Exodus by FranckDernoncourt


									                   THE SECOND BOOK OF MOSES, CALLED

             CHAPTER 1                         13 And the Egyptians hated the
 1 These are the names of the sons            sons of Israel, and th ey afflicted
of Israel, who went into Egypt with           them and mocked them.
Jacob. They entered, each one with             14 And they led their life directly
his house:                                    into bitterness, with hard work in
 2 Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah,               clay and brick, and with all kinds of
 3 Issachar, Zebulun, and Benj amin,          servitude, so that they were being
 4 Dan and Naphtali, Gad and Asher.           overwhelmed with the works of the
 5 Therefore, all the souls of whose          land.
who went forth from Jacob‟s thigh              15 Then the king of Egypt spoke to
were seventy. Now Joseph was in               the midwives of the Hebrews, (one
Egypt.                                        of whom one was called Shiphrah,
 6 When he had died, along with all           another Puah)
of his brothers and all of that gene r-        16 instructing them: “When you
ation,                                        will act as a midwife to the Hebrew
 7 the sons of Israel increased, and          women, and the time of delivery has
they multiplied like seedlings. And           arrived: if it is male, put it to death;
having been strengthened exce e-              if it is female, retain it.”
dingly, they filled the land.                  17 But the midwives feared God,
 8 Meanwhile, there arose a new               and so they did not act according to
king over Egypt, who was ignorant             the precept of the king of Egypt, but
of Joseph.                                    they kept the males safe.
 9 And he said to his people: “B e-            18 And summoning them, the king
hold, the people of the sons of               said, “What did you intend to do, so
Israel are many, and they are                 that you would save the boys?”
stronger than we are.                          19 They responded: “The Heb rew
 10 Come, let us wisely oppress               women are not like the Egyptian
them, lest they multiply; and if any          women. For they themselves have
war should advance against us, they           the wisdom of a midwife, and so
may be added to our enemies, and              they give birth before we can come
having fought against us, they might          to them.”
depart from the land.”                         20 Therefore, God acted favor ably
 11 And so he set over them ma sters          toward the midwives. And the
of the works, in order to afflict them        people increased, and they were
with burdens. And they built for              strengthened exceedingly.
Pharaoh the cities of the tabe r-              21 And because the midwives
nacles: Pithom and Raamses.                   feared God, he built houses for
 12 And the more they oppressed               them.
them, so much more did they mu l-              22 Therefore, Pharaoh instructed
tiply and increase.                           all his people, saying: “Whatever
                                              will be born of the male sex, cast it


into the river; whatever will be born         10 And she adopted him in place of
of the female sex, retain it.”               a son, and she called his name Mo s-
                                             es, saying, “Because I took him
             CHAPTER 2                       from the water.”
 1 After these things, a man from             11 In those days, after Moses had
the house of Levi went out, and he           grown up, he went out to his brot h-
took a wife from his own stock.              ers. And he saw their affliction and
 2 And she conceived and bore a              an Egyptian man striking a certain
son. And seeing him to be han d-             one of the Hebrews, his brothers.
some, she hid him for three months.           12 And when he had looked around
 3 And when she was no longer able           this way and that, and had seen no
to hide him, she took a small basket         one nearby, he struck down the
woven of bulrushes, and she                  Egyptian and hid him in the sand.
smeared it with pitch as well as tar.         13 And going out the next day, he
And she placed the little infant i n-        spotted two Hebrews quarrelling
side, and she laid him in the sedges         violently. And he said to him who
by the bank of the river.                    was causing the injury, “Why do
 4 His sister was standing at a di s-        you strike your neighbor?”
tance and was wondering what                  14 But he responded: “Who a p-
would happen.                                pointed you as leader and judge
 5 Then, behold, the daughter of             over us? Do you want to kill me,
Pharaoh descended to wash in the             just as yesterday you killed the
river. And her maids walked along            Egyptian?” Moses was afraid, and
the edge of the cove. And when she           he said, “How has this word become
had seen the small basket among the          known?”
papyruses, she sent one of her se r-          15 And Pharaoh heard this talk, and
vants for it. And when it was                he sought to kill Moses. But fle eing
brought,                                     from his sight, he stayed in the land
 6 she opened it; and realizing that         of Midian, and he sat down next to a
within it was a little one crying, she       well.
took pity on him, and she said:               16 Now there was a priest of M i-
“This is one of the infants of the           dian with seven daughters, who
Hebrews.”                                    came to draw water. And having
 7 And the sister of the boy said to         filled the troughs, they desired to
her: “If you wish, I will go and call        water their father ‟s flocks.
to you a Hebrew woman, who will               17 The shepherds overcame them
be able nurse the infant.”                   and drove them away. And Moses
 8 She responded, “Go.” The maid             rose up, and defending the girls, he
went directly and called her mother.         watered their sheep.
 9 And the daughter of Pharaoh said           18 And when they had returned to
to her: “Take this boy and nurse him         their father, Reuel, he said to them,
for me. I will give you your wages.”         “Why have you arrived sooner than
The woman took and nursed the boy.           usual?”
And when he was mature, she deli-             19 They responded: “A man of
vered him to the daughter of Ph a-           Egypt freed us from the hands of the
raoh.                                        shepherds. Moreover, he also drew


water with us and gave the sheep to          from the midst of the bush, and he
drink.”                                      said, “Moses, Moses.” And he r e-
 20 But he said: “Where is he? Why           sponded, “Here I am.”
have you dismissed the man? Call              5 And he said: “Lest you should
him, so that he may eat bread.”              approach here, remove the shoes
 21 Therefore, Moses swore that he           from your feet. For the place on
would live with him. And he a c-             which you stand is holy ground.”
cepted his daughter Zipporah as a             6 And he said, “I am the God of
wife.                                        your father: the God of Abraham,
 22 And she bore a son to him,               the God of Isaac, and the God of J a-
whom he called Gershom, saying, “I           cob.” Moses hid his face, for he
have been a newcomer in a foreign            dared not look directly at God.
land.” In truth, she bore another,            7 And the Lord said to him: “I have
whom he called Eliezer, saying,              seen the affliction of my people in
“For the God of my father, my he l-          Egypt, and I have heard their ou tcry
per, has rescued me from the hand            because of the harshness of those
of Pharaoh.”                                 who are over the works.
 23 In truth, after a long time, the          8 And knowing their sorrow, I have
king of Egypt was dead. And the              descended in order to free them
sons of Israel, groaning, cried out          from the hands of the Egyptians,
because of the works. And their cry          and to lead them from that land into
ascended to God from the works.              a good and spacious land, into a
 24 And he heard their groaning, and         land which flows with milk and h o-
he also remembered the covenant              ney, to the places of the Canaanite,
which he formed with Abraham,                and Hittite, and Amorite, and Peri z-
Isaac, and Jacob.                            zite, and Hivite, and Jebusite.
 25 And the Lord looked with f avor           9 And so, the outcry of the sons of
on the sons of Israel, and he knew           Israel has come to me. And I have
them.                                        seen their affliction, with which
                                             they are oppressed by the Egyptians.
             CHAPTER 3                        10 But come, and I will send you to
 1 Now Moses was pasturing the               Pharaoh, so that you may lead my
sheep of his father-in-law Jethro, a         people, the sons of Israel, out of
priest of Midian. And when he had            Egypt.”
driven the flock into the interior of         11 And Moses said to God, “Who
the desert, he came to the mountain          am I that I should go to Pharaoh and
of God, Horeb.                               that I should lead the sons of Israel
 2 And the Lord appeared to him in           out of Egypt?”
a flame of fire from the midst of a           12 And he said to him: “I will be
bush. And he saw that the bush was           with you. And you will have this as
burning and was not burnt.                   a sign that I have sent you: When
 3 Therefore, Moses said, “I will go         you will have brought my people
and see this great sight, why the            out of Egypt, you will offer sacr i-
bush is not burnt.”                          fice to God upon this mountain.”
 4 Then the Lord, discerning that he          13 Moses said to God: “Behold, I
proceeded on to see it, c alled to him       will go to the sons of Israel, and I


will say to them, „The God of your           20 For I will extend my hand, and I
fathers has sent me to you.‟ If they        will strike Egypt with all my wo n-
say to me, „What is his name?‟ What         ders that I will do in the midst of
shall I say to them?”                       them. After these things, he will r e-
 14 God said to Moses, “I AM WHO            lease you.
AM.” He said: “Thus shall you say            21 And I will grant favor to this
to the sons of Israel: „HE WHO IS           people in the sight of the Egyptians.
has sent me to you.‟ ”                      And so, when you go forth, you
 15 And God said again to Moses:            shall not go out empty.
“Thus shall you say to the sons of           22 But every woman shall ask of
Israel: „The Lord God of your f a-          her neighbor and of her hostess ve s-
thers, the God of Abraham, the God          sels of silver and of gold, as well as
of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has         garments. And you shall set them
sent me to you.‟ This is the name for       upon your sons and daughters, and
me in eternity, and this is my m e-         you shall despoil Egypt.”
morial from generation to gener a-
tion.                                                    CHAPTER 4
 16 Go and gather together the el d-         1 Responding, Moses said, “They
ers of Israel, and you shall say to         will not believe me, and they will
them: „The Lord God of your f a-            not listen to my voice, but they will
thers, the God of Abraham, the God          say: „The Lord has not appeared to
of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has         you.‟ ”
appeared to me, saying: When visi t-         2 Therefore, he said to him, “What
ing, I have visited you, and I have         is that you hold in your hand?” He
seen all that has befallen you in           answered, “A staff.”
Egypt.                                       3 And the Lord said, “Cast it down
 17 And I have spoken in order to           upon the ground.” He cast it down,
lead you out of the affliction of           and it was turned into a snake, so
Egypt, into the land of the Cana a-         that Moses fled away.
nite, and Hittite, and Amorite, and          4 And the Lord said, “Reach out
Perizzite, and Hivite, and Jebusite,        your hand, and take hold of it s tail.”
into a land flowing with milk and           He reached out his hand and took
honey.‟                                     hold, and it was turned into a staff.
 18 And they shall hear your voice.          5 “So may they believe,” he said,
And you shall enter, you and the            “that the Lord God of their fathers,
elders of Israel, to the king of            the God of Abraham, the God of
Egypt, and you shall say to him:            Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has a p-
„The Lord God of the Hebrews has            peared to you.”
called us. We shall go three days‟           6 And the Lord said again, “Put
journey into the wilderness, in order       your hand into your bosom.” And
to offer sacrifice to the Lord our          when he had put it into his bosom,
God.‟                                       he brought it out leprous, rese m-
 19 But I know that the king of             bling snow.
Egypt will not release you, unless           7 “Put your hand back,” he said,
you go out by a powerful hand.              “into your bosom.” He put it back


and brought it out again, and it was           17 Also, take this staff into your
like the rest of his flesh.                   hand; with it you will accomplish
 8 “If they will not believe you,” he         the signs.”
said, “and will not listen to the se r-        18 Moses went forth, and he r e-
mon of the first sign, then they will         turned to Jethro, his father in law,
believe the word of the subs equent           and he said to him, “I shall go and
sign.                                         return to my brothers in Egyp t, so
 9 But if they will not believe even          that I may see if they are still
these two signs, and they will not            alive.” And Jethro said to him, “Go
listen to your voice: take from the           in peace.”
water of the river, and pour it upon           19 And so the Lord said to Moses
the dry land, and whatever you will           in Midian: “Go, and return to Egypt.
have drawn from the river will be             For all those who sought your life
turned into blood.”                           have died.”
 10 Moses said: “I beg you, O Lord,            20 Therefore, Moses took his wife
I was not eloquent yesterday or the           and his sons, and he placed them
day before. And from the time that            upon a donkey, and he returned into
you have spoken to your servant, I            Egypt, carrying the staff of God in
have a greater impediment and                 his hand.
slowness of tongue.”                           21 And the Lord said to him, as he
 11 The Lord said to him: “Who                was returning to Egypt: “See that
made the mouth of man? And who                you accomplish, in the sight of Ph a-
has formed the mute and the deaf,             raoh, all the wonders that I have
the seeing and the blind? Was it not          placed in your hand. I will harden
I?                                            his heart, and he will not release the
 12 Go on, therefore, and I will be           people.
in your mouth. And I will teach you            22 And you shall say to him: „Thus
what you shall say.”                          says the Lord: Israel is my firstborn
 13 But he said, “I beg you, O Lord,          son.
send whomever else you would                   23 I have said to you: Release my
send.”                                        son, so that he may serve me. And
 14 The Lord, being angry at Moses,           you were not willing to release him.
said: “Aaron the Levite is your               Behold, I will put to death your
brother. I know that he is eloquent.          firstborn son.‟ ”
Behold, he is going out to meet you,           24 And while he was on the jou r-
and seeing you, he will rejoice in            ney, at an inn, the Lord met him,
heart.                                        and he was willing to kill him.
 15 Speak to him, and put my words             25 For this reason, Zipporah took a
in his mouth. And I will be in your           very sharp stone, and she circu m-
mouth and in his mouth, and I will            cised the foreskin of her son, and
reveal to you what you must do.               she touched his feet, and she said,
 16 He will speak for you to the              “You are a bloody spouse to me.”
people, and he will be your mouth.             26 And he released him, after she
But you will be with him in those             had said, “You are a bloody
things that pertain to God.                   spouse,” because of the circumc i-


 27 Then the Lord said to Aaron,             5 And Pharaoh said: “The people of
“Go into the desert to meet Moses.”         the land are many. You see that the
And he went directly to meet him on         turmoil has increased: how much
the mountain of God, and he kissed          more if you give them rest from the
him.                                        works?”
 28 And Moses explained to Aaron             6 Therefore, on the same day, he
all the words of the Lord, by which         instructed the overseers of the
he had sent him, and the signs              works, and the taskmasters of the
which he had commanded.                     people, saying:
 29 And they arrived at the same             7 “You shall no longer give chaff to
time, and they gathered together all        the people to form bricks, as b efore.
the elders of the sons of Israel.           But they may go and gather straw.
 30 And Aaron spoke all the words            8 And you shall impose upon them
which the Lord had said to Moses.           the same quota of bricks that they
And he accomplished the signs in            made before. Neither will you le s-
the sight of the people,                    sen anything, for they are idle, and
 31 and the people believed. And            therefore they cry out, saying: „We
they heard that the Lord had visited        shall go and sacrifice to our God.‟
the sons of Israel, and that he had          9 They shall be oppressed with
looked with favor upon their afflic-        works, and these shall occupy them,
tion. And falling prostrate, they           so that they may not agree to lying
worshiped.                                  words.”
                                             10 And so the overseers of the
             CHAPTER 5                      works and the taskmasters went out
 1 After these things, Moses and A a-       and said to the people: “Thus says
ron entered, and they said to Ph a-         Pharaoh: I give you no chaff.
raoh: “Thus says the Lord God of             11 Go, and collect it wherever you
Israel: Release my people, so that          are able to find it. Neither will an y-
they may sacrifice to me in the             thing of your work be dimi nished.”
desert.”                                     12 And the people were dispersed
 2 But he responded: “Who is the            through all the land of Egypt, in o r-
Lord, that I should listen to his           der to gather straw.
voice and release Israel? I do not           13 Likewise, the overseers of the
know the Lord, and I will not r e-          works pressured them, saying:
lease Israel.”                              “Complete your work each day, just
 3 And they said: “The God of the           as you were accustomed to do b e-
Hebrews has called us, so that we           fore, when straw was given to you.”
may go three days‟ journey into the          14 And those who were first in the
wilderness and sacrifice to the Lord        works of the sons of Israel were
our God. Otherwise, a pestilence or         scourged by Pharaoh‟s taskmasters,
the sword may befall us.”                   saying: “Why have you not fille d
 4 The king of Egypt said to them:          the quota of bricks, neither yeste r-
“Why do you, Moses and Aaron,               day, nor today, just as before?”
distract the people from their               15 And the first among the sons of
works? Go back to your burdens.”            Israel came, and they cried out to


Pharaoh, saying: “Why do act                 3 who appeared to Abraham, to
against your servants in this way?          Isaac, and to Jacob as Almighty
 16 Straw is not given to us, and yet       God. And I did not reveal to them
the same amount of bricks is com-           my name: ADONAI.
manded. So we, your servants, are            4 And I formed a covenant with
cut up by scourging, and injustice is       them, in order to give them the land
done against your people.”                  of Canaan, the land of their sojour n-
 17 And he said: “You are idle. And         ing, in which they were newcomers.
for this reason you say, „We shall go        5 I have heard the groaning of the
and sacrifice to the Lord.‟                 sons of Israel, with which the Egyp-
 18 Therefore, go and work. Straw           tians have oppressed them. And I
will not be given to you, and you           have remembered my covenant.
will return the customary number of          6 For this reason, say to the sons of
bricks.”                                    Israel: I am the Lord who will lead
 19 And the first among the sons of         you away from the work house of
Israel saw themselves in a crisis,          the Egyptians, and rescue you from
because it was said to them, “Not h-        servitude, and also redeem you with
ing at all will be lessened from the        an exalted arm and great judgments.
bricks throughout each day.”                 7 And I will take you to myself as
 20 And they met with Moses and             my people, and I will be your God.
Aaron, who stood opposite them as           And you will know that I am the
they departed from Pharaoh.                 Lord your God, who led you away
 21 And they said to them: “May the         from the work house of the Egyp-
Lord see and judge, because you             tians,
have caused our odor to become foul          8 and who brought you into the
before Pharaoh and his servants, and        land, over which I lifted up my hand
you have provided him with a                in order to grant it to Abraham,
sword, in order to kill us.”                Isaac, and Jacob. And I will grant it
 22 And Moses returned to the Lord,         to you as a possession. I am the
and he said: “Lord, why have you            Lord.”
afflicted this people? Why have you          9 And so, Moses explained all these
sent me?                                    things to the sons of Israel, who d id
 23 For from the time that I e ntered       not agree with him, because of their
to Pharaoh, so as to speak in your          anguish of spirit and very diff icult
name, he has afflicted your people.         work.
And you have not freed them.”                10 And the Lord spoke to Moses,
             CHAPTER 6                       11 “Enter and speak to Pharaoh,
 1 And the Lord said to Moses:              king of Egypt, so that he may r e-
“Now you will see what I shall do to        lease the sons of Israel from his
Pharaoh. For through a strong hand          land.”
he will release them, and by a mig h-        12 Moses responded in the si ght the
ty hand he will cast them from his          Lord: “Behold, the sons of Israel do
land.”                                      not listen to me. And how will Ph a-
 2 And the Lord spoke to Moses,             raoh listen to me, especially since I
saying: “I am the Lord,                     am of uncircumcised lips?”


 13 And the Lord spoke to Moses              24 Likewise, the sons of Korah:
and Aaron, and he gave them a               Assir, and Elkanah, and Abiasaph.
commandment for the sons of Israel,         These are the kindred of the Kor a-
and for Pharaoh, the king of Egypt,         hites.
that they should lead the sons of            25 And truly Eleazar, the son of
Israel away from the land of Egypt.         Aaron, took a wife from the daug h-
 14 These are the leaders of the            ters of Putiel. And she bore him
houses by their families. The sons          Phinehas. These are the h eads of the
of Reuben, the firstborn of Israel:         Levitical families by their kindred.
Hanoch and Pallu, Hezron and Car-            26 These are Aaron and Moses,
mi.                                         whom the Lord instructed to lead
 15 These are the kindred o f Reu-          the sons of Israel away from the
ben. The sons of Simeon: Jemuel             land of Egypt by their companies.
and Jamin, and Ohad, and Jachin,             27 These are those who speak to
and Zohar, and Shaul, the son of a          Pharaoh, king of Egypt, in order to
Canaanite women. These are the              lead the sons of Israel out of Egypt.
progeny of Simeon.                          These are Moses and Aaron,
 16 And these are the names of the           28 in the day when the Lord spoke
sons of Levi by their kindred: Ge r-        to Moses in the land of Egypt.
shon, and Kohath, and Merari. Now            29 And the Lord spoke to Moses,
the years of the life of Levi were          saying: “I am the Lord. Speak to
one hundred and thirty-seven.               Pharaoh, king of Egypt, all that I
 17 The sons of Gershon: Libni and          speak to you.”
Shimei, by their kindred.                    30 And Moses said in the sight of
 18 The sons of Kohath: Amram, and          the Lord: “Lo, I am of uncircu m-
Izhar, and Hebron and Uzziel.               cised lips, how will Pharaoh listen
Likewise, the years of the life of          to me?”
Kohath were one hundred and thi r-
ty-three.                                                CHAPTER 7
 19 The sons of Merari: Mahli and            1 And the Lord said to Moses: “B e-
Mushi. These are the kindred of Le-         hold, I have appointed you as the
vi by their families.                       god of Pharaoh. And Aaron, your
 20 Now Amram took as a wife J o-           brother, will be your prophet.
chebed, his paternal aunt, who bore          2 You will speak to him al l that I
for him Aaron and Moses. And the            command you. And he will speak to
years of the life of Amram were one         Pharaoh, so that he may release the
hundred and thirty-seven.                   sons of Israel from his land.
 21 Likewise, the sons of Izhar: K o-        3 But I will harden his heart, and I
rah, and Nepheg, and Zichri.                will multiply my signs and wonders
 22 Likewise, the sons of Uzziel:           in the land of Egypt,
Mishael, and Elzaphan, and Sithri.           4 and he will not listen to you. And
 23 Now Aaron took as a wife Eli z-         I will send my hand over Egypt, and
abeth, the daughter of Amminadab,           I will lead my army and my pe ople,
sister of Nahshon, who bore for him         the sons of Israel, from the land of
Nadab, and Abihu, and Eleazar, and          Egypt, through very great jud g-
Ithamar.                                    ments.


 5 And the Egyptians will know that          16 And you will say to him: „Th e
I am the Lord, who has extended my          Lord God of the Hebrews sent me to
hand over Egypt, and who has led            you, saying: Release my people in
the sons of Israel from their midst.”       order to sacrifice to me in the
 6 And so, Moses and Aaron did just         desert. And even until the present
as the Lord had instructed. And so it       time, you were not willing to listen.
was done.                                    17 Therefore, thus says the Lord: In
 7 Now Moses was eighty years old,          this you will know that I am the
and Aaron eighty-three, when they           Lord. Behold, I will strike, with the
spoke to Pharaoh.                           staff that is in my hand, the water of
 8 And the Lord said to Moses and           the river, and it will be turned into
Aaron:                                      blood.
 9 “When Pharaoh will say to you,            18 Also, the fishes that are in the
„Show signs,‟ you shall say to A a-         river will die, and the waters will be
ron, „Take your staff, and cast it          polluted, and the Egyptians will be
down before Pharaoh, and it will be         afflicted when they drink the wat er
turned into a snake.‟ ”                     of the river.‟ ”
 10 And so Moses and Aaron e ntered          19 The Lord also said to Moses:
to Pharaoh, and they did just as the        “Say to Aaron: „Take your staff; and
Lord had commanded. And Aaron               extend your hand over the waters of
took the staff in the sight of Pha-         Egypt, and over their rivers and
raoh and his servants, and it was           streams and marshes and all the
turned into a snake.                        pools of waters, so that they may be
 11 Then Pharaoh called the wise            turned into blood. And let th ere be
men and the sorcerers. And they a l-        blood throughout all the land of
so, by Egyptian incantations and            Egypt, as much in vessels of wood
certain secrets, did similarly.             as in those of stone.‟ ”
 12 And each one cast down their             20 And Moses and Aaron did just as
staffs, and they were turned in to          the Lord had instructed. And lif ting
serpents. But the staff of Aaron d e-       up the staff, he struck the water of
voured their staffs.                        the river in the sight of Pharaoh and
 13 And the heart of Pharaoh was            his servants. And it was turned into
hardened, and he did not listen to          blood.
them, just as the Lord had i n-              21 And the fishes that were in the
structed.                                   river died, and the river was po l-
 14 Then the Lord said to Moses:            luted, and the Egyptians were not
“The heart of Pharaoh has been ha r-        able to drink the water of the river,
dened; he is not willing to release         and there was blood throughout the
the people.                                 entire land of Egypt.
 15 Go to him in the morning; b e-           22 And the sorcerers of the Egyp-
hold, he will go out to the waters.         tians, with their incantations, did
And you will stand to meet him              similarly. And the heart of Pharaoh
above the bank of the river. And you        was hardened, he did not listen to
will take, in your hand, the staff          them, just as the Lord had i n-
that was turned into a serpent.             structed.


 23 And he turned himself away, and          the Lord, so as to take away the
he entered his house, neither did he         frogs from me and from my people.
apply his heart to this turn of              And I will release the people, so as
events.                                      to sacrifice to the Lord.”
 24 Then all the Egyptians dug                9 And Moses said to Pharaoh: “A p-
along the borders of the river for           point for me a time, when I should
water to drink. For they were not            petition on behalf of you, and your
able to drink from the water of the          servants, and your people, so that
river.                                       the frogs may be driven away from
 25 And seven days were completed,           you, and from your house, and from
after the Lord struck the river.             your servants, and from your
                                             people, and so that they may remain
              CHAPTER 8                      only in the river.”
 1 The Lord also said to Moses:               10 And he responded, “Tomorrow.”
“Enter to Pharaoh, and you will say          Then he said, “I will act a ccording
to him: „Thus says the Lord: R e-            to your word, so that you may know
lease my people in order to sacrifice        that there is no one like the Lord
to me.                                       our God.
 2 But if you are not willing to r e-         11 And the frogs will withdraw
lease them, behold, I will strike all        from you, and from your house, and
your coasts with frogs.                      from your servants, and from your
 3 And the river will seethe with            people. And they will remain only in
frogs, which will go up and enter            the river.”
into your house, and your bedroom,            12 And Moses and Aaron departed
and upon your bed, and into the              from Pharaoh. And Moses cried out
houses of your servants and your             to the Lord on behalf of the promise
people, and into your ovens, and i n-        that he had made to Pharaoh co n-
to the remains of your foods.                cerning the frogs.
 4 And to you, and to your people,            13 And the Lord acted according to
and to all your servants, the frogs          the word of Moses. And the frogs
will enter.‟ ”                               died out of the houses, and out of
 5 And the Lord said to Moses: “Say          the villages, and out of the fields.
to Aaron: „Extend your hand over              14 And they gathered them together
the rivers, and also over the streams        into immense piles, and the land
and the marshes, and bring forth             was polluted.
frogs over the land of Egypt.‟ ”              15 Then Pharaoh, seeing that relief
 6 And Aaron extended his hand               had been provided, hardened his
over the waters of Egypt, and the            own heart, and he did not listen to
frogs came up and covered the land           them, just as the Lord had i n-
of Egypt.                                    structed.
 7 Then the sorcerers also, by their          16 And the Lord said to Moses:
incantations, did similarly, and they        “Say to Aaron: „Extend your staff
brought forth frogs upon the land of         and strike the dust of the earth. And
Egypt.                                       let there be stinging insects
 8 But Pharaoh called Moses and              throughout the entire the land of
Aaron, and he said to them: “Pray to         Egypt.‟ ”


 17 And they did so. And Aaron ex-             And the land was polluted, in this
tended his hand, holding the staff,            way, by the flies.
and he struck the dust of the earth,            25 And Pharaoh called Moses and
and there came stinging insects                Aaron, and he said to them, “Go and
upon men and upon beasts. All the              sacrifice to your God in this land.”
dust of the earth was turned into               26 And Moses said: “It cannot be
stinging insects through all the land          so. For we will immolate the abom i-
of Egypt.                                      nations of the Egyptians to the Lord
 18 And the sorcerers, with their i n-         our God. For if we slaughter those
cantations, did similarly, in order to         things which the Egyptians worship,
bring forth stinging insects, but they         in their presence, they will stone us.
were not able. And there were stin g-           27 We will sojourn three days‟
ing insects, as much on men as on              journey into the wilderness. And we
beasts.                                        will sacrifice to the Lord our God,
 19 And the sorcerers said to Ph a-            just as he has instructed us.”
raoh: “This is the finger of God.”              28 And Pharaoh said: “I will r e-
And the heart of Pharaoh was ha r-             lease you in order to sacrifice to the
dened, and he did not listen to them,          Lord your God in the desert. Yet you
just as the Lord had instructed.               may only go so far. Petition for
 20 The Lord also said to Moses:               me.”
“Arise at first light, and stand in the         29 And Moses said: “After depart-
sight of Pharaoh, for he will go out           ing from you, I will pray to the
to the waters. And you will say to             Lord. And the flies will withdraw
him: „Thus says the Lord: Release              from Pharaoh, and from his se r-
my people to sacrifice to me.                  vants, and from his people, tomo r-
 21 But if you will not release them,          row. Yet do not be willing to dec e-
behold, I will send upon you, and              ive any longer, so that you would
upon your servants, and upon your              not release the people to sacrifice to
people, and into your houses, d i-             the Lord.”
verse kinds of flies. And the houses            30 And Moses, departing from Ph a-
of the Egyptians will be filled with           raoh, prayed to the Lord.
diverse kinds of flies, as well as the          31 And he acted according to his
whole land in which they will be.              word. And he took away the flies
 22 And in that day, I will cause a            from Pharaoh, and from his se r-
miracle in the land of Goshen,                 vants, and from his people. There
where my people are, so that flies             was not even one left behind.
will not be there. And you will                 32 And the heart of Pharaoh was
know that I am the Lord in the midst           hardened, so that, even at this turn,
of the earth.                                  he would not release the people.
 23 And I will set a division b e-
tween my people and your people.                           CHAPTER 9
Tomorrow this sign will be.‟ ”                  1 Then the Lord said to Moses:
 24 And the Lord did so. And there             “Enter to Pharaoh, and say to him:
came very grievous flies into the              „Thus says the Lord God of the H e-
houses of Pharaoh and of his se r-             brews: Release my people, to sacr i-
vants, and into all the land of Egypt.         fice to me.


 2 But if you still refuse, and yo u            12 And the Lord hardened the heart
retain them,                                   of Pharaoh, and he did not li sten to
 3 behold, my hand will be over                them, just as the Lord said to Mos-
your fields. And a very grievous               es.
pestilence will be upon the horses,             13 And the Lord said to Moses:
and the donkeys, and the camels,               “Rise up in the morning, and stand
and the oxen, and the sheep.                   in the sight of Pharaoh, and you will
 4 And the Lord will cause a mir acle          say to him: „Thus says the Lord God
between the possessions of Israel              of the Hebrews: Release my people
and the possessions of the Egyp-               to sacrifice to me.
tians, so that nothing at all will p e-         14 For at this turn, I will send all
rish from those things which belong            my plagues upon your heart, and
to the sons of Israel.”                        upon your servants, and upon your
 5 And the Lord appointed a time,              people. So may you know that there
saying: “Tomorrow, the Lord will               is no one like me in all the earth.
accomplish this word in the land.”              15 For now, extending my hand, I
 6 Therefore, the Lord accomplished            shall strike you and your people
this word the next day. And all the            with pestilence, and you will perish
animals of the Egyptians died. Yet             from the earth.
truly, of the animals of the sons of            16 But it was for this reason that I
Israel, nothing at all perished.               appointed you, so that I may reveal
 7 And Pharaoh sent to see; ne ither           my strength by you, and so that my
was there anything dead of those               name may be described throughout
things that Israel possessed. And the          all the earth.
heart of Pharaoh was hardened, and              17 Do you still retain my people,
he did not release the people.                 and are you still unwilling to r e-
 8 And the Lord said to Moses and              lease them?
to Aaron: “Take handfuls of ashes               18 So then, tomorrow, at this same
from the oven, and let Moses spri n-           hour, I will rain down excee dingly
kle it into the air, in the sight of           great hail, such as has not been in
Pharaoh.                                       Egypt from the day that it was
 9 And let there be dust upon all the          founded, even until this present
land of Egypt. For there will be               time.
sores and swelling pustules on men              19 Therefore, send immediately and
and on beasts, throughout the entire           gather together your cattle, and all
land of Egypt.”                                that you have in the field. For men
 10 And they took ashes from the               and beasts, and all things that will
oven, and they stood in the sight of           be found outside, not gathered in
Pharaoh, and Moses sprinkled it in             from the fields, and on which the
the air. And there came sores with             hail will fall, shall die.‟ ”
swelling pustules on men and on                 20 He who feared the word of the
beasts.                                        Lord among the servants of Pharaoh
 11 Neither could the sorcerers                caused his servants and cattle to flee
stand in the sight of Moses, because           together into the houses.
of the sores that were on them and
on all the land of Egypt.


 21 But he who neglected the word             30 But I know that both you and
of the Lord released his servants            your servants do yet fear the Lord
and cattle into the fields.                  God.”
 22 And the Lord said to Moses:               31 And so, the flax and the barley
“Extend your hand into the sky, so           were damaged, because the barley
that there may be hail in the entire         was growing, and the flax was a l-
land of Egypt, on men, and on                ready developing grains.
beasts, and on every pl ant of the            32 But the wheat and the spelt were
field in the land of Egypt.”                 not damaged, because they were
 23 And Moses extended his staff             late.
into the sky, and the Lord sent               33 And Moses, departing from Ph a-
thunder and hail, and also lightning         raoh out of the city, reached o ut his
dashing across the earth. And the            hands toward the Lord. And the
Lord rained down hail upon the land          thunders and hail ceased, neither did
of Egypt.                                    there drop any more rain upon the
 24 And the hail and intermingled            land.
fire drove on together. And it was of         34 Then Pharaoh, seeing that the
such magnitude as had never before           rain, and the hail, and the thunders
been seen in the entire land of              had ceased, added to his sin.
Egypt, from the time when that n a-           35 And his heart was weighed
tion was formed.                             down, along with that of his ser-
 25 And the hail struck, throughout          vants, and it was hardened exce e-
all the land of Egypt, everything            dingly. Neither did he release the
that was in the fields, from man             sons of Israel, just as the Lord had
even to beast. And the hail struck           instructed by the hand of Moses.
down every plant of the field, and it
broke every tree of the region.                          CHAPTER 10
 26 Only in the land of Goshen,               1 And the Lord said to Moses: “E n-
where the sons of Israel were, did           ter to Pharaoh. For I have har dened
the hail not fall.                           his heart, and that of his servants,
 27 And Pharaoh sent and called              so that I may accomplish these, my
Moses and Aaron, saying to them: “I          signs, in him,
have sinned even until now. The               2 and so that you may describe to
Lord is just. I and my people are            the ears of your sons and your
impious.                                     grandsons how often I opposed the
 28 Pray to the Lord, so that the            Egyptians and wrought my signs
thundering of God and the hail may           among them, and so that you may
cease, so that I may release you, and        know that I am the Lord. ”
so that you may by no means remain            3 Therefore, Moses and Aaron e n-
here any longer.”                            tered to Pharaoh, and they said to
 29 Moses said: “When I have de-             him: “Thus says the Lord God of the
parted from the city, I will extend          Hebrews: How long will you be u n-
my hands to the Lord, and the                willing to be subject to me? Release
thunders will cease, and the hail            my people to sacrifice to me.
will not be, so that you may know             4 But if you resist, and you are u n-
that the earth belongs to the Lord.          willing to release them, behold, to-


morrow I will bring locusts into               every plant which rem ains from the
your borders.                                  hail.”
 5 And they shall cover the face of             13 And Moses extended his staff
the earth, lest any part of it be seen.        over the land of Egypt. And the
Yes, and what remains from the hail            Lord brought a burning wind all that
shall be eaten. For they will gnaw             day and night. And when morning
away all the trees that spring up in           came, the burning wind lifted up the
the fields.                                    locusts.
 6 And they will fill your houses,              14 And they ascended over the e n-
and those of your servants and of all          tire land of Egypt. And they settled
the Egyptians: so many as your f a-            into all the parts of the Egyptians:
thers and ancestors have not seen,             innumerable, such as had not been
from the time that they rose up over           before that time, nor ever would be
the earth, even until this present             thereafter.
day.” And he turned himself away,               15 And they covered the entire face
and he departed from Pharaoh.                  of the land, laying waste to all
 7 Then the servants of Pharaoh said           things. And the plants of the land
to him: “How long must we endure               were devoured, along with whatever
this scandal? Release the men, in              fruits were on the trees, which the
order to sacrifice to the Lord their           hail had left behind. And nothing at
God. Do you not see that Egypt is              all of the greenery remained on the
perishing?”                                    trees or on the plants of the earth in
 8 And they called back Moses and              all of Egypt.
Aaron to Pharaoh, who said to them:             16 For this reason, Pharaoh hu r-
“Go, sacrifice to the Lord your God.           riedly called Moses and Aaron, and
Who are they who would go?”                    he said to them: “I have sinned
 9 Moses said: “We will travel with            against the Lord your God, and
our little ones and our elderly, with          against you.
our sons and daughters, with our                17 But now, release me from my sin
sheep and herds. For it is a s olemni-         even this time, and petition the Lord
ty of the Lord our God.”                       your God, so that he may take this
 10 And Pharaoh responded: “So let             death away from me.”
the Lord be with you. But if I were             18 And Moses, departing from the
to release you and your little ones,           sight of Pharaoh, prayed to the
who would doubt that you intend                Lord.
some great wickedness?                          19 And he caused a very strong
 11 It will not be so. However, go             wind to blow from the west, and,
only with the men, and sacrifice to            seizing the locusts, it cast them into
the Lord. For this, too, is what you           the Red Sea. There remained not so
yourselves requested.” And imm e-              much as one in all the parts of
diately they were cast out from the            Egypt.
sight of Pharaoh.                               20 And the Lord hardened the heart
 12 Then the Lord said to Moses:               of Pharaoh; neither did he r elease
“Extend your hand over the land of             the sons of Israel.
Egypt, toward the locusts, so that              21 Then the Lord said to Moses:
they may rise up over it, and devour           “Extend your hand into the sky. And


let there be a darkness over the land         2 Therefore, you will tell all the
of Egypt, so dense that they may be          people to ask, a man of his friend,
able to feel it.”                            and a woman of her neighbor, for
 22 And Moses extended his hand              vessels of silver and of gold.
into the sky. And there came horr i-          3 Then the Lord will grant favor to
ble darkness in the entire land of           his people in the sight of the Egyp-
Egypt for three days.                        tians.” And Moses was a very great
 23 No one saw his brother, nor              man in the land of Egypt, in the
moved himself out of the place               sight of the servants of Pharaoh and
where he was. But wherever the               of all the people.
sons of Israel were living, there was         4 And he said: “Thus says the Lord:
light.                                       „In the middle of the night I will e n-
 24 And Pharaoh called Moses and             ter into Egypt.
Aaron, and he said to them: “Go,              5 And every firstborn in the land of
sacrifice to the Lord. Only let your         the Egyptians shall die, from the
sheep and herds remain behind.               firstborn of Pharaoh, who sits on his
Your little ones may go with you.”           throne, even to the firstborn of the
 25 Moses said: “You must also               handmaid, who is at the mil lstone,
permit us victims and holocausts,            and all the firstborn of the beasts of
which we may offer to the Lord our           burden.
God.                                          6 And there will be a great outcry
 26 All the flocks shall travel with         throughout the entire land of Egypt,
us. Not one hoof of th em shall re-          such as has not been before, nor e v-
main behind. For they are necessary          er will be afterward.
for the worship of the Lord our God,          7 But among all the sons of Israel
especially since we do not know              there shall not be even a mutter
what ought to be immolated, until            from a dog, from man, even to cat-
we arrive at the very place.”                tle, so that you may know how m i-
 27 But the Lord hardened the heart          raculously the Lord divides the
of Pharaoh, and he was not willing           Egyptians from Israel.‟
to release them.                              8 And all these, your servants, shall
 28 And Pharaoh said to Moses:               descend to me and shall reverence
“Withdraw from me, and beware                me, by saying: „Depart, you and all
that you no longer see my face. On           the people who are subject to you.‟
whatever day you will appear in my           After these things, we will d epart.”
sight, you shall die.”                        9 And he went out from Pharaoh
 29 Moses responded: “So be it, just         exceedingly angry. Then the Lord
as you have said. I will no longer           said to Moses: “Pharaoh will not li s-
see your face.”                              ten to you, so that many signs may
                                             be accomplished in the land of
           CHAPTER 11                        Egypt.”
 1 And the Lord said to Moses: “I             10 Now Moses and Aaron did all
will touch Pharaoh and Egypt with            the wonders that are written, in the
one more plague, and after these             sight of Pharaoh. And the Lord ha r-
things he will release you, and he           dened the heart of Pharaoh; neither
will compel you to go out.


did he release the sons of Israel            thing will have been left over, you
from his land.                               shall burn it with fire.
                                              11 Now you shall consume it in this
             CHAPTER 12                      way: You shall gird your waist, and
 1 The Lord also said to Moses and           you shall have shoes on your feet,
Aaron in the land of Egypt:                  holding staves in your hands, and
 2 “This month will be for you the           you shall consume it in haste. For it
beginning of the months. It will be          is the Passover (that is, the Cros s-
first in the months of the year.             ing) of the Lord.
 3 Speak to the entire assembly of            12 And I will cross through the
the sons of Israel, and say to them:         land of Egypt that night, and I will
On the tenth day of this month, let          strike down all the firstborn in the
everyone take a lamb, by their fam i-        land of Egypt, from man, even to
lies and houses.                             cattle. And I will bring judgments
 4 But if the number is less than            against all the gods of Egypt. I am
may suffice to be able to consume            the Lord.
the lamb, he shall accept his neig h-         13 But the blood will be for you as
bor, who has been joined with his            a sign in the buildings where you
house according to the number of             will be. And I will see the blood,
souls that may suffice to be able to         and I will pass over you. And the
eat the lamb.                                plague will not be with you to d e-
 5 And it shall be a lamb without            stroy, when I strike the land of
blemish, a one year old male. A c-           Egypt.
cording to this rite, you shall also          14 Then you shall have this day as
take a young goat.                           a memorial, and you shall cel ebrate
 6 And you shall keep it until the           it as a solemnity to the Lord, in
fourteenth day of this month. And            your generations, as an everlasting
the entire multitude of the sons of          devotion.
Israel shall immolate it toward               15 For seven days, you shall eat
evening.                                     unleavened bread. On the first day
 7 And they shall take from its              there shall be no leaven in your
blood, and place it on both the door         houses. Whoever will consume an y-
posts and the upper threshold of the         thing leavened, from the first day,
houses, in which they will consume           even until the seventh day, that soul
it.                                          shall perish from Israel.
 8 And that night they shall eat the          16 The first day shall be holy and
flesh, roasted by fire, and unle a-          solemn, and the seventh day shall be
vened bread with wild lettuce.               venerated with the same festivity.
 9 You shall not consume anything            You shall do no work in these days,
from it raw, nor boiled in water, but        except that which pertains to the
only roasted by fire. You shall d e-         eating.
vour the head with its feet and e n-          17 And you shall observe the feast
trails.                                      of unleavened bread. For on this
 10 Neither shall there remain an y-         same day, I will lead your army o ut
thing from it until morning. If an y-        of the land of Egypt, and you shall


keep this day, in your generations,           27 You shall say to them: „It is the
as a perpetual ritual.                       victim of the crossing of the Lord,
 18 In the first month, on the fou r-        when he passed over the houses of
teenth day of the month, toward              the sons of Israel in Egypt, stri king
evening, you shall consume the u n-          the Egyptians, and freeing our hou s-
leavened bread, until the twenty-            es.‟ ” And the people, bowing down,
first day of the same month, toward          worshipped.
evening.                                      28 And the sons of Israel, d epart-
 19 For seven days, there shall not          ing, did just as the Lord had i n-
be found leaven in your houses.              structed Moses and Aaron.
Whoever will eat leaven, his soul             29 Then it happened, in the middle
will perish from the assembly of             of the night: the Lord struck down
Israel, as much with the newcomers           every firstborn in the land of Egypt,
as with the natives of the land.             from the firstborn of Pharaoh, who
 20 You shall not consume any le a-          sits on his throne, even to the
ven. In all your dwelling places, you        firstborn of the captive woman who
shall eat unleavened bread.”                 was in prison, and all the firstbo rn
 21 Then Moses called all the elders         of the cattle.
of the sons of Israel, and he said to         30 And Pharaoh rose up in the
them: “Go, taking an animal by your          night, and all his servants, and all of
families, and sacrifice the Passover.        Egypt. And there arose a great ou t-
 22 And dip a little bundle of hyssop        cry in Egypt. For there was not a
in the blood which is at the e n-            house in which no one lay dead.
trance, and sprinkle the upper thr e-         31 And Pharaoh, calling Moses and
shold with it, and both of the door          Aaron in the night, said: “Rise up
posts. Let none of you go out of the         and go forth from among my pe ople,
door of his house until morning.             you and the sons of Israel. Go, s a-
 23 For the Lord will cross through,         crifice to the Lord, just as you say.
striking the Egyptians. And when he           32 Your sheep and herds take along
will see the blood on the upper thre-        with you, as you requested, and as
shold, and on both the door posts,           you go away, bless me.”
he will pass over the door of the             33 And the Egyptians urged the
house and not permit the Striker to          people to go away from the land
enter into your houses or to do              quickly, saying, “We will all die.”
harm.                                         34 Therefore, the people took bread
                                             dough before it was leavened. And
 24 You shall keep this word as a            tying it in their cloaks, they placed
law for you and for your sons, fo r-         it on their shoulders.
ever.                                         35 And the sons of Israel did just
 25 And when you have entered into           as Moses had instructed. And they
the land that the Lord will give to          petitioned the Egyptians for vessels
you, just as he has promised, you            of silver and of gold, and very many
shall observe these ceremonies.              garments.
 26 And when your sons will say to            36 Then the Lord granted favor to
you, „What is the meaning of this            the people in the sight of the Egyp-
religious observance?‟                       tians, so that they bestowed on


them. And they despoiled the Egyp-             48 And if any sojourner will be
tians.                                        willing to cross over into your set-
 37 And the sons of Israel set out            tlement, and to keep the Passover of
from Rameses to Soccoth, about six            the Lord, all his males shall first be
hundred thousand men on foot, b e-            circumcised, and then he shall cel e-
sides little ones.                            brate the rite. And he shall be just
 38 But also an innumerable mix of            like a native of the land. But if any
common people ascended with them,             man is not circumcised, he shall not
sheep and herds and animals of d i-           eat from it.
verse kinds, exceedingly many.                 49 The law shall be the same for
 39 And they baked the bread, which           the native born and for the settler
a little while ago they had taken out         who sojourns with you.”
of Egypt as dough. And they made               50 And all the sons of Israel did
unleavened bread baked under                  just as the Lord had instructed Mo s-
ashes. For it was not able to be le a-        es and Aaron.
vened, with the Egyptians compel-              51 And on the same day, the Lord
ling them to leave and not permi t-           led the sons of Israel out of the land
ting them to cause any delay. Ne i-           of Egypt by their companies.
ther did they have occasion to pr e-
pare any meat.                                             CHAPTER 13
 40 Now the habitation of the sons             1 And the Lord spoke to Moses,
of Israel, while they remained in             saying:
Egypt, was four hundred and thirty             2 “Sanctify to me every firstborn
years.                                        which opens the womb among the
 41 Having been completed, on the             sons of Israel, as much of men a s of
same day all the army of the Lord             cattle. For they are all mine.”
departed from the land of Egypt.               3 And Moses said to the people:
 42 This night is a worthy obse r-            “Remember this day, on which you
vance of the Lord, when he led them           were taken away from Egypt and
out of the land of Egypt. This all the        from the house of servitude. For
sons of Israel must observe in their          with a strong hand the Lord has led
generations.                                  you away from this place. Thus, you
 43 And the Lord said to Moses and            shall eat no leavened bread.
to Aaron: “This is the religious o b-          4 Today, you go forth in the month
servance of the Passover. No fo-              of new grain.
reigner shall eat from it.                     5 And when the Lord has brought
 44 But every bought servant shall            you into the land of the C anaanite,
be circumcised, and so he may eat             and the Hittite, and the Amorite, and
from it.                                      the Hivite, and the J ebusite, which
 45 The newcomer and the hired                he swore to your fathers that he
hand shall not eat from it.                   would give to you, a land flowing
 46 In one house it shall be eaten;           with milk and honey, you will cel e-
you shall not carry its flesh outside,        brate this manner of s acred rites in
nor shall you break its bone.                 this month.
 47 The entire assembly of the sons            6 For seven days, you shall feed on
of Israel shall do this.                      unleavened bread. And on the s e-


venth day, it will be the solemnity           of man, even to the firstborn of
of the Lord.                                  beasts. For this reason, I immolate
 7 You shall consume unleavened               to the Lord all of the male sex that
bread for seven days. There shall             opens the womb, and all the
not be seen anything leavened with            firstborn of my sons I redeem.‟
you, nor in all your parts.                    16 Therefore, it will be like a sign
 8 And you will explain to your son           in your hand and like something
in that day, saying: „This is what the        hanging between your eyes as a r e-
Lord did for me when I was taken              membrance, because with a strong
away from Egypt.‟                             hand the Lord has led us away from
 9 And it will be like a sign in your         Egypt.”
hand and like a memorial before                17 And so, when Pharaoh had sent
your eyes. And so may the law of              the people away, God did not lead
the Lord be always in your mouth.             them by the way of the land of t he
For with a strong hand, the Lord led          Philistines, which is nearby, cons i-
you away from the land of Egypt.              dering that perhaps they might r e-
 10 You will keep this observance,            lapse, if they saw wars rise up
at the established time, from day to          against them, and then they might
day.                                          return to Egypt.
 11 And when the Lord has brought              18 But he led them around by the
you into the land of the C anaanite,          way of the desert, which is next to
just as he swore to you and to your           the Red Sea. And so the sons of
fathers, and when he will give it             Israel ascended, armed, out of the
you,                                          land of Egypt.
 12 then you shall set aside for the           19 Also, Moses took the bones of
Lord all that opens the womb and all          Joseph with him, because he had
that is first to go forth among your          sworn to the sons of Israel, saying:
cattle. Whatever you wi ll have of            “God will visit you. Carry my bones
the male sex, you shall consecrate            away from here with you.”
to the Lord.                                   20 And setting out from Soccoth,
 13 The firstborn of a donkey you             they encamped at Etham, in the
will exchange for a sheep. And if             most distant parts of the wilderness.
you will not redeem it, you shall put          21 Now the Lord preceded them to
it to death. But every firstborn of           show them the way, by day with a
man among your sons, you shall r e-           pillar of cloud, and by night with a
deem with a price.                            pillar of fire, so that he might be the
 14 And when your son will ques-              leader of their journey at both
tion you tomorrow, saying, „What is           times.
this?‟ you will respond, „With a               22 These never failed: a pillar of
strong hand the Lord led us away              cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by
from the land of Egypt, from the              night, in the sight of the people.
house of servitude.
 15 For when Pharaoh had been ha r-                      CHAPTER 14
dened and was unwilling to release             1 Then the Lord spoke to Moses,
us, the Lord killed every firstborn in        saying:
the land of Egypt, from the firstborn


 2 “Speak to the sons of Israel. Let          them. And they were very afraid.
them turn back and encamp away                And they cried out to the Lord.
from the region of Pihahiroth, which           11 And they said to Moses: “Pe r-
is between Migdol and the sea, o p-           haps there were no graves in Egypt,
posite Baal-zephon. In its sight you          for which reason you took us to die
shall place your camp, above the              in the wilderness. What is it that
sea.                                          you intended to do, in leading us out
 3 And Pharaoh will say about the             of Egypt?
sons of Israel, „They have been co n-          12 Is this not the word that we
fined by the land; the desert has e n-        spoke to you in Egypt, saying:
closed them.‟                                 Withdraw from us, so that we may
 4 And I will harden his heart, and           serve the Egyptians? For it was
so he will pursue you. And I will be          much better to serve them, than to
glorified in Pharaoh, and in all his          die in the wilderness.”
army. And the Egyptians will know              13 And Moses said to the people:
that I am the Lord.” And they did             “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and
so.                                           see the great wonders of the Lord,
 5 And it was reported to the king of         which he will do today. For the
the Egyptians that the people had             Egyptians, whom you now see, will
fled. And the heart of Pharaoh and            never again be seen, forever.
of his servants was changed about              14 The Lord will fight on your b e-
the people, and they said, “What did          half, and you will remain silent.”
we intend to do, so that we released           15 And the Lord said to Moses:
Israel from serving us?”                      “Why cry out to me? Tell the sons
 6 Therefore, he harnessed his ch a-          of Israel to contine on.
riot, and he took all his people with          16 Now, lift up your staff, and ex-
him.                                          tend your hand over the sea and d i-
 7 And he took six hundred chosen             vide it, so that the sons of Israel
chariots, and whatever chariots were          may walk through the midst of the
in Egypt, and also the leaders of the         sea on dry ground.
whole army.                                    17 Then I will harden the heart of
 8 And the Lord hardened the heart            the Egyptians, so as to pursue you.
of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and he             And I will be glorified in Pharaoh,
pursued the sons of Israel. But they          and in all his army, and in his ch a-
were taken away by an exalted hand.           riots, and in his horsemen.
 9 And when the Egyptians followed             18 And the Egyptians will know
the footsteps of those who preceded           that I am the Lord, when I will be
them, they found them in a camp               glorified in Pharaoh, and in his ch a-
above the sea. All the horses and             riots, as well as in his horsemen.”
chariots of Pharaoh, and the e ntire           19 And the Angel of God, who pr e-
army, were in Pihahiroth, opp osite           ceded the camp of Israel, lifting
Baal-zephon.                                  himself up, went behind them. And
 10 And when Pharaoh had drawn                the pillar of cloud, together with
near, the sons of Israel, lifting up          him, left the front for the rear
their eyes, saw the Egyptians behind           20 and stood between the camp of
                                              the Egyptians and the camp of


Israel. And it was a dark cloud, yet           28 And the waters were returned,
it illuminated the night, so that they        and they covered the chariots and
could not succeed at approaching              horsemen of the entire army of Ph a-
one another at any time all that              raoh, who, in following, had e ntered
night.                                        into the sea. And not so much as one
 21 And when Moses had extended               of them was left alive.
his hand over the sea, the Lord took           29 But the sons of Israel conti nued
it away by an intense bur ning wind,          directly through the midst of the
blowing throughout the night , and            dried sea, and the waters were to
he turned it into dry ground. And             them like a wall on the right and on
the water was divided.                        the left.
 22 And the sons of Israel went in             30 And so the Lord freed Israel on
through the midst of the dried sea.           that day from the hand of the Egyp-
For the water was like a wall at              tians.
their right hand and at their left             31 And they saw the Egyptians
hand.                                         dead on the shore of the sea and the
 23 And the Egyptians, pursuing               great hand that the Lord had exe r-
them, went in after them, along with          cised against them. And the people
all of the horses of Pharaoh, his             feared the Lord, and they believed
chariots and horsemen, through the            in the Lord and in Moses his se r-
midst of the sea.                             vant.
 24 And now the morning watch had
arrived, and behold, the Lord, loo k-                      CHAPTER 15
ing down upon the camp of the                  1 Then Moses and the sons of Israel
Egyptians through the pillar of fire          sang this song to the Lord, and they
and of cloud, put to death their ar-          said: “Let us sing to the Lord, for he
my.                                           has been gloriously magnified: the
 25 And he overturned the wheels of           horse and the rider he has cast into
the chariots, and they were carried           the sea.
into the deep. Therefore, the Egyp-            2 The Lord is my strength and my
tians said: “Let us flee from Israel.         praise, and he has become my salv a-
For the Lord fights on their behalf           tion. He is my God, and I shall gl o-
against us.”                                  rify him. He is the God of my fa-
 26 And the Lord said to Moses:               ther, and I shall exalt him.
“Extend your hand over the sea, so             3 The Lord is like a fighting man.
that the waters may return on the             Almighty is his name.
Egyptians, over their chariots and             4 The chariots of Pharaoh, and his
horsemen.”                                    army, he has cast into the sea; his
 27 And when Moses had extended               elect leaders have been submerged
his hand opposite the sea, it was r e-        in the Red Sea.
turned, at first light, to its former          5 The abyss has covered them.
place. And the fleeing Egyptians              They descended into the depths like
met with the waters, and the Lord             a stone.
immersed them in the midst of the              6 Your right hand, O Lord, has been
waves.                                        magnified in strength. Your right


hand, O Lord, has struck down the             ritance, in your most firm dwel ling
enemy.                                        place, which you have formed, O
 7 And in the multitude of your               Lord, your sanctuary, O Lord, which
glory you have put down your a d-             your hands have made firm.
versaries. You sent out your wrath,            18 The Lord will reign in eternity
which devoured them like stubble.             and beyond.
 8 And by the breath of your fury,             19 For the rider Pharaoh, with his
the waters were gathered t ogether.           chariots and horsemen, was brought
The flowing waves stood still. The            into the sea. And the Lord brought
abyss was gathered into the midst of          back upon them the waters of the
the sea.                                      sea. But the sons of Israel walked
 9 The enemy said: „I will pursue             across dry ground in its midst.”
and overtake them. I will divide the           20 And so Miriam, the prophetess,
spoils. My soul will be filled. I will        the sister of Aaron, took up a tim b-
unsheathe my sword. My hand will              rel in her hand. And all the women
put them to death.‟                           followed her with timbrels and
 10 Your breath blew, and the sea             dancing.
covered them. They were submerged              21 And she prophesied, saying:
like lead into the mighty waters.             “Let us sing to the Lord, for he has
 11 Who is like you in strength, O            been gloriously magnified. The
Lord? Who is like you: magnificent            horse and its rider, he has thrown
in sanctity, terrible and yet prais e-        into the sea.”
worthy, accomplishing miracles?                22 Then Moses took Israel from the
 12 You extended your hand, and the           Red Sea, and they went forth into
earth devoured them.                          the desert of Shur. And they wan-
 13 In your mercy, you have been a            dered for three days through the
leader to the people whom you have            wilderness, and they found no water.
redeemed. And in your strength, you            23 And they arrived at Marah. They
have carried them to your holy                were unable to drink the waters of
dwelling place.                               Marah because they were bitter.
 14 Peoples rose up and became a n-           Therefore, he also established a
gry. Sorrows took hold of the inh a-          name befitting the place, calling it
bitants of Philistia.                         „Marah,‟ that is, bitterness.
 15 Then the leaders of Edom were              24 And the people murmured
stirred up, and trembling took hold           against Moses, saying: “What shall
of the robust of Moab. All the i nha-         we drink?”
bitants of Canaan were petrified.              25 So he cried out to the Lord, who
 16 Let fear and dread fall upon              showed him a tree. And when he had
them, by the magnitude of your arm.           cast it into the waters, they were
Let them become immobilized like              turned into sweetness. In that place,
stone, until your people cross                he established instructions for him,
through, O Lord, until this, your             and also judgments. And he tested
people whom you possess, cross                him there,
through.                                       26 saying: “If you will listen to the
 17 You shall lead them in and plant          voice of the Lord your God, and do
them, on the mountain of your inhe-           what is right in his sight, and obey


his commands, and keep all his pr e-            7 And in the morning, you will see
cepts, I will not bring upon you any           the glory of the Lord. For he has
of the distress that I imposed on              heard your murmuring against the
Egypt. For I am the Lord, your he a-           Lord. But as for us, truly what are
ler.”                                          we, that you would whisper against
 27 Then the sons of Israel arrived            us?”
in Elim, where there were twelve                8 And Moses said: “In the evening,
fountains of water and seventy palm            the Lord will give you flesh to eat,
trees. And they camped next to the             and in the morning, bread in ful l-
waters.                                        ness. For he has heard your murmu r-
                                               ings that you have murmured
             CHAPTER 16                        against him. For what are we? Your
 1 And they set out from Elim. And             murmuring is not against us, but
the entire multitude of the sons of            against the Lord.”
Israel arrived at the desert of Sin,            9 Moses also said to Aaron: “Say to
which is between Elim and Sinai, on            the whole congregation of the sons
the fifteenth day of the second                of Israel, „Approach before the
month, after they departed from the            Lord. For he has heard your mu r-
land of Egypt.                                 muring.‟ ”
 2 And the entire congregation of               10 And when Aaron spoke to the
the sons of Israel mu rmured against           entire assembly of the sons of
Moses and Aaron in the wilderness.             Israel, they looked out toward the
 3 And the sons of Israel said to              wilderness. And behold, the glory of
them: “If only we had died by the              the Lord appeared in a cloud.
hand of the Lord in the land of                 11 Then the Lord spoke to Moses,
Egypt, when we sat around bowls of             saying:
meat and ate bread until filled. Why            12 “I have heard the murmuring of
have you led us away, into this                the sons of Israel. Say to them: „In
desert, so that you might kill the e n-        the evening, you will eat flesh, and
tire multitude with famine?”                   in the morning, you will be filled
 4 Then the Lord said to Moses:                with bread. And you shall know that
“Behold, I will rain down bread                I am the Lord your God.‟ ”
from heaven for you. Let the people             13 Therefore, it happened in the
go out and collect what is sufficient          evening: quails, rising up, covered
for each day, so that I may test               the camp. Likewise, in the morning,
them, as to whether or not they will           a dew lay all around the camp.
walk in my law.                                 14 And when it had covered the
 5 But on the sixth day, let them              face of the earth, it appeared, in the
prepare what they use for carrying,            wilderness, small and as if crushed
and let there be double what they              with a pestle, similar to hoar-frost
were accustomed to collect on a                on the ground.
single day.”                                    15 When the sons of Israel had seen
 6 And Moses and Aaron said to the             it, they said one to another: “Ma n-
sons of Israel: “In the evening, you           hu?” which means “What is this?”
will know that the Lord has led you            For they did not know what it was.
away from the land of Egypt.                   And Moses said to them: “This is


the bread that the Lord h as given            nor were there any worms found in
you to eat.                                   it.
 16 This is the word that the Lord             25 And Moses said: “Eat it today,
has instructed. Let each one collect          because it is the Sabbath of the
as much of it as is sufficient to eat.        Lord. Today it will not be found in
One omer for each head. According             the field.
to the number of your souls which              26 Gather for six days. But on the
live in a tent, so will you take of           seventh day, it is the Sabbath of the
it.”                                          Lord, for which reason it will not be
 17 And the sons of Israel did so.            found.”
And they collected: some more, ot h-           27 And the seventh day arrived.
ers less.                                     And some of the people, going out
 18 And they measured by the meas-            to collect it, did not find it.
ure of an omer. He who collected               28 Then the Lord said to Moses:
more, did not have too much; nor              “How long will you be unwilling to
did he who prepared less, find too            keep my commandments and my
little. But each one gathered a ccord-        law?
ing to what they were abl e to eat.            29 See how the Lord has given you
 19 And Moses said to them, “Let no           the Sabbath, and, because of this, on
one leave any of it behind until              the sixth day he distributes to you a
morning.”                                     double portion. Let each one remain
 20 And they did not listen to him,           with his own, and l et no one go
but they left some of it behind until         forth from his place on the se venth
morning, and it began to swarm with           day.”
worms, and it putrefied. And Moses             30 And the people kept the Sabbath
became angry against them.                    on the seventh day.
 21 Then each one collected, in the            31 And the house of Israel called
morning, as much as would be suff i-          its name „Manna.‟ It was like white
cient to eat. And after the sun b e-          coriander seed, and its taste was
came hot, it melted.                          like wheat flour with honey.
 22 But on the sixth day, they co l-           32 Then Moses said: “This is the
lected a double portion, that is, two         word that the Lord has instructed:
omers for each man. Then all the              Fill an omer of it, and let it be kept
leaders among the multitu de came,            for future generations hereafter, so
and they discoursed with Moses.               that they may know the bread, with
 23 And he said to them: “This is             which I nourished you in the wi l-
what the Lord has spoken: Tomo r-             derness, when you had been led
row, the rest day of the Sabbath, has         away from the land of Egypt .”
been sanctified to the Lord. What-             33 And Moses said to Aaron, “Take
ever would be done, do it now. And            one vessel, and put manna into it, as
whatever would be cooked, cook it             much as an omer is able to hold.
now. Then anything that will have             And store it in the sight of the Lord,
been left over, store it until mor n-         to keep for your generations,
ing.”                                          34 just as the Lord instructed Mo s-
 24 And they did just as Moses had            es.” And so, Aaron placed it in the
instructed, and it did not putrefy,           tabernacle, in reserve.


 35 Now the sons of Israel ate ma n-            7 And he called the name of that
na for forty years, until they a rrived        place „Temptation,‟ because of the
in a habitable land. With this food            arguing of the sons of Israel, and
they were nourished, even until they           because they tempted the Lord, sa y-
touched the borders of the land of             ing: “Is the Lord with us, or not?”
Canaan.                                         8 And Amalek came and fought
 36 Now an omer is a tenth part of             against Israel at Rephidim.
an ephah.                                       9 And Moses said to Joshua:
                                               “Choose men. And when you go out,
             CHAPTER 17                        fight against Amalek. Tomorrow, I
 1 And so, the entire multitude of             will stand at the top of the hill,
the sons of Israel, having set out             holding the staff of God in my
from the desert of Sin in stages, a c-         hand.”
cording to the word of the Lord,                10 Joshua did as Moses had spoken,
made camp at Rephidim, where                   and he fought against Amalek. But
there was no water for the people to           Moses and Aaron and Hur ascended
drink.                                         to the top of the hill.
 2 And arguing against Moses, they              11 And when Moses lifted up his
said, “Give us water, so that we may           hands, Israel prevailed. But when he
drink.” And Moses answered them:               released them a little while, Amalek
“Why argue against me? For what                overcame.
reason do you tempt the Lord?”                  12 Then the hands of Moses be-
 3 And so the people were thirsty in           came heavy. And so, taking a stone,
that place, due to the scarcity of w a-        they placed it beneath him, and he
ter, and they murmured against                 sat on it. Then Aaron and Hur su s-
Moses, saying: “Why did you cause              tained his hands from both sides.
us to go out of Egypt, so as to kill           And it happened that his hands did
us and our children, as well as our            not tire until the setting of the sun.
cattle, with thirst?”                           13 And Joshua put to flight Amalek
 4 Then Moses cried out to the Lord,           and his people by the edge of the
saying: “What shall I do with this             sword.
people? A little while more and they            14 Then the Lord said to Moses:
will stone me.”                                “Write this, as a memorial in a
 5 And the Lord said to Moses: “Go             book, and deliver it to the ears of
before the people, and take with you           Joshua. For I will wipe away the
some of the elders of Israel. And              memory of Amalek from under hea-
take in your hand the staff, with              ven.”
which you struck the river, and a d-            15 And Moses built an altar. And he
vance.                                         called its name, „The Lord, my E x-
 6 Lo, I will stand in that place b e-         altation.‟ For he said:
fore you, on the rock of Horeb. And             16 “The hand of the throne of the
you shall strike the rock, and wate r          Lord, and the war of the Lord, will
will go forth from it, so that the             be against Amalek from generation
people may drink.” Moses did so in             to generation.”
the sight of the elders of Israel.
                                                           CHAPTER 18


 1 And when Jethro, the priest of             the hand of Pharaoh; he has rescued
Midian, the kinsman of Moses, had             his people from the hand of Egypt.
heard all that God had done for                11 Now I know that the great Lord
Moses, and for his people Israel,             is above all gods. This is why they
and that the Lord had led Israel              acted arrogantly against them.”
away from Egypt,                               12 And so Jethro, the kinsman of
 2 he brought Zipporah, the wife of           Moses, offered holocausts and sacri-
Moses, whom he was to return to               fices to God. And Aaron arrived
him,                                          with all the elders of Israel, in order
 3 and her two sons, of whom one              to eat bread with him in the sight of
was called Gershom, (for his father           God.
said, “I have been a newcomer in a             13 Then, the next day, Moses sat
foreign land,”)                               down in order to judge the people,
 4 and the other in truth was Eliezer,        and they stood beside Moses from
(“For the God of my father,” he               morning, even until evening.
said, “is my helper, and has re scued          14 And when, of course, his kin s-
me from the sword of Pha raoh.”)              man saw all that he did among the
 5 And so Jethro, the kinsman of              people, he said: “What is this that
Moses, with his sons and his wife,            you do among the people? Why do
came to Moses in the desert, where            you sit alone, while all the people
he was encamped next to the mou n-            stand before you, from morning,
tain of God.                                  even until evening?”
 6 And he sent word to Moses, sa y-            15 And Moses answered him : “The
ing: “I, Jethro, your kinsman, have           people come to me seeking the ve r-
come to you, with your wife, and              dict of God.
your two sons with her.”                       16 And when any kind of dispute
 7 And going out to meet his kin s-           occurs among them, they come to
man, he reverenced and kissed him.            me to judge between them, and to
And they saluted each other with              reveal the precepts of God and of
peaceful words. And when he had               his laws.”
arrived at the tent,                           17 But he said, “This is not good,
 8 Moses explained to his kin sman            what you are doing.
all that the Lord had done to Ph a-            18 You will be consumed by foolish
raoh and to the Egyptians on behalf           efforts, both you and this people
of Israel, and all the hardships              who are with you. The task is
which had befallen them on the                beyond your strength; you will not
journey, and how the Lord had freed           be able bear it alone.
them.                                          19 But listen to my words and
 9 And Jethro was gladdened over              counsels, and then God will be with
all the good that the Lord had done           you. Be available to the people in
for Israel, because he had rescued            that which pertains to God, so as to
them from the hand of the Egyp-               refer what they say to him,
tians.                                         20 and to reveal to the people the
 10 And he said: “Blessed is the              ceremonies, and the rituals of wo r-
Lord, who has freed his people from           ship, and the way by which they
the hand of the Egyptians and from


should progress, and the work that             tents away from the region of the
they should do.                                mountain.
 21 Then provide, from all of the               3 Then Moses ascended to God.
people, men capable and fearing                And the Lord called to him from the
God, in whom there is truth and who            mountain, and he said: “This
hate avarice, and appoint from them             you shall say to the house of Jacob,
tribunes, and leaders of hundreds,             and announce to the sons of Israel:
and of fifties, and of tens,                    4 „You have seen what I have done
 22 who may judge the people at all            to the Egyptians, in what way I car-
times. Then, when anything greater             ried you upon the wings of eagles
will have occurred, they may refer it          and how I have taken you for m y-
to you, and let them judge the lesser          self.
matters only. And so it may be lig h-           5 If, therefore, you will hear my
ter for you, the burden being d i-             voice, and you will keep my cov e-
vided among others.                            nant, you will be to me a particular
 23 If you will do this, you will fu l-        possession out of all people. For all
fill the orders of God, and you will           the earth is mine.
be able to uphold his precepts. And             6 And you will be to me a priestly
this entire people will return to their        kingdom and a holy nation.‟ These
places in peace.”                              are the words that you will speak to
 24 Having heard this, Moses did               the sons of Israel.”
everything that he had suggested to             7 Moses went, and calling t ogether
him.                                           those greater by birth among the
 25 And choosing virtuous men from             people, he set forth all the words
all of Israel, he appointed them as            which the Lord had commanded.
leaders of the people: tribunes, and            8 And all the people responded t o-
leaders of hundreds, and of fi fties,          gether: “Everything that the Lord
and of tens.                                   has spoken, we shall do.” And when
 26 And they judged the people at              Moses had related the words of the
all times. But whatever was more               people to the Lord,
serious, they referred to him, and              9 the Lord said to him: “Soon now,
they judged easier matters only.               I will come to you in the mist of a
 27 And he dismissed his kinsman,              cloud, so that the people m ay hear
who, turning back, went to his own             me speaking to you, and so that they
land.                                          may believe you continuously.”
                                               Therefore, Moses reported the
            CHAPTER 19                         words of the people to the Lord,
 1 In the third month of the depar-             10 who said to him: “Go to the
ture of Israel from the land of                people, and sanctify them today, and
Egypt, in that day, they arrived in            tomorrow, and let them wash their
the wilderness of Sinai.                       garments.
 2 Thus, setting out from Rap hidim,            11 And let them be prepared on the
and going directly to the desert of            third day. For on the third day, the
Sinai, they encamped in the same               Lord will descend, in the sight of all
place, and there Israel pitched their          the people, over Mount Sinai.


 12 And you will establish limits for         20 And the Lord descended over
the people all around, and you will          Mount Sinai, to the very top of the
say to them: „Take care not to as-           mountain, and he called Moses to its
cend to the mountain, and that you           summit. And when he had ascended
do not touch its parts. All who touch        there,
the mountain, shall die a death.‟             21 he said to him: “Descend, and
 13 Hands shall not touch him, but           call the people to witness, lest they
he shall be crushed with stones, or          might be willing to transgress the
he shall be pierced through with             limits, so as to see the Lord, and a
darts. Whether it be a beast or a            very great multitude of them might
man, he shall not live. Fo r when the        perish.
trumpet begins to sound, perhaps              22 Likewise, the priests who ap-
they might go up toward the mou n-           proach toward the Lord, let them be
tain.”                                       sanctified, lest he strike them
 14 And Moses came down from the             down.”
mountain to the people, and he san c-         23 And Moses said to the Lord:
tified them. And when they had               “The people are not able to ascend
washed their garments,                       to Mount Sinai. For you testified,
 15 he said to them, “Be prepared on         and you commanded, saying: „Set
the third day, and do not draw near          limits around the mountain, and
to your wives.”                              sanctify it.‟ ”
 16 And now, the third day a rrived           24 And the Lord said to him, “Go,
and the morning dawned. And b e-             descend. And you shall ascend, and
hold, thunders began to be heard,            Aaron with you. But let not the
and also lightning flashed, and a            priests or the people transgress the
very dense cloud covered the mou n-          limits, nor ascend to the Lord, lest
tain, and the noise of the trumpet           perhaps he may put them to death.”
resounded vehemently. And the                 25 And Moses descended to the
people who were in the camp were             people, and he explained everything
fearful.                                     to them.
 17 And when Moses had led them
out to meet God, from the place of                       CHAPTER 20
the camp, they stood at the base of           1 And the Lord spoke all these
the mountain.                                words:
 18 Then all of Mount Sinai was               2 “I am the Lord your God, who led
smoking. For the Lord had de s-              you away from the land of Egypt,
cended over it with fire, and smoke          out of the house of servitude.
ascended from it, as from a furnace.          3 You shall not have strange gods
And the entire mountain was terr i-          before me.
ble.                                          4 You shall not make for you rself a
 19 And the sound of the trumpet             graven image, nor a likeness of an y-
gradually increased to be louder,            thing that is in heaven above or on
and extended to be longer. Moses             earth below, nor of those things
was speaking, and God was answer-            which are in the waters under the
ing him.                                     earth.


 5 You shall not adore them, nor               18 Then all the people considered
shall you worship them. I am the              the voices, and the lights, and the
Lord your God: strong, zealous, v i-          sound of the trumpet, and the smo k-
siting the iniquity of the fathers on         ing mountain. And being terrified
the sons to the third and fourth ge n-        and struck with fear, they stood at a
eration of those who hate me,                 distance,
 6 and showing mercy to thousands              19 saying to Moses: “Speak to us,
of those who love me and keep my              and we will listen. Let not the Lord
precepts.                                     speak to us, lest perhaps we may
 7 You shall not take the name of             die.”
the Lord your God in vain. For the             20 And Moses said to the people:
Lord will not hold harmless one               “Do not be afraid. For God came in
who takes the name of the Lord his            order to test you, and so th at the
God falsely.                                  dread of him might be with you, and
 8 Remember that you are to sanct i-          you would not sin.”
fy the day of the Sabbath.                     21 And the people stood far away.
 9 For six days, you will work and            But Moses approached toward the
accomplish all your tasks.                    mist, in which was God.
 10 But the seventh day is the Sab-            22 Thereafter, the Lord said to
bath of the Lord your God. You                Moses: “This you shall say to the
shall not do any work in it: you and          sons of Israel: You have seen that I
your son and your daughter, your              have spoken to you from heaven.
male servant and your female se r-             23 You shall not make gods of si l-
vant, your beast and the newcomer             ver, nor shall you make for you r-
who is within your gates.                     selves gods of gold.
 11 For in six days the Lord ma de             24 You shall make an altar from the
heaven and earth, and the sea, and            earth for me, and you shall offer
all the things that are in them, and          upon it your holocausts and peace -
so he rested on the seventh day. For          offerings, your sheep and oxen, in
this reason, the Lord has blessed the         every place where the memory of
day of the Sabbath and sanctified it.         my name shall be. I will come to
 12 Honor your father and your                you, and I will bless you.
mother, so that you may have a long            25 And if you make an altar of
life upon the land, which the Lord            stone for me, you shall not build it
your God will give to you.                    from cut stones; for if you lift up a
 13 You shall not murder.                     tool over it, it will be defiled.
 14 You shall not commit adu ltery.            26 You shall not ascend by steps to
 15 You shall not steal.                      my altar, lest your nakedness be r e-
 16 You shall not speak false test i-         vealed.”
mony against your neighbor.
 17 You shall not covet the house of                      CHAPTER 21
your neighbor; neither shall you d e-          1 “These are the judgments which
sire his wife, nor male servant, nor          you shall place before them:
female servant, nor ox, nor donkey,            2 If you buy a Hebrew servant, six
nor anything that is his.”                    years shall he serve you; in the s e-


venth, he shall depart freely, wit h-          hands, then I will appoint for you a
out charge.                                    place to which he must flee.
 3 With whatever clothing he ar-                14 If someone murders his neighbor
rived, with the like let him depart.           with deliberation, by lying in wait,
If he has a wife, his wife also shall          you shall tear him away from my
depart, at the same time.                      altar, so that he may die.
 4 But if his lord gave him a wife,             15 Whoever strikes his father or
and she has borne sons and daug h-             mother shall die a death.
ters, the woman and her chi ldren               16 Whoever will have stolen a man
shall belong her lord. Yet still, he           and sold him, having been co nvicted
himself will go out with his clot h-           of the crime, shall be put to death.
ing.                                            17 Whoever speaks evil of his f a-
 5 And if the servant will say, „I             ther or mother shall die a death .
love my lord, and my wife and                   18 If men will have quarreled, and
children, I will not depart freely,‟           one of them has struck his neighbor
 6 then his lord shall make an offe r-         with a stone or a fist, and he does
ing for him to the heavens, and it             not die, but lies in bed,
shall be applied to the door and the            19 if he gets up again and can walk
posts, and he will pierce his ear              outside on his staff, he who struck
with an awl. And he shall be his               him will be innocent, but only if he
servant in perpetuity.                         makes sufficient restitution for his
 7 If anyone sells his daughter to be          deeds and for the cost of the phys i-
a servant, she shall not depart as a           cians.
female servant is accustomed to go              20 Whoever strikes his male or f e-
out.                                           male servant with a staff, and if
 8 If she displeases the eyes of her           they have died by his hands, he
lord, to whom she had been deli-               shall be guilty of a crime.
vered, he shall dismiss her. But he             21 But if he survives for one day or
shall have no authority to sell her to         two, he shall not be subj ect to pu-
a foreign people, even if he despises          nishment, because it is his money.
her.                                            22 If men will have quarreled, and
 9 But if he has betrothed her to his          one of them has struck a pre gnant
son, he shall treat her according to           woman, and as a result she misca r-
the custom with daughters.                     ries, but she herself survives, he
 10 And if he takes another for him,           shall be subject to as much damage
he shall provide to the maiden a               as the husband of the woman shall
marriage, and clothing, and he shall           petition from him, or as arbitrators
not refuse the price of her chastity.          shall judge.
 11 If he does not do these three               23 But if her death will have fo l-
things, she shall depart freely, wit h-        lowed, he will repay a life for a life,
out money.                                      24 an eye for an eye, a tooth for a
 12 Whoever strikes a man, intend-             tooth, a hand for a hand, a foot for a
ing to murder, shall be pu t to death.         foot,
 13 But if he did not lie in wait for           25 a scrape for a scrape, a wound
him, but God delivered him into his            for a wound, a bruise fo r a bruise.


 26 If anyone will have struck the            not confine it, then he shall repay
eye of his male or female servant,            an ox for an ox, and he will receive
having left them with one eye, he             the whole carcass.”
shall release them freely, because of
the eye that he has put out.                               CHAPTER 22
 27 Likewise, if he knocks out a               1 “If anyone will have stolen an ox
tooth of his male or female servant,          or a sheep, and if he kills it or sells
he shall similarly release them free-         it, then he will restore five oxen for
ly.                                           one ox, and four sheep for one
 28 If an ox has struck a man or a            sheep.
woman with his horn, and if they               2 If a thief will have been di scov-
die, it shall be stoned. And its flesh        ered breaking into a house, or di g-
shall not be eaten; also, the owner           ging under it, and he has received a
of the ox will be innocent.                   mortal wound, he who struck him
 29 But if the ox had been pushing            down will not be guilty of blood.
with his horn, from yesterday and              3 But if he did this when the sun
the day before, and they warned his           was risen, he has perpetrated a h o-
owner, but he did not confine it, and         micide, and he shall die. If he does
it will have killed a man or a wo m-          not have the means to make restit u-
an, then the ox shall be stoned, and          tion for the theft, he shall be sold.
his owner shall be killed.                     4 If whatever he stole should be
 30 But if they have imposed a price          found with him, a living thing, e i-
on him, he shall give, in exchange            ther an ox, or a donkey, or a sheep,
for his life, whatever is asked.              he shall repay double.
 31 Likewise, if it has struck a son           5 If there is any damage to a field
or a daughter with its horns, it shall        or a vineyard, when he has r eleased
be subject to a similar verdict.              his cattle to pasture on the land of a
 32 If it attacks a male or female            stranger, he shall repay the best of
servant, he shall give thirty shekels         what he has in his own field, or in
of silver to their lord, yet truly the        his own vineyard, according to the
ox shall be stoned.                           estimation of the damage.
 33 If a man digs or opens a ci stern,         6 If a fire will have been disco v-
and does not cover it, and an ox or a         ered departing from brush, and tak-
donkey falls into it,                         ing hold in stacks of grain, or in
 34 then the owner of the cistern             crops standing in the fields, whoe v-
shall repay the price of the beasts,          er ignited the fire shall repay the
and what is dead will belong to him.          damages.
 35 If the ox of a stranger wound s            7 If anyone will have entrusted
the ox of another, and it has died,           money, or a container, to his friend
then they shall sell the live ox and          to keep, and if these have been st o-
divide the price, but the carcass of          len from the one who received them:
the dead one they shall distribute            if the thief is found, he shall repay
between them.                                 double.
 36 But if he knew that his ox had             8 If the thief is unknown, the lord
pushed with its horns, yesterday and          of the house will be brought b efore
the day before, and its owner did             the heavens to swear that he did not


lay his hand on the goods of his              dowry, which virgins are accu s-
neighbor,                                     tomed to receive.
 9 so as to perpetrate any fr aud,             18 You shall not permit practition-
such as with an ox, or a donkey, or a         ers of the black arts to live.
sheep, or clothing, nor to do an y-            19 Whoever has sexual inte rcourse
thing that would be able to cause             with an animal shall be put to death.
damage. The case of both shall be              20 Whoever immolates to gods,
brought before the heavens. And if            other than to the Lord, shall be
they give judgment against him, he            killed.
shall repay double to his neighbor.            21 You shall not harass the ne wco-
 10 If anyone will have entrusted a           mer, nor shall you afflict him. For
donkey, an ox, a sheep, or any an i-          you yourselves were once newco-
mal to the keeping of his neighbor,           mers in the land of Egypt.
and it will have died, or become               22 You shall not harm a widow or
disabled, or have been captured by            an orphan.
enemies, and no one saw it,                    23 If you hurt them, they will cry
 11 then there shall be an oath b e-          out to me, and I will hear their cry.
tween them, that he did not lay his            24 And my fury will be enraged,
hand on the goods of his neighbor.            and I will strike you down with the
And the owner shall accept the oath,          sword. And your wives will become
and he will not be compelled to               widows, and your sons will become
make restitution.                             orphans.
 12 But if it will have been taken             25 If you lend money to the poor of
away by theft, he shall repay the             my people who live among you, you
damages to the owner.                         shall not coerce them like a colle c-
 13 If it has been eaten by a wild            tor, nor oppress them with usury.
beast, let him carry what was killed           26 If you take a garment from your
to him, and then he shall not make            neighbor as a pledge, you shall r e-
restitution.                                  turn it to him again before the se t-
 14 If anyone borrows from his                ting of the sun.
neighbor any of these things, and it           27 For it is all that he has to cov er
has died or been disabled when the            himself, to clothe his body; nor does
owner was not present, he shall be            he have anything else in which to
compelled to make restitution.                sleep. If he cries out to me, I will
 15 But if the owner was present, he          hear him, because I am compassi o-
shall not make restitution, esp ecial-        nate.
ly if it had been brought for hired            28 You shall not disparage the hea-
work.                                         vens, and you shall not speak evil of
 16 If a man has led astray a vi rgin         the leader of your people.
not yet betrothed, and he has slept            29 You shall not delay in paying
with her, he shall pay her dowry and          your tithes and your first -fruits. You
have her as a wife.                           shall give the firstborn of your sons
 17 If the father of the virgin is not        to me.
willing to give her, he shall pay              30 You shall do likewise with those
money according to manner of a                of the oxen and the sheep. For seven
                                              days, let it be with its mother; on


the eighth day you shall repay it to          you do with your vineyard and your
me.                                           olive grove.
 31 You shall be holy men for me.              12 For six days, you shall work. On
The flesh, from which beasts will             the seventh day, you shall cease, so
have tasted, you shall not eat, but           that your ox and your donkey may
you will throw it to the dogs.”               rest, and so that the newcomer and
                                              the son of your handmaid may be
             CHAPTER 23                       refreshed.
 1 “You shall not accept a lying               13 Preserve all that I have said to
voice. Neither shall you join your            you. And by the names of foreign
hand so as to give false testimony            gods you shall not swear; neither
on behalf on the impious.                     shall these be heard from your
 2 You shall not follow the crowd in          mouth.
doing evil. Neither shall you go a s-          14 Three times in each year, you
tray in judgment, by agreeing with            shall celebrate feasts to me.
the majority opinion, apart from the           15 You shall keep the solemnity of
truth.                                        unleavened bread. For seven days
 3 Likewise, you shall not show pity          you shall eat unleavened bread, just
in judgment of the poor.                      as I instructed you, at the time of
 4 If you come across an ox or a              the month of new grain, when you
donkey of your enemy, which has               departed from Egypt. You shall not
gone astray, lead it back to him.             appear empty-handed in my sight,
 5 If you see the donkey of one who            16 for it is the solemnity of t he
hates you, fallen under its bu rden,          harvest of the first-fruits of your
you shall not pass by without lifting         work, of whatever you have sown in
it up with him.                               the field. Likewise, it is a solemnity
 6 You shall not deviate in jud gment         at the end of the season, when you
of the poor.                                  will have gathered in all your crops
 7 You shall flee from lies. The i n-         from the field.
nocent and the just you shall not              17 Three times a year, all your
kill. For I shun the impious.                 males shall appear befo re the Lord
 8 Neither shall you accept bribes,           your God.
which blind even the prudent and               18 You shall not immolate the
subvert the words of the just.                blood of my victim over leaven, nor
 9 You shall not harass a sojourner,          shall the fat of my solemnity remain
for you know the life of a newco-             until morning.
mer. For you yourselves also were              19 You shall carry the first grain of
sojourners in the land of Egypt.              the land to the house of the Lord
 10 For six years, you shall sow              your God. You shall not cook a
your land and gather its produce.             young goat in the milk of its mother.
 11 But in the seventh year, you               20 Behold, I will send my Angel,
shall release it and cause it to rest,        who will go before you, and pr e-
so that the poor of your people may           serve you on your journey, and lead
eat. And whatever remains, let the            you into the place that I have pr e-
beasts of the field eat it. So shall          pared.


 21 Heed him, and hear his voice,              the way to the river. I will deliver
and do not hold him in disregard.              into your hands the inhabitants of
For he will not release you when               the land, and I will cast them out
you have sinned, and my name is in             from your sight.
him.                                            32 You shall not enter into a pact
 22 But if you listen to his voice             with them, nor with their gods.
and do all that I say, I will be an             33 They may not live on your land,
enemy to your enemies, and I will              lest perhaps they may cause you to
afflict those who afflict you.                 sin against me, if you serve their
 23 And my Angel will go before                gods, which certainly would be a
you, and he will bring you to the              temptation for you.”
Amorite, and the Hittite, and the P e-
rizzite, and the Canaanite, and the                         CHAPTER 24
Hivite, and the Jebusite, whom I                1 He also said to Moses: “Ascend
will crush.                                    to the Lord, you and Aaron, Nadab
 24 You shall not adore their gods,            and Abihu, and seventy elders out of
nor worship them. You shall not do             Israel, and adore from a distance.
their works, but you shall d estroy             2 And only Moses will ascend to
them and break apart their sta tues.           the Lord, and these shall not a p-
 25 And you shall serve the Lord               proach. Neither shall the people a s-
your God, so that I may bless your             cend with him.”
bread and your waters, and so that I            3 Therefore, Moses went and ex-
may take away sickness from your               plained to the people all the words
midst.                                         of the Lord, as well as the jud g-
 26 There will not be fruitless or             ments. And all the people responded
barren ones in your land. I will fill          with one voice: “We will do all the
up the number of your days.                    words of the Lord, which he has
 27 I will send my terror to run               spoken.”
ahead of you, and I will kill all the           4 Then Moses wrote all the words
people to whom you will enter. And             of the Lord. And rising up in the
I will turn the backs of all your              morning, he built an al tar at the
enemies before you,                            base of the mountain, with twelve
 28 sending wasps ahead, so that               titles according to the twelve tribes
they will put to flight the Hivite,            of Israel.
and the Canaanite, and the Hittite,             5 And he sent youths from the sons
before you enter.                              of Israel, and they offered hol o-
 29 I will not cast them out from              causts, and they immolated calves
your face in one year, lest the land           as peace-offerings to the Lord.
be reduced to a wilderness and the              6 And so Moses took one half part
wild beasts increase against you.              of the blood, and he put it into
 30 I will expel them little by li ttle        bowls. Then the remaining part he
from your sight, until you have e x-           poured over the altar.
panded and may possess the land.                7 And taking up the book of the co-
 31 Then I will set your limits to be          venant, he read it in the hearing of
from the Red Sea to the Sea of the             the people, who said: “All that the
Palestinians, and from the desert all


Lord has spoken, we will do, and we           mountain. And he was there for fo r-
will be obedient.”                            ty days and forty nights.
 8 In truth, taking up the blood, he
sprinkled it on the people, and he                          CHAPTER 25
said, “This is the blood of the cov e-         1 And the Lord spoke to Moses,
nant, which the Lord has formed               saying:
with you concerning all these                  2 “Speak to the sons of Israel, so
words.”                                       that they may take the first -fruits to
 9 And Moses and Aaron, Nadab and             me. You shall accept these from
Abihu, and seventy of the elders of           every man who offers of his own
Israel ascended.                              accord.
 10 And they saw the God of Israel.            3 Now these are the things that you
And under his feet was som ething             must accept: Gold, and silver, and
like a work of sapphire stone, or             brass,
like the sky, when it is serene.               4 hyacinth and purple, and twice -
 11 Neither did he lay his hand upon          dyed scarlet, and fine linen, the hair
those of the sons of Israel who were          of goats,
at a distance. And they saw God,               5 and the skins of rams, dyed red,
and they ate and drank.                       and skins of violet, and setim wood,
 12 Then the Lord said to Moses:               6 oil to prepare lights, aromatics as
“Ascend to me on the mountain, and            ointments and sweet -smelling in-
be there. And I will give to you ta b-        cense,
lets of stone, and the law and the             7 onyx stones and gems to adorn
commandments that I have written.             the ephod as well as the breastplate.
So may you teach them.”                        8 And they shall make a sanct uary
 13 Moses rose up, with Joshua his            for me, and I will live in their
minister. And Moses, ascending on             midst.
the mountain of God,                           9 According to exact likeness of the
 14 said to the elders: “Wait here,           tabernacle, and all of the vessels for
until we return to you. You have A a-         its rituals, that I will reveal to you,
ron and Hur with you. If any que s-           so shall you make it.
tion arises, you shall refer it to             10 Join together an ark of setim
them.”                                        wood, whose length shall hold two
 15 And when Moses had ascended,              and one half cubits; the width, one
a cloud covered the mou ntain.                and one half cubits; the height,
 16 And the glory of the Lord dwelt           likewise, one and one half cubits.
upon Sinai, covering it with a cloud           11 And you shall overlay it with the
for six days. And on the se venth             finest gold, inside and out. And over
day, he called to him from the mi d-          it, you shall fashion a gold crown
dle of the mist.                              all around,
 17 Now the appearance of the glory            12 and four gold rings, which you
of the Lord was like a burning fire           shall set into the four corners of the
over the summit of the mountain in            ark. Let two rings be on one side
the sight of the sons of Israel.              and two on the other.
 18 And Moses, entering into the
midst of the cloud, ascended the


 13 Likewise, you shall make bars              24 And you shall overlay it with
of setim wood and cover them with             the purest gold. And you shall make
gold.                                         it with a gold lip all around,
 14 And you shall put them through             25 and for the lip itself an engraved
the rings that are in the sides of the        crown, four fingers high, and above
ark, so that it may be carried on             it another little gold crown.
them.                                          26 Likewise, you shall prepare four
 15 These must always be in the               gold rings and set them in the four
rings, neither shall they ever be             corners of the same table, over each
drawn out of them.                            foot.
 16 And you shall place the test imo-          27 Under the crown, there shall be
ny, which I will give to you, in the          gold rings, so that the bars may be
ark.                                          put through them and the table may
 17 You shall also make a propiti a-          be carried.
tory of the finest gold. Its length            28 Likewise, the bars themselves
shall hold two and one half cubits,           you shall make of setim wood, and
and the width, one and one half c u-          surround them with gold, to lift up
bits.                                         the table.
 18 Likewise, you shall make two               29 You shall also prepare small
Cherubim of formed gold, on both              cups, as well as bowls, censers, and
sides of the oracle.                          measuring cups, with which the li-
 19 Let one Cherub be on the one              bations shall be offered, out of the
side, and the other be on the other.          purest gold.
 20 And let them cover both sides of           30 And you shall place upon the t a-
the propitiatory, spreading their             ble the bread of the presence, in my
wings and covering the oracle, and            sight always.
let them look out toward one anoth-            31 You shall also make a
er, their faces being turned toward           lampstand, formed from the finest
the propitiatory, with which the ark          gold, along with its stem and arms,
is to be covered,                             its bowl and little spheres, as well
 21 in which you will place the te s-         as the lilies proceeding from it.
timony that I will give to you.                32 Six branches shall go out from
 22 From there, I will warn you and           the sides: three out of one side and
speak to you, above the propiti atory         three out of the other.
and from the middle of the two Ch e-           33 Three bowls, the size of nuts,
rubim, which will be over the ark of          shall be on each branch, and a little
the testimony, about everything that          sphere with it, and a lily. And t hree
I will command of the sons of Israel          similar bowls, in the likeness of
through you.                                  nuts, shall be on the other branch,
 23 You shall also make a table of            and a little sphere with it, and a lily.
setim wood, having two cubits of              This shall be the form of the six
length, and one cubit in width, and           branches, which are to proceed from
one cubit and one half cubits in              the stem.
height.                                        34 Then, in the lampstand itself,
                                              there shall be four bowls, the size of


nuts, and each with little spheres             against loop, and one can be fitted
and lilies.                                    to the other.
 35 Little spheres under two                    6 You shall also make fifty rings of
branches in three places, which t o-           gold, with which the veils of the
gether make six, shall proceed from            curtains are to be joined, so that it
one of the stems.                              shall be one tabernacle.
 36 Thus both the little spheres and            7 You shall also make eleven hai r-
the branches shall be made out of              cloth canopies to cover the roof of
the same thing: entirely formed                the tabernacle.
from the purest gold.                           8 The length of one canopy shall
 37 You shall also make seven                  hold thirty cubits, and the width,
lamps, and you shall place them                four. The measure of all the can o-
upon the lampstand, so that they               pies shall be equal.
may give light in every direction.              9 Five of these you shall join by
 38 Likewise, the candle snuffers,             themselves, and six of these you
and the place where the candles will           shall couple to one another, in such
be extinguished, shall be made from            a manner as to double the sixth c a-
the purest gold.                               nopy at the front of the roof.
 39 The entire weight of the can-               10 You shall also make fifty loops
dlestick, with all its parts, shall            along the edge of one canopy, so
hold one talent of the purest gold.            that it may be able to be joined with
 40 Observe, and then make it a c-             the other, and fifty loops along the
cording to the example that was                edge of the other canopy, so that it
shown to you on the mountain.”                 may be coupled with the other.
                                                11 You shall also make fifty brass
             CHAPTER 26                        buckles, with which the loops may
 1 “Truly, thus shall you make the             be joined, so that there may be one
tabernacle: You shall make ten cu r-           covering out of all.
tains of fine twisted linen, and hya-           12 Then what will be left over of
cinth as well as purple, and twice -           the canopies which are prepared for
dyed scarlet, with diverse embro i-            the roof, that is, one canopy which
dery.                                          is in excess, from half of it you
 2 The length of one curtain shall             shall cover the back of the tabe r-
have twenty-eight cubits. The width            nacle.
shall be four cubits. The entire set            13 And one cubit will hang down
of curtains shall be of one measure.           on one side, and another on the oth-
 3 Five curtains shall be joined to            er side, which is more than the
one another, and the other five shall          length of the curtains, protecting
be similarly coupled together.                 both sides of the tabernacle.
 4 You shall make loops of hyacinth             14 You shall also make another
on the sides at the edges of the cu r-         covering for the roof from the skins
tains, so that they w ill be able to be        of rams, dyed-red, and above that
joined to one another.                         again, another covering of violet -
 5 A curtain shall have fifty loops            colored skins.
on each of two sides, inserted in
such a manner that loop may come


 15 You shall also make the standing           28 These shall be set along the
panels of the tabernacle from setim           middle of the panels, from one end
wood.                                         all the way to the other end.
 16 Of these, each shall have ten              29 Likewise, the panels themselves
cubits in length, and in width, one           you shall overlay with gold, and you
and one half.                                 shall establish rings of gold in them,
 17 At the sides of the panels, there         by which the bars of the panels may
shall be made two dovetails, by               be connected. These you shall cover
which one panel may be conn ected             with layers of gold.
to another panel; and in this way all          30 And you shall raise the taber-
the panels shall be prepared.                 nacle according to the example
 18 Of these, twenty shall be at the          which was shown to you on the
meridian, which lies toward the               mountain.
south.                                         31 You shall also make a veil of
 19 For these, you shall cast forty           hyacinth, and purple, and twice -
bases of silver, so that two bases            dyed scarlet, and fine twisted linen,
will lie under each panel at its two          wrought with a diversity of cont i-
corners.                                      nuous and beautiful embroidery.
 20 Likewise, at the second side of            32 And you shall suspend it b efore
the tabernacle, which lies to the             four columns of setim wood, which
north, there shall be twenty panels,          themselves certainly shall be overl a-
 21 having forty bases of silver; two         id with gold, and have heads of
bases shall support each panel.               gold, but bases of silver.
 22 Truly, toward the western part             33 Then the veil shall be inserted
of the tabernacle, you shall make             through the rings. Beyond the veil,
six panels,                                   you shall place the ark of the test i-
 23 and again another two, which              mony, where both the Sanctuary and
will be raised at the corners, behind         the Sanctuary of Sanctuaries shall
the back of the tabernacle.                   be divided.
 24 And these shall be joined t o-             34 And you shall place the propiti a-
gether from bottom to top, and one            tory over the ark of the test imony,
joint shall retain them all. Likewise,        in the Holy of Holies.
two of the panels, which will be set           35 And the table shall be outside
at the corners, shall be served by            the veil. And opposite the table
similar joints.                               shall be the lampstand, in the mer i-
 25 And together these will be eight          dian of the tabernacle. For the table
panels, and their bases of silver,            shall stand at the north side.
sixteen, counting two bases for each           36 You shall also make a tent at the
panel.                                        entrance of the tabernacle from hya-
 26 You shall also make five bars of          cinth, and purple, and twice -dyed
setim wood, to connect the panels             scarlet, and fine twisted linen,
on one side of the tabernacl e,               wrought with embroidery.
 27 and five others on the other               37 And you shall overlay with gold
side, and the same number toward              five columns of setim wood, over
the western part.                             which the tent shall be drawn. The


heads of these shall be of gold, and           11 In like manner also, throughout
the bases of brass.”                          the length of the north side, there
                                              shall be hangings of one hundred
             CHAPTER 27                       cubits, and twenty columns, and the
 1 “You shall also make an altar of           same number of bases of brass, and
setim wood, which will have five              their heads with their e ngravings of
cubits in length, and the same in             silver.
width, that is, four equal sides, and          12 Yet truly, along the width of the
three cubits in height.                       atrium that looks out toward the
 2 Now there shall be horns at the            west, there shall be hangings of fi f-
four corners of it, and you shall             ty cubits, and ten columns, and the
cover it with brass.                          same number of bases.
 3 And you shall make, for its uses,           13 Likewise, along the width of the
pans to receive the ashes, and tongs          atrium that looks out toward the
as well as small hooks, and recep-            east, there shall be fifty cubits,
tacles for fire. You shall fabricate           14 along which there shall be a s-
all of its vessels from brass,                signed hangings of fifteen cubits for
 4 along with a grating of brass in           one side, and three columns, and the
the manner of a net. At its four co r-        same number of bases.
ners there shall be four rings of              15 And, along the other side, there
brass,                                        shall be hangings occupying fi fteen
 5 which you shall place under the            cubits, with three columns and the
base of the altar. And the grating            same number of bases.
will extend even to the middle of              16 Yet truly, at the entrance of the
the altar.                                    atrium, there shall be made a han g-
 6 You shall also make, for the altar,        ing of twenty cubits, of hyacinth
two bars of setim wood, which you             and purple, and twice-dyed scarlet,
shall cover with layers of brass.             and fine twisted linen, wrought with
 7 And you shall lead them through            embroidery. It shall have four co l-
the rings, and they will be on both           umns, with the same number of
sides of the altar to carry it.               bases.
 8 You shall not make it solid, but            17 All the columns surrounding the
empty and hollow at the interior,             atrium shall be clothed with la yers
just as it was shown to you on the            of silver, with silver heads, and with
mountain.                                     bases of brass.
 9 You shall also make the atrium of           18 In length, the atrium shall o ccu-
the tabernacle, at the southern part          py one hundred cubits, in width, fi f-
of which, opposite the meridian,              ty; the height shall be of five c ubits.
there shall be hangings of fine               And it shall be made of fine twisted
twisted linen: one side extending for         linen, and it shall have bases of
one hundred cubits in length.                 brass.
 10 And you shall make twenty col-             19 All the vessels of the tabern acle,
umns with the same number of bases            for all uses and ceremonies, even to
of brass, the heads of which, with            the tent pegs for its atrium , you
their engravings, shall be made of            shall make of brass.


 20 Instruct the sons of Israel so            twisted linen, wrought with d iverse
that they may bring you the purest            colors.
oil of the olive trees, crushed with a         7 It shall have two edges joined at
pestle, so that a lamp may always             the top on both sides, so that they
burn                                          may respond as one.
 21 in the tabernacle of the test imo-         8 Likewise, the weaving and all the
ny, outside of the veil that e n-             detail work shall be of gold, and
shrouds the testimony. And Aaron              hyacinth, and purple, and twice -
and his sons shall arrange it, so that        dyed scarlet, and fine twisted linen.
it may give light in the presence of           9 And you shall take two onyx
the Lord, until morning. This shall           stones and engrave on them the
be a perpetual observance among               names of the sons of Isra el:
the sons of Israel, throughout their           10 six names on one stone, and the
successions.”                                 remaining six on the other, a ccord-
                                              ing to the order of their birth.
             CHAPTER 28                        11 By the work of a sculptor and
 1 “Also, join to yourself your               the skill of a jeweler, you shall e n-
brother Aaron, with his sons from             grave them with the names of the
the midst of the sons of Israel, so           sons of Israel, enclosed and enco m-
that they may exercise the pries t-           passed with gold.
hood for me: Aaron, Nadab and A b-             12 And you shall place them on
ihu, Eleazar and Ithamar.                     both sides of the ephod, as a m e-
 2 And you shall make a holy ves t-           morial to the sons of Israel. And A a-
ment for Aaron, your brother, with            ron shall carry their names before
glory and elegance.                           the Lord, upon both shoulders, as a
 3 And you shall speak to all the             remembrance.
wise of heart, whom I have filled              13 You shall also make hooks of
with the spirit of prudence, so that          gold,
they may make the vestments of A a-            14 and two little chains of the pur-
ron, in which, having been sanct i-           est gold, linked to one another,
fied, he may minister to me.                  which you shall insert into the
 4 Now these shall be the vestments           hooks.
that they shall make: A breas tplate           15 Likewise, you shall make the
and an ephod, a tunic and a close -fit        breastplate of judgment, wrought
linen garment, a headdress and a              with diverse colors according to
wide belt. They shall make the holy           weaving of the ephod: of gold, hya-
vestments for your brother Aaron              cinth and purple, and twice -dyed
and his sons, so that they may exe r-         scarlet, and fine twisted linen.
cise the priesthood for me.                    16 It shall have four corners and be
 5 And they shall receive gold, and           doubled. It shall have the measure
hyacinth, and purple, and twice-              of the palm of a hand, both in length
dyed scarlet, and fine linen.                 and in width.
 6 Then they shall make the ephod              17 And you shall set within it four
of gold, and hyacinth, and purple,            rows of stones. In the first row,
and twice-dyed scarlet, and fine              there shall be a sardius stone, and a
                                              topaz, and an emerald.


 18 In the second, there shall be a             not be able to be separated from one
garnet, a sapphire, and a jasper.               another.
 19 In the third, there shall be a zi r-         29 And Aaron shall carry the names
con, an agate, and an amethyst.                 of the sons of Israel on the
 20 In the fourth, there shall be a             breastplate of judgment upon his
chrysolite, an onyx, and a beryl.               chest, when he enters into the
They shall be set in gold by the ir             Sanctuary, as a memorial in the
rows.                                           presence of the Lord in eternity.
 21 And these shall have the names               30 Then you shall place in the
of the sons of Israel. With twelve              breastplate of judgment, Doctrine
names shall they be engraved: each              and Truth, which shall then be upon
stone with one name from the                    Aaron‟s chest, when he enters be-
twelve tribes.                                  fore the Lord. And he shall wear the
 22 You shall make chains of the                judgment of the sons of Israel on his
purest gold, linked one to another,             chest, in the sight of the Lord a l-
on the breastplate,                             ways.
 23 and two rings of gold, which                 31 And you shall make the tunic for
you shall place at both ends of the             the ephod entirely of hyacinth,
breastplate.                                     32 and the head will be above its
 24 And the golden chains, you shall            middle, with a hem woven around it,
join to the rings, which are at its             just as is usually made at the end
edges.                                          parts of a garment, so that it may
 25 And the ends of the chains                  not be easily broken.
themselves, you shall couple with                33 Yet truly, beneath it, at the base
two hooks, on both sides of the                 of the same tunic, all around, you
ephod, which looks toward the                   shall make something like pomegr a-
breastplate.                                    nates, from hyacinth, and purple,
 26 You shall also make two rings of            and twice-dyed scarlet, with little
gold, which you shall place at the              bells set in their midst.
ends of the breastplate, at the bo r-            34 So then, there shall be a little
ders which are away from the region             golden bell and a pomegranate, and
of the ephod and which look toward              again another golden bell and a p o-
its back.                                       megranate.
 27 And then you shall also make                 35 And Aaron will be vested with it
two other rings of gold, which are to           during the office of his mini stry, so
be suspended on both sides at the               that the sound may be heard when
bottom of the ephod, which looks                he enters and exits the Sanct uary, in
out opposite the face of the lower              the sight of the Lord, and so that he
juncture, so that the breastplate can           may not die.
be fitted to the ephod.                          36 And you shall make a plate of
 28 And it shall be drawn tight to              the purest gold, in which you shall
the rings of the breastpl ate, by the           engrave, with the skill of a sculptor,
rings of the ephod, with a hyacinth             „Holy to the Lord.‟
band, so that the well -constructed              37 And you shall fasten it with a
juncture will remain in place, and              band of hyacinth, and it shall be
the breastplate and the ephod will              upon the headdress,


 38 hanging in front of the high               make them all from the same wheat
priest. And Aaron shall carry the i n-         flour.
iquities of that which the sons of              3 And, having placed them in
Israel have offered and sanctified,            baskets, you shall offer them, along
in all their gifts and donations. But          with the calf and the two rams.
the plate will always be at his fore-           4 And you shall bring forward A a-
head, so that the Lord may be well             ron and his sons, to the door of the
pleased with them.                             tabernacle of the testimony. And
 39 And you shall draw the tunic               when you will have washed t he fa-
tight with fine linen, and you shall           ther with his sons in water,
make a headdress of fine linen, and             5 you shall clothe Aaron in his
a wide belt, wrought with embro i-             vestments, that is, with the linen,
dery.                                          and the tunic, and the ephod, and
 40 Furthermore, for the sons of Aa-           the breastplate, which you shall
ron, you shall prepare linen tunics,           draw together with the wide belt.
and wide belts as well as head-                 6 And you shall place the headdress
dresses, with glory and elegance.              on his head and the holy plate upon
 41 And with all these you shall vest          the headdress.
your brother Aaron, and his sons                7 And you shall pour the oil of un c-
with him. And you shall consecrate             tion over his head. And so, by this
all their hands, and you shall sanct i-        rite, he shall be consecrated.
fy them, so that they may exercise              8 Likewise, you shall bring fo rward
the priesthood for me.                         his sons, and you shall clothe them
 42 You shall also make linen un-              in the linen tunics, and wrap them
dergarments, in order to cover the             with the wide belt:
flesh of their nakedness, from the              9 Aaron, certainly, as well as his
kidneys all the way to the thighs.             sons. And you shall impose hea d-
 43 And Aaron and his sons will use            dresses upon them. And they shall
them when they enter the tabe rnacle           be priests to me by a perpetual o r-
of the testimony, and when they a p-           dinance. After you have initiated
proach toward the altar, in order to           their hands,
minister in the sanctuary, lest, being          10 you shall bring forward also the
guilty of iniquity, they may die. It           calf, in the presence of the tab er-
shall be a law forever for Aaron,              nacle of the testimony. And Aaron
and for his offspring after him.”              and his sons shall lay their hands
                                               upon its head.
            CHAPTER 29                          11 And you shall sacrifice it in the
 1 “But you shall also do this, so             sight of the Lord, beside the door of
that they may be consecrated to me             the tabernacle of the testimony.
in the priesthood: Take a calf from             12 And taking some of the blood of
the herd, and two immaculate rams,             the calf, you shall place i t upon the
 2 and unleavened bread, and a crust           horns of the altar with your fi nger,
without leaven that has been spri n-           but the remainder of the blood you
kled with oil, likewise, unleavened            shall pour next to its base.
cakes smeared with oil. You shall               13 And you shall take all the fat
                                               which covers its intestines, and the


mesh of the liver, as well as the two         along with the fat that is on them,
kidneys, and the fat that is on the m,        and the right shoulder, because it is
and you shall offer them as a burnt           the ram of consecration,
offering upon the altar.                       23 and one turn of bread, a crust
 14 Yet truly, the flesh of the calf,         sprinkled with oil, and a cake from
and the hide and the dung, you shall          the basket of unleavened bread,
burn outside, beyond the camp, b e-           which was placed in the sight of the
cause it is for sin.                          Lord.
 15 Likewise, you shall take one               24 And you shall place all these in
ram, and upon its head Aaron and              the hands of Aaron and his sons, and
his sons shall lay their hands.               you shall sanctify them, lifting them
 16 And when you will have sacri-             up in the sight of the Lord.
ficed it, you shall take from its              25 And you shall take all these
blood and pour it around the altar.           things from their hands and burn
 17 Then you shall cut the ram into           them upon the altar as a holocaust,
pieces, and, having washed its inte s-        as a most sweet odor in the sight of
tines and feet, you shall place these         the Lord, because it is his oblation.
upon the cut-up flesh and upon its             26 Likewise, you shall take the
head.                                         chest of the ram, with which Aaron
 18 And you shall offer the entire            was initiated, and you shall sanctify
ram as a burnt offering upon the a l-         it, lifting it up in the sight of the
tar. It is an oblation to the Lord, a         Lord, and it will fall to your share.
most sweet odor of the victim of the           27 And you shall sanctify both the
Lord.                                         consecrated chest and the shou lder
 19 Likewise, you shall take the              that you separated from the ram,
other ram, upon whose head Aaron               28 with which Aaron was initiated
and his sons shall lay their hands.           with his sons, and these will fall to
 20 And when you will have imm o-             the share of Aaron and his sons, as a
lated it, you shall take of its blood,        perpetual oath by the sons of Israel.
and place it on the tip of the right          For these are the greatest and the
ear of Aaron and his sons, and on             first of their victims of peace, which
the thumbs and big toes of their              they offer to the Lord.
right hand and right foot, and you             29 But the holy vestment, which
shall pour the blood upon the altar,          Aaron shall use, his sons shall pos-
all around.                                   sess after him, so that they may be
 21 And when you have taken from              anointed in it and their hands may
the blood that is on the altar, and           be consecrated.
from the oil of unction, you shall             30 For seven days, he who is high
sprinkle Aaron and his vestment, his          priest in his place and who e nters
sons and their vestments. And after           the tabernacle of the testimony to
they and their vestments have been            minister in the Sanctuary shall use
consecrated,                                  it.
 22 you shall take the fat of the ram,         31 But you shall take the ram of
and the rump, and the lard that co v-         consecration and cook its flesh in
ers the internal organs, and the mesh         the holy place.
of the liver, and the two ki dneys


 32 And Aaron and his sons shall               42 It is a sacrifice to the Lord, by a
feed on it. Likewise, the loaves              perpetual oblation among your ge n-
which are in the basket, they shall           erations, at the door of the tabe r-
consume in the vestibule of the t a-          nacle of the testimony before the
bernacle of the testimony,                    Lord, where I resolve to speak to
 33 so that it may be an appeasing            you.
sacrifice, and so that the hands of            43 And there I will instruct the
those who offer may be sanctified. A          sons of Israel, and the altar s hall be
stranger shall not eat from these, for        sanctified by my glory.
they are holy.                                 44 I will also sanctify the tabe r-
 34 And what may remain until                 nacle of the testimony with the a l-
morning, of the consecrated flesh or          tar, and Aaron with his sons, to e x-
of the bread, you shall burn these            ercise the priesthood for me.
remnants with fire. These shall not            45 And I will live in the midst of
be eaten, because they have been              the sons of Israel, and I will be their
sanctified.                                   God.
 35 All that I have instructed you             46 And they shall know that I am
concerning Aaron and his sons, you            the Lord their God, who led them
shall do. For seven days shall you            away from the land of Egypt, so that
consecrate their hands,                       I might dwell among them. I am the
 36 and you shall offer a calf for sin        Lord their God.”
on each day, as an atonement. And
you shall cleanse the altar when you                       CHAPTER 30
will have immolated the victim of              1 “You shall also make an altar, for
expiation, and you shall anoint it for        the burning of incense, from setim
sanctification.                               wood,
 37 For seven days, you shall ex-              2 having one cubit in l ength, and
piate and sanctify the altar, and it          another in width, that is, four equal
shall be the Holy of holies. All              sides, and two cubits in height.
those who will touch it must be               Horns shall proceed from the same.
sanctified.                                    3 And you shall clothe it with the
 38 This is what you shall acquire            purest gold, both its grating and the
for the altar: Two one-year-old               walls around it, and also the horns.
lambs, each day continually,                  And you shall make for it a c rown
 39 one lamb in the morning, and              of gold in a circle,
the other in the evening;                      4 and two gold rings under the
 40 for the one lamb, a tenth part of         crown on each side, so that the bars
fine flour sprinkled with crushed             may be set in them and the altar
oil, which shall have the measure of          may be carried.
the fourth part of a hin, and wine             5 Also, you shall make its bars of
for a libation, of the same measure;          setim wood, and you shall overlay
 41 truly, the other lamb you shall           them with gold.
offer in the evening, according to             6 And you shall set the alta r oppo-
the ritual of the morning oblation,           site the veil, which hangs in front of
and according to what we have said,           the ark of the testimony, before the
as an odor of sweetness.                      propitiatory with which the test imo-


ny is covered, where I will speak to          them before the Lord, and he may
you.                                          act favorably toward their souls.”
 7 And Aaron shall burn incense                17 And the Lord spoke to Moses,
upon it, a sweet fragrance, in the            saying:
morning. When he lights the lam ps,            18 “You shall also make a bronze
he shall burn it.                             washtub with its base to wash in;
 8 And when he assembles them in              and you shall place it between the
the evening, he shall burn an eve r-          tabernacle of the testimony and the
lasting incense before the Lord               altar. And when water has been ad d-
throughout your generations.                  ed,
 9 You shall not offer upon it i n-            19 Aaron and his sons shall wash
cense of another composition, nor             their hands and feet in it:
an oblation, nor a victim; neither             20 when they enter the tabern acle
shall you offer libations.                    of the testimony, and when they a p-
 10 And Aaron shall pray over its             proach to the altar so as to offer i n-
horns once a year, with the blood of          cense to the Lord upon it,
what was offered for sin. And he               21 otherwise, they may die. This
shall make atonement over it in your          shall be an everlasting law to him,
generations. It shall be the Holy of          and to his offspring, throughout
holies to the Lord.”                          their successions.”
 11 And the Lord spoke to Moses,               22 And the Lord spoke to Moses,
saying:                                        23 saying: “Take for yourself aro-
 12 “When you have taken the sum              matics: of the first and best myrrh,
of the sons of Israel, according to           five hundred shekels, and of cinn a-
their number, each shall give a price         mon half as much, that is, two hu n-
for their souls to the Lord, and there        dred and fifty shekels; of sweet flag
will be no scourge among them,                similarly two hundred and fifty,
when they will be reviewed.                    24 but of cassia, five hundred sh e-
 13 Then all those who pass shall             kels by the weight of the sanct uary,
give by name: one half shekel, ac-            and of the oil of olives the mea sure
cording to the measure at the tem-            of a hin.
ple. A shekel has twenty obols. The            25 And you shall make the holy oil
half part of a shekel shall be offered        of unction, an ointment composed
to the Lord.                                  with the skills of a perfumer,
 14 He who has been numbered from              26 and with it you shall anoint the
twenty years and above shall give             tabernacle of the testimony, and the
the price.                                    ark of the testament,
 15 The rich shall not add to the half         27 and the table with its vessels,
shekel, and the poor shall dimi nish          and the lampstand and it utensils,
nothing.                                      the altars of incense
 16 And the money received, which              28 and of holocaust, and all the
was collected from the sons of                items that pertain to their rituals.
Israel, you shall deliver for the uses         29 And you shall sanctify ever y-
of the tabernacle of the testimony,           thing, and they shall be the Holy of
so that it may be a memorial of               holies. He who will touch them must
                                              be sanctified.


 30 You shall anoint Aaron and his             2 “Behold, I have called by name
sons, and you shall sanctify them,            Bezalel the son of Uri, the son of
so that they may exercise the pries t-        Hur, from the tribe of Judah,
hood for me.                                   3 and I have filled him wit h the
 31 Likewise, you shall say to the            Spirit of God, with wisdom, and u n-
sons of Israel: „This oil of unction          derstanding, and knowledge in every
will be holy to me throughout your            craft,
generations.                                   4 in order to design whatever must
 32 The flesh of man shall not be             be fabricated from gold, and silver,
anointed from it, and you shall not           and brass,
make any similar compound, for it              5 from marble, and precious stones,
has been sanctified and it shall be           and various woods.
holy to you.                                   6 And I have given to him, as his
 33 Whatever man will have com-               associate, Oholiab the son of Ah i-
posed such a thing and have given it          samach, from the tribe of Dan. And
to a stranger, he shall be exterm i-          I have placed wisdom in the heart of
nated from his people.‟ ”                     every artisan, so that they may make
 34 And the Lord said to Moses:               everything as I have instructed you:
“Take to yourself aromatics: stacte,           7 the tabernacle of the covenant,
and onycha, galbanum of sweet                 and the ark of the testimony, and the
odor, and the clearest frankincense,          propitiatory which is over it, and all
all these shall be of equal weight.           the vessels of the tabernacle,
 35 And you shall make incense                 8 and the table and its vessels, the
composed with the skills of a pe r-           most pure lampstand with its ve s-
fumer, diligently mixed, and pure,            sels, and the altars of incense
and most worthy of sanctification.             9 and of holocaust and all their
 36 And when you have crushed all             vessels, the washtub with its base,
these into a very fine powder, you             10 the holy vestments for the min-
shall place some of it before the ta-         istry of Aaron the priest, and for his
bernacle of the testimony, in the             sons, so that they may execute their
place where I will appear to you.             office of sacred rites,
The Holy of holies shall this incense          11 the oil of unction, and the i n-
be to you.                                    cense of aromatics in the Sanctuary.
 37 You shall not make such a com-            All the things that I have instructed
pound for your own uses, because it           you, they shall make.”
is holy to the Lord.                           12 And the Lord spoke to Moses,
 38 Whatever man will have made               saying:
anything similar, so as to tho rough-          13 “Speak to the sons of Israel, and
ly enjoy its smell, he shall perish           you shall say to them: See that you
from his people.”                             keep my Sabbath. For it is a sign
                                              between me and you among your
          CHAPTER 31                          generations, so that you may know
 1 And the Lord spoke to Moses,               that I am the Lord, who sanctifies
saying:                                       you.
                                               14 Keep my Sabbath, for it is holy
                                              to you. Whoever will have po lluted


it, shall die a death. Whoever will          led you away from the land of
have done any work in it, his soul           Egypt.”
shall perish from the midst of his            5 And when Aaron had seen it, he
people.                                      built an altar before it, and he cried
 15 For six days you shall do work.          out with a voice of proclamation,
On the seventh day, it is the Sab-           saying, “Tomorrow is the s olemnity
bath, a rest sanctified by the Lord.         of the Lord.”
All who will have done work on this           6 And rising up in the morning,
day shall die.                               they offered holocausts, and peace
 16 Let the sons of Israel keep the          victims, and the people sat down to
Sabbath, and let them celebrate it           eat and to drink, and they rose up to
throughout their generations. It is          play.
an everlasting covenant                       7 Then the Lord spoke to Moses,
 17 between me and the sons of               saying: “Go, descend. Your people,
Israel, and a perpetual sign. F or in        whom you led away from the land of
six days the Lord made heaven and            Egypt, have sinned.
earth, and in the seventh he ceased           8 They have quickly withdrawn
from work.”                                  from the way which you revealed to
 18 And the Lord, having completed           them. And they have made for the m-
speaking in this way on Mount S i-           selves a molten calf, and they have
nai, gave to Moses two stone tablets         worshiped it. And immolating vi c-
of testimony, written with the finger        tims to it, they have said: „These are
of God.                                      your gods, O Israel, who led you
                                             away from the land of Egypt.‟ ”
            CHAPTER 32                        9 And again, the Lord said to Mo s-
 1 Then the people, seeing that              es: “I discern that this people is
Moses made a delay in descending             stiff-necked.
from the mountain, gathered toget h-          10 Release me, so that my fury may
er against Aaron, and said: “Rise up,        be enraged against them, and I may
make us gods, who may go before              destroy them, and then I will make
us. But as for this man Moses, who           of you a great nation.”
led us away from the land of Egypt,           11 Then Moses prayed to the Lord
we do not know what has befallen             his God, saying: “Why, O Lord, is
him.”                                        your fury enraged against your
 2 And Aaron said to them, “Take             people, whom you led away from
the golden earrings from the ears of         the land of Egypt, with great
your wives, and your sons and                strength and with a mighty hand?
daughters, and bring them to me.”             12 I beg you, let not the Egyptians
 3 And the people did what he had            say, „He cleverly led them away, so
commanded, carrying the ea rrings to         that he could put them to death in
Aaron.                                       the mountains and destroy them
 4 And when he had received them,            from the earth.‟ Let your anger be
he formed these by the work of a             quieted and appeased concerning the
casting furnace, and he made from            wickedness of your people.
these a molten calf. And they said:           13 Remember Abraham, Isaac, and
“These are your gods, O Israel, who          Israel, your servants, to whom you


swore by your very self, saying: „I          Moses, who led us away from the
will multiply your offspring like the        land of Egypt, we do not kno w what
stars of heaven. And this entire             has befallen him.‟
land, about which I have spoken, I            24 And I said to them, „Which of
will give to your offspring. And you         you has gold?‟ And they took it and
shall possess it forever.‟ ”                 gave it to me. And I threw it into
 14 And the Lord was appeased from           the fire, and this calf came out.”
doing the evil which he had spoken            25 Therefore, Moses, seeing that
against his people.                          the people were naked (for Aaron
 15 And Moses returned from the              had stripped them because of the
mountain, carrying the two tablets           disgrace of their sordidness, and he
of the testimony in his hand, written        had set them naked among their
on both sides,                               enemies),
 16 and accomplished by the work              26 and standing at the gate of the
of God. Also, the writing of God             camp, said: “If anyone is for the
was engraved on the tablets.                 Lord, let him join with me.” And all
 17 Then Joshua, hearing the t umult         the sons of Levi gathered them-
of the people shouting, said to Mo s-        selves together to him.
es: “The outcry of battle is heard in         27 And he said to them: “Thus says
the camp.”                                   the Lord God of Israel: Let a man
 18 But he responded: “It is not the         place his sword at his thigh. Go
clamor of men being exhorted to              forth, and then return, from gate to
battle, nor the shout of men being           gate, through the midst of the camp,
compelled to flee. But I hear the            and let each one kill his brother, and
voice of singing.”                           friend, and neighbor.”
 19 And when he had approached to             28 And the sons of Levi did accord-
the camp, he saw the calf and the            ing to the words of Moses, and there
dances. And being very angry, he             fell on that day about twenty-three
threw down the tablets from his              thousand men.
hand, and he broke them at the base           29 And Moses said: “On this day,
of the mountain.                             you have consecrated your hands to
 20 And seizing the calf, which they         the Lord, each one in his son and in
had made, he burnt it and crushed it,        his brother, so that a blessing may
even to dust, which he scattered into        be given to you.”
water. And he gave from it to the             30 Then, when the next day a r-
sons of Israel to drink.                     rived, Moses spoke to the people:
 21 And he said to Aaron, “What has          “You have sinned the greatest sin. I
this people done to you, so that you         will ascend to the Lord. Perhaps, in
would bring upon them the greatest           some way, I might be able to entreat
sin?”                                        him for your wickedness.”
 22 And he answered him: “Let not             31 And returning to the Lord, he
my lord be indignant. For you know           said: “I beg you, this peop le has
this people, that they are prone to          sinned the greatest sin, and they
evil.                                        have made for themselves gods of
 23 They said to me: „Make gods for          gold. Either release them from this
us, who may go before us. For this           offense,


 32 or, if you do not, then delete me            6 Therefore, the sons of Israel put
from the book that you have wri t-              aside their ornaments before Mount
ten.”                                           Horeb.
 33 And the Lord answered him:                   7 Also, Moses took the tabernacle
“Whoever has sinned against me,                 and pitched it beyond the camp at a
him I will delete from my book.                 distance, and he called its name:
 34 But as for you, go and lead this            „Tabernacle of the Covenant.‟ And
people where I have told you. My                all the people, who had any kind of
angel will go before you. Then, on              question, went out to the Tabernacle
the day of retribution, I will also             of the Covenant, beyond t he camp.
visit this sin of theirs.”                       8 And when Moses went out to the
 35 Therefore, the Lord struck the              tabernacle, all the people rose up,
people for the guilt of the calf,               and each one stood at the door of
which Aaron had made.                           his pavilion, and they beheld the
                                                back of Moses until he entered the
            CHAPTER 33                          tent.
 1 And the Lord spoke to Moses,                  9 And when he had gone into the
saying: “Go forth, ascend from this             Tabernacle of the Covenant, the pi l-
place, you and your people, whom                lar of cloud descended and stood at
you led away from the land of                   the door, and he spoke with Moses.
Egypt, into the land that I swore to             10 And all discerned that the pillar
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, saying:              of cloud stood at the door of the Ta-
To your offspring, I will give it.              bernacle. And they stood and wo r-
 2 And I will send an Angel to pr e-            shipped at the doors of their tents.
cede you, so that I may cast out the             11 But the Lord spoke to Moses
Canaanite, and the Amorite, and the             face to face, just as a man is used to
Hittite, and the Perizzite, and the             speaking to his friend. And when he
Hivite, and the Jebusite,                       returned to the camp, his minister
 3 and so that you may enter into a             Joshua, the son of Nun, a young
land flowing with milk and honey.               man, did not withdraw from the Ta-
For I will not go up with you, since            bernacle.
you are a stiff-necked people, lest              12 Then Moses said to the Lord:
perhaps I may destroy you on the                “You instruct me to lead this people
way.”                                           away, and you do not reveal to me
 4 And upon hearing this very bad               whom you will send with me, pa r-
news, the people mourned; and no                ticularly since you have said: „I
one put on his finery according to              know you by name, and you have
custom.                                         found favor before me.‟
 5 And the Lord said to Moses : “Say             13 If, therefore, I have found favor
to the sons of Israel: You are a stiff -        in your sight, show your face to me,
necked people. I should at once go              so that I may know you and may
up into your midst and destroy you.             find grace before your eyes. Look
Now immediately put aside your o r-             favorably on your people, this na-
naments, so that I may know what to             tion.”
do to you.”


 14 And the Lord said, “My face                2 Be prepared in the morning, so
will precede you, and I will give             that you may immediately ascend
you rest.”                                    onto Mount Sinai, and you shall
 15 And Moses said: “If you will not          stand with me on the summit of the
yourself precede us, then do not              mountain.
lead us away from this place.                  3 Let no one ascend with you, and
 16 For how will we be able to                do not let anyone be seen throug h-
know, I and your people, that we              out the entire mountain. Likewise,
have found grace in your sight, u n-          do not let the oxen or the sheep pa s-
less you walk with us, so that we             ture up against it.”
may be glorified out of all the                4 And so he cut out two tablets of
people who live upon the earth?”              stone, like those that were before.
 17 Then the Lord said to Moses:              And rising up in the night, he a s-
“This word also, which you have               cended onto Mount Sinai, just as the
spoken, I will do. For you have               Lord had instructed him, carrying
found grace before me, and I have             with him the tablets.
known you by name.”                            5 And when the Lord had d es-
 18 And he said, “Show me your                cended in a cloud, Moses stood with
glory.”                                       him, calling upon the name of the
 19 He responded: “I will show you            Lord.
all that is good, and I will call out          6 And as he was crossing before
with the name of the Lord before              him, he said: “The Ruler, the Lord
you. And I will take pity on wh o-            God, merciful and lenient, patient
mever I will, and I will be lenient to        and full of compassion and also
whomever it will please me.”                  truthful,
 20 And again he said: “You are not            7 who preserves mercy a tho usand
able to see my face. For man shall            fold, who takes away iniquity, and
not see me and live.”                         wickedness, and also sin; and with
 21 And again, he said: “Behold,              you no one, in and of himself, is in-
there is a place with me, and you             nocent. You render the iniquity of
shall stand upon the rock.                    the fathers to the sons, and also to
 22 And when my glory will cross              their descendents to the third and
over, I will set you in a cleft of the        fourth generation.”
rock, and I will protect you with my           8 And hurrying, Moses bowed down
right hand, until I pass by.                  prostrate to the ground; and wo r-
 23 And I will take away my hand,             shiping,
and you shall see my back. But my              9 he said: “If I have found grace in
face you are not able to see.”                your sight, O Lord, I beg you to
                                              walk with us, (for the people are
            CHAPTER 34                        stiff-necked) and take away our i n-
 1 And after this he said: “Cut out           iquities and our sin, and so possess
for yourself two tablets of stone             us.”
similar to the first ones, and I will          10 The Lord responded: “I will e n-
write upon them the words which               ter into a pact in the sight of all. I
were held on the tablets that you             will perform signs which have never
broke.                                        been seen on earth, nor among any


nation, so that this people, in whose         sons you shall redeem. You shall not
midst you are, may discern the te r-          appear empty in my sight.
rible work of the Lord that I will do.         21 For six days you shall work. On
 11 Observe everything that I co m-           the seventh day you shall cease to
mand you this day. I myself will              cultivate and to harvest.
drive out before your face the Am o-           22 You shall observe the Sole mnity
rite, and the Canaanite, and the Hi t-        of Weeks with the first-fruits of the
tite, and the Perizzite, and the H i-         grain from the harvest of your
vite, and the Jebusite.                       wheat, and a Solemnity when the
 12 Beware that you do not ever join          time of the year returns and ever y-
in friendship with the inhabitants of         thing is stored away.
that land, which may be your ruin.             23 Three times a year, all your
 13 But destroy their altars, break           males shall appear in the sight of
their statues, and cut down their s a-        the Almighty, the Lord God of
cred groves.                                  Israel.
 14 Do not be willing to worship               24 For when I will have taken away
any strange god. The jealous Lord is          the nations before your face, and
his name. God is a rival.                     enlarged your borders, no one shall
 15 Do not enter into a pact with the         lie in wait against your land when
men of those regions, lest, when              you will go up to appear in the sight
they will have fornicated with their          of the Lord your God, three times a
gods and worshiped their idols,               year.
someone might call upon you to eat             25 You shall not immolate the
from what was immolated.                      blood of my victim over leaven; and
 16 Neither shall you take a wife for         there shall not remain, in the morn-
your son from their daughters, lest,          ing, any of the victim of the Sole m-
after they themselves have forn i-            nity of the Passover.
cated, they may cause your sons a l-           26 The first of the fruits of your
so to fornicate with their gods.              land you shall offer in the house of
 17 You shall not make for you r-             the Lord your God. You shall not
selves any molten gods.                       boil a young goat in the milk of its
 18 You shall keep the solemnity of           mother.”
unleavened bread. For seven days,              27 And the Lord said to Moses,
you shall eat unleavened bread, just          “Write these words to you, through
as I instructed you, in the time of           which I have formed a covenant,
the month of what is new. For in the          both with you and with Israel.”
month of springtime you departed               28 Therefore, he was in that place
from Egypt.                                   with the Lord for forty days and fo r-
 19 All of the male kind, which open          ty nights; he did not eat bread and
the womb, shall be mine: from all             he did not drink water, and he wrote
the animals, as much of oxen as of            on the tablets the ten words of the
sheep, it shall be mine.                      covenant.
 20 The firstborn of a donkey, you             29 And when Moses descended
shall redeem with a sheep. But if             from Mount Sinai, he held the two
you will not give a price for it, it          tablets of the testimony, and he did
shall be slain. The firstborn of your         not know that his face was radiant


from the sharing of words with the             5 Separate from among you the
Lord.                                         first-fruits to the Lord. Let all who
 30 Then Aaron and the sons of                are willing and have a ready soul
Israel, seeing that the face of Moses         offer these to the Lord: gold, and
was radiant, were afraid to approach          silver, and brass,
close by.                                      6 hyacinth, and purple, and twice -
 31 And being called by him, they             dyed scarlet, and fine linen, the hair
turned back, both Aaron and the               of goats,
leaders of the assembly. And after             7 and the skins of rams, dyed red,
he had spoken to them,                        and violet skins, setim wood,
 32 all the sons of Israel also now            8 and oil to prepare lights and to
came to him. And he instructed them           produce ointment, and most sweet
in all the things that he had heard           incense,
from the Lord on Mount Sinai.                  9 onyx stones and gems, to adorn
 33 And having completed these                the ephod and the breastplate.
words, he placed a veil over his               10 And whoever among you is
face.                                         wise, let him come and make what
 34 But when he entered to the Lord           the Lord has commanded:
and was speaking with him, he took             11 the tabernacle, certainly, and its
it off, until he exited. And then he          roof, and also the covering, the
spoke to the sons of Israel all that          rings, and the panels with the bars,
had been commanded to him.                    the tent pegs and the bases,
 35 And they saw that the face of              12 the ark and its bars, the prop i-
Moses, when he came out, was r a-             tiatory, and the veil that is drawn
diant, but he covered his face again,         before it,
whenever he spoke to them.                     13 the table with its bars and ve s-
                                              sels, and the bread o f the presence,
             CHAPTER 35                        14 the lampstand to hold up the
 1 Therefore, when all the mult itude         lights, its vessels and lamps, and the
of the sons of Israel ha d gathered           oil to the nourish the fire,
together, he said to them: “These              15 the altar of incense and its bars,
are the things that the Lord has o r-         and the oil of unction, and the i n-
dered to be done:                             cense of aromatics, the tent at the
 2 For six days you shall do work;            door of the tabernacle,
the seventh day, the Sabbath and the           16 the altar of holocaust and its
rest of the Lord, will be holy to you;        grate of brass, with the bars and
whoever will have done any work in            vessels, the washtub and its base,
it shall be killed.                            17 the curtains of the atrium, with
 3 You shall not kindle a fire in any         the columns and the bases, the han g-
of your dwelling places throug hout           ing at the doors of the vestibule,
the day of the Sabbath.”                       18 the tent pegs of the tabernacle
 4 And Moses said to the entire               and the atrium, with their little
crowd of the sons of Israel: “This is         cords,
the word which the Lord has i n-               19 the vestments, which are to be
structed, saying:                             used in the ministry of the San ctu-
                                              ary, the vestments of Aaron, the


high priest, as well as those of his           by name Bezalel, the son of Uri, the
sons, in order to exercise the pries t-        son of Hur, from the tribe of Judah,
hood to me.”                                    31 and he has filled him with the
 20 And all the multitude of the sons          Spirit of God, with wisdom, and u n-
of Israel, departing from the sight of         derstanding, and knowledge, and all
Moses,                                         teaching,
 21 offered the first-fruits to the             32 to design and to fashion, with
Lord with a most ready and devout              gold and silver and brass,
mind, to accomplish the work of the             33 and with engraving stones, and
tabernacle of the testimony. What-             with the skill of a carpenter. Wha t-
ever was needed for worship and for            ever can be skillfully invented,
the holy vestments,                             34 he has given to his heart. It is
 22 men along with women pro-                  likewise with Oholiab, the son of
vided: arm bands and earrings, rings           Ahisamach from the tribe of Dan.
and bracelets. And every vessel of              35 He has taught both of them wi s-
gold was separated, to be donated to           dom, in order to do the work of ca r-
the Lord.                                      pentry, tapestry, and embroidery,
 23 If anyone had hyacinth, and                from hyacinth, and purple, and
purple, and twice-dyed scarlet, fine           twice-dyed scarlet, and fine linen,
linen and the hair of goats, the skins         and every textile, and to discover
of rams, dyed red, and violet skins,           whatever may be new.”
 24 metal of silver and brass, they
offered it to the Lord, along with                         CHAPTER 36
setim wood for various uses.                    1 Therefore, Bezalel, and Oh oliab,
 25 But the skillful women also                and every wise man, to whom the
gave whatever they had spun: hya-              Lord gave wisdom and intell igence,
cinth, purple, and vermillion, as              so as to know how to work skillfu l-
well as fine linen,                            ly, made that which was necessary
 26 and the hair of goats, dona ting           for the uses of the Sanctuary and
everything of their own accord.                which the Lord had instructed.
 27 Yet truly, the leaders offered              2 And when Moses had called them
onyx stones and gems, for the ephod            and every man of learning, to whom
and the breastplate,                           the Lord had given wisdom, and
 28 and aromatics and oil, to mai n-           who, of their own accord, had o f-
tain the lights, and to prepare oin t-         fered themselves in order to a ccom-
ment, and also to produce i ncense             plish this work,
with a most sweet odor.                         3 he handed over to them all the
 29 All the men and women o ffered             donations of the sons of Israel. And
donations with a devout mind, so               while they were pursuing this work,
that the works might be done which             the people offered what they had
the Lord had ordered by the hand of            vowed each day, in the morning.
Moses. All the sons of Israel ded i-            4 The artisans were compelled by
cated voluntary offerings to the               this to go
Lord.                                           5 to Moses and to say, “The people
 30 And Moses said to the sons of              offer more than is needed.”
Israel: “Behold, the Lord has called


 6 Therefore, Moses ordered this to           so that they might be joined to one
be recited, with a voice of procl a-          another,
mation: “Let neither man nor wo m-             18 and fifty buckles of brass, with
an offer anything further f or the            which the roof might be woven t o-
work of the Sanctuary.” And so they           gether, so that from all the can opies
ceased from offering gifts,                   there would be made one cove ring.
 7 because what was offered was                19 He also made a covering for the
sufficient and was more than an a b-          tabernacle from the skins of rams,
undance.                                      dyed-red; and another cover above
 8 And all those who were wise of             it, from violet skins.
heart, in order to accomplish the              20 He also made the standing p a-
work of the tabernacle, made ten              nels of the tabernacle, from setim
curtains of fine twisted linen, and           wood.
hyacinth, and purple, and twice -              21 Ten cubits was the length of one
dyed scarlet, with diverse workma n-          panel, and one and one half cubits
ship by the art of embroidery.                comprised the width.
 9 Each of these was twenty-eight              22 There were two dovetails along
cubits in length, and in width, four.         every panel, so that one might be
All the curtains were of one meas-            joined to the other. Thus did he
ure.                                          make all the panels of the tabe r-
 10 And he joined five cur tains to           nacle.
one another, and the other five he             23 Of these, twenty were toward
coupled to one another.                       the meridian area, opposite the
 11 He also made loops of hyacinth            south,
along the edge of one curtain on               24 with forty bases of silver. Two
both sides, and similarly along the           bases were set under one pa nel at
edge of the other curtain,                    each of two sides at the corners,
 12 so that the loops might meet              where the joints of the sides term i-
against one another and mi ght be             nate in corners.
joined together.                               25 Likewise, at that side of the t a-
 13 For these, he also cast fifty gold        bernacle which looks toward the
rings, which would retain the loops           north, he made twenty panels,
of the curtains and so make the t a-           26 with forty bases of silver, two
bernacle one.                                 bases for each board.
 14 He also made eleven canopies               27 Yet truly, opposite the west, that
from the hair of goats, in order to           is, toward that part of the tabe rnacle
cover the roof of the tabernacle:             which looks out toward the sea, he
 15 one canopy held in length thirty          made six panels,
cubits, and in width four cubits. All          28 and two others at each corner of
the canopies were of one measure.             the tabernacle at the back,
 16 Five of these he joined by the m-          29 which were joined from bottom
selves, and the other six sep arately.        to top and held together by one
 17 And he made fifty loops along             joint. So did he make both corners
the edge of one canopy, and fifty             on that side.
along the edge of the other canopy,            30 So then, there were alt ogether
                                              eight panels, and they had si xteen


bases of silver, with, of course, two         2 And for it he made a cro wn of
bases under each panel.                      gold all around,
 31 He also made bars from setim              3 casting four gold rings at its four
wood: five to hold together the p a-         corners: two rings on one side, and
nels at one side of the tabernacle,          two on the other.
 32 and five others to fit together           4 Likewise, he made bars from s e-
the panels of the other side, and, in        tim wood, which he clothed with
addition to these, five other bars           gold,
toward the western area of the t a-           5 and he placed them into the rings,
bernacle, opposite the sea.                  which were at the sides of the ark ,
 33 He also made another bar, which          to carry it.
came through the middle of the p a-           6 He also made the propitiatory,
nels from corner to corner.                  that is, the oracle, from the finest
 34 But the panels themselves he             gold, two and one half cubits in
overlaid with gold, casting silver           length, and one and one half cubits
bases for them. And he made their            in width,
rings from gold, through which the            7 and then two Cherubim of ductile
bars might be able to be drawn. And          gold, which he positioned at the two
he covered the bars themselves with          sides of the propiti atory:
layers of gold.                               8 one Cherub at the top of one side,
 35 He also made a veil from hya-            and the other Cherub at the top of
cinth, and purple, from vermi llion          the other side. The two Cherubim
as well as fine twisted linen, with          were at each end of the propitiatory,
varied and distinctive embro idery,           9 spreading their wings, and pr o-
 36 and four columns of setim wood,          tecting the propitiatory, and gazing
which, along with their heads, he            toward it and toward one a nother.
overlaid with gold, casting silver            10 He also made the table from s e-
bases for them.                              tim wood, with a length of two c u-
 37 He also made a tent at the en-           bits, and a width of one cubit, which
trance of the tabernacle from hya-           had a height of one and one half c u-
cinth, purple, vermillion, and fine          bits.
twisted linen, wrought with embro i-          11 And he surrounded it with the
dery,                                        finest gold, and for it he made a
 38 and five columns with their              ledge of gold all around,
heads, which he covered with gold,            12 and for the ledge itself he made
and he cast their bases from brass.          a polished crown of gold, four fi n-
                                             gers high, and upon the same,
            CHAPTER 37                       another crown of gold.
 1 Now Bezalel also made the ark              13 And he cast four gold rings,
from setim wood, having two and              which he set at the four corners at
one half cubits in length, and one           each foot of the table,
and one half cubits in width, and the         14 opposite the crown. And he
height was also one and one half             placed the bars into them, so th at
cubits. And he clothed it with the           the table could be carried.
purest gold, inside and out.


 15 Likewise, the bars themselves            cubit on each of four sides, and in
he made from setim wood, and he              height, two. From its corners pr o-
surrounded them with gold.                   ceeded horns.
 16 And he made vessels for the d i-          26 And he clothed it with the purest
verse uses of the table, as well as          gold, with its grating, as well as the
the little cups, and bowls, and me a-        sides and the horns.
suring cups, and the censers, from            27 And for it he made a crown of
pure gold, in which the libations            gold all around, and two gold rings
would be offered.                            under the crown at each side, so that
 17 He also made the lampstand,              the bars might be put into them, and
formed from the finest gold. The             the altar could be carried.
branches, bowls, and little spheres,          28 Now the bars themselves he also
as well as the lilies, proceeded from        made from setim wood, and he co v-
its bar:                                     ered them with layers of gold.
 18 six on the two sides, three               29 He also composed the oil for the
branches on one side, and three on           ointment of sanctification, and the
the other.                                   incense, from the purest aroma tics,
 19 Three bowls, the size of a nut,          with the skill of a perfumer.
were on each branch, with little
spheres and lilies, and three bowls,                      CHAPTER 38
in the likeness of a nut, were on the         1 He also made the altar of hol o-
other branch, with the little spheres        caust from setim wood: five c ubits
together with the lilies. The wor k-         square, and three in height,
manship of the six branches, which            2 the horns of which proceeded
proceeded from the shaft of the              from the corners. And he covered it
lampstand, was equal.                        with layers of brass.
 20 Now on the shaft itself were              3 And for its uses, he prepared d i-
four bowls, the size of a nut, and           verse vessels out of brass : kettles,
little spheres together with each            forceps, little hooks, larger hooks,
one, and lilies,                             and receptacles for the fire.
 21 and little spheres under two              4 And he made its grating of brass,
branches in three places, which to-          in the manner of a net, and under it,
gether made six branches procee d-           in the midst of the altar, its base,
ing from one bar.                             5 casting four rings at the four ends
 22 Thus, both the little spheres and        of the net in order to set th e bars, so
the branches were from the same              as to carry it.
thing: all hand-worked from the               6 These bars he also made of setim
purest gold.                                 wood, and he covered them with
 23 He also made the seven lamps             layers of brass.
with their candle snuffers, and the           7 And he drew them through the
vessels where the can dles would be          rings, which projected from the
extinguished, from the finest gold.          sides of the altar. But the altar itself
 24 The lampstand with all its ve s-         was not solid, but hollow, made
sels weighed a talent of gold.               from panels and empty inside.
 25 He also made the altar of i n-            8 He also made the washtub of
cense from setim wood, having one            brass, with its base made from the


mirrors of the women who kept                 measure of all the hangings of the
watch at the door of the tabernacle.          atrium.
 9 He also made the atrium, at the             19 Now the columns at the e ntrance
south side of which were han gings            were four, with bases of brass, and
of fine twisted linen of one hundred          their heads and engravings were of
cubits and                                    silver.
 10 twenty columns of brass with               20 Likewise, the tent pegs of the
their bases. The heads of the co l-           tabernacle and the atrium all around
umns and all of the engraving work            he made of brass.
were of silver.                                21 These are the instruments of the
 11 Equally, at the northern area, the        tabernacle of the testimony, which
hangings, the columns, and the                were enumerated according to the
bases and heads of the columns were           instruction of Moses, with the cer e-
of the same measure and work and              monies of the Levites, by the hand
metal.                                        of Ithamar, the son of Aaron the
 12 Yet truly, on that side which             priest,
looks out toward the west, there               22 which Bezalel, the son of U ri,
were hangings of fifty cubits, and            the son of Hur from the tribe of J u-
ten columns with their bases of               dah, had completed, just as the Lord
brass. And the heads of the columns           decreed through Moses.
and all of the engraving work were             23 He was joined by his associate,
of silver.                                    Oholiab, the son of Ahisamach,
 13 Furthermore, toward t he east, he         from the tribe of Dan, who himself
prepared hangings of fifty cubits:            was also an exceptional artisan of
 14 of which, there were fifteen cu-          wood, and of weaving, as well as of
bits, among three columns with their          embroidery, with hyacinth, purple,
bases, holding up one side,                   vermillion, and fine linen.
 15 and on the other side, (for b e-           24 All of the gold that was ex-
tween the two he made the e ntrance           pended in the work of the Sanctuary,
of the tabernacle) there were equa l-         and that was offered in donation,
ly hangings of fifteen cubits, and            was twenty-nine talents and seven
three pillars, and the same nu mber           hundred thirty shekels, according to
of bases.                                     the measure of the Sanctuary.
 16 All the hangings of the atrium             25 Now it was offered by those
were woven from fine twisted linen.           who were past the numbering of
 17 The bases of the columns were             twenty years and above: from six
of brass, but their heads with all of         hundred and three thousand, five
their engravings were of silver. Now          hundred and fifty men able to bear
he also overlaid the columns of the           arms.
atrium themselves with silver.                 26 There were, beyond that, one
 18 And he made, at its entrance, a           hundred talents of silver, from
hanging, wrought with embroidery,             which were cast the bases for the
of hyacinth, purple, vermillion, and          Sanctuary and for the entrance
fine twisted linen, which held twe n-         where the veil hangs.
ty cubits in length, yet truly it was
five cubits in height, as with the


 27 One hundred bases were made                7 And he set them in the sides of
from one hundred talents, a single            the ephod, as a memorial to the sons
talent being counted for each base.           of Israel, just as the Lord had i n-
 28 But from one thousand seven               structed Moses.
hundred and seventy-five, he made              8 He also made a breastplate,
the heads of the columns, which he            wrought with embroidery, according
also clothed with silver.                     to the work of the ephod, from gold,
 29 Likewise, of brass, there was o f-        hyacinth, purple, and twice -dyed
fered seventy-two thousand talents,           scarlet, and fine twisted linen:
and four hundred more shekels,                 9 with four equal sides, doubled, of
 30 from which were cast the bases            the measure of the palm of a hand.
at the entrance of the tabern acle of          10 And he set four rows of gems in
the testimony, and the altar of brass         it. In the first row was a sardius
with its grating, and the vessels             stone, a topaz, an emerald;
which pertain to its use,                      11 in the second was a garnet, a
 31 and the bases of the atrium, as           sapphire, and a jasper;
much at the circumference as at its            12 in the third was a zircon, an
entrance, and the tent pegs of the            agate, and an amethyst;
tabernacle and of the atrium all               13 in the fourth was a chr ysolite,
round.                                        an onyx, and a beryl, su rrounded
                                              and enclosed in gold by their rows.
              CHAPTER 39                       14 And these twelve stones were
 1 Truly, from hyacinth and purple,           engraved with the names of the
vermillion and fine linen, he made            twelve tribes of Israel, each one
the vestments with which Aaron was            with a single name.
clothed when he ministered in the              15 They also made, in the
holy places, just as the Lord i n-            breastplate, little chains linked to
structed Moses.                               one another, from the purest gold,
 2 And so he made an ephod of gold,            16 and two hooks, and the same
hyacinth, and purple, and twice -             number of gold rings. Moreover,
dyed scarlet, and fine twisted linen,         they set the rings at both sides of
 3 wrought with embroidery. And he            the breastplate,
cut thin strips of gold and drew               17 from which two golden chains
them into threads, so that they could         would hang, which they co nnected
be twisted into the weave of the              with the hooks that projected from
first colors.                                 the corners of the ephod.
 4 And he made two edges, coupled              18 These were both in front and in
to one another at the top of both             back so that they met one another,
sides,                                        and so that the ephod and the
 5 and a wide belt from the same              breastplate were woven together,
colors, just as the Lord had i n-              19 being fastened to the wide belt
structed Moses.                               and strongly coupled with ring s, to
 6 He also prepared two onyx                  which a hyacinth band was joined,
stones, set and enclosed in gold, and         lest they should shake loose and be
engraved with the skill of a jeweler,         moved away from one another, just
with the names of the sons of Israel.         as the Lord instructed Moses.


 20 They also made the tunic of the           ticles: the rings, the panels, the
ephod entirely from hyacinth,                 bars, the columns and bases,
 21 with the head in the upper part            33 the cover of the skins of rams,
at the middle, and a woven edge all           dyed red, and the other cover of vi o-
around the head.                              let skins,
 22 Then, at the feet below, they a l-         34 the veil, the ark, the bars, the
so made pomegranates from hya-                propitiatory,
cinth, purple, vermillion, and fine            35 the table, with its vessels and
twisted linen,                                the bread of the presence,
 23 and little bells from the purest           36 the lampstand, the lamps, and
gold, which they set between the              their utensils with the oil,
pomegranates at the very bottom of             37 the altar of gold, and the oin t-
the tunic all around.                         ment, and the incense of aromatics,
 24 So then, the high priest ap-               38 and the tent at the entrance of
proached, adorned with gold bell              the tabernacle,
and pomegranate, when he pe r-                 39 the altar of brass, the grating,
formed his ministry, just as the Lord         the bars, and all of its vessels, the
had instructed Moses.                         washtub with its base, the hangings
 25 They also made fine linen tunics          of the atrium, and the columns with
with woven work, for Aaron and his            their bases,
sons,                                          40 the hanging at the entrance of
 26 and headdresses with their little         the atrium, and their little cords and
crowns of fine linen,                         pegs. Nothing was lacking of the a r-
 27 and also linen undergarments of           ticles that were commanded to be
fine linen.                                   made for the ministry of the tabe r-
 28 Truly, they also made a wide              nacle and for the covering of the
band of fine twisted linen, hyacinth,         covenant.
purple, as well as vermillion, twice -         41 Likewise, the vestments, which
dyed, with skillful embroidery, just          the priests, namely, Aaron and his
as the Lord had instructed Moses.             sons, make use of use in the Sanct u-
 29 They also made the plate of s a-          ary,
cred veneration from the purest                42 the sons of Israel offered, just
gold, and they wrote on it, with the          as the Lord had instructed.
skill of a jeweler: “Holy to the               43 After this, when Moses saw that
Lord.”                                        everything     was    completed,    he
 30 And they fastened it to the               blessed them.
headdress with a hyacinth band, just
as the Lord had instruct ed Moses.                        CHAPTER 40
 31 And so all the work of the t a-            1 And the Lord spoke to Moses,
bernacle and of the covering of the           saying:
testimony was completed. And the               2 “In the first month, on the first
sons of Israel did all that the Lord          day of the month, you shall raise the
had instructed Moses.                         tabernacle of the testimony,
 32 And they offered the tabe rnacle,          3 and you shall place the ark in it,
and the covering, and all of the a r-         and you shall release the veil b efore


 4 And having brought in the t able,          bases and the bars, and he set up the
you shall place the things which              columns,
were solemnly commanded upon it.               17 and he stretched out the roof
The lampstand shall stand with its            over the tabernacle, imposing a co v-
lamps,                                        er above it, just as the Lord had d e-
 5 and the altar of gold, in which the        creed.
incense is burned, shall stand b efore         18 And he placed the testimony in
the ark of the testimony. You shall           the ark, applying the bars beneath,
place the tent at the entrance of the         and the oracle above.
tabernacle,                                    19 And when he had brought the
 6 and before it, the altar of hol o-         ark into the tabernacle, he drew the
caust.                                        veil before it, in order to fulfill the
 7 The washtub shall stand b etween           commandment of the Lord.
the altar and the tabernacle, and you          20 And he placed the table in the
shall fill it with water.                     tabernacle of the testimony, at the
 8 And you shall encompass the                north side, beyond the veil,
atrium and its entrance with h ang-            21 arranging before it the bread of
ings.                                         the presence, just as the Lord had
 9 And, having taken up the oil of            instructed Moses.
unction, you shall anoint the tabe r-          22 And he placed the lampstand in
nacle along with its articles, so that        the tabernacle of the testimony,
they may be sanctified.                       away from the table, on the south
 10 The altar of holocaust and all its        side,
vessels,                                       23 setting the lamps in order, ac-
 11 the washtub with its base, and            cording to the precept of the Lord.
all things, you shall consecrate w ith         24 He also positioned the altar of
the oil of unction, so that they may          gold under the roof of the test imo-
be the Holy of holies.                        ny, opposite the veil,
 12 And you shall bring forward A a-           25 and he heaped upon it the i n-
ron and his sons to the entrance of           cense of aromatics, just as the Lord
the tabernacle of the testimony, and,         had commanded Moses.
having washed them with water,                 26 And he positioned the tent at the
 13 you shall clothe them in the h o-         entrance of the tabernacle of the te s-
ly vestments, so that they may mi-            timony,
nister to me, and so that their un c-          27 and the altar of holocaust in the
tion may accomplish an everlasting            vestibule of the testimony, offe ring
priesthood.”                                  the holocaust and the sacrifices
 14 And Moses did all that the Lord           upon it, just as the Lord had d e-
had instructed.                               creed.
 15 Therefore, in the first month of           28 Likewise, he stationed the was h-
the second year, on the first day of          tub between the tabernacle of the
the month, the tabernacle was put in          testimony and the altar, filling it
place.                                        with water.
 16 And Moses raised it up, and he             29 And Moses and Aaron, along
positioned the panels as well as the          with his sons, washed their hands
                                              and feet,


 30 whenever they would enter the
covering of the covenant, and when
they approached to the altar, just as
the Lord had instructed Moses.
 31 And he raised up the atrium
around the tabernacle and the altar,
drawing the hanging at its entrance.
After all these things were per-
 32 the cloud covered the tabe rnacle
of the testimony, and the glory of
the Lord filled it.
 33 Neither could Moses enter the
covering of the covenant: the cloud
was covering all things, and the m a-
jesty of the Lord was flashing. For
the cloud had covered everything.
 34 Whenever the cloud departed
from the tabernacle, the sons of
Israel set out by their companies.
 35 But if it remained hanging over
it, they remained in the same place.
 36 Certainly, the cloud of the Lord
lay over the tabernacle by day, and
the fire by night, being seen by all
the people of Israel throughout all
their resting places.


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