Ephesians by FranckDernoncourt


									                T H E E P I S T L E O F PA U L T H E A P O S T L E T O T H E

              CHAPTER 1                           12 So may we be, to the praise of
 1 Paul, an Apostle of Jesus Christ              his glory, we who have hoped
through the will of God, to all the              beforehand in Christ.
saints who are at Ephesus and to the              13 In him, you also, after you heard
faithful in Christ Jesus.                        and believed the Word of truth,
 2 Grace and peace to you from God               which is the Gospel of your
the Father, and from the Lord Jesus              salvation, were sealed with the Holy
Christ.                                          Spirit of the Promise.
 3 Blessed be the God and Father of               14 He is the pledge of our
our Lord Jesus Christ, who has                   inheritance, unto the acquisition of
blessed us with every spiritual                  redemption, to the praise of his
blessing in the heavens, in Christ,              glory.
 4 just as he chose us in him b efore             15 Because of this, and hearing of
the foundation of the world, so that             your faith that is in the Lord Jesus,
we would be holy and immaculate in               and of your love toward all the
his sight, in charity.                           saints,
 5 He has predestined us to ado ption             16 I have not ceased giving thanks
as sons, through Jesus Christ, in                for you, calling you to mind in my
himself, according to the purpose of             prayers,
his will,                                         17 so that the God of our Lord
 6 for the praise of the glory of his            Jesus Christ, the Father of glory,
grace, with which he has gifted us               may give a spirit of wisdom and of
in his beloved Son.                              revelation to you, in knowledge of
 7 In him, we have redemption                    him.
through his blood: the remission of               18 May the eyes of your heart be
sins in accord with the riches of his            illuminated, so that you may know
grace,                                           what is the hope of his calling, and
 8 which is superabundant in us,                 the wealth of the glory of his
with all wisdom and prudence.                    inheritance with the saints,
 9 So does he make known to us the                19 and the preeminent magnitude of
mystery of his will, which he has set            his virtue toward us, toward we who
forth in Christ, in a manner wel l-              believe in accord with the work of
pleasing to him,                                 his powerful virtue,
 10 in the dispensation of the                    20 which he wrought in Christ,
fullness of time, so as to renew in              raising him from the dead and
Christ everything that exists through            establishing him at his right hand in
him in heaven and on earth.                      the heavens,
 11 In him, we too are called to our              21 above every principality and
portion, having been predestined in              power and virtue and dominion, and
accord with the plan of the One who              above every name that is given, not
accomplishes all things by the                   only in this age, but even in the
counsel of his will.                             future age.


 22 And he has subjected all things            works which God has prepared and
under his feet, and he has made him            in which we should walk.
the head over the entire Church,                11 Because of this, be mindful that,
 23 which is his body and which is             in times past, you were Gentiles in
the    fullness    of    him     who           the flesh, and that you were called
accomplishes       everything     in           uncircumcised by those who are
everyone.                                      called circumcised in the flesh,
                                               something done by man,
             CHAPTER 2                          12 and that you were, in that time,
 1 And you were once dead in your              without Christ, being foreign to the
sins and offenses,                             way of life of Israel, being vis itors
 2 in which you walked in times                to the testament, having no hope of
past, according to the age of this             the promise, and being w ithout God
world, according to the prince of the          in this world.
power of this sky, the spirit who               13 But now, in Christ Jesus, you,
now works in the sons of distrust.             who were in times past far away,
 3 And we too were all conversant in           have been brought near by the blood
these things, in times past, by th e           of Christ.
desires   of    our     flesh,    acting        14 For he is our peace. He made the
according to the will of the flesh             two into one, by dissolving the
and according to our own thoughts.             intermediate wall of separation, of
And so we were, by nature, sons of             opposition, by his flesh,
wrath, even like the others.                    15     emptying       the    law    of
 4 Yet still, God, who is rich in              commandments by decree, so that he
mercy, for the sake of his                     might join these two, in himself,
exceedingly great charity with                 into one new man, making peace
which he loved us,                              16 and reconciling both to God, in
 5 even when we were dead in our               one body, through the cross,
sins, has enlivened us together in             destroying      this    opposition   in
Christ, by whose grace you have                himself.
been saved.                                     17    And      upon     arriving,   he
 6 And he has raised us up t ogether,          evangelized peace to you who were
and he has caused us to sit down               far away, and peace to those who
together in the heavens, in Christ             were near.
Jesus,                                          18 For by him, we both have
 7 so that he may display, in the              access, in the one Spirit, to the
ages soon to arrive, the abundant              Father.
wealth of his grace, by his goodness            19 Now, therefore, you are no
toward us in Christ Jesus.                     longer visitors and new arrivals.
 8 For by grace, you have been                 Instead, you are citizens among the
saved through faith. And this is not           saints in the household of God,
of yourselves, for it is a gift of God.         20 having been built upon the
 9 And this is not of works, so th at          foundation of the Apostles and of
no one may glory.                              the Prophets, with Jesus Christ
 10 For we are his handiwork,                  himself      as      the     preeminent
created in Christ Jesus for the good           cornerstone.


 21 In him, all that has been built is       principalities and powers in the
framed together, rising up into a            heavens, through the Church,
holy temple in the Lord.                      11 according to that timeless
 22 In him, you also have been built         purpose, which he has formed in
together into a habitation of God in         Christ Jesus our Lord.
the Spirit.                                   12 In him we trust, and so we
                                             approach with confidence, through
             CHAPTER 3                       his faith.
 1 By reason of this grace, I, Paul,          13 Because of this, I ask you not to
am a prisoner of Jesus Christ, for           be weakened by my tribulations on
the sake of you Gentiles.                    your behalf; for this is your glory.
 2 Now certainly, you have heard of           14 By reason of this grace, I bend
the dispensation of the grace of             my knees to the Father of our Lord
God, which has been given to me              Jesus Christ,
among you:                                    15 from whom all paternity in
 3 that, by means of revelation, the         heaven and on earth takes its name.
mystery was made known to me,                 16 And I ask him to grant to you to
just as I have written above in a few        be strengthened in virtue by his
words.                                       Spirit, in accord with the wealth of
 4 Yet, by reading this closely, you         his glory, in the inner man,
might be able to understand my                17 so that Christ may live in your
prudence in the mystery of Christ.           hearts through a faith rooted in, and
 5 In other generations, this was            founded on, charity.
unknown to the sons of men, even              18 So may you be able to embrace,
as it has now been revealed to his           with all the saints, what is the width
holy Apostles and Prophets in the            and length and height and depth
Spirit,                                       19 of the charity of Christ, and
 6 so that the Gentiles would be co -        even be able to know that which
heirs, and of the same body, and             surpasses all knowledge, so that you
partners together, by his promi se in        may be filled with all the fullness of
Christ Jesus, through the Gospel.            God.
 7 Of this Gospel, I have been made           20 Now to him who is able to do all
a minister, according to the gift of         things, more abundantly than we
the grace of God, which has been             could ever ask or understand, by
given to me by means of the                  means of the virtue which is at work
operation of his virtue.                     in us:
 8 Although I am the least of all the         21 to him be glory, in the Church
saints, I have been given this grace:        and in Christ Jesus, throughout
to evangelize among the Ge ntiles            every generation, forever and ever.
the unsearchable riches of Christ,           Amen.
 9 and to enlighten everyone
concerning the dispensation of the                       CHAPTER 4
mystery, hidden before the ages in            1 And so, as a prisoner in the Lor d,
God who created all things,                  I beg you to walk in a manner
 10 so that the manifold wisdom of           worthy of the vocation to which you
God may become well-known to the             have been called:


 2 with all humility and meekness,           craftiness which deceives unto
with     patience,   supporting    one       error.
another in charity.                           15 Instead, acting according to
 3 Be anxious to preserve the unity          truth in charity, we should increa se
of the Spirit within the bonds of            in everything, in him who is the
peace.                                       head, Christ himself.
 4 One body and one Spirit: to this           16 For in him, the whole body is
you have been called by the one              joined closely together, by every
hope of your calling:                        underlying      joint,  through    the
 5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism,         function allotted to each part,
 6 one God and Father of all, who is         bringing improvement to the body,
over all, and through all, and in us         toward its edification in charity.
all.                                          17 And so, I say this, and I testify
 7 Yet to each one of us there has           in the Lord: that from now on you
been given grace according t o the           should walk, not as the Gentiles
measure allotted by Christ.                  also walk, in the vanity of their
 8 Because of this, he says:                 mind,
“Ascending on high, he took                   18 having their intellect o bscured,
captivity itself captive; he gave            being alienated from the life of
gifts to men.”                               God, through the ignorance that is
 9 Now that he has ascended, what            within them, because of the
is left except for him also to               blindness of their hearts.
descended, first to the lower parts           19 Such as these, despairing, have
of the earth?                                given themselves over to sexual
 10 He who descended is the same             immorality, carrying out every
one who also ascended above all the          impurity with rapacity.
heavens, so that he might fulfill             20 But this is not what you have
everything.                                  learned in Christ.
 11 And the same one granted that             21 For certainly, you have listened
some would be Apostles, and some             to him, and you have been
Prophets,      yet     truly    others       instructed in him, according to the
evangelists, and others pastors and          truth that is in Jesus:
teachers,                                     22 to set aside your earlier
 12 for the sake of the perfection of        behavior, the former man, who was
the saints, by the work of the               corrupted, by means of desire, unto
ministry, in the edification of the          error,
body of Christ,                               23 and so be renewed in the spirit
 13 until we all meet in the unity of        of your mind,
faith and in the knowledge of the             24 and so put on the new man, who,
Son of God, as a perfect man, in the         in accord with God, is created in
measure of the age of the fullness of        justice and in the holiness of truth.
Christ.                                       25 Because of this, setting aside
 14 So may we then no longer be              lying, speak the truth, each one with
little children, disturbed and carried       his neighbor. For we are all part of
about by every wind of doctrine, by          one another.
the wickedness of men, and by the             26 “Be angry, but do not be wil ling


to sin.” Do not let the sun set over         and of God.
your anger.                                   6 Let no one seduce you with
 27 Provide no place for the devil.          empty words. For because of these
 28 Whoever was stealing, let him            things, the wrath of God was sent
now not steal, but rather let him            upon the sons of unbelief.
labor, working with his hands, doing          7 Therefore, do not choose to
what is good, so that he may have            become participants with them.
something to distribute to those who          8 For you were darkness, in times
suffer need.                                 past, but now you are light, in the
 29 Let no evil words proceed from           Lord. So then, walk as sons of the
your mouth, but only what is good,           light.
toward the edification of faith, so as        9 For the fruit of the light is in all
to bestow grace upon those who               goodness and justice and truth,
listen.                                       10 affirming what is well -pleasing
 30 And do not be willing to grieve          to God.
the Holy Spirit of God, in whom               11 And so, have no fellowship with
you have been sealed, unto the day           the unfruitful works of dar kness, but
of redemption.                               instead, refute them.
 31 Let all bitterness and anger and          12 For the things that are done by
indignation     and    outcry     and        them in secret are shameful, even to
blasphemy be taken away from you,            mention.
along with all malice.                        13 But all things that are di sputed
 32 And be kind and merciful to one          are made manifest by the light. F or
another, forgiving one another, just         all that is made manifest is light.
as God has forgiven you in Christ.            14 Because of this, it is said: “You
                                             who are sleeping: awaken, and rise
              CHAPTER 5                      up from the dead, and so shall the
 1 Therefore, as most beloved sons,          Christ enlighten you.”
be imitators of God.                          15 And so, brothers, see to it that
 2 And walk in love, just as Christ          you walk cautiously, not like the
also loved us and delivered himself          foolish,
for us, as an oblation and a sacrifice        16 but like the wise: atoning for
to God, with a fragrance of                  this age, because this is an evil
sweetness.                                   time.
 3 But let not any kind of                    17 For this reason, do not choose to
fornication, or impurity, or rapacity        be imprudent. Instead, understand
so much as be named among you,               what is the will of God.
just as is worthy of the saints,              18 And do not choose to be
 4 nor any indecent, or foolish, or          inebriated by wine, for this is self -
abusive talk, for this is without            indulgence. Instead, be filled with
purpose; but instead, give thanks.           the Holy Spirit,
 5 For know and understand this: no           19 speaking among yourselves in
one who is a fornicator, or lustful,         psalms and hymns and spiritual
or rapacious (for these are a kind of        canticles, singing and reciting
service     to   idols)    holds    an       psalms to the Lord in your hearts,
inheritance in the kingdom of Christ          20 giving thanks always for


everything, in the name of our Lord          1 Children, obey your parents in
Jesus Christ, to God the Father.            the Lord, for this is just.
 21 Be subject to one another in the         2 Honor your father and your
fear of Christ.                             mother.     This     is     the  first
 22 Wives should be submissive to           commandment with a promise:
their husbands, as to the Lord.              3 so that it may be well with you,
 23 For the husband is the head of          and so that you may have a long life
the wife, just as Christ is the head        upon the earth.
of the Church. He is the Savior of           4 And you, fathers, do not provoke
his body.                                   your children to anger, but ed ucate
 24 Therefore, just as the Chu rch is       them with the discipline and
subject to Christ, so also should           correction of the Lord.
wives be subject to their husbands           5 Servants, be obedient to your
in all things.                              lords according to the flesh, with
 25 Husbands, love your wives, just         fear and trembling, in the simplicity
as Christ also loved the Church and         of your heart, as to Christ.
handed himself over for her,                 6 Do not serve only when seen, as
 26 so that he might sanctify her,          if to please men, but act as servants
washing her clean by water and the          of Christ, doing the will of God
Word of life,                               from the heart.
 27 so that he might offer her to            7 Serve with good will, as to the
himself as a glorious Church, not           Lord, and not to men.
having any spot or wrinkle or any            8 For you know that whatever good
such thing, so that she would be            each one will do, the same will he
holy and immaculate.                        receive from the Lord, whether he is
 28 So, too, husbands should love           servant or free.
their wives as their own bodies. He          9 And you, lords, act similarly
who loves his wife loves himself.           toward them, setting aside threats,
 29 For no man has ever hated his           knowing that the Lord of both you
own flesh, but instead he nourishes         and them is in heaven. For with him
and cherishes it, as Christ also does       there is no favoritism toward
to the Church.                              anyone.
 30 For we are a part of his body, of        10 Concerning the rest, broth ers, be
his flesh and of his bones.                 strengthened in the Lord, by the
 31 “For this reason, a man shall           power of his virtue.
leave behind his father and mother,          11 Be clothed in the armor of God,
and he shall cling to his wife; and         so that you may be able to stand
the two shall be as one flesh.”             against the treachery of the devil.
 32 This is a great Sacrament. And I         12 For our struggle is not against
am speaking in Christ and in the            flesh and blood, but against
Church.                                     principalities and powers, against
 33 Yet truly, each and every one of        the directors of this world of
you should love his wife as hi mself.       darkness, against the spirits of
And a wife should fear her husband.         wickedness in high places.
                                             13 Because of this, take up the
            CHAPTER 6                       armor of God, so that you may be


able to withstand the evil day and
remain perfect in all things.
 14 Therefore, stand firm, having
been girded about your waist with
truth, and having been clothed with
the breastplate of justice,
 15 and having feet which have been
shod by the preparation of the
Gospel of peace.
 16 In all things, take up the shield
of faith, with which you may be
able to extinguish all the fiery darts
of the most wicked one.
 17 And take up the helmet of
salvation and the sword of the Spirit
(which is the Word of God).
 18 Through every kind of prayer
and supplication, pray at all times in
spirit, and so be vigilant with every
kind of earnest supplication, for all
the saints,
 19 and also for me, so that words
may be given to me, as I open my
mouth with faith to make known the
mystery of the Gospel,
 20 in such a manner that I may dare
to speak exactly as I ought to sp eak.
For I act as an ambassador in chains
for the Gospel.
 21 Now, so that you also may know
the things that concern me and what
I am doing, Tychicus, a most
beloved brother and a faithful
minister in the Lord, will make
known everything to you.
 22 I have sent him to you for this
very reason, so that you may know
the things that concern us, and so
that he may console your hearts.
 23 Peace to the brothers, and
charity with faith, from God the
Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
 24 May grace be with all those wh o
love our Lord Jesus Christ, unto
incorruption. Amen.


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