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									    Serving Our HIV/AIDS Community Since 1985 July/August 2010 Vol. 20, Issue 3

The eighth annual Minnesota Red Ribbon Ride will take place             SERVICE               Importance of Service     Quality of Service
                                                                                               Average Rating (1-5)*   Average Rating (1-5)*
July 15-18. The Aliveness Project is one of eight benefiting AIDS
service organizations, including African American AIDS Task           Meal Program                   4.7                      4.9
Force, Clare Housing, Hope House of St. Croix Valley, Minnesota       Integrative Therapies          4.3                      4.6
AIDS Project, One Heartland, Park House, Rural AIDS Action            Food Shelf                     4.0                      4.4
Network. Last year's Ride raised $484,000 and this year’s goal
                                                                      Social Gatherings              3.9                      4.3
is $500,000.
                                                                      Free Ticket Program            3.8                      4.2
Team Aliveness has 9 riders and 4 crew members: Sean Divine,          Workshops                      3.7                      4.3
Andy Ernst, Walter Gies, Monte Jarvis, Charlie Jordan, Joe            Holiday Baskets                3.7                      4.5
Larson (crew), Deb Malmon, Tedd Richardson (crew), Bonnie             Case Management                3.3                      4.2
Sainio (crew), Terry Sainio, Stephanie Shaw (crew), Barbara
                                                                      Pet Clinics                    3.2                      4.3
Smith and Glade Woolstenhulme. To make a pledge to
support one or more of these committed volunteers, go                 Computers / Internet           3.2                      4.2
to (click on “Make A Donation” and              Library                        3.0                      3.6
then search for a team or participant) or use the form on page 5.
                                                                    One of our members made the following comment:
Help us show our gratitude to this year’s riders and crew by        “I was impressed when I first came to The Aliveness
attending the Closing Ceremony on Sunday, July 18 at 1:30 pm        Project. I had never seen another organization do what
at the State Capitol Mall steps. Come and cheer them on the final   we do here. It made me want to give back.”
leg of their 300-mile journey!
                                                                    HIV SUMMER PICNIC
MEMBER SURVEY                                                       I hope you can join us for our annual summer picnic
Last month, we conducted a survey of members. Below is a            on Friday, August 6, from noon to 3 p.m. at the
summary of responses, including the average rating of               Minnehaha Park Wabun Shelter (see page 3 for
importance and quality of each major service we provide             more details.) We invite members, volunteers
(1 = Low, 5 = High). Overall, most of our programs had a high       and their families to share a fun-filled
rating and many members expressed a lot of gratitude for the        afternoon in the sun!
services offered by The Aliveness Project. It was good to what
a positive impact through these programs. We will use this          Joe Larson
 information for making plans for the future.                       Executive Director

2   The Aliveness Project’s 25th Anniversary
October 22, 2010 at The Women’s Club of Minneapolis.

    6   Dining Out for Life Restaurants
     Dine at these restaurants throughout the year to say thanks.

           11    Annual Membership Meeting Report
                Increased number of members served in 2009.
      25th ANNIVERSARY!
      Since its inception in 1985, The Aliveness Project has
      been tirelessly serving the HIV/AIDS community. Now it’s
      2010 and it is our 25th anniversary and a time to
      celebrate the great accomplishments we have achieved
      over the past years and look ahead to our new building
      and all that is still to be done.
      Twenty-five years ago, people living with HIV/AIDS began
      by meeting in church basements and living rooms to
      share and ponder the questions, “how can we remain
      alive?” In 2009, The Aliveness Project served nearly 1,600
      members (one in four of all HIV+ people identified in
      Minnesota) through its various programs: food shelf,
      integrative therapies, holiday baskets, hot meals, medical
      case management and so much more.
      Come celebrate with us as we look both at our past and
      ahead to our future. A gala will be held on Friday,
      October 22, 2010 at The Women’s Club. It will be a
      wonderful evening of hors d’oeuvres, entertainment,
      silent auction, program and dancing.
      More in our next newsletter!

    Board of Directors                            Roger Moore                       Saundra Johnson
                                                  Michael Oian                      Health & Wellness Program Coordinator
    Daniel Cashman
                                                  MAC President                     Joe Larson
    Deb Cohen                                                                       Executive Director
    Vice President                                Darin Olson
                                                  Michael Petska                    Tim Marburger
    Max Fallek                                                                      Director of Fundraising & Special Events
    Jeffrey Farnsworth                            Otis Reeves
                                                                                    James Mattson
    Brennan Hannon                                Derrick Review                    Food Shelf Assistant
    Randy Hornstine                               Tedd Richardson                   Esther Mendez
    President                                     Vice President                    Kitchen Assistant
    Joe Larson                                    Scott Schlaffman                  Frank Mlakar
                                                  Secretary                         Kitchen Assistant
    Brian LaMere
    Secretary                                     Greg Speak
                                                                                    Darin Olson
    Michael Oian                                  Scott Wik                         Health & Wellness Peer Educator
    MAC President
                                                                                    Stephanie Shaw
    Barbara Satin                                 Staff                             Office Manager
    Scott Schlaffman                              Dan Capelli                       Lee Silverstein
                                                  Food Shelf Director
    Robert Shaw                                                                     Accountant
                                                  Sean Divine                       Monica Travis
    Barbara Smith                                 Director of Food Services         Director of Volunteer Services
    David Welper                                  Hanna Dorn                        Cathy VanValkenburgh
                                                  Receptionist                      Membership Services Program Assistant
    Membership Advisory Committee                 Dan Gerard
    Kenneth Adams
    Joseph Behr
                                                  Walter Gies
                                                                                    The Aliveline
                                                                                    is a bi-monthly publication of The Aliveness Project, Inc.
    Pam Benson                                    HIV Case Manager
                                                                                    The Aliveness Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization,
    Daniel Cashman                                Jennifer Gunderson                founded in 1985 as a membership organization for individuals
                                                  Gaming Coordinator
    Tom Genty                                                                       living with HIV/AIDS. This newsletter may report on
                                                  Donovan Harmel                    experimental and other therapies; however, The Aliveness
    Jeff Guckeen                                  Kitchen Assistant
                                                                                    Project does not recommend any particular therapy.
    Miles Hamlin                                  Johnny Herda-Anzaldo              Please consult with your medical provider before trying
    Kristi Holthus                                Director of Membership Services   any new treatment. Views and opinions expressed in this
    Linda Marie                                   Leah Johnson                      publication are those of the contributing authors and are
                                                  Grant Writer                      not necessarily those of The Aliveness Project.

2                                                     612-824-LIFE (5433)                                                      The Aliveline
Hey everyone, it is that time again. The annual HIV+ Community Picnic will                                      Minnehaha Regional Park
be on Friday, August 6 from 12 noon until 3:00. The event will take place                                                                          Group Picnic Facilities
in our usual location Minnehaha Falls, Wabun Shelter A. Members are                                                                           

welcome to bring family and friends. Just call the front desk to let us                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Legend

                                                                                                   41st Ave S

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              47th Ave S
                                                                                                                                                                                   45th Ave S
know you plan to attend and how many guests you will bring.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Picnic Shelter

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             R    d.                            Permit Required

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Picnic Shelter
                                                                                                                            46th Street E                                                                                                                               iver                                    First Come First Serve

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   st R

                                                                                                                                                                                                              46th Ave S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Picnic Area

                                                                                                                                                                  44th Ave
The location is great. It has a shaded area for eating and is close to the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Permit Required

                                                                                                                                           43rd Ave S
                                                                                                                     42nd Ave S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Picnic Area
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                First Come First Serve

building that has changing rooms and restrooms. It is also right next to a

                                                                                           Mi n
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            P   Free Parking

water play area with fountains and jet sprays that are a refreshing way for

                                                                                                                                                                                  P                                                                                                                         P   Paid Parking

the kids or adults to cool off. I recommend that children bring swimsuits.                                                                                                                      P                                                                         kw       ay


There will be bingo with tons of prizes, water balloons, and kick ball. Of                                                   vd
                                                                                                                                                        #2                                                                                                                                                      Disc Golf

                                                                                                                          Bl                                                                    Deer Pen Area
course, we will have tons of good food and beverages. So, plan to be at                                               aha
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Wading Pool
                                                                                                                   wad        rey
the picnic. It should be a great time. Remember that The Aliveness Project



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Mississippi River
will be closed that day.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Picnic B A
                                                                                              aha P
                                                                                       i eh
                                                                                     M nn                                                                                    Bandshell              Lower Glen Area                                        Area
                                                                                             Longfellow                                    Minnehaha Sea
                                                                                                                                            Pavillion Salt

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           46th Ave.
                                                                                                                                              #1                                                                                                                     P
                                                                                          H                                                                                                                                                                F          P
                                                                                            iaw                                         #1 - Open M.- ., Reservable Fri.-Sun.
On June 10, we had a lottery and gave away 50 tickets to a Twins game. On                       at
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          P                                      D                  C
                                                                                    Longfellow       Av
Sunday, June 13, 25 lucky members and their guests attended the Twins vs
                                                                                                                                                Minnehaha                                                                                                       G

                                                                                     Gardens                                                    Falls

Atlanta Braves game. What a great way to spend a Sunday. We want to thank


the Twins Community Fund and Twins players for their generous donation.                            ek                                                                                                                                                                                     P

                                                                                      Minnehaha Cre                                                                                                                                                            P

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Parking only after 5 p.m. on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             weekdays and on weekends.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Minnesota Veteran's Home

I hope everyone has heard that we are having free Yoga classes at The
Aliveness Project. The first class took place Monday, June 14. The classes
are Mondays and Thursdays from 5:10 pm until 6:00 pm. Classes run through
July. There will not be a class on Monday, July 5. The Aliveness Project is
                                                                                    join us for a day of fun in the sun...
closed that day. Sign up at the front desk if you want to attend. You do not                                    HI V + Com m uni t y Pi cnic
have to attend the first class to join. You can join any of the classes. Libby
Weibel will instruct the first class and another Yoga instructor will monitor and
adjust people during the class. A group of instructors will alternate teaching      S I T E: Wabun Sheltar A, Minnehaha Falls Area
and observing each class.
                                                                                    DAT E: Friday August 6 2010
We had a Hair Cut Clinic on Monday, June 21 at The Aliveness Project. A
group of cosmetologists donated their time by giving haircuts from 11:00 to
                                                                                    T I M E: 12:00pm - 3:00pm
3:00. We want to thank the hairdressers for their generosity and the wonderful
day they gave to us. The cosmetologists were: Ashley Schneider, Becky               Food served from 12 - 2
Sturges and Tammy Angrinson from Shear Art Hair Studio, Macy Topp and
Jess Pratt from Pixie Salon, Nathan Granados from Great Clips and Heidi
                                                                                    Family and Friends welcome to attend!
Govednik from Salon on the Edge. Members lined up at the door of the big            If you drive, some parking is free and some is metered. If you
room to get haircuts. Everyone really had a great time and members left that
day with some great looking hairstyles. Look for photos and a follow up article     are taking a bus to the event, you can call the MTC Bus Co. at
in our next newsletter.                                                             612.373.3333 to find out the most efficient route for you to take.
Johnny Herda-Anzaldo - Director of Membership Services

                                                                                          YOGA CLASS
                                                                                           We are excited to announce that free yoga will be provided
                                                                                           to members, staff and volunteers at the Aliveness Project
                                                                                           June 15th through July 29th! The instructors consist of
                                                                                           13 ladies that are about to complete their Yoga Teacher
                                                                                           Training at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. No yoga
                                                                                           experience is necessary - the instructors will break
                                                                                           down and adapt the poses for all levels. The yoga
                                                                                           taught will be a gentle Hatha practice that focuses on
     DATES Monday June 15th - Thursday July 29th                                           stretching, breathing and centering. Three instructors
     (no class July 5th)                                                                   will be present at all classes so there will be people to
                                                                                           help guide participants and answer questions.
     TIME Monday and Thursday evenings 5:10 - 6:00pm
     Come for Yoga, Stay for Dinner!                                                       We are honored as a community of soon to be yoga
     YOU NEED Doctor's permission for mild exercise.                                       instructors to share our yoga practice with your community!
                                                                                           Come visit us and see what yoga is all about!
     PLEASE BRING A yoga mat and towel if you have one.
     (Limited mats will be provided.)                                                      Libby Weibel

The Aliveline                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             3
    Happy Summer everybody! There are always a lot of fun
    things to do in June, like The Aliveness Project’s Food
    Drive held at The Wedge Whole Foods Co-op on Franklin
    and Lyndale. We are always very grateful to all the people
    at the Wedge for hosting our food drives and all the support
    they give us. At the time of this writing, I don’t have any
    numbers to report, but will in our next newsletter.

    I get a lot of questions about dates on food items. If you
    get something that seems to be outdated, here’s a bit of
    information. How long can you keep canned foods? Store
    commercially and other shelf stable products in a cool dry
    place. Never put them above the stove, under the sink, in
    a damp garage or basement, or any place exposed to high
    or low temperature extremes.
    Store high acid foods such as tomatoes and other fruit up
    to 18 months; low acid foods such as meat and vegetables,
    2 to 5 years. Canned meat and poultry will keep at its best      It's promising to be a busy summer in Health & Wellness at
    quality 2 to 5 years, if the can remains in good condition       Aliveness. Trying to quit smoking has become one of the
    and has been stored in a cool, clean, dry place.                 most trying endeavors facing our members. To assist with
                                                                     this challenge, Health & Wellness is proud to present a
    While extremely rare, a toxin produced by Clostridium            series of informational sessions detailing the nuts and bolts
    botulinum is the worst danger in canned goods. Never             of the available major smoking cessation programs. These
    use food from containers that show possible “botulism”           sessions will be held throughout the summer in the
    warnings: leaking, bulging, cracked jars or jars with loose      afternoon and again in the evening to accommodate all
    or bulging lids; canned foods with a foul odor, or any           members who wish to attend. Dates and times will be
    container that spurts liquid when opening. Don’t even taste      announced. Keep an eye out for flyers.
    such food! Even a minuscule amount of botulinum can be
    deadly.                                                          This summer will see the beginning of the much-requested
                                                                     Women's Group. The first meeting will be held on Saturday,
    Can linings might discolor or corrode when metal reacts          June 19th at noon. Members are invited and encouraged
    with high-acid foods such as tomatoes or pineapple. As           to come earlier (11 AM) for a brunch. July 17th and August
    long as the can is in good shape, the contents should be         21st are the remaining summer dates for this group.
    safe to eat, although the taste, texture and nutrition value     Upcoming Fall Health & Wellness programming will include
    of the food can diminish over time.                              workshops on aging, long-term survivor issues, clinical
    Home canned foods should be used within a year. You can          trials, movie nights and, of course, an educational dinner
    keep peanut butter safe in the pantry for 6-9 months             co-sponsored by Bio-Script pharmacy.
    (unopened) and 2-3 months (opened).
                                                                     Darin Olson (Peer Health Educator) and I are looking
    That’s all for now so thanks and keep those tall handle          forward to working together with you to ensure that we all
    bags coming and stay healthy!                                    stay as healthy as we can be -- in mind, body and soul.
    Dan Capelli - Food Shelf Director
                                                                     Saundra Johnson - Health & Wellness Coordinator

                                     The Red Ribbon Ride is almost upon us. Team Aliveness has been busy training for the long
    ride ahead. We will be leaving the Mall of America at 6:30 AM, July 15 after a short Opening Ceremony. We invite you to come
    see us off or cheer us in at the State Capitol, Sunday, July 18, 1:30 PM. It’s always nice to get support from people we know
    and love. Another way to support Team Aliveness is to make a donation. We have team donor forms at The Aliveness Project
    or you can go to and make a donation online. Click on “Make a Donation”, search for Team Aliveness
    and select a rider who hasn’t achieved the $1,500 minimum amount. Any donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you for
    supporting Team Aliveness!
    Sean Divine - Director of Food Services

4                                                    612-824-LIFE (5433)                                           The Aliveline
The Aliveline   5
                                                                                                                                  VOLUNTEER NEWS
                                                                                                                                  Oh summer, my favorite season. During summer
                                                                                                                                  I try to walk to work more and I find it gives me good
                                                                                                                                  time to think. Sometimes my thoughts float to
                                                                                                                                  thinking about what we accomplish together as
                                                                                                                                  The Aliveness Project Community, and I have to
                                                                                                                                  admit that I’m pleased. I think you should be too,
                                                                                                                                  as the work our volunteers do is incredible. In
                                                                                                                                  fact, I think it is time to be a bit boastful about our
                                                                                                                                  good work.

               remember to visit these great friends of the Aliveness Project and let them                                        Our annual report as published in May noted that
                  know that you are eating there because they do dining out for life.
                                                                                                                                  nearly 1,100 of you helped in 2009, giving 31,000
    128 Café                                     Falafel King                          Pizza Lucé - Uptown                        hours. Kudos to all of you! Also, a tremendous
    318 Café                                     Fat Lorenzo's                         Pizza Lucé - Duluth                        thanks to the students who have just finished
    42nd Avenue Station                          The Favor Café                        Pizza Lucé - Downtown Mpls
                                                                                                                                  their spring semester with us, and a welcoming
    8th Street Grill                             FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar   POP! Restaurant
    A25 : Anemoni Sushi + Sake Bar               Fireroast Mountain Café               POP!! Restaurant
                                                                                                                                  round of applause too for the students who are
    Afton House Inn                              First Course                          The Port of Red Wing ( St. James Hotel )   joining us for the summer. Please see the
    al Vento                                     Fujiya Japanese                       The Purple Onion Café                      accompanying biographies for our new interns.
    Amici Pizza & Bistro                         Fusion                                The Q Kindness Café
    Angelo's Italian Restaurant                  Galactic Pizza                        Rail Station Bar & Grill
    Anodyne Coffeehouse                          Gay 90's                              Rainbow Chinese Restaurant                 This summer has our Volunteer Program busy
    At Sara's Table/Chester Creek Café, Duluth   Ginger Hop Restaurant                 Red Stag Supperclub                        with food drives and the Twin Cities GLBT Pride
    Azia Restaurant                              Grand Café                            Restaurant Aura                            Festival, the Red Ribbon Ride, the annual picnic,
    Bambu                                        Great Waters Brewing Company          Rinata
                                                                                                                                  preparations for our 25th anniversary this
    B.A.N.K.                                     Henry's Café                          Roat Osha
    Bar Abilene                                  The Herkimer Pub and Brewery          Rudolphs Bar-B-Que
                                                                                                                                  autumn, and of course that ubiquitous upcoming
    Barbette                                     Highland Café & Bakery                Rustica Bakery                             end-of-the-year extravaganza: Holiday Baskets!
    Beaujo's Wine Bar & Bistro                   Himalayan                             The Saloon
    Birchwood Café                               Hot Plate                             Sanctuary
    Black Dog Café & Wine Bar                    The Independent                       Santorini
                                                                                                                                  It’s true. Holiday Baskets is just around the bend.
    Black Forest Inn                             It's Greek to Me                      Sapor Café/Bar                             It may be 82 degrees outside and we are walking
    Boca Chica Restaurant                        Jakeeno's Pizza & Pasta               Sawatdee & Zushiya of Maple Grove          around in flip-flops now, but The Aliveness Project
    The Bulldog Lowertown                        Jitters Coffee & Tea House, Duluth    Sawatdee St. Paul                          is already looking for volunteers and donations to
    The Bulldog Uptown                           Joe's Garage Restaurant               Sawatdee Thai Restaurant
                                                                                                                                  help with our annual Holiday Basket Program.
    Buona Sera                                   Kafé 421                              Senor Wong
    The Butcher Block Bar & Restaurant           Khyber Pass Café                      Solera
                                                                                                                                  What do we need in preparation this autumn?
    C.C. Club                                    La Belle Crepe                        Sontes, Rochester                          Mostly two things: boxes painted in winter holiday
    Café Ena                                     Lake Avenue Café, Duluth              Spill The Wine                             themes by school kids or other groups (adults
    Café Twenty-Eight                            Lone Spur Grill & Bar                 Spoonriver                                 welcome, too!), and in invitation for us to speak
    Carmelo's Ristorante                         Loring Kitchen & Bar                  St. Clair Broiler
                                                                                                                                  at your place of worship, business, or social club
    Charlie's at the Water Street Inn            Luna Rossa Trattoria & Wine Bar       St. Martin's Table
    Chiang Mai Thai                              LUSH Food Bar                         Stella's Fish Cafe
                                                                                                                                  who may be interested in adopting some Holiday
    Chianti Grill, Burnsville                    Manny's Tortas                        Supatra's Thai Cuisine                     Baskets. Please contact us soon so we may get
    Chianti Grill, Roseville                     Maverick's Wood Grill                 Tanpopo Noodle Shop                        on your calendar. Certainly donations of new
    Chin Dian                                    May Day Café                          Tickles Food & Bar                         winter clothing, gift cards, games, DVD’s, or music
    Christos Greek Restaurant, Minnetonka        Maynard's Restaurant                  Tiger Sushi 2
                                                                                                                                  for various ages and interests are also welcome.
    Christos Union Depot Place                   McCoy's Public House                  Toast Wine Bar & Cafe
    Citizen Cafe                                 Midori's Floating World Café          Tootie's On Lowry
                                                                                                                                  We are also looking for volunteers to assist with
    Colossal Café                                Minneapolis Eagle                     Town Talk Diner                            donation solicitation. Leadership and internship
    Common Roots Cafe                            Modern Café                           Trattoria da Vinci                         positions to help with the program are available.
    The Craftsman                                Moose and Sadie's                     Trotter's Café
    Cupcake                                      moto-i Sake Brewery Restaurant        Tryg's
    Cuppa Java Coffee and Deli                   Muffuletta Café                       Tum Rup Thai                               Whether you walk, bike, or paddle through our
    Curran's Restaurant                          Napa Valley Grille                    The Uptown Diner                           great Minnesota outdoors this summer, I hope
    The Dakota                                   New Scenic Café, Duluth               Va Bene Berarducci's Caffe, Duluth         you’ll take some time to revel in the loveliness
    Dunn Bros Coffee, Roseville                  Ngon Vietnamese Bistro                The Veranda, Red Wing
                                                                                                                                  around you. Allow summer to be boastful in her
    Ecopolitan                                   Nic's on Nicollet                     Victor's 1959 Café
    Eden Avenue Grill                            OM                                    Vina Restaurant
                                                                                                                                  beauty. Revel too in the words of a woman who
    El Mesón                                     Pagoda                                W.A. Frost                                 understood the meaning of the work you do,
    El Nuevo Rodeo                               Pancho Villa's Grill                  Wilde Roast Café                           even when it seems difficult to see the beauty of
    El Paraiso Mexican Restaurant                Papa's Restaurant and Deli            Yum!                                       the greater picture:
    Elsie's                                      Piccolo                               Zeitgeist Arts Café, Duluth
    Erte & The Peacock Lounge                    Pizza Lucé - St. Paul                                                            continued on page 7...
    Everest on Grand                             Pizza Lucé - Seward/University

6                                                                                      612-824-LIFE (5433)                                                            The Aliveline
   What I do, you cannot do; but what you do, I cannot do.
  The needs are great, and none of us, including me, ever do great things.
            But we can do small things, with great love,
           And together we can do something wonderful.

                          ~ Mother Teresa ~

 A special thanks to my uncle, Fr. Jim Travis M.M., a devoted
 volunteer, for introducing me to her wise words, and for inspiring
 my work in our HIV/AIDS community.

 Monica Travis - Director of Volunteer Services

                                                                             My name is Eunice Opare, an intern with THE ALIVENESS
                                                                             PROJECT. I am currently a student from University of

                                                                             Minnesota pursuing a Masters degree in Public Health.
                                                                             As an intern, I will assist The Aliveness Project in assessing
                                                                             its service evaluation; including the review and development
   Hi my name is Mohamed Abdikarin, one of the new interns                   of goals, objectives, activities, outcomes, indicators of
   here at The Aliveness Project through the Step-Up program.                success, and data collection and analysis.
   I’m going to be in my senior year of high school. I’m
   doing a lot of things over this summer, including interning               I have always being interested in the population based
   here at The Aliveness Project. Also, I’ll be going on a trip              health practice and infectious diseases, hence my interest
   to Washington DC through 4-H, taking summer classes                       in HIV/AIDS. The disease is a major scourge in my native
   at South High School, and participating in regular sports                 country and Africa as a whole. As an African born
   activities like football or basketball tournaments.                       immigrant, it was always painful to see the stigma that
                                                                             HIV/AIDS patients have to live within their African Society.
   I was born in Nairobi, Kenya. I came to America at the
   age of seven. Although English isn’t my first language I
                                                                             I have always marveled at the gross misinformation
   feel like it’s my strongest language. Growing up the
                                                                             propagated against HIV/AIDS patients. HIV/AIDS is a
   youngest in a family of four, it wasn’t hard to get attention.
   But, over the years my mom and dad divorced and each                      preventable disease, and can be controlled with adequate
   remarried. I now have 2 step-brothers and a step-sister                   health education, basic public health practices and policies.
   on my dad’s side, and a step-brother on my mom’s side,
   so it’s kind of hard to get the attention that I used to. But,            It is very interesting to know that there are organizations
   over the years I grew to love having younger siblings.                    like The Aliveness Project that care about HIV/AIDS
                                                                             patients. I am impressed about the wonderful work done
   I’m a Volunteer Program Assistant at The Aliveness Project.               at The Aliveness Project and proud to have the chance to
   Here at The Aliveness Project I’m going to be researching                 be a part of such a wonderful organization. I look forward
   PTO days at local corporations, working in the kitchen                    to learning from staff, members, and volunteers.
   and food shelf, working with Monica and Tim on various
   events, and working at the Food Drive, the Red Ribbon
                                                                             I believe that my personal goals and aspiration are in
   Ride, and Twin Cities Pride.
                                                                             synergy with THE ALIVENESS PROJECT.

The Aliveline                                                                                                      7
Thanks to everyone who gave financial and in-kind gifts between April 26, 2010 and June 16, 2010
    ORGANIZATIONS                    Meghan Doll Photography               Angela Amundson                  Keri Bergeson                 Susan Byellin                    Russell Cowles, Jr
    318 Café                         Minneapolis Eagle                     Joel Amundson                    Beth Bergman &                Judith L. Cahalan                Dan W. Crackel
    8th Street Grill                 Minneapolis Musical Theatre           Don Doberstein &                   Dawn Bjerkelund             Tiffany M. Calderon              Bailey G. Craft
    Abbott Laboratories              Minnesota Monthly                       Bobby Andress                  Jackie Bergman-O'Brien        Douglas A. Caldwell              Fred Crea & Lisa Ledin
    Afton House Inn                  Minnesota Theatres                    Joan Ellison & Patricia Roth     Amy Bergquist & Erik Larson   Gerald F. Cangemi                Aaron Crenshaw
    al Vento                           The Heights Theatre                 Terri L. Anders                  Megan Bergseth                Patricia Canney                  Renee M. Crichlow
    Alexandra House                  Minnesota Twins Baseball Club         Robert K. Anderson &             Mary J. Berkeley              Ronda Capher &                   Ron G. Cripe
    Anodyne Coffeehouse                Twins Community Fund                  John D. Schmidt                Sharon Berlin                   Kelly Applegate                Danny Crisafulli
                                     moto-i                                Marilyn Anderson Spensley        Karen & Ed Bernal             Chris S. Capistran
    At Sara's Table                                                                                                                                                        Andrea Crumrine
       Chester Creek Café            Muffuletta Café                       David L Anderson                 Anna Beronski &               Ron Caplinger                    Nicole Crust
    Auction Masters                  Napa Valley Grille                    Georgia Anderson                   Meghan Davitt               Alicia Cappi                     George & Janet Cruys
    Azia Restaurant &                New Scenic Café                       Krista Anderson                  Lance P. Berwald              Mike Cardinal & Kevin Sjostrom   Kristine M. Curtain
       The Caterpillar Lounge        Ngon Vietnamese Bistro                Lee & Sheila Anderson            Brad Betten                   Sally & Terra Carey              Patti J. Cwodzinski
    B.A.N.K.                         Northwestern Health                   Marna Anderson                   Rex J Beyer & Nick Meyer      Janelle Carle
                                       Sciences University                                                                                                                 Barbara J. Dacy
    Barbette                                                               Sara Anderson                    Dennis J. Bidwell &           Jenny Carle
                                     OM                                                                       Eric Zander                                                  Melanie Daggett
    Bartelt Acupuncture                                                    Sharon Anderson                                                Jill D. Carlson &
                                     Pagoda                                                                 James J. Biederman                                             Greg Dahl
       and Wellness, Inc                                                   Spencer Anderson                                                 Rhonda L. DeCoteau
                                     Pancho Villa Grill                                                     Nancy Biele                                                    Steve Dahlberg
    Beaujo's Wine Bar & Bistro                                             Stacy Anderson                                                 Gwen Carlson & Stuart Beattie
                                     Papa's Restaurant & Deli                                               Ann M. Biggar                                                  David Dahlstrom & Sara Frank
    Bemis Company Foundation                                               Steven L. Anderson                                             Don Carlson
                                     Pizza Luce - Downtown Mpls                                             Lisa Biller                                                    Beth Dalby
    Birchwood Café                                                         Todd W. Anderson                                               Jennifer R. Carlson
                                     Pizza Luce - Duluth                                                    Mark G. Bischaf                                                Selena Dallenbach
    Black Forest Inn                                                       Kipp Ankrum                                                    Monica & Tucker Carlson
                                     Pizza Luce - Seward/University                                         Bonnie Black                                                   Michelle M. David
    Buona Sera                                                             J Anshus                                                       Tom Carlson
                                     Pizza Luce - St. Paul                                                  Robert B. Blair                                                Mike Davidovich
    C.C. Club                                                              Emily Antin                                                    Dina Carpenter & Lyle Goding
                                     Pizza Luce - Uptown                                                    Nancy Bleckeberg                                               Julianna J. Davis
    Cafe Ena                                                               Jim & Pat Anzelo                                               Chris Carriero
                                     The Purple Onion Café                                                  Timi C. Bliss                                                  Karen Lee Davis
    Charlie's at Water Street Inn                                          John M. Apman                                                  Jesse B. Carriger
                                     The Q Kindness Café                                                    Geri & Milt Blumenfeld                                         Greg Dawson
    Chiang Mai Thai                                                        Patrick E. Appel                                               Andrea S. Carty
                                     Rainbow Chinese Restaurant                                             Paul Bobyak                                                    Jeff Dean
    Chin Dian Café                                                         Debra A. Apuli                                                 Andi Casaus
                                     RE/MAX Results                                                         Chuck Boe                                                      Christopher L. Deck
    Christ English Lutheran Church                                         Deborah Arbogast                                               Daniel Cashman
                                     Red Stag Supperclub                                                    Kevin Boedigheimer *                                           Janell L. Decker
    Christo's Greek Restaurant                                             Aryn Arnold                                                    Mike Cassidy & Alan Holliday
                                     Robbinsdale United Church of Christ                                    Amy M. Boland                                                  Janis J. Dees
    Christos Union Depot Place                                             Kali Aro                                                       Zan Ceeley &
                                       Pilgrim's Guild                                                      Robert Boland                                                  Kurt Deneen
    City Pages                                                             Katie Arpin                                                      Laura Christensen
                                     ROR Tax Professionals, LLC                                             Stacey R. Bolton-Tsantir                                       Myrtle & Rebecca A. Dennis
    Clear Channel Outdoor                                                  Sharon K. Asbell                                               Evan G. Chamberland
                                     Rustica Bakery                                                           & Dean Tsantis                                               Merle DeNuccio & D'Ann Prior
    The Craftsman                                                          Craig Ashby & Jason Moore                                      Sam Chaplin
                                     Sanctuary Restaurant, LLC                                              Danielle M. Boreen                                             Erin M. Deruggiero
    Creative Business Services                                             Walch Aubry                                                    Tara Chapman
                                     Santorini                                                              Deb Borman                                                     Duhl Desiree
    Cuppa Java                                                             Dan Augustine                                                  Michael C. Chatt
                                     Sawatdee & Zushiya of Maple Grove                                      Kat Bourque                                                    Joanne E Dew
    Curran's Restaurant                                                    John S. & Rita Austin                                          Mary Kay Chiara
                                     Sawatdee Thai Restaurant                                               Carol J. Bouska                                                Lindsey M. Dickinson &
    Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant                                          Aubrey Baarstad                                                Drs Alessandra Chiareli &          Mike Roering
                                     Senor Wong                            Laura Bachinski &                Kenneth Bowers                  Michael Haase
    Ecopolitan Restaurant                                                                                                                                                  Michael Diener
                                     Sontes                                  Renee DeLong                   Jan Boyer &                   Loretta S. Chinn-Curran
    Eden Avenue Grill                                                                                         Nancy Kellermann                                             Melissa & Payton Dierks
                                     Southside Farm Store                  Lauren Back                                                    Rosalin Chrest
    El Meson                                                                                                Gigi E. Boyer                                                  Andrew C. Dietz
                                     Spill The Wine                        Amanda E. Bacon-Dwinell                                        Rick S. Christensen &
    El Paraiso Restaurant                                                                                   Bridget Bradley                 Jim S. Mueller                 Mary P. Disney
                                     Spoonriver                            Laura L. Baerthel &
    Elsie's Restaurant & Lounge                                                                             Keelie Brandt                 John & Darla Christianson        John M. Diver
                                     Supatra's Thai Cuisine                  Matthew C. Baerthel
    Erté & The Peacock Lounge                                                                               Anna Brelize                  Micaela Clark &                  Kathy A. Dixon
                                     The Talent Show                       Ann Bailey
    Everest on Grand                                                                                        Susan Danielson Bretheim        William Sattler                Daniel L. Dockman
                                     Taurus Moon Graphic Designs           Joanne Bailey
    Falafel King                                                                                            Kim Bretza                    Amy & Tom Clark                  Kara Dominialk
                                     Tibotec Therapeutics                  David Baker &
    FireLake Grill House &           Tickles Food & Bar                      Rebecca Budimlija              Rose M. Brewer                Mary M. Clark                    Tom Dominise
       Cocktail Bar                                                        Andrea & Kevin Baker                                           Todd Clasen                      Tracey L. Domke
                                     Tiger Sushi II                                                         Brent A. Brickman
    Fireroast Mountain Café                                                Jennifer L. Baker                                              Deborah Clemmensen &             Dan M. Donkers & Kevin Saltzer
                                     Toast Wine Bar & Cafe                                                  Mary-Ellen Briel
    First Christian Church                                                 Todd Baker                                                       Jon Pratt                      Lisa S. Donnelly
                                     Trattoria da Vinci                                                     Betty T. Bright
    Fuji-Ya Restaurant                                                     Joanie N. Balach                                               Chuck Clingman,                  Sherry Donovan
                                     Travelers Foundation                                                   Clelia C. Brigneti
    Galactic Pizza                                                                                                                          Rosalin Chrest &               William Dopp
                                       Community Action Awards             Hope M. Balcos                   Beth Brill                      Bob Brentrup
    Gay 90's                                                               Davina M. Baldwin                                                                               Johanna L. Dorn
                                     Trotter's Café                                                         Curtis Brock & Robert Ruff    Genevieve A. Clute &
    Ginger Hop Restaurant                                                  Michael A. Balen                                                                                Linda Dorow
                                     TRUIST                                                                 Harland Brockoff                Laura Storm
    Great Clips for Hair                                                   Christina Bales                                                                                 Eric Doughty & Scott Christian
       France Avenue Store           Tryg's                                                                 Tara Brodersen                Dorothy Coffey &
                                     Tum Rup Thai                          James & Susan Banks              Robin Brown & Beth Slocum       Cheryl Pavillin                Fiacre Douglas
    Great Waters Brewing Company                                                                                                                                           Lisa & Todd Douma
                                     Twin Cities Dining Guide              Heidi L. Barajas                 Barbara A. Brown              Gary W. Cohen &
    Hennepin Theatre Trust,                                                                                                                 Margaret Macneale              Gerald Dove
       Access Ticket Program         Vina Restaurant                       Jack L Barber & Mitch Flatturn   Gary C Brown
                                     W.A. Frost                            Don Barcroft                     Janet Brown                   Neena Cohen                      Dorothy J. Doyle
    Highland Cafe and Bakery, Inc.
                                     Wilde Roast Café                      Victor Barge                     Jeff A. Brown                 Gregory Cole &                   Klaudija Dragicevic
    Himalayan Restaurant                                                                                                                    John Greenham
    Hot Plate                        Yum!                                  William Barnett &                Julie D. Brown                                                 Douglas J. & Ann Duea
                                                                             Kerry Cashman                                                Nancy Cole                       Molly Duepner
    HRK Foundation                   Zeitgeist Arts Café                                                    Lori Brown
                                                                           Veronique L. Barrera                                           Nicholas Cole                    Ginger Dunivan & Leif Shley
    Hugh J. Andersen Foundation                                                                             Melissa M. Brown
                                                                           Amanda Barthel                                                 Zachary D. Cole                  Lee Dunn & Marti Stewart
    IBM Employee Services Center     INDIVIDUALS                                                            Raymond E. Brown
                                                                           Rachel R. Bartleson                                            Patrick J. Colombe               Shea Dunn
    The Independent                  John M. Aarsvold                                                       Sandi Brown
                                                                           Alex Bauman                                                    Sandra Colvin Roy                Kelly Dupree
    It's Greek to Me                 Bruce Abbott                                                           Susan Brown
                                                                           Sam B. Bauman                                                  Larry Commers                    Samany Dy
    Jakeeno's Pizza & Pasta          Joshua Abrahamson                                                      Christina Brownlee
                                                                           Mary Baumhofer                                                 Roger A. Cone                    Adam Dykes
    The Jay & Rose Phillips          Carrie Abramson                                                        Adam Bruggenthies
                                                                           Christopher L. Beal                                            Sean Conley                      Mark Dziuk
       Family Foundation             Phyllis Acker                                                          Michael M. Bruns &
                                                                           Ashley Beaulieu                    Gabriela Sweet              Lisa M. Conlin                   Caitlin Eccles-Radtke
    Jitters Coffee & Tea House       Elise C. Adair
                                                                           Elisa Becker & Tim Herby         Julie H. Buchmeier            John M. Conway                   Tracie Eckstrom
    Joe's Garage Restaurant          Ben Adam
                                                                           Maggie E. Beekman                Herb Buck                     Merry H. Conway                  Brian Edgar & Dennis Albertson
    The Jungle Theater               Susan C. Adams
                                                                           Ron J. Beining                   Jeremy Bue                    Jason Cook                       Pat Egan
    KARE 11/Metromix                 Renate Adjei
                                                                           Amelia Belden                    Francis E. Buesgens           Carrie A. Cooley                 Randy & Carol Egan
    Khyber Pass Café                 Felecia Aegerter
                                                                           Drew Bendell                     Jane L. Buettemeier           Jeremy Cooper                    Erin Eide
    Knights of Leather               James C. & Anne H. Afdahl
                                                                           Les W. Bendtsen                  Mary K. & Anthony Buhr        William & Fred Cooper            Jonathan L. Eisenberg
    KS95                             Anna Marie Aguirre
                                                                           Cheryl Bennett                   Malarie Bump                  Nicholas Corbett                 Jonas K. Ekse
    La Belle Crepe                   M.C. Ahlstrom
                                                                           Matthew D. Benson                Brett & Nicole Bundy          Sue M. Corbin &                  Patt Eloyd Ekstrom
    Lake Avenue Café                 Katie Albright                                                                                         Karen A. Lueck
    Lavender Magazine                                                      Pat & Alison Bents               Neal Burghardt                                                 Dustin E. Elder
                                     Steve & Annette Alderson                                                                             Jim Cordaro & Bruce J. Rubin
    Lone Spur Grill & Bar                                                  Rebecca A. Benz                  Nichole Burke                                                  Sheila Eldred
                                     Stacey Aldrich & Phyllis Russell                                                                     Nick Corriere, Jr.
    Loring Kitchen & Bar                                                   Nancy Berg Lamder                Lois Burnett                                                   Natalie Ellertson
                                     Ian Alexander                                                                                        William Cortez
    Manny's Tortas                                                         Carrie A. Berg                   Dan & Laura Bursch                                             Brigid Ellig
                                     Elaine Allen                                                                                         Corey J. Cossette
    Maverick's Wood Grill                                                  David Berg                       Amy Bursey                                                     Jennifer Ellingson
                                     Melanie Allickson                                                                                    Julie Cossette
    Maynard's Restaurant                                                   Julie Z. Berg                    J.D. Burton                                                    Jane Elverdahl
                                     Anesin Almalhi                                                                                       Bearach A. Coughlin
    McCoy's Public House                                                   John Bergeson                    David & Martha Butler                                          Sharon L. Emard
                                     Katie Amaya                                                                                          Erica R. Cournoyer

8                                                                                                                                               The Aliveline
  Ryan P. & Megan Engelhardt        Mary B. Gochnauer                Mark Henning & Charles Winter   Anna I. Johnson                    Nick Lang                         Joe Mauch
  John M. Enger                     Brianna Gohman                   Nancy L. Henry                  Becky Johnson                      Amy S. Lange &                    Kristian Maul & Bethany Snyder
  Dr. Shoshana Englard-Falconer &   Loree I. Goldman                 Marissa Hernandez               Bruce E. Johnson                     Jane R. Newman                  Betsy A. May
    David Falconer                  Gerardo Henry Gomez              Kristin H. Herreid              Elizabeth Johnson                  Cindy Langer                      Kate McCall
  Lisa Erb                          Jena Gomez                       John W. Hershey                 Lisa Johnson                       Beth Langlais-Sick                Joleen McCammon &
  Jeff Erickson & Dan Stein         Gail Good                        Warren Hess                     Lisa N. Johnson                    Rev. Chuck W. Larsen                Ann Neubauer
  Lara S. Erickson                  Raymond L. Gooderl               Ricky Heuer                     Lori L. Johnson                    Juhl Larsen                       Shannon McCarville
  Robert Erickson                   Martin Gordon                    Karol Hezsely                   Marilyn K. Johnson                 Sid A. Larsen                     Steve G. McCauley
  Terrance Erickson                 Jason C. Gorski                  Casey Higgins                   Matthew M. Johnson                 Charles C. Larson                 Marilyn J. McClain
  Amy N. Esler                      Lora Grabau                      Kristin E. Hill Avirom          Patrick Johnson                    Dave & Cindy Larson               Mark McClure
  Hallie Espel                      Joel S. Graf                     Jennifer R Hill                 Richard V. Johnson                 Douglas A. Larson                 Cameron McConnell
  Nancy Esslinger                   Kristin M. Grage                 Theresa Hillesheim              Rita Johnson                       Joseph Larson &                   John W. McConnell, M.D.
  Carole Evenchik & Val Wolff       Joylnn Graham                                                                                         Charles Jordan *                Maxine McCormick
                                                                     Pat Hinker                      Tanisha Johnson
  Pastor Tom Ewald                  Michael L. Graham                                                                                   Krista Larson                     Sherry McCrank
                                                                     Kelsey Hinnenkamp               Terri Johnson
  John R Ewoldt                     Marge Grahn-Bowman                                                                                  Michael J. Larson                 Andrew A. McCue
                                                                     Pam K. Hinz                     Timothy Johnson
  Michelle & Richard Faber          Michael J. Grandys                                                                                  Milton N. Larson                  Ann Mccully
                                                                     Mary Hinz-Quillin               Katie Joiner
  Richard A. Fahel & Jeff Haug      Ross W. Gravem &                                                                                    Nickey Larson                     Maxine & Neil McEwen
                                                                     Andrea Hite                     Ronald E. Joki
  Jeffrey Farnsworth                  Joshua L. Kaeding                                                                                 Rachel Larson                     Kimberly McGlothlin
                                                                     Denise J. Hlavaty               Allen E. Jones
  David Farrar                      Mary E. Gray                                                                                        Sharon Lason                      Mary McGraw & Dawn Mans *
                                                                     Michael Hnath                   Michael D. Jones
  Pat Fatchett                      Cheryl Greene                                                                                       Daren Latham                      April McGuire
                                                                     Dai Hoang                       Money Jones
  Morgan Feigal-Stickles            Arvella Greenway                                                                                    Jason Lawrence                    Dennis McKee *
                                                                     Paul J. Hoeft                   Rachel R. Jones
  Jessica M. Feist                  Jean Gregory                                                                                        Barry Leavitt                     Tim McKenna &
                                                                     Chris Hoegh                     Scott Jones
  Jennifer A. Feldt                 Jeremy Gregory                                                                                      Kenneth R. Lebeau                   Michael J. Dakotan
                                                                     Maria Hoekstra                  Stella & Conrad Jones
  Geroge A. Ferguson, III           Angela Grell                                                                                        Jeannie Lee                       Nancy McLean
                                                                     Lisa Hoepner                    Jeffrey R. Jontz
  Alyssa Ferrie                     Kara M. Greshwalk                                                                                   Ramona Lee                        Anne E. McManus
                                                                     Jackie P. Hoff                  Bridget Jordan & Chris Becker
  Carla Ferrucci &                  Heidi J. & Troy M. Gretz                                                                            Molly Lehman                      Amy McMonigal
                                                                     Garrett D. Hoffman              Deborah M. Jordan
    Raeann Tressler                 Gregory M. Grigsby                                                                                  Colleen Leonard                   Rose & Charles J. McMurray
                                                                     Kyle Hofmann                    Dorothy A. Jordan
  Jesse Field                       Lynn Grissom-Hunley                                                                                 Steve Lerner & Mike Ferguson      Sarah K. McNally
                                                                     Peter Hogan                     Theresa M. Joseph
  Lonna Field                       Crystal Grobe                                                                                       Warren LeVake                     Dominic & Colen Mcquerry
                                                                     Art & Donna Hogenson            Cory Judge
  Amanda L. Finley                  Rich Groebner                                                                                       Jennifer Levenhagen               Carole Mead
                                                                     Calla Hogue                     Darcy E. Juhl
  Patrick J. Finnegan               Jeff Grubb                                                                                          Rachel S. Levine Joslin           Gayle Meador
                                                                     Gayland R. Hokanson             Kelly J. Jungbauer
  Jack A Fischer                    Tricia Gruett                                                                                       Sarah Levitt                      Ryan Medeiros &
                                                                     Rory & Trina Hokens             Ray Jungbauer
  Lauren A. Fithian                 Roger Grusznski                                                                                     Kathleen Lewis                      Renata Shaffer-Gottschalk
                                                                     Joseph D. Holan                 Kathy Juul
  J. P. Fitzgibbons                 Christopher M. & Maria Guertin                                                                      Deborah Liang &                   Melanee Meegan
                                                                     Susann M. Holenko               S.J. Kafka                           Matthew Tillotsen
  Joseph H. Fizel                   Sarah A. Guillet                                                                                                                      Jay P. Meekin & Steve Golat
                                                                     Cynthia Holler                  Dr. Kara J Kalbus                  Michele Licata
  Kevin H. Flam *                   Tom Guza                                                                                                                              Alison Megard
                                                                     Angie Hollis                    Chad Kampe                         Bud Lile & Randy Ingram *
  John A. Flannagan                 Joe Haaf                                                                                                                              Dillon Megard
                                                                     Bertine Holmboe *               Charles J. Kanter                  Jill M. Lillis
  Christina Fleischer               Dan Haag                                                                                                                              Gary Meinjohans
                                                                     Steve & Kathy Holtzleiter       Harold & Patrice Kaplan            Barbara J. Lind & Craig Poeschl
  Stephanie A. Focht                Beth A. Hackman                                                                                                                       Jim S. Melzer
                                                                     Royce Hondl                     Joyce & Warren Kapsner             Linda Lindeke
  Lois M. Foehringer &              Connie Haddeland                                                                                                                      Teresa A. Mercier
    David Merchant                                                   Mark Hooker                     Dena Karels                        Timothy C. Lindquist
                                    Michelle Hageman                                                                                                                      Stormi K. Merritt
  Bonnie Ford                                                        Jill M. Hoover                  Beth Karjala                       Dennis & Ann M. Lindsey
                                    Roger Hager                                                                                                                           Eric Merrman
  Michael Ford                                                       Katheryn Hope                   David P. Karwacki                  Lil Lindsey
                                    Devon & Maddy Hague                                                                                                                   Charlene A. & Greg Merz
  Sonya J. Forseth                                                   Steve Hope                      Noam Kaufmann                      Milissa J. Link
                                    David Haines & Aaron Forbort                                                                                                          Craig Meschka
  Lisa C. Forslund                                                   Sigurd Hoppe                    Neil & Katie Kaul                  Mark Linzer
                                    Nicole & Mazen Halabi                                                                                                                 Amy Meyer
  James R. Forsythe                                                  Victoria Horberg                Ken Kausalik                       Thokozeni Lipato
                                    Sarah Halbach                                                                                                                         Tamar Meyers
  Maurice E. Foslid                                                  Tim Hotchkin                    Colleen & Alan Keller              Bradley A Litton & Judy Ratliff
                                    Tamie J Hall & Tariq D. Malik                                                                                                         John A. Michel
  Jen Foss                                                           Karen Houghton                  Megan S. Kelly & Jim J. Smart      Benjamin Livingston
                                    Sandra E. Hall                                                                                                                        Sally Mickelson
  Thomas H. Foster &                                                 Robert E. & Linnea House        Thomas J. & Barbara A. Kelly       Peggy A Locke
                                    Miles Hamlin                                                                                                                          William J. Middeke
    Pauline K. Foster                                                Laura Houston                   Gary A. Kelsey                     Richard G. Cook &
                                    Andy Hamp                                                                                                                             Pamela J. Middleton
  Gene & Charlotte Frampton *                                        Nancy Hovanes                   James C. Kemp *                      Steven K. Lockwood
                                    Jessica Hampton                                                                                                                       Jon P. Mikolajczak
  Roger L. Franzen                                                   John W. Howitz                  Anne Kempainen                     Ronald I. Loen
                                    Mary Jane Hand                                                                                                                        Kelly M. Milkus
  Michael J. Frascone                                                Kathryn Hoyman                  Patricia M. Kerber                 Scott R. Loeser
                                    Robert E. Hand                                                                                                                        Marne K. Miller & Carol Sinn
  Thomas L. Frattallone                                              Mike & Christina D. Huck        Ben Kercheval & Susan Herridge     Mark D. Lofstrom
                                    Jonathan M. Hanft                                                                                                                     Bunny Miller
  Bob Frawley                                                        Lynn Hudson                     Doug Kiekow & Jerry Marmon         Maren Loftness
                                    Brennan Hannon                                                                                                                        Debara Miller
  David A. Fredrick                                                  Jeremy J. Hundt                 Justin Killian & Ryan M. Johnson   Tara Loftus
                                    Kevin Hansen                                                                                                                          Loria Ann Miller
  Mark D. French                                                     Jeff R. & Susan Hunsaker        Al Killion                         Michael R. Lonergan
                                    David A Hanson & Ivars Edens *                                                                                                        Troy Miller
  Bob & Barb Frerker                                                 Matthew Hurtubise               Ann M. King                        Bobby Joe Long
                                    Ann Hanson                                                                                                                            Melanie J. Mills
  Eric Freudenheim                                                   Barbara & Greg Huwe             Blair T. King                      Jeffrey D. Lorch
                                    Brian W. Hanson                                                                                                                       Teri L. Minard
  Ronald Frey                                                        Judith Brin Ingber              William G. Kingsbury               Bruce N. Lorentz
                                    Eric Lee Happel                                                                                                                       Randy P. Miranda
  Britt Frias                                                        Dain Ingebretson                Jo Klein                           Tim & Meggan Lotze
                                    Mitch & Lee Hardesty                                                                                                                  Joe Mitchell
  Randy Fritz                                                        Katie Ireland                   Kristina Kliber                    Diane M Lucas
                                    Kipling R. Hardina &                                                                                                                  Christine Moen
  Lisa M. Froehling                                                  James Jacobs                    Eric Klis & Paul Bock              Kellie R. Luedloff
                                      Mark D. French                                                                                                                      Eric Moen
  Karen E. Frost                                                     Emily Jacobson                  Laurel L. Klosterman &             David W. Luger
                                    Chris Harnack                                                      DeEtta K. Stevens                                                  Sidney Molina & Tom Holman
  Jeff & Mary Frush                                                  JeNell Jacobson                                                    Anthony D. Lyndon-Racho
                                    Nile Harper                                                      Krissa & James Klotzle                                               Phillip M. Momont
  Nathan Fryett & Michelle Mills                                     Robert D. Jacobson                                                 Craig J. Maas
                                    Chrissy Harrison                                                 Sharon Knip                                                          Jay A. Monson
  Alicia C. Fuller                                                   Nathan P. Jacoby                                                   Greg Maass
                                    William & Beth Hart                                              Koleen Knudson                                                       Mitch & Jan Monson
  Stephan Fuller                                                     Caryn Jacowski                                                     Nadia Maccabee-Ryaboy
                                    Julianne M. Hartfiel                                             Mark Knutson                                                         Emma Moonier &
  Lynn Gaddis                                                        Lyle J. Jaeger                                                     Heather Mackereth                   Margaret Ostrander
                                    Roxanne & Larry Harvey                                           Scott Knutson
  Derrik E. Gagliardi                                                Maggie Jamieson                                                    Dick Madigan & Ed Anderson        Joseph Moore
                                    Laura A. Hatfield                                                Andrea E. Kopfmann
  Joe Gaines                                                         Cathi A. Janchan                                                   Vern Maetzold & Robert Moran      Julie Morgan
                                    Courtney A. Hauer                                                Denise Kopp
  David J. Galey                                                     Shannon Janco                                                      William A. Magdalene              Tracy Morgan
                                    Kate Hauer                                                       Gary W Kowalke
  Barbara Gallagher                                                  Beth Jann                                                          Peter G. Magnuson                 Kevin Morgel
                                    Daniel Hauschulz                                                 Joel R. & Laurie M. Kramer
  Sari Gallagher                                                     Monte Jarvis                                                       Travis Maher                      Amy Morris
                                    Kim Havey                                                        Alan & Karen Krantz
  Michele Gansen                                                     Alexa Jauert                                                       Tom & Kris Major                  Joel A. & Ellen Morten
                                    Sheila K. Hawk                                                   Chris B. Kraus
  Tony Turbo Garden                                                  Jonathan Jauquet                                                   Sophia Maldonado                  Patty Moses
                                    Tom Hawley                                                       Lisa Kray
  Robert Garrett, II                                                 Jim Jeffery                                                        Sharon Mallery                    David Motes & David Violett
                                    Tena M. Hayden                                                   Erin Krebs
  Steven Garrigan &                                                  Tom Jeffries                                                       Zac Mans                          Mary Moy-Hochstetler
                                    Jackie Hayes                                                     Phoebe Krejer &
    Jeff Goodson                                                     Austin Jenne                                                       Theresa Marble &                  Michelle Mucha
                                    Nancy Hazelton                                                     Steve Swanson
  Chris Garty                                                        Sara E. Jennerjohn                                                   Lucas Jesperson                 Mary Jean Mulherin
                                    James A. Heacock                                                 Loren Krienke
  Gary Gaylord                                                       Jeremiah Jensen &                                                  Tim Marburger                     Brian J. Mulhern
                                    Johnny Hedgepeth                   Brittney Sivoravong           Anne F. Krisnik
  Rae T. Gayner                                                                                                                         Judith Marget                     Megan Mulkey
                                    Steve Heinz                      Steven Jensen &                 Tom W. Kroll
  Annie Gehrke                                                                                                                          Ruth Markowitz                    Adrienne Mulvilla
                                    Daniel D. Heisler                  Mark Numbmacher               Duane Kukral
  Anne F. Geisser                                                                                                                       Chance Martin                     Amber Munson
                                    Becky Heist                      Chrissy Jensen                  CJ & Ernie Kulas
  John & Janet Gendler                                                                                                                  Holly Martin                      Vivek Muralidhar
                                    Sullinger Helen                  Daniel Jensen                   Edward Kulik *
  Maggie George &                                                                                                                       Lisa Martin                       Bob Murphy
    Rebecca Voelkel                 Terence R. Helgason              Heidi Jensen                    Janet & Al Kummala                 Liz Martin                        Brian Murphy
  Carl George                       Laura Helmer                     John T. Jensen, III             Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Kush            Jennifer J. Marzolf               Cheryl Murphy
  Stacy Gerdes                      Tom Helwig                       Julie M. Jensen                 John C. LaBarre                    A. Paul Masiarchin                Mary Murphy
  Robert H. Gibbens                 Stephen Hemphill                 Genett Johannah                 Mary LaDean                        Heidi C. Matheson Wolter
  Heather Jo Gilbertson &           Eric D. Hendrickson              Jean Johansson                  Larry & Kathy LaFayette            Tom & Carol Mathieu               continued on page 10...
    Ryan Barry                      Fran K. Hendrickson              Bob Johndrow                    Sarah Lampen                       Robert L. Matters
  Ronald Giteck                     Steve Hendrickson

The Aliveline                                                                                                                                                             9
                     MANY                                                                              Laura Secord
                                                                                                       Staci Seibold
                                                                                                       Shari Seifert & Melissa Brooks
                                                                                                       Jason Seifert
                                                                                                                                        Larissa Swanland
                                                                                                                                        Carol & Steve Swanson
                                                                                                                                        Davin Swanson
                                                                                                                                        Katie Swanson
                                                                                                                                                                             Susan Walter
                                                                                                                                                                             Carolyn L. Walters
                                                                                                                                                                             Margaret Watkins
                                                                                                                                                                             Patricia S. Watkins

               THANKS!                                                                                 Catherine M. Settanni            Marjorie A. Swanson                  Dale Watson & Lan Pham
                                                                                                       Edward B. Sevals                 Steve Swanson                        Carol Watson
                                                                                                       Josiah Severin                   Daniel Sward                         Ellie Waughtel
                                                                                                       Connie Shannon                   Stephen D. Sweeney                   Sarah L. Weaver
                                                                                                       Mylandhalli Sharath              Jack & Gloria Sweet                  Paula Webster
                                    William S. Panzarella            Jenni Ripley                                                       Angela Sylvester                     Yvette Webster
                                                                                                       Adam Sharp
Dominique Murray                    Caryl Pappas                     Katie J Ritchey                                                                                         Monica M. Wechsler
                                                                                                       William Sharp                    John Taro
Jim Murray                          Jerry Parent                     Lisa Ritzinger                                                                                          Jenn Weinstein
                                                                                                       Michael S. Shasky                Cindy Taylor
Dave & Ellen Muschenheim            Robert Parker & Shawn Norbeck    August Rivera, Jr.                                                                                      Miriam Weinstein
                                                                                                       Erika Shatz                      Debra L. Taylor
James A. Musich                     Mark & Cossette Parriott         Omar Gonzalez Rivera                                                                                    Mary Weir
                                                                                                       Stephanie L. Shaw &              Frederick & Jill Taylor
Robert J. Muster                    Brandon & Angie Paske            Michael Roach                       Barb Rocheford                                                      Aviva Weisberg
                                                                                                                                        Justin & Kristina Taylor
Jeffrey G. Myers & Randy Bye        Donald D. Patrie                 Kelly Robbert                     Tara & Scott Shaw                                                     Daniel & Pamela Weisdorf
                                                                                                                                        M. J. Taylor
Judy & Ted Nagel                    Emily Paul                       Adam Robbins & Jesse Field        Megan Shepherd                                                        Barbara Weisman & Tom Wenner
                                                                                                                                        Jon R. Tellekson
Jonathan Nash                       Nancy & Anthony Paul             Molly Robertson                   Harlan Sherwood                                                       Christopher J. Welch
                                                                                                                                        Emily Temple
Beth Nathe                          Gordon Paulsen                   Elaine Roden                      Alyn D. Silberstein                                                   Peggy R. Welch
                                                                                                                                        Judith & Bruce Tennebaum
Steve D. Nau                        Marion L Paulson                 Pam Rodenberg                     Stephanie Silvers                                                     John E. Welckle
                                                                                                                                        Mary E. Texer
Michelle Naylor                     Deb Paulsrud                     Eric Rodgers                      Bethany Simmons                                                       Deb Welk
                                                                                                                                        Rachel Tham
Tom Nechodomu                       Nicholas Pavlick                 Karen J. Rodning                  Marjory Singher &                                                     Timothy E Welsh & Bruce Andrews
                                                                                                                                        Byron A. Thayer
Cindy Nehrbass                      Dahlia A. Pendergrass            Edgardo Rodriguez                   Bob Lundgren, Jr                                                    Waylon W. Werner
                                                                                                                                        John Eric Thiede
Amy Nelsen                          Luisa Pessoa-Brandao             Mollie & Trevor Roediger          Sara Sjoberg                                                          Mark E. Weston
                                                                                                                                        Janet Thomas
Amber Nelson                        Elizabeth Petersen               Gregory A. Rogers & White Ash     Vicki L. Skarin                                                       Kris Wetmore
                                                                                                                                        Wendy H. Thomas
Anne Nelson                         Jeffrey A. Petersen              Nancy Rogness                     Elaine & Robert Skrentner                                             Nora Whalen & Ben Goldfarb
                                                                                                                                        Ami & Jon Thompson
Candy Nelson                        Chris Peterson                   Mark E. Ronen                     Dennis Slattengren                                                    Bridget Whalen
                                                                                                                                        Bob & Evie Thompson
Carol Nelson                        Daniel L. Peterson               Patricia Rosaves                  Barbara T. Smith &                                                    DeAnn M Whebbe
                                                                                                                                        Jill G. Thompson
Daniel Nelson                       David & JoAnne Peterson          Matt & Mary Kay Rose                Beth A. Johnson, MD                                                 Anita Wheeler
                                                                                                                                        Ruby Thompson
Don & Lesley Nelson                 Frank Peterson                   Phil & Sheryl Rose                Carmen Smith                                                          Pat A. Wheelock
                                                                                                                                        Shawna Faith Thompson
E. Dennis Nelson                    Gregory A Peterson               Sarah K. Rose                     Christopher Smith                                                     Kimberly A. White
                                                                                                                                        Saychay Thor
Helen M. Nelson                     Jon & Jan Peterson               Stewart Rosoff                    Cullin J. Smith                                                       Mike & Jan White
                                                                                                                                        Marshell B. Thornton
Kay Nelson                          Matt Peterson                    Sharon Roth                       Gregory J. Smith                                                      Sharann & Steven Wicklund
                                                                                                                                        Brian D. Thorson &
Lauren L. Nelson                    Paul J. Peterson                 Clara Rotstein                    Harry Smith                                                           Barbara Wiener
                                                                                                                                          Dennis C. Bless
Linda Nelson                        Richard M. Peterson              Richard F. Rowan                  Jacki Smith                                                           Rev. Lewellyn N. Wilder
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Russ & Nancy Nelson                 Scott Peterson                   Tara Rowe & Jonathan Lee          James C. & Joanne C. Smith                                            Levi Wiles
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Tron J. Nelson                      Sharon P. Peterson               Andy & Sonja R. Roy               Janet L. Smith                                                        Abby Wilkes
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Ed Newman                           Jane C. Petrich                  Thomas J. Roycraft                Joseph Smith, Jr.                                                     Hubert L. Williams
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James S. Newstrom                   Rose Pettit & Jean Zimmerman     Mimi Rubio                        Michele L. Smith                                                      Shelby Williams
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Quynh Nguyen                        Alex Pfeifer                     Karen Rumpza                      Sandra Carter Smith                                                   Joan Willshire
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Nicole G. Nicholas                  Arouna Phommasouvanh             Kellie Rusch                      Stephanie Smith                                                       Marc A. Wilson
                                                                                                                                        Pierre Tardif & Eric Tollefson
Angela C. Nichols &                 Tiffany Phu                      Leanne Russell & Chane Fate       Thomas D. Smith                                                       Ronald Wilson
  Malee M. Ketelsen                                                                                                                     Amy L. Tomczyk
                                    Jaye A. Pierick &                David Russell                     Berncell Snelling                                                     Sharon M. Wilson
Steven E. Nielsen & Terry Frazier                                                                                                       Keith Tomlinson
                                       William Wallace               Anna Ruud & Ariel Winger          Mark A. Snyder
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Bruce E. Nielsen                    John P. Pikala &                 Amy Ruzick & Kay T. Johnson       Patricia Soderberg
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Del Nix                                                              Andrea Sachs & Drew Forsberg      David Soderstrom
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Eleanora K. Norby                                                    Anonymous                         Ashley & Alexis Solmonson
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Lauren Nordahl                                                       Jared H. Saks & Kirk Boettcher    Linda S. Sonsalla
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Michael Norman                                                       Grey & Jen Salyers                Glenora A. Souther
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John F. Novak                                                        Marsha Sampson                    Fred Sparks
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Elin Ohlsson                                                         Gary Schaak                       Ken Stano
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                                                                     Ellen Schneeberger                Susan D Stirling                 Rita Van Allen
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                                                                     Mary Schneeberger                 Jeffrey Stitt                    Nancy R. Vanderheider
Scott A. Olson                      Mishelle Rapaich                                                                                                                         Leo Zaback, III
                                                                     Laurie Schneider                  Michael P. Stockhaus             Alicia Vap
Wayne Olson                         Naomi L. Rask                                                                                                                            Kevin M. Zenga
                                                                     Yvonne E. Schneider               Michael L. Stone                 Sam & Heidi Varghese
Trudy Ornberg & Lauri Wollher       WendyLee Raun                                                                                                                            Joline Zepcevski
                                                                     Michel & Karla J. Schnorf         Patricia & Gerald D. Stone       Julianne Vasichek
Chet Orr                            Linda Rawlins                                                                                                                            Katherine Zieba
                                                                     Howard L. Schochet                Katie Stork                      Janice M. Vassar
Theresa Orth                        Tammy Ray                                                                                                                                Karen Ziegelman &
                                                                     Carlene Schoenfeld                Jeffrey Stout                    John Vener, MD                         Janet Hugger
Isabel O. Osorio-Smith              Sandra & Chris Rea
                                                                     Christine Scholl                  Rick R. Stout                    James J. Vesel                       Elizabeth S. Zierden
Kate Oster & Tina Kampn             Susan Reaney & Vince Ghess *
                                                                     Mary Scholz                       Rebecca R. Strauchon             Joseph Vital                         Amy Zimmerman &
Kaarin Ottman                       Ayla Recel
                                                                     Susan Schonfeld & Doug Hicks      Benjamin M. Stromberg            Eli Volk                               Peter Berman
Jeannine M. Ouellette               Eric Reichwald
                                                                     Derek R. Schoonbaert              Barbara T. Stromer               Elizabeth Volkman                    Eric Zimmerman
Erik Overholtzer                    Deborah Renshaw & Fred LaFleur
                                                                     Jason Schoumaker                  Shane Stubblefield               Jay Vollmer                          Jim Zink
Philip Oxman                        Cynthia Reuss & Sally Heuer
                                                                     Heidi Schreiber                   Erin Stubbs                      Catherine E, Von Euw                 Ann Zukoski
Ang Pabon & Lupe Castillo           Johna Reuvers
                                                                     Maryfrances Schurb                Jenny C. Su                      Stephanie, Jim & Ruthanne Vos        Shirley Zumberge
Shawn & Erin Padgett                Justin Rhodes
                                                                     Beth K. Schutz                    Joseph P. Sullivan               Kayla Vosper
Jamie L. Padula &                   Cheri Rice
                                                                     Katie Schwartz                    Timothy D. Sullivan              Krista Vosper                        *Denotes Friends of Aliveness
  Nathan Morales                    Karyl & Byron Rice
                                                                     Patrick Schwartz                  Kip G. & Linnea K. Sundgaard     Richard Voss
Jennifer Paist & Tom Teigen         John C. Richards                                                                                                                         Program Donors, who pledge
                                                                     Alisha Marie Scott                Sven O. Sundgaard                Bich & Kimberly Vu
David & Barbara Palmer              Kit & Becky Richardson
                                                                                                       Ellen Sunshine                                                        monthly gifs.
Linda C. Palmer                                                      Brittany Scott                                                     Jonathan Wade
                                    Patricia J. Richmond
                                                                     Diane M. Scully                   Richard C. Sur                   Patty Wagener
Dave & Nicole Palmieri              Terry H. Ricke
                                                                     Craig R. Seacotte                 Cheryl Svitak                    Eleanor R. Wagner
Narrah & Jamie Palmquist            Deborah L Riggs
                                                                     Jim Seas                          Tom H. Swain                     Rolf & Jayne Waller
Eric Pankratz                       Linda Riggs
                                                                     Andrea Seberson

10                                                                                                                                                  The Aliveline
 DINING OUT FOR LIFE 2010                                               ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING
 Using a young person’s vernacular….OMG!!! Dining Out for               The Annual Meeting of The Aliveness Project was held on
 Life 2010 will be our most successful DOL in history for many          Tuesday May 25th, 2010.
 reasons. First, we had 157 restaurants (up from 130 in
 2009). [See the list of restaurants in this edition, and dine at       Joe Larson, the Executive Director, presented the Annual Report
 them often saying thanks!]                                             for 2009. The Theme of the Report was “impac+”, the same
                                                                        as the Capitol Campaign. Some of the major points Joe
 Next, we had a record number of ambassadors serving this               covered were:
 year….nearly 350 ambassadors serving in the various restaurants.
 Many ambassadors chose to do more than one meal shift                  • 1,572 individual members were served by the Aliveness
 which helped us cover nearly all 504 meal times. In addition,            Project in 2009 which is 1 out of 4 people living with
 they raised over $47,000 (up over $11,000). Thank you to the             HIV/AIDS in Minnesota.
 ambassadors who made such a difference on that day and                 • 47% of those we serve are people of color.
 to Monica Travis (Director of Volunteer Services).
                                                                        • 72% of our members have incomes below the Federal
 Thirdly, at the writing of this article with 31 restaurants still to     Poverty Level.
 pay, we have brought in $150,747.00 and our 2010 goal was              The membership then were introduced to the candidates
 $130,000. This will be such a HUGE help for our budget.                seeking election to the Membership Advisory Committee
 Dining Out for Life usually brings in about 14% of our total           (MAC).
 budget. This is fantastic!! Thank you diners for your strong
 appetite to help The Aliveness Project!                                The MAC had invited the Board Members up for re-election
                                                                        to be at the Annual Meeting. Those present also introduced
 I also want to thank Sven Sundgaard again his invaluable               themselves to the members.
 help and spending the entire day of Dining Out running to 26           All 19 of the MAC members on the ballot were elected, as
 restaurants, taking pictures, signing autographs and just              were all six of the Board candidates.
 being a really neat person. It was a pleasure to ride with you
 all day!                                                               Scott Schlaffman, the Gaming Manager, gave a summary of
                                                                        the past five years of our Charitable Gaming Operations. Scott
 I also want to thank our sponsors this year for their very             reported that $49,000 was donated to the General Operating
 important contributions to the success of this one day event:          Fund and $10,000 has been donated to the Capitol Campaign.
 Abbott Laboratories, City Pages (Presenting Sponsor), Clear            We had an excellent turnout and I thank everyone who
 Channel Outdoor, Metromix powered by KARE 11, Lavender                 attended. It’s wonderful to have such great enthusiasm as we
 Magazine (Presenting Sponsor), Meghan Doll Studios,                    celebrate our 25th year and look forward to moving into our
 Minnesota Monthly, Northwestern Health Sciences University,            new home.
 Open Table, KS95, RE/MAX Results, ROR Tax Professionals                Michael Oian - MAC President
 LLC, Taurus Moon Graphic Designs, Tibotec, Ticket Works,
 Twin Cities Dining Guide, Wallace Carlson Printing and Yelp!

 Want to help in some way next year? Put this date on your
 calendar, Thursday, April 28, 2011.activities like football or

The Aliveline                                                                                             11
July/August 2010
                                                 Nonprofit Org.
                                                  U.S. Postage
730 East 38th Street                                 PAID
Minneapolis, MN 55407                           Minneapolis, MN
                                                Permit No. 3134


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