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					                    Stoichiometry Problems
1. Strontium tartrate is the product of strontium, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
    Find all quantities if we know 1.62 x 1024 atoms of carbon existed.
2. Calcium chlorite reacts with cesium nitrate. If there are 50.75L of cesium nitrate,
    the what is the mass of the products?
3. Ammonium peroxide reacts with beryllium to form ammonia, hydrogen, and
    beryllium peroxide. There are 5.83 x 1022 molecules of ammonia. How many
    atoms of beryllium are needed?
4. Nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen are produced from the decomposition of 20.75 g
    nitrous acid. What volume of each product is made?
5. Iron III sulfate and copper react to form 3.45 mol of Iron. What is the mass of the
    other product?
6. How many grams of hydrogen and oxygen gas would be needed to form 8 grams
    of water?
7. Calculate the number of grams of nitrogen gas required to react with hydrogen
    gas to produce 1.5 L of ammonia gas.
8. Iron reacts with chlorine gas to form Iron III chloride. How many grams of iron
    III chloride are formed from 112g of iron?
9. What volume of silver nitrate is required to react with .25L of Calcium chloride?
10. How many grams of zinc are required to react with .4 L of hydrofluoric acid?
11. How many liters of hydrogen gas will be produced by 5.72 g of zinc reacting with
    hydrosulfuric acid?