Document Sample

                    TENDER DOCUMENT
                    RUNNING A CANTEEN

ESTIMATED SALES           :     20 lakhs per annum

DATE OF ISSUE             :     1st Nov.,2010


                                   From 4th Nov., 2010 TO 29th Nov.,2010

LAST DATE OF SUBMISSION   :     UPTO 15.00 HRS. ON 30th Nov., 2010

DATE OF OPENING                 15.30 HRS. ON…30th Nov., 2010

                                    BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED
                                              ( A Govt. of India Enterprises)
                              ADMN. II SECTION,BHARAT SANCHAR BHAWAN,
                                  H.C. MATHUR LANE,JANPATH,NEW DELHI.



SL. NO.                       DETAILS                    PAGE
  1.      NOTICE INVITING TENDER                          3-4

  2.      TERMS & CONDITIONS                              5-8


  4.      DISPUTES                                        13

  5.      PRICE SCHEDULE(FORM-I)                         14-15

  6.      AGENCY DETAILS(FORM-II)                         16



  9.      PERFORMANCE SECURITY BOND(FORM-V)              19-20


                            ADMN-II BRANCH


                        TENDER NO.12-3/2010-Admn.II

      On behalf of the Chairman & Managing Director, BSNL, sealed Tenders
are invited from prospective contractors/reputed Indian agencies for running a
canteen in BSNL Corporate Office, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, H. C. Mathur Lane,
Janpath, New Delhi, for a period of one year which can be extended further. The
intending bidders may obtain Tender Documents from the Deputy
Manager(Admn.II), BSNL Corporate Office, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, H.C.
Mathur Lane, Janpath, New Delhi-110001on payment of Rs.500/-(Rupees Five
Hundred Only) non-refundable in the form of crossed DD in favour of A.O.(Cash),
BSNL, Corporate Office, New Delhi w.e.f 4.11.2010 upto 29.11.2010 between
1500 hrs. and 1700 hrs. on working days. The Earnest Money Deposit(EMD) for
Rs 40,000.(Rupees Forty thousand only) in the form of DD or Bank Guarantee
received upto 1500 hrs. of 30.11.2010 and the same will be opened at 1530 hrs.
on the same day in presence of bidders or their authorized representatives.
Tenders received without EMD in prescribed form will be summarily rejected.
Tender documents and other details can also be downloaded by visiting our
website at and the bidders who submit tender from downloaded
from the website shall enclose Demand Draft of Rs.500/- drawn in favour of
A.O.(Cash), BSNL, New Delhi towards the cost of tender document while
submitting their bids.

                                          Assistant General Manager(Admn.II)
                                             BSNL Corporate Office ,1st Floor,
                                   Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi-110001
                                            Tel. No.23037576.

                          JANPATH,NEW DELHI
                             ADMN-II SECTION

No. 12-3/2010-Admn.II                                              Dated :- 1.11.2010

       Sub: Tenders for running a canteen in BSNL Corporate Office

       On behalf of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd., New Delhi. Sealed tenders are invited
from reputed, experienced, New Delhi/Delhi based agencies for providing canteen
services i.e. snacks and lunch(Tea is optional) to the staff (approximately 1250) of BSNL
Corporate office, H C Mathur lane, Janpath, New Delhi.

2.     The time schedule for receipt/opening of quotation shall be as under:-

       Last date for receipt of quotations:          30.11.2010 upto 3 PM
       Date and time of opening of quotations:       30.11.2010 at 3.30PM
3..    The bids should be accompanied of EMD of Rs. 40,000/- in the
       form of DD payable to AO(Cash) BSNL. The Tender without EMD is liable to
        be rejected.

4.     An amount of Rs.500/-(Rupees Five Hundred only) in the form of DD payable to
       A.O.(Cash),BSNL towards the cost of bid document.

5.     The eligibility criterion and other terms and other terms and conditions are as
       enumerated in Annexure I & II.

6.      Rates and details of agency should be quoted in Form-I Form-II respectively.

7.     BSNL shall provide space, electricity and water free of cost and no other subsidy
      will be admissible for running the canteen. The proposed space for Kitchen
      activities i.e. Cooking, Washing and storage may be inspected by prospective
      bidders before quoting the rates. For inspection, the prospective bidders may
      contact Deputy Manager.(Admn.II) at Tel. No.23037325.



Terms and Conditions:

1.       Eligibility conditions:

i)        The bidder/contractor must be an individual or reputed firm/company in
          possession of a valid license from local authorities to run canteen (copy of license
          be enclosed).
ii)       Must have a minimum of two year’s experience in providing canteen/catering
          services during past 2 years in one or more Govt/PSU organizations (as per
          Annexure-III). The experience can be in two organization separately for one or
          more years.
 iii) Minimum annual turnover of Rs. Two lakhs in a year of last two years (proofs to be
      iv) The bidder must have valid VAT Registration with sales Tax Deptt., NCT of
          Delhi in case applicable. The documentary proof of the same must be attached.
      v) The contractor should have valid PAN No./Service Tax Registration.
2. Submission of Bids:
    i) The bid and EMD(as in para 7) should be submitted in two separate covers.
    ii) The bid envelope should be Sealed by the personal seal of the bidder. The EMD
    envelope should not be sealed.
          iii) The bid envelope and EMD envelope should be placed in the third bigger
                  envelope and superscribed “Tender for running a canteen in BSNL
                  Corporate Office, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan to be opened on 30.11.2010
                  addressed to DGM(Admn.I),BSNL, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Harish
                  Chander Mathur Lane, Janpath, New Delhi, in the Tender Box kept in the
                  Office of the Deputy Manager(Admn.II) Section, BSNL 1st floor, South
                  side, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Harish Chander Mathur Lane, New Delhi
                  latest by _30.11.2010 upto 15.00 hrs. positively. Request for extension of
                  submission of date of tender will not be considered.

                 Unsealed quotations shall not be considered for evaluation. There should
                 be no erasing and/or overwriting. The quotations with erasing and/or
                 overwriting shall be summarily rejected.

3.        Late/Delayed bids: Late/delayed quotations due to any reason whatsoever will
     not be accepted/considered at all under any circumstances.

4.        Opening of bids: The bids received will be opened at 3.30 p.m. on 30.11.2010
     in the presence of the authorized representative, if any, of quoting firm (one member
     only) at this office. Representative of firm will attend the bid opening with valid
     authorization letter as mentioned in Form-III.           Without authorization letter,
     representative of firm should not be allowed to attend the bid opening. Request for
     extension of opening date of bids will not be considered. bids will also be opened on
     scheduled date and time in case of non-presence of any representative of the firms.

5.    Rates:

      i)        Rates are to be quoted as per format enclosed Form-I .
      ii)       The rate should be all inclusive and shall not be subject to any
                change/revision during the contract period. This will not apply to cold
                drinks/ juice. Change in menu (addition /deletion) and rates of new items
                introduced shall be by the mutual consent of BSNL and Contractor.
      iii)       No enhancement of rates will be allowed for the job contract during the
                currency of contract.

6.        Validity of bid

      i)        The bid shall remain valid for 150 days after the date of opening of bids. A
                bid valid for a shorter period shall be rejected by BSNL as non-responsive.
      ii)       The BSNL may, as its discretion, request the bidder for extension of period
                of bid validity. The request and responses thereto shall be made in writing.
                In such eventuality of extension of bid validity, the validity of bid security
                provided shall also be suitably extended. However, modification in Bid will
                not be allowed at any stage.

7.    Earnest Money Deposit

     i)      EMD amount will be accepted in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour
             of AO(Cash), BSNL or in the form of Bank Guarantee issued by a
             scheduled bank. The bid without EMD is liable to be rejected.

     ii)     Without prejudice to any other right of BSNL the Earnest Money Deposit may
             be forfeited by BSNL:
               (a)       if the Bidder withdraws his bid during the period of bid validity; or
               (b)       in case the successful Bidder refuses to sign the Agreement; or
               (c)       if the bidder fails to furnish the Performance Security.

     (iii) EMD will be refunded to the bidders within thirty days from the date of issue
           of award letter to the successful bidder and no interest would be paid thereon.

8.        Performance Security

      The successful bidder shall be required to deposit an amount equal to 5% of the
      contract value.

      Performance Security shall be submitted in the form of Demand draft in favour of
      AO(Cash), BSNL or in the form of Bank Guarantee issued by a scheduled bank as
      Performance Security as per enclosed proforma – Form V.

      Performance will be discharged after completion of contractor’s performance
      obligations under the contract

      The above security deposit will be liable to be forfeited during the period of
      contract, in case breach of any terms & conditions of the contracting contractor or
      failure to provide any services under the contract or loss results from contractor’s
      failure and breach of obligation under the contract.

9.    Period of Contract

      i)     The contract shall initially be for a period of one year which can be extended
             for a further period of Two years on mutual consent.

10.        Acceptance/Termination of Bid

      i)       The BSNL reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and to annul the
                bidding process and reject all bids, at any time prior to award of contract
                without assigning any reason whatsoever and without thereby incurring any
                liability to the affected bidder or bidders on the grounds of BSNL’s action.

11.    Award of Contract
      i)     The issue of a work order shall construed the intention of the BSNL to enter
             into contract with the successful bidder.
      ii)    The successful bidder shall within 14 days of issue order, give his acceptance along
             with performance security and sign the contract with the BSNL.
12.    Signing of Contract
               i) The signing of contract shall construed the award of contract on the bidder.
               Upon successful bidder signing the contract, the BSNL shall discharge the bid
               security. Failure of the successful bidder to comply with the signing requirement
               shall constitute the sufficient ground for the annulment of the award and
               forfeiture f the bid security, in which event the BSNL may at its discretion award
               the work to other bidder or call for fresh bids.
13.    Relaxation/modification in tender: BSNL reserves the right to:
            - Relax the tender conditions at any stage, if considered necessary for the
               purpose of finalizing the contract in overall interest of BSNL.
            - Re-tender or modify the terms & conditions of the tender. It also reserves the
                 rights to negotiate the rates with the lowest Tenderer.
            - Accept or reject any or all of the financial bids in part or in full, irrespective or
                 their being the lowest, without assigning any reasons.

      14. Termination of Contract
          i)     The BSNL may terminate the agreement at any time in the event of breach of
                 any of the terms & conditions of Agreement or in the event of prosecution of
                 the contractor or any of his/its employee or work force under Prevention of
                 Food Adulteration act or any other law for the time being in force.

15.       Downloading of Tender document: Interested Contractor/Caterer shall also download
          the tender document from our website and participate in this
          tender. The bidders, who downloaded the tender documents, shall enclose Demand
          Draft from schedule bank of Rs.500/- drawn in favour of A.O.(Cash), BSNL, New Delhi
          towards the cost of tender document.
16.      Non-participation of near relatives:     Bidder should furnish the certificate on Non -
          Participation of near Relatives of BSNL Employees in the tender called for Engagement
          of Agency for providing canteen facility in BSNL Corporate Office, in Form-IV.
         The near relatives for this purpose are defined as

         (a) Members of a Hindu undivided family.

         (b) They are husband and wife

         (c) The one is related to the other in the manner as father, mother, son(s), & son’s
             wife(daughter in law), daughter(s) & daughter’s husband(son in law), brother(s) and
             bother’s wife, sister(s) and sister’s husband(brother- in- law).


Instructions to bidders & Scope of Work

   1. Cooking (wherever required) shall be done in canteen by using a good quality raw
       material/ oil/ghee etc.
   2. The caterer would be required to provide snacks and lunch at canteen counter on
       all working days from 9.30 am to 6-00 pm. Lunch/snacks shall be provided only
       at Bharat Sanchar Bhawan. If needed the contractor will open the canteen during
       holiday’s and meeting day’s also.
   3. Lunch or snacks shall be served in crockery/disposable containers of approved
   4. The sale of snacks, sweets, lunch to staff will be on cash payment basis. The
       amount shall be collected from the staff by the caterer directly. BSNL shall not be
       liable to pay any amount in any circumstances whatsoever, it may be.
   5. BSNL canteen services shall not be extended to the outsiders by the contractor.
   6. The successful bidder has to sign an agreement with BSNL.
   7. Night stay in the canteen/office premises of the staff/workers deputed by the
       contractor is not allowed.
   8. All items used in cooking will be of Agmark and will observe the quality of the
   9. The workers employed in the canteen by the contractor should wear proper
   10. The contractor shall use only LPG gas for cooking. The electronic equipment for
       the purpose of heating, cooling prepared items as well as drinking items can be
       run on power. Under no circumstances, the contractor will be permitted to use
       kerosene oil, wood or any other fuel which emits smoke & bad odour. The
       contractor shall have to use Fly Catcher or U.V. Light for the houseflies.
   11. The contractor shall after termination of contract handover the peaceful
       possession of the premises with all the electric & sanitary items including
       furniture, fixtures etc., if any, failing which without prejudice to other rights &
       remedies the whole or a part of performance security deposit shall be forfeited by
       BSNL and decision of BSNL in this regard shall be final and binding on the
   12. The successful contractor shall have to use his own Fixtures, utensils etc., with
       prior approval of BSNL.
   13. The Bidder shall not sublet the space provided to it by BSNL. The Bidder shall
       not use the space provided for storage or keeping any other goods or articles other
       than those required for the use in the canteen nor shall do any structural
       addition/alteration in the premises.

    14. The contractor has a bare permission to run a canteen in the BSNL, Corporate Office
        premises during the contract period and nothing contained in this document/agreement
        shall be construed as demise in law of the said BSNL premise or any part thereof and
        shall not give any legal title or interest to the contractor.


1.       BSNL shall evaluate the bids to determine whether they are complete, whether any
computational errors have been made, whether documents have been properly signed and whether
bids are generally in order.
2.       If there is a discrepancy between words and figures the amount in words shall prevail.
Prior to detailed evaluation, BSNL will determine the substantial responsiveness of each bid. A
substantially responsive bid is one, which conforms to all the terms and conditions of bid
document without material deviation. A bid determined as substantially non-responsive will be
rejected by BSNL
3.       Evaluation will be based on the lowest total amount quoted in the price schedule(Form-I).
The bids shall be evaluated as a “Package” consisting of all the items. The package cost will be
calculated in the following manner :
         “Rates quoted for each item X quantity. The total package cost will be sum total of all
4.       The bidder with the lowest total amount will be considered for placement of order.

Health & Hygiene

    1. The Contractor will get all his workers medically certified from approved Registered
       Medical Practitioner recognized by Indian Medical Council, to be free from
       communicable contiguous diseases in addition to general fitness.

    2. The contractor will be responsible for the cleanliness of crockery, cutlery, cooking
       utensils, furniture, fixture etc, including that of kitchen and canteen hall. BSNL will not
       provide any cleaning materials; dusters etc. for the same and no extra payment will be
       made on this account.
    3. A very high standard of hygiene must be maintained in all respect. The quality of eatables
       will be examined periodically by authorised representative/representatives of BSNL. If
       found unsatisfactory and failing to improve the quality, penalty as proposed by such
       representative/representatives subject to maximum of Rs. 1000/- per occasion may be
       imposed and depending on the severity of negligence BSNL reserves the right to rescind
       the contract, black list the contractor and forfeit his security deposit. Further quick day –
       to-day disposal of waste material and refuge shall also be maintained. Failure in quick
       disposal of waste will make the contractor liable to pay fine, which may extend upto
       Rs.1000/- per such occurrence when ordered by Officer in charge.

    4. BSNL reserves its right to take samples of edibles/raw materials from the canteen for the
       purpose of Inspection and Investigation and get the same tested in laboratory with a view
       to maintain the requisite standard of quality. However, such samples will be drawn either
       by authorized representatives of BSNL or by any Government/Local Self Government
       authorities, as per procedure laid down in Prevention of Food Adulteration Act and allied
       acts etc.

   5. In case any proceedings are initiated against the contractor by any
      Court/Municipal/or Govt. Authority under the provisions or Prevention of Food
      Adulteration Act 1952 or any other law/rule or regulation applicable in such
      matter, the contractor shall be solely and directly liable and responsible for that.

Statutory Obligations

         1. The successful tendered/contractor will have to obtain the valid licence in
             terms of Section 12 of the Contract Labour((Regulation & Abolition)Act –
             1970 with Contract Labour(R&A) Rules 1971 from the appropriate
             authority, if applicable and will have to submit the certified photocopy of
             the same to the BSNL.

         2. The contractor will have to obtain all necessary licenses or other approval if
             any required for running the canteen under the relevant acts and he will be
             responsible for all the consequences for not obtaining such licenses. He
             would have to provide Photocopy/True copies of such licenses. The
             licenses would be under Hotel and Restaurant Act, shops & Establishment
             Act and other allied acts. Etc.

         3. The Contractor will have to observe the statutory obligations imposed under
             the concerned applicable laws such as the Contract Labour(R&A) Act 1970
             with Contact Labour(R&A) 1971. The Employees State Insurance Act
             1948, the provident Fund Act. The Minimum Wages Act 1948, the
             payment of Bonus Act, 1963, Act 1927, I.D. Act, 1947 and the provisions
             of Employment of Children Act 1938, House of Employment Regulation
             and Children Act 1938, The Hotel & Restaurant Act. The Shops and
             Establishment Act. The Prevention of Food and Adulteration Act, Etc. and
             other relevant Acts applicable and/or statues that may be applicable from
             time to time or that may be introduced by the Central/State Government or
             Municipal/Local Self Government authorities subsequent to the date of
             this agreement.

         4. The Contractor shall keep the BSNL indemnified from all acts of
            omissions, defaults, breaches and/or any claim damages, loss or injury and
            expenses to which BSNL may be put to or involved as a result of
            Contractor’s failure to fulfil any of the obligations here under and/or under
            statues and/or any bye-laws or rules framed there under or any of them.

         5. BSNL shall be entitled to recover any such losses or expenses which may
             have to suffer or incur on account of such claims, demand loss or injury
             from the Security deposit of the contractor without prejudice to its any
             other rights under the law.

       6. That BSNL will not be liable for any act or breach or omission by the
          contractor in regards to the statutory obligations whatsoever and shall in no
          case be responsible or liable in case of dispute, Prosecution or awards made
          by Court of Law or other Govt. agencies.

       7. In case of accident arising out of and in the course of this agreement, BSNL
           will not be responsible for payment of any compensation or under any
           other law. It will be the sole responsibility of the contractor for payment
           towards loss or compensation whatsoever.

       8. The person engaged by Contractor shall be treated, as Contractor’s own
           employees and can claim no privileges from BSNL. The sole
           responsibility for any legal or financial implication would rest with the
           contractor. The Contractor will be directly responsible for administration of
           his employees as regards their wages, uniforms, general discipline and
           courteous behavior.

       9. The Contractor will have to obtain general insurance against risk, fire
           accident for his belonging etc., for the canteen services including that of
           kitchen etc.

       10. All the taxes/levies/fee charges payable to Govt. Deptt./Local bodies shall
           be paid by the contractor & no claim whatsoever should be recovered from
           the BSNL.


      1. The contractor The Contractor will employ adequate number of staff in
         order to maintain efficiency to the standard/mark desired by BSNL.

      2. The contractor shall employ only trained and experienced workers having
         courteous manners, after verifying their antecedent. If Services or behavior
         of any other staff is found contrary, BSNL will have the right to
         instruct/order the contractor to get such persons discharged from the
         employment and contractor will have to take such drastic actions against
         such employees.

      3. will be provide room service for its official & official visitors/meetings
         without any extra cost and also snacks, refreshment etc., for official function
         at the premises as per BSNL requirement without any extra service charge.

      4. All the staff deployed for canteen should be in the uniform approved by the
         BSNL and identity – name badge should be placed on it, during the on duty

      5. The payment of wages of the staff/worker will be made in presence of
         authorized representative of BSNL, every month, who will put his signature

              in the pay sheet of the contractor as a witness of payments of contractor’s
              workers/staff. The Payment should be made in accordance with the
              payment of Wages Act 1936.

        6. It shall be responsibility of the Bidder that the antecedent of all the
           employees engaged by him/her/it for the Canteen must be verified and
           investigated by police prior to their appointment. Such investigation report
           of police must be provided to the BSNL without fail. The expenses of such
           verification etc., are to be borne by the Bidder itself and BSNL will not
           reimburse any of such charges.

        7. All the personnel so employed/deployed by the Bidder under this contract
           will be the direct employees/workers of the Bidder. They shall be provided
           with the appropriate identity card by the Bidder.


                 1. In the event of any question, dispute or difference arising under the
                     agreement or in connection there with (except as to matter the
                     decision to which is specifically provided under this agreement), the
                     same shall be referred to sole arbitration of the C.M.D., BSNL. In case
                     his designation is changed or his office is abolished then in such case to the
                     sole arbitration of the officer for the time being entrusted whether in
                     addition to the functions of the C.M.D., or by whatever designation such
                     officer may be called (hereinafter referred to as the said officer) and if the
                     C.M.D. or the said officer is unable or unwilling to act as such, then to the
                     sole arbitration of some other person appointed by the CMD or the said
                     officer. The agreement to appoint an arbitrator will be in accordance with
                     the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996. The arbitrator may from time to
                     time with the consent of the parties enlarge the time frame for making and
                     publishing the award. Subject to aforesaid arbitration and conciliation Act.
                     1996 and the rules made there under, any modification thereof for the time
                     being in force shall be deemed to apply to the arbitration proceeding under
                     this clause. The venue of the arbitration proceeding shall be the Office of
                     CMD, BSNL at New Delhi or such other places as the arbitrator may


                                   PRICE SCHEDULE
1.      The rates on which you will supply these following items, during the period of contract
should be quoted below:-
 I.     SNACKS                                               Rates in Rs. Approximate Total Rs.
                                                                       quantity per
1.   Samosa               45 gm/piece                     Rs.              200
2.   Urd vada             35 gm/piece                     Rs.              50
3.   Bonda                50 gm/Piece                     Rs.               50
4.   Veg. Cutlet          45 gm/piece                     Rs.               50
5.   Veg. sandwich        2 bread slices (big) with       Rs.               25
                          cream and seasonal
6. Veg. Berger            Per pc.                         Rs.               25
7.    Veg. Patties        Per pc.                         Rs.               25
8. Idli 2 pcs with        45gm/Plate                      Rs.               25
9.Sambhar Vada 2pcs 35 gm/Plate                           Rs.               25
10.Plain Dosa            Per pc.                          Rs.               25
11.Masala Dosa           Per pc.                          Rs.               25
12.Stuffed Bread         Per pc.                          Rs.               50
13.Chhole Bhature        Per plate(2 pcs. Bhature)        Rs.               25
14.Veg. Springroll       Per pc.                          Rs.               25
15.Chawmein              Per plate                        Rs.               25
1. Besan Burfi                45 gm./piece                 Rs.             50
2. Besan Ladu                 45 gm./piece                 Rs.             50
3. Khoya Burfi                35 gm./piece                 Rs.             50
4. Gulab Jamun                45 gm./piece                 Rs              50
5. Amriti                     50 gm/piece                  Rs.             50
6. Balusai                    50 gm/piece                  Rs.             50
III.LUNCH                     2 Chapati+RiceBasmati(75 (a)Rs.              100
1.VEG THALI MEAL              gm)+Dal(75ml)+Seasonal
 a) unpacked in Canteen       Sabzi(75gm)+Raita(50ml) (b)Rs.                10
 b) packed to be supplied in +Salad+one sweet from II
    Office                    above.
2.SPECIAL VEG.THALI           2 paratha+Pulao(100          (a)Rs.           20
 a) unpacked in Canteen       grms)+Dalmakhani(75
 b) packed to be supplied in grms)+Shahi Paneer/Malai
    Office                    Kofta(75 mg) +               (b)Rs.            5
                              Raita(50ml) + Salad + one
3.SOUTH INDIAN THALI          1 Dosa + 1 Idli +1 vada      (a)Rs.           20
 a) unpacked in Canteen       +Sambar + Chatni + 1
 b) packed to be supplied in Sweet                         (b)Rs.            5
                                          Carried forward to page 2              Total
                                                             Rates in         Approximate    Total Rs.
                                                             Rs.              quantity per
                                                        Carried forward from page 1
i)Pepsi/Coke/Thumps            Per Bottle/ of 300ML          Rs.              50
ii)Pepsi/Coke/Thumps           Per Bottle of 500 ML          Rs.              50
    (i) Tea                    Per cup 100 ML                Rs.              50
    (ii) Coffee                Per cup 100 ML                Rs.              50
V. Fruit Drinks
     i) Frooti                 Per packet of 200             Rs.              20
   ii) Jumpin                  Per packet of 200             Rs.              20
   iii) Tropicana              Per packet of 200             Rs.              20
   iv) Real                    Per packet of                 Rs.              20
   v) Seasonal Fruit Chat      Per plate                     Rs.          50
                                                                     Grand total

                                                    SIGNATURE OF THE CONTRACTOR

dated :

                    (Pl. refer to evaluation clause in para 10 for details)

Note :

   1. L1 rates will be determined by using the grand total arrived at.
   2. It is mandatory to quote item wise rates for each of the items listed above. Even if
   quote is not submitted for one item, the bid is liable for rejection.


                                      AGENCY DETAILS
                     (Including performance records, financial viability etc.)

1.Name of Agency                                                  :

2.Status of ownership of the firm(Proprietary/Partnership/Company)

3.Registration No. for Catering Services(Municipal Corporation)
4.Sales Tax Registration No.                                    :

5.PAN Number                                                      :

6.Income Tax A/C No. & Tax Paid                                   :
  During Last Two Financial Year

7.Tin Number of the Agency                                        :

8.No. of Manpower (Qualified, Skilled and Unskilled)              :
  Available with the firm as on date as per the Master Rolls.

9.Telephones Nos.                                                 :

10.Residential Address                                            :

11.Banker’s Name & Address                                        :

12.Experience (Years)                                             :

13.List of Major Clients(Enclose copy of Orders/Contractors       :
   Alongwith Items Details, Performance Report

14.Any Other Information/Documents which may help BSNL            :
  In assessing Tender’s Capabilities for award of contract

                                                                      Signature of the Contractor





The Assistant Director General (Admn. II)
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
Corporate Office
Statesman House, New Delhi.

Subject: Authorization for attending bid opening on ____________________ (date) in
          the Tender of ________________________________________________.

       Shri/Smt._________________________ is hereby authorized to attend the bid
opening      for     the      tender     mentioned       above      on      behalf    of
_____________________________________________ (Bidder).

Specimen Signatures of representative

                                                                    Signatures of bidder
                                                       Officer authorized to sign the bid
                                                      Documents on behalf of the bidder.

Note: 1. Only one representative will be permitted to attend bid opening.

       2. Permission for entry to the hall where bids are opened may be refused in case
         authorization as prescribed above is not recovered.


(Certificate on Non Participation of near Relatives in the tender called for Engagement of Agency
for providing canteen facility in BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi vide No. 12-3/2010-
Admn.II as required under Annexure I Clause 16 of Bid document.


I ___________________________Son of / W/o___________________________

R/o _________________________here by certify that none of my relative(s) as per clause 16 of
tender document is/are employed in BSNL unit as per details given in tender document. In case
at any stage, it is found that the information given by me is false/ incorrect, BSNL shall have the
absolute right to take any action as deemed fit/ without any prior intimation to me.

                                                                  Signed ___________________

                                                         FOR AND ON BEHALF OF THE BIDDER
                                             Name (caps)_________________________________





      In consideration of the CMD, BSNL (hereinafter called the ‘BSNL’) having agreed to
      exempt _____________________ (hereinafter called ‘the said contractor(s)) from the
      demand under the terms and conditions of an agreement/Advance Purchase Order No.
      _________________ dated ___________ made between ___________________ and
      _____________________ for the supply of _______________ (hereinafter called “the
      said agreement”), of security deposit for the due fulfillment by the said contractor(s) of
      the terms and conditions contained in the said Agreement, on production of the bank
      guarantee       for       ________________________we,              (name      of       the
      bank)______________________ (hereinafter refer to as “the bank”) at the request of
      ___________________________(contractor(s)) do hereby undertake to pay to the BSNL
      an amount not exceeding __________________ against any loss or damage caused to or
      suffered or would be caused to or suffered by BSNL by reason of any breach by the said
      Contractor(s) of any of the terms or conditions contained in the said Agreement.

2.    We (name of the bank) ___________________ do hereby undertake to pay the amounts
      due and payable under this guarantee without any demure, merely on a demand from the
      BSNL by reason of breach by the said contractor(s)’ of any of the terms or conditions
      contained in the said Agreement or by reason of the contractors(s)’ failure to perform the
      said Agreement. Any such demand made on the bank shall be conclusive as regards the
      amount due and payable by the Bank under this guarantee where the decision of the
      BSNL in these counts shall be final and binding on the bank.       However, our liability
      under this guarantee shall be restricted to an amount not exceeding

3.   We undertake to pay to the BSNL any money so demanded notwithstanding any dispute or
     disputes raised by the contractor(s)/supplier(s) in any suit or proceeding pending before
     any court or tribunal relating thereto our liability under this present being absolute and
     unequivocal. The payment so made by us under this bond shall be valid discharge of our
     liability for payment there under and the contractor(s)/ supplier(s) shall have no claim
     against us for making such payment.

5.    We (name of the bank) __________________________ further agree that the guarantee
      herein contained shall remain in full force and effect during the period that would be
      taken for the performance of the said agreement and that it shall continue to be
      enforceable till all the dues of the BSNL under or by virtue of the said Agreement have
      been fully paid and its claims satisfied or discharged or till ____________________
      (office/Department) BSNL certifies that the terms and conditions of the said Agreement
      have been fully or properly carried out by the said contractor(s) and accordingly
      discharges this guarantee. Unless a demand or claim under this guarantee is made on us
      in writing on or before the expiry of TWO/TWO AND HALF/THREE YEARS (as
       specified in P.O.) from the date hereof, we shall be discharged from all liabilities under
       this guarantee thereafter.

5.     We (name of the bank) ____________________ further agree with the BSNL that the
      BSNL shall have the fullest liberty without our consent and without affecting in any
      manner our obligations hereunder to vary and of the terms and conditions of the said
      Agreement or to extend time of performance by the said contactor(s) from time to time or
      to postpone for any time or from time to time any of the powers exercisable by the BSNL
      against the said Contractor(s) and to forbear or enforce any of the terms and conditions
      relating to the said agreement and we shall not be relieved from our liability by reason of
      any such variation, or extension being granted to the said contractor(s) or for any
      forbearance, act or omission on the part of the BSNL or any indulgence by the BSNL to
      the said Contractor(s) or by any such matter or thing whatsoever which under the law
      relating to sureties would, but for this provision, have effect of so relieving us.

6.    This guarantee will not be discharged due to the change in the constitution of the Bank or
      the Contractor(s)/supplier(s)

7.   We (name of the bank) __________________ lastly undertake not to revoke this guarantee
      during its currency except with the previous consent of the BSNL in writing.

                                       Dated the__________________ day of ______________

                                                                 (indicate the name of the bank)



                                EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE

              Certified that M/s……………………………………………………………has

Run/is running the canteen in this PSU/Government Department, satisfactorily for the period

from …………………….to………………………..

                                                                          Authorised signatory

                                                                                 Rubber Stamp


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