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					                     THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO

                S A I N T M AT T H E W
             CHAPTER 1                     iud. And Abiud conceived Eliakim.
 1 The book of the lineage of Jesus        And Eliakim conceived Azor.
Christ, the son of David, the son of        14 And Azor conceived Zadok. And
Abraham.                                   Zadok conceived Achim. And Achim
 2 Abraham conceived Isaac. And            conceived Eliud.
Isaac conceived Jacob. And Jacob            15 And Eliud conceived Eleazar.
conceived Judah and his brothers.          And Eleazar conceived Matthan.
 3 And Judah conceived Perez and           And Matthan conceived Jacob.
Zerah by Tamar. And Perez con-              16 And Jacob conceived Joseph, the
ceived Hezron. And Hezron co n-            husband of Mary, of whom was born
ceived Ram.                                Jesus, who is called Christ.
 4 And Ram conceived Amm inadab.            17 And so, all the generations from
And Amminadab conceived Na h-              Abraham to David are fourteen ge n-
shon. And Nahshon conceived Sal-           erations; and from David to the
mon.                                       transmigration of Babylon, fourteen
 5 And Salmon conceived Boaz by            generations; and from the transm i-
Rahab. And Boaz conceived Obed             gration of Babylon to the Christ,
by Ruth. And Obed concei ved Jesse.        fourteen generations.
 6 And Jesse conceived king David.          18 Now the procreation of the Ch r-
And king David conceived Solomon,          ist occurred in this way. After his
by her who had been the wife of            mother Mary had been betrothed to
Uriah.                                     Joseph, before they lived together,
 7 And Solomon conceived Reh o-            she was found to have conceived in
boam. And Rehoboam conceived               her womb by the Holy Spirit.
Abijah. And Abijah conceived Asa.           19 Then Joseph, her husband, since
 8 And Asa conceived Jehoshaphat.          he was just and was not willi ng to
And Jehoshaphat conceived Joram.           hand her over, preferred to send her
And Joram conceived Uzziah.                away secretly.
 9 And Uzziah conceived Jotham.             20 But while thinking over these
And Jotham conceived Ahaz. And             things, behold, an Angel of the Lord
Ahaz conceived Hezekiah.                   appeared to him in his sleep, saying:
 10 And Hezekiah conceived Manas-          “Joseph, son of David, do not be
seh. And Manasseh conceived Amos.          afraid to accept Mary as your wife.
And Amos conceived Josiah.                 For what has been formed in her is
 11 And Josiah conceived Jech oniah        of the Holy Spirit.
and his brothers in the transmigr a-        21 And she shall give birth to a
tion of Babylon.                           son. And you shall call his name
 12 And after the transmigration of        JESUS. For he shall accomplish the
Babylon,     Jechoniah    conceived        salvation of his people from their
Shealtiel. And Shealtiel conceived         sins.”
Zerubbabel.                                 22 Now all this occurred in order to
 13 And Zerubbabel conceived A b-          fulfill what was spoken by the Lord

                                 M AT T H E W

through the prophet, saying:                you have found him, report back to
 23 “Behold, a virgin shall conceive        me, so that I, too, may come and
in her womb, and she shall give             adore him.”
birth to a son. And they shall call          9 And when they had heard the
his name Emmanuel, which means:             king, they went away. And behold,
God is with us.”                            the star that they had seen in the
 24 Then Joseph, arising from sleep,        east went before them, even until,
did just as the Angel of the Lord had       arriving, it stood still above the
instructed him, and he accepted her         place where the child was.
as his wife.                                 10 Then, seeing the star, they were
 25 And he knew her not, yet she            gladdened by a very great joy.
bore her son, the firstborn. And he          11 And entering the home, they
called his name JESUS.                      found the boy with his mother Mary.
                                            And so, falling prostrate, th ey
             CHAPTER 2                      adored him. And opening their tre a-
 1 And so, when Jesus had been              sures, they offered him gifts: gold,
born in Bethlehem of Judah, in the          frankincense, and myrrh.
days of king Herod, behold, Magi             12 And having received a response
from the east arrived in Jerusalem,         in sleep that they should not return
 2 saying: “Where is he who was             to Herod, they went back by another
born king of the Jews? For we have          way to their own region.
seen his star in the east, and we            13 And after they had gon e away,
have come to adore him.”                    behold, an Angel of the Lord a p-
 3 Now king Herod, hearing this,            peared in sleep to Joseph, saying:
was disturbed, and all Jerusalem            “Rise up, and take the boy and his
with him.                                   mother, and flee into Egypt. And
 4 And gathering together all the           remain there until I tell you. For it
leaders of the priests, and the             will happen that Herod will seek the
scribes of the people, he consulted         boy to destroy him.”
with them as to where the Christ             14 And getting up, he took the boy
would be born.                              and his mother by night, and wit h-
 5 And they said to him: “In Bethl e-       drew into Egypt.
hem of Judea. For so it has been             15 And he remained there, until the
written by the prophet:                     death of Herod, in order to fulfill
 6 „And you, Bethlehem, the land of         what was spoken by the Lord
Judah, are by no means least among          through the prophet, saying: “Out of
the leaders of Judah. For from you          Egypt, I called my son.”
shall go forth the ruler who shall           16 Then Herod, seeing that he had
guide my people Israel.‟ ”                  been fooled by the Magi, was very
 7 Then Herod, quietly calling the          angry. And so he sent to kill all the
Magi, diligently learned from them          boys who were in Bethlehem, and in
the time when the star appeared to          all its borders, from two years of
them.                                       age and under, according to the time
 8 And sending them into Beth le-           that he had learned by questioning
hem, he said: “Go and diligently ask        the Magi.
questions about the boy. And when            17 Then what was spoken t hrough

                                 M AT T H E W

the prophet Jeremiah was fulfilled,         and the entire region around the
saying:                                     Jordan went out to him.
 18 “A voice has been heard in R a-          6 And they were baptized by him in
mah, great weeping and wailing:             the Jordan, acknowledging their
Rachel crying for her sons. And she         sins.
was not willing to be consoled, b e-         7 Then, seeing many of the P hari-
cause they were no more.”                   sees and Sadducees arriving for his
 19 Then, when Herod had passed             baptism, he said to them: “Progeny
away, behold, an Angel of the Lord          of vipers, who warned to you to flee
appeared in sleep to Joseph in              from the approaching wrath?
Egypt,                                       8 Therefore, produce fruit worthy
 20 saying: “Rise up, and take the          of repentance.
boy and his mother, and go into the          9 And do not choose to say within
land of Israel. For those who were          yourselves, „We have Abraham as
seeking the life of the boy have            our father.‟ For I tell you that God
passed away.”                               has the power to raise up sons to
 21 And rising up, he took the boy          Abraham from these stones.
and his mother, and he went into the         10 For even now the axe has been
land of Israel.                             placed at the root of the trees.
 22 Then, hearing that Archelaus            Therefore, every tree that does not
reigned in Judea in place of his f a-       produce good fruit shall be cut
ther Herod, he was afraid to go             down and cast into the fi re.
there. And being warned in sleep, he         11 Indeed, I baptize you with w ater
withdrew into parts of Galilee.             for repentance, but he who will
 23 And arriving, he lived in a city        come after me is more powerful than
which is called Nazareth, in order to       me. I am not worthy to carry his
fulfill what was spoken through the         shoes. He will baptize you with the
prophets: “For he shall be called a         fire of the Holy Spirit.
Nazarene.”                                   12 His winnowing fan is in his
                                            hand. And he will thoroughly
             CHAPTER 3                      cleanse his threshing floor. And he
 1 Now in those days, John the              will gather his wheat into the barn.
Baptist arrived, preaching in the           But the chaff he will burn with u n-
desert of Judea,                            quenchable fire.”
 2 and saying: “Repent. For the              13 Then Jesus came from Galilee,
kingdom of heaven has drawn near.”          to John at the Jordan, in order to be
 3 For this is the one who was sp o-        baptized by him.
ken of through the prophet Isaiah,           14 But John refused him, saying, “I
saying: “A voice crying out in the          ought to be baptized by you, and yet
desert: Prepare the way of the Lord.        you come to me?”
Make straight his paths.”                    15 And responding, Jesus said to
 4 Now the same John had a ga rment         him: “Permit this for now. For in
made from the hair of camels, and a         this way it is fitting for us to fulfill
leather belt around his waist. And          all justice.” Then he allowed him.
his food was locusts and wild honey.         16 And Jesus, having been ba p-
 5 Then Jerusalem, and all Judea,           tized, ascended from the water im-

                                  M AT T H E W

mediately, and behold, the heavens           away, Satan. For it has been written:
were opened to him. And he saw the           „You shall adore the Lord your God,
Spirit of God descending like a              and him only shall you serve.‟ ”
dove, and alighting on him.                   11 Then the devil left him. And b e-
 17 And behold, there was a voice            hold, Angels approached and mini s-
from heaven, saying: “This is my             tered to him.
beloved Son, in whom I am well                12 And when Jesus had heard that
pleased.”                                    John had been handed over, he
                                             withdrew into Galilee.
             CHAPTER 4                        13 And leaving behind the city of
 1 Then Jesus was led by the Spirit          Nazareth, he went and lived in C a-
into the desert, in order to be              pernaum, near the sea, at the bo r-
tempted by the devil.                        ders of Zebulun and of Naphtali,
 2 And when he had fasted for forty           14 in order to fulfill what was said
days and forty nights, afte rwards he        through the prophet Isaiah:
was hungry.                                   15 “Land of Zebulun and land of
 3 And approaching, the tempter              Naphtali, the way of the sea across
said to him, “If you are the Son of          the Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles:
God, tell these stones to become              16 A people who were sitting in
bread.”                                      darkness have seen a great light.
 4 And in response he said, “It has          And unto those sitting in the region
been written: „Not by bread alone            of the shadow of death, a light has
shall man live, but by every word            risen.”
that proceeds from the mouth of               17 From that time, Jesus began to
God.‟ ”                                      preach, and to say: “Repent. For the
 5 Then the devil took him up, into          kingdom of heaven has drawn near.”
the holy city, and set him on the             18 And Jesus, walking near the Sea
pinnacle of the temple,                      of Galilee, saw two brothers, Simon
 6 and said to him: “If you are the          who is called Peter, and his brother
Son of God, cast yourself down. For          Andrew, casting a net i nto the sea
it has been written: „For he has gi v-       (for they were fishermen).
en charge of you to his angels, and           19 And he said to them: “Follow
they shall take you into their hands,        me, and I will make you fishers of
lest perhaps you may hurt your foot          men.”
against a stone.‟ ”                           20 And at once, leaving behind
 7 Jesus said to him, “Again, it has         their nets, they followed him.
been written: „You shall not tempt            21 And continuing on from there,
the Lord your God.‟ ”                        he saw another two brothers, James
 8 Again, the devil took him up,             of Zebedee, and his brother John, in
onto a very high mountain, and               a ship with their father Zebedee, r e-
showed him all the kingdoms of the           pairing their nets. And he called
world and their glory,                       them.
 9 and said to him, “All these things         22 And immediately, leaving their
I will give to you, if yo u will fall        nets and their father behind, they
down and adore me.”                          followed him.
 10 Then Jesus said to him: “Go               23 And Jesus traveled throughout

                                  M AT T H E W

all of Galilee, teaching in their syn-       you, falsely, for my sake:
agogues, and preaching the Gospel             12 be glad and exult, for your r e-
of the kingdom, and healing every            ward in heaven is plentiful. For so
sickness and every infirmity among           they persecuted the prophets who
the people.                                  were before you.
 24 And reports of him went out to            13 You are the salt of the earth. But
all of Syria, and they brought to him        if salt loses its saltiness, with what
all those who had maladies, those            will it be salted? It is no longer us e-
who were in the grasp of var ious            ful at all, except to be cast out and
sicknesses and torments, and those           trampled under by men.
who were in the hold of d emons,              14 You are the light of the world. A
and the mentally ill, and par alytics.       city set on a mountain cannot be
And he cured them.                           hidden.
 25 And a great crowd followed him            15 And they do not light a lamp and
from Galilee, and from the Ten C i-          put it under a basket, but on a
ties, and from Jerusalem, and from           lampstand, so that it may shine to
Judea, and from across the Jordan.           all who are in the house.
                                              16 So then, let your light shine in
              CHAPTER 5                      the sight of men, so that they may
 1 Then, seeing the crowds, he a s-          see your good works, and may glor i-
cended the mountain, and when he             fy your Father, who is in heaven.
had sat down, his disciples drew              17 Do not think that I have come to
near to him,                                 loosen the law or the prophets. I
 2 and opening his mouth, he taught          have not come to loosen, but to fu l-
them, saying:                                fill.
 3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit,           18 Amen I say to you, certainly,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.         until heaven and earth pass away,
 4 Blessed are the meek, for they            not one iota, not one dot shall pass
shall possess the earth.                     away from the law, until all is done.
 5 Blessed are those who mourn, for           19 Therefore, whoever will have
they shall be consoled.                      loosened one of the least of these
 6 Blessed are those who hunger and          commandments, and have taught
thirst for justice, for they shall be        men so, shall be called the least in
satisfied.                                   the kingdom of heaven. But whoever
 7 Blessed are the merciful, for they        will have done and taught these,
shall obtain mercy.                          such a one shall be called great in
 8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for        the kingdom of heaven.
they shall see God.                           20 For I say to you, that unless
 9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for          your justice has surpassed that of
they shall be called sons of God.            the scribes and the Pharisees you
 10 Blessed are those who endure             shall not enter into the kingdom of
persecution for the sake of justice,         heaven.
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.          21 You have heard that it was said
 11 Blessed are you when they have           to the ancients: „You shall not mu r-
slandered you, and persecuted you,           der; whoever will have murdered
and spoken all kinds of evil against         shall be liable to judgment.‟

                                  M AT T H E W

 22 But I say to you, that anyone              31 And it has been said: „Whoever
who becomes angry with his brother            would dismiss his wife, let him give
shall be liable to judgment. But              her a bill of divorce.‟
whoever will have called his brot h-           32 But I say to you, that anyone
er, „Idiot,‟ shall be liable to the           who will have dismissed his wife,
council. Then, whoever will have              except in the case of fornication,
called him, „Worthless,‟ shall be l i-        causes her to commit adultery; and
able to the fires of Hell.                    whoever will have married her who
 23 Therefore, if you offer your gift         has been dismissed commits adu l-
at the altar, and there you r emember         tery.
that your brother has som ething               33 Again, you have heard that it
against you,                                  was said to the ancients: „You shall
 24 leave your gift there, before the         not swear falsely. For you shall r e-
altar, and go first to be reconciled to       pay your oaths to the Lord.‟
your brother, and then you may a p-            34 But I say to you, do not swear
proach and offer your gift.                   an oath at all, neither by heaven, for
 25 Be reconciled with your adve r-           it is the throne of God,
sary quickly, while you are still on           35 nor by earth, for it is his foo ts-
the way with him, lest perhaps the            tool, nor by Jerusalem, for it i s the
adversary may hand you over to the            city of the great king.
judge, and the judge may hand you              36 Neither shall you swear an oath
over to the officer, and you will be          by your own head, because you are
thrown in prison.                             not able to cause one hair to b ecome
 26 Amen I say to you, that you               white or black.
shall not go forth from there, until           37 But let your word „Yes‟ mean
you have repaid the last quarter.             „Yes,‟ and „No‟ mean „No.‟ For an y-
 27 You have heard that it was said           thing beyond that is of evil.
to the ancients: „You shall not co m-          38 You have heard that it was said:
mit adultery.‟                                „An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a
 28 But I say to you, that anyone             tooth.‟
who will have looked at a woman,               39 But I say to you, do not resist
so as to lust after her, has already          one who is evil, but if anyone will
committed adultery with her in his            have struck you on your right cheek,
heart.                                        offer to him the other also.
 29 And if your right eye causes you           40 And anyone who wishes to co n-
to sin, root it out and cast it away          tend with you in judgment, and to
from you. For it is better for you            take away your tunic, release to him
that one of your members perish,              your cloak also.
than that your whole body be cast              41 And whoever will have co m-
into Hell.                                    pelled you for one thousand steps,
 30 And if your right hand causes             go with him even for two thousand
you to sin, cut it off and cast it            steps.
away from you. For it is better for            42 Whoever asks of you, give to
you that one of your members p e-             him. And if anyone would borrow
rish, than that your whole body go            from you, do not turn away from
into Hell.                                    him.

                                 M AT T H E W

 43 You have heard that it was said,        the corners of the streets to pray, so
„You shall love your neighbor, and          that they may be seen by men. Amen
you shall have hatred for your e ne-        I say to you, they have received
my.‟                                        their reward.
 44 But I say to you: Love your              6 But you, when you pray, enter in-
enemies. Do good to those who hate          to your room, and having shut the
you. And pray for those who pers e-         door, pray to your Father in secret,
cute and slander you.                       and your Father, who sees in secret,
 45 In this way, you shall be sons of       will repay you.
your Father, who is in heaven. He            7 And when praying, do not choose
causes his sun to rise upon the good        many words, as the pagans do. For
and the bad, and he causes it to rain       they think that by their excess of
upon the just and the unjust.               words they might be heeded.
 46 For if you love those who love           8 Therefore, do not choose to i m-
you, what reward will you have? Do          itate them. For your Father knows
not even tax collectors behave this         what your needs may be, even b e-
way?                                        fore you ask him.
 47 And if you greet only your               9 Therefore, you shall pray in this
brothers, what more have you done?          way: Our Father, who is in heaven:
Do not even the pagans behave this          May your name be kept holy.
way?                                         10 May your kingdom come. May
 48 Therefore, be perfect, even as          your will be done, as in heaven, so
your heavenly Father is perfect.”           also on earth.
                                             11 Give us this day our life -
              CHAPTER 6                     sustaining bread.
 1 “Pay attention, lest you perform          12 And forgive us our debts, as we
your justice before men, in order to        also forgive our debtors.
be seen by them; otherwise you               13 And lead us not into tempt ation.
shall not have a reward with your           But free us from evil. Amen.
Father, who is in heaven.                    14 For if you will forgive men their
 2 Therefore, when you give alms,           sins, your heavenly Father also will
do not choose to sound a trumpet            forgive you your offenses.
before you, as the hypocrites do in          15 But if you will not forgive men,
the synagogues and in the towns, so         neither will your Father forgive you
that they may be honored by men.            your sins.
Amen I say to you, they have r e-            16 And when you fast, do not
ceived their reward.                        choose to become gloomy, like the
 3 But when you give alms, do not           hypocrites. For they alter their fa c-
let your left hand know what your           es, so that their fasting may be a p-
right hand is doing,                        parent to men. Amen I say to you,
 4 so that your almsgiving may be in        that they have received their reward.
secret, and your Father, who sees in         17 But as for you, when you fast,
secret, will repay you.                     anoint your head and wash your
 5 And when you pray, you should            face,
not be like the hypocrites, who love         18 so that your fasting will not be
standing in the synagogues and at           apparent to men, but to your Father,

                                  M AT T H E W

who is in secret. And your Father,           Solomon, in all his glory, was a r-
who sees in secret, will repay you.          rayed like one of these.
 19 Do not choose to store up for             30 So if God so clothes the grass of
yourselves treasures on earth: where         the field, which is here today, and
rust and moth consume, and where             cast into the oven tomorrow, how
thieves break in and steal.                  much more will he care for you, O
 20 Instead, store up for you rselves        little in faith?
treasures in heaven: wh ere neither           31 Therefore, do not choose to be
rust nor moth consumes, and where            anxious, saying: „What shall we eat,
thieves do not break in and steal.           and what shall we drink, and with
 21 For where your treasure is, there        what shall we be clothed?‟
also is your heart.                           32 For the Gentiles seek all these
 22 The lamp of your body is your            things. Yet your Father knows that
eye. If your eye is wholesome, your          you need all these things.
entire body will be filled with light.        33 Therefore, seek first the kin g-
 23 But if your eye has been co r-           dom of God and his justice, and all
rupted, your entire body will be             these things shall be added to you as
darkened. If then the light that is in       well.
you is darkness, how great will that          34 Therefore, do not be anxious
darkness be!                                 about tomorrow; for the future day
 24 No one is able to serve two ma s-        will be anxious for itself. Sufficient
ters. For either he will have h atred        for the day is its evil.”
for the one, and love the other, or he
will persevere with the one, and                          CHAPTER 7
despise the other. You cannot serve           1 “Do not judge, so that you may
God and wealth.                              not be judged.
 25 And so I say to you, do not be            2 For with whatever judgment you
anxious about your life, as to what          judge, so shall you be judged; and
you will eat, nor about your body,           with whatever measure you measure
as to what you will wear. Is not life        out, so shall it be measured back to
more than food, and the body mo re           you.
than clothing?                                3 And how can you see the spli nter
 26 Consider the birds of the air,           in your brother ‟s eye, and not see
how they neither sow, nor reap, nor          the board in your own eye?
gather into barns, and yet your he a-         4 Or how can you say to your
venly Father feeds them. Are you             brother, „Let me take the splinter
not of much greater value than they          from your eye,‟ while, behold, a
are?                                         board is in your own eye?
 27 And which of you, by thinking,            5 Hypocrite, first remove the board
is able to add one cubit to his sta-         from your own eye, and then you
ture?                                        will see clearly enough to remove
 28 And as for clothing, why are you         the board from your brother ‟s eye.
anxious? Consider the lilies of the           6 Do not give what is holy to dogs,
field, how they grow; they neither           and do not cast your pearls b efore
work nor weave.                              swine, lest perhaps they may tra m-
 29 But I say to you, that not even          ple them under their feet, and then,

                                 M AT T H E W

turning, they may tear you apart.           and cast into the fire.
 7 Ask, and it shall be given to you.        20 Therefore, by their fruits you
Seek, and you shall find. Knock,            will know them.
and it shall be opened to you.               21 Not all who say to me, „Lord,
 8 For everyone who asks, receives;         Lord,‟ will enter into the kingdom
and whoever seeks, finds; and to            of heaven. But whoever does the
anyone who knocks, it will be               will of my Father, who is in heaven,
opened.                                     the same shall enter into the kin g-
 9 Or what man is there among you,          dom of heaven.
who, if his son were to ask him for          22 Many will say to me in that day,
bread, would offer him a stone;             „Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in
 10 or if he were to ask him for a          your name, and cast out demons in
fish, would offer him a snake?              your name, and perform many p o-
 11 Therefore, if you, though you           werful deeds in your name?‟
are evil, know how to give good              23 And then will I disclose to them:
gifts to your sons, how much more           „I have never known you. Depart
will your Father, who is in heaven,         from me, you workers of ini quity.‟
give good things to those who ask            24 Therefore, everyone who hears
him?                                        these words of mine and does them
 12 Therefore, all things whatsoever        shall be compared to a wise man,
that you wish that men would do to          who built his house upon the rock.
you, do so also to them. For this is         25 And the rains descended, and the
the law and the prophets.                   floods rose up, and the winds blew,
 13 Enter through the narrow gate.          and rushed upon that house, but it
For wide is the gate, and broad is          did not fall, for it was founded on
the way, which leads to perdition,          the rock.
and many there are who enter                 26 And everyone who hears these
through it.                                 words of mine and does not do them
 14 How narrow is the gate, and             shall be like a foolish man, who
how straight is the way, which leads        built his house upon the sand.
to life, and few there are who find          27 And the rains descended, and the
it!                                         floods rose up, and the winds blew,
 15 Beware of false prophets , who          and rushed upon that house, and it
come to you in sheep‟s clothing, but        did fall, and great was its ruin.”
inwardly are ravenous wolves.                28 And it happened, when Jesus
 16 You shall know them by their            had completed these words, that the
fruits. Can grapes be gathered from         crowds were astonished at his do c-
thorns, or figs from thistles?              trine.
 17 So then, every good tree pro-            29 For he was teaching them as one
duces good fruit, and the evil tree         who has authority, and not like their
produces evil fruit.                        scribes and Pharisees.
 18 A good tree is not able to pro-
duce evil fruit, and an evil tree is                    CHAPTER 8
not able to produce good fruit.              1 And when he had descended from
 19 Every tree which does not pr o-         the mountain, great crowds f ollowed
duce good fruit shall be cut down           him.

                                  M AT T H E W

 2 And behold, a leper, drawing               “Go, and just as you have b elieved,
near, adored him, saying, “Lord, if           so let it be done for you.” And the
you are willing, you are able to              servant was healed at that very h our.
cleanse me.”                                   14 And when Jesus had arrived at
 3 And Jesus, extending his hand,             the house of Peter, he saw his mot h-
touched him, saying: “I am willing.           er-in-law lying ill with a fever.
Be cleansed.” And immediately his              15 And he touched her hand, and
leprosy was cleansed.                         the fever left her, and she rose up
 4 And Jesus said to him: “See to it          and ministered to them.
that you tell no one. But go, show             16 And when evening arrived, they
yourself to the priest, and offer the         brought to him many who had de-
gift that Moses instructed, as a te s-        mons, and he cast out the spirits
timony for them.”                             with a word. And he healed all those
 5 And when he had entered into               having maladies,
Capernaum, a centurion approached,             17 in order to fulfill what was sp o-
petitioning him,                              ken through the prophet Isaiah, sa y-
 6 and saying, “Lord, my servant              ing, “He took our infirmities, and he
lies at home paralyzed and badly              carried away our diseases.”
tormented.”                                    18 Then Jesus, seeing the great
 7 And Jesus said to him, “I will             crowds encircling him, gave orders
come and heal him.”                           to go across the sea.
 8 And responding, the centurion               19 And one scribe, approaching,
said: “Lord, I am not worthy that             said to him, “Teacher, I will follow
you should enter under my roof, but           you wherever you will go.”
only say the word, and my servant              20 And Jesus said to him, “Foxes
shall be healed.                              have dens, and the birds of the air
 9 For I, too, am a man placed under          have nests, but the Son of man has
authority, having soldiers u nder me.         nowhere to rest his head.”
And I say to one, „Go,‟ and he goes,           21 Then another of his disciples
and to another, „Come,‟ and he                said to him, “Lord, permit me first
comes, and to my servant, „Do this,‟          to go and bury my father.”
and he does it.”                               22 But Jesus said to him, “Follow
 10 And, hearing this, Jesus wo n-            me, and allow the dead to bury their
dered. And he said to those follow-           dead.”
ing him: “Amen I say to you, I have            23 And climbing into a boat, his
not found so great a faith in Israel.         disciples followed him.
 11 For I say to you, that many shall          24 And behold, a great tempest o c-
come from the east and the west,              curred in the sea, so much so that
and they shall sit at table with A b-         the boat was covered with waves;
raham, and Isaac, and Jacob in the            yet truly, he was sleeping.
kingdom of heaven.                             25 And his disciples drew near to
 12 But the sons of the kingdom               him, and they awakened him, sa y-
shall be cast into the outer darkness,        ing: “Lord, save us, we are peris h-
where there will be weeping and               ing.”
gnashing of teeth.”                            26 And Jesus said to them, “Why
 13 And Jesus said to the centurion,          are you afraid, O little in faith?”

                                  M AT T H E W

Then rising up, he commanded the               3 And behold, some of the scribes
winds, and the sea. And a great               said within themselves, “He is blas-
tranquility occurred.                         pheming.”
 27 Moreover, the men wondered,                4 And when Jesus had perceived
saying: “What kind of man is this?            their thoughts, he said: “Why do
For even the winds and the sea obey           you think such evil in your hearts?
him.”                                          5 Which is easier to say, „Your sins
 28 And when he had arrived across            are forgiven you,‟ or to say, „Rise
the sea, into the region of the Ger a-        up and walk?‟
senes, he was met by two who had               6 But, so that you may know that
demons, who were so exceedingly               the Son of man has authority on
savage, as they went out from                 earth to forgive sins,” he then said
among the tombs, that no one was              to the paralytic, “Rise up, take up
able to cross by that way.                    your bed, and go into your house.”
 29 And behold, they cried out, sa y-          7 And he arose and went into his
ing: “What are we to you, O Jesus,            house.
the Son of God? Have you come                  8 Then the crowd, seeing this, was
here to torment us before the time?”          frightened, and they glorified God,
 30 Now there was, not far from               who gave such power to men.
them, a herd of many swine feeding.            9 And when Jesus passed on from
 31 Then the demons petitioned him,           there, he saw, sitting at the tax o f-
saying: “If you cast us from here,            fice, a man named Matthew. And he
send us into the herd of swine.”              said to him, “Follow me.” And ri s-
 32 And he said to them, “Go.” And            ing up, he followed him.
they, going out, went into the swine.          10 And it happened that, as he was
And behold, the entire herd sudde n-          sitting down to eat in the house, b e-
ly rushed along a steep place into            hold, many tax collectors and si n-
the sea. And they died in the w aters.        ners arrived, and they sat down to
 33 Then the shepherds fled, and a r-         eat with Jesus and his disciples.
riving in the city, they repo rted on          11 And the Pharisees, seeing this,
all this, and on those who had had            said to his disciples, “Why does
the demons.                                   your Teacher eat with tax collectors
 34 And behold, the entire city went          and sinners?”
out to meet Jesus. And having seen             12 But Jesus, hearing this, said: “It
him, they petitioned him, so that he          is not those who are healthy who are
would cross from their borders.               in need of a physician, but those
                                              who have maladies.
             CHAPTER 9                         13 So then, go out and learn what
 1 And climbing into a boat, he               this means: „I desire mercy and not
crossed the sea, and he arrived at            sacrifice.‟ For I have not come to
his own city.                                 call the just, but sinners.”
 2 And behold, they brought to him             14 Then the disciples of John drew
a paralytic, lying on a bed. And J e-         near to him, saying, “Why do we
sus, seeing their faith, said to the          and the Pharisees fast frequently,
paralytic, “Be strengthened in faith,         but your disciples do not fast?”
son; your sins are forgiven you.”              15 And Jesus said to them: “How

                                  M AT T H E W

can the sons of the groom mourn,              sent away, he entered. And he took
while the groom is still with them?           her by the hand. And the girl rose
But the days will arrive when the             up.
groom will be taken aw ay from                 26 And the news of this went out to
them. And then they shall fast.               that entire land.
 16 For no one would sew a patch of            27 And as Jesus passed from there,
new cloth onto an old garment. For            two blind men followed him, crying
it pulls its fullness away from the           out and saying, “Take pity on us,
garment, and the tear is made worse.          Son of David.”
 17 Neither do they pour new wine              28 And when he had arrived at the
into old wineskins. Otherwise, the            house, the blind men approached
wineskins rupture, and the wine               him. And Jesus said to them, “Do
pours out, and the wineskins are d e-         you trust that I am able to do this
stroyed. Instead, they pour new               for you?” They say to him, “Ce r-
wine into new wineskins. And so,              tainly, Lord.”
both are preserved.”                           29 Then he touched their eyes, sa y-
 18 As he was speaking these things           ing, “According to your faith, so let
to them, behold, a certain ruler a p-         it be done for you.”
proached and adored him, saying:               30 And their eyes were opened.
“Lord, my daughter has recently               And Jesus warned them, saying,
passed away. But come and impose              “See to it that no one knows of
your hand upon her, and she will              this.”
live.”                                         31 But going out, they spread the
 19 And Jesus, rising up, followed            news of it to all that land.
him, with his disciples.                       32 Then, when they had d eparted,
 20 And behold, a woman, who had              behold, they brought him a man who
suffered from a flow of blood for             was mute, having a demon.
twelve years, approached from b e-             33 And after the demon was cast
hind and touched the hem of his               out, the mute man spoke. And the
garment.                                      crowds wondered, saying, “Never
 21 For she said within herself, “If I        has anything like this been seen in
will touch even his garment, I shall          Israel.”
be saved.”                                     34 But the Pharisees said, “By the
 22 But Jesus, turning and seeing             prince of demons does he cast out
her, said: “Be strengthened in faith,         demons.”
daughter; your faith has made you              35 And Jesus traveled throu ghout
well.” And the woman was made                 all of the cities and towns, teaching
well from that hour.                          in their synagogues, and preaching
 23 And when Jesus had arrived in             the Gospel of the kingdom, and
the house of the ruler, and he had            healing every illness and every i n-
seen the musicians and the tumu l-            firmity.
tuous crowd,                                   36 Then, seeing the multitudes, he
 24 he said, “Depart. For the girl is         had compassion on them, because
not dead, but asleep.” And they d e-          they were distressed and were re c-
rided him.                                    lining, like sheep without a sheph e-
 25 And when the crowd had been               rd.

                                  M AT T H E W

 37 Then he said to his disciples:             til you depart.
“The harvest indeed is great, but the           12 Then, when you enter into the
laborers are few.                              house, greet it, saying, „Peace to
 38 Therefore, petition the Lord of            this house.‟
the harvest, so that he may sent out            13 And if, indeed, that house is
laborers to his harvest.”                      worthy, your peace will rest upon it.
                                               But if it is not worthy, your peace
             CHAPTER 10                        will return to you.
 1 And having called together his               14 And whoever has neither r e-
twelve disciples, he gave them au-             ceived you, nor listened to your
thority over unclean spirits, to cast          words, departing from that house or
them out and to cure every sickness            city, shake off the dust from your
and every infirmity.                           feet.
 2 Now the names of the twelve                  15 Amen I say to you, it will be
Apostles are these: the First, Simon,          more tolerable for the land of S o-
who is called Peter, and Andrew his            dom and Gomorrah in the day of
brother,                                       judgment, than for that city.
 3 James of Zebedee, and John his               16 Behold, I am sending you like
brother, Philip and Bartholomew,               sheep in the midst of wolves. Ther e-
Thomas and Matthew the tax colle c-            fore, be as prudent as serpents and
tor, and James of Alphaeus, and                as simple as doves.
Thaddaeus,                                      17 But beware of men. For they
 4 Simon the Canaanite, and Judas              will hand you over to councils, and
Iscariot, who also betrayed him.               they will scourge you in their syn-
 5 Jesus sent these twelve, instruct-          agogues.
ing them, saying: “Do not travel by             18 And you shall be led before both
the way of the Gentiles, and do not            rulers and kings for my sake, as a
enter into the city of the S amaritans,        testimony to them and to the Gen-
 6 but instead go to the sheep who             tiles.
have fallen away from the house of              19 But when they hand you over,
Israel.                                        do not choose to think about how or
 7 And going forth, preach, sa ying:           what to speak. For what to speak
„For the kingdom of heaven has                 shall be given to you in that hour.
drawn near.‟                                    20 For it is not you who will be
 8 Cure the infirm, raise the dead,            speaking, but the Spirit of your F a-
cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You           ther, who will speak in you.
have received freely, so give freely.           21 And brother will hand over
 9 Do not choose to possess gold,              brother to death, and father will
nor silver, nor money in your belts,           hand over son. And children will
 10 nor provisions for the journey,            rise up against parents and bring
nor two tunics, nor shoes, nor a               about their deaths.
staff. For the laborer deserves his             22 And you will be hated by all for
portion.                                       the sake of my name. But whoever
 11 Now, into whatever city or town            will have persevered, even to the
you will enter, inquire as to who is           end, the same shall be saved.
worthy within it. And stay there u n-           23 Now when they persecute you in

                                  M AT T H E W

one city, flee into another. Amen I           against her mother, and a daughter-
say to you, you will not have ex-             in-law against her mother-in-law.
hausted all the cities of Israel, b e-         36 And the enemies of a man will
fore the Son of man returns.                  be those of his own household.
 24 The disciple is not above the              37 Whoever loves father or mother
teacher, nor is the servant above his         more than me is not worthy of me.
master.                                       And whoever loves son or daughter
 25 It is sufficient for the disciple         above me is not worthy of me.
that he be like his teacher, and the           38 And whoever does not take up
servant, like his master. If they have        his cross, and follow me is not wo r-
called the Father of the family,              thy of me.
„Beelzebub,‟ how much more those               39 Whoever finds his life, will lose
of his household?                             it. And whoever will have lost his
 26 Therefore, do not fear them. For          life because of me, shall find it.
nothing is covered that shall not be           40 Whoever receives you, receives
revealed, nor hidden that shall not           me. And whoever receives me, r ece-
be known.                                     ives him who sent me.
 27 What I tell you in darkness,               41 Whoever receives a prophet, in
speak in the light. And what you              the name of a prophet, shall r eceive
hear whispered in the ear, preach             the reward of a prophet. And
above the rooftops.                           whoever receives the just in the
 28 And do not be afraid of those             name of the just shall receive the
who kill the body, but are not able           reward of the just.
to kill the soul. But instead fear him         42 And whoever shall give, even to
who is able to destroy both soul and          one of the least of these, a cup of
body in Hell.                                 cold water to drink, solely in the
 29 Are not two sparrows sold for             name of a disciple: Amen I say to
one small coin? And yet not one of            you, he shall not lose his reward.”
them will fall to the ground without
your Father.                                                CHAPTER 11
 30 For even the hairs of your head            1 And it happened that, when Jesus
have all been numbered.                       had    completed     instructing  his
 31 Therefore, do not be afraid. You          twelve disciples, he went away from
are worth more than many sparrows.            there in order to teach and to preach
 32 Therefore, everyone who ac-               in their cities.
knowledges me before men, I also               2 Now when John had heard, in
will acknowledge before my Father,            prison, about the works of Christ,
who is in heaven.                             sending two of his disciples, he said
 33 But whoever will have denied              to him,
me before men, I also will deny b e-           3 “Are you he who is to come, or
fore my Father, who is in heaven.             should we expect another?”
 34 Do not think that I came to send           4 And Jesus, responding, said to
peace upon the earth. I came, not to          them: “Go and report to John what
send peace, but the sword.                    you have heard and seen.
 35 For I came to divide a man                 5 The blind see, the lame walk, the
against his father, and a daughter            lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear,

                                   M AT T H E W

the dead rise again, the poor are                19 The Son of man came eating and
evangelized.                                    drinking; and they say, „Behold, a
 6 And blessed is he who has found              man who eats voraciously and who
no offense in me.”                              drinks wine, a friend of tax colle c-
 7 Then, after they departed, Jesus             tors and sinners.‟ But wisdom is jus-
began to speak to the crowds about              tified by her sons.”
John: “What did you go out to the                20 Then he began to rebuke the ci-
desert to see? A reed shaken by the             ties in which many of his miracles
wind?                                           were accomplished, for they still
 8 So what did you go out to see? A             had not repented.
man in soft garments? Behold, those              21 “Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to
who are clothed in soft ga rments are           you, Bethsaida! For if the miracles
in the houses of kings.                         that were done in yo u had been done
 9 Then what did you go out to see?             in Tyre and Sidon, they would have
A prophet? Yes, I tell you, and more            repented long ago in haircloth and
than a prophet.                                 ashes.
 10 For this is he, of whom it is                22 Yet truly, I say to you, Tyre and
written: „Behold, I send my Angel               Sidon shall be forgiven more than
before your face, who shall prepare             you, on the day of judgment.
your way before you.‟                            23 And you, Capernaum, would you
 11 Amen I say to you, among those              be exalted all the way to heav en?
born of women, there has arisen no              You shall descend all the way to
one greater than John the Baptist.              Hell. For if the miracles that were
Yet the least in the kingdom of he a-           done in you had been done in S o-
ven is greater than he.                         dom, perhaps it would have re-
 12 But from the days of John the               mained, even to this day.
Baptist, even until now, the kin g-              24 Yet truly, I say to you, that the
dom of heaven has endured v i-                  land of Sodom shall be forgiven
olence, and the violent carry it                more than you, on the day of judg-
away.                                           ment.”
 13 For all the prophets and the law             25 At that time, Jesus responded
prophesied, even until John.                    and said: “I acknowledge you, F a-
 14 And if you are willing to a ccept           ther, Lord of Heaven and earth, b e-
it, he is the Elijah, who is to come.           cause you have hidden these things
 15 Whoever has ears to hear, let               from the wise and the prudent, and
him hear.                                       have revealed them to little ones.
 16 But to what shall I compare this             26 Yes, Father, for this was pleas-
generation? It is like children si tting        ing before you.
in the marketplace,                              27 All things have been deli vered
 17 who, calling out to their comp a-           to me by my Father. And no one
nions, say: „We played music for                knows the Son except the Father,
you, and you did not dance. We l a-             nor does anyone know the Father
mented, and you did not mourn.‟                 except the Son, and those to whom
 18 For John came neither eating                the Son is willing to reveal him.
nor drinking; and they say, „He has              28 Come to me, all you who l abor
a demon.‟                                       and have been burdened, and I will

                                 M AT T H E W

refresh you.                                 cure on the Sabbaths?”
 29 Take my yoke upon you, and                11 But he said to them: “Who is
learn from me, for I am meek and             there among you, having even one
humble of heart; and you shall find          sheep, if it will have fallen into a
rest for your souls.                         pit on the Sabbath, would not take
 30 For my yoke is sweet and my              hold of it and lift it up?
burden is light.”                             12 How much better is a man than a
                                             sheep? And so, it is lawful to do
            CHAPTER 12                       good on the Sabbaths.”
 1 At that time, Jesus went out               13 Then he said to the man, “Ex-
through the ripe grain on the Sab-           tend your hand.” And he extended
bath. And his disciples, being hu n-         it, and it was restored to health, just
gry, began to separate the grain and         like the other one.
to eat.                                       14 Then the Pharisees, departing,
 2 Then the Pharisees, seeing this,          took council against him, as to how
said to him, “Behold, your di sciples        they might destroy him.
are doing what is not lawful to do            15 But Jesus, knowing this, wit h-
on the Sabbaths.”                            drew from there. And many fo l-
 3 But he said to them: “Have you            lowed him, and he cured them all.
not read what David did, when he              16 And he instructed them, lest
was hungry, and those who were               they make him known.
with him:                                     17 Then what was spoken through
 4 how he entered the house of God           the prophet Isaiah was fulfilled,
and ate the bread of the Presence,           saying:
which was not lawful for him to eat,          18 “Behold, my servant whom I
nor for those who were with him,             have chosen, my beloved in whom
but only for the priests?                    my soul is well pleased. I will place
 5 Or have you not read in the law,          my Spirit over him, and he shall a n-
that on the Sabbaths the priests in          nounce judgment to the nations.
the temple violate the Sabbath, and           19 He shall not contend, nor cry
they are without guilt?                      out, neither shall anyone hear his
 6 But I say to you, that som ething         voice in the streets.
greater than the temple is here.              20 He shall not crush the bruised
 7 And if you knew what this means,          reed, and he shall not exti nguish the
„I desire mercy, and not sacrifice,‟         smoking wick, until he sends forth
you would never have condemned               judgment unto victory.
the innocent.                                 21 And the Gentiles shall hope in
 8 For the Son of man is Lord even           his name.”
of the Sabbath.”                              22 Then one who had a demon, who
 9 And when he had passed from               was blind and mute, was brought to
there, he went into their synag o-           him. And he cured him, so that he
gues.                                        spoke and saw.
 10 And behold, there was a man               23 And all the crowds were stup e-
who had a withered hand, and they            fied, and they said, “Could this be
questioned him, so that th ey might          the son of David?”
accuse him, saying, “Is it lawful to          24 But the Pharisees, hearing it,

                                  M AT T H E W

said, “This man does not cast out               35 A good man offers good things
demons, except by Beelzebub, the               from a good storehouse. And an evil
prince of the demons.”                         man offers evil things from an evil
 25 But Jesus, knowing their                   storehouse.
thoughts, said to them: “Every                  36 But I say to you, that for every
kingdom divided against itself will            idle word which men will have sp o-
become desolate. And every city or             ken, they shall render an account in
house divided against itself will not          the day of judgment.
stand.                                          37 For by your words shall you be
 26 So if Satan casts out Satan, then          justified, and by your words shall
he is divided against himself. How             you be condemned.”
then will his kingdom stand?                    38 Then certain ones from the
 27 And if I cast out demons by                scribes and the Pharisees responded
Beelzebub, by whom do your own                 to him, saying, “Teacher, we want to
sons cast them out? Therefore, they            see a sign from you.”
shall be your judges.                           39 And answering, he said to them:
 28 But if I cast out demons by the            “An evil and adulterous gener ation
Spirit of God, then the kingdom of             seeks a sign. But a sign will not be
God has arrived among you.                     given to it, except the sign of the
 29 Or how can anyone enter int o              prophet Jonah.
the house of a strong man, and                  40 For just as Jonah was in the bel-
plunder his belongings, unless he              ly of the whale for three days and
first restrains the strong man? And            three nights, so shall the Son of man
then he will plunder his house.                be in the heart of the earth for three
 30 Whoever is not with me, is                 days and three nights.
against me. And whoever does not                41 The men of Nineveh shall arise
gather with me, scatters.                      in judgment with this gener ation,
 31 For this reason, I say to you :            and they shall condemn it. For, at
Every sin and blasphemy shall be               the preaching of Jonah, they r e-
forgiven     men,    but    blasphemy          pented. And behold, there is a grea t-
against the Spirit shall not be forg i-        er than Jonah here.
ven.                                            42 The Queen of the South shall
 32 And anyone who will have spo-              arise in judgment with this gener a-
ken a word against the Son of man              tion, and she shall condemn it. For
shall be forgiven. But whoever will            she came from the ends of the earth
have spoken against the Holy Spirit            to hear the wisdom of Solomon. And
shall not be forgiven, neither in this         behold, there is a greater than S o-
age, nor in the future age.                    lomon here.
 33 Either make the tree good and               43 Now when an unclean spirit de-
its fruit good, or make the tree evil          parts from a man, he walks through
and its fruit evil. For certainly a            dry places, seeking rest, and he does
tree is known by its fruit.                    not find it.
 34 Progeny of vipers, how are you              44 Then he says, „I will return to
able to speak good things while yo u           my house, from which I departed‟.
are evil? For out of the abu ndance            And arriving, he finds it vacant,
of the heart, the mouth speaks.                swept clean, and decorated.

                                  M AT T H E W

 45 Then he goes and takes with him            7 Still others fell among thorns,
seven other spirits more wicked than          and the thorns increased and suff o-
himself, and they enter in and live           cated them.
there. And in the end, the man b e-            8 Yet some others fell upon good
comes worse than he was at first.             soil, and they produced fruit: s ome
So, too, shall it be with this most           one hundred fold, some sixty fold,
wicked generation.”                           some thirty fold.
 46 While he was still speaking to             9 Whoever has ears to hear, let him
the crowds, behold, his mother and            hear.”
his brothers were standing outside,            10 And his disciples drew near to
seeking to speak with him.                    him and said, “Why do you speak to
 47 And someone said to him: “B e-            them in parables?”
hold, your mother and your brothers            11 Responding, he said to them:
are standing outside, seeking you.”           “Because it has been given to you to
 48 But responding to the one                 know the mysteries of the kingdom
speaking to him, he said, “Which              of heaven, but it has not been given
one is my mother, and who are my              to them.
brothers?”                                     12 For whoever has, it shall be gi v-
 49 And extending his hand to his             en to him, and he shall have in a b-
disciples, he said: “Behold: my               undance. But whoever has not, even
mother and my brothers.                       what he has shall be taken away
 50 For anyone who does the will of           from him.
my Father, who is in heaven, the               13 For this reason, I speak t o them
same is my brother, and sister, and           in parables: because seeing, they do
mother.”                                      not see, and hearing they do not
                                              hear, nor do they understand.
             CHAPTER 13                        14 And so, in them is fulfilled the
 1 In that day, Jesus, departing from         prophecy of Isaiah, who said, „Hea r-
the house, sat down beside the sea.           ing, you shall hear, but not unde r-
 2 And such great crowds were ga-             stand; and seeing, you shall see, but
thered to him that he climbed into a          not perceive.
boat and he sat down. And the entire           15 For the heart of this people has
multitude stood on the shore.                 grown fat, and with their ears they
 3 And he spoke many things to                hear heavily, and they have closed
them in parables, saying: “Behold, a          their eyes, lest at any time they
sower went out to sow seed.                   might see with their eyes, and hear
 4 And while he was sowing, some              with their ears, and understand with
fell beside the road, and the birds of        their heart, and be converted, and
the air came and ate it.                      then I would heal them.‟
 5 Then others fell in a rocky place,          16 But blessed are your eyes, b e-
where they did not have much soil.            cause they see, and your ears, b e-
And they sprung up promptly, b e-             cause they hear.
cause they had no depth of soil.               17 Amen I say to you, certainly,
 6 But when the sun rose up, they             that many of the prophets and the
were scorched, and because they had           just desired to see what you see, and
no roots, they withered.                      yet they did not see it, and to hear

                                  M AT T H E W

what you hear, and yet they did not            seed in your field? Then how is it
hear it.                                       that it has weeds?‟
 18 Listen, then, to the parable of             28 And he said to them, „A man
the sower.                                     who is an enemy has done this.‟ So
 19 With anyone who hears the word             the servants said to him, „Is it your
of the kingdom and does not unde r-            will that we should go and gather
stand it, evil comes and carries               them up?‟
away what was sown in his heart.                29 And he said: „No, lest pe rhaps in
This is he who received the seed by            gathering the weeds, you might also
the side of the road.                          root out the wheat together with it.
 20 Then whoever has received the               30 Permit both to grow until the
seed upon a rocky place, this is one           harvest, and at the time of the ha rv-
who hears the word and promptly                est, I will say to the reapers: Gath er
accepts it with joy.                           first the weeds, and bind them into
 21 But he has no root in himself, so          bundles to burn, but the wheat gat h-
it is only for a time; then, when tr i-        er into my storehouse.‟ ”
bulation and persecution occur b e-             31 He proposed another parable to
cause of the word, he promptly                 them, saying: “The kingdom of he a-
stumbles.                                      ven is like a grain of mustard seed,
 22 And whoever has received the               which a man took and sowed in his
seed among thorns, this is he who              field.
hears the word, but the cares of this           32 It is, indeed, the least of all
age and the falseness of riches su f-          seeds, but when it has grown, it is
focate the word, and he is effectiv e-         greater than all the plants, and it
ly without fruit.                              becomes a tree, so much so that the
 23 Yet truly, whoever has re ceived           birds of the air come and dwell in
the seed into good soil, this is he            its branches.”
who hears the word, and unde r-                 33 He spoke another parable to
stands it, and so he bears fruit, and          them: “The kingdom of heaven is
he produces: some a hundred fold,              like leaven, which a woman took
and another sixty fold, and another            and hid in three measures of fine
thirty fold.”                                  wheat flour, until it was entirely
 24 He proposed another parable to             leavened.”
them, saying: “The kingdom of hea-              34 All these things Jesus spoke in
ven is like a man who sowed good               parables to the crowds. And he did
seed in his field.                             not speak to them apart from p a-
 25 But while the men were slee p-             rables,
ing, his enemy came and sowed                   35 in order to fulfill what was sp o-
weeds amid the wheat, and then                 ken through the prophet, saying: “I
went away.                                     will open my mouth in parables. I
 26 And when the plants had grown,             will proclaim what has been hidden
and had produced fruit, then the               since the foundation of the world.”
weeds also appeared.                            36 Then, dismissing the crowds, he
 27 So the servants of the Father of           went into the house. And his di s-
the family, approaching, said to               ciples drew near to him, saying,
him: „Lord, did you not sow good               “Explain to us the parable of the

                                  M AT T H E W

weeds in the field.”                           tion of the age. The Angels shall go
 37 Responding, he said to them:               forth and separate the bad fr om the
“He who sows the good seed is the              midst of the just.
Son of man.                                     50 And they shall cast them into
 38 Now the field is the world. And            the furnace of fire, where there will
the good seeds are the sons of the             be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
kingdom. But the weeds are the sons             51 Have you understood all these
of wickedness.                                 things?” They say to him, “Yes.”
 39 So the enemy who sowed th em                52 He said to them, “Therefore,
is the devil. And truly, the harvest is        every scribe well-taught about the
the consummation of the age; while             kingdom of heaven, is like a man,
the reapers are the Angels.                    the father of a family, who offers
 40 Therefore, just as weeds are g a-          from his storehouse both the new
thered up and burned with fire, so             and the old.”
shall it be at the consummation of              53 And it happened that, when J e-
the age.                                       sus had completed these parables,
 41 The Son of man shall send out              he went away from there.
his Angels, and they shall gather               54 And arriving in his own country,
from his kingdom all who lead a s-             he taught them in their synagogues,
tray and those who work iniquity.              so much so that they wondered and
 42 And he shall cast them into the            said: “How can such wisdom and
furnace of fire, where there shall be          power be with this one?
weeping and gnashing of teeth.                  55 Is this not the son of a work-
 43 Then the just ones shall shine             man? Is not his mother called Mary,
like the sun, in the kingdom of their          and his brothers, James, and Joseph,
Father. Whoever has ears to hear, let          and Simon, and Jude?
him hear.                                       56 And his sisters, are they not all
 44 The kingdom of heaven is like a            with us? Therefore, from where has
treasure hidden in a field. When a             this one obtained all these things?”
man finds it, he hides it, and, b e-            57 And they took offense at him.
cause of his joy, he goes and sells            But Jesus said to them, “A prophet
everything that he has, and he buys            is not without honor, except in his
that field.                                    own country and in his own house.”
 45 Again, the kingdom of heaven is             58 And he did not work many mi-
like a merchant seeking good pearls.           racles there, because of their unb e-
 46 Having found one pearl of great            lief.
value, he went away and sold all
that he had, and he bought it.                              CHAPTER 14
 47 Again, the kingdom of heaven is             1 In that time, Herod the Tetrarch
like a net cast into the sea, which            heard the news about Jesus.
gathers together all kinds of fish.             2 And he said to his servants: “This
 48 When it has been filled, drawing           is John the Baptist. He has risen
it out and sitting beside the shore,           from the dead, and that is why m i-
they selected the good into vessels,           racles are at work in him.”
but the bad they threw away.                    3 For Herod had apprehended John,
 49 So shall it be at the consumm a-           and bound him, and put him in pri s-

                                  M AT T H E W

on, because of Herodias, the wife of          have no need to go. Give them
his brother.                                  something to eat yourselves.”
 4 For John was telling him, “It is            17 They answered him, “We have
not lawful for you to have her.”              nothing here, except five loaves and
 5 And though he wanted to kill               two fish.”
him, he feared the people, because             18 He said to them, “Bring them
they held him to be a prophet.                here to me.”
 6 Then, on Herod‟s birthday, the              19 And when he had ordered the
daughter of Herodias danced in their          multitude to sit down upon the
midst, and it pleased Herod.                  grass, he took the five loaves and
 7 And so he promised with an oath            the two fish, and gazing up to hea-
to give her whatever she would ask            ven, he blessed and broke and gave
of him.                                       the bread to the disciples, and then
 8 But, having been advised by her            the disciples to the multitudes.
mother, she said, “Give me here, on            20 And they all ate and were sati s-
a platter, the head of John the Bap t-        fied. And they took up the remnants:
ist.”                                         twelve baskets full of fra gments.
 9 And the king was greatly sa d-              21 Now the number of those who
dened. But because of his oath, and           ate was five thousand men, b esides
because of those who sat at table             women and children.
with him, he ordered it to be given.           22 And Jesus promptly compelled
 10 And he sent and beheaded John             his disciples to climb into the boat,
in prison.                                    and to precede him in crossing the
 11 And his head was brought on a             sea, while he dismissed the crowds.
platter, and it was given to the girl,         23 And having dismissed the mult i-
and she brought it to her mother.             tude, he ascended alone onto a
 12 And his disciples approached              mountain to pray. And when evening
and took the body, and they buried            arrived, he was alone there.
it. And arriving, they reported it to          24 But in the midst of the sea, the
Jesus.                                        boat was being tossed about by the
 13 When Jesus had heard it, he               waves. For the wind was against
withdrew from there by boat, to a             them.
deserted place by himself. And when            25 Then, in the fourth watch of the
the crowds had heard of it, they fo l-        night, he came to them, walking
lowed him on foot from the cities.            upon the sea.
 14 And going out, he saw a great              26 And seeing him walking upon
multitude, and he took pity on them,          the sea, they were disturbed, saying:
and he cured their sick.                      “It must be an apparition.” And they
 15 And when evening had arrived,             cried out, because of fear.
his disciples approached him, sa y-            27 And immediately, Jesus spoke to
ing: “This is a deserted place, and           them, saying: “Have faith. It is I.
the hour has now passed. Dismiss              Do not be afraid.”
the crowds, so that, by going into             28 Then Peter responded by sa ying,
the towns, they may buy food for              “Lord, if it is you, order me come to
themselves.”                                  you over the waters.”
 16 But Jesus said to them: “They              29 And he said, “Come.” And Peter,

                                  M AT T H E W

descending from the boat, walked               or his mother.‟ So hav e you nullified
over the water, so as to go to Jesus.          the commandment of God, for the
 30 Yet truly, seeing that the wind            sake of your tradition.
was strong, he was afraid. And as he            7 Hypocrites! How well did Isaiah
began to sink, he cried out, saying:           prophesy about you, saying:
“Lord, save me.”                                8 „This people honors me with their
 31 And immediately Jesus extended             lips, but their heart is far from me.
his hand and took hold of him. And              9 For in vain do they worship me,
he said to him, “O little in faith,            teaching the doctrines and com-
why did you doubt?”                            mandments of men.‟ ”
 32 And when they had ascended i n-             10 And having called the mult i-
to the boat, the wind ceased.                  tudes to him, he said to them: “Li s-
 33 Then those who were in the boat            ten and understand.
drew near and adored him, sa ying:              11 A man is not defiled by what e n-
“Truly, you are the Son of God.”               ters into the mouth, but by what
 34 And having crossed the sea, they           proceeds from the mouth. This is
arrived in the land of Genesaret.              what defiles a man.”
 35 And when the men of that place              12 Then his disciples drew near and
had recognized him, they sent into             said to him, “Do you know that the
all that region, and they brought to           Pharisees, upon hearing this word,
him all who had maladies.                      were offended?”
 36 And they petitioned him, so that            13 But in response he said: “Every
they might touch even the hem of               plant which has not been planted by
his garment. And as many as                    my heavenly Father shall be
touched it were made whole.                    uprooted.
                                                14 Leave them alone. They are
             CHAPTER 15                        blind, and they lead the blind. But if
 1 Then the scribes and the Phar i-            the blind are in charge of the blind,
sees came to him from Jerus alem,              both will fall into the pit.”
saying:                                         15 And responding, Peter said to
 2 “Why do your disciples tr ans-              him, “Explain this parable to us.”
gress the tradition of the elders? For          16 But he said: “Are you, even
they do not wash their hands when              now, without understanding?
they eat bread.”                                17 Do you not understand that eve-
 3 But responding, he said to them:            rything that enters into the mouth
“And why do you transgress the                 goes into the gut, and is cast into
commandment of God for the sake                the sewer?
of your tradition? For God said:                18 But what proceeds from the
 4 „Honor your father and mother, ‟            mouth, goes forth from the heart,
and, „Whoever will have cursed f a-            and those are the things that defile a
ther or mother shall die a death.‟             man.
 5 But you say: „If anyone will have            19 For from the heart go out evil
said to father or mother, “It is ded i-        thoughts, murders, adulteries , forni-
cated, so that whatever is from me             cations, thefts, false testimonies,
will benefit you,”                             blasphemies.
 6 then he shall not honor his father           20 These are the things that defile a

                                  M AT T H E W

man. But to eat without was hing               Israel.
hands does not defile a man.”                   32 And Jesus, calling together his
 21 And departing from there, Jesus            disciples, said: “I have compassion
withdrew into the areas of Tyre and            on the crowds, because they have
Sidon.                                         persevered with me now for three
 22 And behold, a woman of Ca-                 days, and they do not have anything
naan, going out from those parts,              to eat. And I am not willing to di s-
cried out, saying to him: “Take pity           miss them, fasting, lest they faint
on me, Lord, Son of David. My                  along the way.”
daughter is badly afflicted by a d e-           33 And the disciples said to him:
mon.”                                          “From where, then, in the desert,
 23 He did not say a word to her.              would we obtain enough bread to
And his disciples, drawing near, p e-          satisfy so a great multitude?”
titioned him, saying: “Dismiss her,             34 And Jesus said to them, “How
for she is crying out after us.”               many loaves of bread do you have?”
 24 And responding, he said, “I was            But they said, “Seven, and a few li t-
not sent except to the sheep who               tle fish.”
have fallen away from the house of              35 And he instructed the crowds to
Israel.”                                       recline upon the ground.
 25 But she approached and adored               36 And taking the seven loaves and
him, saying, “Lord, help me.”                  the fish, and giving thanks, he broke
 26 And responding, he said, “It is            and gave to his disciples, and the
not good to take the bread of the              disciples gave to the people.
children and cast it to the dogs.”              37 And they all ate and were sati s-
 27 But she said, “Yes, Lord, but the          fied. And, from what was le ft over
young dogs also eat from the crumbs            of the fragments, they took up seven
that fall from the table of their ma s-        full baskets.
ters.”                                          38 But those who ate were four
 28 Then Jesus, responding, said to            thousand men, plus children and
her: “O woman, great is your faith.            women.
Let it be done for you just as you              39 And having dismissed the
wish.” And her daughter was healed             crowd, he climbed into a boat. And
from that very hour.                           he went into the coastal region of
 29 And when Jesus had passed from             Magadan.
there, he arrived beside the sea of
Galilee. And ascending onto a                               CHAPTER 16
mountain, he sat down there.                    1 And Pharisees and Sadducees ap-
 30 And great multitudes came to               proached him to test him, and they
him, having with them the mute, the            asked him to show them a sign from
blind, the lame, the disabled, and             heaven.
many others. And they cast them                 2 But he responded by saying to
down at his feet, and he cured them,           them: “When evening arrives, you
 31 so much so that the crowds                 say, „It will be calm, for the sky is
wondered, seeing the mute speaking,            red,‟
the lame walking, the blind seeing.             3 and in the morning, „Today there
And they magnified the God of                  will be a storm, for the sky is red

                                     M AT T H E W

and gloomy.‟ So then, you know                     15 Jesus said to them, “But who do
how to judge the appearance of the                you say that I am?”
sky, but you are unable to know the                16 Simon Peter responded by sa y-
signs of the times?                               ing, “You are the Christ, the Son of
 4 An evil and adulterous gener ation             the living God.”
seeks a sign. And a sign shall not be              17 And in response, Jesus said to
given to it, except the sign of th e              him: “Blessed are you, Simon son of
prophet Jonah.” And leaving them                  Jonah. For flesh and blood has not
behind, he went away.                             revealed this to you, but my Father,
 5 And when his disciples went                    who is in heaven.
across the sea, they forgot to bring               18 And I say to you, that yo u are
bread.                                            Peter, and upon this rock I will
 6 And he said to them, “Consider                 build my church, and the gates of
and beware of the leaven of the Ph a-             Hell shall not prevail against it.
risees and the Sadducees.”                         19 And I will give you the keys of
 7 But they were thinking withi n                 the kingdom of heaven. And wha t-
themselves, saying, “It is because                ever you shall bind on earth shall be
we have not brought bread.”                       bound, even in heaven. And whate v-
 8 Then Jesus, knowing this, said:                er you shall release on earth shall be
“Why do you consider within you r-                released, even in heaven.”
selves, O little in faith, that it is b e-         20 Then he instructed his disciples
cause you have no bread?                          that they should tell no one that he
 9 Do you not yet understand, nor                 is Jesus the Christ.
remember, the five loaves a mong                   21 From that time, Jesus began to
the five thousand men, and how                    reveal to his disciples that it was
many containers you took up?                      necessary for him to go to Jerus a-
 10 Or the seven loaves among the                 lem, and to suffer much from the
four thousand men, and how many                   elders and the scribes and the lea d-
baskets you took up?                              ers of the priests, and to be killed,
 11 Why do you not understand that                and to rise again on the third day.
it was not because of bread that I                 22 And Peter, taking him aside, b e-
said to you: Beware of the leaven of              gan to rebuke him, saying, “Lord,
the Pharisees and the Sadducees?”                 may it be far from you; this shall
 12 Then they understood that he                  not happen to you.”
was not saying that they should b e-               23 And turning away, Jesus said to
ware of the leaven of bread, but of               Peter: “Get behind me, Satan; you
the doctrine of the Pharisees and the             are an obstacle to me. For you are
Sadducees.                                        not behaving according to what is of
 13 Then Jesus went into parts of                 God, but according to what is of
Caesarea Philippi. And he ques-                   men.”
tioned his disciples, saying, “Who                 24 Then Jesus said to his disciples:
do men say that the Son of man is?”               “If anyone is willing to come afte r
 14 And they said, “Some say John                 me, let him deny himself, and take
the Baptist, and others say Elijah,               up his cross, and follow me.
still others say Jeremiah or one of                25 For whoever would save his life,
the prophets.”                                    will lose it. But whoever will have

                                  M AT T H E W

lost his life for my sake, shall find         and do not be afraid.”
it.                                            8 And lifting up their eyes, they
 26 For how does it benefit a man, if         saw no one, except Jesus alone.
he gains the whole world, yet truly            9 And as they were descending
suffers damage to his soul? Or what           from the mountain, Jesus instructed
shall a man give in exchange for his          them, saying, “Tell no one about the
soul?                                         vision, until the Son of man has ri s-
 27 For the Son of man will arrive            en from the dead.”
in the glory of his Father, with his           10 And his disciples questioned
Angels. And then he will repay each           him, saying, “Why then do the
one according to his works.                   scribes say that it is necessary for
 28 Amen I say to you, there are              Elijah to arrive first?”
some among those standing here,                11 But in response, he said to them:
who shall not taste death, until they         “Elijah, indeed, shall arrive and r e-
see the Son of man arriving in his            store all things.
reign.”                                        12 But I say to you, that Elijah has
                                              already arrived, and they did not
            CHAPTER 17                        recognize him, but they did whatev-
 1 And after six days, Jesus took P e-        er they wanted to him. So also shall
ter and James and his brother John,           the Son of man suffer from them.”
and he led them onto a lofty mou n-            13 Then the disciples understood
tain separately.                              that he had spoken to them about
 2 And he was transfigured before             John the Baptist.
them. And his face shined brightly             14 And when he had arrived at the
like the sun. And his garments were           multitude, a man approached him,
made white like snow.                         falling to his knees befor e him, say-
 3 And behold, there appeared to              ing: “Lord, take pity on my son, for
them Moses and Elijah, speaking               he is an epileptic, and he suffers
with him.                                     harm. For he frequently falls into
 4 And Peter responded by saying to           fire, and often also into water.
Jesus: “Lord, it is good for us to be          15 And I brought him to your di s-
here. If you are willing, let us make         ciples, but they were not able to
three tabernacles here, one for you,          cure him.”
one for Moses, and one for Elijah.”            16 Then Jesus responded by sa ying:
 5 And while he was still speaking,           “What an unbelieving and pe rverse
behold, a shining cloud oversh a-             generation! How long shall I be
dowed them. And behold, there was             with you? How long shall I endure
a voice from the cloud, saying:               you? Bring him here to me.”
“This is my beloved Son, with                  17 And Jesus rebuked him, and the
whom I am well pleased. Listen to             demon went out of him, and the boy
him.”                                         was cured from that hour.
 6 And the disciples, hearing this,            18 Then the disciples appro ached
fell prone on their face, and they            Jesus privately and said, “Why were
were very afraid.                             we unable to cast him out?”
 7 And Jesus drew near and touched             19 Jesus said to them: “Because of
them. And he said to them, “Rise up           your unbelief. Amen I say to you,

                                  M AT T H E W

certainly, if you will have faith like         3 And he said: “Amen I say to you,
a grain of mustard seed, you will             unless you change and become like
say to this mountain, „Move from              little children, you shall not e nter
here to there,‟ and it shall move.            into the kingdom of heaven.
And nothing will be impossible for             4 Therefore, whoever will have
you.                                          humbled himself like this little
 20 But this kind is not cast out, ex-        child, such a one is greater in the
cept through prayer and fasting.”             kingdom of heaven.
 21 And when they were conver sing             5 And whoever shall accept one
together in Galilee, Jesus said to            such little child in my name, accepts
them: “The Son of man shall be d e-           me.
livered into the hands of men.                 6 But whoever will have led astray
 22 And they will kill him, but he            one of these little ones, who trust in
will rise again on the third day.”            me, it would be better for him to
And they were extremely saddened.             have a great millstone hung around
 23 And when they had arrived at              his neck, and to be submerged in the
Capernaum, those who collected the            depths of the sea.
half shekel approached Peter, and              7 Woe to a world that leads people
they said to him, “Doesn‟t your               astray! Although it is necessary for
Teacher pay the half shekel?”                 temptations to arise, nevertheless:
 24 He said, “Yes.” And when he               Woe to that man through whom
had entered into the house, Jesus             temptation arises!
went before him, saying: “How does             8 So if your hand or your foot leads
it seem to you, Simon? The kings of           you to sin, cut it off and cast it
the earth, from whom do they r e-             away from you. It is better for you
ceive tribute or the census tax: from         to enter into life disabled or lame,
their own sons or from foreigne rs?”          than to be sent into eternal fire ha v-
 25 And he said, “From foreigners.”           ing two hands or two feet.
Jesus said to him: “Then the sons              9 And if your eye leads you to sin,
are free.                                     root it out and cast it away from
 26 But so that we may not become             you. It is better for you to enter into
an obstacle to them: go to the sea,           life with one eye, than to be sent i n-
and cast in a hook, and take the first        to the fires of Hell having two eyes.
fish that is brought up, and when              10 See to it that you do not d espise
you have opened its mouth, you will           even one of these little ones. For I
find a shekel. Take it and give it to         say to you, that their Angels in he a-
them, for me and for you.”                    ven continually look upon the face
                                              of my Father, who is in heaven.
            CHAPTER 18                         11 For the Son of man has come to
 1 In that hour, the disciples drew           save what had been lost.
near to Jesus, saying, “Whom do                12 How does it seem to you? If
you consider to be greater in the             someone has one hundred sheep, and
kingdom of heaven?”                           if one of them has gone astray,
 2 And Jesus, calling to himself a            should he not leave behind the nin e-
little child, placed him in their             ty-nine in the mountains, and go out
midst.                                        to seek what has gone astray?

                                  M AT T H E W

 13 And if he should happen to find            ven is compared to a man who was
it: Amen I say to you, that he has             king, who wanted to take account of
more joy over that one, than over              his servants.
the ninety-nine which did not go a s-           24 And when he had begun taking
tray.                                          account, one was brought to him
 14 Even so, it is not the will b efore        who owed him ten thousand talents.
your Father, who is in heaven, that             25 But since he did not have any
one of these little ones should be             way to repay it, his lord ordered him
lost.                                          to be sold, with his wife and chi ld-
 15 But if your brother has sinned             ren, and all that he had, in order to
against you, go and correct him, b e-          repay it.
tween you and him alone. If he li s-            26 But that servant, falling pro-
tens to you, you will have r egained           strate, begged him, saying, „Have
your brother.                                  patience with me, and I will repay it
 16 But if he will not listen you, i n-        all to you.‟
vite with you one or two more, so               27 Then the lord of that servant,
that every word may stand by th e              being moved with pity, released
mouth of two or three witnesses.               him, and he forgave his debt.
 17 And if he will not listen to them,          28 But when that servant d eparted,
tell the Church. But if he will not            he found one of his fellow servants
listen to the Church, let him be to            who owed him one hundred dena-
you like the pagan and the tax co l-           rius. And taking hold of him, he
lector.                                        choked him, saying: „Repay what
 18 Amen I say to you, whatever                you owe.‟
you will have bound on earth, shall             29 And his fellow servant, falling
be bound also in heaven, and wha t-            prostrate, petitioned him, sa ying:
ever you will have released on                 „Have patience with me, and I will
earth, shall be released also in he a-         repay it all to you.‟
ven.                                            30 But he was not willing. Instead,
 19 Again I say to you, that if two            he went out and had him sent to
of those among you have agreed on              prison, until he would repay the
earth, about anything whatsoever               debt.
that they have requested, it shall be           31 Now his fellow servants, se eing
done for them by my Father, who is             what was done, were greatly sa d-
in heaven.                                     dened, and they went and reported
 20 For wherever two or three are              to their lord all that was done.
gathered in my name, there am I, in             32 Then his lord called him, and he
their midst.”                                  said to him: „You wicked servant, I
 21 Then Peter, drawing near to him,           forgave you all your debt, because
said: “Lord, how many times shall              you pleaded with me.
my brother sin against me, and I                33 Therefore, should you not also
forgive him? Even seven times?”                have had compassion on your fellow
 22 Jesus said to him: “I do not say           servant, just as I also had compa s-
to you, even seven times, but even             sion on you?‟
seventy times seven times.                      34 And his lord, being angry,
 23 Therefore, the kingdom of hea-             handed him over to the torturers,

                                  M AT T H E W

until he repaid the entire debt.               10 His disciples said to him, “If
 35 So, too, shall my heavenly F a-           such is the case for a man with a
ther do to you, if each one of you            wife, then it is not expedient to
will not forgive his brother from             marry.”
your hearts.”                                  11 And he said to them: “Not ev e-
                                              ryone is able to grasp this word, but
            CHAPTER 19                        only those to whom it has been gi v-
 1 And it happened that, when Jesus           en.
had completed these words, he                  12 For there are chaste persons who
moved away from Galilee, and he               were born so from their mother ‟s
arrived within the borders of Judea,          womb, and there are chaste persons
across the Jordan.                            who have been made so by men, and
 2 And great crowds followed him,             there are chaste persons who have
and he healed them there.                     made themselves chaste for the sake
 3 And the Pharisees approached               of the kingdom of heaven. Whoever
him, testing him, and saying, “Is it          is able to grasp this, let him grasp
lawful for a man to separate from             it.”
his wife, no matter what the cause?”           13 Then they brought to him little
 4 And he said to them in response,           children, so that he would place his
“Have you not read that he who                hands upon them and pray. But the
made man from the beginning, made             disciples rebuked them.
them male and female?” And he                  14 Yet truly, Jesus said to them:
said:                                         “Allow the little children to come to
 5 “For this reason, a man shall se p-        me, and do not choose to prohibit
arate from father and mother, and he          them. For the kingdom of heaven is
shall cling to his wife, and these            among such as these.”
two shall become one flesh.                    15 And when he had imposed his
 6 And so, now they are not two, but          hands upon them, he went away
one flesh. Therefore, what God has            from there.
joined together, let no man sep a-             16 And behold, someone ap-
rate.”                                        proached and said to him, “Good
 7 They said to him, “Then why did            Teacher, what good should I do, so
Moses command him to give a bill              that I may have eternal life?”
of divorce, and to separate?”                  17 And he said to him: “Why do
 8 He said to them: “Although Mo s-           you question me about what is
es permitted you to separate from             good? One is good: God. But if you
your wives, due to the hardness of            wish to enter into life, observe the
your heart, it was not that way from          commandments.”
the beginning.                                 18 He said to him, “Which?” And
 9 And I say to you, that whoever             Jesus said: “You shall not mu rder.
will have separated from his wife,            You shall not commit adultery. You
except because of fornication, and            shall not steal. You shall not give
who will have married another,                false testimony.
commits adultery, and whoever will             19 Honor your father and your
have married her who has been s e-            mother. And, you shall love your
parated, commits adultery.”                   neighbor as yourself.”

                                  M AT T H E W

 20 The young man said to him: “All             30 But many of those who are first
these I have kept from my chil d-              shall be last, and the last shall be
hood. What is still lacking for me?”           first.”
 21 Jesus said to him: “If you are
willing to be perfect, go, sell what                        CHAPTER 20
you have, and give to the poor, and             1 “The kingdom of heaven is like
then you will have treasure in he a-           the father of a family who went out
ven. And come, follow me.”                     in early morning to lead workers i n-
 22 And when the young man had                 to his vineyard.
heard this word, he went away s ad,             2 Then, having made an agre ement
for he had many possessions.                   with the workers for one d enarius
 23 Then Jesus said to his disciples:          per day, he sent them into his v i-
“Amen, I say to you, that the wea l-           neyard.
thy shall enter with difficulty into            3 And going out about the third
the kingdom of heaven.                         hour, he saw others standing idle in
 24 And again I say to you, it is ea s-        the marketplace.
ier for a camel to pass through the             4 And he said to them, „You may go
eye of a needle, than for the wealthy          into my vineyard, too, and what I
to enter into the kingdom of he a-             will give you will be just.‟
ven.”                                           5 So they went forth. But again, he
 25 And upon hearing this, the di s-           went out about the sixth, and about
ciples wondered greatly, saying:               the ninth hour, and he acted sim ilar-
“Then who will be able to be                   ly.
saved?”                                         6 Yet truly, about the eleventh hour,
 26 But Jesus, gazing at them, said            he went out and foun d others stand-
to them: “With men, this is i mpossi-          ing, and he said to them, „Why have
ble. But with God, all thin gs are             you stood here idle all day?‟
possible.”                                      7 They say to him, „Because no one
 27 Then Peter responded by sa ying            has hired us.‟ He said to them, „You
to him: “Behold, we have left b e-             also may go into my vineyard.‟
hind all things, and we have fo l-              8 And when evening had arrived,
lowed you. So then, what will be for           the lord of the vineyard said to his
us?”                                           manager, „Call the workers and pay
 28 And Jesus said to them: “Amen I            them their wages, beginning from
say to you, that at the resu rrection,         the last, even to the first.‟
when the Son of man shall sit on the            9 And so, when those who had a r-
seat of his majesty, those of you              rived about the eleventh hour came
who have followed me shall also sit            forward, each received a single d e-
on twelve seats, judging the twelve            narius.
tribes of Israel.                               10 Then when the first ones also
 29 And anyone who has left b ehind            came forward, they co nsidered that
home, or brothers, or sisters, or f a-         they would receive more. But they,
ther, or mother, or wife, or chi ldren,        too, received one denarius.
or land, for the sake of my name,               11 And upon receiving it, they
shall receive one hundred times                murmured against the father of the
more, and shall possess eternal life.          family,

                                   M AT T H E W

 12 saying, „These last have worked             to give to you, but it is for those for
for one hour, and you have made                 whom it has been prepared by m y
them equal to us, who worked bea r-             Father.”
ing the weight and heat of the day.‟             24 And the ten, upon hearing this,
 13 But responding to one of them,              became indignant with the two
he said: „Friend, I caused you no i n-          brothers.
jury. Did you not agree with me to               25 But Jesus called them to hi mself
one denarius?                                   and said: “You know that the first
 14 Take what is yours and go. But              ones among the Gentiles are their
it is my will to give to this last, just        rulers, and that those who are grea t-
as to you.                                      er exercise power among them.
 15 And is it not lawful for me to do            26 It shall not be this way among
what I will? Or is your eye wicked              you. But whoever will want to be
because I am good?‟                             greater among you, let him be your
 16 So then, the last shall be first,           minister.
and the first shall be last. For many            27 And whoever will want to be
are called, but few are chosen.”                first among you, he shall be your
 17 And Jesus, ascending to Jerus a-            servant,
lem, took the twelve disciples aside             28 even as the Son of man has not
in private and said to them:                    come to be served, but to serve, and
 18 “Behold, we are ascending to J e-           to give his life as a redemption for
rusalem, and the Son of man shall               many.”
be handed over to the leaders of the             29 And as they were departing from
priests and to the scribes. And they            Jericho, a great crowd followed him.
shall condemn him to death.                      30 And behold, two blind men, si t-
 19 And they shall hand him over to             ting by the way, heard that Jesus
the Gentiles to be mocked a nd                  was passing by; and they cried out,
scourged and crucified. And on the              saying, “Lord, Son of David, take
third day, he shall rise again.”                pity on us.”
 20 Then the mother of the sons of               31 But the crowd rebuked them to
Zebedee approached him, with her                be quiet. But they cried out all the
sons, adoring him, and petitioning              more, saying, “Lord, Son of David,
something from him.                             take pity on us.”
 21 And he said to her, “What do                 32 And Jesus stood still, and he
you want?” She said to him, “De c-              called them and said, “What do you
lare that these, my two sons, may               want, that I might do for you?”
sit, one at your right hand, and the             33 They said to him, “Lord, that
other at your left, in your kingdom.”           our eyes be opened.”
 22 But Jesus, responding, said:                 34 Then Jesus, taking pity on them,
“You do not know what you are as k-             touched their eyes. And imm ediately
ing. Are you able to drink from the             they saw, and they followed him.
chalice, from which I will drink?”
They said to him, “We are able.”                            CHAPTER 21
 23 He said to them: “From my ch a-              1 And when they had drawn near to
lice, indeed, you shall drink. But to           Jerusalem, and had arrived at Bet h-
sit at my right or my left is not mine          phage, at the Mount of Olives, then

                                  M AT T H E W

Jesus sent two disciples,                      13 And he said to them: “It is wri t-
 2 saying to them: “Go into the town          ten: „My house shall be called a
that is opposite you, and i mmediate-         house of prayer. But you have made
ly you will find a donkey tied, and a         it into a den of robbers.‟ ”
colt with her. Release them, and               14 And the blind and the lame drew
lead them to me.                              near to him in the temple; and he
 3 And if anyone will have said an y-         healed them.
thing to you, say that the Lord has            15 Then the leaders of the priests
need of them. And he will promptly            and the scribes became indi gnant,
dismiss them.”                                seeing the miracles that he wrought,
 4 Now all this was done in order to          and the children crying out in the
fulfill what was spoken through the           temple, saying, “Hosanna to the Son
prophet, saying,                              of David!”
 5 “Tell the daughter of Zion: B e-            16 And they said to him, “Do you
hold, your king comes to you mee k-           hear what these ones are saying?”
ly, sitting on a donkey and on a colt,        But Jesus said to them, “Certainly.
the son of one accustomed to the              Have you never read: For out of the
yoke.”                                        mouth of babes and infants, you
 6 Then the disciples, going out, did         have perfected praise?”
just as Jesus instructed them.                 17 And leaving them behind, he
 7 And they brought the donkey and            went out, beyond the city, into B e-
the colt, and they laid their ga r-           thania, and he lodged here.
ments on them, and they helped him             18 Then, as he was returning to the
sit upon them.                                city in the morning, he was hu ngry.
 8 Then a very numerous crowd                  19 And seeing a certain fig tree b e-
spread their garments on the way.             side the way, he approached it. And
But others cut branches from the              he found nothing on it, except only
trees and scattered them on the way.          leaves. And he said to it, “May fruit
 9 And the crowds that preceded               never spring forth from you, f or all
him, and those that followed, cried           time.” And immediately the fig tree
out, saying: “Hosanna to the Son of           was dried up.
David! Blessed is he who comes in              20 And seeing this, the disciples
the name of the Lord. Hosanna in              wondered, saying, “How did it dry
the highest!”                                 up so quickly?”
 10 And when he had entered into               21 And Jesus responded to them by
Jerusalem, the entire city was                saying: “Amen I say to you, if you
stirred up, saying, “Who is this?”            have faith and do not hesitate, not
 11 But the people were saying,               only shall you do this, concerning
“This is Jesus, the Prophet from N a-         the fig tree, but even if you would
zareth of Galilee.”                           say to this mountain, „Take and cast
 12 And Jesus entered into the tem-           yourself into the sea,‟ it shall be
ple of God, and he cast out all who           done.
were selling and buying in the te m-           22 And all things whatsoever that
ple, and he overturned the tables of          you shall ask for in prayer: b eliev-
the money changers and the chairs             ing, you shall receive.”
of the vendors of doves.                       23 And when he had arrived at the

                                  M AT T H E W

temple, as he was teaching, the               him. But the tax collectors and the
leaders of the priests and the elders         prostitutes believed him. Yet even
of the people approached him, sa y-           after seeing this, you did not r epent,
ing: “By what authority do you do             so as to believe him.
these things? And who has given                33 Listen to another parable. There
this authority to you?”                       was a man, the father of a family,
 24 In response, Jesus said to them:          who planted a vineyard, and su r-
“I also will question you with one            rounded it with a hedge, and dug a
word: if you tell me this, I also will        press in it, and built a tower. And he
tell you by what authority I do these         loaned it out to farmers, and he set
things.                                       out to sojourn abroad.
 25 The baptism of John, where was             34 Then, when the time of the
it from? Was it from heaven, or               fruits drew near, he sent his servants
from men?” But they thought within            to the farmers, so that they might
themselves, saying:                           receive its fruits.
 26 “If we say, „From heaven,‟ he              35 And the farmers apprehended his
will say to us, „Then why did you             servants; they struck one, and killed
not believe him?‟ But if we say,              another, and stoned yet another.
„From men,‟ we have the crowd to               36 Again, he sent other servants,
fear, for they all hold John to be a          more than
prophet.”                                      before; and they treated them sim i-
 27 And so, they answered Jesus by            larly.
saying, “We do not know.” So he a l-           37 Then, at the very end, he sent
so said to them: “Neither will I tell         his son to them, saying: „They will
you by what authority I do these              revere my son.‟
things.                                        38 But the farmers, seeing the son,
 28 But how does it seem to you? A            said among themselves: „This is the
certain man had two sons. And a p-            heir. Come, let us kill him, and then
proaching the first, he said: „Son,           we will have his inheritance.‟
go out today to work in my v i-                39 And apprehending him, they cast
neyard.‟                                      him outside the vineyard, and they
 29 And responding, he said, „I am            killed him.
not willing.‟ But afterwards, b eing           40 Therefore, when the lord of the
moved by repentance, he went.                 vineyard arrives, what will he do to
 30 And approaching the other, he             those farmers?”
spoke similarly. And answering, he             41 They said to him, “He will bring
said, „I am going, lord.‟ And he did          those evil men to an evil end, and
not go.                                       he will loan out his vineyard to ot h-
 31 Which of the two did the will of          er farmers, who shall repay to him
the father?” They said to him, “The           the fruit in its time.”
first.” Jesus said to them: “Amen I            42 Jesus said to them: “Have you
say to you, that tax collectors and           never read in the Scriptures: „The
prostitutes shall precede you, into           stone that the builders have r ejected
the kingdom of God.                           has become the cornerstone. By the
 32 For John came to you in the way           Lord has this been done, and it is
of justice, and you did not b elieve          wonderful in our eyes?‟

                                  M AT T H E W

 43 Therefore, I say to you, that the           9 Therefore, go out to the ways,
kingdom of God will be taken away              and call whomever you will find to
from you, and it shall be given to a           the wedding.‟
people who shall produce its fruits.            10 And his servants, departing into
 44 And whoever will have fallen on            the ways, gathered all those whom
this stone shall be broken, yet truly,         they found, bad and good, and the
on whomever it shall fall, it will             wedding was filled with guests.
crush him.”                                     11 Then the king entered to see the
 45 And when the leaders of the                guests. And he saw a man there who
priests, and the Pharisees had heard           was not clothed in a wedding ga r-
his parables, they knew that he was            ment.
speaking about them.                            12 And he said to him, „Friend,
 46 And though they sought to take             how is it that you have entered here
hold of him, they feare d the crowds,          without having a wedding garment?‟
because they held him to be a                  But he was dumbstruck.
prophet.                                        13 Then the king said to the mini s-
                                               ters: „Bind his hands and feet, and
             CHAPTER 22                        cast him into the outer darkness,
 1 And responding, Jesus again                 where there will be weeping and
spoke to them in parables, saying:             gnashing of teeth.
 2 “The kingdom of heaven is like a             14 For many are called, but few are
man who was king, who cel ebrated a            chosen.‟ ”
wedding for his son.                            15 Then the Pharisees, going out,
 3 And he sent his servants to call            took counsel as to how they might
those who were invited to the we d-            entrap him in speech.
ding. But they were not willing to              16 And they sent their disciples to
come.                                          him, with the Herodians, saying:
 4 Again, he sent other servants,              “Teacher, we know that you are
saying, „Tell the invited: Behold, I           truthful, and that you teach the way
have prepared my meal. My bulls                of God in truth, and that the infl u-
and fatlings have been killed, and             ence of others is nothing to you. For
all is ready. Come to the wedding.‟            you do not consider the reputation
 5 But they ignored this and they              of men.
went away: one to his country e s-              17 Therefore, tell us, how does it
tate, and another to his business.             seem to you? Is it lawful to pay the
 6 Yet truly, the rest took hold of his        census tax to Caesar, or not?”
servants and, having treated them               18 But Jesus, knowing their wick-
with contempt, killed them.                    edness, said: “Why do you test me,
 7 But when the king heard this, he            you hypocrites?
was angry. And sending out hi s ar-             19 Show me the coin of the census
mies, he destroyed those murderers,            tax.” And they offered him a d ena-
and he burned their city.                      rius.
 8 Then he said to his servants: „The           20 And Jesus said to them, “Whose
wedding, indeed, has been pr epared.           image is this, and whose i nscrip-
But those who were invited were not            tion?”
worthy.                                         21 They said to him, “Caesar ‟s.”

                                  M AT T H E W

Then he said to them, “Then render            silent, came together as one.
to Caesar what is of Caesar; and to            35 And one of them, a doctor of the
God what is of God.”                          law, questioned him, to test him:
 22 And hearing this, they wo n-               36 “Teacher, which is the great
dered. And having left him behind,            commandment in the law?”
they went away.                                37 Jesus said to him: “ „You shall
 23 In that day, the Sadducees, who           love the Lord your God from all
say there is to be no resurrection,           your heart, and with all your soul
approached him. And they que s-               and with all your mind.‟
tioned him,                                    38 This is the greatest and first
 24 saying: “Teacher, Moses said: If          commandment.
anyone will have died, having no               39 But the second is similar to it:
son, his brother shall marry his              „You shall love your neighbor as
wife, and he shall raise up offspring         yourself.‟
to his brother.                                40 On these two commandments the
 25 Now there were seven brothers             entire law depends, and also the
with us. And the first, havi ng taken         prophets.”
a wife, died. And having no                    41 Then, when the Pharisees were
offspring, he left his wife to his            gathered together, Jesus que stioned
brother:                                      them,
 26 similarly with the second, and             42 saying: “What do you think
the third, even to the seventh.               about the Christ? Whose son is he?”
 27 And last of all, the woman also           They said to him, “David‟s.”
passed away.                                   43 He said to them: “Then how can
 28 In the resurrection, then, whose          David, in the Spirit, call him Lord,
wife of the seven will sh e be? For           saying:
they all had her.”                             44 „The Lord said to my Lord: Sit
 29 But Jesus responded to them by            at my right hand, until I make your
saying: “You have gone astray by              enemies your footstool?‟
knowing neither the Scriptures, nor            45 So then, if David calls him
the power of God.                             Lord, how can he be h is son?”
 30 For in the resurrection, they              46 And no one was able to r espond
shall neither marry, nor be given in          to him a word. And neither did an y-
marriage. Instead, they shall be lik e        one dare, from that day fo rward, to
the Angels of God in heaven.                  question him.
 31 But concerning the resurre ction
of the dead, have you not read what                       CHAPTER 23
was spoken by God, saying to you:              1 Then Jesus spoke to the crowds,
 32 „I am the God of Abraham, and             and to his disciples,
the God of Isaac, and the God of J a-          2 saying: “The scribes and the Ph a-
cob?‟ He is not the God of the dead,          risees have sat down in the chair of
but of the living.”                           Moses.
 33 And when the crowds heard this,            3 Therefore, all things whatsoever
they wondered at his doctrine.                that they shall say to you, observe
 34 But the Pharisees, hearing that           and do. Yet truly, do not choose to
he had caused the Sadducees to be             act according to their works. For

                                M AT T H E W

they say, but they do not do.               twice the son of Hell that you are
 4 For they bind up heavy and un-           yourselves.
bearable burdens, and they impose            16 Woe to you, blind guides, who
them on men‟s shoulders. But they           say: „Whoever will have sworn by
are not willing to move them with           the temple, it is nothing. But
even a finger of their own.                 whoever will have sworn by the
 5 Truly, they do all their works so        gold of the temple i s obligated.‟
that they may be seen by men. For            17 You are foolish and blind! For
they enlarge their phylacteries and         which is greater: the gold, or the
glorify their hems.                         temple that sanctifies the gold?
 6 And they love the first places at         18 And you say: „Whoever will
feasts, and the first chairs in the         have sworn by the altar, it is not h-
synagogues,                                 ing. But whoever will have sworn
 7 and greetings in the marketplace,        by the gift that is on the altar is o b-
and to be called Master by men.             ligated.‟
 8 But you must not be called Ma s-          19 How blind you are! For which is
ter. For One is your Master, and you        greater: the gift, or the altar that
are all brothers.                           sanctifies the gift?
 9 And do not choose to call anyone          20 Therefore, whoever swears by
on earth your father. For One is            the altar, swears by it, and by all
your Father, who is in heaven.              that is on it.
 10 Neither should you be called             21 And whoever will have sworn by
teachers. For One is your Teacher,          the temple, swears by it, and by him
the Christ.                                 who dwells in it.
 11 Whoever is greater among you             22 And whoever swears by heaven,
shall be your minister.                     swears by the throne of God, and by
 12 But whoever has exalted him-            him who sits upon it.
self, shall be humbled. And whoever          23 Woe to you, scribes and Phari-
has humbled himself, shall be ex-           sees, you hypocrites! For you co l-
alted.                                      lect tithes on mint and dill and c u-
 13 So then: Woe to you, scribes and        min, but you have abandoned the
Pharisees, you hypocrites! For you          weightier things of the law: judg-
close the kingdom of heaven b efore         ment and mercy and faith. These
men. For you yourselves do not en-          you ought to have done, while not
ter, and those who are entering, you        omitting the others.
would not permit to enter.                   24 You blind guides, straining out a
 14 Woe to you scribes an d Phari-          gnat, while swallowing a camel!
sees, you hypocrites! For you co n-          25 Woe to you, scribes and Phari-
sume the houses of widows, pra ying         sees, you hypocrites! For you clean
long prayers. Because of this, you          what is outside the cup and the dish,
shall receive the greater judgment.         but on the inside you are full of
 15 Woe to you, scribes and Phari-          avarice and impurity.
sees, you hypocrites! For you travel         26 You blind Pharisee! First clean
around by sea and by land, in order         the inside of the cup and the dish,
to make one convert. And when he            and then what is outside b ecomes
has been converted, you make him            clean.

                                  M AT T H E W

 27 Woe to you, scribes and Phari-             the prophets and stone those who
sees, you hypocrites! For you are              have been sent to you. How often I
like whitewashed sepulchers, which             have wanted to gather your children
outwardly appear brilliant to men,             together, in the way that a hen gat h-
yet truly, inside, they are filled with        ers her young under her wings. But
the bones of the dead and with all             you were not willing!
filth.                                          38 Behold, your house shall be
 28 So also, you certainly appear to           abandoned to you, having been d e-
men outwardly to be just. But i n-             serted.
wardly you are filled with hypocrisy            39 For I say to you, you shall not
and iniquity.                                  see me again, until you say:
 29 Woe to you, scribes and Phari-             „Blessed is he who comes in the
sees, you hypocrites, who build the            name of the Lord.‟ ”
sepulchers of the prophets and adorn
the monuments of the just.                                  CHAPTER 24
 30 And then you say, „If we had                1 And Jesus departed from the te m-
been there in the days of our f a-             ple and went away. And his di s-
thers, we would not have joined                ciples approached him, so as to
with them in the blood of the proph-           show him the buildings of the te m-
ets.‟                                          ple.
 31 And so you are witnesses                    2 But he said to them in r esponse:
against yourselves, that you are the           “Do you see all these things? Amen
sons of those who killed the prop h-           I say to you, there shall not remain
ets.                                           here stone upon stone, which is not
 32 Complete, then, the measure of             torn down.”
your fathers.                                   3 Then, when he was seated at the
 33 You serpents, you brood of vi-             Mount of Olives, the disciples drew
pers! How will you escape from the             near to him privately, saying: “Tell
judgment of Hell?                              us, when will these things be? And
 34 For this reason, behold, I send            what will be the sign of your a dvent
to you prophets and wisemen, and               and of the consummation of the
scribes. And some of these you will            age?”
put to death and crucify; and some              4 And answering, Jesus said to
you will scourge in your syn agogues           them: “Pay attention, lest someone
and persecute from city to city,               lead you astray.
 35 so that upon you may fall all the           5 For many will come in my name
blood of the just, which has been              saying, „I am the Christ.‟ And they
shed upon the earth, from the blood            will lead many astray.
of Abel the just, even to the blood             6 For you will hear of battles and
of Zechariah the son of Barachiah,             rumors of battles. Take care not to
whom you killed between the temple             be disturbed. For these things must
and the altar.                                 be, but the end is not so soon.
 36 Amen I say to you, all these                7 For nation will rise against na-
things shall fall upon this gener a-           tion, and kingdom against kingdom.
tion.                                          And there will be pestilences, and
 37 Jerusalem, Jerusalem! You kill             famines, and earthquakes in places.

                                  M AT T H E W

 8 But all these things are just the          But for the sake of the elect, those
beginning of the sorrows.                     days shall be shortened.
 9 Then they will hand you over to             23 Then if anyone will have said to
tribulation, and they will kill you.          you, „Behold, here is the Christ,‟ or
And you will be hated by all nations          „he is there,‟ do not be willing to
for the sake of my name.                      believe it.
 10 And then many will be led into             24 For there will arise false Christs
sin, and will betray one another, and         and false prophets. And they will
will have hatred for one another.             produce great signs and wonders, so
 11 And many false prophets will              much so as to lead into error even
arise, and they will lead many a s-           the elect (if this could be).
tray.                                          25 Behold, I have warned you b efo-
 12 And because iniquity has a b-             rehand.
ounded, the charity of many will               26 Therefore, if they will have said
grow cold.                                    to you, „Behold, he is in the d esert,‟
 13 But whoever will have pers e-             do not choose to go out, or, „Behold,
vered until the end, the same shall           he is in the inner rooms,‟ do not be
be saved.                                     willing to believe it.
 14 And this Gospel of the kin gdom            27 For just as lightning goes out
shall be preached throughout the e n-         from the east, and appears even in
tire world, as a testimony to all n a-        the west, so shall it be also at the
tions. And then the consummatio n             advent of the Son of man.
will occur.                                    28 Wherever the body shall be,
 15 Therefore, when you will have             there also will the eagles be g a-
seen the abomination of desol ation,          thered together.
which was spoken of by the prophet             29 And immediately after the trib u-
Daniel, standing in the holy place,           lation of those days, the sun will be
may he who reads understand,                  darkened, and the moon will not
 16 then those who are in Judea, let          give its light, and the stars will fall
them flee to the mountains.                   from heaven, and the powers of the
 17 And whoever is on the roof, let           heavens will be shaken.
him not descend to take anything               30 And then the sign of the Son of
from his house.                               man shall appear in heaven. And
 18 And whoever is in the field, let          then all tribes of the earth shall
him not turn back to take his t unic.         mourn. And they shall see the Son
 19 So then, woe to those who are             of man coming on the clouds of
pregnant or nursing in those days.            heaven, with great power and maje s-
 20 But pray that your flight may             ty.
not be in winter, or on the Sabbath.           31 And he shall send out his Angels
 21 For then there will be a great            with a trumpet and a great voice.
tribulation, such as has not been             And they shall gather together his
from the beginning of the world u n-          elect from the four winds, from the
til the present, and such as will not         heights of the heavens, even to their
be.                                           furthest limits.
 22 And unless those days had been             32 So, from the fig tree learn a pa r-
shortened, no flesh would be saved.           able. When its branch has now b e-

                                  M AT T H E W

come tender and the leaves have                45 Consider this: who is a fait hful
sprung forth, you know that summer            and prudent servant, who has been
is near.                                      appointed by his lord over his fam i-
 33 So also, when you will have               ly, to give them their portion in due
seen all these things, know that it is        time?
near, even at the threshold.                   46 Blessed is that servant, if, when
 34 Amen I say to you, that this l i-         his lord has arrived, he shall find
neage shall not pass away, until all          him doing so.
these things have been done.                   47 Amen I say to you, he shall ap-
 35 Heaven and earth shall pass               point him over all of his goods.
away, but my words shall not pass              48 But if that evil servant has said
away.                                         in his heart, „My lord has been d e-
 36 But concerning that day and               layed in returning,‟
hour, no one knows, not even the               49 and so, he begins to strike his
Angels of the heavens, but only the           fellow servants, and he eats and
Father.                                       drinks with the inebriated:
 37 And just as in the days of Noah,           50 then the lord of that servant will
so also will be the advent of the Son         arrive on a day that he does not e x-
of man.                                       pect, and at an hour that he does not
 38 For it will be just as it was in          know.
the days before the flood: eatin g and         51 And he shall separate him, and
drinking, marrying and being given            he shall place his portion with the
in marriage, even until that day              hypocrites, where there shall be
when Noah entered into the ark.               weeping and gnashing of teeth.”
 39 And they did not realize it, until
the flood came and took them all                           CHAPTER 25
away. So also will the advent of the           1 “Then the kingdom of heaven
Son of man be.                                shall be like ten virgins, who, taking
 40 Then two men will be in a field:          their lamps, went out to meet the
one will be taken up, and one will            groom and the bride.
be left behind.                                2 But five of them were foolish,
 41 Two women will be grinding at             and five were prudent.
a millstone: one will be taken up,             3 For the five foolish, having
and one will be left behind.                  brought their lamps, did not take oil
 42 Therefore, be vigilant. For you           with them.
do not know at what hour your Lord             4 Yet truly, the prudent ones
will return.                                  brought the oil, in their containers,
 43 But know this: if only the father         with the lamps.
of the family knew at what hour the            5 Since the bridegroom was d e-
thief would arrive, he would ce r-            layed, they all fell asleep, and they
tainly keep vigil and not permit his          were sleeping.
house to be broken into.                       6 But in the middle of the night, a
 44 For this reason, you also must            cry went out: „Behold, the groom is
be prepared, for you do not know at           arriving. Go out to meet him.‟
what hour the Son of man will r e-             7 Then all those virgins rose up and
turn.                                         trimmed their lamps.

                                 M AT T H E W

 8 But the foolish ones said to the          Behold, I have increased it by
wise, „Give to us from your oil, for         another five.‟
our lamps are being extinguished.‟            21 His lord said to him: „Well
 9 The prudent responded by sa ying,         done, good and faithful servant.
„Lest perhaps there may not be               Since you have been faithful over a
enough for us and for you, it would          few things, I will appoint you over
be better for you to go to the ve n-         many things. Enter into the gladness
dors and buy some for yourselves.‟           of your lord.‟
 10 But while they were going to              22 Then he who had received two
buy it, the groom arrived. And those         talents also approached , and he said:
who were prepared entered with him           „Lord, you delivered two talents to
to the wedding, and the door was             me. Behold, I have gained another
closed.                                      two.‟
 11 Yet truly, at the very end, the           23 His lord said to him: „Well
remaining virgins also arrived, sa y-        done, good and faithful servant.
ing, „Lord, Lord, open to us.‟               Since you have been faithful over a
 12 But he responded by saying,              few things, I will appoint you over
„Amen I say to you, I do not know            many things. Enter into the g ladness
you.‟                                        of your lord.‟
 13 And so you must be vigilant, b e-         24 Then he who had received one
cause you do not know the day or             talent, approaching, said: „Lord, I
the hour.                                    know that you are a hard man. You
 14 For it is like a man setting out         reap where you have not sown, and
on a long journey, who called his            gather where you have not scattered.
servants and delivered to them his            25 And so, being afraid, I went out
goods.                                       and hid your talent in t he earth. Be-
 15 And to one he gave five ta lents,        hold, you have what is yours.‟
and to another two, yet to another            26 But his lord said to him in r e-
he gave one, to each according to            sponse: „You evil and lazy servant!
his own ability. And promptly, he            You knew that I reap where I have
set out.                                     not sown, and gather where I have
 16 Then he who had received five            not scattered.
talents went out, and he made use of          27 Therefore, you should have d e-
these, and he gained another five.           posited my money with the ban kers,
 17 And similarly, he who had re-            and then, at my arrival, at least I
ceived two gained another two.               would have received what is mine
 18 But he who had received one,             with interest.
going out, dug into the earth, and he         28 And so, take the talent away
hid the money of his lord.                   from him and give it the one who
 19 Yet truly, after a long time, the        has ten talents.
lord of those servants returned and           29 For to everyone who has, more
he settled accounts with them.               shall be given, and he shall have in
 20 And when he who had received             abundance. But from him who has
five talents approached, he brought          not, even what he seems to have,
another five talents, saying: „Lord,         shall be taken away.
you delivered five talents to me.             30 And cast that useless servant i n-

                                 M AT T H E W

to the outer darkness, where there            42 For I was hungry, and you did
will be weeping and gnashing of              not give me to eat; I was thirsty, and
teeth.‟                                      you did not give me to drink;
 31 But when the Son of man will              43 I was a stranger and you did not
have arrived in his majesty, and all         take me in; naked, and you did not
the Angels with him, then he will sit        cover me; sick and in prison, and
upon the seat of his majesty.                you did not visit me.‟
 32 And all the nations shall be g a-         44 Then they will also answer him,
thered together before him. And he           saying: „Lord, when did we see you
shall separate them from one anot h-         hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or
er, just as a shepherd separates the         naked, or sick, or in prison, and did
sheep from the goats.                        not minister to you?‟
 33 And he shall station the she ep,          45 Then he shall respond to them
indeed, on his right, but the goats          by saying: „Amen I say to you,
on his left.                                 whenever you did not do it to one of
 34 Then the King shall say to those         these least, neither did you do it to
who will be on his right: „Come,             me.‟
you blessed of my Father. Possess             46 And these shall go into eternal
the kingdom prepared for you from            punishment, but the just shall go i n-
the foundation of the world.                 to eternal life.”
 35 For I was hungry, and you gave
me to eat; I was thirsty, and you                         CHAPTER 26
gave me to drink; I was a stranger,           1 And it happened that, when Jesus
and you took me in;                          had completed all these words, he
 36 naked, and you covered me;               said to his disciples,
sick, and you visited me; I was in            2 “You know that after two days
prison, and you came to me.‟                 the Passover will begin, and the Son
 37 Then the just will answer him,           of man will be handed over to be
saying: „Lord, when have we see              crucified.”
you hungry, and fed you; thirsty,             3 Then the leaders of the priests
and given you drink?                         and the elders of the people were
 38 And when have we seen you a              gathered together in the court of the
stranger, and taken you in? Or               high priest, who was called Cai a-
naked, and covered you?                      phas.
 39 Or when did we see you sick, or           4 And they took counsel so that by
in prison, and visit to you?‟                deceitfulness they might take hold
 40 And in response, the King shall          of Jesus and kill him.
say to them, „Amen I say to you,              5 But they said, “Not on the feast
whenever you did this for one of             day, lest perhaps there may be a t u-
these, the least of my brothers, you         mult among the people.”
did it for me.‟                               6 And when Jesus was in Beth ania,
 41 Then he shall also say, to those         in the house of Simon the leper,
who will be on his left: „Depart              7 a woman drew near to him, hold-
from me, you accursed ones, into             ing an alabaster box of precious
the eternal fire, which was prepared         ointment, and she poured it over his
for the devil and his angels.                head while he was reclining at table.

                                  M AT T H E W

 8 But the disciples, seeing this,            said: “Amen I say to you, that one
were indignant, saying: “What is the          of you is about to betray me.”
purpose of this waste?                         22 And being greatly saddened,
 9 For this could have been sold for          each one of them began to say,
a great deal, so as to be given to the        “Surely, it is not I, Lord?”
poor.”                                         23 But he responded by saying:
 10 But Jesus, knowing this, said to          “He who dips his hand with me into
them: “Why are you bothering this             the dish, the same will betray me.
woman? For she has done a good                 24 Indeed, the Son of man goes,
deed to me.                                   just as it has been written about
 11 For the poor you will always              him. But woe to that man by whom
have with you. But you will not a l-          the Son of man will be betrayed. It
ways have me.                                 would be better for that man if he
 12 For in pouring this ointm ent on          had not been born.”
my body, she has prepared for my               25 Then Judas, who betrayed him,
burial.                                       responded by saying, “Surely, it is
 13 Amen I say to you, wherever               not I, Master?” He said to him,
this Gospel will be preached in the           “You have said it.”
whole world, what she has done also            26 Now while they were eating the
shall be told, in memory of her.”             meal, Jesus took bread, and he
 14 Then one of the twelve, who was           blessed and broke and gave it to his
called Judas Iscariot, went to the            disciples, and he said: “Take and
leaders of the priests,                       eat. This is my body.”
 15 and he said to them, “What are             27 And taking the chalice, he gave
you willing to give me, if I hand             thanks. And he gave it to them, say-
him over to you?” So they appointed           ing: “Drink from this, all of you.
thirty pieces of silver for him.               28 For this is my blood of the new
 16 And from then on, he sought an            covenant, which shall be shed for
opportunity to betray him.                    many as a remission of sins.
 17 Then, on the first day of Unle a-          29 But I say to you, I will not drink
vened Bread, the disciples ap-                again from this fruit of the vine, u n-
proached Jesus, saying, “Where do             til that day when I will drink it new
you want us to prepare for you to             with you in the kingdom of my F a-
eat the Passover?”                            ther.”
 18 So Jesus said, “Go into the city,          30 And after a hymn was sung, they
to a certain one, and say to him:             went out to the Mount of O lives.
„The Teacher said: My time is near.            31 Then Jesus said to them: “You
I am observing the Passover with              will all fall away from me in this
you, along with my disciples.‟ ”              night. For it has been written: „I
 19 And the disciples did just as J e-        will strike the shepherd, and the
sus appointed to them. And they               sheep of the flock will be scattered.‟
prepared the Passover.                         32 But after I have risen again, I
 20 Then, when evening arrived, he            will go before you to Galilee.”
sat at table with his twelve di s-             33 Then Peter responded by sa ying
ciples.                                       to him, “Even if everyone else has
 21 And while they were eating, he            fallen away from you, I will never

                                  M AT T H E W

fall away.”                                   ciples and said to them: “Sleep now
 34 Jesus said to him, “Amen I say            and rest. Behold, the hour has drawn
to you, that in this night, before the        near, and the Son of man will be d e-
rooster crows, you will deny me               livered into the hands of sinners.
three times.”                                  46 Rise up; let us go. Behold, he
 35 Peter said to him, “Even if it is         who will betray me draws near.”
necessary for me to die with you, I            47 While he was still speaking, b e-
will not deny you.” And all the di s-         hold, Judas, one of the twelve, a r-
ciples spoke similarly.                       rived, and with him was a large
 36 Then Jesus went with them to a            crowd with swords and clubs, sent
garden, which is called Gethsemani.           from the leaders of the priests and
And he said to his disciples, “Sit            the elders of the people.
down here, while I go there and                48 And he who betrayed him gave
pray.”                                        them a sign, saying: “Whomever I
 37 And taking with him Peter and             will kiss, it is he. Take hold of
the two sons of Zebedee, he b egan            him.”
to be sorrowful and saddened.                  49 And quickly drawing close to
 38 Then he said to them: “My soul            Jesus, he said, “Hail, Master.” And
is sorrowful, even unto death. Stay           he kissed him.
here and keep vigil with me.”                  50 And Jesus said to him, “Friend,
 39 And continuing on a little fu r-          for what purpose have you come?”
ther, he fell prostrate on his face,          Then they approached, and they put
praying and saying: “My Father, if            their hands on Jesus, and they held
it is possible, let this chalice pass         him.
away from me. Yet truly, let it not            51 And behold, one of those who
be as I will, but as you will.”               were with Jesus, extending his hand,
 40 And he approached his disciples           drew his sword and struck the se r-
and found them sleeping. And he               vant of the high priest, cutting off
said to Peter: “So, were you not able         his ear.
to keep vigil with me for one hour?            52 Then Jesus said to him: “Put
 41 Be vigilant and pray, so that you         your sword back in its place. F or all
may not enter into temptation. In-            who take up the sword shall perish
deed, the spirit is willing, but the          by the sword.
flesh is weak.”                                53 Or do you think that I cannot
 42 Again, a second time, he went             ask my Father, so that he would give
and prayed, saying, “My Father, if            me, even now, more than twelve l e-
this chalice cannot pass away, u n-           gions of Angels?
less I drink it, let your will be              54 How then would the Scriptures
done.”                                        be fulfilled, which say that it must
 43 And again, he went and found              be so?”
them sleeping, for their eyes were             55 In that same hour, Jesus said to
heavy.                                        the crowds: “You went out, as if to a
 44 And leaving them behind, again            robber, with swords and clubs to s e-
he went and prayed for the third              ize me. Yet I sat daily with you,
time, saying the same words.                  teaching in the temple, and you did
 45 Then he approached his di s-              not take hold of me.

                                  M AT T H E W

 56 But all this has happened so that          66 How does it seem to you?” So
the Scriptures of the prophets may            they responded by saying, “He is
be fulfilled.” Then all the disciples         guilty unto death.”
fled, abandoning him.                          67 Then they spit in his face, and
 57 But those who were holding J e-           they struck him with fists. And ot h-
sus led him to Caiaphas, the high             ers struck his face with the palms of
priest, where the scribes and the             their hands,
elders had joined together.                    68 saying: “Prophesy for us, O Ch r-
 58 Then Peter followed him from a            ist. Who is the one that struck you?”
distance, as far as the court of the           69 Yet truly, Peter sat outside in the
high priest. And going inside, he sat         courtyard. And a maidservant ap-
down with the servants, so that he            proached him, saying, “You also
might see the end.                            were with Jesus the Galilean.”
 59 Then the leaders of the priests            70 But he denied it in t he sight of
and the entire council sought false           them all, saying, “I do not know
testimony against Jesus, so that they         what you are saying.”
might deliver him to death.                    71 Then, as he exited by the gate,
 60 And they did not find any, even           another maidservant saw him. And
though many false witnesses had               she said to those who were there,
come forward. Then, at the very               “This man also was with Jesus of
end, two false witnesses came fo r-           Nazareth.”
ward,                                          72 And again, he denied it with an
 61 and they said, “This man said: „I         oath, “For I do not know the man.”
am able to destroy the temple of               73 And after a little while, those
God, and, after three days, to r e-           who were standing nearby came and
build it.‟ ”                                  said to Peter: “Truly, you also are
 62 And the high priest, rising up,           one of them. For even your manner
said to him, “Have you nothing to             of speaking reveals you.”
respond to what these ones testify             74 Then he began to curse and to
against you?”                                 swear that he had not known the
 63 But Jesus was silent. And the             man. And immediately the rooster
high priest said to him, “I bind you          crowed.
by an oath to the living God to tell           75 And Peter remembered the
us if you are the Christ, the Son of          words of Jesus, which he had said:
God.”                                         “Before the rooster crows, you will
 64 Jesus said to him: “You have              deny me three times.” And going
said it. Yet truly I say to you, h e-         outside, he wept bitterly.
reafter you shall see the Son of man
sitting at the right hand of the po w-                    CHAPTER 27
er of God, and coming on the clouds            1 Then, when morning arrived, all
of heaven.”                                   the leaders of the priests and the
 65 Then the high priest tore his             elders of the people took counsel
garments, saying: “He has bla s-              against Jesus, so that they might d e-
phemed. Why do we still need wit-             liver him to death.
nesses? Behold, you have now heard             2 And they led him, bound, and
the blasphemy.                                handed him over to Pontius Pilate,

                                  M AT T H E W

the procurator.                                 14 And he did not respond any
 3 Then Judas, who betrayed him,               word to him, so that the procurator
seeing that he had been co ndemned,            wondered greatly.
regretting his conduct, brought back            15 Now on the solemn day, the
the thirty pieces of silver to the             procurator was accustomed to r e-
leaders of the priests and the elders,         lease to the people one prisoner,
 4 saying, “I have sinned in betray-           whomever they wished.
ing just blood.” But they said to               16 And at that time, he had a not o-
him: “What is that to us? See to it            rious prisoner, who was called B a-
yourself.”                                     rabbas.
 5 And throwing down th e pieces of             17 Therefore, having been gathered
silver in the temple, he departed.             together, Pilate said to them, “Who
And going out, he hanged himself               is it that you want me to r elease to
with a snare.                                  you: Barabbas, or Jesus, who is
 6 But the leaders of the priests,             called Christ?”
having taken up the pieces of silver,           18 For he knew that it was out of
said, “It is not lawful to put them            envy they had handed him over.
into the temple offerings, because it           19 But as he was sitting in the
is the price of blood.”                        place for the tribunal, his wife sent
 7 Then, having taken counsel, they            to him, saying: “It is nothing to you,
bought the potter ‟s field with it, as         and he is just. For I have exp e-
a burying place for sojourners.                rienced many things today through a
 8 For this reason, that field is              vision for his sake.”
called Haceldama, that is, „The                 20 But the leaders of the priests
Field of Blood,‟ even to this very             and the elders persuaded the people,
day.                                           so that they would ask for Barabbas,
 9 Then what was spoken by the                 and so that Jesus would perish.
prophet Jeremiah was fulfilled, sa y-           21 Then, in response, the procura-
ing, “And they took the thirty pieces          tor said to them, “Which of the two
of silver, the price of the one being          do you want to be released to you?”
appraised, whom they appraised b e-            But they said to him, “Barabbas.”
fore the sons of Israel,                        22 Pilate said to them, “Then what
 10 and they gave it for the potter ‟s         shall I do about Jesus, who is called
field, just as the Lord appointed to           Christ?” They all said, “Let him be
me.”                                           crucified.”
 11 Now Jesus stood before the                  23 The procurator said to them,
procurator, and the procurator que s-          “But what evil has he done?” But
tioned him, saying, “You are the               they cried out all the more, saying,
king of the Jews?” Jesus said to               “Let him be crucified.”
him, “You are saying so.”                       24 Then Pilate, seeing that he was
 12 And when he was accused by the             able to accomplish nothing, but that
leaders of the priests and the el ders,        a greater tumult was occurring, ta k-
he responded nothing.                          ing water, washed his hands in the
 13 Then Pilate said to him, “Do               sight of the people, saying: “I am
you not hear how much testimony                innocent of the blood of this just
they speak against you?”                       man. See to it yourselves.”

                                  M AT T H E W

 25 And the entire people responded           above his head, written as: THIS IS
by saying, “May his blood be upon             JESUS, KING OF THE JEWS.
us and upon our children.”                     38 Then two robbers were crucified
 26 Then he released Barabbas to              with him: one on the right and one
them. But Jesus, having been                  on the left.
scourged, he handed over to them,              39 But those passing by blas-
so that he would be crucified.                phemed him, shaking their heads,
 27 Then the soldiers of the procur a-         40 and saying: “Ah, so you would
tor, taking Jesus up to the praet o-          destroy the temple of God and in
rium, gathered the entire cohort              three days rebuild it! Save your own
around him.                                   self. If you are the Son of God, d es-
 28 And stripping him, they put a             cend from the cross.”
scarlet cloak around him.                      41 And similarly, the leaders of the
 29 And plaiting a crown of thorns,           priests, with the scribes and the eld-
they placed it on his head, with a            ers, mocking him, said:
reed in his right hand. And gen uf-            42 “He saved others; he cannot
lecting before him, they mocked               save himself. If he is the King of
him, saying, “Hail, King of the               Israel, let him descend now from the
Jews.”                                        cross, and we will believe in him.
 30 And spitting on him, they took             43 He trusted in God; so now, let
the reed and struck his head.                 God free him, if he wills him. For
 31 And after they had mocked him,            he said, „I am the Son of God.‟ ”
they stripped him of the cloak, and            44 Then, the robbers who were cru-
clothed him with his own ga rments,           cified with him also reproached him
and they led him away to crucify              with the very same thing.
him.                                           45 Now from the sixth hour, there
 32 But as they were going out, they          was darkness over the entire earth,
came upon a man of Cyrene, named              even until the ninth hour.
Simon, whom they compelled to                  46 And about the ninth hour, Jesus
take up his cross.                            cried out with a loud voice, sa ying:
 33 And they arrived at the place             “Eli, Eli, lamma sabacthani?” that
which is called Golgotha, which is            is, “My God, My God, why have
the place of Calvary.                         you forsaken me?”
 34 And they gave him wine to                  47 Then certain ones who were
drink, mixed with gall. And when he           standing and listening there said,
had tasted it, he refused to drink it.        “This man calls upon Elijah.”
 35 Then, after they had crucified             48 And one of them, running quick-
him, they divided his garments,               ly, took a sponge and filled it with
casting lots, in order to fulfill what        vinegar, and he set it on a reed and
was spoken by the prophet, saying:            he gave it to him to drink.
“They divided my garments among                49 Yet truly, the others said, “Wait.
them, and over my vestment they               Let us see whether Elijah will come
cast lots.”                                   to free him.”
 36 And sitting down, they o bserved           50 Then Jesus, crying out again
him.                                          with a loud voice, gave up his life.
 37 And they set his accusation                51 And behold, the veil of the tem-

                                  M AT T H E W

ple was torn into two parts, from top         Pilate together,
to bottom. And the earth was sh a-             63 saying: “Lord, we have remem-
ken, and the rocks were split apart.          bered that that this seducer said,
 52 And the tombs were opened.                while he was still alive, „A fter three
And many bodies of the saints,                days, I will rise again.‟
which had been sleeping, arose.                64 Therefore, order the sepulcher
 53 And going out from the tombs,             to be guarded until the third day,
after his resurrection, they went into        lest perhaps his disciples may come
the holy city, and they a ppeared to          and steal him, and say to the people,
many.                                         „He has risen from the dead.‟ And
 54 Now the centurion and those               this last error would be worse than
who were with him, guarding Jesus,            the first.”
having seen the earthquake and the             65 Pilate said to them: “You have a
things that were done, were very              guard. Go, guard it as you know
fearful, saying: “Truly, this was the         how.”
Son of God.”                                   66 Then, going out, they s ecured
 55 And in that place, there were             the sepulcher with guards, sealing
many women, at a distance, who had            the stone.
followed Jesus from Galilee, mini s-
tering to him.                                             CHAPTER 28
 56 Among these were Mary Magd a-              1 Now on the morning of the Sa b-
lene and Mary the mother of James             bath, when it began to grow light on
and Joseph, and the mother of the             the first Sabbath, Mary Magdalene
sons of Zebedee.                              and the other Mary went to see the
 57 Then, when evening had arrived,           sepulcher.
a certain wealthy man from Arim a-             2 And behold, a great earthquake
thea, named Joseph, arrived, who              occurred. For an Angel of the Lord
himself was also a disciple of J esus.        descended from heaven, and as he
 58 This man approached Pilate and            approached, he rolled back the stone
asked for the body of Jesus. Then             and sat down on it.
Pilate ordered the body to be re-              3 Now his appearance was like
leased.                                       lightning, and his vestment was like
 59 And Joseph, taking the body,              snow.
wrapped it in a clean finely-woven             4 Then, out of fear of him, the
linen cloth,                                  guards were terrified, and they b e-
 60 and he placed it in his own new           came like dead men.
tomb, which he had hewn out of a               5 Then the Angel responded by sa y-
rock. And he rolled a great stone to          ing to the women: “Do not be
the door of the tomb, and he went             afraid. For I know that you are see k-
away.                                         ing Jesus, who was crucified.
 61 Now Mary Magdalene and the                 6 He is not here. For he has risen,
other Mary were there, sitting oppo-          just as he said. Come and see the
site the sepulcher.                           place where the Lord was placed.
 62 Then the next day, which is after          7 And then, go quickly, and tell his
the Preparation day, the leaders of           disciples that he has risen. And b e-
the priests and the Pharisees went to         hold, he will precede you to Gal ilee.

                                  M AT T H E W

There you shall see him. Lo, I have           the Holy Spirit,
told you beforehand.”                          20 teaching them to observe all that
 8 And they went out of the tomb              I have ever commanded you. And
quickly, with fear and in great joy,          behold, I am with you always, even
running to announce it to his di s-           to the consummation of the age.”
 9 And behold, Jesus met them, sa y-
ing, “Hail.” But they drew near and
took hold of his feet, and they
adored him.
 10 Then Jesus said to them: “Do
not be afraid. Go, announce it to my
brothers, so that they may go to G a-
lilee. There they shall see me.”
 11 And when they had departed,
behold, some of the guards went i n-
to the city, and they reported to the
leaders of the priests all that had
 12 And gathering together with the
elders, having taken counsel, they
gave an abundant sum of money to
the soldiers,
 13 saying: “Say that his disciples
arrived at night and stole him away,
while we were sleeping.
 14 And if the procurator hears
about this, we will persuade him,
and we will protect you.”
 15 Then, having accepted the mon-
ey, they did as they were i nstructed.
And this word has been spread
among the Jews, even to this day.
 16 Now the eleven disciples went
on to Galilee, to the mountain wh ere
Jesus had appointed them.
 17 And, seeing him, they wo r-
shipped him, but certain ones
 18 And Jesus, drawing near, spoke
to them, saying: “All authority has
been given to me in heaven and on
 19 Therefore, go forth and teach all
nations, baptizing them in the name
of the Father and of the Son and of


Franck Dernoncourt Franck Dernoncourt Mr