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Marketing Manager Mar 08 by nuhman10


									Version 23: 14 February 2008

                                               SENIOR MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE

                                                          ACTING PRINCIPAL
                                                            J R Farrington
                                                    Principalship Secretariat: K Richards
                                                                               V Eastwood

        D Rothwell                 [14-19] & QUALITY                      EMPLOYER & SKILLS                          [19+] & SUPPORT
                                         M Smith                               J Watson                                  S Mulligan
                               Directorate Admin Support: M Howden     Directorate Admin Support: D Barrett

(a)   Finance                  (a) Quality/Professional Development    (a) Business Centre                      (a) Science/Maths/Engineering
(b)   Information Services     (b) Heads of Studies:                       Marketing                            (b) Student Services/Support
(c)   Human Resources               14-19 [Sixth Form: Advanced]           Business Development                 (c) Heads of Studies:
(d)   Estates - Resources           14-19 [Sixth Form: Foundation      (b) Heads of Divisions:                      19+
(e)   IT                                              /Intermediate        Business, Public Services & Health       Equality & Diversity/Inclusion
(f)   LRC/RBL                  (c) Heads of Divisions:                     Hospitality, Hair & Beauty           (d) Head of Division:
                                   Creative Arts                                                                     Skills for Life
                                   Humanities/Social Science/Sport
                     NELSON AND COLNE COLLEGE


    Please read these notes carefully before completing your application form.

    Guidelines On Equality of Opportunity
    Nelson and Colne College is committed to equality of opportunity. Our aim is to ensure that no job
    applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of age , disability, employment
    status, gender, marital status, racial origin or sexual orientation. We want to ensure that every
    application is treated fairly. Selection criteria and procedures will be kept under review to ensure that
    individuals are selected or promoted on the basis of their relevant skills and abilities and qualifications.

    General Points For Completion Of The Application Process

    When you apply for a job with Nelson and Colne College we decide whom we select for interview
     from details contained in your letter of application and your application form. Only this information
     can be considered when we are deciding whether or not you will be selected for an interview.
     Therefore, it is very important that it contains the information that we want and the information that
     you want to give us.
    You will have received a job description which lists the duties that you would be expected to carry out,
     and a person specification which details the requirements that the interview panel will be seeking from
    Carefully read all the information that has been sent to you; this will tell you what we are looking for in
     terms of knowledge, skills, experience, qualifications etc. It is a good idea to make a rough draft of
     what you want to say.
    Nelson & Colne College is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children, young people and
     vulnerable adults. In completing your application form you must account for all gaps in
     employment. Where the gaps refer to a period covered by The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act then
     this should be submitted to the Personnel Manager in a sealed envelope marked confidential.
    Your application should be well organised, relevant and easy to read.
    You need to demonstrate the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience you have gained by giving
     examples of the work you have been involved in. Write in a positive way e.g. “I was responsible
     for.........” “I organised........” Always remember to specify your responsibilities rather than those of
     your department.
    Look at the person specification in detail. It will tell you what knowledge, skills, experience and
     qualifications you must have. They may have been gained in your current or previous job, or
     alternatively from community, domestic or voluntary work. The most important thing is to tell us how
     you meet them. We strongly recommend that you do this by tackling each element of the selection
     criteria in turn.
    It is not essential to type your application but please use black ink for copying purposes. You will find
     it useful to keep a photocopy for yourself.
    When completed read through your application carefully. Ensure that you have written your name on
     top of each additional page, ensure that they are numbered and securely attached to your application
    Take note of the closing date for the job and make certain your application is sent in plenty of time as
     late applications will not be accepted.
    If you require any further information about the job you are applying for, or there is something in the
     Job Description/Personnel Specification which you do not understand, please ring the Personnel
     Section on 01282 440271.
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 – Convictions and ‘Spent’ Convictions of a Criminal Nature

You will appreciate that the college must be particularly careful to enquire into the character and
background of the applicants for appointment to posts involving contact with students up to the age of
19. It is therefore essential that, in making your application, you disclose whether you have ever been
convicted of a criminal offence(s) and, if so, for what offence(s). Because of the nature of the work for
which you are applying, the post is exempt from the provisions of Section 4(2) of the rehabilitation of
Offenders Act 1974 by virtue of the Rehabilitation of Offenders 1974 (Exemptions) Order 1975.
Applicants are therefore not entitled to withhold information about convictions which for other
purposes are ‘spent’ under the provisions of the Act, and, in the event of employment, any failure to
disclose such convictions could result in dismissal or disciplinary action by the college. The fact that
conviction(s) have been recorded against you will not necessarily debar you for consideration for this
appointment. The College has a written policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders which is available to
all applicants on request.

You mush, therefore, answer the question on the application form: “Do you have any Criminal
Convictions?” (Please answer „Yes‟ or „No‟). If the answer is „Yes‟ you must give details of all
convictions, official written cautions and bind-over‟s including dates. The details should be enclosed in
a separate, sealed letter marked “Confidential” and be returned to the College. Any information given
will be completely confidential and will be considered only in relation to an application for positions to
which the Order applies. The object of this Notice is not, in any way, to reflect upon applicant‟s
integrity but it is necessary to protect the public and the College. A police check on criminal
background will be made in respect of successful candidates only prior to confirmation of appointment.


We are delighted that you want to join Nelson & Colne College. The College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the
welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. We
would like you to know that we positively endorse equality of opportunity. We will respect and keep in confidence all the
information you give us.

POST APPLIED FOR:                                                                             REF NO:

For photocopying purposes this form should be typed or completed in black ink. Do not attach any additional documents
other than a supporting letter. Any relevant documents or publications may be referred to in your letter.

Title: Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Other _______________                  National Insurance Number: _______________

Surname/Family Name: ___________________                     DFES Number: __________________________
Other Names: ____________________________ Do you have Qualified Teacher Status? YES / NO
                                                             Are you registered with the GTC for England? YES / NO
Former Names: __________________________
Address: ________________________________                    Applicants with disabilities: A disability or health problem
                                                             does not preclude full consideration for the job and
________________________________________                     applications from suitable disabled people are welcome.

________________________________________                     a) Do you consider yourself to be disabled? YES/NO
                                                             b) If yes, please describe the health problem or disability in
________________________________________                        this space:

Telephone No: ___________________________                    ________________________________________
Mobile No: ______________________________                    ________________________________________
E-mail Address: __________________________                   ________________________________________
________________________________________                     ________________________________________


Post held: ______________________________________________________________________

Present salary and grade if applicable:_____________________ Date of Appointment: _________

Name and Address of Employer:            _________________________________________________


3 EDUCATION AND TRAINING after age 11 (chronologically)
Qualifications obtained including subject area(s). If more than     Class,          Awarding body                        Date of
one subject, include approximate % of time spent on each.           grade, etc                                           award

 (including commercial, domestic, industrial, military or voluntary)
Organisation                               From        To          Full or       Position and reason for leaving. Please indicate if
                                           M/Y         M/Y        Part Time      you have been dismissed.
5 In- Service Training (during last 5 years)
 Provider of training                              Year & duration        Content of training and qualification obtained
                                                  e.g. 1998 6wks x 2hrs   (if any)

(Please account for all gaps in employment/education and training – see guidance notes enclosed)

6 A LETTER should be attached to this form, giving a short account of relevant experience and/or achievements in
    PERSONNEL SPECIFICATION (see guidance notes)

I authorise the College to obtain references to support this application, and release the College from any
liability caused by receiving this confirmation.

Two referees should be provided, one of which should be your current or latest employer, supervisor, or
tutor. References will not be accepted from relatives or from people writing solely as friends.

       Referee 1 (please complete in capitals)                    Referee 2 (please complete in capitals)

       Name:                                                      Name:
       Full Address:                                              Full Address:

       Occupation/position                                        Occupation/position
       and or relationship                                        and or relationship

If you are short listed may we contact your present employer for a reference?
 yes you can                  no you can‟t                 it doesn‟t apply
Period of notice required: ___________________________________

8    State whether you are related to any current member of staff including Governors.
     Canvassing of members of the Corporation or Senior Officers or any person involved in the
     recruitment process will disqualify you from appointment.
Do you have any criminal convictions? Yes/No (If yes, please attach details in a sealed envelope
F.A.O. the Personnel Manager, giving the date, nature of the offence and the sentence imposed). By
criminal convictions we mean any offence that you were found guilty of committing by Court or Court
Martial (this includes motoring offences). We also mean any cases that may be pending. Answering yes
doesn‟t mean that we can‟t consider you for this job. (See notes for guidance attached)

Please tick Box (A) if you have a current driving licence      A
             Box (B) if you have access to a car               B

I confirm that the information I have given on this form is correct and complete, and that misleading
statements may be sufficient for cancelling any agreements made and may be cause for rejection, or if
employed dismissal. I understand that the declaration in Section 9 will include details of any criminal
convictions, cautions, reprimands, final warnings and (for posts requiring enhanced disclosures), any
other information that may have a bearing on my suitability for the post. I understand too that if selected
that a standard or enhanced disclosure (as appropriate) will be sought from the Criminal Records
Bureau. A copy of the College‟s obligations under the CRB Code of Practice may be obtained from the
Personnel Section.
Your signature on this document gives the College the right under the Data Protection Act 1998 to
process the information you have given, including data of a sensitive nature, for processes relating to
your application for employment, which have been notified to the offices of the Information
Commissioner. Any processing of the data by the College will be in accordance with the College‟s Data
Protection Policy and the processing Principles set out in the act. Application forms of unsuccessful
candidates will be destroyed after 9 months.
Signature: ______________________________________                       Date: ________________
This application form (quoting the reference number) should be returned as follows:
By post to:       The Personnel Section               By email to:
                  Nelson and Colne College
                  Scotland Road                       By fax on: (01282) 440274
                  BB9 7YT

Note: Please ring the Personnel Section should you require confirmation that your application
      has been received. Tel No: (01282) 440271
                        Nelson & Colne College Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form

Nelson and Colne College is committed to striving for equality for all members of the community it employs and serves. The
information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence and is for monitoring purposes only and forms no part of the
selection process.

        Post Applied For:

        Title:                                           Surname:                                              Forenames:

        Date of Birth:
        Ethnic Origin (please indicate by a tick in the appropriate box)

        □ Asian Bangladeshi                              □ White Other                                         □ Mixed White/Asian
        □ Indian                                         □ Chinese                                             □ Mixed Other
        □ Pakistani                                      □ Black African                                       □ Mixed White/Asian
        □ Other Asian                                    □ Black Caribbean                                     □ Other
        □ White British                                  □ Mixed White/Black African                           □ Not Known
        □ White Irish                                    □ Mixed White Caribbean

        Gender:                □ Male               □     Female              □     Transgender

        Sexual orientation                                                        Religious Belief
        Please select that which best describes your                              Please indicate your religious belief:
        □    Lesbian                                                              □     Buddhist     □     Christian    □     Hindu
        □    Gay                                                                  □     Jewish       □     Muslim       □      Sikh
        □    Bisexual                                                             □     Other
        □    Heterosexual

        Disability Discrimination Act 2005

        Definition of disability: a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long term effect on a person’s ability to
        carry out normal day-to-day activities. Do you consider that you have a disability as defined under the Disability
        Discrimination Act 2005?
        □    Yes           □ No                □ I do not wish to disclose whether or not I have a disability
        If answering yes, please give details of your disability:

        Where did you see the advert?
        □    Burnley Express/Nelson                      □     Evening Telegraph               □    Times Education Supplement
             Leader Services                             □     Community Centre                □    Other, please specify…………………………………
        □    Job Centre
        The Personnel Section is continually trying to improve the services and facilities it offers and we
        would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes completing the following survey.

        1. How did you receive your application pack?                           □     By Post        □    College Website           □     Other

                                                                               Very                Inefficiently

        2. How efficiently was your request dealt with?                        1□ 2       □ 3□ 4□ 5 □
                                                                               Very                Most
                                                                               Helpful             Unhelpful

        3. How did you find the Personnel staff?                               1□ 2       □ 3□ 4□ 5 □
        4. How do you think Personnel might improve things?................................................................................................................


                                                        Thank you for your time in completing this form
                                      JOB DESCRIPTION
JOB TITLE:               Marketing Manager

UPDATED:                 10th March 2008

RESPONSIBLE TO:          Director of Curriculum Employers & Skills

The description of key duties is a guide to the work that you will initially be required to undertake.
They may be changed from time to time to meet changing circumstances and are reviewed
annually during the Staff Review process.

                                            KEY DUTIES

Role Specific                      To share the College‟s Mission and communicate it
                                   To be pro-active towards education/organisational
                                    developments which are beneficial to the College.
                                   To promote actively, equality and diversity and to
                                    ensure that all students be included within an
                                    environment which positively helps them to succeed.
                                   To value and support students to achieve their full
                                   To promote the principles and practices of total quality
                                   To ensure pro-active and effective liaison with
                                    appropriate organisations and the wider community, to
                                    the benefit of the College.
                                   To complete duties with due regard to Health and Safety
                                    and Risk Management procedures.
                                   To ensure good communication at all levels.
                                   To ensure effective liaison with appropriate
                                    organisations and the wider community, to the benefit of
                                    the College.
                                   To be responsible to the Curriculum Director for the
                                    direction of the work of the Marketing Unit.
                                   To develop a comprehensive Marketing Strategy for the
                                   To be a key member of the Marketing Strategy Groups
                                    and to contribute to sub-groups as appropriate.
                                   To liaise with Heads of Studies/Division in order to
                                    ensure a wide-ranging and appropriate curriculum
                                    portfolio for all cohorts.
                                   To take responsibility for market research in support of
                                    the Strategic Plan, in liaison with Divisions and the
                                    Management Information Systems (MIS) Unit.
                                   To oversee the production of the College Needs
                                    Analysis on an annual basis.
                                   To manage processes in respect of the gathering and
                                    analysis of data relating to customers perceptions of
                                   To manage the student recruitment process, including
                                    internal recruitment for all cohorts.
                                   To oversee the design, production and distribution of all
                                    publicity material in support of the Marketing Strategy
                                    and the College PR strategy.
                                   To manage internal and external College promotional
                              To be responsible for the direction of the work of the
                               Marketing Unit.
                              To liaise with appropriate Heads of Studies to ensure
                               development and implementation of differentiated
                               strategies for schools.
                              To be responsible for Schools Liaison activities.
                              To maintain and develop effective working relationships
                               with local and national media, as appropriate.
                              To review, monitor and evaluate on a regular basis, all
                               marketing activities in the College.
                              Produce action plans, recruitment reports, and other
                               SMT reports as required.
                              Hold regular meetings with all marketing staff to ensure
                               effective and timely communications.
                              Work effectively as part of the College Marketing Team.
                              Manage communications with staff, students and other
                              To work flexibly including where necessary evenings
                               and weekends.
                              To contribute to the College‟s Annual Report to the
                               Board of Corporation.
                              To manage the Marketing Unit budget.
                              To undertake any other duties that the Principal
                               considers appropriate.

College Responsibilities      Share the College‟s Vision, Mission Values, Behaviours
                               and communicate them effectively.
                              Participate in Staff Review and Professional
                               Development activities as required.
                              Value diversity and promote equal opportunities.
                              Engage in marketing activities and liaison with
                               employers and the wider community in line with
                               College strategies.
                              Work within health and safety guidelines and be aware
                               of your responsibilities for health and safety/risk
                              Adhere to College policies and procedures, including
                               Data Protection.
                              Be responsible for safeguarding and promoting the
                               welfare of children, young people and/or vulnerable
Salary and Conditions of Service

Salary £34,500 per annum, (payable monthly by credit transfer). Conditions of employment are as laid
down by the College Board of Corporation.

Completed application forms should be returned to:

The Personnel Section
Nelson and Colne College
Scotland Road
BB9 7YT      or by e-mail to

Closing date: Thursday 27 March 2008 at 12.00 noon                  Ref No: 2/581
                                    PERSON SPECIFICATION

JOB TITLE Marketing Manager

UPDATED              10th March 2008
CRITERIA                                        ESSENTIAL   DESIRABLE          ASSESSED BY

Degree or relevant professional                                               Application
qualification.                                                                 form/Interview

A recognized Marketing Qualification.                                         Application

IT (Level 2) qualification (or willingness to                                 Application
work towards).                                                                 form/Interview

Graphic Design qualification                                Highly Desirable   Application

Record of successful team leadership.                                         form/Interview/Letter/

Experience of managing resources and                                          Application
budgets.                                                                       form/Interview/Letter/

Of significant customer liaison.                                              Application

Of event organization/implementation.                                         Application

Of producing successful media campaigns.                                      Application

Of carrying out market research, and                                          Application
undertaking needs analyses.                                                    form/Interview/Letter/

Of working in an education or training                      Highly Desirable   Application
context.                                                                       form/Interview/Letter/

Proven written and oral communication                                         Application
skills to a high standard.                                                     form/Interview/Letter/
Demonstrate a commitment to the process                                 Application
of continuous review and improvement.                                    form/Interview/Letter/

Be industrious, enthusiastic and innovative                             Application
with a capacity to initiate developments                                 form/Interview/Letter/
and see them through to completion                                       References

Ability to work under pressure and to tight                             Application
deadlines and demonstrate prioritisation                                 form/Interview/Letter/
skills                                                                   References

An enthusiastic and motivated attitude in                               Application
order to engender a positive ethos within                                form/Interview/Letter/
the Team                                                                 References

An expert in the use of Information                                     Application
Technology                                                               form/Interview/Letter/

Be a team player                                                        Application

Be able to inspire, enthuse and motivate                                Application
staff                                                                    form/Interview/Letter/

Knowledge and understanding of current                                   Application
developments in Further Education                     Highly Desirable   form/Interview/Letter/


Proven commitment to equality of                                        Interview/Letter/
opportunity                                                              References

A driving licence and access to a car                                   Interview/Letter/
Ability to work flexible hours as some
evening and weekend working may be                                      Interview/Letter/
required                                                                 References

Ability to speak Urdu &/or Punjabi
                                                                        Interview/Letter/
The ability to promote and safeguard the
welfare of children, young people and                                   Interview/Letter/
vulnerable adults                                                        References

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