2 Peter by FranckDernoncourt


									               THE   SECOND   EPISTLE   GENERAL   OF

         CHAPTER 1                  ound, they will cause you
 1 Simon Peter, servant             to be neither empty, nor
and Apostle of Jesus Chr-           without fruit, within the
ist, to those who have              plan of our Lord Jesus
been   allotted   an   equal        Christ.
faith with us in the jus-            9 For he who does not
tice of our God and in              have these things at hand
our Savior Jesus Christ.            is blind and groping, be-
 2 Grace to you. And may            ing forgetful of his p u-
peace   be  fulfilled    ac-        rification from his for-
cording to the plan of              mer offenses.
God and of Christ Jesus              10   Because      of    this,
our Lord,                           brothers, be all the more
 3 in the same manner that          diligent, so that by good
all things which are for            works you may make cer-
life and piety have been            tain    your    calling    and
given to us by his Divine           election.     For   in   doing
virtue, through the plan            these things, you do not
of him who has called us            sin at any time.
to our own glory and vir-            11 For in this way, you
tue.                                shall be provided abun-
 4 Through Christ, he has           dantly with an entrance
given us the greatest and           into the eternal kingdom
most   precious   promises,         of our Lord and Savior
so that by these things             Jesus Christ.
you may become sharers in            12 For this reason, I
the Divine Nature, flee-            will always begin to ad-
ing from the corruption             monish    you   about    these
of that desire which is             things, even though, ce r-
in the world.                       tainly, you know them and
 5 But as for you, taking           are    confirmed      in   the
up every concern, minis-            present truth.
ter virtue in your faith;            13  But    I   consider    it
and in virtue, knowledge;           just, as long as I am in
 6 and in knowledge, mo d-          this tabernacle, to sti r
eration; and in modera-             you   up    with    admonish-
tion,   patience;    and  in        ments.
patience, piety;                     14 For it is certain that
 7 and in piety, love of            the   laying    to   rest   of
brotherhood; and in love            this, my tabernacle, is
of brotherhood, charity.            approaching swiftly, just
 8 For if these things are          as our Lord Jesus Christ
with you, and if they ab-           has also indicated to me.

                           2   PETER

 15   Therefore,     I    will       false prophets among the
present a work for you to            people,    just   as    there
have, so that, frequently            will be among you lying
after my passing, you may            teachers, who will intr o-
call     to     mind    these        duce divisions of perdi-
things.                              tion, and they will deny
 16 For it was not by fo l-          him who bought them, the
lowing fanciful doctrines            Lord, bringing upon the m-
that we made known to you            selves swift destruction.
the power and presence of             2 And many persons will
our   Lord    Jesus   Christ,        follow their indulgences;
but we were made eyewit-             through such persons, the
nesses of his greatness.             way   of   truth    will   be
 17 For he received honor            blasphemed.
and glory from God the                3 And in avarice, they
Father, whose voice des-             will negotiate about you
cended to him from the               with false words. Their
magnificent glory: “This             judgment, in the near fu-
is   my   beloved    Son,   in       ture, is not delayed, and
whom I am well pleased.              their perdition does not
Listen to him.”                      sleep.
 18 We also heard this                4 For God did not spare
voice conveyed from hea-             those Angels who sinned,
ven, when we were with               but    instead     delivered
him on the holy mountain.            them, as if dragged d own
 19 And so, we have an               by infernal ropes, into
even     firmer     prophetic        the torments of the un-
word, to which you would             derworld, to be reserved
do well to listen, as to             unto judgment.
a light shining within a              5 And he did not spare
dark place, until the day            the original world, but
dawns,    and   the   daystar        he preserved the eighth
rises, in your hearts.               one, Noah, the herald of
 20 Understand this first:           justice,     bringing     the
that    every   prophecy    of       flood upon the world of
Scripture does not result            the impious.
from one’s own interpre-              6 And he reduced the ci-
tation.                              ties of Sodom and Gomor-
 21 For prophecy was not             rah to ashes, condemning
conveyed by human will at            them   to   be  overthrown,
any time. Instead, holy              setting them as an exa m-
men were speaking about              ple to anyone who might
God while inspired by the            act impiously.
Holy Spirit.                          7 And he rescued a just
                                     man,   Lot,   who   was   op-
          CHAPTER 2                  pressed by the unjust and
1   But   there were     also        lewd    behavior     of   the

                           2   PETER

wicked.                              offenses, luring u nstable
 8 For in seeing and in              souls,    having     a    heart
hearing,    he    was   just,        well-trained in avarice,
though    he    lived    with        sons of curses!
those who, from day to                15      Abandoning         the
day, crucified the just              straight path, they wan-
soul with works of ini q-            dered astray, having fo l-
uity.                                lowed the way of Balaam,
 9 Thus, the Lord knows              the   son    of    Beor,    who
how to rescue the pious              loved the wages of ini q-
from trials, and how to              uity.
reserve    the     iniquitous         16 Yet truly, he had a
for torments on the day              correction     of   his    ma d-
of judgment;                         ness: the mute animal un-
 10 even more so, those              der the yoke, which, by
who walk after the flesh             speaking     with    a    human
in unclean desires, and              voice, forbid the folly
who   despise    proper   a u-       of the prophet.
thority. Boldly pleasing              17 These ones are like
themselves, they do not              fountains without water,
dread to introduce divi-             and like clouds stirred
sions by blaspheming;                up   by    whirlwinds.      For
 11 whereas the Angels,              them, the mist of dark-
who    are     greater      in       ness is reserved.
strength and virtue, did              18 For, speaking with the
not bring against them-              arrogance of vanity, they
selves such a deplorable             lure, by the desires of
judgment.                            fleshly pleasures, those
 12 Yet truly, these ot h-           who are fleeing to some
ers,     like      irrational        extent,    who     are    being
beasts,    naturally     fall        turned from error,
into traps and into ruin              19 promising them free-
by   blaspheming     whatever        doms,   while     they    the m-
they do not understand,              selves are the servants
and so they shall perish             of   corruption.       For    by
in their corruption,                 whatever a man is over-
 13 receiving the reward             come, of this also is he
of injustice, the frui-              the servant.
tion of valuing the de-               20 For if, after taking
lights of the day: d e-              refuge from the defile-
filements     and     stains,        ments of the world in the
overflowing     with    self-        understanding of our Lord
indulgences, taking plea-            and Savior Jesus Christ,
sure in their feasts with            they again become e ntan-
you,                                 gled    and     overcome      by
 14 having eyes full of              these   things,     then    the
adultery and of incessant            latter      state       becomes

                           2   PETER

worse than the former.               that the earth, from w a-
 21 For it would have been           ter   and   through    water,
better for them not to               was   established    by   the
have   known  the  way  of           Word of God.
justice than, after ac-               6 By water, the former
knowledging it, to turn              world then, having been
away from that holy co m-            inundated with water, p e-
mandment which was handed            rished.
on to them.                           7 But the heavens and the
 22 For the truth of the             earth that exist now were
proverb has happened to              restored    by   the     same
them:   The  dog  has  re-           Word, being reserved unto
turned to his own vomit,             fire on the day of jud g-
and the washed sow has               ment, and unto the perdi-
returned to her wallowing            tion of impious men.
in the mud.                           8 Yet truly, let this one
                                     thing not escape notice,
         CHAPTER 3                   most beloved, that with
 1 Consider, most beloved,           the Lord one day is like
this second epistle which            a thousand years, and a
I am writing to you, in              thousand   years    is   like
which I stir up, by admo-            one day.
nition,     your      sincere         9 The Lord is not delay-
mind,                                ing his promise, as some
 2 so that you may be                imagine, but he does act
mindful   of   those    words        patiently for your sake,
that I preached to you               not wanting anyone to pe-
from the holy prophets,              rish, but wanting all to
and of the precepts of               be turned back to pe n-
the Apostles of your Lord            ance.
and Savior.                           10 Then the day of the
 3 Know this first: that             Lord shall arrive like a
in the last days there               thief. On that day, the
will    arrive     deceitful         heavens shall pass away
mockers, walking accord-             with great violence, and
ing to their own desires,            truly the elements shall
 4 saying: “Where is his             be dissolved with heat;
promise   or   his    advent?        then the earth, and the
For from the time that               works that are within it,
the fathers have slept,              shall     be     completely
all things have continued            burned up.
just as they were from                11 Therefore, since all
the   beginning    of   cre a-       these things will be dis-
tion.”                               solved,    what   kind     of
 5 But they willfully i g-           people ought you to be?
nore this: that the he a-            In behavior and in piety,
vens existed first, and              be holy,

                             2   PETER

 12 waiting for, and hur-              grace and in the know-
rying toward, the advent               ledge of our Lord and Sa-
of the day of the Lord,                vior Jesus Christ. To him
by which the burning hea-              be glory, both now and in
vens shall be dissolved,               the   day   of  eternity.
and   the    elements     shall        Amen.
melt from the heat of the
 13 Yet truly, in accord
with his promises, we are
looking    forward     to   the
new heavens and the new
earth, in which justice
 14 Therefore, most be-
loved,     while     awaiting
these   things,     be    dil i-
gent, so that you may be
found   to    be   immaculate
and   unassailable      before
him, in peace.
 15 And let the longsuf-
fering    of   our   Lord     be
considered salvation, as
also   our     most    beloved
brother    Paul,    according
to the wisdom given to
him, has written to you,
 16 just as he also spoke
in all of his epistles
about   these    things.      In
these, there are certain
things which are diffi-
cult to understand, which
the unlearned and the un-
steady distort, as they
also do the other Scrip-
tures, to their own de-
 17 But since you, brot h-
ers,   know    these    things
beforehand, be cautious,
lest by being drawn into
the error of the foolish,
you may fall away from
your own steadfastness.
 18 Yet truly, increase in


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