; Colossians
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									                T H E E P I S T L E O F PA U L T H E A P O S T L E T O T H E

             CHAPTER 1                           tue, in accord with the power of his
 1 Paul, an Apostle of Jesus Christ              glory, with all patience and longsu f-
by the will of God, and Timothy, a               fering, with joy,
brother,                                          12 giving thanks to God the F ather,
 2 to the saints and faithful brot hers          who has made us worthy to have a
in Christ Jesus who are at Colo ssae.            share in the portion of the saints, in
 3 Grace and peace to you, from                  the light.
God our Father and from the Lord                  13 For he has rescued us from the
Jesus Christ. We give thanks to God,             power of darkness, and he has tran s-
the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,             ferred us into the kingdom of the
praying for you always.                          Son of his love,
 4 For we have heard of your faith                14 in whom we have redemption
in Christ Jesus, and of the love that            through his blood, the remission of
you have toward all the saints,                  sins.
 5 because of the hope that ha s been             15 He is the image of the invisible
stored up for you in heaven, which               God, the first-born of every crea-
you have heard through the Word of               ture.
Truth in the Gospel.                              16 For in him was created ever y-
 6 This has reached you, just as it is           thing in heaven and on earth, visible
present in the whole world, where it             and invisible, whether thrones, or
grows and bears fruit, as it has also            dominations, or principalities, or
done in you, since the day when you              powers. All things were created
first heard and knew the grace of                through him and in him.
God in truth,                                     17 And he is before all, and in him
 7 just as you learned it from                   all things continue.
Epaphras, our most beloved fellow                 18 And he is the head of his body,
servant, who is for you a faithful               the Church. He is the beginning, the
minister of Christ Jesus.                        first-born from the dead, so that in
 8 And he has also manifested to us              all things he may hold primacy.
your love in the Spirit.                          19 For the Father is well -pleased
 9 Then, too, from the day when we               that all fullness resi de in him,
first heard it, we have not ceased                20 and that, through him, all things
praying for you and requesting that              be reconciled to himself, making
you be filled with the knowledge of              peace through the blood of his
his will, with all wisdom and spir i-            cross, for the things that are on
tual understanding,                              earth, as well as the things that are
 10 so that you may walk in a ma n-              in heaven.
ner worthy of God, being plea sing                21 And you, though you had been,
in all things, being fruit ful in every          in times past, understood to be fo-
good work, and increasing in the                 reigners and enemies, with works of
knowledge of God,                                evil,
 11 being strengthened in every vi r-             22 yet now he has reconciled you,


by his body of flesh, through death,          riches of a plenitude of understand-
so as to offer you, holy and imm a-           ing, with knowledge of the mystery
culate and blameless, before him.             of God the Father and of Christ J e-
 23 So then, continue in the faith:           sus.
well-founded and steadfast and i m-            3 For in him are hidden all tre a-
movable, by the hope of the Gospel            sures of wisdom and knowledge.
that you have heard, which has been            4 Now I say this, so that no one
preached throughout all creation              may deceive you with grandiose
under heaven, the Gospel of which             words.
I, Paul, have become a minister.               5 For though I may be absent in
 24 For now I rejoice in my pa ssion          body, yet I am with you in spirit.
on your behalf, and I complete in             And I rejoice as I gaze upon your
my flesh the things that are lacking          order and its foundation, which is in
in the Passion of Christ, for the sake        Christ, your faith.
of his body, which is the Church.              6 Therefore, just as you have re-
 25 For I have become a minister of           ceived the Lord Jesus Christ, walk
the Church, according to the dispe n-         in him.
sation of God that has been given to           7 Be rooted and continually built
me among you, so that I may fu lfill          up in Christ. And be c onfirmed in
the Word of God,                              the faith, just as you have also
 26 the mystery which had r emained           learned it, increasing in him with
hidden to past ages and ge nerations,         acts of thanksgiving.
but which now is man ifested to his            8 See to it that no one deceives you
saints.                                       through philosophy and empty
 27 To them, God willed to made               falsehoods, as found in the tradi-
known the riches of the glory of this         tions of men, in accord with the i n-
mystery among the Gentiles, which             fluences of the world, and not in ac-
is Christ and the hope of his glory           cord with Christ.
within you.                                    9 For in him, all the fullness of the
 28 We are announcing him, correct-           Divine Nature dwells bodily.
ing every man and teaching every               10 And in him, you have been
man, with all wisdom, so that we              filled; for he is the head of all pri n-
may offer every man perfect in Ch r-          cipality and power.
ist Jesus.                                     11 In him also, you have been ci r-
 29 In him, too, I labor, striving a c-       cumcised with a circumcision not
cording to his action within me,              made by hand, not by the despoiling
which he works in virtue.                     of the body of flesh, but by the ci r-
                                              cumcision of Christ.
            CHAPTER 2                          12 You have been buried with him
 1 For I want you to know the kind            in baptism. In him also, you have
of solicitude that I have for you,            risen again through faith, by the
and for those who are at Laodicea,            work of God, who raised him up
as well as for those who have not             from the dead.
seen my face in the flesh.                     13 And when you were dead in your
 2 May their hearts be consoled and           transgressions and in the uncircu m-
instructed in charity, with all the           cision of your flesh, he enlivened


you, together with him, forgiving            gether with Christ, seek the things
you of all transgressions,                   that are above, where Christ is
 14 and wiping away the handwri t-           seated at the right hand of God.
ing of the decree which was against           2 Consider the things that are
us, which was contrary to us. And            above, not the things that are upon
he has taken this away from your             the earth.
midst, affixing it to the Cross.              3 For you have died, and so your
 15 And so, despoiling principal ities       life is hidden with Christ in God.
and powers, he has led them away              4 When Christ, your life, appears,
confidently and openly, triumphing           then you also will appear with him
over them in himself.                        in glory.
 16 Therefore, let no one judge you           5 Therefore, mortify your body,
as concerns food or drink, or a pa r-        while it is upon the earth. For b e-
ticular feast day, or feast days of          cause of fornication, impurity, lust,
new moons, or of Sabbaths.                   evil desires, and avarice, which are
 17 For these are a shadow of the            a kind of service to idols,
future, but the body is of Christ.            6 the wrath of God has over-
 18 Let no one seduce you, prefe r-          whelmed the sons of unbe lief.
ring base things and a religion of            7 You, too, walked in these things,
Angels, walking according to what            in times past, when you were living
he has not seen, being vainly in-            among them.
flated by the sensations of his flesh,        8 But now you must set aside all
 19 and not holding up the head,             these things: anger, indignation, m a-
with which the whole body, by its            lice,    blasphemy,    and    indecent
underlying joints and ligaments, is          speech from your mouth.
joined together and grows with an             9 Do not lie to one another. Strip
increase that is of God.                     yourselves of the old man, with his
 20 So then, if you have died with           deeds,
Christ to the influences of this              10 and clothe yourself with the new
world, why do you still make dec i-          man, who has been renewed by
sions as if you were living in the           knowledge, in accord with the image
world?                                       of the One who created him,
 21 Do not touch, do not taste, do            11 where there is neither Gentile
not handle these things,                     nor Jew, circumcision nor unci r-
 22 which all lead to destruction by         cumcision, Barbarian nor Sc ythian,
their very use, in accord with the           servant nor free. Instead, Christ is
precepts and doctrines of men.               everything, in everyone.
 23 Such ideas have at least an i n-          12 Therefore, clothe yourselves
tention to attain to wisdom, but             like the elect of God: holy and b e-
through superstition and debas e-            loved, with hearts of mercy, kin d-
ment, not sparing the body, and they         ness, humility, modesty, and p a-
are without any honor in satiating           tience.
the flesh.                                    13 Support one another, and, if a n-
                                             yone has a complaint against anoth-
           CHAPTER 3                         er, forgive one another. For just as
1 Therefore, if you have risen t o-          the Lord has forgiven you, so also


must you do.                                              CHAPTER 4
 14 And above all these things have           1 You masters, supply your se rvants
charity, which is the bond of perfe c-       with what is just and equitable,
tion.                                        knowing that you, too, have a Mas-
 15 And let the peace of Christ lift         ter in heaven.
up your hearts. For in this peace,            2 Pursue prayer. Be watchful in
you have been called, as one body.           prayer with acts of thanksgiving.
And be thankful.                              3 Pray together, for us also, so that
 16 Let the word of Christ live in           God may open a door of speech to
you in abundance, with all wisdom,           us, so as to speak the mystery of
teaching and correcting one another,         Christ, (because of which, even
with psalms, hymns, and spiritual            now, I am in chains)
canticles, singing to God with the            4 so that I may manifest it in the
grace in your hearts.                        manner that I ought to speak.
 17 Let everything whatsoever that            5 Walk in wisdom toward those
you do, whether in word or in deed,          who are outside, redeeming this age.
be done all in the name of the Lord           6 Let your speech be ever grac eful,
Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God           seasoned with salt, so that you may
the Father through him.                      know how you ought to respond to
 18 Wives, be submissive to your             each person.
husbands, as is proper in the Lord.           7 As for the things that concern me,
 19 Husbands, love your wives, and           Tychicus, a most beloved brother
do not be bitter toward them.                and faithful minister and fellow se r-
 20 Children, obey your parents in           vant in the Lord, will make ever y-
all things. For this is well -pleasing       thing known to you.
to the Lord.                                  8 I have sent him to you for this
 21 Fathers, do not provoke your             very purpose, so that he may know
children to indignation, lest they           the things that concern you, and
lose heart.                                  may console your hearts,
 22 Servants, obey, in all things,            9 with Onesimus, a most beloved
your lords according to the flesh,           and faithful brother, who is from
not serving only when seen, as if to         among you. They shall make known
please men, but serving in simplic i-        to you everything that is happening
ty of heart, fearing God.                    here.
 23 Whatever you do, do it from the           10 Aristarchus, my fellow pri soner,
heart, as for the Lord, and not for          greets you, as does Mark, the near
men.                                         cousin of Barnabas, about whom
 24 For you know that you will r e-          you have received instructions, (if
ceive from the Lord the repayment            he comes to you, receive him)
of an inheritance. Serve Christ the           11 and Jesus, who is called Justus,
Lord.                                        and those who are of the circumc i-
 25 For whoever causes injury shall          sion. These alone are my assistants,
be repaid for what he has wrongfu l-         unto the kingdom of God; they have
ly done. And there no favo ritism            been a consolation to me.
with God.                                     12 Epaphras greets you, who is
                                             from among you, a servant of Christ


Jesus, ever solicitous for you in
prayer, so that you may stand, pe r-
fect and complete, in the entire will
of God.
 13 For I offer testimony to him,
that he has labored greatly for you,
and for those who are at Laodice a,
and for those at Hierapolis.
 14 Luke, a most beloved phys ician,
greets you, as does Demas.
 15 Greet the brothers who are at
Laodicea, and Nymphas, and those
who are at his house, a church.
 16 And when this epistle has been
read among you, cause it to be read
also in the church of the Laod i-
ceans, and you should read that
which is from the Laodiceans.
 17 And tell Archippus: “See to the
ministry that you have received in
the Lord, in order to fulfill it.”
 18 The greeting of Paul by my own
hand. Remember my chains. May
grace be with you. Amen.


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