T-Shirt Scarf Tutorial by ghkgkyyt


									                                               T-Shirt Scarf Tutorial


5+ adult size t-shirts (various colors and patterns)

Stretch needle for sewing machine

Polyester thread
Using a rotary cutter and a straight edge. Cut your t-shirts into strips that are varying thicknesses but at
least 14.5 inches wide. You can cut your shirt on the diagonal, horizontal or vertical. You can even include
bits with pockets or side seams. Di erent patterns and colors add interest.



                                                  Once you have enough strips cut, move them around until
                                                  you get the design and order you prefer. Pay attention to
As you cut your strips lay them on a at           the orientation in which you place your patterned pieces.
surface until they measure the length of          For words or recognizable graphics orient them so top is
your desired scarf.                               towards the middle of the scarf. This way they will be in
                                                  correct orientation during wear.

                Adult: 5’
                Child: 3’-4’

Sewing fabrics that stretch can be a bit trickier to sew than quilting cotton.
Here are a few tips that make it easier:

· Use a polyester thread (it stretches more easily)
· Pin frequently, about every inch to inch and a half
· Sew at a slow controlled speed
· Avoid stretching the fabric as you sew.
  Try to avoid having the fabric hanging o the table as much as possible as this stretches the fabric.
· Before sewing, try a few test runs with some scraps you have. If you have skipped stitches, replace your
  machine needle with a “stretch” or “ball point” needle. They are designed to help prevent this. Your local
  fabric store can help you pick out the right type and size of needle for your machine. Make sure to bring
  your sewing machine manual with you or your machines make and model. If you don’t have that, try
  bringing the needle currently in your machine with you.
Before you sew your pieces together, pin a safety pin
to the end piece you are going to start with rst. Pin it
towards the edge that will be at the end of your scarf,
opposite the edge that you are going to sew to the
next strip inline. This will help you with orientation
and ensure that you always sew the next strip to the
correct end as your piece becomes larger.

To sew your pieces together, place your rst two strips on a
 at surface with right sides together. Match the sides of the
edge you wish to sew together, pin along the edge and sew
the seam allowance

Repeat this step, attaching the next stripe to the end of your
piece opposite of the safety pin, until all pieces have been
sewn together.

To straighten your scarves edges, lay it on a at           Make sure your trimmed scarf is right side up on
surface and trim the edges. After trimming your            a at surface and fold it in half widthwise.
scarf should be 14 in wide.                                Match the sides of the
                                                           edge and pin along the
                                                           edge and sew the
                                                           seam allowance.

Turn your scarf right side out. Iron your piece at with the
seam towards one edge. If your t-shirts have printed graph-
ics avoid those with the iron.

Place your ironed scarf on a at surface and turn one inch of
an end toward the inside of the scarf and pin. Sew the seam
allowance. Repeat other end.

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