wine values anywhere. below are our favorites.
                                                                                                                                       MArQueS De CASA CONCHA Carmenère 2007
  eight Delicious Malbecs                                                         ClOS De lOS SieTe 2007
                                                                                  Argentina                    17.95   215.40
                                                                                                                                       Concha y Toro, Chile                  19.95     239.40
                                                                                                                                       WA:91 “Saturated purple in color, it offers up a splendid
      from Argentina                                                              WA:91 “There may be no finer red wine
                                                                                  value in Argentina than this superb blend
                                                                                                                                       bouquet of toasty oak, tobacco, Asian spices, plum and
                                                                                                                                       blueberry. Mouth-coating, layered, and bordering on
                                                                                  of 48% Malbec, 28% Merlot, 12% Syrah, and            opulent.” (161917)
                                                                                  12% Cabernet Sauvignon. Superb bouquet…
 1919 Malbec Finca Noceti 2009                                                                                                         CASA lAPOSTOlle Cabernet Sauvignon 2007/08
                                                                                  followed by a layered wine with gobs of fruit,
 Argentina                               10.95      131.40                                                                             Cuvée Alexandre, Chile                     21.95  263.40
                                                                                  [and] a plush texture.” (161801)
 Perfect ripeness with mineral overtones and a smooth,                                                                                 Fruit-filled with prune, dark chocolate, currant, briar and
 rewarding finish have made this a favorite inexpensive red.                                                                           toast flavors. A perennial favorite. (161810)
                                                                    beNMArCO Malbec 2008
                                                                    Argentina                                19.95     239.40
                                                                    WA:91 “At the suggested price, it is a steal…kinky perfume
 JuAN beNeGAS Malbec 2008
                                                                    of black cherry, wild black raspberry, earth notes, and
 Mendoza, Argentina                    12.95      155.40
                                                                    leather...plenty of jammy fruit, bright acidity, excellent
            Enticing notes of cedar, spice box, blueberry,
                                                                    balance, and a lengthy finish.” (161826)
            and black raspberry leading to a smooth-
            textured, flavorful, well-balanced Malbec.
                                                                    ViSTAlbA COrTe “b” 2006
               (161907)                                                                                                                DON MelCHOr 2006
                                                                    Carlos Pulenta, Argentina                29.95     359.40
                                                                                                                                       Concha y Toro, Chile                     67.95       815.40
                                                                    WS:92 “Lush and round with velvety-textured tannins
 HACieNDA Del PlATA Malbec 2008                                                                                                        WA:95 “a glass-coating opaque purple with an alluring
                                                                    carrying ample layers of plum sauce, crushed currant and           bouquet of toast, tobacco, cedar, leather, mocha, and
 Argentina                              14.95      179.40
                                                                    fig, and dark licorice notes. Stays admirably fresh on the         blackcurrant. Sweet, voluptuous…layered, and complex
 Red fruits, cherries, mint and a hint of vanilla. Very
                                                                    hefty finish.” Malbec and Cabernet. (161635)                       already, its superb balance will ensure at least a decade of
 concentrated and balanced, with nice acidity and smooth
 tannins. Voted the best value Malbec by Eric Asimov of the                                                                            evolution and it should drink well through 2036.” (161584)
                                                                    FleCHAS De lOS ANDeS GrAN COrTÉ 2006
 New York Times. (161877)
                                                                    Mendoza, Argentina                         29.95      659.40
                                                                    WA:94 “…with legs that ooze down the glass. The aromatics                  THe PerFeCT HOliDAY uNDer $100 GiFT
 CriOS de Susana balbo Malbec 2009                                                                                                              A bottle to be sipped, savored and loved.
                                                                    are brooding but expressive with notes of pain grille, pencil
 Argentina                                14.95       179.40                                                                                              ”Sweets for the sweet”
                                                                    lead, spice box, lavender, black cherry, and plum. Opulent,
 Spectator gave the ’08 90 points: “Dark ruby-colored, it
                                                                    with glossy fruit, this dense, rich effort conceals significant
 offers up an alluring bouquet of Asian spices, cassis, cedar,
                                                                    underlying structure…intense, powerful, lengthy wine.”
 incense, and black cherry. Medium-bodied, savory, and
 elegant.” (161874)

                   MOre GreAT SOuTH AMeriCAN reDS
                                                                    SANTA riTA MerlOT reSerVA 2008
SOPHiA Gran reserva 2008                                            Maipo Valley, Chile                      14.95          179.40
Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile            14.95     179.40                        rM:90 “It’s not easy to find truly good inexpensive
                 PM:93 beST buY! Named in honor                              Merlot and this terrific value fills the bill. Soft and
                 of Sophia Loren (a personal friend of                       juicy, yet with great balance and structure and
                 the vineyard’s owner), this generously                      loaded with that chocolaty-red berry quality that
                                                                             Merlot lovers adore.” (162130)
                 proportioned Cabernet exhibits flashy                                                                                 CHATeAu rieuSSeC SAuTerNeS 2005
                 aromas of dark chocolate, smoky oak,               FiNCA DeCerO Cabernet Sauvignon 2007/08                            Robert Parker 96 Points. Wine Spectator 96 Points. “Enticing
                 menthol, cedar and black currants.                 Argentina                              17.95        215.40         aromas of toffee, cream, dried apricot and caramel, full-
                 Concentrated and voluptuous at an                            WS:90 “Rock-solid, with a juicy, muscular core           bodied, very sweet and thick, with honey and caramel
everyday-affordable price.” (161909)                                          of blackberry, black currant and fig fruit pushed        flavors. Long and rich, oozing with sweet ripe fruit, this is
                                                                              by bacony toast and a lush, hoisin sauce–tinged          like liquid candy.”
                                                                              finish.” (161906)                                        (167702)                          $79.95

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                                                                                                         SOuTH AMeriCAN WHiTeS / POrT

luscious South American White Wines
SAbriNA reserve Chardonnay 2008                                     MArQueS De CASA CONCHA Chardonnay 2007                        CASA lAPOSTOlle Chardonnay 2008
Chile                                    9.95       119 . 4 0       Concha y Toro, Chile                     15.95      191.40    Cuvée Alexandre, Chile                    19.95      239.40
PM:91+ beST buY! Rich, aromatic bouquet with complex                               WA:91 “Offers up toasty oak, butterscotch,     WS:90 “A ripe, juicy style, with pear, apple and fig fruit
scents and concentrated flavors of pear, vanillin, apple                           pear, and tropical fruit notes. Creamy-        framed by nicely integrated piecrust and brioche notes. The
and toasty oak. Burgundy-like, ripe mouthfeel and flavor                           textured, round, and full-flavored, all of     long finish lets a hazelnut hint chime in.” (161650)
extraction at an everyday-affordable bargain price.” (161908)                      its components are well-integrated in this
                                                                                   serious, flavorful effort.” (161918)
CriOS de Susana Torrontés 2009
Argentina                                14.95      179.40          TerruNYO Sauvignon blanc 2007
WA:90 “The 2009 Torrontés remains one of Argentina’s                Concha y Toro, Chile                    16.95     203.40
benchmarks for this variety. Sourced from 31-year-old vines,                      WS:90 “Lean and bracing…with flint and
it displays a fragrant bouquet of spring flowers, honey, and                      lime notes, this slowly opens to show
tropical aromas. Medium-bodied and dry on the palate,                             more gooseberry, chive flower and sea
it has ample fruit backed by vibrant acidity leading to a                         salt flavors that ripple through the lengthy,
lengthy finish.” (161647)                                                         mouthwatering finish.” (161919)

                                                                                                             Taste Over 100 Wines by the Glass

  Christmas Port is a time-honored tradition in Great Britain, often
  enjoyed with Stilton cheese. In America, the tradition lives on with
  holiday gifts of Port and a bottle or two for your own holiday table.

                         late bottled Vintage & Vintage Character Port
  impressively flavorful yet remarkably affordable; no decanting is necessary.
                                                                           Bin #           Bottle
  rAMOS PiNTO “The Collector”                                            (193990)         19.95
  rAMOS PiNTO lbV 2003/04                                                (193240)         29.95

                                                                                                                     ‘Tis the Season for...
                                Fine 10- to 40-Year-Old Tawny Port
  Aged in wood for 10 to 40 years, these beauties are incredibly complex in aroma, creamy                        The Morrell Wine bar & Café
  and superb in texture. They may be kept for months following opening and there is no
  need to decant.
                                                                                                                  Nestled in the heart of Rockefeller Center, the
                                                           Rating          Bin #           Bottle                Morrell Wine Bar & Café is the perfect setting for
  HArDYS “Whiskers blake” Australian Aged Tawny            WS:94                          19.95
                                                                                                                 getting into the Holiday spirit. Enjoy our award-
  TAYlOr 10-Year-Old Tawny                                               (194600)         34.95
  rAMOS PiNTO 10-Year-Old Tawny                                          (193260)         44.95                   winning wine list, great food and sophisticated
  TAYlOr 20-Year-Old Tawny                                               (194610)         59.95                         ambiance for a wonderful evening.
  rAMOS PiNTO 20-Year-Old Tawny                                          (194510)         79.95
  TAYlOr 30-Year-Old Tawny                                               (194620)        124.95
  TAYlOr 40-Year-Old Tawny                                               (193150)        179.95

                                      Vintage & Colheita Port
  Fiery and rich, Vintage Ports have sediment and require decanting. Mellow and tawny in
  character with an accent of the vintage, Colheita Ports do not require decanting.

                                                           Rating          Bin #           Bottle
  GrAHAM 2003 375 ml - Half bottle
  rOYAl OPOrTO Colheita 1980
                                                           rP:95         (393050)
                                                                                                                                  Great Gift Idea
  rAMOS PiNTO 2000                                         rP:91         (193440)         59.95
  GrAHAM Malvedos 1998                                                   (195710)         64.95
  CrOFT 2003                                               rP:93         (193052)         95.00
  WArre 1985                                               rP:90         (195680)        129.95
                                                                                                                                             CriSTAl CHAMPAGNe lOuiS
                                                                                                                                             rOeDerer 2002
  WArre 1983                                               rP:90         (193850)        129.95                                              Louis Roederer’s magnificent 98-point
  DOW 1977                                                 WS:94         (194390)        195.00                                              Cristal is a most elegant Champagne
  FONSeCA 1985                                             WS:95         (193890)        195.00                                              gift. The 2002 combines the magic of an
  GrAHAM 1970 Very limited                                 rP:97         (193060)        275.00                                              exceptional vintage with the exclusivity of
                                                                                                                                             its Premier and Grand Cru vineyards. On
                                                                                                                                             sale throughout the holidays.
                                                                                                                                             (180061)                       $199.95

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MOrrell’S liQuOr lOCker
*All bottles are 750ml unless otherwise noted
                                                                                            belvedere Poland
                                                                                            ketel One liter Holland
                                                                                            Grey Goose liter France
                                                                                            Crystal Head Canada                                                                1101095     54.95
                                                                                            *For an amazing array of flavored vodkas, visit us online at
GleNMOrANGie SiNGle MAlT SCOTCH WHiSkY                                                                                                              GiN
The Glenmorangie is located at Tain in the North of Scotland and crafts arguably the most
respected and valued single malt whisky in the world.                                       broker’s london Dry liter                                                          1100049     22.95
                                                                                            Farmer’s botanical Organic uSA                                                     1100056     29.95
                      THe OriGiNAl                            1003181            39.95      bombay london Dry liter                                                            4100050     30.95
                      lASANTA Sherry Cask                     1003177            52.95      beefeater london Dry liter                                                         4100020     32.95
                      QuiNTA rubAN Port Cask                  1003178            52.95
                                                                                            Genevieve Genever Style uSA                                                        1100061     32.95
                      NeCTAr D’Or Sauternes Cask              1003179            69.95
                      ASTAr                                   1003225            79.95      Plymouth english                                                                   1100054     33.95
                      SONAlTA Px Pedro ximenez Cask           1003233            79.95      Junipero Small batch American                                                      1100041     33.95
                      exTreMelY rAre 18 YeAr OlD              1103810            99.95      Hendrick’s Scotland                                                                1100047     35.95
                      SiGNeT                                  1003203           199.95      Tanqueray london Dry liter                                                         4100070     36.95
                      THe QuArTer CeNTurY                     1003182           775.00      bombay Sapphire liter                                                              4100060     38.95

THe MACAllAN SiNGle MAlT SCOTCH WHiSkY                                                                                                              ruM
                            “The Crown Jewel of Speyside”
                                                                                            Denizen Trinidad and Jamaica                                                       1102110     19.95
                    The Macallan 12 Year Old                  1103910             56.95     Gosling’s black Seal bermuda                                                       1102030     24.95
                    The Macallan Fine Oak 15 Year Old         1003118             88.95     bacardi Silver liter Puerto rico                                                   4102110     24.95
                    The Macallan 18 Year Old                  1103930            164.95     10 Cane Trinidad                                                                   1102049     26.95
                    The Macallan Sherry Oak 25 Year Old       1103920           750.00      el Dorado 12 Year Old Guyana                                                       1102070     26.95
                    The Macallan Fine Oak 30 Year Old         1003120          1,155.00     english Harbour 5 Year Old Antigua                                                 1102090     27.95
                    The Macallan Sherry Oak 30 Year Old       1103911          1,155.00     Mount Gay eclipse liter barbados                                                   4102120     28.95
                                                                                            leblon Cachaca brazil liter                                                        1102055     36.95
                                                                                            Myers Dark rum liter Jamaica                                                       4102080     39.95
ArDbeG SiNGle MAlT SCOTCH WHiSkY                                                            Zapaca Centenerio Guatemala                                                        1102047     42.95
Established in 1815, Ardbeg is revered by connoisseurs around the world as the peatiest,
smokiest and most complex of all the Islay malts widely available.
            Ardbeg 10 Year Old                                1003100            57.95      Campo Azul blanco                                                                  1105648     28.95
            Ardbeg uigeadail                                  1103360            74.95      Mezcal Vida Del Maguey                                                             1106820     34.95
            Ardbeg Airigh Nam beist                           1103490            84.95      Avion Silver                                                                       1102514     45.95
            Ardbeg Supernova 2010 limited edition             1003215           139.95      Avion reposado                                                                     1102515     47.95
                                                                                            Patron reposado                                                                    1102553     49.95
                              MOre GreAT SCOTCHeS                                           Avion Anejo                                                                        1102513     51.95
isle of Jura 10 Year Old                                      1003191            41.95      Partida blanco                                                                     1102526     53.95
bruichladdich rocks                                           1003187            43.95      Patron Silver                                                                      1102670     53.95
Cardhu 12 Year Old                                            1103960            48.95      Partida reposado                                                                   1102527     59.95
Highland Park 12 Year Old                                     1003163            48.95      Patron Anejo                                                                       1100010     59.95
Glendronach 12 Year Old                                       1103100            49.95      Partida Anejo                                                                      1102525     71.95
Dalmore 12 Year Old                                           1103940            49.95      Campo Azul extra Anejo                                                             1102533     99.95
laphroaig 10 Year Old                                         1103510            53.95
Glenfiddich 12 Year Old                                       1103530            54.95                                                           COGNAC
Glenlivet 12 Year Old                                         1103500            55.95
Glenlivet 15 Year Old French Oak                              1003106            59.95      Hennessy black                                                                     1108461      48.95
laphroaig Quarter Cask                                        1003144            64.95      Hennessy VSOP Privilege                                                            1108560      54.95
isle of Jura 16 Year Old                                      110303             67.95      remy Martin VSOP                                                                   1108460      59.95
Oban 14 Year Old                                              1103850            74.95      Tesseron xO lot 90                                                                 1108360      59.95
Glenlivet 18 Year Old                                         1103080           104.95      Tesseron xO lot 76                                                                 1108442      99.95
Highland Park 18 Year Old                                     1103400           109.95      Tesseron xO lot 53                                                                 1108451     174.95
king’s Crest 25 Year Old                                      1103079           174.95      Hennessy xO                                                                        1108610     199.95
Johnnie Walker blue label                                     1103050           249.95      Tesseron xO lot 29                                                                 1108436    399.95
                                                                                            Hennessy Paradis                                                                   1108630    699.95
                                                                                            remy Martin louis xiii                                                             1108790   1,995.00
                                 AMeriCAN WHiSkeY                                           richard Hennessy                                                                   1108500   3,400.00
Old bardstown estate bourbon                                  1104017            26.95      remy Martin louis xiii 1.75l Magnum                                                1108960   4,995.00
redemption rye Whiskey                                        1103330            26.95
buffalo Trace bourbon                                         1104026            29.95
evan Williams Single barrel bourbon 2000                      1104024            29.95                                                         ArMAGNAC
eagle rare 10 Year Old bourbon                                1104031            32.95      Ch de laubade 1980                                                                 1110920     164.95
Four roses Small batch bourbon                                1104047            34.95      Ch de laubade 1970                                                                 1110870     214.95
Jefferson’s Small batch bourbon                               1104063            35.95      Ch de laubade 1960                                                                 1110333    365.00
Woodford reserve Small batch bourbon                          1104290            38.95      Ch de laubade 1950                                                                 1110340    799.95
Maker’s Mark “46” bourbon                                     1104015            39.95      Ch de laubade 1940                                                                 1110322   1,100.00
knob Creek bourbon                                            1104120            39.95
Michter’s Single barrel Straight rye Whiskey                  1104027            41.95      Many more vintages are available for 2-3 day delivery. Call (212) 688-9370
Michter’s Small batch bourbon                                 1104035            41.95
Michter’s unblended American Whiskey                          1104018            41.95
Maker’s Mark bourbon liter                                    4104010            43.95                    CAlVADOS, GRAPPA, EAU-DE-VIE, AND OTHER BRANDIES
blanton’s Single barrel bourbon                               1104080            49.95      Theo Preiss kirsch Cherry eau de Vie 500ml           3100270                                   14.95
(ri)1 Rye Whiskey                                             1106745            49.95      Calvados lecompte 5 Year Old Pays D’Auge             1109290                                   44.95
Old Potrero 18 Century Style rye Whiskey                      1006742            64.95      Grappa di Teroldego bertagnolli                      1107340                                   49.95
Jefferson’s Presidential Select 17 Year Old                   1104041            94.95      Grappa Antinori Tignanello 375ml                     3307319                                   49.95
                                                                                            Gran Duque D’Alba brandy de Jerez Gran reserva       SP063                                     49.95
                          OTHer WHiSkeYS OF THe WOrlD                                       Grappa Jacapo Poli Sarpa                             1107510                                   59.95
Suntory Yamazaki 12 Year Old Single Malt Japan       1006752                     47.95
bushmills 10 Year Old Single Malt irish Whiskey      1102551                     51.95
                                                                                     APERITIFS, CORDIAlS, AND OTHER lIQUERS
Caribou Crossing Canadian Whisky                     1003115                     52.95
Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky india                1102500     lillet blanc    62.95                                 1106060                                                             19.95
Hibiki 12 Year Old blended Whisky Japan              1100243     Punt e Mes Carpano
                                                                                 67.95                                 1106050                                                             19.95
Suntory Yamazaki 18 Year Old Single Malt Japan       1006751     Aperol Apertivo liqueur italy
                                                                                129.95                                 1181707                                                             24.95
Midleton Very rare irish Whiskey                     1102520     Sambuca Molinari
                                                                                144.95                                 SP312                                                               24.95
                                                                 Amaro de Montenegro                                   1181701                                                             26.95
                                                                 limoncello Pallini                                    4181686                                                             29.95
                            VODkA                                Domaine de Canton Ginger liqueur                      1107310                                                             31.95
Smirnoff liter uSA                          4101050       19.95  Fernet branca                                         1107200                                                             32.95
Tito’s Handmade liter uSA                   4140404       24.95  Coole Swan irish Cream                                1106040                                                             33.95
russian Standard                            1101016       27.95  St. Germain elderflower                               1181709                                                             35.95
Heavy Water Sweden                          1101073       31.95  Navan Natural Vanilla liqueur                         1108315                                                             39.95
Absolut liter Sweden                        4101130       34.95  Grand Marnier                                         1106400                                                             42.95
Hangar One Calfornia                        1101042       34.95  Vieux Carre Absinthe Superieure                       1181737                                                             57.95
Zyr russian                                 1101170       35.95  Grand Marnier Cuvee de Centenaire                     1109810                                                            149.95
     34 | liter russia                                    35.95
StolichnayaHOliDAY 2010 OR DE R NOW - 212 .688 .9370 OR VISIT US Grand Marnier Cuvee de Cinquantenaire
                                            4101200              ONLINE AT WWW .MOR R E LLWINE .COM                    1109790                                                            225.00
      Morrell Wine institute                                                   All classes begin at 7:30pm and last approximately 90 minutes. Classes are held at the Morrell Wine Store at
                                                                               One Rockefeller Plaza (49th Street between 5th & 6th Ave), New York, NY 10019. Reservations are required
                                                                                in advance to reserve your seat. Please call 212-688-9370. Gift certificates for classes are also available.
 Class Schedule January - March, 2011                                                                      10% discount for parties of two or more on all classes.

Wines of the Pacific Northwest January 20th, 2011 (CLS012011)                         $60.00        Fit for kings:
The Pacific Northwest has gone from a viticultural backwater to the latest superstar of the         The Premium reds of Tuscany February 24th, 2011 (CLS022411)                         $70.00
wine world. Diverse in geography and likewise in the wines it produces, the Northwest has           An epicenter of art, music, history, olive oil, medieval cities, and of course…grapevines.
become a force to be reckoned with. We will delight in showing you their elegant Cabernets,         Here the red Sangiovese grape is king, and captures both the savory and rustic flavors of the
burly Syrahs, ethereal Pinots, and a few whites as well! Join us as we check in with the latest     earth. It can stand on its own as the famed Brunello di Montalcino, or be blended skillfully
and greatest from Oregon and Washington.                                                            as part of Chianti Classico and Super-Tuscan blends. Six exquisite dry reds will be poured
                                                                                                    including the 2007 Tignanello, which recently garnered a 95-Point rating from the Wine
Australian Finesse       January 27th, 2011 (CLS012711)                         $70.00              Advocate. Italian cheese pairings will also be served.
Australian wines with elegance! This notion does not usually come to mind for a country
known for producing huge blockbusting Shiraz and Cabernet, but there are an increasing              introduction to Wine March 1st, 2011 (CLS030111)                                   $45.00
number of Australian winemakers who are succeeding in coaxing out the finesse and class             A friendly and diverse approach for the wine novice. We will cover basic grape varietals,
of European wines in their own projects. Taste six great examples from renowned wineries            flavor profiles, dominant geographic regions, the winemaking process, and learn to taste
and discover there is more to Aussie wine than meets the palate.                                    professionally (in the correct environment; translating your thoughts into words).
introduction to Wine February 1st, 2011 (CLS020111)                                $45.00           Varietal Focus: riesling March 3rd, 2011 (CLS030311)                                 $50.00
A friendly and diverse approach for the wine novice. We will cover basic grape varietals,           One of the world’s greatest and most food-friendly white grapes, producing a multiplicity of
flavor profiles, dominant geographic regions, the winemaking process, and learn to taste            styles ranging from dry, to sweet, to sparkling and everything in between. The best examples
professionally (in the correct environment; translating your thoughts into words).                  have multifaceted aromas, and a unique balance of fruit, minerality, delicacy, structure, acid,
Old World vs. New World Wines February 3rd, 2011 (CLS020311)                          $70.00        and sugar…the complete package in one bottle! Our main focus will be general stylistic and
Europe’s classic wine-growing countries of France, Italy, Spain, and Germany represent              geologic differences between the classic Old-World vineyards of Germany and Alsace, but
the major share of the Old World. Most New World wines are produced in the US, and                  we will also include tasting examples from Australia and the US for comparison. Six wines
the Southern Hemisphere countries of Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and South            in all.
Africa. Old-World wines are generally higher in acidity, lower in alcohol, leaner in body, and
less oaky than their New World counterparts. Learn why these differences exist and gets             Advanced red burgundy:
some tips on how to tell them apart when you taste!                                                 Old Vintage Premier Crus (no discounts) March 10th, 2011 (CLS031011)              $150.00
                                                                                                    Our main event to welcome spring! Join Robert Millman (Burgundy expert and co-founder
Winery Focus: Shafer Napa Valley February 10th, 2011 (CLS021011)                   $90.00           of Executive Wine Seminars) for an in-depth look into the glory of aged selections from the
Wineries like Shafer are why Napa is considered the crown jewel of California: Perfectionist        Côte d’Or. “Spicy, silky, complex, highly aromatic,” and sometimes almost “inexplicable,”
owners/winemakers, and vineyards set up on outstanding terroir. Their Red Shoulder                  every single-vineyard bottling here has its own distinct nature and personality…and it
Ranch Chardonnay, Relentless Syrah blend, Napa Merlot, and Stag’s Leap Cabernets push               only grows with age! We will discuss history, specific producers, terroir, and buying and
the boundaries of quality every vintage, and as a result, Shafer has been a standard brand          cellaring techniques for the most precious Pinot Noirs on Earth. Everything poured will be
at Morrell for years. Come learn about their history and techniques, and savor the above            a 1er Cru from vintage 1999 or before. Familiarity with Burgundy basics and terminology
selections in an intimate setting.                                                                  will be assumed!!

Dazzling Dessert Wines February 17th, 2011 (CLS021711)                             $70.00
For those of you with a sweet tooth! Have you ever been curious about wines like Sauternes,
Tokaji, Vendange Tardive, Icewine, or Port? When done properly with the right acidity, they
can represent the ultimate in flavor balance, complexity, and ageability, so don’t overlook
them any longer! We will tour mostly through Europe, but will also stop over quickly in
                                                                                                     Wine Classes Make Great Gifts
Canada for a treat. Six wines in all with several dessert pairings.

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For out of state please contact us. If we are able                         MOrrell GiFT CerTiFiCATeS
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to arrange shipping to your state, we will add 1.5%                        everyone.                                                     can be customized at the location of your choice.
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