THE ACTS
                           O F   T H E   A P O S T L E S

             CHAPTER 1                       was lifted up, and a cloud took him
 1 Certainly, O Theophilus, I co m-          from their sight.
posed the first discourse about ev e-         10 And while they were watching
rything that Jesus began to do and           him going up to heaven, behold, two
to teach,                                    men stood near them in white ves t-
 2 instructing the Apostles, whom he         ments.
had chosen through the Holy Spirit,           11 And they said: “Men of Gal ilee,
even until the day on which he wa s          why do you stand here looking up
taken up.                                    toward heaven? This Jesus, who has
 3 He also presented himself alive to        been taken up from you into heaven,
them, after his Passion, appearing to        shall return in just the same way
them throughout forty days and               that you have seen him going up to
speaking about the kingdom of God            heaven.”
with many elucidations.                       12 Then they returned to Jerus alem
 4 And dining with them, he i n-             from the mountain, which is called
structed them that they should not           Olivet, which is next to Jerus alem,
depart from Jerusalem, but that they         within a Sabbath day‟s journey.
should wait for the Promise of the            13 And when they had entered into
Father, “about which you have                the cenacle, they ascended to the
heard,” he said, “from my own                place where Peter and John, James
mouth.                                       and Andrew, Philip and Thomas,
 5 For John, indeed, baptized with           Bartholomew and Matthew, James of
water, but you shall be baptized             Alphaeus and Simon the Zealot, and
with the Holy Spirit, not many days          Jude of James, were staying.
from now.”                                    14 All these were persevering with
 6 Therefore, those who had assem-           one accord in prayer with the wom-
bled together questioned him, sa y-          en, and with Mary, the mother of J e-
ing, “Lord, is this the time when            sus, and with his brothers.
you will restore the kingdom of               15 In those days, Peter, rising up in
Israel?”                                     the midst of the brothers, said (now
 7 But he said to them: “It is not           the crowd of men altogether was
yours to know the times or the m o-          about one hundred and twenty):
ments, which the Father has set by            16 “Noble brothers, the S cripture
his own authority.                           must be fulfilled, which the Holy
 8 But you shall receive the power           Spirit predicted by the mouth of
of the Holy Spirit, passing over you,        David about Judas, who was the
and you shall be witnesses for me in         leader of those who apprehended J e-
Jerusalem, and in all Judea and S a-         sus.
maria, and even to the ends of the            17 He had been numbered among
earth.”                                      us, and he was chosen by lot for this
 9 And when he had said these                ministry.
things, while they were watching, he          18 And this man certainly po s-


sessed an estate from the wages of          from heaven, like that of a wind a p-
iniquity, and so, having been               proaching violently, and it filled the
hanged, he burst open in the middle         entire house where they were si t-
and all his internal organs poured          ting.
out.                                         3 And there appeared to them sep a-
 19 And this became known to all            rate tongues, as if of fir e, which set-
the inhabitants of Jerusalem, so that       tled upon each one of them.
this field was called in their la n-         4 And they were all filled with the
guage, Akeldama, that is, „Field of         Holy Spirit. And they began to
Blood.‟                                     speak in various languages, just as
 20 For it has been written in the          the Holy Spirit bestowed eloquence
book of Psalms: „Let their dwelling         to them.
place be desolate and may there be           5 Now there were Jews staying in
no one who dwells within it,‟ and           Jerusalem, pious men from every
„Let another take his episcopate.‟          nation that is under heaven.
 21 Therefore, it is necessary that,         6 And when this sound occurred,
out of these men who have been as-          the multitude came together and was
sembling with us throughout the e n-        confused in mind, because each one
tire time that the Lord Jesus went in       was listening to them speaking in
and out among us,                           his own language.
 22 beginning from the baptism of            7 Then all were astonished, and
John, until the day when he was             they wondered, saying: “Behold, are
taken up from us, one of these be           not all of these who are speaking
made a witness with us of his Resu r-       Galileans?
rection.”                                    8 And how is it that we have each
 23 And they appointed two: J oseph,        heard them in our own language, i n-
who was called Barsabbas, who was           to which we were born?
surnamed Justus, and Matthias.               9 Parthians and Medes and Ela-
 24 And praying, they said: “May            mites, and those who inhabit Mes o-
you, O Lord, who knows the heart            potamia, Judea and Cappadocia,
of everyone, reveal which one of            Pontus and Asia,
these two you have chosen,                   10 Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt
 25 to take a place in this ministry        and the parts of Libya which are
and apostleship, from which Judas           around Cyrene, and new arrivals of
prevaricated, so that he might go to        the Romans,
his own place.”                              11 likewise Jews and new co nverts,
 26 And they cast lots concerning           Cretans and Arabs: we have heard
them, and the lot fell upon Matthias.       them speaking in our own la nguages
And he was numbered with the el e-          the mighty deeds of God.”
ven Apostles.                                12 And they were all astonished,
                                            and they wondered, saying to one
             CHAPTER 2                      another: “But what does this mean?”
 1 And when the days of Pentecost            13 But others mockingly said,
were completed, they were all to-           “These men are full of new wine.”
gether in the same place.                    14 But Peter, standing up with the
 2 And suddenly, there came a sound         eleven, lifted up his voice, and he


spoke to them: “Men of Judea, and             25 For David said about him: „I f o-
all those who are staying in Jerusa-         resaw the Lord always in my sight,
lem, let this be known to you, and           for he is at my right hand, so that I
incline your ears to my words.               may not be moved.
 15 For these men are not ine-                26 Because of this, my heart has re-
briated, as you suppose, for it is the       joiced, and my tongue has exulted.
third hour of the day.                       Moreover, my flesh shall also rest in
 16 But this is what was spoken of           hope.
by the prophet Joel:                          27 For you will not abandon my
 17 „And this shall be: in th e last         soul to Hell, nor will you allow your
days, says the Lord, I will pour out,        Holy One to see corruption.
from my Spirit, upon all flesh. And           28 You have made known to me the
your sons and your daughters shall           ways of life. You will completely
prophesy. And your youths shall see          fill me with happiness by your pre s-
visions, and your elders shall dream         ence.‟
dreams.                                       29 Noble brothers, permit me to
 18 And certainly, upon my men and           speak freely to you about the P a-
women servants in those d ays, I will        triarch David: for he passed away
pour out from my Spirit, and they            and was buried, and his sepulcher is
shall prophesy.                              with us, even to this very day.
 19 And I will bestow wonders in              30 Therefore, he was a prophet, for
heaven above, and signs on earth             he knew that God had sworn an oath
below: blood and fire and the vapor          to him about the fruit of his loins,
of smoke.                                    about the One who would sit upon
 20 The sun shall be turned into             his throne.
darkness and the moon into blood,             31 Foreseeing this, he was speaking
before the great and manifest day of         about the Resurrection of the Christ.
the Lord arrives.                            For he was neither left behind in
 21 And this shall be: whoever shall         Hell, nor did his flesh see corru p-
invoke the name of the Lord will be          tion.
saved.‟                                       32 This Jesus, God raised up again,
 22 Men of Israel, hear these words:         and of this we are all witnesses.
Jesus the Nazarene is a man co n-             33 Therefore, being exalted to the
firmed by God among you through              right hand of God, and having r e-
the miracles and wonders and signs           ceived from the Father the Promise
that God accomplished through him            of the Holy Spirit, he poured this
in your midst, just as you also              out, just as you now see and hear.
know.                                         34 For David did not ascend into
 23 This man, under the definitive           heaven. But he himself said: „The
plan and foreknowledge of God, was           Lord said to my Lord: Sit at my
delivered by the hands of the unjust,        right hand,
afflicted, and put to death.                  35 until I make your enemies your
 24 And he whom God has raised up            footstool.‟
has broken the sorrows of Hell, for           36 Therefore, may the entire house
certainly it was impossible for him          of Israel know most certainly that
to be held by it.                            God has made this same Jesus,


whom you crucified, both Lord and            47 praising God greatly, and hol d-
Christ.”                                    ing favor with all the people. And
 37 Now when they had heard these           every day, the Lord increased those
things, they were contrite in heart,        who were being saved among them.
and they said to Peter and to the
other Apostles: “What should we do,                      CHAPTER 3
noble brothers?”                             1 Now Peter and John went up to
 38 Yet truly, Peter said to them:          the temple at the ninth hour of
“Do penance; and be baptized, each          prayer.
one of you, in the name of Jesus             2 And a certain man, who was lame
Christ, for the remission of your           from his mother ‟s womb, was being
sins. And you shall receive the gift        carried in. They would lay him
of the Holy Spirit.                         every day at the gate of the temple,
 39 For the Promise is for you and          which is called the Beautiful, so
for your sons, and for all who are          that he might request alms from
far away: for whomever the Lord             those entering into the temple.
our God will have called.”                   3 And this man, when he had seen
 40 And then, with very many other          Peter and John beginning to e nter
words, he testified and he exhorted         the temple, was begging, so that he
them, saying, “Save yourselves from         might receive alms.
this depraved generation.”                   4 Then Peter and John, gazing at
 41 Therefore, those who accepted           him, said, “Look at us.”
his discourse were baptized. And             5 And he looked intently at them,
about three thousand souls were             hoping that he might receive som e-
added on that day.                          thing from them.
 42 Now they were persevering in             6 But Peter said: “Silver and gold
the doctrine of the Apostles, and in        is not mine. But what I have, I give
the communion of the breaking of            to you. In the name of Jesus Christ
the bread, and in the prayers.              the Nazarene, rise up and walk.”
 43 And fear developed in every              7 And taking him by the right hand,
soul. Also, many miracles and signs         he lifted him up. And immed iately
were accomplished by the Apostles           his legs and feet were strengt hened.
in Jerusalem. And there was a great          8 And leaping up, he stood and
awe in everyone.                            walked around. And he entered with
 44 And then all who believed were          them into the temple, walking and
together, and they held all things in       leaping and praising God.
common.                                      9 And all the people saw him wal k-
 45 They were selling their posses-         ing and praising God.
sions and belongings, and dividing           10 And they recognized him, that
them to all, just as any of them had        he was the same one who was sitting
need.                                       for alms at the Beautiful Gate of the
 46 Also, they continued, daily, to         temple. And they were filled with
be of one accord in the temple and          awe and amazement at what had
to break bread among the houses;            happened to him.
and they took their meals with exu l-        11 Then, as he held on to Peter and
tation and simplicity of heart,             John, all the people ran to them at


the portico, which is called Sol o-          ration of all things, which God has
mon‟s, in astonishment.                      spoken of by the mouth of his holy
 12 But Peter, seeing this, r esponded       prophets, from ages past.
to the people: “Men of Israel, why            22 Indeed, Moses said: „For the
do you wonder at this? Or why do             Lord your God shall raise up a
you stare at us, as if it were by our        Prophet for you from your brothers,
own strength or power that we                one like me; the same shall you li s-
caused this man to walk?                     ten to according to everything wha t-
 13 The God of Abraham and the               soever that he shall speak to you.
God of Isaac and the God of Jacob,            23 And this shall be: every soul
the God of our fathers, has glorified        who will not listen to that Prophet
his Son Jesus, whom you, indeed,             shall be exterminated from the
handed over and denied before the            people.‟
face of Pilate, when he was giving            24 And all the prophets who have
judgment to release him.                     spoken, from Samuel and thereafter,
 14 Then you denied the Holy and             have announced these days.
Just One, and petitioned for a mu r-          25 You are sons of the prophets and
derous man to be given to you.               of the testament which God has a p-
 15 Truly, it was the Author of Life         pointed for our fathers, saying to
whom you put to death, whom God              Abraham: „And by your offspring
raised from the dead, to whom we             all the families of the earth shall be
are witnesses.                               blessed.‟
 16 And by faith in his name, this            26 God raised up his Son and sent
man, whom you have seen and                  him first to you, to bless you, so
known, has confirmed his name.               that each one may turn himself away
And faith through h im has given             from his wickedness.”
this man complete health in the
sight of you all.                                         CHAPTER 4
 17 And now, brothers, I know that            1 But while they were speaking to
you did this through ignorance, just         the people, the priests and the magi-
as your leaders also did.                    strate of the temple and the Sadd u-
 18 But in this way God has ful-             cees overwhelmed them,
filled the things that he announced           2 being grieved that they were
beforehand through the mouth o f all         teaching the people and announcing
the Prophets: that his Christ would          in Jesus the resurrection from the
suffer.                                      dead.
 19 Therefore, repent and be con-             3 And they laid hands on them, and
verted, so that your sins may be             they placed them under guard until
wiped away.                                  the next day. For it was now eve n-
 20 And then, when the time of co n-         ing.
solation will have arrived from the           4 But many of those wh o had heard
presence of the Lord, he will send           the word believed. And the number
the One who was foretold to you,             of men became five tho usand.
Jesus Christ,                                 5 And it happened on the next day
 21 whom heaven certainly must               that their leaders and elders and
take up, until the time of the rest o-       scribes gathered together in Jerus a-


lem,                                          sign has been done through them,
 6 including Annas, the high priest,          before all the inhabitants of Jerus a-
and Caiaphas, and John and Alexan-            lem. It is manifest, and we cannot
der, and as many as were of the               deny it.
priestly family.                               17 But lest it spread further among
 7 And stationing them in the mi d-           the people, let us threaten them not
dle, they questioned them: “By what           to speak anymore in this name to
power, or in whose name, have you             any man.”
done this?”                                    18 And calling them in, they
 8 Then Peter, filled with the Holy           warned them not to speak or teach at
Spirit, said to them: “Leaders of the         all in the name of Jesus.
people and elders, liste n.                    19 Yet truly, Peter and John said in
 9 If we today are judged by a good           response to them: “Judge whether it
deed done to an infirm man, by                is just in the sight of God to listen
which he has been made whole,                 to you, rather than to God.
 10 let it be known to all of you and          20 For we are unable to refrain
to all of the people of Israel, that in       from speaking the things that we
the name of our Lord Jesus Christ             have seen and heard.”
the Nazarene, whom you crucified,              21 But they, threatening them, sent
whom God has raised from the dead,            them away, having not found a way
by him, this man stands before you,           that they might punish them b ecause
healthy.                                      of the people. For all were gl orify-
 11 He is the stone, which was r e-           ing the things that had been done in
jected by you, the builders, which            these events.
has become the head of the corner.             22 For the man in whom this sign
 12 And there is no salvation in any          of a cure had been accomplished
other. For there is no other name             was more than forty years old.
under heaven given to men, by                  23 Then, having been released, they
which it is necessary for us to be            went to their own, and they r eported
saved.”                                       in full what the leaders of the
 13 Then, seeing the constancy of             priests and the elders had said to
Peter and John, having verified that          them.
they were men without letters or               24 And when they had heard it,
learning, they wondered. And they             with one accord, they lifted up their
recognized that they had been with            voice to God, and they said: “Lord,
Jesus.                                        you are the One who made heaven
 14 Also, seeing the man who had              and earth, the sea and all that is in
been cured standing with them, they           them,
were unable to say anything to co n-           25 who, by the Holy Spirit, through
tradict them.                                 the mouth of our father David, your
 15 But they ordered them to wit h-           servant, said: „Why have the Ge n-
draw outside, away from the cou n-            tiles been seething, and why have
cil, and they conferred among the m-          the people been pondering no n-
selves,                                       sense?
 16 saying: “What shall we do to               26 The kings of the earth have
these men? For certainly a public             stood up, and the leaders have


joined together as one, against the          was a Levite of Cyprian descent,
Lord and against his Christ.‟                 37 since he had land, he sold it,
 27 For truly Herod and Pontius P i-         and he brought the proceeds and
late, with the Gentiles and the              placed these at the feet of the Apo s-
people of Israel, joined together in         tles.
this city against your holy servant
Jesus, whom you anointed                                  CHAPTER 5
 28 to do what your hand and your             1 But a certain man named Ananias,
counsel had decreed would be done.           with his wife Sapphira, sold a field,
 29 And now, O Lord, look upon                2 and he was deceitful about the
their threats, and grant to your se r-       price of the field, with his wife‟s
vants that they may speak your word          consent. And bringing only part of
with all confidence,                         it, he placed it at the feet of the
 30 by extending your hand in cures          Apostles.
and signs and miracles, to be done            3 But Peter said: “Ananias, why has
through the name of your holy Son,           Satan tempted your heart, so that
Jesus.”                                      you would lie to the Holy Spirit and
 31 And when they had prayed, the            be deceitful about the price of the
place in which they were gathered            land?
was moved. And they were all filled           4 Did it not belong to you while
with the Holy Spirit. And they were          you retained it? And having sold it,
speaking the Word of God with co n-          was it not in your power? Why have
fidence.                                     you set this thing in your heart? You
 32 Then the multitude of believers          have not lied to men, but to God!”
were of one heart and one soul. Ne i-         5 Then Ananias, upon hearing these
ther did anyone say that any of the          words, fell down and expired. And a
things that he possessed were his            great fear overwhelmed all who
own, but all things were common to           heard of it.
them.                                         6 And the young men rose up and
 33 And with great power, the Apo s-         removed him; and carrying him out,
tles were rendering testimony to the         they buried him.
Resurrection of Jesus Christ our              7 Then about the space of three
Lord. And great grace was in them            hours passed, and his wife entered,
all.                                         not knowing what had happened.
 34 And neither was anyone among              8 And Peter said to her, “Tell me,
them in need. For as many as were            woman, if you sold the field for this
owners of fields or houses, sel ling         amount?” And she said, “Yes, for
these, were bringing the proceeds of         that amount.”
the things that they were selling,            9 And Peter said to her: “Why have
 35 and were placing it before the           you agreed together to test the Sp i-
feet of the Apostles. Then it was d i-       rit of the Lord? Behold, the feet of
vided to each one, just as he had            those who have buried your husband
need.                                        are at the door, and they shall carry
 36 Now Joseph, who the Apostles             you out!”
surnamed Barnabas (which is tran s-           10 Immediately, she fell down b e-
lated as „son of consolation‟), who          fore his feet and expired. Then the


young men entered and found her              the high priest, and thos e who were
dead. And they carried her out and           with him, approached, and they
buried her next to her husband.              called together the council and all
 11 And a great fear came over the           the elders of the sons of Israel. And
entire Church and over all who               they sent to the prison to have them
heard these things.                          brought.
 12 And through the hands of the              22 But when the attendants had a r-
Apostles many signs and wonders              rived, and, upon opening the prison,
were accomplished among the                  had not found them, they returned
people. And they all met with one            and reported to them,
accord at Solomon‟s portico.                  23 saying: “We found the prison
 13 And among the others, no one             certainly locked up with all dil i-
dared to join himself to them. But           gence, and the guards standing b e-
the people magnified them.                   fore the door. But upon opening it,
 14 Now the multitude of men and             we found no one within.”
women who believed in the Lord                24 Then, when the magistrate of the
was ever increasing,                         temple and the chief priests heard
 15 so much so that they laid the i n-       these words, they were uncertain
firm in the streets, placing them on         about them, as to what should ha p-
beds and stretchers, so that, as Peter       pen.
arrived, at least his shadow might            25 But someone arrived and r e-
fall upon any one of them, and they          ported to them, “Behold, the men
would be freed from their infirm i-          whom you placed in prison are in
ties.                                        the temple, standing and teaching
 16 But a multitude also hurried to          the people.”
Jerusalem from the neighboring ci-            26 Then the magistrate, with the a t-
ties, carrying the sick and those            tendants, went and brought them
troubled by unclean spirits, who             without force. For they were afraid
were all healed.                             of the people, lest they be stoned.
 17 Then the high priest and all              27 And when they had brought
those who were with him, that is,            them, they stood them before the
the heretical sect of the Sadducees,         council. And the high priest que s-
rose up and were filled with jealo u-        tioned them,
sy.                                           28 and said: “We strongly order
 18 And they laid hands on the               you not to teach in this name. For
Apostles, and they placed them in            behold, you have filled Jerusalem
the common prison.                           with your doctrine, and you wish to
 19 But in the night, an Angel of the        bring the blood of this man upon
Lord opened the doors of the prison          us.”
and led them out, saying,                     29 But Peter and the Apostles r e-
 20 “Go and stand in the temple,             sponded by saying: “It is necessary
speaking to the people all these             to obey God, more so than men.
words of life.”                               30 The God of our fathers has
 21 And when they had heard this,            raised up Jesus, whom you put to
they entered the temple at first             death by hanging him on a tree.
light, and they were teaching. Then           31 It is he whom God has exalted at


his right hand as Ruler and Savior,            41 And indeed, they went forth
so as to offer repentance and the             from the presence of the council,
remission of sins to Israel.                  rejoicing that they were considered
 32 And we are witnesses of these             worthy to suffer insult on behalf of
things, with the Holy Spirit, whom            the name of Jesus.
God has given to all who are o b-              42 And every day, in the temple
edient to him.”                               and among the houses, they did not
 33 When they had heard these                 cease to teach and to evangelize
things, they were deeply wounded,             Christ Jesus.
and they were planning to put them
to death.                                                  CHAPTER 6
 34 But someone in the council, a              1 In those days, as the number of
Pharisee named Gamaliel, a teacher            disciples was increasing, there o c-
of the law honored by all the                 curred a murmuring of the Greeks
people, rose up and ordered the men           against the Hebrews, because their
to be put outside briefly.                    widows were treated with disdain in
 35 And he said to them: “Men of              the daily ministration.
Israel, you should be careful in your          2 And so the twelve, calling t o-
intentions about these men.                   gether the multitude of the di s-
 36 For before these days, Theudas            ciples, said: “It is not fair for us to
stepped forward, asserting himself            leave behind the Word of God to
to be someone, and a number of                serve at tables also.
men, about four hundred, joined                3    Therefore,    brothers,    search
with him. But he was killed, and all          among yourselves for seven men of
who believed in him were scattered,           good testimony, filled with the Holy
and they were reduced to nothing.             Spirit and with wisdom, whom we
 37 After this one, Judas the Gal i-          may appoint over this work.
lean stepped forward, in the days of           4 Yet truly, we will be continually
the enrollment, and he turned t he            in prayer and in the ministry of the
people toward himself. But he also            Word.”
perished, and all of them, as many             5 And the plan pleased the entire
as had joined with him, were di s-            multitude. And they chose Stephen,
persed.                                       a man filled with faith and with the
 38 And now therefore, I say to you,          Holy Spirit, and Philip and Procho-
withdraw from these men and leave             rus and Nicanor and Timon and
them alone. For if this counsel or            Parmenas and Nicolas, a new arrival
work is of men, it will be broken.            from Antioch.
 39 Yet truly, if it is of God, you            6 These they set before the sight of
will not be able to break it, and pe r-       the Apostles, and while praying,
haps you might be found to have               they imposed hands on them.
fought against God.” And they                  7 And the Word of the Lord was i n-
agreed with him.                              creasing, and the number o f dis-
 40 And calling in the Apostles,              ciples in Jerusalem was multiplied
having beaten them, they warned               exceedingly. And even a large group
them not to speak at all in the name          of the priests were obedient to the
of Jesus. And they dismissed them.            faith.


 8 Then Stephen, filled with grace            will show to you.‟
and fortitude, wrought great signs             4 Then he went away from the land
and miracles among the people.                of the Chaldeans, and he lived at
 9 But certain ones, from the syn-            Haran. And later, after his father
agogue of the so-called Libertines,           was dead, God brought him into this
and of the Cyrenians, and of the              land, in which you now dwell.
Alexandrians, and of those who                 5 And he gave him no inheritance
were from Cilicia and Asia rose up            in it, not even the space of one step.
and were disputing with Stephen.              But he promised to give it to him as
 10 But they were not able to r esist         a possession, and to his offspring
the wisdom and the Spirit with                after him, though he did not have a
which he was speaking.                        son.
 11 Then they suborned men who                 6 Then God told him that his
were to claim that they had heard             offspring would be a settler in a
him speaking words of blasphemy               foreign land, and that they would
against Moses and against God.                subjugate them, and treat them ba d-
 12 And thus did they stir up the             ly, for four hundred years.
people and the elders and the                  7 „And the nation whom they will
scribes. And hurrying together, they          serve, I will judge,‟ said the Lord.
seized him and brought him to th e            „And after these things, they shall
council.                                      depart and shall serve me in this
 13 And they set up false wi tnesses,         place.‟
who said: “This man does not cease             8 And he gave him the covenant of
to speak words against the holy               circumcision. And so he conceived
place and the law.                            Isaac and circumcised him on the
 14 For we have heard him saying              eighth day. And Isaac concei ved Ja-
that this Jesus the Nazarene will d e-        cob, and Jacob, the twelve P a-
stroy this place and will change the          triarchs.
traditions, which Moses handed                 9 And the Patriarchs, being jealous,
down to us.”                                  sold Joseph into Egypt. But God
 15 And all those who were sitting            was with him.
in the council, gazing at him, saw             10 And he rescued him from all his
his face, as if it had become the face        tribulations. And he gave him grace
of an Angel.                                  and wisdom in the sight of Pharaoh,
                                              the king of Egypt. An d he appointed
             CHAPTER 7                        him as governor over Egypt and
 1 Then the high priest said, “Are            over all his house.
these things so?”                              11 Then a famine occurred in all of
 2 And Stephan said: “Noble brot h-           Egypt and Canaan, and a great trib u-
ers and fathers, listen. The God of           lation. And our fathers did not find
glory appeared to our father Abr a-           food.
ham, when he was in Mesopotamia,               12 But when Jacob had heard that
before he stayed in Haran.                    there was grain in Egypt, he sent
 3 And God said to him, „Depart               our fathers first.
from your country and from your                13 And on the second occasion, J o-
kindred, and go into the land that I          seph was recognized by his brot h-


ers, and his ancestry was made m a-          his hand. But they did not unde r-
nifest to Pharaoh.                           stand it.
 14 Then Joseph sent for and                  26 So truly, on the following day,
brought his father Jacob, with all           he appeared before those who were
his kindred, seventy-five souls.             arguing, and he would have reco n-
 15 And Jacob descended into                 ciled them in peace, saying, „Men,
Egypt, and he passed away, and so            you are brothers. So why would you
did our fathers.                             harm one another?‟
 16 And they crossed over into Sh e-          27 But he who was causing the in-
chem, and they were placed in the            jury to his neighbor rejected him,
sepulcher which Abraham bought               saying: „Who has appointed you as
for a sum of money from the sons of          leader and judge over us?
Hamor, the son of Shechem.                    28 Could it be that you want to kill
 17 And when the time of the Pro m-          me, in the same way that you killed
ise that God had revealed to Abra-           the Egyptian yesterday?‟
ham drew near, the people i ncreased          29 Then, at this word, Moses fled.
and were multiplied in Egypt,                And he became a foreigner in the
 18 even until another king, who did         land of Midian, where he pr oduced
not know Joseph, rose up in Egypt.           two sons.
 19 This one, encompassing our ki n-          30 And when forty years were com-
dred, afflicted our fathers, so that         pleted, there appeared to him, in the
they would expose their infants, lest        desert of Mount Sinai, an Angel, in
they be kept alive.                          a flame of fire in a bush.
 20 In the same time, Moses was               31 And upon seeing this, Moses
born. And he was in the grace of             was amazed at the sight. And as h e
God, and he was nourished for three          drew near in order to gaze at it, the
months in the house of his father.           voice of the Lord came to him, sa y-
 21 Then, having been abandoned,             ing:
the daughter of Pharaoh took him in,          32 „I am the God of your fathers:
and she raised him as her own son.           the God of Abraham, the God of
 22 And Moses was instructed in all          Isaac, and the God of Jacob.‟ And
the wisdom of the Egyptians. And             Moses, being made to tremble, did
he was mighty in his words and in            not dare to look.
his deeds.                                    33 But the Lord said to him: „Loo-
 23 But when forty years of age              sen the shoes from your feet. For
were completed in him, it rose up in         the place in which you stand is holy
his heart that he should visit his           ground.
brothers, the sons of Israel.                 34 Certainly, I have seen the affli c-
 24 And when he had seen a ce rtain          tion of my people who are in Egypt,
one suffering injury, he defended            and I have heard their groa ning. And
him. And striking the Egyptian, he           so, I am coming down to free them.
wrought a retribution for him who            And now, go forth and I wi ll send
was enduring the injury.                     you into Egypt.‟
 25 Now he supposed that his brot h-          35 This Moses, whom they r ejected
ers would understand that God                by saying, „Who has appointed you
would grant them salvation throug h          as leader and judge?‟ is the one God


sent to be leader and redeemer, by            just as God ordained for them,
the hand of the Angel who appeared            speaking to Moses, so that he would
to him in the bush.                           make it according to the form that
 36 This man led them out, accom-             he had seen.
plishing signs and wonders in the              45 But our fathers, receiving it, a l-
land of Egypt, and at the Red Sea,            so brought it, with Joshua, into the
and in the desert, for forty years.           land of the Gentiles, whom God e x-
 37 This is Moses, who said to the            pelled before the face of our fathers,
sons of Israel: „God will raise up for        even until the days of David,
you a prophet like me from your                46 who found grace before God and
own brothers. You shall listen to             who asked that he might obtain a
him.‟                                         tabernacle for the God of Jacob.
 38 This is he who was in the                  47 But it was Solomon who built a
Church in the wilderness, with the            house for him.
Angel who was speaking to him on               48 Yet the Most High does not live
Mount Sinai, and with our fathers. It         in houses built by hands, just as he
is he who received the words of life          said through the prophet:
to give to us.                                 49 „Heaven is my throne, and the
 39 It is he whom our fathers were            earth is my footstool. What kind of
not willing to obey. Instead, they            house would you build for me? says
rejected him, and in their hearts             the Lord. And which is my restin g
they turned away toward Egypt,                place?
 40 saying to Aaron: „Make gods for            50 Has not my hand made all these
us, which may go before us. For this          things?‟
Moses, who led us away from the                51 Stiff-necked and uncircumcised
land of Egypt, we do not know what            in heart and ears, you ever r esist the
has happened to him.‟                         Holy Spirit. Just as your f athers did,
 41 And so they fashioned a calf in           so also do you do.
those days, and they offered sacri-            52 Which of the Prophets have your
fices to an idol, and they rejoiced in        fathers not persecuted? And they
the works of their own hands.                 killed those who foretold the advent
 42 Then God turned, and he handed            of the Just One. And you have now
them over, to subservience to the             become the betrayers and murderers
armies of heaven, just as it was              of him.
written in the Book of the Prophets:           53 You received the law by the a c-
„Did you not offer vi ctims and sa-           tions of Angels, and yet you have
crifices to me for forty years in the         not kept it.”
desert, O house of Israel?                     54 Then, upon hearing these things,
 43 And yet you took up for you r-            they were deeply wounded in th eir
selves the tabernacle of Moloch and           hearts, and they gnashed their teeth
the star of your god Rephan, figures          at him.
which you yourselves formed in o r-            55 But he, being filled with the H o-
der to adore them. And so I will ca r-        ly Spirit, and gazing intently t oward
ry you away, beyond Babylon.‟                 heaven, saw the glory of God and
 44 The tabernacle of the test imony          Jesus standing at the right hand of
was with our fathers in the d esert,          God. And he said, “Behold, I see the


heavens opened, and the Son of man           Philip, and they were watching the
standing at the right hand of God.”          signs which he was accomplishing.
 56 Then they, crying out with a              7 For many of them had unclean
loud voice, blocked their ears and,          spirits, and, crying out with a loud
with one accord, rushed violently            voice, these departed from them.
toward him.                                   8 And many of the paralytics and
 57 And driving him out, beyond the          the lame were cured.
city, they stoned him. And wi tnesses         9 Therefore, there was great glad-
placed their garments besid e the            ness in that city. Now there was a
feet of a youth, who was called              certain man named Simon, who fo r-
Saul.                                        merly had been a magician in that
 58 And as they were stoning St e-           city, seducing the people of Sam a-
phen, he called out and said, “Lord          ria, claiming himself to be someone
Jesus, receive my spirit.”                   great.
 59 Then, having been brought to              10 And to all those who would li s-
his knees, he cried out with a loud          ten, from the least even to the grea t-
voice, saying, “Lord, do not hold            est, he was saying: “Here is the
this sin against them.” And when he          power of God, which is called
had said this, he fell asleep in the         great.”
Lord. And Saul was consenting to              11 And they were attentive to him
his murder.                                  because, for a long time, he had d e-
                                             luded them with his magic.
             CHAPTER 8                        12 Yet truly, once they had b elieved
 1 Now in those days, there o ccurred        Philip, who was evangelizing the
a great persecution against the              kingdom of God, both men and
Church at Jerusalem. And they were           women were baptized in the name of
all dispersed throughout the regions         Jesus Christ.
of Judea and Samaria, except the              13 Then Simon himself also be-
Apostles.                                    lieved and, when he had been ba p-
 2 But God-fearing men arranged for          tized, he adhered to Philip. And
Stephen‟s funeral, and they made a           now, seeing also the greatest signs
great mourning over him.                     and miracles being wrought, he was
 3 Then Saul was laying waste to the         amazed and stupefied.
Church by entering throughout the             14 Now when the Apostles who
houses, and dragging away men and            were in Jerusalem had heard that
women, and commit ting them to               Samaria had received the Word of
prison.                                      God, they sent Peter and John to
 4 Therefore, those who had been             them.
dispersed were traveling around,              15 And when they had arrived, they
evangelizing the Word of God.                prayed for them, so that they might
 5 Now Philip, descending to a city          receive the Holy Spirit.
of Samaria, was preaching Christ to           16 For he had not yet come to any
them.                                        among them, since they were only
 6 And the crowd was listening i n-          baptized in the name of the Lord J e-
tently and with one accord to t hose         sus.
things which were being said by               17 Then they laid their hands on


them, and they received the Holy              from the prophet Isaiah.
Spirit.                                        29 Then the Spirit said to Philip,
 18 But when Simon had seen that,             “Draw near and join yourself to this
by the imposition of the hands of             chariot.”
the Apostles, the Holy Spirit was              30 And Philip, hurrying, heard him
given, he offered them money,                 reading from the prophet Isaiah, and
 19 saying, “Give this power to me            he said, “Do you think that you u n-
also, so that on whomever I will lay          derstand what you are reading?”
my hands, he may receive the Holy              31 And he said, “But how can I, u n-
Spirit.” But Peter said to him:               less someone will have revealed it
 20 “Let your money be with you in            to me?” And he asked Philip to
perdition, for you have supposed              climb up and sit with him.
that a gift of God might be pos-               32 Now the place in Scripture that
sessed by money.                              he was reading was this: “Like a
 21 There is no part or place for you         sheep he was led to the slaughter.
in this matter. For your heart is not         And like a lamb silent before his
upright in the sight of God.                  shearer, so he opened not his mouth.
 22 And so, repent from this, your             33 He endured his judgment with
wickedness, and beg God, so that              humility. Who of his generation
perhaps this plan of your heart               shall describe how his life was ta k-
might be forgiven you.                        en away from the earth?”
 23 For I perceive you to be in the            34 Then the eunuch responded to
gall of bitterness and in the bond of         Philip, saying: “I beg you, about
iniquity.”                                    whom is the prophet saying this?
 24 Then Simon responded by sa y-             About himself, or about someone
ing, “Pray for me to the Lord, so             else?”
that nothing of what you have said             35 Then Philip, opening his mouth
may happen to me.”                            and beginning from this Scripture,
 25 And indeed, after testifying and          evangelized Jesus to him.
speaking the Word of the Lord, they            36 And while they were going
returned to Jerusalem, and they               along the way, they arrived at a ce r-
evangelized the many regions of the           tain water source. And the eunuch
Samaritans.                                   said: “There is water. What would
 26 Now an Angel of the Lord spoke            prevent me from being baptized?”
to Philip, saying, “Rise up and go             37 Then Philip said, “If you b elieve
toward the south, to the way which            from your whole heart, it is permi t-
descends from Jerusalem into Gaza,            ted.” And he responded by sa ying,
where there is a desert.”                     “I believe the Son of God to be J e-
 27 And rising up, he went. And b e-          sus the Christ.”
hold, an Ethiopian man, a eunuch,              38 And he ordered the chariot t o
powerful under Candace, the queen             stand still. And both Philip and the
of the Ethiopians, who was over all           eunuch descended into the water.
her treasures, had arrived in Jerus a-        And he baptized him.
lem to worship.                                39 And when they had ascended
 28 And while returning, he was si t-         from the water, the Spirit of the
ting upon his chariot and reading             Lord took Philip away, and the e u-


nuch did not see him anymore. Then            at Damascus, named Ananias. And
he went on his way, rejoicing.                the Lord said to him in a vision,
 40 Now Philip was found in Az o-             “Ananias!” And he said, “Here I am,
tus. And continuing on, he evang e-           Lord.”
lized all the cities, until he arrived         11 And the Lord said to him: “Rise
in Caesarea.                                  up and go into the street that is
                                              called Straight, and seek, in the
              CHAPTER 9                       house of Judas, the one named Saul
 1 Now Saul, still breathing threats          of Tarsus. For behold, he is pra y-
and beatings against the di sciples of        ing.”
the Lord, went to the high priest,             12 (And Paul saw a man named
 2 and he petitioned h im for letters         Ananias entering and imposing
to the synagogues in Damascus, so             hands upon him, so that he might
that, if he found any men or women            receive his sight.)
belonging to this Way, he could lead           13 But Ananias responded: “Lord, I
them as prisoners to Jer usalem.              have heard from many about this
 3 And as he made the journey, it             man, how much harm he has done to
happened that he was approaching              your saints in Jerusalem.
Damascus. And suddenly, a light                14 And he has authority here from
from heaven shone around him.                 the leaders of the priests to bind all
 4 And falling to the ground, he              who invoke your name.”
heard a voice saying to him, “Saul,            15 Then the Lord said to him: “Go,
Saul, why are you persecuting me?”            for this one is an instrument chosen
 5 And he said, “Who are you,                 by me to convey my name before
Lord?” And he: “I am Jesus, whom              nations and kings and the sons of
you are persecuting. It is hard for           Israel.
you to kick against the goad.”                 16 For I will reveal to him how
 6 And he, trembling and astonished,          much he must suffer on behalf of
said, “Lord, what do you want me to           my name.”
do?”                                           17 And Ananias departed. And he
 7 And the Lord said to him, “Rise            entered the house. And laying his
up and go into the city, and there            hands upon him, he said: “Brother
you will be told what you ought to            Saul, the Lord Jesus, he who ap-
do.” Now the men who were acco m-             peared to you on the way by which
panying him were standing stup e-             you arrived, sent me so that you
fied, hearing indeed a voice, but             would receive your sight and be
seeing no one.                                filled with the Holy Spirit.”
 8 Then Saul rose up from the                  18 And immediately, it was as if
ground. And upon opening his eyes,            scales had fallen from his eyes, and
he saw nothing. So leading him by             he received his sight. And rising up,
the hand, they brought him into               he was baptized.
Damascus.                                      19 And when he had taken a meal,
 9 And in that place, he was wit hout         he was strengthened. Now he was
sight for three days, and he ne ither         with the disciples who were at D a-
ate nor drank.                                mascus for some days.
 10 Now there was a certain disciple           20 And he was continuously


preaching Jesus in the synagogues:           lized this, they brought him to Ca e-
that he is the Son of God.                   sarea and sent him away to Tarsus.
 21 And all who heard him were as-            31 Certainly, the Church had peace
tonished, and they said, “Is this not        throughout all of Judea and Galilee
the one who, in Jerusalem, was               and Samaria, and it was being built
fighting against those invoking this         up, while walking in the fear of the
name, and who came here for this:            Lord, and it was being filled with
so that he might lead them away to           the consolation of the Holy Spirit.
the leaders of the priests?”                  32 Then it happened that Peter, as
 22 But Saul was increasing to a             he traveled around everywhere,
greater extent in ability, and so he         came to the saints who were living
was confounding the Jews who lived           at Lydda.
at Damascus, by affirming that he is          33 But he found there a certain
the Christ.                                  man, named Aeneas, who was a p a-
 23 And when many days were com-             ralytic, who had lain in bed for
pleted, the Jews took counsel as             eight years.
one, so that they might put him to            34 And Peter said to him: “A eneas,
death.                                       the Lord Jesus Christ heals you.
 24 But their treachery became               Rise up and arrange your bed.” And
known to Saul. Now they were also            immediately he rose up.
watching the gates, day and night,            35 And all who were living in Lyd-
so that they might put him to death.         da and Sharon saw him, and they
 25 But the disciples, taking him            were converted to the Lord.
away by night, sent him over the              36 Now in Joppa there was a ce r-
wall by letting him down in a                tain disciple named Tabitha, which
basket.                                      in translation is called Dorcas. She
 26 And when he had arrived in J e-          was filled with the good works and
rusalem, he attempted to join hi m-          almsgiving that she was accomplis h-
self to the disciples. An d they were        ing.
all afraid of him, not believing that         37 And it happened that, in those
he was a disciple.                           days, she became ill and died. And
 27 But Barnabas took him aside              when they had washed her, they laid
and led him to the Apostles. And he          her in an upper room.
explained to them how he had seen             38 Now since Lydda was close to
the Lord, and that he had spoken to          Joppa, the disciples, upon hearing
him, and how, in Damascus, he had            that Peter was there, sent two men
acted faithfully in the name of Je-          to him, asking him: “Do not be slow
sus.                                         in coming to us.”
 28 And he was with them, ente ring           39 Then Peter, rising up, went with
and departing Jerusalem, and acting          them. And when he had arrived, they
faithfully in the name of the Lord.          led him to an upper room. And all
 29 He also was speaking with the            the widows were standing around
Gentiles and disputing with the              him, weeping and showing him the
Greeks. But they were seeking to             tunics and garments that Dorcas had
kill him.                                    made for them.
 30 And when the brothers had rea-            40 And when they had all been sent


outside, Peter, kneeling down,               servants and a soldier who f eared
prayed. And turning to the body, he          the Lord.
said: “Tabitha, arise.” And she               8 And when he had explained ev e-
opened her eyes and, upon seeing             rything to them, he sent them to
Peter, sat up again.                         Joppa.
 41 And offering her his hand, he             9 Then, on the following day, while
lifted her up. And when he had               they were making the journey and
called in the saints and the widows,         approaching the city, Peter a scended
he presented her alive.                      to the upper rooms, so that he might
 42 Now this became known                    pray, at about the sixth hour.
throughout all of Joppa. And many             10 And since he was hungry, he
believed in the Lord.                        wanted to enjoy some food. Then, as
 43 And it happened that he r esided         they were preparing it, an ecstasy of
for many days in Joppa, with a ce r-         mind fell over him.
tain Simon, a tanner.                         11 And he saw heaven opened, and
                                             a certain container descending, as if
            CHAPTER 10                       a great linen sheet were let down,
 1 Now there was a certain man in            by its four corners, from heaven to
Caesarea, named Cornelius, a cent u-         earth,
rion of the cohort which is called            12 on which were all four-footed
Italian,                                     beasts, and the crawling things of
 2 a devout man, fearing God with            the earth and the flying things of the
all his house, giving many alms to           air.
the people, and praying to God co n-          13 And a voice came to him: “Rise
tinually.                                    up, Peter! Kill and eat.”
 3 This man saw in a vision clearly,          14 But Peter said: “Far be it from
at about the ninth hour of the day,          me, lord. For I have never eaten an-
the Angel of God entering to him             ything common or unclean.”
and saying to him: “Cornelius!”               15 And the voice, again a second
 4 And he, gazing at him, was seized         time to him: “What God has pur i-
by fear, and he said, “What is it,           fied, you shall not call common.”
lord?” And he said to him: “Your              16 Now this was done three times.
prayers and your almsgiving have             And immediately the container was
ascended as a memorial in the sight          taken up to heaven.
of God.                                       17 Now while Peter was still hes i-
 5 And now, send men to Joppa and            tant within himself as to what the
summon a certain Simon, who is               vision, which he had seen, might
surnamed Peter.                              mean, behold, the men who had
 6 This man is a guest with a certain        been sent from Cornelius stood at
Simon, a tanner, whose house is b e-         the gate, inquiring about Simon‟s
side the sea. He will tell you what          house.
you must do.”                                 18 And when they had called out,
 7 And when the Angel who was                they asked if Simon, who is su r-
speaking to him had departed, he             named Peter, was a guest in that
called, out of those who were su b-          place.
ject to him, two of his household             19 Then, as Peter was thinking


about the vision, the Spirit said to         son have you summoned me?”
him, “Behold, three men seek you.             30 And Cornelius said: “It is now
 20 And so, rise up, descend, and go         the fourth day, to this very hour,
with them, doubting nothing. For I           since I was praying in my house at
have sent them.”                             the ninth hour, and behold, a man
 21 Then Peter, descending to the            stood before me in a white ves t-
men, said: “Behold, I am the one             ment, and he said:
whom you seek. What is the reason             31 „Cornelius, your prayer has been
for which you have arrived?”                 heard and your almsgiving has been
 22 And they said: “Cornelius, a             remembered in the sight of God.
centurion, a just and God -fearing            32 Therefore, send to Joppa and
man, who has good testimony from             summon Simon, who is surnamed
the entire nation of the Jews, r e-          Peter. This man is a guest in the
ceived a message from a holy Angel           house of Simon, a tanner, near the
to summon you to his house and to            sea.‟
listen to words from you.”                    33 And so, I promptly sent for you.
 23 Therefore, leading them in, he           And you have done well in co ming
received them as guests. Then, on            here. Therefore, all of us are now
following the day, rising up, he set         present in your sight to hear all the
out with them. And some of the               things that were taught to you by
brothers from Joppa accompanied              the Lord.”
him.                                          34 Then, Peter, opening his mouth,
 24 And on the next day, he entered          said: “I have concluded in truth that
Caesarea. And truly, Cornelius was           God is not a respecter of persons.
waiting for them, having called t o-          35 But within every nation, whoe v-
gether his family and closest                er fears him and works justice is a c-
friends.                                     ceptable to him.
 25 And it happened that, when P e-           36 God sent the Word to the sons of
ter had entered, Cornelius went to           Israel,   announcing     the   peace
meet him. And falling before his             through Jesus Christ, for he is the
feet, he reverenced.                         Lord of all.
 26 Yet truly, Peter, lifting him up,         37 You know that the Word has
said: “Rise up, for I also am only a         been made known throughout all J u-
man.”                                        dea. For beginning from Galilee, a f-
 27 And speaking with him, he en-            ter   the    baptism   which    John
tered, and he found many who had             preached,
gathered together.                            38 Jesus of Nazareth, whom God
 28 And he said to them: “You know           anointed with the Holy Spirit and
how abominable it would be for a             with power, traveled around doing
Jewish man to be joined with, or to          good and healing all those o p-
be added to, a foreign people. But           pressed by the devil. For God was
God has revealed to me to call no            with him.
man common or unclean.                        39 And we are witnesses of all that
 29 Because of this and without              he did in the region of Judea and in
doubt, I came when summoned.                 Jerusalem, he whom they killed by
Therefore, I ask you, for what re a-         hanging him on a tree.


 40 God raised him up on the third            3 saying, “Why did you enter to
day and permitted him to be made             uncircumcised men, and why did
manifest,                                    you eat with them?”
 41 not to all the people, but to the         4 And Peter began to explain to
witnesses preordained by God, to             them, in an orderly manner, saying:
those of us who ate and drank with            5 “I was in the city of Joppa pray-
him after he rose again from the             ing, and I saw, in an ecstasy of
dead.                                        mind, a vision: a certain container
 42 And he instructed us to preach           descending, like a great linen sheet
to the people, and to testify that he        being let down from heaven by its
is the One who was appointed by              four corners. And it drew near to
God to be the judge of the living            me.
and of the dead.                              6 And looking into it, I consi dered
 43 To him all the Prophets offer            and saw the four-footed beasts of
testimony that through his name all          the earth, and the wild beasts, and
who believe in him receive the r e-          the reptiles, and the flying things of
mission of sins.”                            the air.
 44 While Peter was still speaking            7 Then I also heard a voice sa ying
these words, the Holy Spirit fell            to me: „Rise up, Peter. Kill and eat.‟
over all of those who were listening          8 But I said: „Never, lord! For what
to the Word.                                 is common or unclean has never e n-
 45 And the faithful of the circumci-        tered into my mouth.‟
sion, who had arrived with P eter,            9 Then the voice responded a
were astonished that the grace of the        second time from heaven, „What
Holy Spirit was also poured out              God has cleansed, you shall not call
upon the Gentiles.                           common.‟
 46 For they heard them speaking in           10 Now this was done three times.
tongues and magnifying God.                  And then everything was taken up
 47 Then Peter responded, “How               again into heaven.
could anyone prohibit water, so that          11 And behold, immediately there
those who have received the Holy             were three men standing near the
Spirit would not be baptized, just as        house where I was, having been sent
we also have been?”                          to me from Caesarea.
 48 And he ordered them to be bap-            12 Then the Spirit told me that I
tized in the name of the Lord J esus         should go with them, doubting not h-
Christ. Then they begged him to r e-         ing. And these six brothers went
main with them for some days.                with me also. And we entered into
                                             the house of the man.
           CHAPTER 11                         13 And he described for us how h e
 1 Now the Apostles and brothers             had seen an Angel in his house,
who were in Judea heard that the             standing and saying to him: „Send to
Gentiles had also received the Word          Joppa and summon Simon, who is
of God.                                      surnamed Peter.
 2 Then, when Peter had gone up to            14 And he shall speak to you
Jerusalem, those who were of the             words, by which you shall be saved
circumcision argued against him,             with your whole house.‟


 15 And when I had begun to speak,           25 Then Barnabas set out for Ta r-
the Holy Spirit fell upon them, just        sus, so that he might seek Saul. And
as upon us also, in the b eginning.         when he had found him, he brought
 16 Then I remembered the words of          him to Antioch.
the Lord, just as he himself said:           26 And they were conversing there
„John, indeed, baptized with w ater,        in the Church for an entire year.
but you shall be baptized with the          And they taught such a great mult i-
Holy Spirit.‟                               tude, that it was at Antioch that the
 17 Therefore, if God gave them the         disciples were first known by the
same grace, as also to us, who have         name of Christian.
believed in the Lord Jesus Christ,           27 Now in these days, prophets
who was I, that I would be able to          from Jerusalem went over to Ant i-
prohibit God?”                              och.
 18 Having heard these things, they          28 And one of them, named Aga-
were silent. And they glorified God,        bus, rising up, signified through the
saying: “So has God also given to           Spirit that there was going to be a
the Gentiles repentance unto life.”         great famine over the entire world,
 19 And some of them, having been           which did happen under Claudius.
dispersed by the persecution that            29 Then the disciples declared, ac-
had occurred under Stephen, tra-            cording to what each one po ssessed,
veled around, even to Phoenicia and         what they would offer to be sent to
Cyprus and Antioch, speaking the            the brothers living in Jude a.
Word to no one, except to Jews o n-          30 And so they did, sending it to
ly.                                         the elders by the hands of Barnabas
 20 But some of these men from C y-         and Saul.
prus and Cyrene, when th ey had en-
tered into Antioch, were speaking                       CHAPTER 12
also to the Greeks, announcing the           1 Now at the same time, king H e-
Lord Jesus.                                 rod extended his hand, in order to
 21 And the hand of the Lord was            afflict some from the Church.
with them. And a great number b e-           2 Then he killed James, the brother
lieved and were converted to the            of John, with the sword.
Lord.                                        3 And seeing that it pleased the
 22 Now the news came to the ears           Jews, he set out next to apprehend
of the Church at Jerusalem abo ut           Peter also. Now it was the days of
these things, and they sent Barnabas        Unleavened Bread.
as far as Antioch.                           4 So when he had apprehended him,
 23 And when he had arrived there           he sent him into prison, han ding him
and had seen the grace of God, he           over into the custody of four groups
was gladdened. And he exhorted              of four soldiers, intending to pro-
them all to continue in the Lord            duce him to the people after the
with a resolute heart.                      Passover.
 24 For he was a good man, and he            5 And so Peter was detained in
was filled with the Holy Spirit and         prison. But prayers were being made
with faith. And a great multitude           without ceasing, by the Church, to
was added to the Lord.                      God on his behalf.


 6 And when Herod was ready to                not open the gate, but instead, ru n-
produce him, in that same night, P e-         ning in, she reported that Peter
ter was sleeping between two sol-             stood before the gate.
diers, and was bound with two                  15 But they said to her, “You are
chains. And there were guards in              crazy.” But she reaffirmed that this
front of the door, guarding the pri s-        was so. Then they were saying, “It
on.                                           is his angel.”
 7 And behold, an Angel of the Lord            16 But Peter was persevering in
stood near, and a light shined forth          knocking. And when they had
in the cell. And tapping Peter on the         opened, they saw him and were a s-
side, he awakened him, saying,                tonished.
“Rise up, quickly.” And the chains             17 But motioning to them with his
fell from his hands.                          hand to be silent, he explained how
 8 Then the Angel said to him:                the Lord had led him away from
“Dress yourself, and put on your              prison. And he said, “Inform James
boots.” And he did so. And he said            and those brothers.” And going out,
to him, “Wrap your garment around             he went away to another place.
yourself and follow me.”                       18 Then, when daylight came, there
 9 And going out, he followed him.            was no small commotion among the
And he did not know this truth: that          soldiers, as to what had happened
this was being done by an Angel.              concerning Peter.
For he thought that he was seeing a            19 And when Herod had requested
vision.                                       him and did not obtain him, having
 10 And passing by the first and              had the guards interrogated, he o r-
second guards, they came to the iron          dered them led away. And d escend-
gate which leads into the city; and it        ing from Judea into Caesarea, he
opened for them by itself. And d e-           lodged there.
parting, they continued on along a             20 Now he was angry with those of
certain side street. And suddenly the         Tyre and Sidon. But they came to
Angel withdrew from him.                      him with one accord, and, having
 11 And Peter, returning to hi mself,         persuaded Blastus, who was over the
said: “Now I know, truly, that the            bedchamber of the king, they pet i-
Lord sent his Angel, and that he re s-        tioned for peace, because their r e-
cued me from the hand of Herod and            gions were supplied with food by
from all that the people of th e Jews         him.
were anticipating.”                            21 Then, on the appointed day, H e-
 12 And as he was considering this,           rod was clothed in kingly apparel,
he arrived at the house of Mary, the          and he sat in the judgment seat, and
mother of John, who was su rnamed             he gave a speech to them.
Mark, where many were gat hered                22 Then the people were crying
and were praying.                             out, “The voice of a god, and not of
 13 Then, as he knocked at the door           a man!”
of the gate, a girl went out to a n-           23 And immediately, an Angel of
swer, whose name was Rhoda.                   the Lord struck him down, because
 14 And when she recognized the               he had not given honor to God. And
voice of Peter, out of joy, she did           having been consumed by worms, he


expired.                                     Paul, having been filled with the
 24 But the word of the Lord was             Holy Spirit, looked intently at him,
increasing and multiplying.                   10 and he said: “So full of every
 25 Then Barnabas and Saul, having           deceit and of all falsehoods, son of
completed the ministry, returned             the devil, enemy of all justice, you
from Jerusalem, bringing with them           never cease to subvert the righteous
John, who was surnamed Mark.                 ways of the Lord!
                                              11 And now, behold, the hand of
             CHAPTER 13                      the Lord is upon you. And you will
 1 Now there were, in the Church at          be blinded, not seeing the sun for a
Antioch, prophets and teachers,              length of time.” And immediately a
among whom were Barnabas, and                fog and a darkness fell over him.
Simon, who was called the Black,             And wandering around, he was see k-
and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manahen,           ing someone who might lead him by
who was the foster brother of Herod          the hand.
the tetrarch, and Saul.                       12 Then the proconsul, when he
 2 Now as they were ministering for          had seen what was done, believed,
the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit        being in wonder over the doctrine of
said to them: “Separate Saul and             the Lord.
Barnabas for me, for the work for             13 And when Paul and those who
which I have selected them.”                 were with him had sailed from P a-
 3 Then, fasting and praying and             phos, they arrived at Perga in Pa m-
imposing their hands upon them,              phylia. Then John departed from
they sent them away.                         them and returned to Jerusalem.
 4 And having been sent by the Holy           14 Yet truly, they, traveling on
Spirit, they went to Seleucia. And           from Perga, arrived at Antioch in
from there they sailed to Cyprus.            Pisidia. And upon entering the syn-
 5 And when they had arrived at Sa-          agogue on the Sabbath day, they sat
lamis, they were preaching the Word          down.
of God in the synagogues of the               15 Then, after the reading from the
Jews. And they also had John in the          Law and the Prophets, the leaders of
ministry.                                    the synagogue sent to them, sa ying:
 6 And when they had traveled                “Noble brothers, if there is in you
throughout the entire island, even to        any word of exhortation to the
Paphos, they found a certain man, a          people, speak.”
magician, a false prophet, a Jew,             16 Then Paul, rising up and m o-
whose name was Bar-Jesu.                     tioning for silence with his hand,
 7 And he was with the proconsul,            said: “Men of Israel and you who
Sergius Paulus, a prudent man. This          fear God, listen closely.
man, summoning Barnabas and Saul,             17 The God of the people of Israel
wanted to hear the Word of God.              chose our fathers, and exalted the
 8 But Elymas the magician (for so           people, when they were settlers in
his name is translated) stood against        the land of Egypt. And with an e x-
them, seeking to turn the proconsul          alted arm, he led them away from
away from the Faith.                         there.
 9 Then Saul, who is also called              18 And throughout a time of forty


years, he endured their behavior in            29 And when they had fulfilled
the desert.                                   everything that had been written
 19 And by destroying seven n ations          about him, taking him down from
in the land of Canaan, he divided             the tree, they placed him in a tomb .
their land among them by lot,                  30 Yet truly, God raised him up
 20 after about four hundred and fi f-        from the dead on the third day.
ty years. And after these things, he           31 And he was seen for many days
gave them judges, even until the              by those who went up with him from
prophet Samuel.                               Galilee to Jerusalem, who even now
 21 And later on, they p etitioned for        are his witnesses to the people.
a king. And God gave them Saul, the            32 And we are announcing to you
son of Kish, a man from the tribe of          that the Promise, which was made to
Benjamin, for forty years.                    our fathers,
 22 And having removed him, he                 33 has been fulfilled by God for
raised up for them king David. And            our children by raising up Jesus,
offering testimony about him, he              just as it has been written in the
said, „I have found David, the son            second Psalm also: „You are my
of Jesse, to be a man according to            Son. This day I have begotten you.‟
my own heart, who will accomplish              34 Now, since he raised him from
all that I will.‟                             the dead, so as to no longe r return
 23 From his offspring, according to          to corruption, he has said this: „I
the Promise, God has brought J esus           will give to you the holy things of
the Savior to Israel.                         David, the faithful one.‟
 24 John was preaching, before the             35 And also then, in another place,
face of his advent, a baptism of r e-         he says: „You will not allow your
pentance to all the people of Israel.         Holy One to see corruption.‟
 25 Then, when John completed his              36 For David, when he had mini s-
course, he was saying: „I am not the          tered to his generation in accor-
one you consider me to be. For b e-           dance with the will of God, fell a s-
hold, one arrives after me, the shoes         leep, and he was placed next to his
of whose feet I am not worthy to              fathers, and he saw corruption.
loosen.‟                                       37 Yet truly, he whom God has
 26 Noble brothers, sons of the               raised from the dead has not seen
stock of Abraham, an d those among            corruption.
you who fear God, it is to you the             38 Therefore, let it be known to
Word of this salvation has been               you, noble brothers, that throu gh
sent.                                         him is announced to you remission
 27 For those who were living in J e-         from sins and from everything by
rusalem, and its rulers, heeding ne i-        which you were not able to be just i-
ther him, nor the voices of the               fied in the law of Moses.
Prophets that are read on every Sa b-          39 In him, all who believe are ju s-
bath, fulfilled these by judging him.         tified.
 28 And although they found no case            40 Therefore, be careful, lest what
for death against him, they pet i-            was said by the Prophets may ove r-
tioned Pilate, so that they might put         whelm you:
him to death.                                  41 „You despisers! Look, and wo n-


der, and be scattered! For I am               away from their parts.
working a deed in your days, a deed            51 But they, shaking the dust from
which you would not believe, even             their feet against them, went on to
if someone were to explain it to              Iconium.
you.‟ ”                                        52 The disciples were likewise
 42 Then, as they were departing,             filled with gladness and with the
they asked them if, on the following          Holy Spirit.
Sabbath, they might speak these
words to them.                                             CHAPTER 14
 43 And when the synagogue had                 1 Now it happened in Iconium that
been dismissed, many among the                they entered together into the syn-
Jews and the new worshipers were              agogue of the Jews, and they spoke
following Paul and Barnabas. And              in such a way that a copious multi-
they, speaking to them, persuaded             tude of both Jews and Greeks b e-
them to continue in the grace of              lieved.
God.                                           2 Yet truly, the Jews who were un-
 44 Yet truly, on the following Sab-          believing had incited and enflamed
bath, nearly the entire city came t o-        the souls of the Gentiles against the
gether to hear the Word of God.               brothers.
 45 Then the Jews, seeing the                  3 And so, they remained for a long
crowds, were filled with envy, and            time, acting faithfully in the Lord,
they, blaspheming, contradicted the           offering testimony to the Word of
things that were being said by Paul.          his grace, providing signs and wo n-
 46 Then Paul and Barnabas said               ders done by their hands.
firmly: “It was necessary to speak             4 Then the multitude of the city
the Word of God first to you. But             was divided. And certainly, some
because you reject it, and so judge           were with the Jews, yet truly others
yourselves unworthy of eternal life,          were with the Apostles.
behold, we turn to the Gentiles.               5 Now when an assault had been
 47 For so has the Lord i nstructed           planned by the Gentiles and the
us: „I have set you as a light to the         Jews with their leaders, so that they
Gentiles, so that you may bring sal-          might treat them with contempt and
vation to the ends of the earth.‟ ”           stone them,
 48 Then the Gentiles, upon hearing            6 they, realizing this, fled t ogether
this, were gladdened, and they were           to Lystra and Derbe, cities of Ly-
glorifying the Word of the Lord.              caonia, and to the entire surroun d-
And as many as believed were                  ing region. And they were evang e-
preordained to eternal life.                  lizing in that place.
 49 Now the word of the Lord was               7 And a certain man was sitting at
disseminated throughout the entire            Lystra, disabled in his feet, lame
region.                                       from his mother ‟s womb, who had
 50 But the Jews incited some d e-            never walked.
vout and honest women, and the                 8 This man heard Paul speaking.
leaders of the city. And they stirred         And Paul, gazing at him intently,
up a persecution against Paul and             and perceiving that he had faith, so
Barnabas. And they drove them                 that he might be healed,


 9 said with a loud voice, “Stand             ing around him, he got up and e n-
upright upon your feet!” And he               tered the city. And the next day, he
leaped up and walked around.                  set out with Barnabas for Derbe.
 10 But when the crowds had seen               20 And when they had evange lized
what Paul had done, they lifted up            that city, and had taught many, they
their voice in the Lycaonian lan-             returned again to Lystra and to Ic o-
guage, saying, “The gods, having              nium and to Antioch,
taken the likenesses of men, have              21 strengthening the souls of the
descended to us!”                             disciples, and exhorting them that
 11 And they called Barnabas, „Jup i-         they should remain always in the
ter,‟ yet truly they called Paul,             faith, and that it is necessary for us
„Mercury,‟ because he was the lead            to enter into the kingdom of God
speaker.                                      through many tribulations.
 12 Also, the priest of Jupiter, who           22 And when they had established
was outside the city, in front of the         priests for them in each church, and
gate, bringing in oxen and ga rlands,         had prayed with fasting, they co m-
was willing to offer sacrifice with           mended them to the Lord, in whom
the people.                                   they believed.
 13 And as soon as the Apostles,               23 And traveling by way of Pisidia,
Barnabas and Paul, had heard this,            they arrived in Pamphylia.
tearing their tunics, they leapt into          24 And having spoken the word of
the crowd, crying out                         the Lord in Perga, they went down
 14 and saying: “Men, why would               into Attalia.
you do this? We also are mortals,              25 And from there, they sailed to
men like yourselves, preaching to             Antioch, where they had been co m-
you to be converted, from these vain          mended to the grace of God for the
things, to the living God, who made           work which they had now acco m-
heaven and earth and the sea and all          plished.
that is in them.                               26 And when they had arrived and
 15 In previous generations, he pe r-         had gathered together the church,
mitted all nations to walk in their           they related what great things God
own ways.                                     had done with them, and how he had
 16 But certainly, he did not leave           opened the door of faith to the Ge n-
himself without t estimony, doing             tiles.
good from heaven, giving rains and             27 And they remained for no small
fruitful seasons, filling their hearts        amount of time with the disc iples.
with food and gladness.”
 17 And by saying these things, they                     CHAPTER 15
were barely able to restrain the               1 And certain ones, descending
crowds from immolating to them.               from Judea, were teaching the
 18 Now certain Jews from Antioch             brothers, “Unless you are circum-
and Iconium arrived there. And ha v-          cised according to the custom of
ing persuaded the crowd, they                 Moses, you cannot be saved.”
stoned Paul and dragged him outside            2 Therefore, when Paul and Barn a-
of the city, thinking him to be dead.         bas made no small uprising against
 19 But as the disciples were stan d-         them, they decided that Paul and


Barnabas, and some from the o ppos-          silent. And they were listening to
ing side, should go up to the Apo s-         Barnabas and Paul, describing what
tles and priests in Jerusalem co n-          great signs and wonders God had
cerning this question.                       wrought among the Gentiles through
 3 Therefore, being led by the               them.
church, they traveled through Pho e-          13 And after they had been silent,
nicia and Samaria, describing the            James responded by saying: “Noble
conversion of the Gentiles. And they         brothers, listen to me.
caused great joy among all the                14 Simon has explained in what
brothers.                                    manner God first visited, so as to
 4 And when they had arrived in J e-         take from the Gentiles a people to
rusalem, they were received by the           his name.
church and the Apostles and the el d-         15 And the words of the Prophets
ers, reporting what great things God         are in agreement with this, just as it
had done with them.                          was written:
 5 But some from the sect of the              16 „After these things, I will r e-
Pharisees, those who were believers,         turn, and I will rebuild the tabe r-
rose up saying, “It is necessary for         nacle of David, which has fallen
them to be circumcised and to be             down. And I will rebuild its ruins,
instructed to keep the Law of Mo s-          and I will raise it up,
es.”                                          17 so that the rest of men may seek
 6 And the Apostles and elders came          the Lord, along with all the n ations
together to take care of this matter.        over whom my name has been i n-
 7 And after a great contention had          voked, says the Lord, who does
taken place, Peter rose up and said          these things.‟
to them: “Noble brothers, you know            18 To the Lord, his own work has
that, in recent days, God has chosen         been known from eternity.
from among us, by my mouth, Ge n-             19 Because of this, I judge that
tiles to hear the word of the Go spel        those who were converted to God
and to believe.                              from among the Gentiles are not to
 8 And God, who knows hearts, o f-           be disturbed,
fered testimony, by giving the Holy           20 but instead that we write to
Spirit to them, just as to us.               them, that they should keep the m-
 9 And he distinguished nothing b e-         selves from the defilement of idols,
tween us and them, purifying their           and from fornication, and from
hearts by faith.                             whatever has been suffocated, and
 10 Now therefore, why do you                from blood.
tempt God to impose a yoke upon               21 For Moses, from ancient times,
the necks of the disciples, which            has had in each city those who
neither our fathers nor we have been         preach him in the synagogues,
able to bear?                                where he is read on every Sabbath.”
 11 But by the grace of the Lord J e-         22 Then it pleased the Apostles and
sus Christ, we believe in order to be        elders, with the whole Church, to
saved, in the same manner also as            choose men from among them, and
them.”                                       to send to Antioch, with Paul and
 12 Then the entire multitude was            Barnabas, and Judas, who was su r-


named Barsabbas, and Silas, pre e-          had sent them.
minent men among the brothers,               34 But it seemed good to Silas to
 23 what was written by their own           remain there. So Judas alone d e-
hands: “The Apostles and elders,            parted to Jerusalem.
brothers, to those who are at Ant i-         35 And Paul and Barnabas r e-
och and Syria and Cilicia, brothers         mained at Antioch, with many ot h-
from the Gentiles, greetings.               ers, teaching and evangelizing the
 24 Since we have heard that some,          Word of the Lord.
going out from among us, have                36 Then, after some days, Paul said
troubled you with words, subverting         to Barnabas, “Let us return to visit
your souls, to whom we gave no              the brothers throughout all the cities
commandment,                                in which we have preached the Word
 25 it pleased us, being assembled          of the Lord, to see how they are.”
as one, to choose men and to send            37 And Barnabas wanted to take
them to you, with our most b eloved         John, who was surnamed Mark, with
Barnabas and Paul:                          them also.
 26 men who have handed ov er their          38 But Paul was saying that he
lives on behalf of the name of our          ought not to be received, since he
Lord Jesus Christ.                          withdrew from them at Pamphylia,
 27 Therefore, we have sent Judas           and he had not gone with them in
and Silas, who themselves also will,        the work.
with the spoken word, reaffirm to            39 And there occurred a dissension,
you the same things.                        to such an extent that they d eparted
 28 For it has seemed good to the           from one another. And Barnabas, i n-
Holy Spirit and to us to impose no          deed taking Mark, sailed to Cyprus.
further burden upon you, other than          40 Yet truly, Paul, choosing S ilas,
these necessary things:                     set out, being delivered by the
 29 that you abstain from things            brothers to the grace of God.
immolated to idols, and from blood,          41 And he traveled through Syria
and from what has been suffocated,          and     Cilicia,    confirming     the
and from fornication. You will do           Churches, instructing them to keep
well to keep yourselves from these          the precepts of the Apostles and the
things. Farewell.”                          elders.
 30 And so, having been dismissed,
they went down to Antioch. And g a-                     CHAPTER 16
thering the multitude together, they         1 Then he arrived at Derbe and Ly-
delivered the epistle.                      stra. And behold, a certain disciple
 31 And when they had read it, they         named Timothy was there, the son
were gladdened by this consol ation.        of a faithful Jewish woman, his f a-
 32 But Judas and Silas, being also         ther a Gentile.
prophets themselves, console d the           2 The brothers who were at Lystra
brothers with many words, and they          and Iconium rendered good test imo-
were strengthened.                          ny to him.
 33 Then, after spending some more           3 Paul wanted this man to travel
time there, they were dismissed with        with him, and taking him, he ci r-
peace, by the brothers, to those who        cumcised him, because of the Jews


who were in those places. For t hey          down, we were speaking with the
all knew that his father was a Ge n-         women who had assembled.
tile.                                         14 And a certain woman, named
 4 And as they were traveling                Lydia, a seller of purple in the city
through the cities, they delivered to        of Thyatira, a worshiper of God, li s-
them the dogmas to be kept, which            tened. And the Lord open ed her
were decreed by the Apostles and             heart to be receptive to what Paul
elders who were at Jerusalem.                was saying.
 5 And certainly, the Churches were           15 And when she had been bap-
being strengthened in faith and were         tized, with her household, she
increasing in number every day.              pleaded with us, saying: “If you
 6 Then, while crossing through              have judged me to be faithful to the
Phrygia and the region of Galatia,           Lord, enter into my house and lodge
they were prevented by the Holy              there.” And she convinced us.
Spirit from speaking the Word in              16 Then it happened that, as we
Asia.                                        were going out to prayer, a certain
 7 But when they had arrived in M y-         girl, having a spirit of divination,
sia, they attempted to go into Bithy-        met with us. She was a source of
nia, but the Spirit of Jesus would           great profit to her masters, through
not permit them.                             her divining.
 8 Then, when they had crossed                17 This girl, following Paul and us,
through Mysia, they descended to             was crying out, saying: “These men
Troas.                                       are servants of the Most High God!
 9 And a vision in the night was r e-        They are announcing to you the way
vealed to Paul of a certain man of           of salvation!”
Macedonia, standing and pleading              18 Now she behaved in this way for
with him, and saying: “Cro ss into           many days. But Paul, being grieved,
Macedonia and help us!”                      turned and said to the spirit, “I
 10 Then, after he saw the vision,           command you, in the name of J esus
immediately we sought to set out for         Christ, to go out from her.” And i t
Macedonia, having been assured               went away in that same hour.
that God had called us to evangelize          19 But her masters, seeing that the
to them.                                     hope of their profit went away, a p-
 11 And sailing from Troas, ta king a        prehended Paul and Silas, and they
direct path, we arrived at Samot h-          brought them to the rulers at the
race, and on the following day, at           courthouse.
Neapolis,                                     20 And presenting them to the m a-
 12 and from there to Philippi,              gistrates, they said: “These men are
which is the preeminent city in the          disturbing our city, since they are
area of Macedonia, a colony. Now             Jews.
we were in this city some days, co n-         21 And they are announcing a way
ferring together.                            which is not lawful for us to a ccept
 13 Then, on the Sabbath day, we             or to observe, since we are R o-
were walking outside the gate, b e-          mans.”
side a river, where there seemed to           22 And the people rushed t ogether
be a prayer gathering. And sitting           against them. And the magi strates,


tearing their tunics, ordered them to          34 And when he had brought them
be beaten with staffs.                        into his own house, he set a t able
 23 And when they had inflicted               for them. And he was joyous, with
many scourges on them, they cast              his entire household, believing in
them into prison, instructing the             God.
guard to watch them diligently.                35 And when daylight had arrived,
 24 And since he had received this            the magistrates sent the atte ndants,
kind of order, he cast them into the          saying, “Release those men.”
interior prison cell, and he r e-              36 But the prison guard r eported
stricted their feet with stocks.              these words to Paul: “The mag i-
 25 Then, in the middle of the night,         strates have sent to have you r e-
Paul and Silas were praying and               leased. Now therefore, depart. Go in
praising God. And those who were              peace.”
also in custody were listening to              37 But Paul said to them : “They
them.                                         have beaten us publicly, though we
 26 Yet truly, there was a sudden             were not condemned. They have cast
earthquake, so great that the found a-        men who are Romans into prison.
tions of the prison were moved. And           And now they would drive us away
immediately all the doors were                secretly? Not so. Instead, let them
opened, and the bindings of ever y-           come forward,
one were released.                             38 and let us drive them away.”
 27 Then the prison guard, having             Then the attendants reported th ese
been jarred awake, and seeing the             words to the magistrates. And upon
doors of the prison open, drew his            hearing that they were Romans, they
sword and intended to kill himself,           were afraid.
supposing that the prisoners had               39 And arriving, they pleaded with
fled.                                         them, and leading them out, they
 28 But Paul cried out with a loud            begged them to depart from the city.
voice, saying: “Do no harm to you r-           40 And they went away from the
self, for we are all here!”                   prison and entered into the hous e of
 29 Then calling for a light, he en-          Lydia. And having seen the brothers,
tered. And trembling, he fell before          they consoled them, and then they
the feet of Paul and Silas.                   set out.
 30 And bringing them outside, he
said, “Sirs, what must I do, so that I                    CHAPTER 17
may be saved?”                                 1 Now when they had walked
 31 So they said, “Believe in the             through Amphipolis and Apollonia,
Lord Jesus, and then you will be              they arrived at Thessalonica, where
saved, with your household.”                  there was a synagogue of the Jews.
 32 And they spoke the Word of the             2 Then Paul, according to custom,
Lord to him, along with all those             entered to them. And for three Sa b-
who were in his house.                        baths he disputed with them about
 33 And he, taking them in the same           the Scriptures,
hour of the night, washed their                3 interpreting and concluding that
scourges. And he was baptized, and            it was necessary for the Christ to
next his entire household.                    suffer and to rise again from the


dead, and that “this is the Jesus             lonica had realized that the Word of
Christ, whom I am announcin g to              God was also preached by Paul at
you.”                                         Beroea, they went there also, sti r-
 4 And some of them believed and              ring up and disturbing the mult i-
were joined to Paul and Silas, and a          tude.
great number of these were from the            14 And then the brothers quickly
worshipers and the Gentiles, and not          sent Paul away, so that he might
a few were noble women.                       travel by sea. But Silas and Timothy
 5 But the Jews, being jealous, and           remained there.
joining    with    certain   evildoers         15 Then those who were leading
among the common men, caused a                Paul brought him as far as Athens.
disturbance, and they stirred up the          And having received an order from
city. And taking up a position near           him to Silas and Timothy, that they
the house of Jason, they sought to            should come to him quickly, they set
lead them out to the people.                  out.
 6 And when they had not found                 16 Now while Paul waited for them
them, they dragged Jason and ce r-            at Athens, his spirit was stirred up
tain brothers to the rulers of the            within him, seeing the city given
city, crying out: “For these are the          over to idolatry.
ones who have stirred up the city.             17 And so, he was disputing with
And they came here,                           the Jews in the synagogue, and with
 7 and Jason has received them. And           the worshipers, and in public places,
all these men act contrary to the d e-        throughout each day, with whomever
crees of Caesar, saying that there is         was there.
another king, Jesus.”                          18 Now certain Epicurean and Stoic
 8 And they incited the people. And           philosophers were arguing with him.
the rulers of the city, upon hea ring         And some were saying, “What does
these things,                                 this sower of the Word want to
 9 and having received an expl ana-           say?” Yet others were saying, “He
tion from Jason and the others, r e-          seems to be an announcer for new
leased them.                                  demons.” For he was announcing to
 10 Yet truly, the brothers promptly          them Jesus and the Resurrection.
sent Paul and Silas away by night to           19 And apprehending him, they
Beroea. And when they had arrived,            brought him to the Areopagus, sa y-
they entered the syn agogue of the            ing: “Are we able to know what this
Jews.                                         new doctrine is, about which you
 11 But these were more noble than            speak?
those who were at Thessalonica.                20 For you bring certain new ideas
They received the Word with all e n-          to our ears. And so we would like to
thusiasm, daily examining the Scri p-         know what these things mean.”
tures to see if these things were so.          21 (Now all the Athenians, and a r-
 12 And indeed, many believed                 riving visitors, were occupying
among them, as well as not a few              themselves with nothing other than
among the honorable Gentile men               speaking or hearing various new
and women.                                    ideas.)
 13 Then, when the Jews of Thess a-            22 But Paul, standing in the middle


of the Areopagus, said: “Men of               raising him from the dead.”
Athens, I perceive that in all things          32 And when they had heard about
you are rather superstitious.                 the Resurrection of the dead, i n-
 23 For as I was passing by and n o-          deed, some were derisive, while
ticing your idols, I also found an            others said, “We will listen to you
altar, on which was written: TO               about this again.”
THE UNKNOWN GOD. Therefore,                    33 So Paul departed from their
what you worship in ignorance, this           midst.
is what I am preaching to you:                 34 Yet truly, certain men, adhe ring
 24 the God who made the world                to him, did believe. Among these
and all that is in it, the One who is         were also Dionysius the Areopagite,
the Lord of heaven and earth, who             and a woman named Damaris, and
does not live in temples made with            others with them.
 25 Neither is he served by the                            CHAPTER 18
hands of men, as if in need of an y-           1 After these things, having d e-
thing, since it is he who gives to all        parted from Athens, he arrived at
things life and breath and all else.          Corinth.
 26 And he has made, out of one,               2 And upon finding a certain Jew
every family of man: to live upon             named Aquila, born in Pontus, who
the face of the entire earth, dete r-         had recently arrived from Italy with
mining the appointed seasons and              Priscilla his wife, (because Claudius
the limits of their habitation,               had ordered all Jews to d epart from
 27 so as to seek God, if perhaps             Rome,) he met with them.
they may consider him or find him,             3 And because he was of the same
though he is not far from each one            trade, he lodged with them and was
of us.                                        working. (Now they were ten tmak-
 28 „For in him we live, and move,            ers by trade.)
and exist.‟ Just as some of your own           4 And he was arguing in the syn-
poets have said. „For we are also of          agogue on every Sabbath, introduc-
his family.‟                                  ing the name of the Lord Jesus. And
 29 Therefore, since we are of the            he was persuading Jews and Greeks.
family of God, we must not consider            5 And when Silas and Timothy had
gold or silver or precious stones, or         arrived from Macedonia, Paul stood
the engravings of art and of the i m-         firm in the Word, testifying to the
agination of man, to be a represe n-          Jews that Jesus is the Christ.
tation of what is Divine.                      6 But since they were contr adicting
 30 And indeed, God, having looked            him and blaspheming, he shook out
down to see the ignorance of these            his garments and said to them:
times, has now announced to men               “Your blood is on your own heads. I
that everyone everywhere should do            am clean. From now on, I will go to
penance.                                      the Gentiles.”
 31 For he has appointed a day on              7 And moving from that place, he
which he will judge the world in e q-         entered into the house of a certain
uity, through the man whom he has             man, named Titus the Just, a wo r-
appointed, offering faith to all, by          shiper of God, whose house was a d-


joined to the synagogue.                      his head in Cenchreae, for he had
 8 Now Crispus, a lead er of the syn-         made a vow.
agogue, believed in the Lord, with             19 And he arrived at Ephesus, and
his entire house. And many of the             he left them behind there. Yet truly,
Corinthians, upon hearing, believed           he himself, entering into the syn-
and were baptized.                            agogue, was disputing with the
 9 Then the Lord said to Paul,                Jews.
through a vision in the night: “Do             20 Then, although they were asking
not be afraid. Instead, speak out and         him to remain for a longer time, he
do not be silent.                             would not agree.
 10 For I am with you. And no one              21 Instead, saying goodbye and
will take hold of you, so as to do            telling them, “I will return to you
you harm. For many of the people in           again, God willing,” he set out from
this city are with me.”                       Ephesus.
 11 Then he settled there for a year           22 And after going down to Caes a-
and six months, teaching the Word             rea, he went up to Jerusalem, and he
of God among them.                            greeted the Church there, and then
 12 But when Gallio was proco nsul            he descended to Antioch.
of Achaia, the Jews rose up with one           23 And having spent some length of
accord against Paul. And they                 time there, he set out, and he
brought him to the tribunal,                  walked in order through the region
 13 saying, “He persuades men to              of Galatia and Phrygia, strengthen-
worship God contrary to the law.”             ing all the disciples.
 14 Then, when Paul was beginning              24 Now a certain Jew named Apol-
to open his mouth, Gallio said to the         lo, born at Alexandria, an el oquent
Jews: “If this were some matter of            man who was powerful with the
injustice, or a wicked deed, O n oble         Scriptures, arrived at Ephesus.
Jews, I would support you, as is               25 He was learned in the Way of
proper.                                       the Lord. And being fervent in sp i-
 15 Yet if truly these are questions          rit, he was speaking and teaching
about a word and names and your               the things that are of Jesus, but
law, you should see to it you rselves.        knowing only the baptism of John.
I will not be the judge of such                26 And so, he began to act fait hful-
things.”                                      ly in the synagogue. And when Pri s-
 16 And he ordered them from the              cilla and Aquila had heard him, they
tribunal.                                     took him aside and expounded the
 17 But they, apprehending So s-              Way of the Lord to him more th o-
thenes, a leader of the synagogue,            roughly.
beat him in front of the tribunal.             27 Then, since he wanted to go to
And Gallio showed no concern for              Achaia, the brothers wrote an exhor-
these things.                                 tation to the disciples, so that they
 18 Yet truly, Paul, after he had r e-        might accept him. And when he had
mained for many more days, having             arrived, he held many discussions
said goodbye to the br others, sailed         with those who had believed.
into Syria, and with him were Pri s-           28 For he was vehemently and pu b-
cilla and Aquila. Now he had shaved           licly reproving the Jews, by r eveal-


ing through the Scriptures t hat Jesus        ing in Asia listened to the Word of
is the Christ.                                the Lord, both Jews and Gentiles.
                                               11 And God was accomplishing
             CHAPTER 19                       powerful and uncommon miracles
 1 Now it happened that, while                by the hand of Paul,
Apollo was at Corinth, Paul, after             12 so much so that even when small
he had journeyed through the upper            cloths and wrappings were brought
regions, arrived at Ephesus. And he           from his body to the sick, the ill-
met with certain disciples.                   nesses withdrew from them and the
 2 And he said to them, “After b e-           wicked spirits departed.
lieving, have you recei ved the Holy           13 Then, even some of the traveling
Spirit?” But they said to him, “We            Jewish exorcists had attempted to
have not even heard that there is a           invoke the name of the Lord Jesus
Holy Spirit.”                                 over those who had evil spirits, sa y-
 3 Yet truly, he said, “Then with             ing, “I bind you by oath through Je-
what have you been baptized?” And             sus, whom Paul preaches.”
they said, “With the baptism of                14 And there were certain Jews, the
John.”                                        seven sons of Sceva, leaders among
 4 Then Paul said: “John baptized             the priests, who were acting in this
the people with the baptism of re-            way.
pentance, saying that they should              15 But a wicked spirit responded
believe in the One who is to come             by saying to them: “Jesus I know,
after him, that is, in Jesus.”                and Paul I know. But who are you?”
 5 Upon hearing these things, they             16 And the man, in whom there was
were baptized in the name of the              a wicked spirit, leaping at them and
Lord Jesus.                                   getting the better of them both, pr e-
 6 And when Paul had imposed his              vailed against them, so that they
hands on them, the Holy Spirit c ame          fled from that house, naked and
over them. And they were speaking             wounded.
in tongues and prophesying.                    17 And so, this became known to
 7 Now the men were about twelve              all the Jews and Gentiles who were
in all.                                       living at Ephesus. And a fear fell
 8 Then, upon entering the syn ago-           over them all. And the name of the
gue, he was speaking faithfully for           Lord Jesus was magnified.
three months, disputing and pe r-              18 And many believers were arri v-
suading them about the kingdom of             ing, confessing, and announcing
God.                                          their deeds.
 9 But when certain ones became                19 Then many of those who had
hardened and would not believe,               followed odd sects brought together
cursing the Way of the Lord in the            their books, and they burned them in
presence of the multitude, Paul,              the sight of all. And after determi n-
withdrawing from them, separated              ing the value of these, they found
the disciples, disputing daily in a           the price to be fifty thousand den a-
certain school of Tyrannus.                   rii.
 10 Now this was done throughout               20 In this way, the Word of God
two years, so that all who were li v-         was increasing strongly and was b e-


ing confirmed.                                lently, with one accord, into the a m-
 21 Then, when these things were              phitheatre.
completed, Paul decided in the Spi-            30 Then, when Paul wanted to enter
rit, after crossing through Mac edo-          to the people, the disciples would
nia and Achaia, to go to Jerusalem,           not permit him.
saying, “Then, after I have been               31 And some of the leaders from
there, it is necessary for me to see          Asia, who were his friends, also
Rome also.”                                   sent to him, requesting that he not
 22 But sending two of those who              present himself in the amphitheatre.
were ministering to him, Timothy               32 But others were crying out var i-
and Erastus, into Macedonia, he               ous things. For the assembly was in
himself remained for a time in Asia.          confusion, and most did not know
 23 Now at that time, there o ccurred         the reason they had been called t o-
no small disturbance concer ning the          gether.
Way of the Lord.                               33 So they dragged Alexander from
 24 For a certain man named D eme-            the crowd, while the Jews were pr o-
trius, a silversmith making si lver           pelling him forward. And Alexa nder,
shrines for Diana, was providing no           gesturing with his hand for s ilence,
small profit to craftsmen.                    wanted to give the people an expl a-
 25 And calling them together, with           nation.
those who were employed in the                 34 But as soon as they realized him
same way, he said: “Men, you know             to be a Jew, all with one voice, for
that our income is from this craft.           about two hours, were crying out,
 26 And you are seeing and hea ring           “Great is Diana of the Ephesians!”
that this man Paul, by persuasion,             35 And when the scribe had calmed
has turned away a great multitude,            the crowds, he said: “Men of Eph e-
not only from Ephesus , but from              sus, now what man is there who
nearly all of Asia, saying, „These            does not know that the city of the
things are not gods which have been           Ephesians is in the service of the
made by hands.‟                               great Diana and of the offspring o f
 27 Thus, not only is this, our occ u-        Jupiter?
pation, in danger of being brought             36 Therefore, since these things are
into repudiation, but also the temple         not able to be contradicted, it is n e-
of the great Diana will be reputed as         cessary for you to be calm and to do
nothing! Then even her majesty,               nothing rash.
whom all of Asia and the world                 37 For you have brought fo rward
worships, will begin to be d e-               these men, who are neither sacril e-
stroyed.”                                     gious nor blasphemers against your
 28 Upon hearing this, they were              goddess.
filled with anger, and they cried out,         38 But if Demetrius and the
saying, “Great is Diana of the Eph e-         craftsmen who are with him have a
sians!”                                       case against anyone, they can co n-
 29 And the city was filled with              vene in the courts, and there are
confusion. And having seized Gaius            proconsuls. Let them accuse one
and Aristarchus of Macedonia, co m-           another.
panions of Paul, they rushed vi o-             39 But if you would inquire about


other things, this can be d ecided in          8 Now there were plenty of lamps
a lawful assembly.                            in the upper room, where we were
 40 For now we are in peril of being          gathered.
convicted of sedition over t oday‟s            9 And a certain adolescent named
events, since there is no one guilty          Eutychus, sitting on the wi ndow
(against whom we are able to pr o-            sill, was being weighed down by a
vide evidence) in this gathering.”            heavy drowsiness (for Paul was
And when he had said this, he di s-           preaching at length). Th en, as he
missed the assembly.                          went to sleep, he fell from the third
                                              floor room downward. And when he
             CHAPTER 20                       was lifted up, he was dead.
 1 Then, after the tumult ceased,              10 When Paul had gone down to
Paul, calling the disciples to himself        him, he laid himself over him and,
and exhorting them, said farewell.            embracing him, said, “Do not worry,
And he set out, so that he might go           for his soul is still within him.”
into Macedonia.                                11 And so, going up, and breaking
 2 And when he had walked through             bread, and eating, and having sp o-
those areas and had exhorted them             ken well on until daylight, he then
with many sermons, he went into               set out.
Greece.                                        12 Now they had brought the boy in
 3 After he had spent three months            alive, and they were more than a li t-
there, treacheries were planned               tle consoled.
against him by the Jews, just as he            13 Then we climbed aboard the
was about to sail into Syria. And             ship and sailed to Assos, where we
having been advised of this, he r e-          were to take in Paul. For so he hi m-
turn through Macedonia.                       self had decided, since he was ma k-
 4 Now those accompanying him                 ing the journey by land.
were Sopater, the son of Pyrrhus               14 And when he had joined us at
from Beroea; and also the Thessal o-          Assos, we took him in, and we went
nians, Aristarchus and Secundus;              to Mitylene.
and Gaius of Derbe, and Timothy;               15 And sailing from there, on the
and also Tychicus and Trophimus               following day, we arrived opp osite
from Asia.                                    Chios. And next we landed at Sa-
 5 These, after they had gone ahead,          mos. And on the following day we
waited for us at Troas.                       went to Miletus.
 6 Yet truly, we sailed from Philippi,         16 For Paul had decided to sail past
after the days of Unleaven ed Bread,          Ephesus, so that he would not be d e-
and in five days we went to them at           layed in Asia. For he was hurrying
Troas, where we stayed for seven              so that, if it were possible for him,
days.                                         he might observe the day of Pent e-
 7 Then, on the first Sabbath, when           cost at Jerusalem.
we had assembled together to break             17 Then, sending from Miletus to
bread, Paul discoursed with them,             Ephesus, he called those greater by
intending to set out the next day.            birth in the church.
But he prolonged his sermon into               18 And when they had come to him
the middle of the night.                      and were together, he said to them:


“You know that from the first day             shops to rule the Church of God,
when I entered into Asia, I have              which he has purchased by his own
been with you, for the entire time,           blood.
in this manner:                                29 I know that after my depa rture
 19 serving the Lord, with all humi l-        ravenous wolves will enter among
ity and despite the tears and trials          you, not sparing the flock.
which befell me from the treacheries           30 And from among yourselves,
of the Jews,                                  men will rise up, speaking perverse
 20 how I held back nothing that              things in order to entice disciples
was of value, how well I have                 after them.
preached to you, and that I have               31 Because of this, be vigilant, r e-
taught you publicly and throughout            taining in memory that throughout
the houses,                                   three years I did not cease, night
 21 testifying both to Jews and to            and day, with tears, to admonish
Gentiles about repentance in God              each and every one of yo u.
and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.            32 And now, I commend you to God
 22 And now, behold, being obliged            and to the Word of his grace. He has
in spirit, I am going to Jerusalem,           the power to build up, and to give
not knowing what will happen to me            an inheritance to all who are sanct i-
there,                                        fied.
 23 except that the Holy Spirit,               33 I have coveted neither silver and
throughout every city, has cautioned          gold, nor apparel,
me, saying that chains and tribul a-           34 as you yourselves know. For that
tions await me at Jerusalem.                  which was needed by me and by
 24 But I dread none of these things.         those who are with me, these hands
Neither do I consider my life to be           have provided.
more precious because it is my own,            35 I have revealed all things to
provided that in some way I may               you, because by laboring in this
complete my own course and that of            way, it is necessary to support the
the ministry of the Word, which I             weak and to remember the words of
received from the Lord Jesus, to te s-        the Lord Jesus, how he said, „It is
tify to the Gospel of the grace of            more blessed to give than to re-
God.                                          ceive.‟ ”
 25 And now, behold, I know that               36 And when he had said these
you will no longer see my face, all           things, kneeling down, he prayed
of you among whom I have tra veled,           with all of them.
preaching the kingdom of God.                  37 Then a great weeping occurred
 26 For this reason, I call you as            among them all. And, falling upon
witnesses on this very day: that I am         the neck of Paul, they kissed him,
clean from the blood of all.                   38 being grieved most of all over
 27 For I have not turned aside in            the word which he had said, that
the least from announcing every               they would never see his face again.
counsel of God to you.                        And they brought him to the ship.
 28 Take care of yourselves and of
the entire flock, over which the H o-                   CHAPTER 21
ly Spirit has stationed you as B i-           1 And after these things had hap-


pened, having reluctantly parted              says the Holy Spirit: The man whose
from them, we sailed a direct                 belt this is, the Jews will bind in
course, arriving at Cos, and on fol-          this way at Jerusalem. And they will
lowing the day at Rhodes, and from            deliver him into the hands of the
there to Patara.                              Gentiles.”
 2 And when we had found a ship                12 And when we had heard this,
sailing across to Phoenicia, clim b-          both we and those who were from
ing aboard, we set sail.                      that place begged him not to go up
 3 Then, after we had caught sight            to Jerusalem.
of Cyprus, keeping it to the left, we          13 Then Paul responded by sa ying:
sailed on to Syria, and we a rrived at        “What do you accomplish by wee p-
Tyre. For the ship was going to un-           ing and afflicting my heart? For I
load its cargo there.                         am prepared, not only to be bound,
 4 Then, having found the disc iples,         but also to die in Jerusalem, for the
we lodged there for seven days. And           name of the Lord Jesu s.”
they were saying to Paul, through              14 And since we were not able to
the Spirit, that he should not go up          persuade him, we quieted, saying:
to Jerusalem.                                 “May the will of the Lord be done.”
 5 And when the days were com-                 15 Then, after those days, having
pleted, setting out, we went on; and          made preparations, we ascended to
they all accompanied us with their            Jerusalem.
wives and children, until we were              16 Now some of the disciples from
outside of the city. And we kneeled           Caesarea also went with us, brin g-
down at the shore and prayed.                 ing with them a certain Cypriot
 6 And when we had said farewell to           named Mnason, a very old disciple,
one another, we climbed aboard the            whose guests we would be.
ship. And they returned to their               17 And when we had arrived at J e-
own.                                          rusalem, the brothers received us
 7 Yet truly, having completed our            willingly.
journey by boat from Tyre, we d es-            18 Then, on the following day, Paul
cended to Ptolemais. And greeting             entered with us to James. And all
the brothers, we lodged with them             the elders were ass embled.
for one day.                                   19 And when he had greeted them,
 8 Then, after setting out the next           he explained each thing that God
day, we arrived at Caesarea. And              had accomplished among the Gen-
upon entering into the house of Ph i-         tiles through his ministry.
lip the evangelist, who w as one of            20 And they, upon hearing it, ma g-
the seven, we stayed with him.                nified God and said to him: “You
 9 Now this man had four daughters,           understand, brother, how many
virgins, who were prophesying.                thousands there are among th e Jews
 10 And while we were delayed for             who have believed, and they are all
some days, a certain prophet from             zealous for the law.
Judea, named Agabus, arrived.                  21 Now they have heard about you,
 11 And he, when he had come to us,           that you are teaching those Jews
took Paul‟s belt, and binding his             who are among the Gentiles to wit h-
own feet and hands, he said: “Thus            draw from Moses, telling them that


they should not circumcise their              30 And the entire city was stirred
sons, nor act according to custom.           up. And it happened that the people
 22 What is next? The multitude              ran together. And apprehending
ought to be convened. For they will          Paul, they dragged him outside of
hear that you have arrived.                  the temple. And immediately the
 23 Therefore, do this thing that we         doors were closed.
ask of you: We have four men, who             31 Then, as they were seeking to
are under a vow.                             kill him, it was reported to the tr i-
 24 Take these and sanctify you rself        bune of the cohort: “All Jerusalem
with them, and require them to               is in confusion.”
shave their heads. And then ever y-           32 And so, immediately taking so l-
one will know that the things that           diers and centurions, he rushed
they have heard about you are false,         down to them. And when they had
but that you yourself walk in kee p-         seen the tribune and the soldiers,
ing with the law.                            they ceased to strike Paul.
 25 But, about those Gentiles who             33 Then the tribune, drawing near,
have believed, we have written a             apprehended him and ordered that
judgment that they should ke ep              he be bound with two chains. And
themselves from what has been i m-           he was asking who he was and what
molated to idols, and from blood,            he had done.
and from what has been suffocated,            34 Then they were crying out vari-
and from fornication.”                       ous things within the crowd. And
 26 Then Paul, taking the men on             since he could not understand an y-
the next day, was purified with              thing clearly because of the noise,
them, and he entered the temple,             he ordered him to be brought into
announcing the process of the da ys          the fortress.
of purification, until an oblation            35 And when he had arrived at the
would be offered on behalf of each           stairs, it happened that he was ca r-
one of them.                                 ried up by the soldiers, because of
 27 But when the seven days were             the threat of violence from the
reaching completion, those Jews              people.
who were from Asia, when they had             36 For the multitude of the people
seen him in the temple, incited all          were following and crying out,
the people, and they laid hands on           “Take him away!”
him, crying out:                              37 And as Paul was beginning to be
 28 “Men of Israel, help! This is the        brought into the fortress, he said to
man who is teaching, everyone, ev e-         the tribune, “Is it permissible for me
rywhere, against the people and the          to say something to you?” And he
law and this place. Furthermore, he          said, “You know Greek?
has even brought Gentiles into the            38 So then, are you not that Egyp-
temple, and he has violated this h o-        tian who before these days i ncited a
ly place.”                                   rebellion and led out into the desert
 29 (For they had seen Trophimus,            four thousand murderous men?”
an Ephesian, in the city with him,            39 But Paul said to him: “I am a
and they supposed that Paul had              man, indeed a Jew, from Tarsus in
brought him into the temple.)                Cilicia, a citizen of a well-known


city. So I petition you, permit me to          deed, saw the light, but they did not
speak to the people.”                          hear the voice of him who was
 40 And when he had given him                  speaking with me.
permission, Paul, standing on the               10 And I said, „What should I do,
stairs, motioned with his hand to the          Lord?‟ Then the Lord said to me:
people. And when a great silence               „Rise up, and go to Damascus. And
occurred, he spoke to them in the              there, you shall be told all that you
Hebrew language, saying:                       must do.‟
                                                11 And since I could not see, b e-
             CHAPTER 22                        cause of the brightness of that light,
 1 “Noble brothers and fathers, li s-          I was led by the hand by my comp a-
ten to the explanation that I now              nions, and I went to Damascus.
give to you.”                                   12 Then a certain Ananias, a man in
 2 And when they heard him spea k-             accord with the law, having the te s-
ing to them in the Hebrew language,            timony of all the Jews who were li v-
they offered a greater silence.                ing there,
 3 And he said: “I am a Jewish man,             13 drawing near to me and standing
born at Tarsus in Cilicia, but raised          close by, said to me, „Brother Saul,
in this city beside the feet of Gam a-         see!‟ And in that same hour, I
liel, taught according to the truth of         looked upon him.
the law of the fathers, zealous for             14 But he said: „The God of our fa-
the law, just as all of you also are to        thers has preordained you, so that
this day.                                      you would come to know his will
 4 I persecuted this Way, even unto            and would see the Just One, and
death, binding and delivering into             would hear the voice from his
custody both men and women,                    mouth.
 5 just as the high priest and all              15 For you shall be his witness to
those greater by birth bear witness            all men about those things which
to me. Having received letters from            you have seen and heard.
them to the brothers, I journeyed to            16 And now, why do you delay?
Damascus, so that I might lead them            Rise up, and be baptized, and wash
bound from there to Jerusalem, so              away your sins, by invoking his
that they might be punished.                   name.‟
 6 But it happened that, as I was               17 Then it happened that, when I
traveling and was approaching D a-             returned to Jerusalem and was pra y-
mascus at midday, suddenly from                ing in the temple, a mental stupor
heaven a great light shone around              came over me,
me.                                             18 and I saw him saying to me:
 7 And falling to the ground, I heard          „Hurry! Depart quickly fr om Jerusa-
a voice saying to me, „Saul, Saul,             lem! For they will not accept your
why are you persecuting me?‟                   testimony about me.‟
 8 And I responded, „Who are you,               19 And I said: „Lord, they know
Lord?‟ And he said to me, „I am J e-           that I am beating and enclosing in
sus the Nazarene, whom you are                 prison, throughout every synagogue,
persecuting.‟                                  those who have believed in you.
 9 And those who were with me, i n-             20 And when the blood of your


witness Stephen was poured out, I             reason was that he was accused by
stood nearby and was consenting,              the Jews, he released him, and he
and I watched over the garments of            ordered the priests to convene, with
those who put him to death.‟                  the entire council. And, producing
 21 And he said to me, „Go forth.             Paul, he stationed him among them.
For I am sending you to far away
nations.‟ ”                                               CHAPTER 23
 22 Now they were listening to him,            1 Then Paul, gazing intently at the
until this word, and then they lifted         council, said, “Noble brothers, I
up their voice, saying: “Take this            have spoken with all good co n-
kind away from the earth! For it is           science before God, even to this
not fitting for him to live!”                 present day.”
 23 And while they were shouting,              2 And the high priest, Ananias, i n-
and tossing aside their garments,             structed those who were standing
and casting dust into the air,                nearby to strike him on the mouth.
 24 the tribune ordered him to be              3 Then Paul said to him: “God shall
brought into the fortres s, and to be         strike you, you whitewashed wall!
scourged and tortured, in order to            For would you sit and judge me a c-
discover the reason that they were            cording to the law, when, contrary
crying out in this way against him.           to the law, you order me to be
 25 And when they had tied him                struck?”
with straps, Paul said to the cent u-          4 And those who were standing
rion who was standing near him, “Is           nearby said, “Are you speaking evil
it lawful for you to scourge a man            about the high priest of God?”
who is a Roman and has not been                5 And Paul said: “I did not know,
condemned?”                                   brothers, that he is the high priest.
 26 Upon hearing this, the cent urion         For it is written: „You shall not
went to the tribune and reported it           speak evil of the leader of your
to him, saying: “What do you i ntend          people.‟ ”
to do? For this man is a Roman cit i-          6 Now Paul, knowing that one
zen.”                                         group were Sadducees and the other
 27 And the tribune, approaching,             were Pharisees, exclaimed in the
said to him: “Tell me. Are you a              council: “Noble brothers, I am a
Roman?” So he said, “Yes.”                    Pharisee, the son of Pharisees! It is
 28 And the tribune responded, “I             over the hope and resurrection of
obtained this citizenship at great            the dead that I am being judged.”
cost.” And Paul said, “But I was               7 And when he had said this, a di s-
born to it.”                                  sension occurred between the Phari-
 29 Therefore, those who were going           sees and the Sadducees. And the
to torture him, immediately wit h-            multitude was divided.
drew from him. The tribune was s i-            8 For the Sadducees claim that
milarly afraid, after he realized that        there is no resurrection, and neither
he was a Roman citizen, for he had            angels, nor spirits. But the Pharisees
bound him.                                    confess both of these.
 30 But on the next day, wanting to            9 Then there occurred a great cl a-
discover more diligently what the             mor. And some of the Pharisees, ri s-


ing up, were fighting, saying: “We             “Paul, the prisoner, asked me to lead
find nothing evil in this man. What            this young man to you, since he has
if a spirit has spoken to him, or an           something to say to you.”
angel?”                                         19 Then the tribune, taking him by
 10 And since a great dissension had           the hand, withdrew with him by
been made, the tribune, fearing that           themselves, and he asked him:
Paul might be torn apart by them,              “What is it that you have to tell
ordered the soldiers to descend and            me?”
to seize him from their midst, and to           20 Then he said: “The Jews have
bring him into the fortress.                   met to ask you to bring Paul tomo r-
 11 Then, on the following night,              row to the council, as if they i n-
the Lord stood near him and said:              tended to question him about som e-
“Be constant. For just as you have             thing else.
testified about me in Jerusalem, so             21 But truly, you should not b e-
also it is necessary for you to testify        lieve them, for they would ambush
at Rome.”                                      him with more than forty men from
 12 And when daylight arrived,                 among them, who have bound them-
some of the Jews gathered together             selves by an oath neither to eat, nor
and bound themselves with an oath,             to drink, until they have put him to
saying that they would neither eat             death. And they are now prepared,
nor drink until they had killed Paul.          hoping for an affirmation from
 13 Now there were more than forty             you.”
men who had taken this o ath togeth-            22 And then the tribune di smissed
er.                                            the young man, instructing him not
 14 And they approached the leaders            to tell anyone that he had made
of the priests, and the elders, and            known these things to him.
they said: “We have sworn ourselves             23 Then, having called two cent u-
by an oath, so that we will taste              rions, he said to them: “Prepare two
nothing, until we have killed Paul.            hundred soldiers, so that they may
 15 Therefore, with the council, you           go as far as Caesarea, and se venty
should now give notice to the tri-             horsemen, and two hundred spea r-
bune, so that he may bring him to              men, for the third hour of the night.
you, as if you intended to determine            24 And prepare beasts of burden to
something else about him. But b e-             carry Paul, so that they may lead
fore he approaches, we have made               him safely to Felix, the governor.”
preparations to put him to death.”              25 For he was afraid, lest perhaps
 16 But when Paul‟s sister ‟s son had          the Jews might seize him and kill
heard of this, about their treac hery,         him, and that afterwards he would
he went and entered into the fo r-             be falsely accused, as if he had a c-
tress, and he reported it to Paul.             cepted a bribe. And so he wrote a
 17 And Paul, calling to him one of            letter containing the following:
the centurions, said: “Lead this                26 “Claudius Lysias, to the most
young man to the tribune. For he               excellent governor, Felix: greetings.
has something to tell him.”                     27 This man, having been appr e-
 18 And indeed, he took him and led            hended by the Jews and being about
him to the tribune, and he said,               to be put to death by them, I re s-


cued, overwhelming them with so l-            many things may be corrected by
diers, since I realized that he i s a         your providence,
Roman.                                         3 we acknowledge this, always and
 28 And wanting to know the reason            everywhere, with acts of thank sgiv-
that they objected to him, I brought          ing for everything.
him into their council.                        4 But lest I speak at too great a
 29 And I discovered him to be ac-            length, I beg you, by your clemency,
cused about questions of their law.           to listen to us briefly.
Yet truly, nothing deserving of death          5 We have found this man to be
or imprisonment was within the a c-           pestilent, to be inciting seditions
cusation.                                     among all the Jews in the entire
 30 And when I had been given news            world, and to be the author of the
of ambushes, which they had pr e-             sedition of the sect of the Naz a-
pared against him, I sent him to              renes.
you, notifying his accusers also, so           6 And he has even been attemp ting
that they may plead their accus a-            to violate the temple. And having
tions before you. Farewell.”                  apprehended him, we wanted him to
 31 Therefore the soldiers, taking            be judged according to our law.
Paul according to their ord ers,               7 But Lysias, the tribune, ove r-
brought him by night to Antipatris.           whelming us with great violence,
 32 And the next day, sending the             snatched him away from our hands,
horsemen to go with him, they r e-             8 ordering his accusers to come to
turned to the fortress.                       you. From them, you yourself will
 33 And when they had arrived at              be able, by judging about all these
Caesarea and had delivered the le t-          things, to understand the reason that
ter to the governor, they also pr e-          we accuse him.”
sented Paul before him.                        9 And then the Jews interjected,
 34 And when he had read it and had           saying that these things were so.
asked which province he was from,              10 Then, since the governor had
realizing that he was from Cilicia,           motioned for him to speak, Paul r e-
he said:                                      sponded: “Knowing that you have
 35 “I will hear you, when your a c-          been the judge over this nation for
cusers have arrived.” And he o r-             many years, I will give an explan a-
dered him to be kept in the praet o-          tion of myself with an honest soul.
rium of Herod.                                 11 For, as you may realize, it has
                                              only been twelve days since I went
            CHAPTER 24                        up to worship in Jerusalem.
 1 Then, after five days, the high             12 And they did not find me in the
priest Ananias came down with                 temple arguing with anyone, nor
some of the elders and a certain Te r-        causing a rally of the people: nei-
tullus, a speaker. And they went to           ther in the synagogues, nor in the
the governor against Paul.                    city.
 2 And having summoned Paul, Te r-             13 And they are not able to prove
tullus began to accuse him, sa ying:          to you the things about which they
“Most excellent Felix, since we               now accuse me.
have much peace through you, and               14 But I confess this to you, that


according to that sect, which they            future judgment, Felix was tre m-
call a heresy, so do I serve my God           bling, and he responded: “For now,
and Father, believing all that is             go, but remain under guard. Then, at
written in the Law and the Prophets,          an opportune time, I wi ll summon
 15 having a hope in God, which               you.”
these others themselves also expect,           26 He was also hoping that money
that there will be a future resurre c-        might be given to him by Paul, and
tion of the just and the unjust.              because of this, he frequently su m-
 16 And in this, I myself always              moned him and spoke with him.
strive to have a conscience that is            27 Then, when two years had
lacking in any offence toward God             passed, Felix was succeeded by Po r-
and toward men.                               tius Festus. And since Felix wanted
 17 Then, after many years, I went            to show particular favor to the Jews,
to my nation, bringing alms and o f-          he left Paul behind as a prisoner.
ferings and vows,
 18 through which I obtained purifi-                      CHAPTER 25
cation in the temple: neither with a           1 And so, when Festus had a rrived
crowd, nor with a commotion.                  in the province, after three days, he
 19 But certain Jews out of Asia are          ascended to Jerusalem from Caes a-
the ones who should have a ppeared            rea.
before you to accuse me, if they               2 And the leaders of the priests,
have anything against me.                     and those first among the Jews,
 20 Or let these ones here say if             went to him against Paul. And they
they have found in me any iniquity,           were petitioning him,
while standing before the council.             3 asking for favor against him, so
 21 For while standing among them,            that he would order him to be led to
I spoke out solely about this one             Jerusalem, where they were mai n-
matter: about the resurrection of the         taining an ambush in order to kill
dead. It is about this that I am being        him along the way.
judged today by you.”                          4 But Festus responded that Paul
 22 Then Felix, after having ascer-           was to be kept in Caesarea, and that
tained much knowledge about this              he himself would soon go there.
Way, kept them waiting, by saying,             5 “Therefore,” he said, “let those
“When Lysias the tribune has ar-              among you who are able, descend at
rived, I will give you a hearing.”            the same time, and if there is any
 23 And he ordered a centurion to             guilt in the man, they may accuse
guard him, and to take rest, and not          him.”
to prohibit any of his own from m i-           6 Then, having stayed among them
nistering to him.                             no more than eight or ten days, he
 24 Then, after some days, Felix, a r-        descended to Caesarea. And on the
riving with his wife Drusilla who             next day, he sat in the judgment
was a Jew, called for Paul and lis-           seat, and he ordered Paul to be led
tened to him about the faith that is          in.
in Christ Jesus.                               7 And when he had been brought,
 25 And after he discoursed about             the Jews who had come down from
justice and chastity, and about the           Jerusalem stood around him, thro w-


ing out many serious accusations,            his accusers and has received the
none of which they were able to              opportunity to defend himself, so as
prove.                                       to clear himself of the charges.
 8 Paul offered this defense: “Nei-           17 Therefore, when they had ar-
ther against the law of the Jews, nor        rived here, without any delay, on the
against the temple, nor against Ca e-        following day, sitting in the jud g-
sar, have I offended in any ma tter.”        ment seat, I ordered the man to be
 9 But Festus, wanting to show               brought.
greater favor to the Jews, responded          18 But when the accusers had stood
to Paul by saying: “Are you willing          up, they did not present any accus a-
to ascend to Jerusalem and to be             tion about him from which I would
judged there about these things b e-         suspect evil.
fore me?”                                     19 Instead, they brought against
 10 But Paul said: “I stand in Ca e-         him certain disputes about their o wn
sar ‟s tribunal, which is where I            superstition and about a certain J e-
ought to be judged. I have done no           sus, who had died, but whom Paul
harm to the Jews, as you well know.          asserted to be alive.
 11 For if I have harmed them, or if          20 Therefore, being in doubt about
I have done anything deserving of            this kind of question, I asked him if
death, I do not object to dying. But         he was willing go to Jerusalem and
if there is nothing to these things          to be judged there about these
about which they accuse me, no one           things.
is able to deliver me to them. I a p-         21 But since Paul was appealing to
peal to Caesar.”                             be kept for a decision before Augu s-
 12 Then Festus, having spoken with          tus, I ordered him to be kept, u ntil I
the council, responded: “You have            might send him to Caesar.”
appealed to Caesar, to Caesar you             22 Then Agrippa said to Festus: “I
shall go.”                                   myself also want to hear the man.”
 13 And when some days had                   “Tomorrow,” he said, “you shall
passed, king Agrippa and Bernice             hear him.”
descended to Caesarea, to greet Fe s-         23 And on the next day, when
tus.                                         Agrippa and Bernice had arrived
 14 And since they remained there            with great ostentation and had e n-
for many days, Festus spoke to the           tered into the auditorium with the
king about Paul, sayi ng: “A certain         tribunes and the principal men of
man was left behind as a pri soner by        the city, Paul was brought in, at the
Felix.                                       order of Festus.
 15 When I was at Jerusalem, the              24 And Festus said: “King Agrippa,
leaders of the priests and the elders        and all who are present t ogether
of the Jews came to me about him,            with us, you see this man, about
asking for condemnation against              whom all the multitude of the Jews
him.                                         disturbed me at Jerusalem, pet ition-
 16 I answered them that it is not           ing and clamoring that he should not
the custom of the Romans to con-             be allowed to live any longer.
demn any man, before he who is b e-           25 Truly, I have discovered not hing
ing accused has been confronted by           brought forth against him that is


worthy of death. But since he him-            king, I am accused by the Jews.
self has appealed to Augustus, it              8 Why should it be judged so unb e-
was my judgment to send him.                  lievable with you all that God might
 26 But I have not determined what            raise the dead?
to write to the emperor about him.             9 And certainly, I myself formerl y
Because of this, I have brought him           considered that I ought to act in
before you all, and especially b efore        many ways which are contrary to the
you, O king Agrippa, so t hat, once           name of Jesus the Nazarene.
an inquiry has occurred, I may have            10 This is also how I acted at Jeru-
something to write.                           salem. And so, I enclosed many holy
 27 For it seems to me unreaso nable          persons in prison, having r eceived
to send a prisoner and not to i ndi-          authority from the leaders of the
cate the accusations set against              priests. And when they were to be
him.”                                         killed, I brought the sentence.
                                               11 And in every synagogue, fr e-
             CHAPTER 26                       quently while punishing them, I
 1 Yet truly, Agrippa said to Paul,           compelled them to blaspheme. And
“It is permitted for you to speak f or        being all the more maddened against
yourself.” Then Paul, extending his           them, I persecuted them, even to
hand, began to offer his defense.             foreign cities.
 2 “I consider myself blessed, O               12 Thereafter, as I was going to
king Agrippa, that I am to give my            Damascus, with authority and pe r-
defense today before you, about               mission from the high priest,
everything of which I am accused by            13 at midday, O king, I and those
the Jews,                                     who were also with me, saw along
 3 especially since you know ever y-          the way a light from heaven shining
thing that pertains to the Jews, both         around me with a splendor greater
customs and questions. Because of             than that of the sun.
this, I beg you to listen to me p a-           14 And when we had all fallen
tiently.                                      down to the ground, I heard a voice
 4 And certainly, all the Jews know           speaking to me in the Hebrew la n-
about my life from my youth, which            guage: „Saul, Saul, why are you pe r-
had its beginning among my own                secuting me? It is hard for you to
people in Jerusalem.                          kick against the goad.‟
 5 They knew me well from the be-              15 Then I said, „Who are you,
ginning, (if they would be willing to         Lord?‟ And the Lord said, „I am J e-
offer testimony) for I lived accor d-         sus, whom you are persecutin g.
ing to the most determined sect of             16 But rise up and stand on your
our religion: as a Pharisee.                  feet. For I appeared to you for this
 6 And now, it is in the hope of the          reason: so that I may establish you
Promise which was made by God to              as a minister and a witness co ncern-
our fathers that I stand subject to           ing the things that you have seen,
judgment.                                     and concerning the things that I will
 7 It is the Promise that our twelve          show to you:
tribes, worshiping night and day,              17 rescuing you from the p eople
hope to see. About this hope, O               and the nations to which I am now


sending you,                                 him. And neither were these things
 18 in order to open their eyes, so          done in a corner.
that they may be converted from               27 Do you believe the Prophets, O
darkness to light, and from the po w-        king Agrippa? I know that you b e-
er of Satan to God, so that they may         lieve.”
receive the remission of sins and a           28 Then Agrippa said to Paul, “To
place among the saints, through the          some extent, you persuade me to b e-
faith that is in me.‟                        come a Christian.”
 19 From then on, O king Agrippa, I           29 And Paul said, “I hope to God
was not unbelieving to the heavenly          that, both to a small extent and to a
vision.                                      great extent, not only you, b ut also
 20 But I preached, first to those           all those who hear me this day will
who are at Damascus and at Jerus a-          become just as I also am, except for
lem, and then to the entire region of        these chains.”
Judea, and to the Gentiles, so that           30 And the king rose up, and the
they would repent and convert to             governor, and Bernice, and those
God, doing the works that are wo r-          who were sitting with them.
thy of repentance.                            31 And when they had wit hdrawn,
 21 It was for this reason that the          they were speaking among the m-
Jews, having apprehended me when             selves, saying, “This man has done
I was in the temple, attempted to            nothing worthy of death, nor of i m-
kill me.                                     prisonment.”
 22 But having been aided by the              32 Then Agrippa said to Festus,
help of God, even to this day, I             “This man could have been released,
stand witnessing to the small and            if he had not appealed to Caesar.”
the great, saying nothing beyond
what the Prophets and Moses have                         CHAPTER 27
said would be in the future:                  1 Then it was decided to send him
 23 that the Christ would suffer, and        by ship to Italy, and that Pau l, with
that he would be the first from the          the others in custody, should be d e-
resurrection of the dead, and that he        livered to a centurion named Julius,
would bring light to the people and          of the cohort of Augusta.
to the nations.”                              2 After climbing aboard a ship from
 24 While he was speaking these              Adramyttium, we set sail and began
things and presenting his defense,           to navigate along the ports of Asia,
Festus said with a loud voice: “Paul,        with Aristarchus, the Maced onian
you are insane! Too much studying            from Thessalonica, joining us.
has turned you to insanity.”                  3 And on the following day, we a r-
 25 And Paul said: “I am not insane,         rived at Sidon. And Julius, treating
most excellent Festus, but rather I          Paul humanely, permitted him to go
am speaking words of truth and s o-          to his friends and to look after hi m-
briety.                                      self.
 26 For the king knows about these            4 And when we had set sail from
things. To him also, I am speaking           there, we navigated below Cyprus,
with constancy. For I think that             because the winds were contrary.
none of these things are unknown to           5 And navigating though the sea of


Cilicia and Pamphylia, we arrived at          strive against the wind, giving over
Lystra, which is in Lycia.                    the ship to the winds, we were dr i-
 6 And there the centurion found a            ven along.
ship from Alexandria sailing to Ita-           16 Then, being forced along a ce r-
ly, and he transferred us to it.              tain island, which is called the Tail,
 7 And when we had sailed slowly              we were barely able to hold on to
for many days and had barely ar-              the ship‟s lifeboat.
rived opposite Cnidus, for the wind            17 When this was taken up, they
was hindering us, we sailed to                used it to assist in securing the ship.
Crete, near Salmone.                          For they were afraid that they might
 8 And barely being able to sail past         run aground. And having lowered
it, we arrived at a certain place,            the sails, they were being driven
which is called Good Shelter, next            along in this way.
to which was the city of Lasea.                18 Then, since we were being
 9 Then, after much time had                  tossed about strongly by the tem p-
passed, and since sailing would no            est, on the following day, they threw
longer be prudent because the Fast            the heavy items overboard.
Day had now passed, Paul consoled              19 And on the third day, with their
them,                                         own hands, they threw the equi p-
 10 and he said to them: “Men, I              ment of the ship overboard.
perceive that the voyage is now in             20 Then, when neither sun nor stars
danger of injury and much damage,             appeared for many days, and no end
not only to the cargo and the ship,           to the storm was imminent, all hope
but also to our own lives.”                   for our safety was now taken away.
 11 But the centurion put more trust           21 And after they had fas ted for a
in the captain and the navigator of           long time, Paul, standing in their
the ship, than in the things being            midst, said: “Certainly, men, you
said by Paul.                                 should have listened to me and not
 12 And since it was not a fitting            set out from Crete, so as to cause
port in which to winter, the majority         this injury and loss.
opinion was to sail from there, so             22 And now, let me persuade you to
that somehow they might be able to            be courageous in soul. For there
arrive at Phoenicia, in order to wi n-        shall be no loss of life among you,
ter there, at a port of Crete, which          but only of the ship.
looks out toward the southwest and             23 For an Angel of God, who is a s-
northwest.                                    signed to me and whom I serve,
 13 And since the south wind was              stood beside me this night,
blowing gently, they thought that              24 saying: „Do not be afraid, Paul!
they might reach their goal. And af-          It is necessary for you to stand b e-
ter they had set out from Asson,              fore Caesar. And behold, God has
they weighed anchor at Crete.                 given to you all those who are sail-
 14 But not long afterward, a violent         ing with you.‟
wind came against them, which is               25 Because of this, men, be cour a-
called the Northeast Wind.                    geous in soul. For I trust God that
 15 And once the ship had been                this will happen in the same way
caught in it and was not able to              that it has been told to me.


 26 But it is necessary for us to a r-         37 Truly, we were two hundred and
rive at a certain island.”                    seventy-six souls on the ship.
 27 Then, after the fourteenth ni ght          38 And having been nourished with
arrived, as we were navigating in             food, they lightened the ship, cas t-
the sea of Adria, about the middle of         ing the wheat into the sea.
the night, the sailors believed that           39 And when day had arrived, they
they saw some portion of the land.            did not recognize the landscape. Yet
 28 And upon dropping a weight,               truly, they caught sight of a ce rtain
they found a depth of twenty paces.           narrow inlet having a shore, into
And some distance from there, they            which they thought it might be po ss-
found a depth of fifteen paces.               ible to force the ship.
 29 Then, fearing that we might                40 And when they had taken up the
happen upon rough places, they cast           anchors, they committed themselves
four anchors out of the stern, and            to the sea, at the same time loosing
they were hoping for daylight to a r-         the restraints of the rudders. And so,
rive soon.                                    raising the mainsail to the gusting
 30 Yet truly, the sailors were see k-        wind, they pressed on toward the
ing a way to flee from the ship, for          shore.
they had lowered a lifeboat into the           41 And when we happened upon a
sea, on the pretext that they were            place open to two seas, they ran the
attempting to cast anchors from the           ship aground. And indeed, the bow,
bow of the ship.                              being immobilized, remained fixed,
 31 So Paul said to the centurion             but truly the stern was broken by
and to the soldiers, “Unless these            the violence of the sea.
men remain in the ship, you will not           42 Then the soldiers were in
be able to be saved.”                         agreement that they should kill the
 32 Then the soldiers cut the ropes           prisoners, lest anyone, after esca p-
to the lifeboat, and they a llowed it         ing by swimming, might flee.
to fall.                                       43 But the centurion, wanting to
 33 And when it began to be light,            save Paul, prohibited it from being
Paul requested that they all take             done. And he ordered those who
food, saying: “This is the fou rteenth        were able to swim to jump in first,
day that you have been wai ting and           and to escape, and to get to the
continuing to fast, taking nothing.           land.
 34 For this reason, I beg you to ac-          44 And as for the others, some they
cept food for the sake of your                carried on boards, and others on
health. For not a hair from the head          those things that belonged to the
of any of you shall perish.”                  ship. And so it happened that every
 35 And when he had said these                soul escaped to the land.
things, taking bread, he gave thanks
to God in the sight of them all. And                     CHAPTER 28
when he had broken it, he began to             1 And after we had escaped, we
eat.                                          then realized that the island was
 36 Then they all became more                 called Malta. Yet truly, the natives
peaceful in soul. And they also took          offered us no small amount of h u-
food.                                         mane treatment.


 2 For they refreshed us all by ki n-         12 And when we had arrived at S y-
dling a fire, because rain was immi-         racuse, we were delayed there for
nent and because of the cold.                three days.
 3 But when Paul had gathered t o-            13 From there, sailing close to the
gether a bundle of twigs, and had            shore, we arrived at Rhegium. And
placed them on the fire, a viper,            after one day, with the south wind
which had been drawn to the heat,            blowing, we arrived on the second
fastened itself to his hand.                 day at Puteoli.
 4 And truly, when the natives saw            14 There, after locating the brot h-
the beast hanging from his hand,             ers, we were asked to remain with
they were saying to one another:             them for seven days. And then we
“Certainly, this man must be a mu r-         went on to Rome.
derer, for though he escaped from             15 And there, when the brothers
the sea, vengeance will not permit           had heard of us, they went to meet
him to live.”                                us as far as the Forum of Appius and
 5 But shaking off the creature into         the Three Taverns. And when Paul
the fire, he indeed suffered no ill          had seen them, giving thanks to
effects.                                     God, he took courage.
 6 But they were supposing that he            16 And when we had arrived at
would soon swell up, and then                Rome, Paul was given permission to
would suddenly fall down and die.            stay by himself, with a sol dier to
But having waited a long time, and           guard him.
seeing no ill effects in him, they            17 And after the third day, he
changed their minds and were sa y-           called together the leaders of the
ing that he was a god.                       Jews. And when they had convened,
 7 Now among these places were es-           he said to them: “Noble brothers, I
tates owned by the ruler of the i sl-        have done nothing against the
and, named Publius. And he, taking           people, nor against the customs of
us in, showed us kind hospitality for        the fathers, yet I was delivered as a
three days.                                  prisoner from J erusalem into the
 8 Then it happened that the f ather         hands of the Romans.
of Publius lay ill with a fever and           18 And after they held a hearing
with dysentery. Paul entered to him,         about me, they would have released
and when he had prayed an d had              me, because there was no case for
laid his hands on him, he saved him.         death against me.
 9 When this had been done, all who           19 But with the Jews speaking
had diseases on the island ap-               against me, I was constrained to a p-
proached and were cured.                     peal to Caesar, though it was not as
 10 And then they also presented us          if I had any kind of accusation
with many honors. And when we                against my own nation.
were ready to set sail, they gave us          20 And so, because of this, I r e-
whatever we needed.                          quested to see you and to speak to
 11 And so, after three months, we           you. For it is because of the hope of
sailed in a ship from Alexandria,            Israel that I am encircled with this
whose name was „the Castors,‟ and            chain.”
which had wintered at the island.             21 But they said to him: “We have


not received letters about you from           30 Then he remained for two whole
Judea, nor have any of the other             years in his own rented lod gings.
new arrivals among the brothers r e-         And he received all who went in to
ported or spoken anything evil               him,
against you.                                  31 preaching the kingdom of God
 22 But we are asking to hear your           and teaching the things which are
opinions from you, for concerning            from the Lord Jesus Christ, with all
this sect, we know that it is being          faithfulness, without prohibition.
spoken against everywhere.”
 23 And when they had appointed a
day for him, very many persons
went to him at his guest quarters.
And he discoursed, testif ying to the
kingdom of God, and persuading
them about Jesus, using the law of
Moses and the Prophets, from morn-
ing until evening.
 24 And some believed the things
that he was saying, yet others did
not believe.
 25 And when they could not agree
among themselves, they departed,
while Paul was speaking this one
word: “How well did the Holy Spirit
speak to our fathers through the
prophet Isaiah,
 26 saying: „Go to this people and
say to them: Hearing, you shall hear
and not understand, and seeing, you
shall see and not perceive.
 27 For the heart of this people has
grown dull, and they have li stened
with reluctant ears, and they have
closed their eyes tightly, lest pe r-
haps they might see with the eyes,
and hear with the ears, and unde r-
stand with the heart, and so be co n-
verted, and I would heal them.‟
 28 Therefore, let it be known to
you, that this salvation of God ha s
been sent to the Gentiles, and they
shall listen to it.”
 29 And when he had said these
things, the Jews went away from
him, though they still had many
questions among themselves.


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