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					                     SoftBank X02HT Usage Notes
             Read these notes and User Guide before using SoftBank X02HT.

●Services not compatible with Yahoo! Keitai or some other standard SoftBank Mobile services
  X02HT is
    (S! Cast, S! GPS NAVI, etc.). See for more information.

●Operation Descriptions & modem.
  X02HT cannot be used as a

    To confirm handset phone number, see "My Phone Number" (p.2-2).
    Change Voice Mail number from Call Forwarding; see "Setting Call Forwarding" (p.4-3) and
    "Setting Voice Mail" (p.4-4).
    When using Internet Explorer Mobile with WLAN On, in-range WLAN connections take priority.
    To change priority to 3G network connections, cancel WLAN in Comm Manager.
    Exiting Internet Explorer Mobile does not automatically cancel 3G network/WLAN connections.
    (Connection automatically ends after approximately 30 minutes of inactivity). Use Task Manager
    to close Internet Explorer Mobile for immediate disconnection. See p.6-12 "Ending Applications."
    If Memory is low, files/mail may not save or be deleted; see "Allocating Free Memory" (p.6-13).
    Mail ringtone plays in full even if mail is opened; use short files like these pre-installed ones:
       Alert-Ascending Chimes (1 second) Default
       Alert-Attention (1 second)     Alert-Instant Message (1 second)
       Alert-Echo (3 seconds)         Alert-Outlook (2 seconds)
       Alert-Exclaim (1 second)       Alert-Subtle (2 seconds)
    If Manner Mode is activated with Stereo Earphone Microphone connected, ringer does not sound
    via Stereo Earphone Microphone.
    The following sounds are heard even when Manner Mode is active:
       Camera shutter click                          Media Player playback
       Voice Tag recognition           Applications (games, etc.)
    For S! Mail with 28-byte-or-longer Subject (non-UTF-8 character code) and no Text field entry,
    "This message cannot be displayed" appears in Text field.
    Ringer may not sound or indicator may not appear for incoming Mail in these cases:
       Multiple messages arriving consecutively           Messages arriving just after power on

(Continued on Reverse Side)
    If USIM Card Contacts are set to appear, previously inserted USIM Card Contacts may appear
    when X02HT is powered on after replacing USIM Card. Select Start → Settings → Phone →Call
    Options and clear "Show SIM contacts" to hide USIM Card Contacts.
    Appointments and Contacts cannot be saved as vCalendar and vCard files for use on X02HT.
    Attach vFiles to S! Mail.
    Even if Memory Card is inserted, indicator does not appear in Home; confirm via File Explorer.

●More Important InformationSystem and applications are not supported by SoftBank Mobile.
  X02HT preinstalled Operating
    Windows Update is provided by Microsoft. For details (in Japanese only), see
    Repairs re-initialize X02HT. Back up important data before requesting repairs.
    Handset files may be altered or lost due to malfunction, repairs, etc. Back up such information;
    synchronize handset and PC. For more, see User Guide p.11-1 "Synchronization (ActiveSync)."
    Handset disassembly or sticker removal may void warranty; repair requests may be denied.
    MAC address may be changed by malfunction or repairs.
    If X02HT performance is unstable, back up data and initialize handset.
    X Series handsets or applications installed on X Series handsets may automatically establish an
    Internet connection via the Network; Network may establish connection with X Series handsets.
    See for details (in Japanese only).
    Even during WLAN connections, some applications may establish 3G Network packet
    communications connections.
    See online user manual or for the latest information.

 Microsoft, Windows Mobile and Internet Explorer are either trademarks or registered trademarks of
 Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
 "Yahoo!" is a trademark or registered trademark of Yahoo! Inc. in the United States.
 SOFTBANK name and logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SOFTBANK Corp. in
 Japan and other countries.

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