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									                            Kansas Gang Investigators Association
                                   3rd Annual Conference
                                               FEBRUARY 3-6, 2009
                                           HOLIDAY INN: OLATHE, KANSAS

Once the exclusive concern of poor neighborhoods in our large cities, youth street gangs have lately
inspired an almost paralyzing fear in both suburban and rural middle-class communities everywhere.
Today, gangs are present in nearly every community across the nation. Bringing fear, terror and
economic instability, street gangs bestow a number of challenges for today’s law enforcement.

The Third Annual Kansas Gang Investigators Conference (KGIA) will provide participants with a
variety of perspectives and techniques that will assist on suppression, investigation, identification
and prevention of gang activity. This conference will provide statewide gang updates, as well.

This conference will offer a half day on Gangs 101 and School Threat Assessments. This session is
open to school administrators and other relevant personnel. The remainder of the conference
(February 4-6, 2008) is open to Law Enforcement, Corrections and Prosecution personnel and will
include information on Gangs and the Internet, Hip Hop Music and Gang Culture, White Supremists
and Extremism, MS-13 and Hispanic Gang Updates. In addition, a motivational presentation from
the Director of FORTE (Foundation for Officers Recovering from Traumatic Events). Finally, a
special guest will be present to discuss a specific undercover investigation. *For security reasons,
this individual is unable to be identified at this time. All participants will be required to
present current credentials for admittance.

      The Third Annual Kansas Gang Investigators Association Conference is co-sponsored by:
                      The United States Attorney’s Office, District of Kansas,
          The Regional Community Policing Training Institute at Wichita State University,
                       The Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center,
                           The Midwest Counterdrug Training Center,
                                 The Olathe Police Department,
                            The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office, and
                                        The Home Depot
                                            Conference Logistics

 Registration: On-site registration begins at 10:00 AM on Feb 3rd and then again at 7:00 AM on
  February 4th. Conference will end at 5:00 PM on Feb. 6th. Registrations must be received no later
  than January 26, 2009.

 Lodging: The Holiday Inn, 101 W. 151st Street in Olathe, Kansas, is offering room rates of $89 plus tax
  per night. There is only a small block of rooms reserved for this event at this price so make reservations
  early. Please contact the Holiday Inn directly at (913) 829-4000 for reservations. Please mention the
  KGIA Conference when making your reservation. Reservations must be made by February 1, 2009.

 Fees: The conference fee this year is $25 for those attending the “Gangs 101 and School Threat
  Assessment” session only on February 3rd. Conference fees are $130 for all participants attending the
  conference in its entirety. Payment for this year’s conference can be made by Check or Money
  Order. Please make checks payable to the Kansas Gang Investigators Association (KGIA, Federal Tax
  ID# 75-3081591) and submit with registration form. You may also pay through PayPal thorough the
  KGIA website at

 Refunds/Cancellations: It is recommended you send a qualified substitute if you cannot attend.
  However, if you are not able to attend, please contact Heather Joyce at 316-978-5897 prior to January
  26, 2008. If you do not provide notice of cancellation prior to January 26, 2008, you and/or your agency
  will be held liable for the registration fees. A full refund of registration fees will be made if notification is
  made prior to January 25, 2008. The liability of the 3rd Annual Kansas Gang Investigators Association
  Conference is limited to the registration fee. The 3rd Annual Kansas Gang Investigators Association
  Conference will not be responsible for any losses incurred by the registrants, including but not limited to
  airline cancellation charges and/or hotel deposits.

 Comprehensive handouts and resource materials will be provided.

 A Certificate of Attendance with 23.5 training hours will be issued at the completion of the conference.
  Name:                                                         Title:
  City:                                                         State:              Zip:
  Telephone:                                                    Fax:
  Please Indicate if                Gangs 101 Session/School Threat Assessment
  ONLY Attending:

                             Please mail or fax this Form to:                                       Ms. Heather Joyce
                                                                                 Regional Community Policing Institute
                                                                                               Wichita State University
                                                                                                       1845 Fairmount
                                                                                              Wichita, KS 67260-0135
                                                                         Toll Free: 888.877.0585/Direct: 316.978.5897
                                                                Fax: 316.978.3345/E-Mail:
                  Kansas Gang Investigators Association
                         Third Annual Conference
                                       February 3-6, 2009
                                          Holiday Inn
                                            Olathe, Kansas
February 3, 2009

1300—1430 Hours                           Gangs 101; Presented by David Starbuck
1430—1700 Hours                    School Threat Assessment; Presented by James Pauley

February 4, 2009

0700—0800 Hours                                Conference On-Site Registration
0800—0830 Hours                                Welcome and Opening Remarks
0830—1130 Hours                              Hip Hop Music and Gang Culture;
                                        Presented by Lester Moore & George Chavez
1130—1300 Hours                                      Lunch Provided
1300—1700 Hours                   Undercover Investigation; Presented by Special Guest!!!

February 5, 2009
Breakout Sessions—Choose from the three sessions listed; one in the morning (8:30 AM to
11:30 AM) and one in the afternoon (1:00 PM to 4:00 PM)—Lunch on Your Own

Breakout Session 1: White Supremacist Groups and Extremism
Breakout Session 2: MySpace and Gangs on the Internet
Breakout Session 3: MS-13/Hispanic Gang Updates

February 6, 2009

0830—1200 Hours                     Vision of Courage; Presented by Bobby Smith, PhD.
Noon—1330 Hours                                     Lunch On Your Own
1330—1630 Hours                                       Local Gang Updates
For additional information regarding the content of this year’s conference, please contact KGIA President,
         Ruben Salamanca, Topeka Police Department, 785-368-9025 or 785-217-5580 or e-mail
                             Presenter Biographical Information
David Starbuck—Gangs 101: Mr. Starbuck currently works as a Consultant for the National Youth Gang Center in
Tallahassee, FL. And also as a Field Program Specialist for the National Drug Intelligence on drug and gang trends, and
maintains an ongoing liaison with numerous local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, along with various agencies
involved in drug and gang prevention and treatment. He is the current President of the Midwest Gang Investigators
Association—Missouri Chapter, and also the current Vice-Chairman of the MGIA Executive Board and voting member of
the National Association of Gang Investigators Associations.
Sgt. James Pauley—School Threat Assessments:
Det. George Chavez—Hip Hop Music and Gang Culture: Det. Chaves has been in Law Enforcement for twenty years.
The last 15 years have been in Madison, WI. He has been a member of the Dane County Narcotics and Gangs Task Force
and has been the gang liaison officer since 1997. Det. Chavez has been the South Central Wisconsin Coordinator for the
Midwest Gang Investigators Association, Vice President of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Great Lakes International Gang
Investigators Coalition and currently the Midwest Representative for the International Latino Gang Investigators
Association. Det. Chavez is currently assigned to the Criminal Intelligence Section of the Madison Police Department as a
gang investigator.
Officer Lester Moore—Hip Hop Music and Gang Culture: Officer Moore has served in Law Enforcement for ten
years. He has worked as a beat officer and neighborhood officer in the City of Madison’s most challenged area.
Prior to serving as a police officer, Lester spent six years serving in the United States Marine Corps and with the
Special Assistant to the United States Attorney at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. Lester is currently a
uniformed officer assigned to the Dane County Narcotics and Gangs Task Force and is the unit’s Gang Specialist.
Lester has assisted in training for officers in Dane County and Jefferson County on Gang Identification and
Intelligence Gathering Strategies.
Special Agent Roger Bonner—White Supremacist Groups and Extremism: Special Agent Bonner began his career
in corrections with the Kansas Department of Corrections in 1983 at the Kansas State Penitentiary. In 1989 he
was assigned to the Intelligence and Investigation Section to identify and track gang members in the facility and
throughout KDOC. In 2005, Roger was promoted to Chief Investigator for Facilities and serves on the committee
that reviews departmental policy and procedure for the identification, validation, and management of gang
members, and develops and provides training programs for all KDOC staff. Roger has been certified by the
Courts in Kansas as a gang expert and has testified in several trials about gangs. He holds a Master’s degree in
criminal justice, and is on the executive board of the National Major Gang Task Force and serves as Secretary
for the Kansas Gang Investigators Association.
1st Sgt. John Smith— White Supremacist Groups and Extremism: John Smith has been with the Kansas
Department of Corrections since 1991. He is currently assigned as the Security Threat Group Intelligence
Officer at the El Dorado Correctional Facility. John has provided gang training for security and contract staff at
the facility and has delivered presentations on prison gangs at Wichita State University, Butler County
Community College and several Law Enforcement Agencies.
Ret. Det. Bruce Ferrell—MySpace and Gangs on the Internet: Mr. Ferrell recently retired after 22 ½ years of
service with the Omaha Police Department. Mr. Ferrell’s last assignment was as detective of the Gang
Intelligence Squad for 9 ½ years. Mr. Ferrell has lectured extensively nationally about various gang subjects
including, Hispanic Street Gangs, MS-13, Gang Intelligence, Gang Investigation, Gang Unit Management, and
Gangs on the Internet. Mr. Ferrell has been the Chairman of the Midwest Gang Investigators Association since
2007; previously serving as Vice-Chairman from 2005. Mr. Ferrell has been a broad member of the National
Alliance of Gang Investigators Association since 2005 and serves as the Association Parliamentarian.
Sgt. Nelson Arriaga—MS-13 and Hispanic Gang Update: Sgt. Arriaga has been a member of the Inglewood
Police Department in 1992. He is currently assigned to the Special Operations Division, Anti-Crime Team and
Gang Intelligence Unit and Homicide Unit. The two Specialized Units are tasked with Gang Enforcement, Street
Level Narcotics, and Gang Intelligence. Sgt. Arriaga has presented in El Salvador, Honduras and across the
United States on the history, clicks, identifiers, national and international emergence, trends, criminal activity
and structure of gangs in the U.S. and Central America.
Bobby Smith, PhD—Vision of Courage: Dr. Bobby Smith began his law enforcement career as a Patrolman for
the Monroe Police Department in 1975. In 1986, working as a Louisiana State Trooper, he was shot in the face
and blinded in the line of duty. As a result of the shooting and aftermath of trauma, he realized the need for law
enforcement officers to have assistance in dealing with post trauma. In 2001, he founded and currently serves as
the Director of FORTE, Foundation for Officers Recovering from Traumatic Events. With a unique blend of
seriousness and humor, he teaches people how to deal with the tragedies of life and the importance of not taking a
single day or person for granted.

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