God Will Bless You by gdf57j


									                                                                       It doesn’t work to sow it all in one place, either. In the
                                                                   natural, you don’t usually increase your harvest by planting
                                                                   more seed on less ground. Yet, we want to think that will
                                                                   work in our finances. My carnal mind tells me that if the
                                                                   congregation is strapped, we need to be sure that nobody is
                                                                   giving to any other ministry, until our operating expenses
          “What I am going to ask of you won’t cost you a          are met and our survival assured. God’s word says to spread
        thing” the voice on the other end of the phone line        it around. (Ecclesiastes 11:2,6) Divide your means seven
        sounded earnest. It would be a nice change if some-        ways, or even eight, for you do not know what disaster may
one, calling the Church office, wasn’t asking for money.           happen on earth.... 6 In the morning sow your seed, and at
Then he went on, “I only need someone to give me a ride to         evening do not let your hands be idle; for you do not know
Chadron.” I was a little sarcastic in my reply, “So you just       which will prosper, this or that, or whether both alike will
need someone to take 2 hours and the gas to drive 120              be good. (2 Corinthians 9:9-10) As it is written, "He scat-
miles?” “Oh, is it that far? Yes, that’s what I need.” He went     ters abroad, he gives to the poor; his righteousness endures
on to explain that he was a traveling preacher who hiked           forever." {10} He who supplies seed to the sower and bread
(hitch hiked?) all over the U.S. preaching the gospel espe-        for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and
cially in campgrounds and similar venues. Well, what he            increase the harvest of your righteousness. So, sow more
was asking was going to cost me something, and I really            ground. Help the local needy, support a missionary, give to
didn’t want to. Also things at church had been really tight        some other ministry. The notion that there is only so much
lately. No, tight is where you can just barely pay the bills. It   and we have to be sure we get, and hold on to, what is ours,
was more than just tight and that was affecting my own             is a lie of the Devil.
finances too. So, of course, I dropped what I was doing and            It isn’t always painless or pleasant. We Americans are
went to pick him up. I’ll explain.                                 insulated from the reality, that many times, in many places,
           I, like many of you who read this, had been praying,    hungry people have had to plant seed, which they would
just that morning, about the finances of this congregation.        much rather have eaten. They give up present comfort to
The teachings of Christ are full of paradoxes. There might         have a future. (Not a philosophy which will get you elected
not be another area where the paradoxes are so striking and        to office, but a wise one) They plant with a pain in their
counterintuitive as in the area of economics. I knew my            belly and tears in their eyes. Hence the picture:(Psalms
Jesus was saying to me, “You ask for more harvest?, Here is        126:5-6) They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. {6} He
some new ground to sow.” It’s kind of the Kingdom version          that goes forth weeping, bearing precious seed, shall doubt-
teaching a man to fish vs. giving a man a fish. God is our         less come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with
provider, but He isn’t running a welfare program. He pro-          him. I know God loves a cheerful giver, not one who gives
vides us with the means to our provision. We still have to         grudgingly or under compulsion. But, sometimes we grieve
invest, work, and wait. The natural world teaches us this, but     a little for what we are letting go.
it’s still hard to believe, because time and money are not           So I spent some time and some gas on a fellow laborer, and
seed in the literal sense. Yet the Scripture says, of giving to    that Sunday, offerings were some kind of record low. (I, like
God’s work, “(2 Corinthians 9:6) Remember this: Whoever            many of you, was happier when John didn’t print weekly
sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows          reports. “When ignorance is bliss”) Did that upset me? I
generously will also reap generously.” If this year’s harvest      wish I could say , “no”. I can say that I wasn’t particularly
comes up short, a farmer can’t decide not to plant. If his         surprised. Our Enemy has ways of trying to stir up some
current income is insufficient, he needs to sow more, not          buyers remorse when we do what the Word says rather than
less. In the Natural this can become a trap. To sow more, he       what is “normal”. Again, the natural world teaches us that
will need more ground. To sow more ground, he will need            there is a time factor: Germination, emergence, growth,
more equipment. A farmer friend from my home church put            flowering, and finally, harvest.
it this way, “I need more money, so I get more ground, then           I am guessing that by now, at least a few are thinking this
I need more iron to farm it, which costs more money, so I          is all just nuts. That’s probably why, though I often claim to
take on even more ground, and I have to buy even bigger            be “in the Kingdom economy”, I don’t explain what that
equipment. More money, more land, more iron. It’s a vi-            means. I don’t like folks to think I’m wacky. But how are
cious cycle ” You don’t have to farm to be on a hamster            your other investments working for you? Watch for God to
wheel like that. Solomon wrote, “(Ecclesiastes 5:11) When          offer you some new ground, then sow generously, there and
goods increase, they are increased that eat them: and what         on the home place.
good is there to the owners thereof, saving the beholding of       .
them with their eyes? In other words, the more you make the
more it takes. But the Kingdom economy is not like that.
                                                                        God Will Bless You
Rather than being enslaved by the laws of sowing and
reaping, we are set free by the knowledge that what we have,
will serve us, if we will let go and sow it.
                                                   THE LORD'S TABLE

June July
                                          Date_ _Elder__________Serving
                                          6-7   John Freiberger Joe Cline, Steve Lawrenz
                                          Wayne Vander Schaaf Aaron Jurgens, Wayne Vander Schaaf,
                                          6-14 Ray Crawford     John Scott, Darrell Keith
                                                                Claudia Watts, Doreen Caldwell
6/ 8 7:00                                 6-21 Curt Garner      Joe Cline, Steve Lawrenz
   Pastors Bob Haverick                                         Wayne Vander Schaaf, John Scott
                                          5-28 John Freiberger Aaron Jurgens, Wayne Vander Schaaf,
     And Roy Lawton                        Darrell Keith        Doreen Caldwell, Claudia Watts
From Cleansing Flame Worship Center       7-5 Ray Crawford      Joe Cline, Steve Lawrenz
6/21 10:30                                                      Aaron Jurgens, Wayne Vander Schaaf,
                                          7-12 John Matula      John Scott, Darrell Keith
  Fathers Day
                                                                Claudia Watts, Doreen Caldwell
John Petersen - Gospel Singer             7-19 John Matula      Joe Cline, Steve Lawrenz
Sundays -   9:30 Sunday School                                  Wayne Vander Schaaf, John Scott
                                          7-26 Curt Garner      Aaron Jurgens, Wayne Vander Schaaf,
           10:30 Worship
                                                                Doreen Caldwell, Claudia Watts
Wednesdays - 7:00 Youth Group at ACC
Tuesdays - 9:00 am Prayer & Bible Study

Coming as soon as possible:                 6- 7   Shari & Rose       7- 5 Shari & Lynee
Worship and Baptisms                        6-14   Mary & Lynee       7-12 Mary & Stephanie
At Box Butte Resvoir                        6-21   Morgan & Stephanie 7-19 Morgan & Rose
                                            6-28   Vicki & Rose       7-26 Vicki & Lynee
Input on best dates is needed
                                                          8- 2 Shari & Stephanie

               Birthdays and Anniversaries
  June                                       July
  1    Dale Lawrenz                          3  Barbara Westlake
  3  Ray & Dorothy Crawford                  5    Briar Clark
  7    Connie Hansen
                                             6     Joy VanKirk
    Karla Thompson-Hall
  12    Connie and John Hansen
                                             8 Randy Baugh
  15   Sandy Clark                           9 Lynée Keith
  16 Monica DelaCruz                         11 Norm & Mavis Dauphinee
  19   Gene Thompson                         12    Kelly Clark
  21   Marvin Ackerman                       16   Connie Watson
  23   Charles Allen                          Doreen Caldwell
  25   Charles Haggard                       18 Tanner Johns
  27   Dorothy Crawford
                                             19   Damaris Lewis
    Katie Cline
                                             24 Cheryl Klinker
  29    Claudia Watts
  Mavis Dauphinee                            25    Joseph Cline
  30 Vicki Keith                             26   Addie Lou Rochlitz
                                             28 Norm Dauphinee
Wayne and Valerie and the team of youth, & adult
Sponsors will be off to Guatemala July 11!
Tickets are purchased, “all systems are go!”
You can still contribute. Make checks to the Church,
designating to “Guatemala” and perhaps to a particular team member.
Some of the kids are from FCC, and others from various churches around town
the team: Morgan and Jett Jurgens, Joe and Titus Cline, Sara Vogel, Darin Botger
Regina Grant, Sean Stewart, and Sarah Hibner

                             Christian Women’s Fellowship:
                          CWF meets the 1st Tuesday of each month.
                The next CWF meeting will be noon, June 2, at the church.
                     Mary will have the lesson. Bring a covered dish.
                 Cakes will be served at Good Samaritan June 26 & July 31.
                      If you would like to volunteer a cake, or to help,
               call Zenola Hofmann 762-4803 or Claudia Watts. 762-1241.

 John Petersen : Music of Encouragement and a Message of Hope
Sunday, June 21 10:30a.m. John Petersen will be here to share the good
news of Jesus through song and word, John has been singing gospel music for
audiences of all kinds throughout the United States for most
of his life, starting when he was a very
young boy. He has also served as a preacher
for local churches, while his children grew
to adulthood. The meetings will be made
up of a wide variety of types of songs,
hymns, and spiritual songs, and maybe even
just a fun song or two, and the messages
will share the reason for Hope and how to
be filled with that Hope. All ages will find
something to remember from this experience.
 Please plan to be here and to bring a guest.
                                    Ray Crawford 762 5205       Darrell Keith 762 8148
                                    John Freiberger 762 2736    John Matula   760 2219
                                    Curt Garner     487 5357    Wayne Vander Schaaf
                                                                               762 6873

                                                 (Proverbs 11:24-25)
                                      One man gives freely, yet gains even more;
                                    another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.
                                          {25} A generous man will prosper;
                                   he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

                                      The Vision:
 Sermons are online!               The Body of Christ
   Check them out at         Biblical, Healthy, Effective,
  http://alliancefcc.org       Loving, Relational, Safe,
Click on sermons at the       Participatory, Interactive,
                            Spirit Led, Presence Centered,
   bottom of the page!
                                     Life Changing
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