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                             BOARD MEETING
                                11 June 2010
                         Holiday Inn, Urbandale, Iowa

Meeting: Called to order at 1015 by President Delbert King.
      Present: Delbert King, President
                Clare Reed Past President & Board Member
                Suzanne Boyde, Treasurer
                Jason Wiltfang, Substitute for Secretary
                Dan Conroy, Regional Director
                Darwin Rittgers, Regional Director

Minutes: The Minutes from the Board Meeting of 2 April 2010 were submitted by Jason
Wiltfang. Motion by Suzanne Boyde to accept The Minutes as presented. Second by
Darwin Rittgers. Passed by unanimous vote.

         Treasurer: Suzanne Boyde presented the current Balance Sheet. Motion to accept
by Clare Reed. Second by Darwin Rittgers. Passed by unanimous vote.
         Vice President: Though absent from this meeting, Kelly Halverson did provide
notice she is working on Conference.
          Secretary: Daniel Wiltfang though absent provided comments on continuing
efforts to evaluate Certification materials. Comments presented by Jason Wiltfang.
         Treasurer’s Items: Continued discussion of funding and memberships. Delbert
King suggests that attempts to increase the membership continue. Specifics relative to the
Conference and fees discussed. Suzanne Boyde noted that some current dues remained
unpaid. It was again suggested that notice of a reinstatement fee be referenced on the
Website as well as PayPal particulars to avoid confusion. More still needs to be done to
illustrate an advantage of membership in the Association. It was suggested that posting
online instead of printing multiple handouts at Conferences might be an area to save
funds. This will be discussed further and reviewed at the General Meeting to be held at
the Conference. It was again suggested that the Regional Directors encourage members
within their respective regions to support each other to promote advantages of working
with the local agencies.
         Past President: Clare Reed reported on nearly completed efforts with vendors for
the Conference. Clare Reed suggested that there be consideration of special recognition
for IRB regular and continuing support of the IAPI.
         Regional Directors:
                  Jim Oien could not attend this meeting.
                  John Babyar could not attend this meeting.
                  Darwin Rittgers restated that members are always invited to the Board
                Meetings and encouraged to submit items for discussion. Darwin is
                continuing to review and select special items for the Conference such as;
                screened logo and/or embroidery items. Hats, bags, notebooks, and such

                 will be ready. An anniversary plaque is being researched. A website
                 “store” may be a future fundraiser for the association.
                   Dan Conroy was attending but had no new items to report.
        President: Delbert King introduced the Holiday Inn Director of Sales, Troy
Thompson, to discuss the 25th Anniversary Conference arrangements up date.
        Troy Thompson covered previously discussed event orders and Conference
        (Included here are those items previously discussed by Liz Mikkelson at the 2
April 2010 Board Meeting for quick reference:
        Ms. Mikkleson previously presented options for meals at the Conference to
include new menu items. Breakfast/break alternatives were presented (Minutes up date:
The “a la carte” selection was approved the week following this Board Meeting as this
represents a savings to the Association over the “deluxe continental”). Meals alternatives
were presented. Selected were the following: A first day lunch cold sandwich with
“Bennigan Chips”. There may be a “Club Croissant” in lieu of sliced bread. There is to
be a Banquet Buffet for the Anniversary Celebration with a new “Chicken Supreme” and
“Specialty Steak”. The second day lunch will be a hot sandwich choice of “Hot Beef” or
“Hot Turkey”. Breaks with coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices, cookies, brownies, etc. will be
in keeping with prior years. A dessert option was provided whereby the Association may
for no service fee provide a custom dessert.)
        President’s Items: Delbert King summarized much of the discussion as per the
following items.
                 Item 1. Donors for Conference.
         Final data on items and donors will be completed in time for the Conference.
                 Item 2. 25th Anniversary Conference give away and gift items.
         Still suggested is an item cost limit of $15. Items are being selected and will be
completed in time for the Conference.
                 Item 3. Past Presidents at 25th Anniversary Conference.
        Delbert King has located all the former Presidents of the Association. Suzanne
Boyde has sent letters to the past presidents of the Association. The Banquet Dinner will
be provided the individual by the Association. Spouse or guest meal is included. Some
form of special gift is still being considered and will be finalized in time for Conference.
                 Item 4. Hospitality Room.
        The regular Board meeting room on the lower level at the Holiday Inn will be set
aside as a Hospitality Room.
                 Item 5. Gifts for Speakers.
        Some form of presentation engraved glassware will be ready for the Conference.
Speakers will also receive many of the same “gifts” presented to the membership.
                 Item 6. Color Guard.
        In lieu of the Color Guard we will recognize that the National Guard that usually
participates at IAPI Conferences is being deployed. It was suggested that we still place a
National Flag and state the Pledge of Allegiance to the USA as part of our opening
                 Item 7. Miscellaneous items.
        It was reconfirmed that the Annual Conference Fee will be $150 for members and
$225 for non members.

                Item 8: Conference and Dates:
       The 25 Anniversary of the Iowa Association of Private Investigators will be the
theme of the Annual Conference on the 22nd and 23rd of July, 2010 at the Holiday Inn,
Urbandale, Iowa. Under consideration are Speakers, Vendors, Donors, Door Prizes, and
Special Anniversary Items or Programs for the event.
                Item 9: Board Meeting.
       The next Board Meeting will be Friday the 23rd of July 2010 during the Lunch
Period at the Holiday Inn in Urbandale. Nominations and Elections will take place for
Officers of the IAPI.
        Closing comments made by Delbert King in appreciation of those attending.
       Motion to adjourn by Clare Reed. Second by Suzanne Boyde. Passed by
unanimous vote. Meeting adjourned at 1235 hours.

              Respectfully submitted by Jason Wiltfang for the Secretary,
                            Daniel Wiltfang, 18 July 2010.

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