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Kiosk Tender


									                         BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LTD.
                                 SAWAI MADHOPUR

NIT No.-S-4/Tender/Hiring Kiosk/302/09-10/2            Dated-31/08/2009 .

        Properly sealed tenders (Packing PVC tape / Sealing Wax ) sealed tenders are
invited by Telecom District Manager, Sawai Madhopur on behalf of BSNL for Hiring
with providing & maintenance of KIOSKs Boards in Sawai Madhopur from reputed
& experienced firms –

     Sl.       Name of work       Estimated        Qty of         EMD            Tender
     No                             Cost          KIOSKs                        Document
                                                 for   one                        cost

            Hiring       with 360000/-           100           9000/-         500/-+VAT
     1.     providing       &                                                 (Rs.570.00)
            maintenance     of
             Boards (Both side
            faced) in Sawai
            Madhopur Size-
            24’’ x 36’’

1.         Period of contract           :       One Year.
2.         Mode of payment              :       Tender document could be purchased by paying
                                                cost of bid document in cash or D/D drawn in
                                                favour of Account Officer (cash), O/o TDM
                                                Sawai Madhopur, payable at Sawai Madhopur.
                                                Bid security is to be paid in the form of Crossed
                                                Demand draft issued by a scheduled bank,
                                                drawn in favour of Accounts Officer (Cash)
                                                BSNL, O/o TDM Sawai Madhopur, payable at
                                                Sawai Madhopur.
3. Tender document containing detailed
    description of work and Terms &
    conditions can be had from------------S.D.E.(Plg.)O/o TDM Sawai Madhopur.
4. Sale of tender documents----------------Between 11.00 Hrs. to16.00 Hrs.
         (on all working days)              up to 25/09/2009
5.       Time and last date of submission of Bid-----26/09/2009 up to 14:30 Hrs.
6.       Time of Bid opening ----------------------------26/09/2009 at 15:00 Hrs.

7.         Eligibility:
   (i)       -Experience of having successfully completed similar type of work during the last three years
             ending on 31/03/09 should not be less than the amount equal to 35 % of the estimated cost.
  (ii) Experience certificate must be issued by an officer not below the rank of DE (Plg.) of the SSA or
    equal rank from DOT/BSNL/ MTNL/ HCL/ TCIL/ RITES/ ITI/PSUs/Private telecom operators
 (iii) Turn Over-Total contract amount received in last three financial years should be minimum 150% of
    the advertised tender value.
   (IV)     Copy of Service Tax Registration duly attested by Gazetted officer/notary, valid on
            the date of opening & onwards
   (V)      Copy of PAN card issued by Income Tax Department duly attested by Gazetted

8.     The tender, which is not accompanied by the requisite Bid Security, shall be summarily
rejected. Tender will not be accepted/ received after expiry date and time.

9. The quantum of the work may increase or decrease by 25% by the TDM, Sawai Madhopur.

10. The TDM Sawai Madhopur reserves the right to reject any or all tenders without assigning
any reason whatsoever.

        The tender should be submitted in properly sealed cover superscribed ``Tender for
Hiring, providing & maintenance of KIOSKs Boards in Sawai Madhopur ’’ as per
clause number (14) of NIT .
        The tender should be addressed to the D.E.(Plg.)O/O Telecom District Manager,
Sawai Madhopur and should be delivered in person which will be opened on date given
in Col. No. 7. No tender will be accepted after due date and time.
         The Telecom District Manager, Sawai Madhopur reserves the right to accept or reject any
or all the tenders as a whole or part thereof without assigning any reason.

Note: Tender document downloaded from website may also be used for bidding purpose. A
D/Draft for an amount equal to the cost of tender form, drawn in favour of AO (Cash)-
BSNL-O/O TDM Sawai Madhopur payable at Sawai Madhopur should be enclosed along
with the technical bid without which the bid document will not be valid.

                                                             DE (Plg.)
                                                     O/o TDM , Sawai Madhopur
                              TERMS & CONDITIONS

1.a)   The “Contract” means the document forming the tender and acceptance thereof
       and the formal agreement executed between the TDM, BSNL Sawai Madhopur&
       the Contractor(s) together with the documents referred to therein including these
       conditions the specifications, designs and drawings, and instructions issued from
       time to time by the Officer-in-charge and all these documents taken together shall
       be deemed to form one contract and shall be complementary to one another.
1.b)   In the contract the following expressions shall unless where the context otherwise
       requires, have the meanings hereby respectively assigned to them:
       (i)     The „Contractor‟ shall mean the individual or firm, company, whether
               incorporated or not, undertaking the works and shall include the legal
               personal representatives of such individual or the persons composing such
               firm or company, or the successors of such firm or company and the
               permitted assigns of such individual or firm or firms of company.
       (ii)    The „BSNL‟ means the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
       (iii)   The „Officer-in-Charge‟ means the Divisional Engineer or Sub Divisional
               Engineer who shall be the authority to verify the quality of job being
               performed by the contractor.
       (iv)    Area Manager means Junior Administrative Grade of ITS or equivalent
               officer or Officer designated by TDM Sawai Madhopur.

1.c)   Submission of tender will bind the tenderer to the acceptance of all conditions
       specified in the tender documents. Conditional offer will not be accepted and will
       be rejected straightway. The tenderer quoting non-workable rates will be rejected
       2.1 Security deposit equal to the 10% of contractual value is to be remitted by
           successful tenderer either in cash or in form of Govt. securities or fixed
           deposit duly pledged to AO (Cash)-BSNL-TDM Sawai Madhopur.
       2.2 Security deposit will not bear interest for any period what so ever.
       2.3 The BSNL reserves the right to forfeit earnest money and security deposit if
           the tenderer, after acceptance of the tender, fails to comply or neglect to
           perform with any of the terms and conditions under the contract.
       2.4 If the contractor fully performs and completes the work in all respects
           satisfactorily, the BSNL shall after the expiry of the contract period, refund
           the security deposit to the contractor after deducting all costs and other
           expenses that the BSNL might have incurred for making good any loss due to
           any action attributed to the contractor which the BSNL is entitled to recover
           from the contractor.

       The tender shall remain open for acceptance for a period of 180 days from the
       date of opening of tender. If any tenderer withdraws his tender before the said
       period or makes any modification in the terms and conditions of the tender which
            are not acceptable to the BSNL, then the BSNL shall without prejudice to any
            other right or remedy be at liberty to forfeit the earnest money of the tenderer.

4.          The accepted rates will be operative for a period of one year from the date of
            execution of the agreement. The contract may be extended further three year
            depending upon the requirement of the BSNL at the same rates and same terms &
            conditions. TDM Sawai Madhopurmay reduce the period of contract according to
            the requirement without assigning any reason. No escalation in the approved
            rates will be allowed on account of any reason whatsoever.

5.          Any amount, which becomes due and recoverable from the contractor on account
            of any matter relating to this contract, shall, also be recoverable from any sum
            that is due or any sum that may become due to the contractor out of this contract
            or any other contract with the BSNL.


            In the matter of settling any claim for losses / damages cost of expenses to which
            the BSNL may be put by reasons of default or negligence of contractor, the
            decision of the TDM Sawai Madhopur in writing will be final and binding on the
7.          (i) If the contractor fails to supply the materials of approved quality or execute
            the work as per specification at the accepted rates within specified time of
            placement of purchases/ work order, liquidated damages at the rates of half
            percent per week for first 10 week and 0.7% per week for the further delay or part
            thereof will be levied subject to maximum of 12% of the total value of the P.O.
            and the same can be deducted from the Security Deposit or from any bill(s)
            payable to the contractor. In such case it will also be open for the department to
            go in for the purchase of the materials or get the work executed from any other
            sources and excess amount paid to the other party(s), if any, will be deducted
            from the Security Deposit or from what-so-ever sources available to the BSNL
            including bill(s) pending for payment.30 days will be provided in the WO for
            obtaining the permission as well as for other miscellaneous works. If the vendor
            is unable to obtain the permission from the local authorities with in prescribed
            time, then the SD will be forfeited by the BSNL.

     (ii)   If the contractor fails to maintain the quality of the Kiosk board the LD
            mentioned in clause No. 7 (i) applicable in this case also.
   (iii) EOT (Extension of time) may be granted by the competent authority only in
            exceptional case.
        The TDM Sawai Madhopur has the right to terminate the contract either partly or
        fully at any stage without assigning any reason by giving 10 days notice in writing
        to that effect and shall not be liable to pay any compensation to the contractor
9.    In the event of contractor failing to execute the contract to the satisfaction of
      TDM Sawai Madhopur/ DET concerned, the TDM Sawai Madhopur shall have
      the right:
      i.      to reject or / and withhold the payment for the period services have not
              been rendered to the BSNL satisfaction.
      ii.     TDM Sawai Madhopur may even terminate the contract as per clause 8

      i)   In respect of any dispute arising out in connection with the interpretation
           of any clause in the terms of contract / agreement or otherwise except for
           the matters the decision of which is given in this agreement, the matter
           shall be referred for arbitration to the TDM, Sawai Madhopur who shall
           appoint an Arbitrator to decide the case. The appointment of such
           Arbitrator shall not be questioned by the contractor on the ground that the
           Arbitrator belongs to the BSNL. The provision of the Arbitration Act, 1940
           or any statutory modification or enactment thereof and the rules there
           under in force shall apply to the Arbitration proceedings under this

      ii)    Even during the Arbitration the work cannot be stayed because it pertains
             to essential public utility service. The BSNL reserve the right to get the
             work completed through any other contractor at the risk and cost of the

11.   The contractor will furnish Bill for payment on monthly basis to D.E.(Plg.)in
      triplicate duly verified by the Officer-in-charge. The payment will be made only
      after the officer concerned will give certificate regarding satisfactory execution of
      the work/ supply made in good condition. No interest is payable on account of
      delay if any in processing of claim.
12.   The tenderer should sign each page of the tender documents. Non-filling of
      information as required, non-signing of each page of tender documents or non-
      furnishing the required documents may render the offer liable to be rejected.
13.   No engineer of Gazetted rank or other gazetted officer who retired from any
      Engg. Or Administrative Deptt. Of the Govt. of India / BSNL is allowed to work as
      contractor for a period of two years of his retirement from Govt. service / BSNL
      without the prior permission of the BSNL. An affidavit to this effect will be
      submitted by the contractor. The tender is liable to be cancelled if either
      contractor or any of his employee is found any time to be a person retired from
      Govt. service / BSNL as indicated above & who has not obtained permission of
      the BSNL before submission of the tender or engagement in contractor‟s service.
14.   No sub-contracting is permissible by BSNL. The near relatives of all BSNL
      employees {Non-executive employees working in BSNL & executive employees
      (also called Group „A‟ & Group „B‟ officers) working in BSNL either directly recruited
       or on deputation are prohibited from participation in this tender. The near relatives for
       this purpose are defined as:
       (a)     Members of Hindi Undivided Family,
       (b)     They are husband and wife,
       (c)     The one is related to the other in the manner as father, mother, son(s), son‟s wife
               (daughter-in-law), Daughter(s) & daughter‟s husband (son-in-law), brother(s) &
               brother‟s wife, sister(s) & sister‟s husband (brother-in-law).
15.   The tenderer(s) should give an affidavit in original to the effect that none of
       his/her relative is working in the units of BSNL as defined above. In case of
       proprietorship firm the an affidavit in original will be given by the proprietor, for
       partnership firm the photo copy of partnership deed duly attested by Gazatted
       officer/notary will be given signed by all the partners and in case of Limited
       company by all Directors of the Company. Any breach of these conditions by the
       company or firm or any other person, the tender/work will be cancelled and
       earnest money/security deposit will be forfeited at any stage whenever it is
       noticed. The BSNL will not pay any damages to the company or firm or
       concerned person. The company or firm or the person will also be debarred for
       further participation in the concerned unit.
16.    Canvassing in connection with this tender may result in rejection of the tender.
17.    Submission of Bid:
       The bidders are requested to submit the tender form in two parts one as qualifying bid
       in one envelope (duly sealed & marked as Qualifying Bid) and another envelope
       containing financial bid (duly sealed & marked as Financial Bid). Both the
       aforementioned sealed envelopes should be kept in an outer cover, duly sealed &
       marked as “Tender For Hiring with providing & maintenance of KIOSKs Boards
       in Sawai Madhopur” addressed to D.E.(Plg.)O/O TDM, Sawai Madhopur.
       A.      The envelop in qualifying bid should have following documents:
               (i)     Photocopy attested by Gazetted Officer / Notary of Experience
                       Certificate as per NIT.
               (ii)    Original Bank Draft for EMD Deposit.
               (iii)   Photocopy attested by Gazetted Officer / Notary of PAN Card.
               (iv)    Photocopy attested by Gazetted Officer / Notary of Service Tax
               (v)     Tender Document signed on each page showing acceptance of all
                       terms & condition
               (vi)    D/D of an amount equal to the cost of tender form, drawn in favour of
                       AO (Cash)-BSNL-O/O TDM Sawai Madhopur payable at Sawai
                       Madhopur, when the tender document is used by downloading from
                       website, without which the bid document will not be valid.
               (vii)   affidavit in original for non working of near relative in BSNL.
               All documents must be signed by the bidder also.

Financial Bid
The Financial Bid of only those bidders will be opened who qualify the eligibility
conditions of the tender as per documents submitted in the Qualifying Bid envelope.
1.    Material should be used as per sample given by the Department.

2.    Sign writing should be as per design and logo given by the BSNL.

3.    Flex sheets should be ISI Marked, properly fitted & have good looking.

4.    The flex sheet will be replaced by the vendor free of the cost after every six months. The
      matter will be given by BSNL for printing on flex sheet.

5.    If there is delay in Supply, providing & maintenance of KIOSKs Boards in Sawai
      Madhopuras per work order given, the BSNL Sawai Madhopur have the full liberty to get
      the same work done from other authorized contractor (by Nagar Nigam, Sawai
      Madhopur) the amounts of excess payment so incurred will be recovered from the
      contractor’s bill/security deposit or any other amount of which BSNL has access to

6.    The contractor will provide& fix KIOSKs boards at specific height so that traffic may not
      get disturbed. If any mishappening occurs it will be hole responsibility of contractor.

7.    Flex sheets will be replaced six monthly basis &matters will be supplied by BSNL. No
      extra charges will be paid for this replacements.

8.    The rates should be quoted clearly and over writing and cutting should be strictly
      avoided. Any addition/alteration should be duly attested by the Agency with the full

9.    The rates of each item should be quoted for the requisite specification only.

10.   The Telecom District Manager, Sawai Madhopurdoes not bind himself to accept
      lower/lowest tender and reserves the right to reject any part or whole all tenders without
      assigning any reason.

10.   The tender can be accepted for individual item at the lowest rate.
11.     The quantity of items shown in tender document may increase or           decrease by +/-

12.     The rates will be inclusive of all taxes excluding service tax; the contractor will be
        responsible for payments of taxes/licence fee , if asked by any local/ government bodies.

9.      PO will be placed as per requirement & showing the sites for display of KIOSKs.

10.     The separation between KIOSKs should be 25M to 35M or as directed by BSNL from
        time to time.

Technical Specification

1.      The size of KIOSKs will be 24”X36” having good and rigid supports for display.

2.      The flex sheet should be LG/ Star/Hanwa make having thickness 0.5 mm printed
        by standard printing machine.

4.      The flex should be printed in such a manner that it will shine in night hours when
        the light of any vehicle reflects on it i.e. by radium painting.

5.      Torned/damaged flex must be replaced with in three days. After this the payment
        of the kiosk will be deducted for that month in addition to the penalty as proposed

6.      If the size of the kiosk will be altered as per requirement of the BSNL then the
        payment will be made on prorata basis.
                                SCHEDULE OF RATES

S.N.      Name     of Type-          Approx.             Rates in Rs. Per KIOSKs
          Work                       Quantit       (In Figure)            (In Words)
  1.       KIOSKs       faced

Note: -
1.Rates should be quoted inclusive of all taxes. Service Tax will be paid extra if

2. Rates should be F.O.R. Destination.

3.Cost of Frame, Cost of flex sheets, printing of BSNL matters, fixing and fitting charges,
       license fees if to be paid to Nagar Palika/JVVNL or any other authority are
       inclusive in rates. Further permission from local authorities will be arrange by the
       advertising agency him self.
Signature of the tenderer
        With Seal

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