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                 TII Technical
                Education                                      EP-250
Teaching Technology for Tomorrow.                        ELECTRO-PNEUMATICS

                  A Comprehensive Training System For
                Electronic Control of Pneumatic Technology
 The EP-250 Electro-Pneumatic Training System is           The EP-250 is a stand-alone system mounted upright
 designed for hands-on study of electrical/electronic      on a metal frame with stainless steel front panel,
 control of pneumatic components in a user-friendly        built-in 24 VDC power supply and universal banana
 application-oriented setting. It includes a student       jack I/O sockets for convenient interfacing with TII’s
 manual and instructor’s guide, which focus on the         Explorer I Industrial Pneumatic or other training
 background, use and application of electronic control     systems. All components are silkscreened for easy
 to pneumatic technology.                                  identification.

 Electronic control is done through use of a               By combining the Programmable Controller with the
 Programmable “Smart Relay” Micro Controller with          easy-to-use I/O interfacing and the included
 system components and hardware mounted in a               pneumatic valves, actuators, switches and sensors,
 configuration to replicate manufacturing operations.      true electrical control and logic of pneumatic
                                                           technology in a replicated manufacturing
 Like a PLC, the “Smart Relay” allows the user to          press/stamping and vise/clamping environment can
 program and control up to eight inputs and four           be achieved.
 outputs simultaneously. However, unlike a PLC, the
 simplified logic programming software that is             With the EP-250’s flexible system design, interfacing
 included with the “Smart Relay” requires no previous      to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and other
 PLC programming knowledge. This enables the               external devices whether as part of an FMS system or
 student to focus his/her efforts on controlling the       stand-alone operation on a table or bench is as easy
 pneumatic elements and applications without having        as “Plug and Play”.
 to study PLC programming first.

The EP-250 Electro-Pneumatic is mounted upright           Other items included in the Base Unit are:
on a metal frame (20.5” x 14.5” x 4”) with stainless
steel panel for convenient interfacing with other TII      •   Built-in 2.4 amp 24 VDC power supply for
trainers. There is a large (20.5” x 10”) work space            stand alone operation or interface to other 24
attached to the front of the metal frame making the            VDC enabled external devices or PLC.
EP-250 system configuration appear “L-shaped”.             •   Series of jacks and banana jack patchcords for
Various application-oriented hardware can be                   easy electrical interconnecting of various
attached to this work space. A programmable “Smart             system elements.
Relay” micro controller is embedded into the top           •   Two air piloted double-ended solenoid
center of the steel panel. All features are                    directional control valves. The air pilots assist
silkscreened for easy identification. A series of jacks        the shifting of the solenoid valve to permit low
are located throughout the panel for easy electrical           system air pressure operation.
connecting and interfacing using banana jack               •   Two double acting pneumatic cylinders with
patchcords. A compressed air source (not included)             reed switches and flow control valves on each
is required for system operation.                              end of the cylinder. The manually operated
                                                               flow control valves are used for speed control
The “Smart Relay” controller has a built-in keypad             adjustment of cylinder rod extension and
and display with simultaneous control for up to six            retraction. The reed switches provide electrical
digital 24 VDC inputs, two analog 0 – 10 VDC                   feedback of cylinder rod motion and location.
inputs and four relay outputs. Line power is fuse          •   Four pneumatically operated limit switches for
protected. This controller can perform simple logic,           system logic activities.
timing, counting, and real-time clock operations.          •   Emergency Stop Button for emergency system
The “Smart Relay” controller provides the flexibility          shutdown.
for programmable control of inputs/outputs with the        •   System pressure regulator with gauge for
ease of relay logic functionality. The “Smart                  precise system air control.
Relay’” can be programmed via the built-in keypad          •   Adjustable pressure switch with electrical
and display or included Windows-based software.                controls.
                                                           •   Four switches and two lights for interface to
Controller Specifications:                                     the “Smart Relay” Controller.
                                                           •   Three supplemental valves – two pulse and one
Programming:                                                   toggle – for auxiliary action and control.
    Keypad and Display                                     •   Series of banana jacks and patchcords for
    Windows-based software                                     electrically interconnecting various system
Voltage:                                                   •   The cylinders are positioned on the panel to
    Line in:        115 VAC, 60 HZ                             replicate a pneumatic vise/clamping operation
    Optional:       230 VAC, 50 HZ                             and a pneumatic press/stamping operation.
                                                           •   All pneumatic hoses have been pre-plumbed
                                                               and connected for system operation.
    Digital Input: 6 Inputs – 0 to 24 VDC
    Analog Input: 2 Inputs – 0 to 10 VDC
    Output:        4 Outputs – Relay
                                                          System Dimensions:
Memory:                                                       Size:           20.5” x 15.0” x 14.0”
   Size:          164 Instruction words                       Shipping Weight:40 lbs.
   Type:          Built-in EEPROM

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