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									           THE   EPISTLE   OF   PAUL   THE   APOSTLE   TO   THE

          CHAPTER 1                    you, and to ask that you
 1 Paul, an apostle of Je-             might be filled wi th the
sus Christ by the will of              knowledge of his will in
God,    and    Timothy    our          all wisdom and spiritual
brother,                               understanding;
 2   To   the   saints    and           10 That you might walk in
faithful brethren in Chr-              a manner worthy of the
ist who are at Colossae:               Lord, to please him in
Grace to you, and peace,               all things, being fruit-
from God our Father.                   ful in every good work,
 3 We give thanks to God,              and   increasing    in  the
the Father of our Lord                 knowledge of God;
Jesus Christ, praying a l-              11 Strengthened with all
ways for you,                          power, according to his
 4 Since we heard of your              glorious might, with all
faith    in  Christ    Jesus,          endurance    and   patience
and of the love which you              with joyfulness;
have for all the saints,                12 Giving thanks to the
 5 Because of the hope                 Father, who has made us
which is laid up for you               qualified to be pa rtakers
in heaven, of which you                of the inheritance of the
have already heard in the              saints in light.
word of truth, the gos-                 13 He has delivered us
pel;                                   from    the   dominion   of
 6 Which has come to you.              darkness, and has trans-
In    all   the    world   it          ferred us into the kin g-
brings    forth   fruit   and          dom of his dear Son:
grows, as it does also in               14 In whom we have re-
you, since the day you                 demption, the forgiveness
heard of it, and unde rs-              of sins.
tood the grace of God in                15 He is the image of the
truth:                                 invisible      God,     the
 7 As you learned it from              firstborn over all crea-
Epaphras, our dear fellow              tion:
servant, who is a fait h-               16 For by him were all
ful minister of Christ on              things created that are
our behalf;                            in heaven, and tha t are
 8 Who has also declared               in earth, visible and in-
to us your love in the                 visible, whether thrones,
Spirit.                                or dominions, or rulers,
 9 For this reason, since              or     authorities:     all
the day we heard it, we                things   were   created  by
do not cease to pray for               him, and for him:


 17 And he is before all             minister,     according     to
things, and in him all               the   commission     of   God,
things hold together.                which was given to me for
 18 He is also the head of           you, to make the word of
the body, the churc h: he            God fully known;
is   the    beginning,     the        26 That is, the mystery
firstborn from the dead;             which    has    been    hidden
that   in   all   things    he       from ages and from gener-
might have preeminence.              ations, but has now been
 19 For it pleased the Fa-           made    manifest     to    his
ther, that all his ful-              saints;
ness should dwell in him;             27 To whom God has chosen
 20 And through him to re-           to make known among the
concile    all    things    to       Gentiles    the   riches    of
himself,    whether    things        the glory of this mys-
on earth, or things in               tery; which is Christ in
heaven; having made peace            you, the hope of glory.
through the blood of his              28 Him we preach, warning
cross.                               every man, and teaching
 21 And you who were at              every man in all wisdom;
one   time   alienated     and       that we may present every
enemies in your minds be-            man perfect in Christ Je-
cause of wicked deeds,               sus.
 22 He has now reconciled             29 For this I labour,
in   his   body    of    flesh       striving according to his
through death, to present            power, which works migh-
you   holy   and    blameless        tily within me.
and irreproachable in his
sight:                                          CHAPTER 2
 23 If you continue in the             1 For I want you to know
faith,      grounded       and       what a great struggle I
steadfast,    and    are   not       have   for   you,   and    for
moved away from the hope             those   at   Laodicea,     and
of the gospel which you              for as many as have not
have   heard,     which    was       seen   my    face    in    the
preached to every crea-              flesh;
ture under heaven; and of             2 That their hearts might
which I, Paul, was made a            be comforted as they are
minister.                            knit   together    in    love,
 24 Now I rejoice in my              and that they might gain
sufferings for you, and              all   the   riches    of   the
fill up in my flesh that             full assurance that comes
which is lacking in the              from understanding, that
afflictions of Christ for            they may know the mystery
his body's sake, which is            of God, of Christ;
the church:                           3 In whom are hidden all
 25 Of which I was made a            the treasures of wisdom


and knowledge.                       the    uncircumcision    of
 4 And this I say, lest              your flesh, he has made
any   man   should    deceive        alive together with him,
you with enticing words.             having   forgiven   us  all
 5 For though I am absent            transgressions;
in the flesh, yet I am                14 Cancelling the bond of
with you in the spirit,              debt, with its legal d e-
rejoicing    and   beholding         crees against us, which
your good order, and the             was contrary to us, and
steadfastness      of     your       taking it out of the way,
faith in Christ.                     nailing it to his cross;
 6 Therefore, as you have             15 And having disarmed
received Christ Jesus the            rulers   and   authorities,
Lord, so walk in him:                he made a show of them
 7 Rooted and built up in            openly,   triumphing   over
him, and established in              them in it.
the faith, as you have                16 Therefore, let no man
been taught, and abound-             judge you in matters of
ing with thanksgiving.               food, or drink, or r e-
 8 Beware, lest any man              garding a festival, or a
spoil you through philo s-           new moon, or a sabbath
ophy   and    vain    deceit,        day:
which depend on the tr a-             17 Which are a shadow of
ditions of men and the               things to come; but the
rudiments of the world,              reality belongs to Chr-
and not on Christ.                   ist.
 9 For in him all the fu l-           18 Let no man defraud you
ness of Deity dwells in              of your reward, delight-
bodily form.                         ing in self-abasement and
 10 And you are complete             the   worship   of  angels,
in him, who is the head              taking his stand on vi-
of all rule and authori-             sions, vainly puffed up
ty.                                  by his fleshly mind,
 11 In him also you were              19 And not holding fast
circumcised with the cir-            to the Head, from whom
cumcision     made    without        all the body, supported
hands, in putting off the            and knit together by its
body of the flesh by the             joints    and    ligaments,
circumcision of Christ:              grows with a growth that
 12  Having    been     buried       is from God.
with him in baptism, you              20 Therefore, if you are
have also risen with him             dead with Christ to the
through    faith     in    the       elementary principles of
working    of     God,     who       the world, why, as though
raised him from the dead.            still    living    in   the
 13 And you, being dead in           world, do you submit to
your   transgressions      and       such ordinances as,


 21 Do not touch; do not             lice, slander, and filthy
taste; do not handle?                speech from your mouth.
 22 These all refer to                9  Do   not  lie    to  one
things which perish with             another, seeing that you
use; and are based on the            have put off the old man
commandments    and   doc-           with his deeds;
trines of men.                        10 And have put on the
 23 These things indeed              new man, who is being re-
have   an  appearance   of           newed in knowledge after
wisdom with their self -             the image of the one who
imposed    worship,    and           created him.
self-abasement,   and  se-            11 Here there is neither
verity to the body; but              Greek or Jew, circumcised
are of no value in r e-              or uncircumcised, barb a-
straining the indulgence             rian or Scythian, slave
of the flesh.                        or free: but Christ is
                                     all, and in all.
           CHAPTER 3                  12 Therefore, as the ch o-
  1   If    you   have    been       sen of God, holy and b e-
raised with Christ, seek             loved, put on hearts of
those    things   which    are       mercy, kindness, humil i-
above, where Christ sits             ty, gentleness, and p a-
on the right hand of God.            tience;
 2 Set your affection on              13   Bearing    with    one
things     above,    not    on       another,    and    forgiving
things on the earth.                 one another. If any man
 3 For you are dead, and             has a complaint against
your life is hidden with             another; just as Christ
Christ in God.                       forgave you, so you do
 4 When Christ, who is our           the same.
life, shall appear, then              14 And above all these
you   shall     also   appear        things put on love, which
with him in glory.                   is the perfect bond of
 5 Therefore, put to death           unity.
what is earthly in you:               15 And let the peace of
sexual immorality, impur-            God rule in your hearts,
ity, lust, evil desire,              since as members of one
and   covetousness,      which       body you were called to
is idolatry.                         this; and be thankful.
 6 For because of these               16 Let the word of Christ
things the wrath of God              dwell in you richly; with
is coming:                           all wisdom teaching and
 7 And in them you also              admonishing    one   another
walked at one time, when             with psalms and hymns and
you lived in them.                   spiritual songs, singing
 8 But now put off all               with thankfulness in your
these: anger, wrath, m a-            hearts to God.


 17 And whatever you do in           thanksgiving;
word or deed, do all in               3 And pray also for us,
the name of the Lord J e-            that God would open for
sus, giving thanks to God            us a door for the word,
the Father through him.              that   we    may    speak   the
 18 Wives, submit to your            mystery     of   Christ,    for
own husbands, as is fit-             which I am in prison:
ting in the Lord.                     4 That I may make it
 19 Husbands, love your              clear, as I should.
wives,   and     do   not   be        5 Walk in wisdom toward
harsh toward them.                   those    who    are   outside,
 20 Children, obey your              making the most of the
parents    in   all   things:        time.
for this is well pleasing             6 Let your speech be al-
to the Lord.                         ways with grace, seasoned
 21 Fathers, provoke not             with salt, that you may
your children, lest they             know how you ought to an-
be discouraged.                      swer every man.
 22   Slaves,     obey    your        7 All my affairs Tychicus
earthly    masters    in   all       shall declare to you; he
things; not as an outward            is a beloved brother, and
show, as pleasers of men;            a faithful minister and
but   with    singleness    of       fellow     servant     in   the
heart, fearing the Lord:             Lord.
 23 And whatever you do,              8 I have sent him to y ou
do it heartily, as for               for   that     very   purpose,
the   Lord,    and   not   for       that you might know of
men;                                 our    circumstances,       and
 24 Knowing that from the            that he might encourage
Lord   you    shall   receive        your hearts.
your reward, the inherit-             9 With him is Onesimus, a
ance: for you serve the              faithful       and      beloved
Lord Christ.                         brother, who is one of
 25 But he who does wrong            you.     They    shall     make
shall be repaid for the              known to you all things
wrong which he has done:             which    have    taken    place
and there is no partiali-            here.
ty.                                   10 Aristarchus, my fellow
                                     prisoner, greets you, as
          CHAPTER 4                  does Mark, the cousin of
  1 Masters, give to your            Barnabas, (regarding him
slaves that which is just            you     received      instruc-
and   fair;  knowing  that           tions: that if he comes
you also have a Master in            to you, welcome him;)
heaven.                               11   And    Jesus,    who   is
 2 Continue in prayer, and           called Justus. These are
be watchful in it with               my   only    fellow     workers


for the kingdom of God
who are of the circumci-
sion, and they have been
a comfort to me.
 12 Epaphras, who is one
of you, a servant of Chr-
ist, greets you, always
labouring   fervently  for
you in prayer, that you
may stand firm and fully
assured in all the will
of God.
 13 For I bear him wit-
ness, that he has a great
zeal   for  you,  and  for
those   in   Laodicea  and
 14 Luke, the beloved phy-
sician, and Demas, greet
 15 Greet the brethren who
are in Laodicea, and Nym-
pha, and the church which
is in her house.
 16 And when this letter
is read among you, have
it   also   read   to  the
church of the Laodiceans;
and you, likewise, read
the letter from Laodicea.
 17 And say to Archippus,
Take heed that you ful-
fill the ministry which
you have received in the
 18 I, Paul, write this
greeting in my own hand.
Remember my chains. Grace
be with you.


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