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       Position as Interaction Designer
       Experience in information architect, interaction design, user experience analysis.
       Experience in web design, UI design and mobile application design.
       Experience in product management, market analysis, and marketing strategy
       Improve total user experience and brand image


          User Experience Analysis (UX)/ Information Architecture (IA)/ Interaction Design
           (iXD)/ User Interface Design (UI)

                       Click on each project’s name to view online presentation

               1. Apri 2008 [Mobile Relax] cell phone application design
                       UX: observation, interview, testing, questionnaire
                       IA: sort function, user flow, design menu structure wire frame
                       IXD: Design 3 interactive modules for different stress types.
                       Prototype: cell phone application (Flash/ ActionScript)

               2. Feb 2008 [TrafficLife ] : cell phone application Design
                      UX: interview, observation, questionnaire, user testing
                      IA: application user flow, menu wire frame
                      IXD: Design different modules for different usage
                      UI: Redesign cell phone interface: physical/ software
                      Prototype: cell phone application (Flash/ ActionScript)

               3. Oct 2007 [ iLost ] cell phone application, Google Map redesign
                       UX: observation, interview, testing
                       IA: interactive map user flow/ map wire frame
                       UI: Design interface of cell phone/Google Map
                       Prototype: cell phone map application (Flash/ ActionScript)
       4. Dec 2007 [Fever Pitch] cell phone application design
                  UX: Social networking and entertainment business
                  IXD: Design interactive service content: watch, chat, play game
                  Prototype: multi function application (Flash/ ActionScript)

   Web Design:

               Click on each project’s name to view websites.

       1. Nov 2007 [Roger] : Dynamic Website Design
              Language: AJAX, Javascript, HTML, CSS
              Software: Phtotoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator

       2. June 2008 [Endless Innovation] : Website Design
                  Language: HTML, CSS
                  Software: Phtotoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator

   Interactive Design:

               Click on each project’s name to view websites

       1. May 2008 [Groovy Hand] New Interface of Music Expression
                          Design and make a DJ instrument using gesture control;
                          DJ Performance using hand made device [Groovy Hand] :
                  6/25 NYC; MAKER FAIRE : shore music performance
                  7/9 NYC; Handmade Music : short music performance
                  7/18 NYC; The Last Hope Digital Music Night: DJ performance
                  Performance video [Here]
                2. Apr 2007 [Sustainable Ferris Wheel]: interactive toy design,
                             Sustainable and educational toy. Solar power installation
                             Online video demo [here].

                3. Mar 2007 [STAIRWAY TO DIET] : interactive installation,
                             Sustainable art installation; Solar power installation
                             Graphic design: illustrator, photoshop

            Product Design:

                1. May 2001 [Flowing Paradise] : Outdoor bath and SPA system
                             won the "Good Design Association Award", given by China Industrial
                              Designers Association.

                2. June 2003 [Laptop China] : Laptop styling for Quanta Computer
                             Product Rendering: illustrator, photoshop, 3DMax

                Design Skills
                Design Realm: industrial design, mobile application design, interaction design,
                interactive design, web design (XHTML, CSS, PHP, ActionScript)
                Concept Development: user experience analysis, sketch, and quick prototyping
                Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dream Weaver, 3D Max, Microsoft

                Programming Skills
                Java: Processing, physical computing with Arduino, J2ME

                Music & Video Skills
                Software: MAX/MSP, Reason, Audacity, Ableton Live, Final Cut Pro, iMovie,
             Car & Life Magazine     July, 2005 – June, 2006
             ▪ Write news report: car market news, technical news, maintenance information.
             ▪ Test car and write column: road test impression, group test
             ▪ Translate article: AUTOCAR Magazine, AUTOSPORT Magazine.

             YULON MOTOR Co., Ltd/ RENAULT Business Department June, 2003 – July,
             Product Manager
             ▪ Conceived annual product plan,
             ▪ Managed telecommunication and info-service project, managed accessory project
             ▪ Conceived long and mid term business plan, account business profit and loss
             ▪ Conceived pricing strategy and sales promotion.

             New York University     Sep., 2006 - May, 2008
             Interactive Telecommunication, Master of Professional Study

             National Cheng Kung University Sep., 1997 – June, 2001
             Industrial Design, Bachelor.

             Good Design Association Award
             (2001) "Flowing Paradise" Outdoor SPA Shower Bathing System - won the "Good
             Design Association Award", given by the China Industrial Designers Association.