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									November 19, 2010

                               The following are candidates looking for positions.
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                                         Newest Job Seekers
JS 183 Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer with expertise in structural engineering. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Sample of Experience:

Teaching Assistant – School of Engineering
Provide one-on-one tutoring service during office hours; grade assignments and maintain students’ grade records

Research Assistant – School of Engineering
Conduct laboratory experiments and finite element modeling of reciprocating hydropower system using ABAQUS.
Study the construction of a longitudinal joint and compose a detailed literature review

Hydropower Engineer
Design micro hydro schemes for government alternative energy programs
Write detailed reports including technical drawings. Provide cost estimate of projects

Design support structures for hydropower schemes under supervision of senior engineer
Create design drawings of support structures using CAD
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JS 184 Business Sales Executive

Business Sales executive with over 20 years of experience in the outpatient healthcare industry including regional
sales management responsibility for a start-up healthcare software development company. Proven closer and an
effective leader with exceptional personal, strategic and organizational abilities including special expertise in
developing creative marketing and price modeling strategies, increasing profitability and developing new business.
Sample of Experience:
Sales Consultant
Software Development Company specializing in web-based physical therapy documentation and prescribing
    • Built sales team and developed sales strategy for start-up company
    • Introduced management to most effective forms of marketing and promotion, based on company’s budget
       and goals
    • Trained sales staff on proper use of CRM and other tools needed for effective lead and opportunity tracking
Vice President Sales
Software Development Company specializing in administrative and clinical software solutions for Ambulatory
Surgery Centers, Physicians Practices, Surgical Hospitals and other outpatient healthcare providers and facilities.

    •   Introduced new products into new and existing, highly competitive markets, generating sales revenue in
        excess of $4 million over 5 years
    •   Assisted in design and development of products
    •   Generated leads, determined prospective clients needs, performed product demonstrations, developed
        sales proposals and negotiated sales of multiple products and solutions
    •   Managed Value Added Resellers channel, including acquiring VAR partners, providing assistance and
        guidance on product demonstrations, sales process, negotiations and contracting
    •   Cultivated corporate clients, performing presentations in front of large groups, presenting both company
        introduction and product demonstrations
    •   Participated in development of pricing programs, including the development of creative acquisition models,
        providing prospective clients with multiple acquisition options

Account Executive
   • Designed software and hardware solutions that best met customer’s needs, consistent with Application
      Software that accentuated flexibility, cost, capacity and economy of operation
   • Exceeded sales expectations in two years to more than $2.4 million
   • Developed creative sales agreements for many large corporate clients to meet clients’ unique goals
   • Developed performance reports of business transactions and assisted in development of software tool to
      provide more efficient collection of sales data and easier collation of data for analysis

Owner, Courier Service
Established a successful courier service specializing in same-day delivery for travel agents, physicians and
pharmacies; Successfully sold business in 1990
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JS 185 Design innovator

Design innovator with broad consumer and industrial development history. Self-prepared many issued and pending
patents. Focused team player creating top-level designs covering small consumer to very large industrial devices
including electronic and many mechanical details. Strong skills in design using existing high-volume components to
cut manufacturing costs. Managed documentation and photography for all manuals, oversaw all safety agency
testing and related document control.

Technical Skills:
Design of LED-based products and drivers for same. System-level design of all types of electronic and electro-
mechanical products. Knowledge of all PCB, machine shop, SLA, EDM laser, aluminum extrusion and hydro-cutting
processes assists in creating cost-effective designs. Master of an early version of AutoCAD, currently learning
SolidWorks. Fluent in all MS office and business apps, Adobe PE8, all manner of audio, video and image file
conversions and editing.

Samples of Experience:
Consultant/ Proprietary Product Design
Currently promoting three patent pending energy-conservation technologies
        1. Graphical energy-conservation display, wrote, illustrated and filed Provisional and Utility Patents. Built
           prototypes, concept in-evaluation
        2. LED lamp thermal management scheme to solve installed lamp heat buildup
           common to all recessed LED fixtures. Built prototypes for thermal evaluation
        3. Designing hi-power LED recessed ceiling mini-fixtures for insulation-contact
        4. Developed, under contract, proprietary LED sign illumination and extrusion shapes

Design Engineer/Lab Manager
   • Oversaw several technicians, one engineer and services of electronic prototype lab
   • Designed LED display systems for airports, train stations and financial applications
          o Largest systems used 256 MPUs, >1/2 million RGB LEDs, 96,000 COB driver chips (helped
             develop) & 1500 power supplies (all in all, 64 identical “tiles”)
   • Designed novel flat wall-mounted cooling system, redundant safety, remote mapped
   • Supervise in-plant safety agency testing of desk-top to wall-sized electronic systems
   • Prepare documentation for installation, and maintenance, often in foreign countries
   • Interfaced between Engineering, Marketing, Manufacturing and off-shore manufacturers
   • Develop thermal imaging-based pre-shipment diagnostic procedure to improve reliability

   • Designed a broad range of consumer, broadcast, surveillance and industrial systems
   • Managed IP development and most documentation for 2 private engineering firms
   • Assisted in design and IntelSat commissioning of 9-station dual-redundant C-Band
           o satellite video conferencing system
   • Designed patented circuits for energy-conservation and non-contact moisture detection
   • Wrote bids that won contracts from the FAA, NASA, Boeing, Bendix, CACI and more.
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                                   Previously Posted Job Seekers
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JS 176 Experienced Plant /Operations Manager & Business Leader

Innovative business leader with success in capital expansion, business growth and community relations. Strategic
planning and partnership with sales and marketing. Agent for new business development with analysis of product
line structure resulting in reduction of tax liability; relationships strengthened with government regulatory agencies
and legislators.

Technical Skills:
-Process Engineering and Production Management in Mining and Mineral Processing Environments -New
Operation Design, Construction and Maintenance -Customer Service and Governmental Compliance
-Manufacture of Active Metals and Metallurgical Wire.

Sample of Experience:

Independent Consultant
Provide engineering on new equipment design, purchase of industrial equipment and coordination of the
manufacture of experimental equipment to entrepreneurs in the startup phase of a new product manufacture.
Plant Manager
Leader of two business units with combined sales of $70 million. Directed the independent reporting structures of
these units with up to 135 employees including matrix staff (Human Resources, Finance, Quality Assurance).

Operations Manager
Manager of production and shipping of limestone products which tripled in output to 600k tons annually.
Responsible for all Quarry Operations, primary and secondary crushing, sizer/dryer operations, two fine screening
departments and a pulverized stone department. Staff development, budget preparation, and human resources
activity (implemented testing process for supervisory candidates). Integrated Statistical Process Control techniques
and tracked improvements in the areas of labor and equipment utilization.

Production Supervisor
Supervised the production of various calcium metal products. Operations included primary grinding, secondary
grinding, crushing, redistillation, foundry and production of barium metal. Commendations for modifications of
equipment that improved safety and development of a patented Calcium Aluminum alloy.
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JS 177 Entry Level IT/Finance Support Specialist

Background and experience in Finance, Accounting, Information Technology, and Customer Support

Technical Skills:
Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Internet Applications, Database Design, Spreadsheet and Database Applications

Sample of Experience:

Advisory Group Associate
       • Assisted senior staff in the development of competitive analysis and benchmarking studies for clients of
          this consulting firm that advises companies in transition and performs corporate revitalization
       • Compiled research regarding industry trends, distribution, product differentiation and technology

         •   Completed two internships on the Information Technology Help Desk
         •   Trained employees in the use of new and upgraded programs
         •   Corrected software and hardware problems

Customer Service Rep
   • Resolved errors and customer complaints using well-developed problem solving skills
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JS 178 Senior Project Engineer

Senior Project Engineer with extensive engineering services experience in program management and business

•   Experienced working with an international team
•   Extensive experience with engineering organizational functions and systems
•   Expert level parametric modeling and drafting skills
•   Expert level Unigraphics and Teamcenter skills, using Unigraphics NX4 and Teamcenter Enterprise and
    Engineering; Capable of teaching engineering techniques to newly hired staff, and lower grade engineers
•   Fully proficient in MS Office applications

Sample of Experience:

Project Engineer
•   Responsible for design management activities related to the product development and introduction into revenue
    service of the PW810 and GTF(Geared Turbo Fan) High Pressure Compressor. Support the coordination of all
    engineering activities including technical oversight, resource and hardware planning, scheduling, process
    development and organizational alignment
•   Lead and coordinate the cross-functional and multi-disciplined and multi-site High Pressure Compressor
    Module Team
•   Value Stream Mapping, 6S and Kaizen event experience
•  Direct the development and incorporation of configuration changes both internally and through external
   customer configuration management groups
Recruitment Manager
•  Created and developed the role of Recruitment Manager for the Engineering and Design office. Process
   requests for staffing needs, employ recruiting tools (Monster, Careerbuilder, etc.), attend career fairs and
   coordinate with staffing firms to glean resumes, schedule interviews and select qualified candidates
Deputy Principal
•  Managed a group of design engineers assigned to multiple mechanical engineering projects to develop new
   design concepts, which were innovative, yet producible, installable, durable, and performing to strict customer
Senior Design Engineer
•   Designed components such as manifolds, tubes, brackets, shafts, cases, manifolds, blades and vanes
• Vast experience with ANSI and ISO GD&T standards
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JS 179 Experienced Industrial Design Professional

Experienced Industrial Designer and Industrial Design Manager utilizing user-centered design skills and new
product innovation methods. Successfully completed design and engineering responsibilities for a number of
product development programs. Utilized strong set of project management skills (including client & vendor liaison,
budget, schedule, management of diverse resources, & P&L).

Sample of Experience:

   • Developed an industrial design and usability strategy for a hand-held, catheter-based restenosis treatment
       device for pre-IPO startup
   • Designed a storage and retrieval system for customer retail installations
   • Contributing team member on the development of the groundbreaking Industrial Design/Human
       Factors/Operability corporate guidelines
   • Co-developed graphical user interface (GUI) strategy that helped the team win a global competition to
       proceed forward with completion
   • Awarded contract to explore, conceive and fabricate ergonomic and appearance studies for a line of
       surgical instruments including pincers and trocars
   • Provided industrial design and ergonomics solutions for a mammography x-ray scanning workstation
    •   Designed and engineered an environmentally-controlled enclosure system. Charged with complete
        assembly, sub-assembly and part detailing responsibility, as well as, component sourcing, BOM
        preparation, design to production handoff, fabrication & assembly review, model/drawing revisions and final
    •   Generated ergonomic concepts and mockups for a wearable telemetry device
    •   Designed and managed prototype build of user interface and enclosure set for bench top lab instrument
        capable of HIV virus detection in blood samples
    •   Designed and developed a successful line of rattlers, teethers and baby feeding products

Market and End-User research

    •   Compiled market research data, both primary and secondary, with which to validate and/or identify new
        product opportunities in the surgical, clinical laboratory and blood-banking sectors. Conducted in-field
        investigations (including interviews, observations, workflow and task analysis) with identified lead users.
        Particular emphasis given to latent needs identification
   • Participated in the design, costing and logistics planning of a usability and market research study for a
        blood analysis instrument targeting global blood banks
   • Conducted emerging markets and technologies investigations including interviews with technologists
        developing bio-chip, lab-on-chip and various MEMs and nanotechnologies
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JS 180 Part Time Legal Counsel

Sample of Experience

    •   Associate Counsel of $25MM architecture & engineering firm
            o Assisted in all legal matters concerning contracts, collections, ethics, leases, immigration, claims,
               and corporate governance
            o Assisted in converting the company to an ESOP. Coordinated development of company safety
               plan, business continuity plan, automobile policy, social security privacy policy and the employee
            o Handled all legal responses to RFP’s and RFQ’s
            o Responsible for all corporate and employee licensing
           o Oversaw outside legal counsel
   • Successfully passed LEED Green Associate exam.
   • Associate in the Business Law Practice Group specializing in mergers and acquisitions and private debt
        and equity financings
           o Assisted in drafting and negotiating documents for various transactions
   • Counsel
           o Drafted, reviewed and negotiated non-disclosure agreements, consulting agreements, purchase
               and sale agreements, license agreements and employment agreements
           o Prepared powers of attorney and board of directors’ resolutions
           o Assisted in $170 million sale of major division of company
           o Assisted in sale of company through four separate transactions
           o Responsible for foreign legal representation in stock sales of foreign subsidiaries
           o Managed assignment of contracts and leases
           o Reviewed and drafted ancillary agreements.
   • Associate in Business Law Department specializing in mergers and acquisitions.
           o Drafted asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, stockholders’ agreements, legal
               opinions and all other documents pertaining to complex transactions
           o Negotiated employment agreements and stock option agreements
           o Advised clients on U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules and regulations
           o Conducted due diligence and produced disclosure schedules
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JS 181 Senior Mechanical Design Engineer
Over 14 years experience as Head Senior Mechanical Designer with expertise in new product development
(concepts, prototypes, testing) and product design and improvement for manufacturing. Electrical Engineering
background and optical design and alignment experience.
    • Proficient in 3-Dimensional modeling of parts and assemblies using SolidWorks
    • Experience with extrusions, investment and sand castings, sheet metal fabrication, diamond turned and
       replicated optics, and various machining processes
    • Experience with reducing costs in design by improving manufacturing techniques, simplifying assembly and
       reducing parts count
    • Excellent research, testing, problem solving and laboratory skills
    • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout, electro-mechanical integration, and cable designing
    • Integration of mechanical, electrical, optical and pneumatic systems
    • Excellent machine shop skills, including milling, turning, and welding

Sample of Experience
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer
   •   Head Mechanical Designer, responsible for all aspects of mechanical design: concepts, prototypes, custom
       instruments, mechanical drawings, 3-Dimensional models and all related documentation for production
   •   Member of the design team that won the 2008 R&D 100 Award (R&D Magazine) for the RASSMAT Rumble
       and Screech Spatial Mapping Analyzer Tool, a non-contact, passive optical method for sensing and
       measuring rumble and screech during jet engine testing
   •   Designed, fabricated, assembled, and delivered multiple electro-mechanical and opto-mechanical products
       •    Optical Smoke Analyzer – an extractive turbine engine exhaust analyzer
       •    Rumble and Screech Spatial Mapping Analyzer Tool (RASSMAT).
       •    High Speed Thermal Imaging Camera – used to map the surface temperature of thermal barrier coated
            (TBC) turbine blades during operational testing of advanced military jet engines
       •    3-Dimensional Hemispherical Robotic Imaging System – triple-camera system that generates a full 3D
            hemispherical image
       •    Distributed System for Field Detection of Stray Energy from Laser Weapons – a sensor system that can
            monitor stray laser energy during open-air testing of high-energy lasers
   •   Manager of the in-house machine shop
   •    Redesign of gas analyzer, resulting in reductions of: weight by 30%, parts costs by 20%, and assembly
        time by approximately 30%
   •    Development of an optical alignment routine, with fixtures, that resulted in a reduction of alignment time
        from approximately 4 hours to approximately ½ hour
   •    Design and assemble custom optical systems, vacuum chambers, pump systems, gas cells, test and
        alignment fixtures, and custom modifications to product line
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JS 182 Materials Engineer

Sample of Experience
Research/Teaching Assistant, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering/Department of Materials
Science and Engineering
    •   Research Assistant - Assisted Professors in their various research activities by performing several
        thermodynamic calculations and developing research articles, presentation materials and posters
    •   Teaching Assistant - Assisted several professors in their courses (under graduate level) by developing and
        conducting classes and tutorials, setting up experimental procedures, and developing lecture presentations

Lecturer, Department of Materials Engineering: Taught metallurgy course second year undergraduate students.
Prepared and conducted tutorials, helped senior lectures in their course developments. Instrumental in improving
the quality of Materials Science undergraduate courses
Instructor, Department of Materials Engineering:
    •   Conducted experiments including tensile testing, XRD, and Microscopy.
    •   Conducted tutorial classes for the undergraduate students.
Engineering Intern: Participated in production and quality control activities

Journal Publications:

“Undulate phase boundaries on binary T-x diagrams”
“Post-optimization elimination of inverted miscibility gaps”
“Re-optimization of the Mg-Sb system under topological constraints
“Thermodynamic modeling of the Mg-Al-Sb system
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                                   Previously Posted Job Seekers
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    informed us. If so, please let us know.)

JS 173 Civil Engineer

Sample of Experience:

Land Planning & Development
Volunteer civil engineering work with the planning, development and construction of places of worship

Feasibility and Site Analysis • Site Planning and Design • Stormwater Management • Parking Lot Design

    •   Specialized in site plan design of residential and industrial lots
    •   Worked with design team on parking lot drainage plans with strict effluent requirements
    •   Investigated and developed solutions for a small town with low water pressure problems

Rezoning plans • stormwater management • master planning • water distribution modeling and design
• boundary, topographic and as-built surveying and drawing using AutoCAD • property research and planning
• preparation of presentations for city planning boards

Water Treatment & Distribution
Daily operation of Grade IIB groundwater, lime-softening treatment plant using groundwater collection, ClariCone
solids contact clarifiers, final pH adjustment and chlorination, and water distribution. Investigated alternative uses
for lime-softening sludge. Duties included operation of all unit processes.

    •   Analyzed feasibility of switching from sulfuric acid to carbon dioxide for pH adjustment
    •   Helped to find alternative water treatment chemical that resulted in $32,000 annual savings
    •   Worked with the drilling, development and testing of two new groundwater wells

Groundwater well monitoring • bacteriological sampling and testing • laboratory measuring of pH, alkalinity,
chlorine, water hardness • dewatering • monthly operational report writing

Wastewater Collection & Treatment
Daily operation of Grade 4A, 0.165 MGD wastewater treatment facility with single-stage nitrification and strict
effluent requirements on nitrate, phosphorus, and turbidity; duties included operation of all unit processes.
     • Solved problem of short circuiting by designing a baffle system for chlorine contact tank
     • Developed spreadsheets for simplifying data collection, analyzing, and report writing
     • Prevented violations by identifying process problems and saved costs by chemical dosage adjustment
     Evaluation of chemical feed rates • continuous backwash deep-bed up-flow tertiary filters • UV disinfection
     • water reuse for irrigation • laboratory work • preparation of monthly operational reports
      •       Grade 4A Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, New York – Certificate No. 12792
      •       Pending Grade IIB and Grade D Water Treatment Operator Certification, New York
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JS 174 Chemical/Fuel Processor Engineer

Determined and organized Chemical Engineer with a strong background in chemical reactor design/controls,
mass/energy balances, thermodynamics, fuel processing, chemical reaction kinetics, energy conversion,
hydrocarbon utilization, and separations. Extensive research, analytical and experimental skills and knowledge;
Solid computational and hands-on experience; Expertise in HPLC technology and USP methods; Excellent
problem-solving, communication, leadership, teaching, mentoring, and interpersonal skills; Ability to rapidly
integrate observations and results into products and manufacturing technology; Fluent in English and Spanish.

Technical Skills:
Software: C++, Matlab, AutoCAD, Layout Editor, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, Illustrator
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Scientific Tools/Equipment: Optical and electron microscopy, mass spectroscopy, gas and liquid
chromatography, computational modeling and simulations, chemical kinetic and thermal integration using Comsol,
Matlab, and Fluent.
Specialized Experience/Skills: Fabrication of silicon distributors using photolithography and chemical etching
techniques by microelectromechanical (MEMS) and microchemical systems.

Sample of Experience:

Graduate Assistant
Designed, fabricated, and demonstrated thermally integrated microreactor networks for the autothermal
production of hydrogen.
•   Planned and conducted experiments for thermally coupling catalytic combustion with endothermic reforming of
•   Implemented a new design for reversible sealing of microreactors.
•   Developed 1-D model and simulation strategy for heat integration in microchannel networks using Matlab..
•   Performed microfabrication of silicon distributors by photolithography and chemical etching techniques.
•   Supervised two undergraduates’ work; scheduled and established tasks for undergraduate research; trained
    one graduate student.
•   Authored three peer-reviewed publications.

Quality Control Laboratory Supervisor
    •   Administered Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) programs and testing; tested new and
        improved laboratory methods and procedures; evaluated QC and QA statistics and modified manuals.
    •   Supervised a group of 12 QC Technicians; trained new employees; directed QC Laboratory in absence of
        General Manager.
    •   Ensured adherence to company quality standards and customer specifications through supervising activities of
        workers inspecting incoming materials, in-process pharmaceutical components, and finished products.
    •   Implemented Master Control Program for testing and monitoring pharmaceutical products’ shelf life and
    •   Communicated with Customer Service, Sales, and Technicians over defects identified on raw
        material/products and recommended corrective adjustments.

Chemical Engineer Technician
Adapted laboratory procedures to achieve best results, interpret data, and devise solutions to problems related to
active ingredients in manufactured products.
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JS 175 Research & Development Professional-Biotechnology
Energetic, strongly interpersonal, problem-based, creative and dynamic group-based thinker oriented toward
discovery and development of project solutions. Hands-on multi-disciplinary Research and Development
background extending from Cell Biology/Physiology to Biochemistry and Structural Biophysics; Sound
understanding of the complexities of cellular signal transduction pathways. Skilled in the development of nano-
technological approaches for data acquisition

Sample of Experience:

Chief Scientific Officer
   • Established Stem Cell Science Laboratory Facility
   • Established GMP protocols
   • Developed Corporate Research and Development strategies
   • Wrote grants
   • Established interface with the university health center
   • Mentored and trained incoming research staff and students

Assistant Director/Manager of Cryo-EM Facility

    •   Provided liaison interface and developed training protocols for facility users as well as establishment of an
        inter-disciplinary, inter-departmental, and inter-institutional user base
    •   Conceptualized, (re)designed, built and integrated equipment to facilitate research objectives in Cryo-EM
        and X-ray Diffraction Facilities and Laboratory-based programs
    •   Intimately involved in the design of new lab and research facilities


    •   Built and established a strong Pre-Health program for introduction of undergraduate students into Post-
        Graduate Biomedical Health Programs: Veterinary Science, Medical School, Physical Therapy, Nursing,
        Occupational Therapy
    •   Conceptualized, built and integrated an extramurally funded independent Faculty Research program in the
        Natural Science Department intended to involve undergraduate students as a means of ‘cultivating’ career
        interests and development
    •   Research career path makes a discreet connection between structural organization and biochemical
        function of membrane bound proteins. Significant experience and expertise with a wide range of
        biochemical, biophysical and imaging tools:

                Cryo-Electron Microscopy                               Membrane X-ray/Neutron Diffraction
                Transmission Electron Microscopy                       Confocal Imaging Microscopy
                Membrane Physical Chemistry                            Cell Culture: Eukaryotic/Prokaryotic
                Biochemistry Analytical Methods                        Fluorescence Spectroscopy
                Lipid and Protein Chemistry                            Redistribution After Photobleaching
                Atomic Force Microscopy                                Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Teaching Experience:

    •   Cell Biology, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, Human Physiology, Perspectives in Health Care, General

Biophysics: Molecular Transport, Membrane Physical Chemistry, Spectroscopy. Graduate Student Training in
Structural Biology/Biochemistry
Biochemistry section of the Human Physiology Course in the Physicians Associate Program
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JS 170 Civil Engineer
Accomplished civil engineer known for bringing leadership and confidence. Ability and desire to bring years of
diverse experience, positive attitude and strong work ethic to a position seeking skills in project management and
challenging assignments that will provide an opportunity to prove and advance knowledge.

   • Strong leadership skills
   • Functions well under pressure
   • Self motivated and detail oriented
   • Ability to multitask in structured fashion
   • Creative and flexible in organizing and implementing ideas

Technical Skills:
• Proficient in AutoCAD, Robot, and Microsoft Office programs: including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
• Engineer-In-Training License, No. 9033, issued by State of Connecticut on 6/12/2007, expires 6/12/2017.

Sample of Experience:

Civil Engineer
          • Successfully designed a multitude of plans including:
                 o Plot plans for new construction
                 o Engineered repair plans for failed septic systems
                 o Installer plans for sewer connections
                 o Sewer and septic system as-built plans
                 o Subdivision plans
                 o Drainage plans
          • Worked with clients to design plans that meet their needs along with both state and town regulations
          • Wrote construction notes and designed details for plans in AutoCAD
          • Presented proposals at Town meetings
          • Performed title searches
          • Handled all town and state applications for engineering and construction
          • Put together construction documents for bids including design drawings and specifications
          • Designed retaining walls for both new construction and repair
          • Worked in field laying out septic area with laser
          • Performed soil percolation tests
          • Performed drainage calculations and hydraulic analysis
          • Surveyed wetland flags using GPS units
          • Performed surveying work in the field doing boundary surveys
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JS 167 Senior Digital ASIC/FPGA Engineer .

Diverse experience in design, test bench, layout, synthesis and in project management. Accomplished problem
solver with solid communication and organizational skills. Detail-orientated professional with proven success at
meeting aggressive deadlines. B.S. Electrical Engineering.

                                             TECHNICAL SKILLS
    •   Static Timing Analysis, PrimeTime                  •          Mentor Modelsim
    •   Logic Synthesis, Design Compiler / Physical        •          Mentor FPGA Designer
        Compiler / Power Compiler                          •          Mentor Precision FPGA synthesis
    •   Equivalence Check, Formality                       •          ACTEL FPGA
    •   Spice Circuit Simulation                           •          DOORS tool exposure
    •   VHDL RTL                                           •          DO-254 implementation and documentation
    •   TCL script generation                                         on several FPGA’s
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

    Sample of Experience:
       Senior member of technical staff (aerospace applications)
       • AMS MRJ MICL FPGA, VHDL design, test bench development and code coverage. DO-254 flow
       • AMS CH-53K EICL FPGA, VHDL design, test bench development and code coverage. DO-254 flow
       • AMS CH-53K OIL (Overspeed detection) FPGA, VHDL design, test bench development and code coverage.
          DO-254 flow.
       • ECS EDAC (Error Detection And Correction) FPGA, VHDL test bench development. DO-254 flow.
       • AMS 737 ARINC FPGA, VHDL design, test bench development and code coverage, requirements generation.
       • AMS 787 PICL FPGA, VHDL design, test bench development and code coverage, exposure to DO-254.
       • F119 engine controls system test and debug in a lab environment.
       • JSF EU COMM FPGA (Actel) functional verification of aircraft control communication interfaces.
       • JSF EU IO FPGA (Actel) functional verification of aircraft controls, containing D/A and A/D interfaces.
       • JSF PHAM_IO1, partial design, verification and synthesis of engine monitoring FPGA (Actel).
       • SI119, redesign of a schematic based asynchronous ASIC for aerospace application into a VHDL based
          synchronous FPGA using Mentor FPGA Advantage tool suite. Also functional verification.

       Principal Engineer ASIC Synthesis & STA timing closure (both block and full chip level), was the main interface
       between front end RTL design & Physical Design groups, supported moving into production of the following chips.
       (data communication applications)
       • Diplomat, an Ethernet switching device, 3 million gates in 0.18um running at 166MHz containing a DDR
           interface and 6 Xtensa processors. Expertise in tools led to timing closure in complex blocks.
       • Ethermap12, an Ethernet over Sonet mapper device, 6 million gates in 0.13um running at 125 MHz. Required
           detailed SI analysis to measure cross-talk timing impact.
       • Envoy, an Ethernet controller device, 1 million gates in 0.18um running at 100MHz. Careful planning helped
           meet the aggressive deadline.
       • Aspen Express, an ATM Access device, 1 million gates in 0.18um running at 100MHz. First exposure to
           hierarchical layout flow, proved successful at reducing schedule slip and was used on future chips.

       Senior Engineer (data communication applications)
       ASIC Synthesis & STA timing closure (both block and full chip level), was the main interface between front end
       RTL design & Physical Design groups, supported moving into production of the following chips.
       • Aspen D, a cost reduced version ATM network processor device, 1 million gates in 0.25um running at
          100MHz and containing 3 embedded RISC processors. Wrote firmware to test RISC processors and
          designed test logic used in Memory BIST. Chip was a first silicon success.
       • Aspen, an ATM network processor device, 1 million gates in 0.25um running at 100MHz and containing 3
          embedded RISC processors. Designed on chip logic for a Real-Time Debugger and Static Debug Interfaces
          for trouble shooting firmware running on RISC processors. Ran scan insertion and ATPG generation.
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JS 169 Supply Chain/Operations Manager
Analytical and detail-oriented problem solver with over 15 year’s success in manufacturing. Diversified management
experience in all aspects of production control from customer service excellence through on-time and on-budget product
delivery. Outstanding ability to collaborate with clients and peers to proactively identify potential issues and develop
creative solutions to ensure business responsibilities and commitments are met. Particular strengths in communications
and relationship-building, and managing staff, time, materials and budgets to positively impact the bottom line and
maximize customer value. Computer proficient: MS Office Suite.

Sample of Experience:
Supply Chain/Purchasing Manager,
Customer Advocate and main contact for Services Division in an Overhaul Environment. Managed entire supply chain
activities including all purchasing; warehousing, forecasting and planning to ensure parts were available as required.
Managed overall inventory of $15M.
Senior Materials Analyst
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

Managed $7M inventory for two business centers of raw material and work-in-process. Coordinated all aspects of
production schedules from purchasing materials to on-time completion of projects. Partnered with clients, including
Department of Defense, to resolve issues and create “win-win” scenarios for all parties. Scheduled and set monthly sales
goals and motivated employees to achieve individual and organizational objectives.
Director, Purchasing, Contracts and Administration
Processed and delivered quotes, reviewed contracts, purchased materials, and managed inventory and production.
Ensured completion of weekly shipment plans, resolved scheduling and shipment problems and created clear channels of
communication with U.S. and international customers. Supervised staff of 8 employees.
Production Control Manager
Directed business unit managers and supervised staff of 12 employees including hiring, human resource administration,
and purchasing. Accountable for $12M in inventory control and purchasing. Worked closely with all U.S. and
international customers, including Department of Defense.
Materials/Purchasing Director
Negotiated timely purchase of all materials with multiple vendors including overseas suppliers. Managed quality of both
incoming materials and final products. Partnered with peers throughout organization and suppliers to ensure on-schedule
delivery of customer orders.
Plant Manager
Managed manufacturing facility functions including production, engineering, OSHA compliance, and hazardous material
purchasing. Accountable for ensuring organizations strategic business plan objectives were met.
Materials Control/Fleet Supervisor
Managed company’s warehouse facility totaling 30,000 square feet and a fleet of 250 vehicles. Created, negotiated and
operated within $1M budget. Maintained an inventory of $5M. Supervised 10 union staff of mechanics, purchasing,
administration and warehouse employees.

Email us and note the JS number

JS 171 CTO
   Expertise: *Invention     *Entrepreneurship *Problem solving *Design *Manufacturing *Regulatory Process

30 plus year of innovating in the electronics, medical devices and energy fields.
    • Helped develop the thin film disk industry, invented a low flow hydro kinetic turbine and developed the first
        alternate site blood glucose monitoring system.
    • Involved in 4 start-ups with successful exits.
    • Granted 81 US patents.
    • Team winner of Shingo Prize
    • Named one of the 100 notable people in the medical device industry by the editors of Medical Device &
        Diagnostic Industry (MD&DI)
    • Elected to the Academy of Distinguished Engineers at the University of Connecticut.

Sample of Experience:

    •    Developed the first low flow Hydro-kinetic system capable of electrical generation in flows as low as 1 foot per
         minute. eGen is currently building a full-scale production unit that will produce electrical energy from slow moving
    • Founded Research and development start-up business aimed at driving new product development through
         selective partnering to extend and leverage complementary capabilities.
    • Founder/Co-founder and CTO for
    -Medical technology company providing innovative detection, monitoring and treatment solutions for the diabetes and
    cancer detection healthcare market.
    -Developer and manufacturer of an off brand blood glucose monitoring test strip for the Home Diagnostics Inc.
    Prestige meter
    -Privately held developer of innovative insulin delivery products for people with diabetes.
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

Other professional Experience:
   • Senior Program Manager for a leading maker of blood glucose monitoring systems for home and hospital use,
   • Manager of Automation for company specializing in thin-film disks, the primary high-capacity storage medium for
        digital data incorporated into hard disk drives
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JS 161 Project Manager (Biomedical Background) .

Sample of Experience:
Project Manager, Collaborative Research Technology Development
Build relationships with key opinion leaders within the surgical and technical communities to foster external collaborations
for Research and Technology Development teams. Activities include: presenting project overviews, coordinating
interactive one-on-one meetings with multiple R&D project teams, facilitating technology evaluations, establishing
collaboration expectations, and ensuring the continuity of the relationship throughout the project.

    •   Manage all R&TD collaborative research projects that support the Metabolic Interventions, Embedded Systems
        (Intelligent Devices), Biophotonics, and Regenerative Medicine platforms. Responsibilities include: initiating
        collaborative relationship; collecting, disseminating, and editing project proposals; submitting contracts, consulting
        agreements, and MTAs to the Grants and Compliance Committee; facilitating the contract process; maintaining
        communication and driving project to completion throughout the course of the research agreement.
    •   Complete technology assessments; determine fit for research/product portfolio and make final recommendations.
    •   Created an R&D conference report template (on SharePoint), utilized template to create R&D’s ACS conference
        report, presented report template and ACS report to senior leadership, and trained R&D personnel on how to use
        the template for future conference reports.
    •   Championed the Metabolic Interventions Research Advisory Board (RAB) and constructed RACI matrix to guide
        planning of future RAB meetings. Introduced the RACI matrix to the Trevoux team and used the matrix for
        planning the Inflammation / Wound Healing Research Advisory Board meeting.

Biomedical Engineer, Research and Development
   • Planned and executed acute and chronic studies.
   • Developed test protocols to evaluate product performance
   • Consulted with surgeons and researchers to collect Voice of Customer information for next generation products.
   • Moderated focus groups to gather clinical feedback on design concepts.
   • Reviewed scientific literature to evaluate procedural trends, operative complications, and device performance in
      current surgical practice.

Senior Associate, Regulatory Affairs
   • Managed the regulatory requirements for Surgical Dynamics and Autosuture product development teams.
   • Prepared and submitted pre-market notifications to the FDA.
   • Registered products in international markets by providing necessary technical materials.
   • Reviewed R&D, Technical Services, Manufacturing, and Packaging changes to ensure compliance with domestic
       and international requirements.
   • Led department initiative that allowed regulatory submissions to be available via the intranet.

Clinical Engineer
    • Directed a team of technicians in performing initial inspections on new equipment, product assurances, and
        system installations.
    • Coordinated projects, product upgrades, training, and installations in clinical areas.
    • Worked with medical staff to evaluate and solve clinical needs.
    • Managed the clinical equipment facet of the hospital’s project plans, including budget and execution.
    • Investigated medical device related incidents and reported findings to medical staff, Risk Management, FDA, and
        equipment manufacturers.
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Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

JS 159 Quality/Mechanical Engineer .

Quality Engineer with 25 years of diversified and progressively increasing responsibility in various machinery
manufacturing companies. Proven track record of achieving productivity and quality improvements. Earned strong
reputation for developing and implementing organizational systems. Current with new technology and various standards
for quality improvement. B.S in Mechanical Engineering.

Sample of Experience:
Quality Engineer
       More than One Million worth of inventory turned in to cash through aggressively working with customers
       Implement Corrective Action with continuous improvement; company to lower the deviation rate by 12 %
       Control and administration of Non Conformance products manufactured in shop and by vendor.
       Perform root cause analysis with Timken 8D investigation method and implement permanent corrective action
       Perform Corporate Quality Analysis on deviations using Pareto Charts and other reports
       Liaison between vendor and company; lowered vendor scrap rate by 10 % and increased production by 17 %
       Participate in various Lean Manufacturing activities and training for the Quality Improvements.
       Participated in company’s Quality Audit.

Calibration Technician

      Total Gage Control, Repair, Calibration, and ordering of gages.
      Internal Auditor for ISO9002/AS9102 implementation committee.
      Maintained complete gage record through Pro-Gage software.
      Prepared IMS for quality Assurance.
      Inspected Aerospace Gear Parts using manual CMM.

Quality Inspector
       Carry out in process and incoming material inspections.
       Proficient with mylers, gauges, dial indicators, pins, venires and micrometers.
       Prepared technical documents as per ISO 9002 requirements for final inspection by government and other

Senior Shop Inspector
       Worked with engineers to reduce the cost of inspection by suggesting alternative methods
       Developed quality assurance plan for new tailor-made machine components.
       Developed suitable gauges and systems to check the welding alignment of components
       Dealt with subcontractors and developed vendors for quality work.
       Carried out in process and incoming material inspection of various bought outs.

Technical Engineer
      Prepared drawings and checked drawings prepared by others.
     Strict checking of all the prepared drawings, which reduced reprocessing time by 25%.
      Managed seven engineers and draughtsman team to implement customer requirements for process equipment
       including development, manufacturing and installation at customer location.
      Reduced manufacturing time by 20% using alternative method of manufacturing which resulted the quicker
       delivery of equipment for customer.
      Customer satisfaction increased by communicating and educating them in technical requirements.
      Redesigned the equipment that increased company profit by 20%.

Computer Skills:
  MS-Office, AutoCAD R 14/2000.
  Familiar with C, C++ and Java.
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JS 162 Civil and Environmental Engineer .

Significant Accomplishments:
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

• Leadership: Co-leader of Fresh and Salty and Asia Student Interest Groups. Coordinated alumni events for the Career
  Development Office
• Fellowships/Awards: Recipient of the Cameron Speth Internship Fellowship and Carpenter Sperry Summer Research

Sample of Experience:
Yale Entrepreneurial Institute
Summer Fellow
• Commercializing an arsenic removal technology invented by a Yale PhD student from the Center of Green Chemistry
  and Green Engineering

World Resources Institute
Intern, Markets and Enterprise Division
• Part of a core group that developed the water index calculating water risk for global watersheds for businesses and
  investors. General Electric and Goldman Sachs partnered with World Resources Institute in the venture
• Calculated the water index for China’s Yellow River basin for businesses and investors in the power sector

United Nations
Adviser, Permanent Missions of the Republic of the Marshall Islands
• Represented the Republic of the Marshall Islands during the United Nations general assembly meetings
• Provided policy recommendations to the government of Marshall Islands on various human rights and environmental
• Contributed to a strategy whitepaper for the Alliance of Small Island States for climate change negotiations in

Battelle Memorial Institute
Research Scientist
• Promoted from Researcher to Research Scientist in two years instead of the usual three
• Managed pilot projects under the $5 million EPA Arsenic Demonstration Program evaluating innovative arsenic removal
  technologies from drinking water
• Oversaw the design, installation, and evaluation of water treatment systems. Successfully obtained water system
  permits, trained utility operators, and authored peer-reviewed performance evaluation reports
• Won and lead a $100,000 EPA project to verify a model to predict radon concentrations in groundwater

• Assisted with innovative research reports for both government and industry clients such as investigating chemical
  interactions during carbon sequestration, investigating the source of perchlorate using groundwater isotopes, and
  assessing the effects of climate change on coastal naval facilities

Additional Information
• Programs: PowerPoint, ArcGIS, Minitab, Visual MODFLOW
• Language: Fluent in Mandarin
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JS 163 Executive Level Human Resource Manager

Multifaceted and motivational HR leader with more than 20 plus years of experience impacting organizational structures
and general management of start-up, mid-size, and multinational companies. Proven ability to re-engineer HR policies
and guide leadership through sensitive HR issues. Advocate of best practices, with an eye for cost reductions and
process improvements. Accomplished executive, with experience across various industries, including high tech,
aerospace and defense, consumer, retail and industrial/commercial products.

Core Competencies
Talent Acquisition & Management · Organizational Design / Development · Employee Engagement / Retention ·Change
Management · Employee Relations · HR Strategy · Diversity· Union Avoidance· Succession Planning

Sample of Experience:
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

HR Director
   • Hired by CEO to serve as first HR executive for new U.S. subsidiary of Israeli company. Worked closely with him
       as confidant and business partner to organize the new company and successfully recruit key members for the
       executive team. Constructed an optimal org structure with the necessary HR infrastructure to maintain
       government contracting compliance.
   • Performed as interim Director of Human Resources for the North America division reporting to the President NA.
       Inherited significant turnover rate in large technical call center and poor employee engagement scores.

Segment HR Leader
   • Served as HR segment leader with responsibility for 14 U.S. locations and 3,500 employees. Supervised 12 HR
      Directors aligned by each BU. Oversaw combination of union/non-union sites. Negotiated new CBA with UAW.
   • Conducted confidential investigations and data gathering for EEOC and corporate ethics violations. Instituted HR
      management tools, including new learning and development, performance management policies, and health and
      welfare programs. Created talent management review process to assess executive team.

HR Director, Optical & Space Systems Division
   • Oversaw HR for a 1,300-employee base with an annual HR budget of $1 million. Orchestrated HR activities
       among all company business units (4 locations).
   • Provided expertise to key corporate initiatives, including the HR Process Improvement Team and the HR Best
       Practices Team. Managed 9 local and decentralized HR managers.

HR Consulting:
Within the Internet software industry served as interim Director of Human Resources supporting The Americas and
temporary Vice President of Human Resources during company startup phase focused on creating organizational
structure and HR infrastructure.
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JA 164 Sales and Marketing Professional
Sales and Marketing Manager in the High Technology industry with a 14+ year successful track record in
delivering profitable revenue growth while providing exceptional value and world class customer service.
Proven ability to lead a successful sales team, grow account revenue and manage customer relationships at all

Sample of Experience/Career Achievements:
- Developed innovative proposal to expand SNET cellular network, culminating in $50M volume purchase
- Awarded multi-year $35M bid proposal for swapping out competing cellular system in SNET's Rhode Island
- Grew total revenue opportunity pipeline by almost four-fold from $900K to over $3.3M through tenacious
target account selling activities.
- Doubled number of active named accounts within region resulting in three-fold annual recurring revenue
increase from $150K to $500K.
- Generated profitability levels of 150% for three straight years, exceeding corporate economic contribution
- Orchestrated implementation of dealership's internet sales presence by upgrading website and developing
sales process that improved sales lead generation by over 50% and closing ratio by 5 to 10%.
- Grew revenue at a 14.6% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) and profitability at a 22.3% CAGR on a
mature account over four year period by expanding embedded base and targeting new serving areas.

       - B2B Global Sales and Marketing Management Expertise
       - Capital Equipment, Services and IT Software Account Management
       - Strategic Account Planning and Direction
       - Strong Reseller/Channel Relationship Management
       - Contract Negotiation and Development
       - Business Plan Development
       - Sales Forecasting & Revenue Growth
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

       - Team Selling Approach
       - Profit and Loss Responsibility
       - Product Analysis and Development
       - Personnel Management & Training
       - Executive Presentation Skills
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JA 165 Manufacturing Process Engineer

A highly diverse engineer with credentials in lean manufacturing and kaizen with solid experience in medical device
assembly, electro-mechanical assembly, injection molding, stamping, roll forming, packaging and quality. International
experience in manufacturing processes, production transfers and sales. Highly organized with excellent written and
verbal communication skills and the ability to manage multiple projects and a track record of meeting deadlines.

Sample of Experience:

Manufacturing Process Engineer- Implement the manufacturing of a catheter based medical device and process flow
    • Completion of catheter manufacturing scale up including writing and performing manufacturing design
       verifications and qualifications on device assemblies, product packaging and equipment.
    • Develop manufacturing methods for redesigned device and source appropriate machinery, assembly fixturing and

International Sales Support Manager – Project Manager for customers in Asia, Mexico, Central and South America.
Translate product questions and inquiries and implement solutions.

Advanced Manufacturing & Quality Engineer - Represent Manufacturing and Quality Engineering on multi-skilled cross-
functional team projects to bring new product designs and design iterations into production

   •   Set up new assembly lines and equipment, international transfer of assembly lines, implementing process flow
       improvement projects or customer complaint corrections in manufacturing facilities in China, Puerto Rico, Ohio,
       North Carolina and Connecticut.
   •   Prepare project financial analysis and authoring fund requests for managerial approval that involve determining
       the ROI (Return on Investment) based on an incremental sales forecast or cost savings. Completed a $13.5mil
       project analysis, the largest in Hubbell history.
   •   Participate in Kaizen events for work cell improvement, 2P (Production Preparation) and Design for Lean Sigma.
                -Responsibilities include FMEAs, resolving customer complaints, determining and implementing multiple
                package technologies, writing and implementing Quality Plans, writing Engineering Change Requests
                (ECR) for BOM or process changes, developing routers for assembly, component and molding processes
                and Voice of Customer sessions.

       Manufacturing Engineer – Involved in team projects in the development of medical devices.

     Software skills include AutoCAD & Solidworks, Microsoft Excel, Word, Access and PowerPoint, Microsoft Project,
     SAP and statistical analysis programs Statgraphics & Mini-Tab.

Email us and note the JS number

JS 166 Manufacturing Operations Manager

Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

Accomplished Manufacturing Operations Manager with proven ability to solve difficult problems by employing skills in
Lean Manufacturing, Change Management, ISO implementation, Cost reduction, and “just-in-time” Supply Chain

Sample of Experience:
Plant Manager
   • Directed plant reorganization resulting in plant with no operating quality system becoming ISO 9002 certified in six
     months and reducing quality costs by 50%.
   • Implemented Lean Manufacturing Principles and created Lean Process improvement teams reducing inventory
     by $600,00
   • Championed Lean scheduling initiative resulting in successfully implemented new ERP system improving on time
     delivery performance from 30% to 92%.
   • Led plant safety effort resulting in 8 months with no lost time accidents from 5 lost time accidents previous year
   • Facilitated Lean Kaizen initiatives resulting in reduced 50% reduction in Work in Process and Finished Goods
      inventories saving $700,000.
   • Bargained elimination of union hourly incentive system realizing cost savings of $750,000 for term of contract.
   • Secured grant from state to implement formal plant quality system and achieve ISO 9002 certification
   • Undertook Hartford Plant turnaround so plant became profitable first year and won recognition as most improved
      operation in company.
   • Directed relocation of Hartford plant to Indiana. Move was on time and on budget.
   • Re-crewed East Granby second shift eliminating turnover and attendance problems and increasing second shift
      productivity by 50%.
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                                      Previously Posted Job Seekers
    (Since some time has passed, it is possible that these candidates have found jobs and have not yet informed
    us. If so, please let us know.)

JS 156 Engineer/Program Manager .

Results-driven leader known for building, leading and managing global cross-functional teams in financial services and
insurance, operations/manufacturing and engineering. Dynamic, strategic facilitation skills with ability to support multiple,
simultaneous projects while establishing collaborative and productive working relationships. An effective and innovative
professional with demonstrated ability to effectively train, motivate and develop talent across multiple functions.

 Core Competencies:
   Strategic Focus                               Program Management                    Six Sigma Trained
   Business Process Improvement                  Resource Planning                     Lean Manufacturing
   Team Leadership                               Facilitation Skills                   Relationship Building

Success Highlights
        •   Developed a repeatable, transferable operational on-boarding model, which resulted in $5M annual savings.
        •   Generated $500M+ through new product development launches across multiple companies and industries.
        •   Improved Sales Gross Margin (SGM) by more than $25M through multiple products at a singular entity.
        •   Achieved 33% cost savings through product redesign.
        •   Realized more than $65M in savings through innovative approaches to design and cost avoidance.

Sample of Experience:
-Demand Management and Resource Planning Manager
Support the implementation of the PMO Strategy by managing the forecasting and resource planning processes across
the department. Collaborated with senior managers on strategic planning to set organizational resource demand and
capacity goals. Developed and operationalized efficient resource planning and on-boarding processes. Interacted with
and presented to senior management to provide strategic reporting and workforce planning analysis.
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

-IT Project Manager
Led the development and implementation of Continuous Improvement processes to improve efficiency and productivity
while managing all Project Risks, Scope, Schedule and Issues with SDLC deliverables. Utilize project management
methodology and processes to improve process efficiency and reduce time to market.
-Program Manager
Led the implementation of Team Based Concurrent Product Development to achieve all aspects of Quality, Scope,
Budget, Schedule and Performance. Ultimate accountability for successful delivery of programs and projects.
-Sr. Program Manager
Managed the planning, scheduling, execution, coordination, and budget control of Advanced Concept products, with a
global cross-functional team of 40+ people ( US , Mexico , China ).
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JS 157 Entry Level Physics Graduate.

A recent physics graduate experienced in physical concepts at the undergraduate level including statics and dynamics
both in electromagnetism and mechanics,

BS Physics; Minor: Mathematics, Southern Connecticut State University. New Haven, CT.
Honors Thesis: Investigation of Analytic Continuation as a Method of Resolving Reconstructed Binary Speckle Imaging
Graduating with a 3.44 GPA
NSF funded undergraduate research analyzing astronomical reconstructed images by speckle interferometry

AS Computer Information , Naugatuck Valley Community College.             Waterbury, CT.
Focus Area of Network Administration: Introduction to Networking, Local Area Networks, Service and Support of Local
Area Networks, Database Design and Applications, System Analysis, Information Systems in Organizations, Intro to Java
Programming, Spreadsheet Applications, Visual Basic Programming, Microcomputer Operating Systems.
Designed a Business Information System for an imaginary Hotel Reservations, including operating procedures, database
applications, intranets, and websites.
Graduated with a 3.6GPA and on Dean’s List.

Microcomputer specialist certificate Naugatuck Valley Community College. Waterbury, CT.
Local Area Networks and Client Server Systems with emphasis on account management

W.F. Kaynor Technical Regional Vocational High School Electronics Shop
The theory and practicality of electronics to the component level.
*Valedictorian, *Honor Society, *Senior Class President.

Computer Skills
O.S: Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, 2000 Server, Me, and XP. Software: Microsoft Office 97 thru 2003, HTML using
FrontPage, Access 2002, idl, and microsoft office (Word, Excel, etc.)
A familiarity with MATLAB, Maple, IDL
Complete construction of a personal computer at board level.
Design & implementation of a personal star topology peer-to-peer network with DSL sharing.

Appliance Repair Technician
Diagnose, repair, and test residential and commercial appliances (i.e. razors, microwave, etc.).
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JS 158 Engineer, Medical Devices .

Entry Level Biomedical Engineer with coursework in
    Control Systems, System and Signal Analysis, Engineering Analysis of Living Systems, Musculoskeletal
    Biomechanics, Advanced Biomechanics, Biomechanics Lab, Biomaterials and Medical Devices,
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

    Bioengineering Capstone Design, Senior Thesis, Statics, Mechanics of Solids, Engineering Materials
    Properties and Processing, Electrical Engineering Fundamentals, Electrical Engineering Lab, Sensory
    Neuroanatomy, Organic Chemistry. Experience with MATLAB, LabVIEW, AutoCAD, NI Multisim, SigmaPlot,
    MathWorks, MiniTab, ImageJ, and Origin. Proficient in Microsoft Office.

Sample of Experience:
• Studied the biochemical changes that took place in healthy vs. injured rat spinal cords using Raman
• Determined that chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans are upregulated in injured spinal cords.
• Authored paper based on the study called “Raman Spectroscopy on Contusion-Injured Rat Spinal Cords”.
• Researched paranasal sinuses and the orbit as possible buffers to injury during blunt trauma to the skull.
• Developed a prototype interfaced by LabVIEW that pneumatically sensed pressure changes in human
   cadaver skulls during blunt trauma using medical balloons.

• Helped develop electronic stethoscope inputs for eCAD, a heart failure recognition device; Assisted in FDA-
    required clinical trials for the eCAD.
• Traveled to India to train customers in the proper usage of eCAD and met with possible investors.
• Contributed to a paper called “Electro Cardio Acoustic Diagnostic Tool”, the basis of the eCAD device.
• Presented new product called hE(SC) AN, a device for the proper identification of stem cells, at the Venture

    Association of New Jersey (VANJ) in front of 500 prospective investors.
• Contributed to paper called “Superior and Advanced Bio-Instrumentation to Identify and Isolate Stem-Cell
    Lineages”, which is the basis of hE(SC) AN.
• Worked on federal grant funding applications for hE(SC) AN.

• Assisted in the testing of a Pacific Power electrical transformer in Hornbrook, CA, using FDD-EPT, an
    acoustic device that detects the locations of faults in transformers.
Synthesized POSS-PEG, a new polymer material used for tissue engineering and wound healing.
• Used electrospinning to make scaffolds of the polymer in order to study the surface tension of the material.
• Presented a paper called “Surface Wettability of Polymeric Electrospun Micro- and Nano- Fibrous Scaffolds”
    at the Summer Undergraduate Poster Session.

Co-curricular Activities
*Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Member * Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Member, *Dean’s List:
Spring 2007, *PRIDE Achievement Award: Fall 2006, Fall 2007, Spring 2008, Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2009,
Spring 2010.
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JS 160 Manufacturing and Business Professional .

Sample of Experience:
Lead Supervisor of Production Packer Line
 Supervised individuals on work performed in the production line manufacturing products for the Department of
 Implemented Six Sigma to achieve most efficient finished products

Proof Operator/Data Entry Clerk
• Verified daily banking transactions of both the teller and customer are accurate.
Data Analyst
• SAP data entry
• Create/Update database of manufacturing parts


•   MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Outlook, Publisher), Lotus Notes.
•   10-key, approx. 14,000 k.s.p.h., Peachtree, SAP, J.D. Edwards, FoxPro 2.6, ETS
•   SPC, Engineering Drawing Interpretations-Blueprints, GD&T, CNC Machining-Milling-Forging, Six Sigma-SkillSoft,
    Lean Manufacturing
 Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
 August 27, 2010

 •   Tools: Measuring with Micrometers & Calipers

 Completed Degrees:
 Charter Oak State College, New Britain, CT
 A.S. Degree: Business Administration Concentration

  Completed Certifications:
 Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT
 • Institute of Technology & Business Development                 Certificate: Manufacturing Technology
 Email us and note the JS number

JS 142 Senior Software Engineer.

 Summary: 15 years of experience in the development of object-oriented and client/server software. Solid expertise in
 software architecture, database systems, UI development, algorithm integration and software testing. Highly intuitive in
 the skilled application of software technology and tools to deliver complex systems on schedule and within budget.
 Leverages talents in software/system development and staff leadership to consistently produce results that exceed
 expectations; Record of achievement in project management, dramatically improving application performance,
 maintainability and scalability.

 TECHNICAL          Development/Tools: C#, .NET, C/C++, Java, SQL, T-SQL, Visual Basic,
 SKILLS                                Rogue Wave C++ Libraries, MFC Library, Windows SDK, NUnit, MSBuild,
                    Databases:         SQL Server, Interbase, Microsoft Access
                    Platforms:         Windows, UNIX/Linux, Solaris, OS/2
                    Applications:      MS Office, Visio, Subversion, Visual SourceSafe, Visual Studio, Open Office,
                                       SQL Server Integration Services
 Sample of Experience:
 Software Engineer
     •   Analyzed helicopter flight control system test procedures and identified opportunities for increasing automation
         and efficiency. Developed and documented test procedures for a complex system of integrated web services
         based on Apache Synapse.
     •   Designed and implemented C#/.NET application to control robotic microscope used in medical cell diagnostics.
         Re-engineered network software application as Windows system service to provide fail-safe system operation
         during network outages. Enhanced database functionality with stored procedures using Transact-SQL.
     •   Developed enhanced version of a software process to ensure robust, fail-safe operation of a helicopter
         maintenance and troubleshooting application.
     •   Ensured on-time delivery of complex robotic systems

     •   Led the full software-development life cycle of a client/server Windows NT-based commercial speech-recognition
         performance monitoring system for the healthcare market.

     •   Led the release of Interbase v5.6, a multi-platform commercial database product, for Windows NT. Built, executed
         and analyzed automated QA tests under AIX, Solaris and Linux.

 Mathematics Teacher
 Taught mathematics, robotics, and computer technology to approximately 50 academically advanced students from
 diverse backgrounds. Coached school’s MathCounts and soccer teams. MathCounts team placed fifth in state finals.

 Adult Education, Instructor
 Taught physics course for approximately 30 adult students. Developed curriculum, including lectures, tests and labs.
 Email us and note the JS number
 Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
 August 27, 2010

 JS 145.Sr. Mechanical Engineer
 Senior level mechanical with aerospace-related product design and development, systems integration and project
 engineering expertise. Comfortable working with teams and suppliers. Versatile, detail oriented and adept at finding
 innovative solutions for difficult problems. Able to foster cooperation through solid people skills.

             •   Saved Air Force $1.1 M per year by identifying 107 obsolete parts that could be dropped from inventory
             •   aved $7882 on the PW6000 gas turbine engine by finding a standard replacement for a $528 bolt
             •   Eliminated a $72,000 per hour, in-shop repair for all extended range Boeing 777s by developing an
                 inexpensive, on-wing repair to extend the life of a $25,000 cooler
             •   Generated a $1.2 M lead to co-develop a fiberoptic cancer probe.

 Sample of Experience:
 Integration Engineer / Project Engineer / Electromechanical Engineer
 Defined system requirements and populated DOORS database for a new development engine. Analyzed the root cause
 of A330 hydraulic failures and supported the manufacturing restart of an out of production air valve.
 Senior Project Engineer / Sales Engineer (Medical and Optical Devices)
 Designed distal seal assembly for NDO Surgical’s FDA Class II endoscopic instrument for treating GERD. Project
 engineer for ESS-1000 Biospectrometer (to perform real-time optical biopsies), fabricated its fiberoptic probes and
 designed its calibration cell. Designed and built optical breadboards for a sedation monitor, LED-based microscope
 illumination system, and IR sensor for detecting cargo in truck bodies.
 Senior Design Engineer -In charge of 23 sensor installations. As part of company’s gearbox fracture team, received
 patent for an improved gearbox mount and was finalist for the 1998 Leadership Award

 Integration Engineer - Defined system requirements and packaging arrangements for the experimental Advanced
 Ducted Prop engine. Worked on a zero-g oil system, integrated heat exchangers, thrust recovery schemes and thermal
 load sharing. Devised maintenance procedures that would be compatible with an oversized fan cowl. Showed that a fuel
 manifold (never used by company before) could eliminate 7 tubes and reduce component replacement times by 60%.

 Hydromechanical Engineer
 Worked on PYBBN actuator, which gave F15 and F16 fighters thrust vectoring capability. Designed extremely compact
 wire management arrangement, which improved protection while eliminating 6 parts. (The approach became new design
 Email us and note the JS number

JS 148 Project Manager.

 PMI Certified Project Manager pharmaceutical professional with outstanding project management and leadership
 experience. More than 17 years of industry experience and more than ten years in managing drug discovery projects.
 Biologist/Biochemist with extensive experience in Infectious Diseases pharmaceutical drug discovery possessing
 demonstrated strengths in project support and management. Core competencies include: project life cycles, process
 analysis, resource development and management. Proficient in Excel, Power Point, MSWord, Outlook and GraphPad
 Prism software packages. Fluent in the Spanish language at a native level. Master's degree From Central Conn State

 Sample of Experience:
 Senior Scientist

 Planned and managed multiple antibacterial discovery programs, created and managed project plans, schedules,
 resources and milestones. Managed project resources, estimated and developed the scope of work. Engaged and
 developed collaborations with project team members to address program needs. Managed vendors and external partners
 to leverage development strategies. Communicated project status, updates and milestones to senior management and
 project team members. Provided leadership of risk assessment and mitigation, escalated major issues to senior
 management for timely resolution.
  Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
  August 27, 2010

  Conducted research on multiple Infectious Diseases antibacterial drug discovery projects. This work involved the
  discovery of novel therapies for diseases. Conducted research, authored exploratory research manuscripts and served as
  the departments subject matter expert in Infectious Diseases.
  Research Scientist II

  Project manager in infectious diseases drug discovery, leading the management of multiple drug discovery project teams,
  setting milestones and strategic direction. Led project team meetings, communicating project status, achievements and risks
  to key stakeholders, functional, senior management and external vendor partners. Provided team leadership and
  management of pre clinical anti-infective programs.

      •   Delivered hepatitis B candidate Entecavir (Baraclude) to first in human milestone.
      •   Delivered antibiotic candidate Gaifloxacin (Tequin/Gatiflo/Zymar) to first in human milestone.
      •   Authored 25 Standard Operating Procedure documents to streamline and improve department technical
          excursions and failure.
      •   Received two Presidential awards for lead candidate nomination.

  Research Scientist I

  Project team leader of the efficacy portion of the high profile Baraclude hepatitis-B program. Conducted research on
  multiple antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal Infectious Diseases programs. Projects included discovery and development
  of novel therapies for human diseases. Conducted scientific database searches to keep updated on current research
  techniques and implement best practices.

  Project Management Institute - Project Management Professional Certification


     • Project Management Institute
     • PMI Southern New England Chapter (SNEC – PMI)
  Email us and note the JS number

JS 149 Entry Level Engineer.

 Engineering Professional with excellent problem solving skills, leadership, and teamwork abilities; Proficient in AutoCAD
 2D and 3D, C++, SolidWorks, Matlab, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office; speaks basic Spanish

  Senior Design/Thesis: Hydrosail (
      • Help design and conduct experiments to understand the behavior of a horizontally rotating cylinder, oscillating in a
          cross flow
      • Explore the effects of dimpled cylinder surfaces on a horizontally rotating cylinder, oscillating in a cross flow
      • Recipient of Best Undergraduate Thesis of the Year for Environmental Engineering, May 2009
      • Machine Shop Certification: (May 2008)
  Independent Study: Biodiesel Research Fabricated continuous liquid/liquid extraction column for washing phase
  (glycerol removal) of continuous Biodiesel production process

  Sample of Experience:
     • Designed and optimized hydropower energy-harvesting prototypes through iterative experimentation, research
        and analysis based on principles of mechanics and fluid dynamics and modify prototypes based on findings
 Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
 August 27, 2010

     •   Developed ultrasonic welding technique to bond electrical components to silver based conductive inks on
         polyethylene substrate
     •   Developed Access/Excel database to track legal and regulatory compliance in the following programs: Machine
         Guarding, Asbestos, ODS, RCRA, NPDES, SPDES, SPCC, SWPP, Explosives, Silver Recovery, NESHAP,
         SARA, NSPS
     •   Provide oversight for installation of monitoring equipment for storm water sampling and toxicity investigation
     •   Participate in a team to implement closed looped water system for helicopter leak testing
     •   Follow pipe diagrams and label drains to identify possible contamination sources to facility discharge locations
         Email us and note the JS number

JS 151 Mechanical Engineer.

 Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years experience as a Project Development Test Engineer and Design Engineer.
 Proven ability to get the job done in individual and team settings. Skilled in communicating with internal and external
 customers, computer aided design, 3D solid modeling, and scientific programming. Conceptualized, designed, and built
 residential solar energy systems, converted cars to electric power, designed gas turbine engine parts and designed
 hydraulic dynamometer parts.

 Algor, Anvil, ANSYS, AutoCAD, Cadkey, NASTRAN, PATRAN, PTA, RBA, SDRC Ideas, SolidWorks, Unigraphics,
 Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Unix, Fortran, PL-1, PWLook, CADRS, DDM,
 IMAN, Team Center, Geomagic

    • Designed gas turbine engine internal tubes, external tubes, and external brackets using Unigraphics V18, Rapid
      Bracket Analysis (RBA), Preliminary Tube Analysis (PTA), NASTRAN, and PATRAN
    • Used Unigraphics V18 and ANSYS to redesign gas turbine engine airseal
    • Created airfoil solid models using SDRC Ideas and Unigraphics V18
    • Redesigned mechanical components to reduce scrap and prevent premature engine shutdown
    • Calculated heat loss of conventional structure to size electric hot water heating system
    • Conceived, designed, and built solar water heating system with water to water parallel flow heat exchanger and
      roof mounted solar collectors
    • Conceived, designed, and built solar air heating system with air to rock heat exchange storage and integral
      exterior wall solar collectors
    • Installed photovoltaic panel system in parallel with windmill, battery bank, and inverters
    • Designed and built battery charger and electric motor controls to convert cars to electric power

 Sample of Experience:
 Design Engineer
    • Designed load cell systems using Cadkey, performed standard stress, hydraulic, and bearing life calculations,
        designed hydraulic dynamometer parts, interacted with vendors to research large tapered roller bearings and
        spherical rod end bearings, assisted in calibration of a hydraulic dynamometer, wrote manuals, created drawings
        of new parts using Cadkey
    • Reverse engineered General Electric gas turbine engine component mating parts.
    • Created solid models of gas turbine mechanical components: engine internals, cases, shafts, seals, bearings

 Project Development Test Engineer
 Managed manufacture of multiple complex gas turbine engine assemblies simultaneously from planning to delivery for
 experimental development

 Scientific Programmer
 Created and modified Fortran programs and wrote end user documents
 Email us and note the JS number

JS 152 Materials Engineer.
  Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
  August 27, 2010

 Doctoral degree in Materials Science and Engineering seeking a faculty or adjunct position. Demonstrated research
 experience coupled with teaching experience. Expert-level skills in material structure/fabrication/testing/analysis of
 Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC’s) and Semiconductor materials.

  Core Competencies:
  •Research & Development (R&D)            •Material Properties                      •Microscopy Expertise
  •Engineering Documentation               •Manufacturing Experience                 •Team Training
  •Interdisciplinary Teaching Approach     •Mentoring Students                       •Experimental Design
  •Teaching Undergraduate Courses          •Preparing Curriculum                     •Laboratory Testing

  Education: Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering , Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
  Dissertation: Investigation into Low Thermal Conducting Compositions in the YO1.5-TiO2-ZrO2 system by Exploratory
  Chemistry and Metastable Phase Evolution in Thermal Sprayed Functional Oxides

  Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Science, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY

  Sample of Experience:
  Project Coordinator:
  Coordinate all twelve Connecticut Community Colleges with the successful operation of the Science Technology
  Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Careers Partnership Grant.

  (SiTD) Analytical Engineer - Dallas, TX
  Physical characterization on advanced semiconductor technology; conducted failure analysis for advanced CMOS
  technology and Mixed-Signal devices. Collaborated with process integration and manufacturing groups. Managed
  laboratory technicians; including training on analytical tools and laboratory safety.

  Physics/Robotics Teacher – Selden, NY
  Physics and Robotics teacher for an enrichment course focused on high school underrepresented minority students.
  Taught fundamentals in physics, mathematics, electronics and coordinating projects lesson plan and judging science fairs

  Graduate Engineering Fellow
  Selected for the distinguished Graduate Engineering Fellowship for the Central Intelligence Agency. Worked under the
  Directorate of Science and Technology (DS&T) for advanced power-systems
  Email us and note the JS number

JS 141 Optics Engineer.

Specialties: Hands-on experience with: Solid State Laser Systems, Fiber Amplifier (EDFA), basic research in
  Interferometry and Optics- and Photonics Labs.

  Technical Skills:
         Programming Languages
       C, Java Script, CGI; Familiar with 8086 assembly
       Mathematical Programming
              Mathematica, IDL , Math Cad, Lab View (DA/DC)

  Sample of Experience:
  Research Specialist
  Involvement in modification of laser holography setup in Optical Engineering Lab, including recommendation of
  different approaches on improving the Grating’s stability during exposure time.; Assisted in substrate fabrication
  process; Working knowledge of Raman Spectroscopy, and Heterodyne Detection Method

  Telecom Quality Engineer
    Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
    August 27, 2010

        •   Performed testing including IL, Isolation- and Return Loss, Degradation due to Pulse Peak Power and
            CW High Power over time for passive optical components such as Isolators and Splitters/Combiners.
        •   Low- and High Power tested ONT and OLT FWDMs for S-, C-Band and traced their wavelength
            dependent IL.
        •   Tested different Erbium Doped Fiber Blocks for Ripples using an ASE source and traced their response
            to temperature cycle test; also tested for Chromatic Dispersion and Wavelength Dependent Loss.
        •   Dissected fiber optical isolators, inspected and analyzed their subcomponents to understand the root
            cause of their failure.

    Engineer I
       • Developed test plans for laser attenuation methods for transmitters, including bending of fiber, offset
          splice and lossy fiber.
        Instrumentation: Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) 86140B, Tunable Laser 8168F, Polarization
          Controller 11896A, Lightwave Polarization Analyzer 8509B, Back Reflection/ Power Meter
          RM3750B, Optical Attenuator 8156A, Lightwave Multimeter 8153A, Arc Fusion Splicer and Time
          Domain Reflectometer.; Familiar with Virtual Photonics Instruments software.

    Laser Technician
       • Performed functional system test operations, electro-optical and mechanical inspections, optics
           installations, system calibrations, and system alignments. Experience with: GCR 100 series, Indi,
           3900S, 375B, Mai Tai laser systems

    Computer Technician
        •   Maintained and upgraded system hardware/software.
            Email us and note the JS number

JS 153 Materials Science Engineer        .
Summary: Ph.D. - Materials Science and Engineering (2010)
  Dissertation: “Spectroscopic Detection and Analysis of Atomic Emissions during Industrial Pulsed Laser-Drilling of
  Structural Aerospace Alloys”

    Sample of Experience:
     • Provided technical expertise in support of SBIR and other government-funded laser-based manufacturing programs,
        including design and execution of experiments and interpretation of results
     • Prepared technical reports and presented results to various levels of management and program team members,
        including senior management

•     Planned, coordinated and executed laboratory accreditation activities (ISO/IEC 17025 and NADCAP) including
      proficiency testing, ensuring internal quality control, conformance to ASTM testing standards, and audit preparation
•     Performed general lab work including SEM operation, sample preparation, microscope calibration, failure analysis, and
      other metallographic testing (image analysis, microhardness, etc.)

• Supported efforts to adapt adhesive products to specific customer applications; development of testing procedures
  involving ultra-violet curable adhesives, laboratory scale experimentation, property evaluation, and reporting results.
• Numerous publications and conference proceedings
• New product development of ceramic-based abrasive systems
 Email us and note the JS number

JS 154 Chemical Engineer            .

 Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
 August 27, 2010

 Energetic and ambitious entry-level chemical engineer seeking the opportunity to begin a challenging career. Strong
 chemical engineering education from competitive school with background in chemical reactor design/controls,
 mass/energy balances, thermodynamics, chemical reaction kinetics, and separations.
 Exposure to a wide range of fields including material science, fuel cell engineering, thin film deposition, and biochemical
 processing. Past experience has shown the capability to adapt and thrive in a wide range of fields outside of core
 discipline in chemical engineering.

 Sample of Experience:
    • Developed a multi-shaft combined cycle power plant Distributed Control System (DCS) document.
    • Experience in reading and editing P&ID diagrams of plant/system designs
    • Conducted pressure drop analysis of steam turbine piping, used for a cost reduction of the piping system.
    • Interfaced with departments involved in plant modeling and optimization, control, and project management.

      • Working to develop industrial waste water remediation strategies using bacterial organisms as copper waste
      • Completed deliverables for first phase of waste-water project 1 month ahead of the project schedule.
      • Executed electrical testing and processing of conductive polymer fibers for use in novel medical sensors and
      • Refined skills in micro-biological laboratory techniques including PCR, DNA Sequencing, and sterile technique.

      •  Oversaw the completion of a final facility design, equipment sizing, and utility usage estimates as team leader for
         the design of a methanol production facility in capstone project.
     • Experience with Aspen modeling software to complete the thermodynamic and material balances on plant
     • Gained experience in the economic analysis of plant operating costs, and forecasting of operating profits.
 Email us and note the JS number

JS 133. Engineering and Technology Leader

 Summary: IT Leader - Business Service, Strategic/Tactical, Technology Innovation, Best Practices
 Creating competitive business advantages using new technologies, innovative software engineering, and effective
 Resource and IT Project management. Experienced LEAN IT Leader with strong strategic, business and interpersonal
 skills. Proven ability translate technologies into business solutions and for process improvement initiatives.

 Core Competencies:
   ¤ Architecture Design    ¤ Service Oriented Arch.            ¤ Business Process Mgmt.
   ¤ Budget Planning/ Mgmt. ¤ Project Management                 ¤ Global Platform Planning
   ¤ Customer Relationships ¤ Strategic Partner Dev.            ¤ Outsourcing Liaison
   ¤ Software Life Cycle    ¤ Disaster Planning                 ¤ IS Audits & IT Security
   ¤ Software Development ¤ Research and Technology             ¤ Team Building/Skills Dev.

 Certifications: Black Belts in Six Sigma, Lean, Human Performance, and Behavior Differentiation

 Sample of Experience:
 * Key negotiator and business model designer for IT Service delivery from outsourced and Enterprise IT Service
 Delivery. Performed due diligence and transition project management. Managed Business Unit global transition plans and
 contracts as well as on-going SLA reviews and Senior Level status reports

 * Proven ability to engineer global platforms and systemic solutions to improve business strategy performance.
 Extensive Business Process Management, Work-Flow Automation, and Lean/Six Sigma Process Improvement.

 * Led the strategic implementation of Manufacturing Execution Systems for a 130 person shop floor while ensuring
 integration with Corporate ERP (SAP) and other manufacturing facilities.

 * Implemented a hardened Configuration Control Network to protect Manufacturing IS Systems. This project completed
 on-time and $115k below budget using innovative Thin-Client technologies, isolated electric and networks, real-time data
 Historian based on Open Source SQL DB.
 Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
 August 27, 2010

 * Designed and developed complex assemblies and apply advanced computer programs, analytical techniques or
 control strategies to effectively meet customer requirements and resolve problems.
 Email us and note the JS number

JS 134. Engineering and Technology Leader

Summary: Engineering professional accomplished in the development, marketing, and sales of high-performance products
and services • Well-versed in the areas of continuous improvement and lean strategy principles to streamline operations,
enhance process and systems efficiency, cost savings and revenue growth • Highly capable of performing well under
pressure with exceptional management, communication, customer service, and problem-solving abilities • Able to
collaborate effectively with customer business leaders to identify needs and present solutions and opportunities that
significantly increase ROI.

 Sample of Experience:
  Hi-Tech business with emphasis on engineering, marketing, manufacturing and quality utilizing Lean Six Sigma criteria.
                  Procured 17 manufacturing grants through New England Trade and Adjustment Center (NETAAC)
                  Experienced in taking a product to Patent and Trademarking
 General Sales Manager
 Increased bookings from 11 million to 13.5 million (23% increase) from 2000-2002 and established key measurements
 and objectives to continue growth
 Regional Sales Manager
      Exceeded quotas every year by 120-200% for the Midwest, Texas, part of Canada, and New England.
      Developed and maintained business with United Defense, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Motors, Raytheon,
         Sikorsky, General Dynamics, the United States Government, and other foreign corporations and Governments
      Negotiated major contracts with government agencies and large defense contractors that involved non-disclosure
         agreements and intellectual property rights
      Implemented a product-configuration library widely used by the organization
     Email us and note the JS number

JS 135. Accomplished Technologically focused MBA

 Summary: Record of productivity, professionalism and performance excellence in highly visible roles requiring
 technological knowledge, strategic vision and leadership ability. Partner in three successful small businesses. Two years of
 success as a field scientist. Successful technological consulting experience.

 Key Competencies: Excellent strategic, analytical, organizational, communication, team-building, motivational and
 problem-solving abilities. Unique ability to articulate a clear strategic vision and maintain focus on its achievement while
 executing day to day tactical and operational responsibilities.

 Sample of Experience:
 Vice President Business Development –for venture capital funded internet startup company. Hired as a result of
           ♦ Developed a business-to-business commercialization plan, leveraging specific technologies.
           ♦ Evaluated mergers & acquisitions opportunities.
 Research Analyst –
 Conducted and completed a highly successful seven month grant-funded research project. Performed primary and
 secondary research. Evaluated market-entry strategies for a prerevenue technology. Developed strategic plan for
 commercialization. .

 Partner-Along with two partners, acquired, revitalized and significantly strengthened company’s sales and service of fire
            extinguishers to commercial and public sector account.
 Partner – Involved since the inception of this start-up security consulting company which serves the needs of commercial
            customers. Areas of accountability included P&L, cash management, human resources and operations.
 Partner – Part of the executive team which acquired, developed and sold this company which was the largest local fire
            equipment business in Rutland. Company’s core products were technically sophisticated, state-regulated fire
            alarm systems.
 Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
 August 27, 2010

 Field Geologist – Performed geological research, analytical and reporting functions for commercial and public sector clients
            for this respected environmental consulting firm.
     Email us and note the JS number

JS 136. Mechanical/Electrical Engineer

 Summary:20+ years in the aerospace industry; military and commercial, supporting; the design of test cells,
 instrumentation on flight test engines, manufacturing and procurement of electrical/mechanical components, change
 writer, and project engineer. Proficient in UNIGRAPHICS/NX4, ASME Y14.5, TEAMCENTER (UTC), and MS OFFICE.
 Strong team player with good communication skills and highly motivated while understanding the needs of the customer.
 Willingly shares knowledge and expertise. Adjusts well to a dynamic environment and can change priority as requested.

 Sample of Experience:
 Project Analyst
 Supported both; military and commercial engines in the Mechanical Systems Gear Systems group solving manufacturing
 and field issues relating to mechanical components/assemblies of the gearbox.

 Engineering Change Coordinator
 Supported both; military and commercial engines in the Controls Electrical Buy group of Engine Systems in solving
 manufacturing and field issues relating to electrical components/assemblies.

 Supplier Engineering Liaison
 Supported Controls Engineering in managing/processing military and commercial engineering changes to reflect current
 supplier information on the drawing.

 Engineering Change Writer
 In Configuration Management created Engineering Change documents for the F119 military engine program.

 Facilities Drafter
 Created/revised cable and instrumentation design drawings for engine test cells.
 Email us and note the JS number

JS 137. System / Software / Hardware Engineering Manager.

 Summary: Over 30 years in the development and management of high tech product and system design. Substantial
 experience in helping growing, entrepreneurial companies. Mix of hands-on high tech design and managerial skills,
 and a strong knowledge of company operations. Thorough understanding of system, hardware, software , and
 mechanical design. Extensive exposure to and understanding of manufacturing, customer support, sales, marketing,
 finance and corporate legal issues.

 Sample of Experience:
 High-tech product and system contract engineering firm. Responsible for starting and managing the company, and for all
 levels of hands-on product design.

 V.P. Engineering
     • Responsible for the hands-on management of the system / hardware / software development for the company's
        voice / data communications products. Managed a staff of 20, hardware, software, and mechanical design
     • Responsible for the hands-on management and design of the company's data communications testing
        equipment. Directly or indirectly responsible for the design of all new software / hardware products introduced by
     • Responsible for the management of the system / hardware / software development of a data communications
        switching system.

 Director of R&D
 Responsible for the hands-on management (including staffing, budgeting, scheduling and design) of an R&D group
 involved in the design and implementation of a distributed processing data and video communications system with an
 annual budget of over $2M
  Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
  August 27, 2010

  Email us and note the JS number

JS 138. Business Development Professional.

Summary: Business development and sales professional with diversity of experience in diverse fields .
Proven track record in technology sales

Sample of Experience:
Sales Manager
 • Managed sales, trained Electronic Sales Associates.
 • Selected best Sales Area Manager in US & Canada Q3 2008.

 Territory Manager/Northeast Regional Training Manager –
  • Trained company reps to merchandise and market products.
  • Trained company reps to cultivate relationships and train sales associates.
  • Planned and participated in all Special Events, Trade Shows and Regional Meetings.
  • Managed, supervised, trained and motivated company reps in NY, NJ and CT.
  • Planned and participated in all sales and marketing efforts of Kodak Digital account.

  Sales Representative
• Sold and marketed Epson printers and accessories.
• Trained CompUSA Sales Associates in all Epson products.

  Manager Electronic Publishing Department
• Managed all sales and promotional efforts of new department for all Register properties in Connecticut. Established sales
   procedures and training for diverse sales staff.
• Participated in complete redesign and re-launch of web site. Marketed web site to viewers and advertisers.
   Email us and note the JS number

JS 139. IT Professional.

  Summary: IT professional with ten years of development/analysis and database administration experience. Adept at
  working in roles that require diverse technical skill sets and the flexibility to contribute wherever needed. Combined
  business background (MBA and corporate experience) and technical skills. Fluent in Polish. U.S. citizen.

  Technical Expertise
  Languages: SQL, Transact-SQL, PHP, JSP, Java, VB, HTML4.0, DHTML, JavaScript, C/C++ Platforms: Windows
  XP/2000/Server, Linux, Unix Tools: MS SQL Server 2000,2005, mySQL 4.x, 5.x, SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal
  Reports 9-11, advanced MS Office, e, Microsoft CRM, Case Studio/Toad data modeling, VMware, Salesforce

  Sample of Experience:
  Database Administrator / Developer –
     • Installed and administered SQL Server 2000 and 2005 for 3 applications supporting sales, customer support and
     • Implemented database maintenance plans; Monitored and tuned performance.
     • Wrote triggers and stored procedures to integrate 3rd party applications into in-house applications
     • Created customized sales and financial reports (pipeline, sales matrix, YTD/MTD, quota, etc.)
     • Managed the migration of data including data mapping and cleansing
     • Designed, developed and administered corporate intranet and website and database on a LAMP platform
     • Customized MS CRM and, managed multiple demo environments and provided product demo
     support to support company’s sales and marketing processes

  Sr. Analyst
      • Created and designed databases and indexes on SQL Server 7.0 and mySQL 4.x using Case Studio data
  Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
  August 27, 2010

      •   Developed an SQL Server 7.0 based web interface for a custom warranty tracking system running on a
      •   Developed several in-house web applications based on Java/PHP and mySQL 4.x technologies, including
          timesheet submissions, hardware tracking.
      •   Supported networking and e-mail systems.

  Software Consultant –
      • Maintained and customized legacy ERP system running on HP3000/VAX mainframes and Turbo Image
      • Created custom reports for accounting and manufacturing modules of the ERP system.
         Email us and note the JS number

JS 140 Design Engineer, Medical Devices.

Summary: Over twenty years experience in design and development of medical devices. Thorough understanding of metal
and plastic component design, and an advanced degree in plastics engineering. Excellent communication skills, and
experience in managing multiple projects. Broad manufacturing/engineering experience in the launch of new medical
devices. Working knowledge of ISO 9001, ISO 13485, GMP, FMEA, and DFMA practices.

Sample of Experience:
Engineering Consultant-Engineering support for project management, material selection, tooling, and product failure
evaluations. Specializing in new product development for plastic injection molded components and assemblies. Project
manager for automation and cost reduction of a disposable endoscopic sheath.
          - Project manager for completion of Phase III development (required 510K submission) of BPH disposable
              catheter system. Implemented process control for manufacturing processes, and trained/implemented
              process control at suppliers. Also transfer of production process from US to Mexico contract manufacturer.
          - Project manager with a medical device development group. Responsible for completing development of
              production processes, including process capability studies for several medical device products and

  Project Manager, Advance Service Team. Custom injection molding, and assembly of plastic components for the
  healthcare industry. Total project responsibility for 15 external customers including design, tooling, assembly, and
  transfer to manufacturing. Managed the design, build, and transfer of more than $2 MM tooling to manufacturing.

  Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Advanced Engineering Endosurgery. Support corporate needs for manufacturing
  plastic components for Endosurgical devices. Developed tooling and injection molding technology for proprietary
  bioabsorbable polymers. Implemented ISO 9000 documentation for all molded components.

  Sr. Polymer Engineer, Advanced Technology Center, Materials Group. Support the corporate needs for polymer
  materials. Responsible for the specification and testing of all plastic, elastomeric, composite, and rubber materials.
  Internal consultant for all the divisions regarding new product design, tooling, and testing. Supervised 4 exempt
  employees, and implementation of two new molding facilities.
  Email us and note the JS number

  JS 143 Product Development and Project Management Professional.

  Summary: A driven, dynamic and results oriented Product Development and Project Management Professional with
  diverse leadership experience in technology, e-commerce and telecommunications. Excels in both multinational and
  domestic environments. Excellent analytical and organizational skills and financial acumen. Proficient in designing and
  executing innovative solutions collaboratively with clients. Adept at managing all phases of both product and project life
  cycles. Bilingual in Spanish and educated as a translator.

  Core Competencies:
  ♦ Project Management (PMBOK Methodology) ♦ P&L Responsibility ♦ Business Case Development
  ♦ Strategic Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting ♦ Process Reengineering      ♦ Negotiations, Alliances and
  Strategic Partnerships
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

Sample of Experience:
Vice President
    • Recruited to lead a cross functional project team responsible for revitalizing the affluent product suite. Managed
       the strategic positioning, value proposition models, and P&L’s, for the various products based on client, market
       and competitive conditions. Provided consultative sales leadership for RFP’s and client negotiations.
    • Recruited to oversee the design specification, technical requirements and development of new products.
       Researched new technologies and competitive products to develop additional service ideas and enhancements.
       Created the value proposition model, business case and pricing proposal for the various service options.

Sr. Manager- Product Support & Business Development, Americas Region (Caribbean, & Latin America )
    • Designed regional business plans and executed strategies to increase customers’ use of new technologies,
       expand margins and increase the organization’s competitive edge. Exercised requisite sense-of-urgency while
       executing all complex, special operation projects and customized client applications requiring superior knowledge
       of internal operations and support organizations.

Branch Manager
   • Managed and continually enhanced all aspects of the business operations including sales, service delivery,
       marketing, and finance. Effectively handled all P&L responsibilities to meet reporting and compliance objectives.

Product Manager
   • Designed and developed enhanced voice products to meet customer requirements. Researched and analyzed
       target markets in order to design and implement business applications to grow new revenue streams.

Financial Analyst
    • Researched and evaluated industry data to create meaningful statistics and strategic plans. Performed service
       profitability studies, rate analyses and promotion impact testing. Developed quarterly and annual business plans
       and forecasts for all voice services.
    Email us and note the JS number

JS 144 Executive Manager-Engineering and Product Development.

Summary: Experienced professional with MBA, PMP, and BS in Mechanical Engineering. 18 years in engineering and
ten years in senior management. Hands-on manager with international scope and a record of success in business
administration, engineering management, customer-facing relationships, product development, mechanical and industrial
design and manufacturing, marine products, chemical and pharmaceutical production.

Core Competencies:
•Operations & Capital Budgeting Strategic & Tactical Business Planning •Process Optimization
•Customer Relationship Management •Leadership & Communications •Coaching, Mentoring •Team Building
•Engineering Management •Product Design & Development •Program & Project Management

Sample of Experience:
Business Planning, Financial Analysis, Strategic Direction, Technical Leadership

Global Engineering Manager-Executive team member reporting directly to the President.
Matrix-managed engineers in the U.S. and Europe. Directed product development programs and monitored the
associated profit, sales, marketing, and customer relationships across 50 U.S. and European business units and dealers.
Extensive international travel and project management.

Design Engineer
Engineered the design and evolution of new and existing marine products. Coordinated all functional areas of the
business from customer-driven market needs through final contract approval.

Project Engineer
Designed glass pilot plants and process systems and generated system documentation, manufacturing and assembly
specifications, and technical guidance for sales proposals.
 Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
 August 27, 2010

 Created profitability monitoring program to track product margins. Results consistently exceeded targets and out-
 performed other group stores. Managed all retail activities, P&L, budgeting and reporting, staffing, marketing and
 promotion, procurement, inventory control, customer relations and interdepartmental employee cross-training.

 Applications Engineer
 Modeled sheet metal part production, identified resource requirements, resolved high-volume Just-In-Time manufacturing
 inefficiencies through optimized part design and equipment configuration.
 Email us and note the JS number

 JS 145.Sr. Mechanical Engineer
 Senior level mechanical with aerospace-related product design and development, systems integration and project
 engineering expertise. Comfortable working with teams and suppliers. Versatile, detail oriented and adept at finding
 innovative solutions for difficult problems. Able to foster cooperation through solid people skills.

         ♦ Saved Air Force $1.1 M per year by identifying 107 obsolete parts that could be dropped from inventory ♦Saved
         $7882 on the PW6000 gas turbine engine by finding a standard replacement for a $528 bolt ♦Eliminated a
         $72,000 per hour, in-shop repair for all extended range Boeing 777s by developing an inexpensive, on-wing repair
         to extend the life of a $25,000 cooler ♦Generated a $1.2 M lead to co-develop a fiberoptic cancer probe.

 Sample of Experience:
 Integration Engineer / Project Engineer / Electromechanical Engineer
 Defined system requirements and populated DOORS database for a new development engine. Analyzed the root cause
 of A330 hydraulic failures and supported the manufacturing restart of an out of production air valve.
 Senior Project Engineer / Sales Engineer (Medical and Optical Devices)
 Designed distal seal assembly for NDO Surgical’s FDA Class II endoscopic instrument for treating GERD. Project
 engineer for ESS-1000 Biospectrometer (to perform real-time optical biopsies), fabricated its fiberoptic probes and
 designed its calibration cell. Designed and built optical breadboards for a sedation monitor, LED-based microscope
 illumination system, and IR sensor for detecting cargo in truck bodies.
 Senior Design Engineer
 In charge of 23 sensor installations. As part of company’s gearbox fracture team, received patent for an improved
 gearbox mount and was finalist for the 1998 Leadership Award

 Integration Engineer
 Defined system requirements and packaging arrangements for the experimental Advanced Ducted Prop engine. Worked
 on a zero-g oil system, integrated heat exchangers, thrust recovery schemes and thermal load sharing. Devised
 maintenance procedures that would be compatible with an oversized fan cowl. Showed that a fuel manifold (never used
 by company before) could eliminate 7 tubes and reduce component replacement times by 60%.

 Hydromechanical Engineer
 Worked on PYBBN actuator, which gave F15 and F16 fighters thrust vectoring capability. Designed extremely compact
 wire management arrangement, which improved protection while eliminating 6 parts. (The approach became new design
 Email us and note the JS number

JS 121. Field Service Engineer

Summary: Management: environmental, manufacturing production and quality assurance departments. Participated in
startup steel mill production department, startup sales in an Environmental Systems manufacturing company, and have
written many proposals for services in the banking sector. Extensive experience in: research & development, design of
process, troubleshooting, environmental management, manufacturing engineering, IT rollout and customer service.
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

Significant Accomplishments
       Saved millions of dollars in the treatment of wastewater over an 18 month period
       Cleaned up multiple Underground Storage Tank sites, closure of surface impoundment and waste accumulation
        areas, while maintaining the safety of a trout protected waterway running through company property.
       Brought a steel processing mill to readiness status to run steel coils in a pickling process. Managed and
        implemented production and all environmental duties.
       In a gold / nickel plating company, supervised a Quality Assurance department. Doubled production, and
        improved quality to a level of zero defects.

Sample of Experience:
Re-engineered processes and saved millions of disposal costs, and potential penalties to government regulatory
agencies. Supervised steam production, maintenance of hazardous and non-hazardous waste collection, and water
treatment streams.
Held positions as:

       Field Service Engineer
       Supervisor – Manager – Engineer
       Environmental Manager
    Email us and note the JS number

JS 123. Software Development and QA Test Professional

Summary: Dynamic and accomplished application design, development and testing professional; passionate and
motivated at balancing people, processes and technology to achieve business goals and objectives in a global team

Key Competencies: •Detail-oriented problem solver with ability to see the big picture •Individual and team contributor to
multi-leveled projects •Effective requirements builder •Expert communicator ; skilled in offshore relationships •Proficiency
with SDLC/ Agile software development processes •Skilled in sales support, customer training, curriculum development,
documentation and customer service

Technical Expertise • (CAD) applications. •Factory automation/manufacturing solutions (apparel, automotive, industrial)
•Project Management of software development •Software Usability analysis, design prototyping, testing •Lean Software
QA: Test Design, implementation and execution
CUA-Certified Usability Analyst, CTFL-Certified Software Tester, PMP candidate

Sample of Experience:
Designed and prepared clear and concise software application specifications; Applied user-centered needs analysis and
usability testing principles in the design process.

Senior Applications Specialist
   • Directed the development of a data exchange conversion utility, combining multiple programs into one application
        resulting in increased productivity.
   • Effectively collaborated with in-house and outsourced programmers in Slovakia and software testers in China to
        meet product deadlines, decreasing product time to market.
   • Designed and executed manual test procedures & plans; organized in Visual SourceSafe
   • Utilized an iterative/ agile development approach delivering service packs and patches to mitigate risk, resulting in
        shorter release cycles
Senior Technical Support Specialist
   • Reduced escalations through timely and accurate resolutions for customers and application engineers, worldwide
        in 126 countries.
   • Skilled in conflict resolution
 Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
 August 27, 2010

     •   Supported Software Engineering with alpha testing of new software applications to increase self in product
         knowledge and benefit customer response time.
 Product Marketing Specialist
    • Coordinated CAD/CAM sales projects and demonstrations.
    • Participated in trade shows and sales events.
 Email us and note the JS number

JS 124. IT Professional
  Summary: MIS in manufacturing support with concentration in Computer Numerical Control and Programming.

 Sample of Experience:
 Production Specialist

     •   Supported engineers in the building of new or modified parts using Gibbs Cam
     •   Generated program for CNC machines including HAAS, Hurco Mori.
     •   Set up and operated all machines

 CNC/Laser Programmer
   • Programmed vertical CNC mill using Gibbs cam software
   • Processed all Fixture and services parts using Trumph laser software to program and nesting
   • Quoted and priced all fixture jobs

 CNC programmer & set up
 • Used Master cam to program, set up and operated CNC vertical mill and Lathe

 Social Service Agency Support
 • Maintained agency web site using HTML and Front Page
 • Designed and developed agency database using MS Access
 • Provided case management to twenty clients; performed interpreting services in Vietnamese and English; assisted
    clients with job applications, medical appointments, and other social service activity.
 • Assisted staff members with computer set-up, installed software, provided guidance on software use
 Email us and note the JS number

JS 125. Chemical Engineer

 Summary :PhD chemical engineer with over 5 years of R&D experience at major specialty materials companies with
 expertise in formulation, process & product development and scale-up. Strong problem solving, experimentation,
 mathematical modeling and data analysis skills. Six-sigma green belt certified. Diverse background including material
 characterization, rheology, thin film coating, extruder & batch mixing, adhesives, polymers, microelectronics materials,
 composite laminates, & supercritical fluids.

 Sample of Experience:
 Sr. Development Engineer
     • Developed 2 new TIM products with improved thermal performance.
     • Developed dielectric composite laminate formulations to launch new products with high thermal conductivity.
        Developed mixing procedures for multiple formulations to improve quality & minimize waste. Improved product
        yield & productivity by optimizing manufacturing process on a production size KOR coating machine.
     • Coated battery separator membrane formulations on slot-die coating machines in house & at a toller facility.
        Optimized mixing & coating/drying processes to coat defect free thin membranes.
     • Coordinated internal and external manpower & resources for the membrane project.
 Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
 August 27, 2010

     •   Supervised up to 4 technicians at a time working on multiple projects.

 New product introduction engineer:
         • Executed process scale-ups from lab to manufacturing plants and commercialized products.
         • Developed a batch mixing process for making a condensation cure RTV sealant, a continuous reaction
             process for making a hybrid silicone polymer. Did technical design analysis for sizing & selecting equipment
             for process scale-up to a pilot plant.
 Project engineer:
     • Executed installation of a mixing equipment and a continuous static mixer reactor system. Drove appropriation
         requests, management of change, safety reviews and managed spending. Worked with vendors & contractors.
     • Led a team & identified root causes of a major quality problem.

 Computer Skills:
 A working knowledge of Fortran, Pascal, Minitab & Microsoft office; familiar with Matlab, ASPEN plus.
     Email us and note the JS number

JS 126. Civil Engineer

 Summary: Civil Engineer with a solid structural and mechanical engineering background Earned reputation as an
 excellent problem solver and known for troubleshooting and root cause identification ability. Demonstrated strength in
 computer skills including Excel, CAD, and STAAD. Uses positive interpersonal skills to build and maintain excellent
 working relations with customers, team members, field personnel and management.

 • Computer: Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Microstation, STAAD, AutoPipe, LPile, Abaqus
 • Technical: AASHTO LRFD, ACI 318-08, AISC 13 Edition, ASCE 7-05, British Standard, Eurocode

 • Language: English, Mandarin

 Sample of Experience:
 Mechanical Engineer
 Responsible for assuring that project’s met customer specifications, safety requirements, budget and deadlines.
 Functioned as lead structural engineer on multiple combined cycle power plants in Europe. Interfaced with field,
 fabricators and customers regarding construction related concerns. Reviewed fabricators drawing and provided design
 reports to the customer.
 Selected, based on demonstrated skills and leadership, to be lead structural engineer on multiple projects

 Bridge Engineer
 Accountable for using the latest software to design straight and curved bridges and bridge components. Determined and
 checked construction materials, proposals, and drawings.

 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
 Assisted professors in grading static and dynamics homework assignments.
 Responsible for providing support and assistance to professor’s projects.
 Email us and note the JS number

JS 127. Software Development Professional

 Summary: Software developer/ Team Lead/Project Lead with hands-on extensive experience in software development,
 Software development Lifecycle, embedded software, DSP applications integration. Has done projects involving VLSI
 Chip design methodology, Data Base technology, Digital Signal processing and Speech Recognition Technologies.
 Recipient of awards and patents. Excellent with end-clients, cross-functional teams, project management tools.
Well versed in project management tools such as MSProj and Excel, Visio etc

Core Competencies:
 Project Leadership Software Development
     Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
     August 27, 2010

     Fluent in C/C++/Python Scripting language, Clearcase/Clearquest, UML , Unix and PC platforms.

     Sample of Experience:
                • Lead teams for the development of embedded software for various lithography machines serving as
                   platforms for latest in wafer processing technologies
                 •   Worked with trans-Atlantic teams in the US and Holland on major projects.
                 •   Developer for driver and test software for servo controlled module and responsible for subsequent
                     hardware and software integration (mechatronics software and electrical aspects).
                 •   Managed development and implementation of voice technology and Medical dictation products
                 •   Provided technical expertise in digital signal processing, speech recognition applications development
                     Significant contributions in the DSP application development area; New developments served as the
                     platform for over 50% of deployed products.
                 •   Contributed through expertise in chip design, database technology, digital signal processing in various
     Research and Development
        • Developed circuits and software for telecommunications chip designs
        • Set up semi custom and custom design environments on Mentor workstations
        • Developed software for computer chip design
        • Received patents for contributions to the design and development of new platforms for voice processing
        • First woman recipient of the Pitney Bowes Inventor of the Year award
        Email us and note the JS number

    JS 128. Research and Development Engineer

     Summary: Ph.D Chemical Engineering, Electrochemistry (May-August 2010); B.S. Chemical Engineering (2003), with
     professional and academic research and project development experience

     Sample of Experience:
                o Authored 4 peer-reviewed scientific articles (electrochemistry) and 2 proceedings publications
                o Listed inventor on 1 patent (US 7,086,939 B2)
                o Work presented at both scientific and business meetings

•    Expertise in analysis of electrochemical systems
•    Physical modeling and mechanism development
•    Characterized oxide film growth on electrodes
•    Developed generalized method for optimizing impedance spectroscopy techniques and data analysis
•    Implemented stage-gate R&D projects (inception to product launch)
•    Simulation and application test development; material property analysis and testing
•    Technical sales experience
•    Proficient in MATLAB programming
•    Developed process instrumentation diagrams for fuel cell testing laboratory
•    Fabricated fuel cell testing panels

•    Electrochemical Society, member
•    International Society of Electrochemistry, member

•    Cum Laude graduation honors,
•    Dean’s list scholarship recipient
     Email us and note the JS number
 Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
 August 27, 2010

JS 129. ElectricalEngineer

 Summary: Electrical Engineer with excellent technical skills experienced with a variety of tools:

 Proficient with the following tools:
    • Simulation: : Modelsim, Cadence, Pspice, Accusim and Matlab
    • Synthesize: Altera, Xilinx, Synopsys, Leonardo and Cadence
    • Layout:         :Mentographics IC Station
    • Embedded: : PSOC Builder
    • Mems:            : Ansys
 Languages:VHDL, Verilog HDL, Perl and C

 Research Interest:
 Multicore, Multi Processor, System on Chip Design and RF

 Sample of Experience:
    • Research Assistant, Graduate Assistant, Electrical Engineering Department
    • Design Engineer
    • RTL Design Engineer,

 Publications and Projects:
 Design of efficient SOPC based multicore system using NOC:
 Tools : SOPC Builder, Quartus II

 VHDL implemetation of high-performance and dynamically configured multi-port cache memory
 Role: Coding; Language Used: VHDL; Tools Used: Modelsim, Altera;

 Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) PROCESSOR:
 Role: Coding; Language Used: Verilog; Tools Used: Modelsim, Altera;

 PICO Processor:
 Role: Coding; Language Used: Verilog; Tools Used: Modelsim, Altera;

JS 130. Mechanical Engineering/Technology Management

 Summary: Motivated, self starter. Goal oriented ability to work with team to establish new processes. •Strong written and
 verbal communication skills. •Proficient in trouble-shooting, alteration, gap-analysis and re-engineering. •Ability to effectively
 participate on a cross-functional project team. •Demonstrated ability to identify and implement process improvements.

 Technical Skills
 Programming Languages: C Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/2000
 Software Packages: SAP R/3, ECC 6.0, AutoCAD 2005, ProE 2000, Ansys 8.0 Desktop Software: Microsoft word, Excel,
 PowerPoint and Visio. Proficient with Six Sigma methodology and SWOT analysis

 Sample of Experience:

 US ARMY Rank E- 4 (Specialist)
 SAP Consultant
    Worked on various facets of SD/LE module including Analysis, Implementation, Configuration, Testing and
      Production Support of SAP R/3.
    Strong functional experience in the implementation, customization and configuration of SAP R/3 & ECC in SD/LE
      modules with expertise in cross-functional applications of MM, CRM, WM, and SM Modules.
    Good understanding of enterprise structures including defining & assigning company codes, credit control areas,
      sales organizations, plants, shipping points, transportation planning points, sales groups, sales areas, divisions,
      distribution channels and sales offices.
    Configured all Standard Sales and Delivery functions: Customer master, Sales document types, Delivery
      documents, Billing document types, Item categories, Schedule line Categories, Pricing procedures, Pricing condition
      types, Access sequences, Output determination, Shipping and transportation functions.
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

   Involved in product conceptualization to line production, ensuring all quality standards maintained.
   Designed a grinding fixture for BMV-60 Milling machine table with all the design requirements including drafting, load
       analysis, cost estimation and Break even analysis.
   Created process models, specifications, diagrams and charts.
   Conducted mechanical design and cost, analysis, authored all necessary documentation.
   Performed stress analysis on components using finite element software.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 132. Finance, Business and IT Professional

Summary: A dedicated, results oriented professional with a unique background in finance, business and systems support.
Extensive experience in programming and analysis working with both mainframe and distributed technologies in the
financial, accounting and healthcare industries. Demonstrated ability for effectively leading project teams and contributing
at all points in the system life cycle. Proactive in pursuing new technological advancements for implementation. Known
for providing creative solutions to challenges.

Key Competencies:
Analysis •Managing resources •Cross-functional •Team Lead •Communication •Problem solving
•Production Support •Research •Training •Business Solutions

10+ years: EXCEL •SQL DB2 •COBOL •Visual Basic (6+ years) Macros – (Spreadsheet & Reports)
FOCUS, TSO/ISPF, TIDAL Scheduler, TCP/IP, Accounting Applications

Sample of Experience
System Support Manager
Team Lead and Primary Support for a highly visible Fund Performance Reporting application requiring 24 /7 on call
support using mainframe and distributed languages.

Senior Programmer Analyst/Project Manager
Coded for data management and reporting utilizing mainframe and distributed languages. Provided on-call support,
ongoing problem resolution and production fixes, systems processing and ad hoc reporting to support business research

Financial Accountant
Produced system reports to assist with reconciliation of bank accounts and suspense accounts. Assisted in business
evaluations and comparisons with the use of ratios and cash flow analysis. Effectively performed systems audit, upgrades and

Accountant/MIS Manager
Implemented and upgraded computer systems applications for payroll, budgets, patient records, accounts receivable and
accounts payable.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 49 Project Manager

Summary: Ph.D., MBA, with Extensive SBIR Grant and Contract Writing & Management Experience
adept at coupling broad-based scientific expertise with business acumen to achieve results

Sample of Experience
              o authored and co-authored over 40-funded research proposals,
              o published 21 peer-reviewed scientific articles and 18 abstracts,
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

                o   listed inventor on 3 patents, and
                o   presented work at both scientific and business meetings.

    •   Prepared business and marketing plans.

    •   Presented business opportunities at venture fairs.

    •   Negotiated consulting and licensing agreements.

    •   Financial Analysis (e.g., budgeting, pro forma financial statements, marketing/sales projections, risk analysis,
        pricing, market share and net present value assessments).

    •   Regulatory Experience (e.g., three approved 510k applications, granted license to use of radionuclides (3H, 14C,
        125I, 51Cr), and submitted and later withdrew investigational new device exemption (IDE) application).

    •   GLP and cGMP experience.
   • Created, launched and sold new medical and research diagnostic reagents.
   • Oversaw work of a team of Ph.D. level scientists and engineers.
   • In-depth understanding of critical intellectual property issues.
   • Supervised pharmaceutical-based projects and development of novel fermentation/bioreactor mixing systems.
   • Developed proof-of-concept medical devices for preparing frozen RBCs for transfusion and hemoperfusion.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 115. CNC Operator

Summary: CNC Machine Operator Dependable, open minded effective decision maker. Excellent interpersonal and
communication skills.

Sample of Experience
Pre-Manufacturing Certificate:
CNC Lathe      Micrometers               OP Sheets
CNC Miller                               Bill of Materials
Set-Up         + .0005”                  Brass
Drill Press    Materials                 Aluminum
Metal Grinders                   Steel
Calipers                                 Blueprints

Basic Programming Knowledge
Email us and note the JS number

JS 117. Lean Manufacturing Design and Quality Engineer
Summary:Strong background in lean manufacturing, CNC programming, design and quality. Able to work with everyone
from senior management to shop floor personnel and outside vendors.

Core Competencies:
• Lean Manufacturing Tools and Processes
• CNC Programming including lathes, machining centers, and swiss screw machines
• CADD and CAM software suites
• Tool and Fixture Design
• Machine Setup and Operation
• Statistical Quality Control
• Microsoft Office Tools
• COBOL Programming Experience

Sample of Experience:
Manufacturing Engineer
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

•   Successfully developed and implemented several lean manufacturing tools including internal and vendor kanbans,
    and one-piece flow model utilizing new, automated assembly
•   Led multiple 5S efforts, reducing machining area footprint by 10%
•   Implemented and maintained Statistical Process Control (SPC) program Lead and participated in dept. Kaizens for
    quality improvement, process flow
•   Assisted in Kaizens for work flow, shop floor layout, customer service, etc.
•   Established a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) program
•   Created documentation for work instruction, root cause analysis, Kanban cards and Haijunka boards.
•   Introduced and created written procedures for all jobs throughout the shop reducing scrap and rework by 20%.
•   Identified and resolved problems occurring through the shop, including issues with tooling, chip removal, cycle time
    and fixturing.

Project Manager
• Responsible for implementation and training for Vantage Sales Database

Applications Engineer.
• Responsible for the design of custom basin pump assemblies based on customer specifications.
• Designed and created CAD drawings for custom parts including stands, rail systems and adaptors.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 120. Product Development /Marketing Executive

Summary: Ability to grow the top and bottom lines while consistently bringing new products to market, managing existing
lines of business, driving communications and achieving financial targets.

Core Competencies:

    Product / Service DevelopmentBusiness / Market Development Product / Brand Management
    Communications / Social Medi General Management 
                                a                          Matrix Management Strategic Planning
    Project Management Global Experience

Sample of Experience
        Developed strategies to raise quote volume by 25%, increase membership 5% with 100% retention and
           educate job seekers resulting in 30 people who obtained new positions.

Product Development
        Responsible for product development and building infrastructure for Service Contracts and Motor Clubs.
          Managed $350K budget
        Identified lack of correct costing in current pricing methodology. Designed and built a new, bottoms-up pricing

Insurance Executive:
       • AVP / Director of Product Management & Product Development
            Life, Accident and Disability products plus Value-Added Services. Supervised $7 million budget
            Improved close ratio 25% in targeted areas.
       • AVP / Regional Underwriting Manager
            Accountable for $100 million business including P&L, profitable growth and renewal retention.
            Managed $350,000 budget, matrix managed eight Country Underwriting Managers
       • International Underwriting Manager
            Managed budget of $350,000
            Matrix managed 10 Regional Underwriting Managers
            Reduced 50% or $922,000 in annual losses from the portfolio after re-underwriting it.
       • AVP / Profit Center Manager (NOTE: some spacing issues)
        Created new products, expanded distribution and raised marketplace awareness of products boosting
           revenue 375% over three-year period from $7M to $26M.
       Email us and note the JS number
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

JS 122 Polymer Science/Plastic Engineer

Summary: Research engineer experienced with design and development of polymeric functional materials including
synthesis, processing and characterization.

Core Competencies:
       • Expert level in characterization and analysis of chemical structures, crystalline morphology, electrical
         properties, polymer synthesis and organic synthesis, polymer self-assembly, polymer processing
       • Extensive experience in operation and analysis data from analytical instruments including WAXD, SAXS,
         TEM, FT-IR, DSC, PLM, 1H NMR and 19F NMR, GPC (or SEC), Fluorescence Spectroscopy, SLS, DLS,
         Phase Contrast Microscopy, Oscilloscope, LCR meter, Time Domain Dielectric Spectrometer

Sample of Experience
Research Experience:
       • Design, synthesis, scale up and chemical structure characterization of new materials,
       • Confinement of the ferroelectric domains by physical methods including modification of crystallization
           conditions, polymer blending and electron irradiation
       • Study of crystalline morphology, phase separation behavior and nanoconfined phase transition behavior
       • Polymer processing, including lab-scale polymer blending and lab-scale capacitor grade thin film fabrication
       • Characterization of nanoconfined ferroelectricity, such as nonlinear dielectric response and ferroelectricity,
           time-dependent electric energy storage, and discharge and reduction of conduction loss

Formal training in:
   • Electrical testing and maintenance of laboratory equipment including circuit construction and basic knowledge of
       electrical circuits
   • High-voltage technique and measurements
   • Computer programming including C, Fortran

Numerous Journal Publications

Patent: Nanocomposites having high dielectric constants
Email us and note the JS number

JS 110. Executive Management:

Summary: Results oriented leader with global experience and proven success leading multi-functional engineering
teams, increasing shareholder value, opening new markets, launching new products, developing channel partners and
implementing effective marketing strategies for technology based products and services.

Core Competencies:
General Management, Technology& Product Development, Marketing Strategies and Tactics, Strategic Selling & Channel

Sample of Experience:
   • Managed multi-year strategic technology joint venture with Asian partner that resulted in several product
   • Developed sales strategies, conducted strategic selling, directed marketing and business development activities
      nationally for $23 million energy service provider
   • Created and directed critical market development groups focused on alternative energy systems sales
      engineering and product marketing strategy and tactics
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

    •   Led new product development and developed effective marketing for complex clean power systems for multiple
        markets. Annual budgets ranged from $5-$15 million
   • Managed large engineering teams focused on commercial product improvements including reliability,
        performance, and cost reduction.
   • Inventor/Patent Holder for several components and processes for clean power systems that enabled
Email us and note the JS number

JS 112. Mechanical Engineer

Summary: Experienced, results oriented team focused leader and manager with strengths in adaptability; strategic
leadership; and resilience with xtensive knowledge of energy management and utility interconnections

Sample of Experience:
• Coordination and management of all activities related to the installation, start up and commissioning of distributed
   generation equipment producing combined heat, power and cooling (CHP).
• Coordination of customer site design of cogeneration equipment
• Management of multiple customer projects within power products portfolio (fuel cells and microturbines/chillers
   cogeneration systems).
• Developed proposals, installation estimates, application engineering for mechanical and electrical integration into host
   facility systems..
• Designed, developed and manufactured fuel cell power plants used in the generation of electrical power for
   commercial applications.
• Design leadership for large scale electrical power equipment and power conversion products for industrial and metal
   finishing products.
• Project management, engineering and design responsibility for automated multistage cleaning systems.

Computer Skills
Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project); AUTOCAD
Email us and note the JS number
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

JS 113. Project Management Professional (PMP)

Summary: Experienced Project Management Professional (PMP) with demonstrated accomplishments in engineering,
manufacturing processes, and leadership. Skilled in managing cross disciplined, international teams. Repeated successes
in the conception, rapid development, ramp-up, and delivery of new products. Adept in strategic thinking and problem

Sample of Experience:
   • Led international internal manufacturing facilities and strategic external manufacturing alliances aimed at
      increasing global market presence for $800 million business unit.
   • Negotiated supply agreements and equipment purchase agreements and monitored social compliance of
      strategic alliance partners.
   • Led cross-functional project teams that initiated new licensed stationery product-line for a major company
      resulting in a long-term, exclusive agreement.
   • Managed multiple $1.5+ million tooling programs with numerous suppliers for internal manufacturing.
   • Conducted MOLDFLOW analyses
   • Developed Best Practices in PRO/ENGINEER and mentored designers learning the software.

•  International manufacturing negotiations, implementation, and qualification in Brazil, China, France, Hong Kong,
   Japan, Korea, Mexico, and Taiwan.
• Clarity Software – Project and Portfolio Management Software
• Microsoft Project Orange Belt Certification
• Formal Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA)
• Quick Response Quality Control (QRQC)
Email us and note the JS number

JS 114 Supply Chain Manager.

Summary: Hands-on, can-do, results driven Strategic Supply, Materials and Operations Management Professional with a
balance of materials, procurement, operations management, supply chain experience and sound business acumen.
Energetic leader with proven track record devising and executing strategic plans in high-tech multi-plant manufacturing

Core Competencies:

Six Sigma Black Belt             Strategic Sourcing               Cost Reductions
Lean Enterprise Team Leader      Project Management               New Product Development
Sales & Operations Planning      Supply Chain Management          ERP Implementations

Sample of Experience:

•  Director of Materials
•  Improved supply chain management achieving 50% shorter order cycle times with 99% on-time performance
•  Saved $2.5 million annually by leading a cross functional team in transitioning a key component from domestic to
   Asian sourcing
• Managed the supplier relationship of sole source technologies including CAPA plans
• Led Kaizen events for continuous improvement
• Managed the Master Production Schedule I a make-to-order, make-to-stock manufacturing environment involving
   5,000+ SKU’s
• Introduced, championed and led Sales & Operations Planning in support of a new ERP implementation
• Director of Operations bringing focus and discipline to the manufacturing floor
• Materials Manager in an entrepreneurial startup
• Led a successful ERP implementation
Email us and note the JS number
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

JS104. Senior Program Manager / Business Leader

Summary: Decisive, innovative professional with proven skills leading large complex, multi-faceted programs. Extensive
military/defense background in international and domestic senior leadership. Accomplished business development
expertise in operations and logistics. Strong communications, training and team-building skills.

Sample of Experience:

Program Management

           •     Established, implemented and executed programs valued at $7M to develop software tools for education,
                 training and logistics-supply chain improvement.
           •     Led effort resulting in development of interactive logistics asset visibility prototype tool
           •     Developed and implemented cost sharing plan adopted by Department of Defense (DOD) resulting in a
                 $2M savings.
           •     Managed company’s largest digital wireless market launch. Led activities across 3 states in retail, third
                 party and business-to-business sales.


           •     Planned, synchronized and executed all command events involving United States Military Academy assets
                 with $200 million budget and over 1, 000 personnel.
           •     Planned, developed, and implemented the United States Military Academy’s Y2K contingency response
           •     Developed and executed the United States Military Academy’s first full inter-agency emergency response
           •     Principal planner and advisor for manpower issues in our National Delegation at NATO Headquarters in
           •     Assistant Instructor/Assistant Professor, Senior Infantry Branch Representative at United States Military

           Email us and note the JS number

S105. Senior Program Manager

Summary: Senior level experience in Engineering Services, Program Management and Purchasing. Strong customer
and quality awareness, high level of energy. Able to handle multiple job functions.

Sample of Experience:
            • Personnel Responsibilities for Mechanical Designers, PCB Designers, Documentation Coordinators,
                Model Shop and Plastic Injection Designs
            • Oversee Mechanical Design Activities (metals and plastics), Contracted PCB Design Services, Cable
                Designs, and Agency Approvals.
            • Created and Maintained Part Numbering and Documentation Control System.
            • Headed Engineering Change/Request Board (ECO/ECR)
            • Project Management for all Special Projects including, but not limited to, Purchasing, planning
                coordinating, scheduling, Vendor Contracts, project budgets, packaging and delivery.
            • Pre Production Planner & Scheduler (all components) for the first 15 pieces. (Marketing, Agencies,
                 Engineering, Test and Pre – Production Units)
        Proficient in QuickBooks, Microsoft Office Tools, MRP, Forth Shift, ManMan, Parts & Vendors, MAX
        Documentation Software, Smart Star. ISO-9001-2000 Group Leader
Email us and note the JS number
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

JS106. Lean Manufacturing Manager

Summary: Lean manufacturing/QM professional with focus on continuous improvement of business and manufacturing
processes. Strengths include budgeting, cross functional team leadership, teaching, training, and facilitation. Excellent
communication skills.

Core Competencies:

 Lean Manufacturing                  Quality Management            Applications              Communications

Sample of Experience:

        •        Developed and implemented Lean Manufacturing Training Strategy for over 270 employees
        •        Planned the design, development, production and launch of a new product family
        •        Achieved and sustained ISO 9000 standard and QA assurance activities for multiple facilities nationally
        •        Created Quality planning process
        •        Developed and implemented process redesign for office/shop floor space


        •        Certified Quality Engineer, American Society for Quality
        •        Certified ISO 9000 Internal Auditor, Quality Alert Institute

Email us and note the JS number

JS 78. Electrical Engineer

Summary: Electrical Engineer with extensive experience creating test platforms, testing prototype products, and
verifying conformance to product requirements. Self starter and team player. Experienced with analog circuits, including
closed-loop control and stability analysis, and embedded systems and digital design, including programmable logic, in the
Telecom and Automotive industries.

Sample of Experience:

Applications Engineer
   • Serve as customer contact and problem solver during the evaluation, design, and verification phases, assisting in
       bringing customer products to production.

Electrical Engineer
    • Developed test requirements and procedures for new VLSI products, using device functional requirements and
        design documentation.
    • Involved in component selection, and schematic design (using Cadence/ORCAD), of PCB test platforms.
    • Designed and modified programmable logic (CPLDs and FPGAs) as needed.
    • Programmed in VHDL, ABEL, and MACHXL hardware description languages.

Electronics Technician
    • Supported lab operations, including PCB assembly and rework, lab organization, and maintaining records for ISO
       quality conformance.

FPGA/CPLD design Xilinx and Lattice
Xilinx synthesis, place and route tools, simulation
OrCad/Cadence schematic capture and PADS PCB tools
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

MathCad, and Labview applications
VHDL, Tcl, VBScript, ABEL, and MACHXL
SPICE-based simulation (PSPICE, Multisim, TINA)
LabView (Basic/Intermediate) and PADS Layout
Email us and note the JS number

JS107. Manufacturing Project Engineer

Summary: Project Engineer experienced in the engineering/manufacturing field with a proven track record of product
design, process engineering and manufacturing engineering taking innovative products from concept to

Sample of Experience:

Program/Project Manager
Worked with team members to deliver prototypes for IFB wafer table and dry wafer table.
Used various tools to achieve lean manufacturing including SPC, Kaizan and P-FMEA.
Improved production yield via lean manufacturing, goal setting, performance metrics, and process improvements.

Systems Integration Engineer
     Certified ISO 9001:2000 Internal Auditor
     •      Design and development of new products incorporating DFM, DFA and transition to `     manufacturing
     •      Experience with SolidDesigner and SolidWorks
     •      Experience with optics, various types of glass, polishing techniques.
     •      Design and development of steering wedge mechanism
     •      Liaison between Design and Manufacturing
     •      Experience in homogeneity testing of glass
     •      Experienced in the assembly and testing of LCDMI laser head

Mechanical design Engineer
   • Led product development initiatives from initial drawings through the component and subassembly level.
   • Designed vacuum chambers for robotic systems
   • Designed packaging for electronics and cabling diagrams
   • Designed turntable shaft for wafer processing system
   • Assisted in ‘Ironman’ testing of wafer processing systems
   • Experience with SolidWorks

Computer Skills:                    Microsoft Office and Outlook (XP Pro); Microsoft Project (XP Pro);
                                    DFM/DFA:      3D CAD; Solidworks; SolidDesigner, AutoCAD, Pro-E
Email us and note the JS number

JS108. Mechanical Engineer
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010


Mechanical engineer from the boiler design industry. Experienced with manufacturing, research and development, and
construction environments. Well versed in various design and analysis software, materials standards, design codes, and
efficiently interfacing with vendors and customers. Approaches problems eagerly and demonstrates technical curiosity
and rigor in reaching their solutions.

       SOFTWARE: UGS NX 4.0, AutoCAD, AutoPIPE, Caesar II, PipePlus, STAAD.Pro, MATLAB, Linux.

       Sample of Experience:

      Mechanical Design Engineer

                •   Analyzed piping on boilers for combined cycle power plants using American and
                    European design codes and materials standards.
                •   Designed steel structures for boilers according to environmental loads as well as US
                    and international building codes.
                •   Demonstrated skill and ease in building effective relationships with field engineers in
                    foreign countries, as well as with customers and vendors.

              Equipment Engineering Intern

                •   Generated critical measurement data that prompted modifications to the foam
                    production lines to improve tension control and manufacturing efficiency.
                •   Provided key support to electrical engineers and facilitated development of new data
                    management system for the production lines.
                •   Improved operational efficiency on the factory floor by revising and reorganizing
                    equipment documentation.

              Intern/Laboratory Assistant

                •   Interfaced with manufacturing operators to acquire and modify parts.
                •   Assembled and quality tested various models of solenoid valves.
                •   Conducted and documented design flaw investigations for engineers.
                •   Repaired and calibrated equipment, assembled projects, and assured their on-time

             Design and Analysis of Military Cargo Pallet

               •   Redesigned and tested pallet with new, non-wooden, core material.
               •   Designed and built test fixtures for determining performance at extreme temperatures.
               •   Final results redirected company’s efforts towards more promising and cost effective
        Email us and note the JS number

JS 100. CIO/ VP Information Technology
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

Summary: My 20 years of experience in building and optimizing IT organizations have enabled companies I have worked
for to improve their overall business value. This has been achieved by implementing methods that drive performance such
as building relationships, focusing on customers and delivering ROI. Collaboration with customers, vendors, and partners
have always been my chosen way to resolve problems and enable business processes. I have led IT solution teams in
industries such as healthcare, publishing, air freight, and manufacturing.

My specialized skills include:
IT network and systems, project implementations, organizational optimization, budget management, contract negotiations,
quality assurance, data center management, disaster recovery, team building and leadership. In my last position, I had
divisional responsibility for all network and systems, strategic development for the corporation and management of the
office space. I had responsibility to transition all systems to the corporate headquarters and implement a division
shutdown. This was completed on schedule.

Business Process Redesign • Organization, Optimization and Transformation
Infrastructure Architecture • Application Development and Implementation
Mentoring and Coaching • Team Building and Leadership
Email us and note the JS number

JS 70. General Manager/Principal Engineer

Summary: : Self starting Principal Electrical Engineer, with strong physics background, who has participated as a
principal in start-ups as well as corporate business development, planning, customer relations, employee relations, trade
shows, analytics, and management. Can wear many hats.

Example of Experience as Principal Development Engineer:
One of the original members of a start-up company tasked with developing a new class of fiber-optic products for
telecommunications and down-hole oil well monitoring. Conceived and directed development of mechanics for a very high
resolution Optical Channel Filter/Tuner. Tasks included optics fixturing, hermetic packaging development, actuator design,
manufacturing process development, product testing. Product resulted one million dollars in sales in first year. Directed
design and development of a high temperature version of the SONARtrac™ meter. Tasks included harsh environment
packaging development, sensor development, manufacturing process development, product testing and installation at
customer locations. Resulting product saved customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in meter replacement costs and
eliminated a serious health and safety problem. Executed numerous field installs. Collaborated with multidisciplinary
groups to make key contributions in the areas of product suite component design, hermetic packaging and manufacturing
process development, testing. Proven effectiveness in defining customer needs, developing solutions and delivering to the
customer a successful product. Extensive use of Excel, Matlab, Project Planning software. Listed on numerous patents.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 101. Technical-Engineer

Samples of Experience
Student Researcher, Maryland Experimental Gravity Group, UMD 2 semesters
        - Implemented design for measuring thin films using a capacitor bridge.
        - Improved design to limit interference and decrease size of error.
        - Investigated possible improvements with UMD Electronics Development Group

       - Assist in material procurement and light construction.
       - Critique existing residential structures and present improvements for structural integrity
         and utility efficiency.

Technical Skills
       - Operation and setup of instrument amplifiers, cathode tubes, AC and DC power
       supplies, vacuum systems, thin-film precipitation systems, lasers, interferometers, and
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

        various circuit types.
      - Statics, Mechanics of Materials, Dynamics
        - Use of various programs such as Lab Pro, Excel, and Mathematica for data collection,
        and error analysis.
        - Proficient with Microsoft Office, MathCAD, Matlab, AutoCAD, and DesignCAD.
        - Limited programming experience in Python, Java, and Unix/Linux/Ubuntu terminal.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 102. IT Professional


A senior solution oriented IT Professional with extensive experience of project management, application design &
development in banking & financing industries, travel industry, health care industry and On-Line e-Business; with proven
accomplishment in transnational corporations and small start-up companies; thorough understanding of ab initio full life
cycle software (SDLC) architecting and OOPS/Top-down algorisms; both Windows and UNIX platforms; strong business
abstraction and data modeling background, including creating XML business object schemata and transformation into
software class objects. Speak fluent English, Chinese and German. Great flexibility from diverse skills and background;
strategically sharp sensitivity of new development of science & technologies, creativity & fast learner benefit from
extensive education and training; wonderful teamwork, self-motivated; highly logical and detail-oriented working
enthusiasms, and solid Software Quality Assurance (SQA) experience earned the track record of over 100 continuous
major software releases without a single roll-back. Financial industry security clearance background check passed.

Key competences include:

          • Strategic Thinking                •    Lead ship & Planning               •   Procedure Development
          • Issue Analysis                    •    Data Modeling                      •   Windows & UNIX
          • Change Management                 •    Math & Statistics                  •   Detail Oriented
Email us and note the JS number

JA 103. Lead Engineer

Summary: : A leadership position supporting product engineering and development which capitalizes on my knowledge
of electrical, electronic, mechanical and systems engineering.

Eng./Lead Management              Digital Design                    Change Management
Project Management/Lead           New Product Development           Product Safety/Liability
ORCAD/PSPICE                      Problem Solving                   UL/Product compliance
Analog Design                     Project Budgeting                 Technical Writing
EMC (EMI/ESD) Compliance          Product/Sustaining Support        Proposal Development/Writing

Sample of Experience:
Electrical Integrated Product Lead Engineer
Performed electrical design and integration activities for the CH53-K helicopter air management system. This included the
design of cabling/harnesses and integration of all the electrical sensors and valves with the electronic control unit (ECU).
Completed the design and oversaw the build of the ECU dynamic test stand with is utilized for development testing of the
ECU. ACE (Achieving Competitive Excellence) Associate Level (6 sigma)
Email us and note the JS number

  JS 99. Software/Systems Engineer

  Summary: My strengths include code or software requirements design, verification and validation (walk-throughs or
  using simulation tools), and code optimization. An additional strength is learning and working with new technologies and
  other products.
    Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
    August 27, 2010

     Detail-driven engineer with experience in embedded software design including requirements generation and review,
     testing and documenting results. Implemented processes to reduce cycle time and cost. Pinpointed and documented
     discrepancies before software delivery to avoid long-term and costly troubleshooting. Efficient and organized within
     internal/external teams to reach and surpass expectations. Expert-level skills in Systems/Software interface design and

     Core competencies:
            •          Requirements Generation                   •           Laboratory Testing
            •          Requirements Review                       •           Engineering Documentation
            •          Researched existing systems               •           Verification of software via
              requirements                                           computer simulation

     Program Language Skills:
•           Assembly, C, Pascal
     Sample of Experience:
     Verified Software design through visual review and using an in-house simulation tool; Created requirements for software
     to implement and reviewed requirements generated by the system group or the customer; Coded modules using
     Assembly language per requirements; Created and updated documents for FAA certification.

•             Researched on existing programs to support customer’s technical requests
•             Able to recognize opportunities to optimize code
•             Key member of project technical meetings
•             Participated in FAA audits
•             Implemented &tested data bus interface between Electronic Engine Control & external data units (ARINC-429)
     Email us and note the JS number

    JS 98. Senior Engineering Executive

     Summary: Senior engineering executive with MSEE and 25 years of design, development and management
     experience. Expertise in alternator, electronic control, power electronics and motor products. Strong technical
     innovation (12 patents), leadership and communications ability. Results-oriented leader adept at developing new
     products from concept to commercialization.

•               Developed more than 10 new products from concept to high volume production successfully.
•               Created a new technology and $5 million SMT production line for electronic modules within a year.
•               Led AMMPS program to develop $2 million Advanced Military Mobil Power Generation sets for Department of
•               Built an R & D department and $1 million Lab in 6 months.
•               Designed Gold alternator and created new 500 jobs for launching new production.
•               Led a technology license contract and made multi-million dollar Joint Venture deal in China in four months.
•               Led few development projects of highly efficient energy products for electrical vehicle (EV) application.
•               Hands-on problem solver and effective communicator.
•               Strong team build, project management and critical thinking skills.

     Leadership and management:
     Managing people        Hiring/firing            Annual Review            Leading technical team
     Project management Schedule                     Budget                          Contact vendors/customers
     Critical thinking      Public presentation      Commercialization               Marketing support
     Product Development
    Email us and note the JS number

     JS 97. Applications Engineer/Project Manager
    Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
    August 27, 2010

     Summary: Proven track record of closing multiple projects in a fast-paced environment. Candidate effectively planned
     and executed the development of new products from tool design and cost analysis through completion, applies
     diversified plastic experience in the electronic, automotive, consumer, and medical markets. Utilizes strong analytical,
     organizational, communication and leadership skills. Employs strong problem solving, troubleshooting and presentation
     skills; strategic in the process of design manufacturing of both products and tooling for plastic injection molded parts as
     well as metal machining/etching/stamping, precious metal plating and other manufacturing method requirements to
     achieve the finished product.

     Key Qualifications: Cost Estimation, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Research & Development, Team Leader

     Sample of Professional Experience
     Application Engineer/Project Manager
     Managed the initial Request for Quotations (RFQ) for application including cost analysis for tooling, polymer plastics,
     inserts, (machined/etch/stamped), piece part pricing and final quote presentation. Additionally, project managed the
     design and manufactured of new programs as well as existing production lines.
•           Managed budgets for capital projects for engineering and tooling needs.
•           Created and maintained a tracking system for all RFQ’s and programs to both expedite and execute
•           key milestones from quotations to final build of approved samples and invoicing.
•           Oversaw and recommended vendor contacts of plastic polymer manufacturers, metal stampers,
•           screw machine, etchers and precious metal platers.
•           Established vendor contacts both domestic and off -shore to ensure cost effective tooling and delivery.
•           Consulted and negotiated with clients, prepared specifications, wrote and explained detailed proposals.
•           Initiated, wrote and presented PowerPoint presentations of design concepts for both clients and management.
     Email us and note the JS number

    JS 96. Director of Sales and Marketing

                Summary: Creative professional with an array of experience in marketing and sales, existing/new product
                planning, and business development activities. Independent, highly energetic, with the ability to focus on
                challenging situations. Possesses the ability to identify possibilities, conceptualize, and organize ideas into
                effective business solutions. Personal strengths include: analytical skills, initiative, self-direction,
                communications, and commitment to success. Experience includes positions of progressive responsibility in
                sales and marketing, product planning, design/introduction, quality control and technical services.

                    •   Created a manufacturers representative’s sales force in North America in order to increase market
                        share and improve profitability of a microwave and RF passive/active component product line.
                    •   Worked directly with design engineering firms to provide products that met or exceeded Source
                        Control Drawing (SCD) specifications. Where SCD’s did not exist, worked with the design engineers
                        to create product specifications in consideration of the customers cost targets and the manufacturing
                        capabilities of the company.
                    •   Secured business opportunities at new accounts where the company had no previous market share.
                        This lead to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sales and, in addition, to after market sales of
                        related products to the end user.
                    •   Reintroduced the company's products and capabilities to customer accounts that had been
                        previously lost due to no sales activity.
                    •   Coordinated all customer visits to the company and prepared customer presentations acting as the
                        team leader for Design Engineering, Manufacturing, Production and Quality Assurance.
                        Presentations included but were not limited to Preliminary Design Reviews (PDR’s) and Critical
                        Design Review’s (CDR’s).
                    •   Prepared and submitted quotations as a result of customer Requests for Quotation, coordinated
                        customer expedites and Return Material Authorizations (RMA’s), customer purchase order review
                        and corrections, product photography for new product introductions or email blasts, and created and
                        published the first hard bound company catalog.
                    •   Developed and maintained a customer mailing listed for direct mail of new product announcements.
                    •   Participate in industry trade meetings to stay current with market trends and changes.
                    •   Created and maintained a library of competitive literature and pricing information to provide
                        competitive quotations while maintaining or exceeding the products profit margin targets.
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

                •  Organized the annual sales meeting to present new products and sales/marketing strategies to the
                   assigned manufacturer’s representatives. This included the logistics of travel, hotel, meals,
                   engineering and management presentations.
       Email us and note the JS number

       JS 95 Electrical Engineer – Circuit Design, Signal Processing, Programming, Embedded Systems

       I am a recent engineering graduate seeking an entry-level electronics, technical position in CT. I would enjoy
       being considered for an entry level electrical engineer, research assistant, technical writer, or an engineering

       Sample of recent Co-op experience

           •   Converted 15 years of product drawings and models to a new Solidworks-based database in order to
               phase-out their old system

       •   Wrote software level training instructions for the new database in order to train overseas engineers to use the
           new database
           Email us and note the JS number

       JS 93 Project Manager/Administrator

       Seeking a senior management position with a relatively small, start-up company in Connecticut’s hi-tech industry
       —one with potential for growth but also with good “chemistry” between the founders and me. For such an exciting
       opportunity I would be willing to share their risk. I could step in and help grow the business now (by handling the
       non-technical, non-engineering aspects) while deferring some compensation for future, more prosperous days. I
       have years of experience managing construction projects and also research offices at Yale.

       Sample of Experience
       Senior Administrative Assistant

           •   Provided support for research laboratories of three professors
           •   Managed office
           •   Prepared non-scientific portions of research grants, budgets and CVs.
           •   Extensive creation of spreadsheets, forms and databases.
           •   Served as informal “help desk” for computer users.
           •   Arranged & managed schedules of visiting scientists.
           •   Supported several journals

       Email us and note the JS number
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

        JS 88. Project Manager
        Strong project management and communication skills working with customers, IT, internal staff, 3rd party
        Samples of Strengths
           •   Involvement in all stages of the systems development lifecycle.
           •   Project management and business analysis experience with internal and external teams.
           •   Relationship management between investors, executives, vendors, contractors, and employees.
           •   Human resources planning and execution.
           •   Logistical planning and execution related to asset security and workflow
           •   New media, ecommerce, and web 2.0 familiarity.
           •   Regulatory affairs (FDA, HIPAA) assistance, planning, and documentation.
           •   Biomedical background in radiology, wireless telemetry, and central station monitoring systems- specifically
               neonatal cardio respiratory monitors which incorporate active RFID, and internet clinical diagnostic
               applications for CT, MRI, and PET.

Sample Experience
          • Secured FDA 510k clearance for 3D medical imaging clinical diagnostic software.
          • Software verification and validation.
          • Research and development for network architecture, storage, and security. (HIPAA)
          • Advised on and oversaw version control and collaborative systems.
          • Assisted in developing and marketing of business plan which generated $1.1 million in capital.         Email us
              and note the JS number

    JS 89. Results Oriented Applications/Development Chemical Engineer

    Expertise in Adhesives, Urethane Applications, and Chemical Process Development. Trained Six Sigma Black
    Belt. Known for being part of and leading successful teams, strong customer relationships, putting new ideas into
    practice, and following up to insure satisfaction and success. Core experiences include:
    •    Applications                     • Product Development          • Process Development           • Applied Research

    •  Polymer                          •   Production                   •   Production                  •   Process          Cos
    Chemistry/Formulation                   Implementation                   Troubleshooting                 Reduction

    •    Project/Team Leadership        •   Customer Collaboration       •  Physical/Chemical            • International
                                                                            Testing                          Experience
    Applications Engineer responsible for answering technical assistance call line, technical leads, and technical
    support of sales representatives. Defined adhesive and process for customer applications through lab testing.
    Managed property testing of products.

     Staff Applications Engineer. Project leader for development of new applications for urethane prepolymers.
     Thorough understanding of urethane cast elastomers chemistry, processing, formulation, testing, material properties,
     and application.
Sr. Group Leader/Group Leader/Engineer. Responsible for Process Development from lab to pilot to production scale for
continuous and batch chemical processes. Management of technical professionals toward accomplishments of
individual/team goals including cost reductions, productivity improvements, waste minimization, new process introduction,
quality improvements, and resolutions of production issues. Received three company technical awards for my
Email us and note the JS number
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

JS 90. Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

   Expertise is working within a new product development group as an Advanced Manufacturing Engineer
   (Mechanical). Responsible to move a conceptual model into production while writing and controlling tooling budgets
   and selecting manufacturing methods that will achieve target production costs and quality objectives. There is a heavy
   concentration working with the supply base to achieve these goals. Although this would be my primary interest, I
   am also interested in vendor liaison or customer liaison work in a sales engineer position as well.
   Email us and note the JS number

   JS 91. Business Developer

   Summary of Qualifications:
   18 years in project development including conceptual phase through initial production runs. Products
   are licensed and distributed worldwide.

   Managed wireless and medical product development. Licensing and hardware design of new products
   that effectively use my experience in Wireless RF, RFID, Embedded Systems, Software, Mixed Signal
   ASIC and Mechanical Design.

   Sample of Accomplishments:
   HDTV project - Assumed management of medical project (Wireless Trocar) that had gone nowhere in 6
   months - In twelve weeks two systems were provided which exceeded the original design specification.
   The system was independently evaluated by Kodak engineering and declared an "optimal design".
   NIH GRANTS – Discovered and verified a new clinical method of acquiring heart rate wirelessly in New
   Borns (Neonates). Awarded US Government Phase I and Phase II NIH Grants. ( in progress)- Clinical
   Sites (ongoing) : Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital, Washington Children’s Medical Center.
   Natures Cradle – This is a sound and motion mechanism that moves an infant as in the womb. Precision
   micro-stepper motor controllers and rigorous mechanical analysis insured a 6 million cycle life. The
   project was completed in 7 months. The previous effort cost 8 million over 4 years with 3 of 7 units
   failing in the field. Armed with the new design the company secured a contract with Seiko Instruments of
   Regulatory and Testing - 3 FDA 510K approvals, directed 8 clinical investigations, designed and tested to FCC, UL,
   and CSA standards.
   Email us and note the JS number

   JS 94. Sales and Marketing Professional

   Results-oriented Sales and Marketing Professional with domestic and international experience in direct selling as well
   as building, managing and motivating sales departments, manufacturing representatives, and distributors.

       Sample of Experience
       Account Manager

   •   Single point of contact for all commercial items and inquires for a worldwide major OEM ($20MM/yr) and other
       European Accounts.
   •   Secured life of type LTA for supply of Fan Blades for a new flight engine including all spares and derivatives. (
       ~$8MM/yr for 20 to 30 Years)
   •   Initiated sales to marine turbine engine applications culminating in the first marine LTA for disks from the OEM
       covering 5 years for 11 part numbers.
   •   Increased OEM customer portfolio with TECT by capturing work at their Germany, Spain and Ohio facilities.
       Email us and note the JS number

  JS 85. Electronics Design Engineer

  To obtain a position where my experience in Design and Test Engineering will be utilized. Specific areas of interest
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

  include Electronics and Power Electronics circuits, Electromagnetic products, and motor drive systems.

  Example of Experience as a Design Engineer
   • Responsible for the design, development, simulation and testing of electromagnetic products such as
      transformers, inductors, magnetic amplifiers, electromagnetic transducers, solenoids
   • Discusses design requirements and product specifications with customers and with suppliers
   • Develops bills of material, detailed work instructions and manufacturing procedures, test and QC procedures
   • Designs test fixtures for use during product development and product acceptance testing; programs, configures,
      and troubleshoots automated test equipment
   • Creates drawing packages, develops mechanical and electrical drawings (2D & 3D) using AutoCAD 2002,
      Autodesk Inventor 5.3, and Vellum 3.2
   • Analyses product failure and drive issue resolutions
      Email us and note the JS number

   JS 70. General Manager/Principal Engineer

   Summary: Self starting Principal Electrical Engineer, with strong physics background, who has participated as a
   principal in start-ups as well as corporate business development, planning, customer relations, employee relations,
   trade shows, analytics, and management. Can wear many hats.

   Example of Experience as Principal Development Engineer:
   One of the original members of a start-up company tasked with developing a new class of pressure and flow meters
   for oil and gas production based on fiber-optics. Made key contributions in the areas of sensor design, down-hole fiber
   optic cable development and manufacturing processes development. When our company launched a suite of products
   into the telecommunications market, I conceived and implemented unique high precision hardware and actuation
   mechanisms for Optical Channel Tuners. Design resulted one million dollars in sales in its first year. Made key
   contributions to the development of a flow monitoring system based on algorithms developed for the oil and gas
   product line. Principal Engineer in the development of a high temperature version of the SONARtrac™ meter.
   Developed design that will save one customer hundreds of thousands of dollars in meter replacement costs and
   eliminate a serious health and safety problem. Executed numerous field installs. Proven effectiveness in defining
   customer needs, developing solutions and delivering to the customer a successful product. Extensive use of Excel,
   Matlab, Project Planning software.
  Email us and note the JS number
  JS 81. Mechanical Design Engineer

  Looking for a "green" job, or a way to use my engineering skills to help the environment and conservation of our natural
  Examples of Experience:
      • Responsible for design, analysis, and design integration of new hardware for advanced military development
      • Developed new manufacturing and attachment methods for a Ceramic Matrix Composite advanced technology
      • Designed and ran multiple rig tests to validate new hardware before engine test
      • Coordination of interface control documents between module centers.

      •   Developed and validated repairs to reduce manufacturing scrap.
      •   Revised manufacturing prints and practices to reduce cost or lead time, enhance thrust or signature
          performance, or improve manufacturability or shop safety.
      •   Use of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing to improve manufacturability (ASME Y14.5M)

          Field Support
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

       •  Use of field data, wear methodology, and structural analysis to create serviceable and repairable limits for a
          wide range of hardware.
       • Performed root cause analysis to determine cause of various wear and field events.
       • Developed and validated repairs to reduce field overhauls, increase interchangeability, and extend the life of
       • Designed and validated new smoke system hardware for USAF Thunderbirds.
       Email us and note the JS number

  JS 82. Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager

  Career Summary
  A hands-on Mechanical Engineering professional with a background in Project Management, Manufacturing
  Engineering and Technical Sales. Skilled at developing action plans and resource requirements to meet company
  goals, reducing manufacturing costs, and improving production efficiency. A project leader who can bring products and
  processes from concept and development to full production in a cell or integrated assembly line. My background
  includes Automation System Design, Specification Writing, Cost Analysis and Budgeting, Process Development,
  Equipment Justification and Procurement, Production Start-up, and Quality Improvement.

   Skills and Abilities:

   •    Proficient with MS Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint
   •    Proficient with SolidEdge 3D Design Software
   •    Supervise Engineering Resources and Skilled Trades
   •    Facilitate Cross Functional Teams
   •    Establish Budgets and Reports
   •    Evaluate Product Designs for DFM / DFA
   •    Apply LEAN Manufacturing Principles
   •    Analytical Problem Solver using FMEA, DOE
   •    Implement Profitable Automation Solutions
   •    Perform Process Validations
   •    Implement Continuous Improvement Programs
   •    Train Technical and Operations Personnel
   •    Write ISO-9000 Documentation
   •    Write Sales Quotations and Close Orders
   •    Customer Communication for Sales & Project Management

   Email us and note the JS number

  JS 83. Mechanical Engineer

  Mechanical Engineer with in-house and field service responsibilities. Involved in jet engine development and test and
  provided 24 hour a day, year round technical assistance to large company engine customers. International field service
  assignments included Israel, Belgium, France, Canada, and Germany with responsibility for PT6A and PT6T twinpac,
  for Pratt & Whitney Canada, and Pratt & Whitney JT8D, JT9D, PW2000 and PW4000 engine models in operational
  and overhaul shop environments. Program management team customer advocate providing customer service
  management for JT8D airline customers with additional responsibilities for major customer communications and
  technical conferences.
  Fluent in French and Hebrew. Dual passport holder: USA and France.
  Email us and note the JS number

  JS 79. Product Marketing/Business Development and Sales

  Experienced marketing, sales and business development professional with outstanding credentials in telecom systems,
  LAN/WAN/IT equipment, network services and semiconductors. Results oriented initiator with strong technical, account
  management and business skills. Extensive domestic and international portfolio of experience in customer / product
  management, strategic planning, new product introductions and sales channel management. Past success attaining
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

  revenue and design win objectives while selling into large geographic territory. Product Marketing Management of
  system and component hardware and software solutions for VOIP, optical transport, carrier Ethernet and wire line and
  wireless back haul applications. Skilled at presenting to C-level executives and R&D technical audiences. Experience
  developing and growing long term customer partnerships, and leading global product initiatives.
  Email us and note the JS number

  JS 78. Electrical Engineer

  Electrical Engineer with extensive experience working in a lab environment, creating test platforms and testing
  prototype products, verifying conformance to product requirements. Recognized as a team player and able to work,
  with little or no supervision, to accomplish goals in the time required. Experienced with embedded systems, and digital
  and analog design, including FPGAs and CPLDs, in the Telecom and Automotive industries.

  A developer of VLSI semiconductor devices for Telecommunications and Data networks for the North American,
  European, and Asian markets.
      • Serve as customer contact and problem solver during the evaluation, design, and verification phases,
          assisting in bringing customer products to production.
      • Accountable for reviewing and updating product documentation to meet customer needs.
      • Developed test requirements and procedures for new VLSI products, using device functional requirements
          and design documentation.
      • Designed support circuits and ORCAD-based schematics for high-density, multi-layer PCB platforms, used for
          testing microprocessor-based, high-speed digital logic.
      • Performed certification of devices, using Python and TCL high-level scripting languages, and work with the
          VLSI design and software team to verify that the device operation meets requirements.
      • Verified conformance of analog circuits to industry standards for clock jitter frequency tolerance and
          attenuation, testing over voltage and temperature extremes.
      • Documented test results, and reviewed results with the project team members, conforming to ISO 9001

      •   FPGA/CPLD design Xilinx and Lattice
      •   Xilinx synthesis, place and route tools, simulation
      •   OrCad/Cadence schematic capture and PADS PCB tools
      •   MathCad, and Labview applications
      •   VHDL, Tcl, VBScript, ABEL, and MACHXL
      •   Proficient in high-speed digital circuit board design and physical layout
      •   SPICE-based simulation (PSPICE, Multisim, TINA)
          Email us and note the JS number
  JS 80. Analytical Chemist, QC Chemist, Formulation Chemist, Scientist

  As a chemist and product developer, my experience involves a broad range of projects. These include: HPLC, GC and
  physical testing of pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, USP sterility testing, microbial identification and
  environmental monitoring, the improvement of manufacturing processes using lean manufacturing and statistical
  process control, the development and improvement of standard operating procedures (SOP's) and test procedures, the
  development and testing of inkjet ink formulations, and the design and development of new product hardware.
  Additionally, throughout my career, I have been involved with all aspects hazard waste and hazard communication
  management training and compliance.

  These activities have allowed me to approach new challenges analytically, understand the needs or the customer, both
  internal and external, translate these needs into requirements, gather the necessary data, and present the findings.
  Having worked with individuals possessing various scientific backgrounds, has honed my ability to communicate with
  team members, managers, suppliers and customers.

  Examples of Accomplishments:

  Product Development:
      Formulated numerous inkjet inks and specialty fluids, at times doubling sales in a market segment
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

       Designed multiple test probes and hardware for semiconductor testing
       Discovered design improvements for new medical devices, increasing strength retention by 15%
  Email us and note the JS number

  JS 63. President, General Manager, Vice President

  President and General Manager with proven expertise in business development, sales, and full P&L management
  gained in engineering-driven manufacturing companies. Results-oriented leader with broad business, engineering,
  and product development skills. An excellent communicator with a solid track record of growth and profitability
  improvement. Experience with Lean Enterprise, Kaizen, Six-Sigma, 5S, JIT, and TPM methods. Strengths include
  strategic planning, budgeting, and organizational development with a strong customer focus. Education: MBA and
  Mechanical Engineering degrees.

  Examples of Accomplishments:
  Appointed to accelerate the design and release of new products to market.

        •   Sales from product launches of two recent patents will exceed $1 million in 2009
        •   Secured new customers and broadened the product line by developing and releasing new products

  Total P&L responsibility for this division of a large corporation with full oversight of strategic
  planning, budgeting, capital expenditure, sales, marketing, and human resources. Increased divisional sales by 300%
  and profits by 600%

        •   Positioned company as a market innovator and leader in the security devices, safety valves, and fabricated
            assemblies product lines
        • Achieved consistent top 10% ranking among divisions in Return-On-Sales, On-Time Delivery, and Quality
        • Inventor of eight U.S. Patents
        • Designed and introduced new products to grow all four product lines by $5 million
        • Drove constant improvement utilizing a Business System based on lean principals, planning, process
            improvement, and performance.
        • Secured multiple new accounts exceeding $1 million each through focused engineering and sales projects
        • Negotiated product licenses, patent applications, sales contracts, insurance, and legal issues to expand
            business opportunities while reducing risk and outside expenses
     • Developed direct sales teams and manufacturers representative agencies to service utilities, distributors, and
        wholesalers in support of the three-fold growth across four diverse markets
        Email us and note the JS number

  JS 66. Quality, Product Safety, and Project Manager

  A seasoned Quality Assurance manager, product safety expert, and project manager in electrical and
  electromechanical product industries. Ensure products are designed, manufactured and brought to market in
  accordance with established requirements. Excel in developing worldwide suppliers to deliver exceptional product
  quality. Specialize in advancing product safety standards by proactive involvement as an officer and active member of
  international standards and code development associations. Utilize education in electrical engineering and business
  management to be an effective manager of programs, projects and technical professionals.

  Core Competencies:
  Leadership • ISO 9001 Lead Auditor • Standards Development • Communication • Process Improvement (Kaizen) •
  Compliance • Negotiating Skills • Implementation

  Examples of Experience:
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

   Manager, Codes & Standards: Responsible for representing company interests in standards development groups
   and industry organizations. Ensured company-wide awareness of pending changes in requirements while advancing
   safety standards and installation codes to keep pace with product enhancements. Earned leadership positions on key
   industry committees.

   Manager, Specialty Systems and Product Compliance: Managed specialty systems projects consisting of contract
   review, pricing, quoting, project plans, quality plans, customer visits, customer design reviews, and ensured the
   necessary documentation and resources were in place to produce highly profitable specialized systems. Interfaced
   with several offshore suppliers to maintain uninterrupted production, exceptional quality and successful new product
   and product change implementation.
 Manager, Evaluation and Analysis: Established critical-to-quality characteristics and performance requirements for
electronic assemblies, cable assemblies, machined parts, machined assemblies, and motor/gearbox units for offshore
sourcing. Responsible for product development testing and product safety certifications. Continued involved in supplier
selection, auditing and training to ensure quality from domestic and international suppliers.

   Manager, Quality Assurance: Management representative and lead auditor for ISO 9001 registered quality
   management system. Selected and continually developed suppliers to achieve significant cost savings. Ensured
   effective quality systems were embedded in every supplier’s culture.
   Email us and note the JS number

    JS 67. Business Unit Leader
    An accomplished manager with superior leadership skills, seeking to augment an
    executive team in communicating its innovative and timely new ideas and solutions in a
    rapidly changing healthcare and risk management environment to the community at
    large. I bring experience in the key areas of business management and administration,
    strategic rethinking, consensus building, entrepreneurship and personal skills.
           • Promote and distribute innovative tools in online monitoring in healthcare and remote managed
              services for small business.
            •   Partnered with Software company in Glastonbury to act as project manager for an executive boardroom
                dashboard product for the Hartford Hospital, an 800+ bed healthcare organization.
            •   Successful collaborator with MD’s, RN’s and other medical professionals.
Email us and note the JS number

    JS 72. Senior Level Manager

    A senior level manager with experience in procurement, operations, equipment and facilities utilization, and business
    planning. Demonstrated strengths include professional negotiating skills, team building, project management,
    creative problem solving, analysis, and Strategic development and implementation.
    Senior Director of North American Suppliers & Operations Support
    Authority for key raw material procurement, with purchasing responsibility for the corporation in the 57 plants in the
    U.S. and Canada. Managed a team of six senior professionals in all aspects of raw materials management, supply
    chain, and procurement. Major interaction with the sales group in the business units, to assist in increasing the
    amount of company controlled raw materials, as well as customer education on the industry and market. Prior
    experience in manufacturing and general management roles of increasing authority at various nationwide companies,
    up to and including the position of Plant Manager. Led teams of up to 8 managers, with a total of 225 reports.

    Examples of Experience:
        • Directed raw materials purchasing responsibility for the regional business unit plants, totaling $1.275 billion.
           Per year.
        • Project Manager for a $2.75 million acquisition of a state of-the-art major equipment project, including
           equipment evaluation and selection, negotiation, and coordination of air pollution permitting.
        • Negotiated and managed volume incentive agreements with major suppliers, increasing revenue by $1.2
           million annually
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

          •  Successfully negotiated raw material sales totaling $2.5 million in 2008, to reconfirm existing customers.
          •  Negotiated agreements with suppliers to achieve new material sales of $1.2 million for eight new major
             accounts in 2008.
          • Achieved improved EBIT on existing accounts of $900,000 in 2008.
          • Initiated negotiations with vendors to gain $967,000 annually, by increasing payment terms by 7 days.
          • Successfully secured training for out of specification raw materials claims investigation and filing for 334
             employees in the US & Canada, at no cost to the corporation.
          Email us and note the JS number

   JS 73. Marketing Professional – Director of Marketing

  I am a seasoned marketing professional with specific focus on developing and running close-loop demand generation
  programs that consistently produce results. Here is what I bring to the table:

      •       Build a demand generation program and process
      •       Create and deploy effective inbound marketing campaigns through content rich campaigns that bring in results
      •       Optimize customer database and CRM to be in line with marketing outreach efforts
      •       Build a demand generation system that nurtures relationships and generates a constant stream of new
              business opportunities

  Examples of Experience:
  New business development expert charged with driving marketing program that includes affiliate relationships, social
  media, agency blog, newsletter, SEO, link building, email marketing and strategic public relations. Direct
  segmentation/targeted content marketing efforts for the Agency resulted in unprecedented number of quality leads in
  within the first twelve weeks.

    • Crafted and executed a multi-dimensional content marketing program that delivered qualified leads over past 9
         months and generated 9 solid new business leads in an industry declining growth period.
    • Developed content for the organization’s inbound marketing campaign utilizing agency blog with keywords,
         newsletter, email, webinars, white papers, Facebook fan page, LinkedIn discussions and other online social
         media outlets.
    • Launched company newsletter that quickly gained over 3500 monthly followers and on average 40-50 new opt-
         in’s each month. The company blog was picked up by industry opinion leaders. Higher visibility resulted in
         unprecedented number of pitch invitations by agency search consultants.
    • Identified 400 qualified leads in eight key industry sectors.
    • Lead New Business Pitch Team for 12 new business pitches.
    • Oversaw and organized “Brand Party” sessions to demonstrate agency capabilities in strategic planning and
         affluent consumer insight cultivation. The program served as the foundation of new business lead generation
    • Directed the development and implementation of agency products offering strategy resulting in consistent product
         presentations across all agency disciplines.
   Email us and note the JS number

   JS 74. Senior Software Engineer • Senior Architect • Project Manager • RFID System Designer

   Talented and accomplished Senior Software Engineer & Architect with proven record of designing and implementing
   systems to support business development and corporate growth. Special expertise with embedded and real time
   systems, RFID systems, and embedded software and firmware. Adept at leading complete development and project
   life cycles (SDLCs, PMLCs). Excellent technology skills.

   Software Engineering • Software Architecting • Software Design • RFID Design • Embedded Systems
   Real Time Systems • Embedded Software/Firmware • SDLC Management • Protocol Development
   Project/Program Management • DO-178B • High-Performance Systems • Solution Development
   Device Drivers • Debugging • Staff Development / Training • Team Leadership • Problem Solving
   High-Reliability Systems • Network Protocols • Technical Writing • Internet & Network Security

   Examples of Experience:
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

   CTO / System Architect / Designer / RFID Consultant
   Recruited to re-energize small RFID software company by improving existing products and implementing new
   technologies to increase product development capabilities. Oversaw complete turnaround process and VC takeover.
   Recruited and supervised four development engineers. Shifted focus to innovation and quality, and incorporated
   embedded development point of view. Led development of new software products, including device and back-end
   system neutrality with front end connectors for readers and sensors, and back-end connectors for RFID standard ALE
   and non-standard for various applications and development tools. Conduct Java analyses and identify deficiencies.
   Perform coding.
        • Improved development capabilities and efficiency by implementing open-source frameworks, new
            development and test procedures, and standardized SDLC program.
        • Established profitable partnerships with major RFID equipment and tag manufacturers.
        • Actively involved in marketing, rollout planning, tradeshow involvement, promotions, customer relations,
            business development, and supply chain support.
        • Enhanced efficiency by writing and managing product and system documentation.
        • Increased productivity by implementing tests / test plans, including automated testing and backup.
        • Controlled costs by evaluating and selecting 3 party licensing, development, and design systems, as well

            as RFID products, tags, and systems.
        • Upgraded project management capabilities by introducing MS Project and OpenProject.
        Email us and note the JS number

   JS 75. Director- Manufacturing/Facilities Engineering

   Offering over 25 years of solid experience in managing manufacturing, engineering and facilities departments.

   Areas of Expertise

       -Tool & Die Design &                 - Vacuum Systems, HVAC                  - OSHA, CTDEP, DEQE, EPA
       -Aluminum/Zinc Die Casting           - Machine/Automation Design             - GMP, ISO 9001
       - Plastic Injection Molding          - Facility                              - PLC & CNC
       - Electronic-A. Ins., SMT, T-        - Dust Control Equipment                - Fork Truck Maintenance
       - Machining, Punch Press             - Continuous Improvement                - MEP Project Management
       - Electro-Mechanical                 - Lean, Six Sigma, ISO                  - Project Management, CAD
       - Hydraulics, Pneumatics             - JIT, MRP, MAPICS, CRP                 - Electrical Maintenance
       - Compressed Air, Dust               - Raw Materials                         - Plumbing, Carpentry,
       Control                              Specs./Sourcing                         Masonry
       -High Voltage Coil Winding            (Steel, Alum., Paper, Glues,           -Facilities(Inside/Outside)
       -Epoxy Encapsulation/Auto.             Inks, Plastics, Wood, Etc.)           -Printing Press

   Examples of Experience
   Director - Mechanical Engineering

        •   Directed New Production process, tool design/sourcing, maintenance, CI and Lean, mechanical
            engineering/CAD design, electrical engineering and electricians, mechanics, machinists, welders, plumbers,
            carpenters and masons supporting Grinding Wheel production and facilities.
        •   Designed and managed four major building expansions from 150,000sq.ft. to 400,000sq. ft.
        •   Sustained oil usage while doubling of the facility size.
        •   Designed new pick and pack ship system for the local and facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.
        •   Re-engineered product ovens to increase capacity of ovens by 50%.
        •   Negotiated with CL&P to convert to florescent lighting, saving $30,000/yr.
        •   Doubled grinding wheel production with semi-automated presses.
        •   Specified automated presses (reduced DL-24%, ISL-30%, scrap-10%) maintaining Six Sigma.
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

         •   Improved the reliability of 100% vision inspection systems, reducing indirect labor cost by 30% and scrap by
Email us and note the JS number

JS 77. Design Engineer

Highly motivated engineer experienced in testing, manufacturing and developing, commercial and industrial crystal
oscillators, in electrical power generation and electrical power distribution systems for an utility company using kinetic
energy of falling water and diesel engine generator to produce electricity. Also experienced in the development of ground
fault circuit interrupter products (GFCI). Experience collaborating effectively with other engineering disciplines.

    Examples of Experience
    Design Engineer
         • Worked in the development, cost reductions, agency approvals and manufacturing Hubbell’s complete line
            of ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) products
         • Developed proof-of-concepts through production as they relate to GFCI products, new product/project
            assessments, patents and patent reviews, research and development
         • Designed and developed the manufacturing test fixture(s) and test software for self-test GFCI product
       Email us and note the JS number

JS 61 Project Manager/Business Analyst
Multi-disciplined technology and business professional, combining a unique blend of Information Technology and
Business Analysis experience. More than 25 years of experience in health care and manufacturing organizations.
Demonstrated excellence in teambuilding, change implementation and process improvements.

Project Management: Requirements Documentation, Planning, Integration & Change Management.

Examples of Accomplishments:

Actuarial Analyst
Focus Areas: Rate Implementation, Mandatory Certifications, Department of Insurance Rate Filings
   • Responsible for final sign off of customer pricing including communication, testing and implementation for both
       National and Small Business Accounts.
   • Lean Accounting: Created a new tool to eliminate repetitive data entry. This innovation increased productivity,
       customer satisfaction and reduced errors.
   • Developed regional product pricing that improved company profitability and met compliance regulations for the
       Departments of Insurance.

Rating Consultant
    • Maintained company-wide dynamic rate quoting tool
    • Provided excellent service to internal customers such as underwriters, agents/brokers, actuarial and sales people
       solving a wide range of issues.
    • Received several spot performance awards.

Business Analyst Consultant
Managed two external vendors: Channel Point (software) and Anderson Consulting to develop a breakthrough internet
quoting tool.
    • Developed first online quoting system for United Healthcare. This involved traveling five days a week with senior
        Channel Point personnel gathering business requirements from sales managers in key markets.
    • Managed regression testing and work flow processes with both external consultants (above).
   • Managed “train the trainers” process for implementation throughout the United States.
Email us and note the JS number
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

JS 60 Director of Engineering/Sales Engineering
Objective: An opportunity to apply my years of engineering, sales, and customer experiences in a challenging, growing
engineering position.

Summary: Highly organized team player with 27 years experience managing engineering, manufacturing, product
development, and test projects and/or teams. Extensive computer skill sets and willing to travel. Working knowledge and
use of CAD based software SOLIDWORKS 2008, AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop 2008 and CADKEY 98.

    •   Examples of Experience:
    •   Contributed significantly to the profitable sales growth of our company in three product line categories, including
        extensive interaction with all levels of the customers’ management, technical, purchasing, and quality assurance
        staff and travel nationally for direct sales of these product lines
    •   Hired and Set-up Manufacturers’ Representatives (predominately west coast, mid-west, and southeast) and
        internationally (Mexico). West Coast on board since 1999, others areas national and internationally on board mid-
        2005 to present
    •   Managed and have grown sales nationally for 2.8M in sales, directly responsible for achieving sales growth of
        1.6M conservatively, Support to West Coast Manufacturer Representative his sales 700K

Engineering and Technology Manager
   • Performed all facets of engineering concerning product development, testing, and regulatory agency recognition
        for current and future products. Extensive travel to the customer sites presenting customers’ technical and sales
        solutions for our products and services.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 59 Engineering Manager/Director
Summary: Engineering Professional with broad "hands-on" design experience in electronic hardware/software
development and skilled in managing the process from marketing concepts to reliable products. Expertise in all phases of
product R&D and the interaction between circuits, systems and mechanisms. A solid reputation for innovative problem
solving. Successful record of creative design, leading a multi-disciplined development team, and mentoring technical staff.
I know how to make things work – from smoke alarms to robotic systems.

Recent Project: Led the team that developed a new, industry-leading, high-sensitivity (APD-based) measurement board
delivering the sub-nanometer measurement accuracy and high-reliability required for semiconductor litho-tools.

Design Experience
    • Low level analog design
    • Sensor interfaces
    • PIN/APD photo detectors
    • ADC data acquisition
    • Linear and switch-mode power supplies
    • Motor controllers and drivers
    • CPLD & FPGA Programmable Logic (VHDL)
    • Micro-Controllers – embedded systems programming
    • Memory devices: DRAM, SRAM, Flash, EEPROM
    • Image Acquisition
    • Video processing
CAE Tools: Orcad, pSpice, Xilinx ISE/EDK, ModelSim, Chronology
    • EMC compliance
    • CE certification
    • Design Analysis: Timing, Signal Integrity, Worst Case Stress, FMEA
    Email us and note the JS number

JS 58 Design Engineer and Project Manager
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

Summary: An experienced design engineer and project manager with over 30 years experience in engineering design
and construction, has a Master’s degree in engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is currently
enrolled in a graduate course in advanced structural analysis. Prolific with AutoCAD, Mathcad, scheduling programs, finite
element computer analysis programs, spreadsheets, project document control programs, and word processing programs.

Senior Design Engineer
Performed severe wind (160 MPH) calculations and structural retrofit design of five New York City buildings for Con
Edison’s hurricane refuge centers. Performed concrete retaining wall designs, rainfall runoff calculations, and
modification designs for storm water systems at a Con Edison transmission facility.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 57 Lead Software Architect/Senior Developer
Seeking a lead, architect, or senior development position in Information Technology leveraging 15 years of IT and multi-
disciplinary team management experience to help implement the goals of a dynamic and growing organization

Summary: Innovative thinker with a passion for technology, direct knowledge and experience in all facets of an
information technology organization and proven ability to manage multiple large projects, build functional teams, and
execute process improvement. Work well under time constraints; excellent presentation skills; comfortable communicating
with C-level management. A published technical author.

Technical:          •   Architectures including Client Server, Distributed, and Service Oriented (SOA)
                    •   Programming languages including C#, VB.NET, HTML, JavaScript, etc.
                    •   Development tools including Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, VSS
                    •   Data technologies including SQL, XML, XSLT, XML Schemas
                    •   Reporting tools including SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, ActiveReports
                    •   Integration tools including SSIS, DTS, and BizTalk
                    •   Collaboration environments including SharePoint server
                    •   Programming APIs including .Net, WPF, AJAX, ASP.Net, Windows Mobile, iPhone
                    •   Platforms including Windows, MacOS, and Unix
                    •   Windows server technologies including Active Directory, IIS, SQL Server, Exchange
                    •   Network Topologies (Routers, Switches, Wireless, etc.)

Team:               •   Director level functional team management of up to 32 people
                    •   Vendor contract review and negotiations
                    •   Project planning and implementation
                    •   Broad knowledge of IT systems and technologies
                    •   Ability to understand and create large systems architectures
                    •   Experience organizing systems and data into simplified logical designs
                    •   Strong technical writing and presentation skills

Process:            •   Strong experience with workflow analysis and process improvement
                    •   Proficient with project planning using Microsoft Project and some Project Server
                    •   Proficient at business analysis including requirements, use cases, and screen design
                    •   Experience with process modeling using Visio and some BPMN
                    •   Proficient with technical modeling using UML
                    •   Knowledge of both Waterfall and Agile (Scrum) development processes

Tools:              • Microsoft Office (Project, Visio, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
                    • Adobe Acrobat, PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, Premiere, Flash
                    • Alias PowerAnimator (precursor to Maya), 3D Studio Max
         Email us and note the JS number

JS 56 Supply Chain/Operations Professional
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

Summary: Analytical and detail oriented problem solver with more than twenty years of success in the manufacturing
industry. Diversified management experience in all aspects of production control from customer service excellence
through on-time and on-budget product delivery. Outstanding ability to partner with clients and peers to proactively identify
potential issues and develop creative solutions to ensure all business responsibilities and commitments are met.
Particular strength in communications and relationship-building, and managing staff, time, materials and budgets to
positively impact the bottom line and maximize customer value.

Special Skills:
   • Performance Management (Aubrey Daniels)
   • Quality Circle Leader
   • Microsoft Office
   • SAP MRP Planning
   • Mitek Scheduling
   • J.I.T. Training/Lean Mfg.
   • ISO Training
   • Management Training
   • International Experience with Vendors/Customers
   • Overhaul & Repair (FAA) Cost Reduction
   • Ace Process
   • Customer Service/Sales experience
   • Purchasing Experience (Cost Reduction)
   • Strong negotiation and contract management skills

Example of Experience:
Business Unit Manager
Responsible for marketing, networking, and building strong customer relations to generate sales. Accountable for
managing $1 million of client business per month. Comprehensive duties include overseeing Requests for Quotes,
following through on all proposals, reviewing client contracts, and supervising and coordinating all work order schedules
within the Mitek System, to ensure on-time delivery within set budget. Work in an organized, cooperative, manner with all
customers and employees.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 54 Chemical Engineer
Summary: Chemical Engineer with concentrated experience in process engineering, project management, technical and
commercial evaluation of projects and technologies, solving process problems, cost reduction. Experienced in polymers,
pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, fertilizer, organic chemicals, mineral processing, process safety and interfacing
with custom chemical manufacturers.

Examples of Accomplishments as Senior Process Engineer:
Field Coordinator for collection of data at ABS Plant with technology licensing partner. Assisted Shaw Canadian
Engineering Office with detailed design work for a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Package for one ABS plant in
China and a second ABS plant for Saudi Arabia. Created Strategy documents for jump starting the formation of a
Strategy Team for entry into the Polysilicon Plant design business. Developed conceptual process design for Department
of Energy “Next Generation Nuclear Power” study for production of hydrogen by nuclear power. Team member for
development of a detailed FEED package for a 66,000 barrel per day hydro-desulfurization refining unit for a South
Korean client.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 53 Senior Project Manager
Summary: A Senior Project Manager with demonstrated expertise in product development, process development,
program planning and execution for the military aerospace/space market. Experienced in all aspects of project and
program management methodologies, successful implementation and continuous improvement initiatives. Established
track record for providing engineering and management solutions in turning around risk areas of businesses and
programs. Championed organizational efficiency improvements by initiating multifunctional teams to integrate business
and technical objectives. Developed a collaborative leadership style, which fosters career development through mentoring
and coaching.
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

Examples of Experience
F18 Super Hornet/ Project Engineering/ Lead (2005-2009)
   •                        Promoted to project engineering lead with responsibility as customer focal point for military
        models in service programs.
   •                        Held bi-weekly customer program management reviews to ensure schedule, budgets and
        customer expectations were met.
   •                        Held technical coordination meetings (twice per year) with Navy, Boeing and Northrop.
   •                        Provided program status and engineering resolution plans to HS and Northrop executives.
   •                        Successfully managed all projects to required profit margin.
   •                        Developed engineering resolution plans for F18 fleet issues based on weekly customer (Navy/
        Boeing/Northrop) telecoms.
   •                        Managed relentless root cause and corrective actions (RRCA) to provide closure of production
        and supplier issues.
   •                        Direct oversight of all OEM and supplier manufacturing activities to ensure product quality with
        reporting to Northrop and government source inspectors.
   •                        Developed proposals, test plans, set-ups and completed test reports to qualify design changes
        to enhance fleet performance.
   •                        Developed proposals to win follow on and new business for all military customers.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 52 Staff Engineer
Summary: Information Technology background with experience in Engineering Systems and Applications. Most recent
experience as a Staff Engineer, responsible for engineering change release and processes in the Avionics Systems
Center for Fortune 100 company. A highly motivated team player who effectively balances and manages multiple
priorities. Member of the PDM/PLM Technical Support team. Member of the IT- Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE)
team involved in the resolution and reduction of the company’s Severity-One Level disasters. Known for continuous
business and processes improvement efforts.

Sample Experience:
Managed Process Design IPT, Work Instruction Planning, and Manufacturing Support of Electrical Assemblies, Wiring
Harness Assemblies and Installations. Evaluated designs for producibility, developing tooling, and manufacturing plans for
Electromechanical assemblies, wiring harness assemblies and installations. Managed the Outsource and Offload of
Electrical Assemblies to the various Supply Chain partners. Performed Electrical Supply Chains process improvement.
Responsibilities included Value Streaming the current state of the Engineering Change Release process and
implementing a future state process workflow.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 51 Mechanical Engineer
Job Qualifications:
    •   Production Planning – BOM Breakdown; Procurement Requisitioning and Tracking; Procurement Expediting.
    •   Assembly Set-Up and Line Balancing (MTM)
    •   Engineering Concurrence
    •   Vendor Liaison
    •   Machine and Mechanism Design
    •   Prototype Development and Test
    •   3D CAD Solid Modeling; 2D Detail and Assembly Drawing Creation; 3D Model Animation; Rapid Prototype
   • Center of Mass Calculation for static and dynamic balance requirements of rotational and rectilinear components
Email us and note the JS number

JS 44 Mechanical Project Engineer
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

Summary: Results-driven mechanical project engineer with extensive experience in building energy analysis, facilities
engineering, construction and commissioning of complex mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and critical
environments for healthcare, commercial and industrial facilities.

Summary of Qualifications
   •                                                                    Energy & Facilities Engineering: Expertise in
      design, construction and commissioning of commercial, healthcare and industrial mechanical, electrical and
      central plant systems and renewable energy plants. Experienced at performing building energy audits;
      developing energy saving performance contracting projects; specifying and implementing measurement and
      verification procedures.
   • Project Management: Effective at managing multiple high-priority projects; estimating and developing scopes of
      work, creating and managing critical path schedules, assessing and managing risks; negotiating with vendors and
      subcontractors; and adjusting direct and indirect resources to achieve timely project delivery and high customer
   • Consultative Sales: Skilled at generating sales leads, developing technical proposals and delivering consultative
      sales presentations to educate and influence key decision makers and close sales. Superior account
      management and customer service skills that result in long-term relationships, referrals and repeat business.
   • Business Management: Skilled at developing and implementing business and marketing plans; team building;
      and achieving short-term and long-term financial and organizational goals thru executive leadership.
   Email us and note the JS number

    JS 46 CAD Designer / Document Control Specialist

    Summary: CAD Mechanical Designer specializing in Product and Tool Design for Aerospace, Automotive,
    Telecommunications Industries.
    • Proficient in ACAD and Pro-Engineer Wildfire 2.0 and 3.0
    • Team Leader with Project Management using Microsoft Project, DFMEA, FMEA, and QFMEA for design and
        delivery of products and PDM/data entry into ERP system
    • Document Control Manager for processing, tracking, filing Engineering Changes and related
    • Developed and Implemented database electronic storage for drawing and document files
    Email us and note the JS number
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

JS 45 Research/Process Technician For Materials Engineering:

 Lab professional seeking a position in support of materials testing and process engineering.
Strengths: Broad experience in physical testing and analysis in support of new product development. Monitoring of
process parameters via data acquisition for understanding of material properties. Concise written and graphical
presentation of data. Sound interpersonal skills round out this applicants skill set.

Industry professional with broad experience in process engineering and materials testing. A position in technical
development and service along with strong team player attributes is desired.
    • Attention to detail in basic and applied research and development of material systems.
    • Experienced in variety of atmosphere and vacuum thermal processing
    • Process capability via Gage R & R and SPC
    • Quantitative and qualitative analysis on material processes
Email us and note the JS number

JS 43 Technician/Tester/Trainer/Sales
I am looking for a position in the technical field for instruments & controls, calibrating/adjusting/fitting, or possible sales
position in this same area for test equipment. I have worked in the power generation industries for over thirty years
including the three nuclear plants in Ct. I also can also provide training in safety and controls on the plant level. I was
responsible for management and administration of all sales relationships and sales cycles from negotiation through the
final deliverable.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 42 Found a position

JS 41 Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering/Project Management
Summary: Analytical, Adaptive, Creative, Focused, Self-educated, Hard worker
Expertise: Project management, mechanical design, knowledge of ANSI/SAE/MIL standards, interface with all levels of
personnel and customers, troubleshooting, strong technical skills, strong planning, organizing skills, Word, Excel, Access,
OpenOffice, Outlook, AutoCad

Experience as Project Engineer:
Prepared reports for approval through the FAA-PMA (Parts Manufacture Approval) process. Utilized AutoCad, Microsoft
Word, Excel and Power Point. Consistently managed projects on time, within budget and achieved customer
requirements. Developed designs and created drawings in AutoCAD for various aerospace parts. Managed the
dimensional and material analysis to determine the design parameters parts. Reviewed Jet Engine and Aircraft manuals
to determine the function and eligibility of parts. Developed a safety assessment to determine the criticality of parts.
Compiled data into a substantiation report for submittal to peer review and the FAA. Prepared and submitted Design
Changes and Supplement Revisions for current FAA approved design. Prepared and submitted Evaluation Packages for
customers. Performed troubleshooting and resolved manufacturing problems for exiting design. Mentored engineering
administrative assistant, intern students and new engineer hires. Was also project coordinator for a division in India.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 40 Junior Engineer
I have 2 associate degrees. One is in mechanical engineering and the other in computer engineering. This background
enables me to integrate my understanding of how machines work and how to control them via computers. I also have
assembly experience affording me the ability to understand how items are put together and seek more efficient processes.
Email us and note the JS number
 JS 39 Director/VP of Business Development
Client-focused Business Development Executive with proven experience in Licensing, Patent Sales, Technology
Commercialization, Contracts Administration, Research Alliance Management and Intellectual Property portfolio
analysis and administration. C-level contacts in Therapeutics, Devices, Research Tool, and Semiconductor industries.
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

    • Business Development - Licensing, Patent Sales, Technology Commercialization
    • Contracts - Negotiate & implement – License, Term sheets, Sales, Marketing documents
    • Scientific - Research Alliance Management and Biotech Methods Development
    • Services - Technology Marketing, Assessment & Valuation, Competitive Intelligence
    • Intellectual Property - Patent & Trademark Prosecution, IP Analytics
    Email us and note the JS number

JS 38 IT Program/Project Manager, Product Development/Project Engineering Manager, Electronics Prototype
Technician/Industrial Model Maker/Technical Support

Have had a wide range of experience and would like a position as one of the following:

IT Program/Project Manager:
Experienced program / project manager for hire or consulting/contracted basis for the planning and delivery of IT solutions
based on assigned business needs. All phases of project life cycle, project engagement, business process analysis,
requirement process, resource planning, schedules, resource assignments, testing, production release, associated
reporting systems and system maintenance.

Product Development / Project Engineering Manager:
Experienced program / project manager for hire or consulting / contracted basis for the planning and delivery of
technology products through the R&D pipeline. Experience with managing engineering personnel, contractors, vendors
and work activities involved with technology development path.

Electronics Prototype Technician / Industrial Model Maker / Technical Support:
Experienced prototype technician / model maker / support technician for consulting / contracted basis only. Experienced
with electronic, electromechanical and mechanical systems. Ability to fully manage the complete prototype cycle as
Email us and note the JS number

JS 37 Business Development Manager
A degreed professional with over twenty years of sales experience which demonstrates a proven ability to meet and
exceed sales objectives. Possesses excellent communication and customer service skills and an ability to work
effectively with individuals of diverse backgrounds and needs. Have worked with start ups and established companies.

   • Work directly with President to define marketing strategy
   • Maintain and develop existing accounts
   • Prepare and present written and oral presentations
   • Participate in trade shows and conventions
   • Manage promotional activity with assigned territory
   • Train agents on new products and services
   Email us and note the JS number

JS 36 Junior Optics Engineer
I have an equivalent to a Masters in physics and many years experience in optics and photonics industry. I have worked
with/on different types of lasers, including repair and alignment. I also have worked in fiber optic section in telecom
industry, more specifically with optical amplifiers.
Most recently I collaborated with a professor at the University of Connecticut on 2 different research papers, related to
coherence and polarization in a Mach-Zehnder setup.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 34 Business Development
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

Seeking a challenging position in technical customer support and business development, requiring proven skills to
manage engineering projects, computer-aided design programs, customer liaison, consulting, team leadership, and
mentoring for global corporations.

   • Account and Project Manager with a background that combines information technology and engineering
   • Multi-industry experience in defense, aerospace, commercial, computer, chemical and automotive industries
   • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with a comfortable cross-cultural customer demeanor
   • Staff Engineer at Sikorsky in the Digital Engineering Group -- subject matter expert on various design engineering
       applications to Sikorsky’s government customers
   • MBA from the University of New Haven with dual majors: International Marketing and Management &
   • BME from General Motors Engineering and Management Institute (GMI), Flint, MI, with an Electro-Mechanical
       Engineering major
   Email us and note the JS number

JS 33 Operations Manager, Materials Handling Manager, Engineering Project Management, Environmental Health
and Safety
Results-driven Project Manager with 18 years of experience in the materials handling industry including mechanical
systems design of manufacturing and warehouse package and pallet handling systems, with extensive experience in
environmental consulting including regulatory compliance and permitting. Skilled at budget tracking, regulatory evaluation,
and project management from development through implementation.

Technical Skills: Project Management, Cost Analysis, Contract Negotiations, Labor Planning, Contractor Supervision,
Technical Writing, OSHA Compliance, Plant Safety and Environmental Compliance, Automated Material Handling
Systems, Robotics Interface, AutoCAD, MS Project, Excel, Windows-based Systems.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 32 Project Manager, Business Analyst, Test Manager – Software Expertise
Highly effective Project Manager/Business Analyst/Test Manager experienced in bringing software products to market
using a positive attitude to inspire cross-functional teams in a fast-paced environment.

Proven track record of involving people from different groups in the organization to design, implement, test, deploy, and
support software solutions.

My passion to produce software and services which exceed customer’s expectations, and the ability to add a positive
impact to projects, have been instrumental in continuing business relationships with major industry players such as Apple,
Motorola, Palm, and Sony. Millions of users all over the world have used software which I helped bring to market.
Email us and note the JS number

JS31 Supply Chain/Logistics Business Engineer
Strengths: Enthusiastically challenges the status quo; can we spend less, avoid customer unhappiness, gain
predictability, and be more productive?

Position: Flexible. I am available for special projects or process evaluation and evolution until complete.
Can be temporary, part-time or longer.

Experience: 30 years of innovation for small and large manufacturers, distributors, developers using technology for both
strategic planning and tactical operations. Employs technology in software or hardware (such as bar code, RFID, etc.).
MS Technology Mgmt, BS Organizational Studies.
Email us and note the JS number

JS 30 Technology Executive
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

A broad based Technology Executive with over 20 years experience working with emerging technologies and managing
multi-disciplinary teams. Leads the development of technical strategies, solutions to complex integration issues,
transformational system architectures and operational processes that create new revenue streams, greater efficiencies,
value for the customer and drive internal transformation for new and existing business opportunities.

Key Competencies:
   •       Executive, Project and Operations Management
   •       Services/Systems/Infrastructure Architecture
   •       Strategy, Planning and Portfolio Management Process Re-engineering and Assurance
   •       Technology Evaluation, Integration and Interoperability

Licenses and Certifications:
    •         New York State Licensed Professional Engineer
              Project Management Professional (PMP )
    •         Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (IBM Accredited)
    Email us and note the JS number

JS 29 Found a Position

JS 28 Technical Designer
Professional drafter/designer, fabrication coordinator, and Document Control Specialist. Extensive experience in tool
design and development. Particular strengths include Pro-Engineer CAD software.

Examples of Accomplishments:
   • Processing of Engineering Changes. Implemented Company Document Control process. Designed and
      implemented a tracking system for the processing of Engineering changes.
   • Developed a company database for the filing of internal company and external customer drawings and
   • Implemented paperless distribution of Engineering Change documentation.
   • Data Integrity Team resource to implement a system of cleaning up and verifying data to be entered into ERP
   • Developed and implemented a system to accurately roll up costs for purchased versus manufactured parts.
   Email us and note the JS number

JS 27 Project Manager
Summary: Detail oriented, pharmaceutical professional with outstanding project management and leadership
experience. More than 17 years of industry experience and more than ten years in managing drug discovery projects.
Earned reputation as skilled manager of complex projects through innovation, leadership and relationship building.
Biologist/Biochemist with extensive experience in Infectious Diseases pharmaceutical drug discovery possessing
demonstrated strengths in project support and management. Leveraged negotiation and communication skills to
successfully guide project to first in human trials. Core competencies include: project life cycles, process analysis,
resource development and management, extensive infectious disease research and development. Fluent in the Spanish

Examples of Accomplishments:
Planned and managed multiple antibacterial discovery programs, created and managed project plans, schedules,
resources and milestones. Managed project resources, estimated and developed the scope of work. Engaged and
developed collaborations with project team members to address program needs. Managed vendors and external partners
to leverage development strategies. Communicated project status, updates and milestones to senior management and
project team members. Provided leadership of risk assessment and mitigation, escalated major issues to senior
management for timely resolution.
     • Managed four lead candidates to first in human studies.
     • Improved project team efficiency by providing risk assessment and mitigation leadership, escalating issues to senior
         management for timely resolution.
     • Established team communication protocols with vendor partners and project team, reducing technical excursion
         and project deviation 30%.
     • Received five PGRD team awards for innovation and lead candidate nomination.
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

    Email us and note the JS number

JS26 Mechanical Engineer
Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer: Proven leadership skills in Aviation & Aerospace, Aircraft Gas Turbine
Engines, Power plant, Propulsion, Pylon, Nacelle, System Design and Component Integration, Project Engineering,
Testing, Technical Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, and Automotive. Dedicated, results and
detail oriented, analytical, creative thinking skills.

Examples of Accomplishments: Led technical teams to define Functional Interfaces and Mechanical Interfaces between
Engine Systems and mating Propulsion System Components to support Commercial Engine Programs. Conducted trade
studies, identified and resolved issues with Functional or Mechanical Interfaces or Digital Mockup. Defined technical
requirements for Engine Specifications and Internal Requirements Documents.
Email us and note the JS number

JS24 Writer, Editor, Author, Teacher
Editor, Curricula and Publications—The Center for 21st Century Skills @ EDUCATION CONNECTION; Freelance Writer
and Editor; Middle School Language Arts Teacher; Children’s Author of 15 award-winning math and science books, pre-K
to grade 3; Author of 38 math and science guides for teachers, pre-K to grade 2; Columnist for Teaching K-8 Magazine;
Author of magazine articles, stories, poems, and newsletters; B.S. in Elementary Education; M.S. in Psychology.
Email us and note the JS number

JS23 Sonar Engineer/Program Management
Objective: A position utilizing my Engineering and Engineering Management skills.

Core Skills: Engineering Management, Certified Naval Instructor, Budgeting, Corporate Technical Advisor, Liaison to
foreign Government, Knowledge in the FAR and DAR, Proposal Writing, Market Survey, Organizational Skills,
Engineering Documentation, Curriculum Development, Test Engineering

   • 15 years experience in design/engineering, installation and supervision of sonar systems and trainer engineering.
   • Sonar technician/engineering services analyst/supervisor.
   • Introduced cost reduction methods, increasing efficiency by 50%.
   • Experience in design, engineering and installation of HVAC and design of “smart house”.
   • Taught K-12, all subjects including music, as a “substitute
   Email us and note the JS number

JS22 Supply Chain/Program Management
A leadership position that entails effecting and managing group and/or enterprise-level supply chain improvement through
creatively applying various models and improvement techniques to reduce organizational costs and improve employee
    • Award-winning experience in supply chain management and process transformation for both corporations and the
         US military.
    • Skilled in logistics coordination, procurement, supply chain risk management, new business identification, quality
         assurance, negotiation, customer and supplier relations.
    • Strong leader with proven success in leading and empowering staff to exceed performance goals. Dedicated team
         player with track record of facilitating cross-functional teams.
    • Change management expert recognized for the ability to develop innovative solutions, improve existing processes,
         increase productivity, and reduce costs.
    • Proficient in staff management, system analysis, research, program development, policy design, training, budget
         management, client service, and operations management.
    • Possess outstanding verbal communication skills and ability to relate to clients and staff at all levels. Accepts new
         challenges as opportunities.
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

    Email us and note the JS number

JS21 Senior Chemist
Creative, results-oriented senior chemist with extensive experience in the formulation, processing and characterization of
coated and calendered fabrics and molded and extruded goods. Managed and developed numerous products at the
laboratory level and successfully oversaw production scale up and customer use. Broad-based competencies and areas
of expertise specifically include but are not limited to …
    • rubber formulating & compounding              • raw material knowledge               • calendering
    • solvent/water based adhesives                 • in depth fabric knowledge            • molding
    • low smoke & flame resistance                  • ASTM & Federal Test methods          • extrusion
    • antiwicking diaphragms                        • polymer processing                   • computer literate
    • high adhesion                                 • aggressive fuel resistance           • ISO 9001:2000 auditor
Email us and note the JS number

JS19 Engineering & New Product Development Leadership
Engineering professional with broad product development leadership experience in business products. Skilled at leading
very diverse engineering departments through a collaborative style. Accomplished in the application of strategic planning
to create cultural change. Demonstrated success in leading change initiatives and implementing best practices to
improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Hands on strategist.

   Project Management                            Strategic Planning             Change Management
   Product Design                                Six Sigma Tools                Laboratory & Test Management
   Competitive Analysis                          Rapid Prototyping              Regulatory Approvals
   Product Safety & Liability                    Design for Manufacture Materials – Metals & Plastics
   Electromagnetic Compatibility                 Quality Assurance              Manufacturing Process
   Design for (Green) Environment                Value Engineering              Standards Engineering
Email us and note the JS number
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

JS 18 CAD Designer/Tools Designer/Methods Engineer
Results-oriented Professional with expertise in mechanical tool design and drafting utilizing Unigraphics NX3 and 3D
AutoCAD. Proven success in cross-functional team leadership, including the oversight of semiconductor component
assemblies at ASML, Inc. Incorporated ANSI-Y14.5 Geometric Dimension and Tolerance standards into tool and fixture
designs during tenure at Circon ACMI. Experience also extends to electrical schematic drawings and taping for p.c. board.
Email us and note the JS number

JS17 Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer with 4 years of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) experience in energy related
projects such as LNG Import Terminal, SO2 Capture Scrubber Unit and Power Plants (Coal Fired and Combine Cycle).
Experience includes conceptual design and field engineering. Familiar with the use of industry standard design codes
such as ASME, ASTM and API. Available immediately. Willing to relocate without assistance.

Strengths: Software proficiency in AutoCAD, Plant Vision, PDS Material Data Publisher and MS Office Suite. A strong
team player with effective co-ordination and communication skills is seeking a position wherein he can apply his
experience towards achieving the mission and vision of the organization. My experience in handling various kinds of
tasks on different projects makes me firmly believe that I will be able to coordinate projects successfully and provide the
required leadership towards achieving the mission and vision of the organization.
Email us and note the JS number

JS16. Management Position with Expertise in Raising Capital
As a registered professional engineer and a business professional, I would be very interested in a career with a
technology company or innovative manufacturer. Sectors of expertise include infrastructure (airports, ports, roads,
bridges); power (cogeneration, coal, merchant power); renewable energy (wind, biomass, solar, geothermal, land fill gas);
telecom (fiber optic cable, satellite, wireless, CLECs) and energy (pipelines, LNG, petrochemicals, E&P).

Strengths: As an investment banker I focused on raising capital through private placements from Angel/VC/PE investors
and IPOs for early stage, new technology companies (technologies included batteries, fuel cells, wireless,
nanotechnology, PV, renewable energy, biotech, fuel cells, power, etc.), As a project finance and infrastructure
investment professional, I am fully self-sufficient and have significant experience with advising clients, identifying and
evaluating debt and equity investment opportunities, establishing joint ventures and private equity funds, raising capital,
preparing marketing materials, performing detailed financial modeling and valuation, conducting detailed due diligence,
negotiating documentation, syndicating transactions and managing transactions after closing.
Email us and note the JS number

JS15. Manufacturing Manager
Position Desired: A manufacturing manager with hands-on experience in high-technology manufacturing processes.

Strengths: Production planning, capacity planning, materials management, lean manufacturing, supervision, motivation,
and interdepartmental communications in support of sales.
Email us and note the JS number

JS14. Management
Seeking a leadership position to utilize my combined quality & leadership skills to boost efficiency, promote continuous
improvement and facilitate the growth and development of your company.

Strengths: Quality engineer, project manager, effective communicator and team builder, ISO auditor, TQM, leader in
continuous improvement, problem solver, Statistical Process Controls (SPC) knowledge, Mil-39019 (Military) compliance
experience, and more.
Email us and note the JS number
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

JS13. Engineering Management
Senior-level engineering executive with demonstrated success in Engineering Management, Project Management, and
Product Management. Leading all phases of product development, manufacturing, and outsourcing; while embracing
Quality and ISO procedures and guidelines.

Strengths: Strategic planning and budgeting, P&L responsibility, International marketing/sales, Quality TQM, Six Sigma,
productivity improvements, COTS and one-off opportunities.
Email us and note the JS number

JS10. Management: Manufacturing, quality and engineering operations
Experience and Strengths: Focus on quality management with a successful record of streamlining operations, reducing
costs, lean manufacturing, improving product quality and increasing sales revenue. Extensive hands-on manufacturing,
engineering and product development experience contributing to successful business growth and profitability. Self-
motivated leader recognized for implementing innovative change, project management, corrective/preventive action,
continuous improvement, building teams and enhancing customer value and satisfaction.
Email us and note the JS number

JS9. Executive Management
Strengths: Founded and sold companies, held CEO positions, Developed and commercialized proprietary closures for
food packaging, manufacturing consultancy focusing on plastic and metal processes.

Industries: Food packaging, plastic and metal processes, RFID. Full P&L responsibly for multi-plant, plastic packaging
Email us and note the JS number

JS7. General Management
Strengths: This job seeker has enjoyed 20+ years as a general manager, strategist and scientist in an international
business environment. Has a strong track record of new product creation, building organizations, establishing strong
customer loyalty and improving financial performance. Additionally, this candidate developed and taught cash flow
improvement courses all over the world. BS Organic Chemistry/PhD Polymer Science
Email us and note the JS number

JS6. Technology Training Program Manager
Position Sought: Experienced Technology/Science Educator seeking a position as a Training Program Manager/Training
Initiative Director.
Skills: Responsible for developing and implementing innovative, state-of-the-art programs for both in-house and public
education science or technology. Successful at Grant Writing.

Experience: Designed workshops for both non-technical and technical professionals. Highly enthusiastic, well organized,
an excellent communicator both written and verbal. Team player who is also a self-starter.
Email us and note the JS number

JS5. Engineering Manager/Project Manager
Strengths: Creative, analytical, go-getter; results oriented and self-managing taskmaster, with MBA, plus PMI Project
Management Professional certification (PMP), with a strong work ethic, and initiative who does more than what is asked.
Skilled in IT program/Project Management and high visibility software Engineering Project Management accomplishments.
Have saved major corporations millions in project completion and performance penalties. Known for leadership, tenacity
and persistent vigilance to deliver project results and objectives. Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering and MS-
Computer Science-Information Systems Engineering. Preferred communication is via email.

Additional expertise includes: Delivers more than expected and required; resourceful. Succeeds with all challenges.
Used by Fortune 100 corporation as a “weapon” to eliminate and solve technical problems and get difficult/problem
projects done. Effective “Project Management Quarterback” and technology anchor/impact player.
Email us and note the JS number
Careers for Engineers – Job Seekers
August 27, 2010

JS4. Senior Engineering Manager and Business Developer

Strengths: An effective communicator and leader with significant industry committee contributions, particularly in the
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) in board level and executive
engineering management positions. Extensive network of contacts in aerospace, organizations, industry associations
and relevant US government entities. Particular focus on standards policy, use of standards in regulations, standards and
innovation, and relating standards and standardization to industry competitiveness.

Expert in engineering management, management systems, change management, standards, standardization, conformity
assessment, regulations and process improvement. Managed engineering policies, procedures, design and drafting
standards, records and data management, systems engineering, integrated product development etc.

Skilled with business strategic planning and business plan development, business management, program management,
process design, benchmarking, design control, product and flight safety, integrated product development, standard work,
part marking, patents and intellectual property and standard parts and components.
                                             Email us and note the JS number

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