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    f you are 16 or 17-years old, you must obtain a      • U.S. Territory or Canadian Photo License (valid     employee verification letter from a Connecticut
    learner permit before you can practice driving.      or expired)                                           employer.
    The permit must be held for 180 days if you are      • Valid Out of State or Canadian learner’s            • All applicants will be verified through USCIS for
    home trained and 120 days if completing a            permit with photo                                     legal status before the test will be issued and
commercial or secondary driver training course           • Connecticut Non-Driver ID issued 10/2001            may be required to submit additional documenta-
prior to your appointment for the on-the-road exam.      or later                                              tion.
                                                         • Connecticut Pistol Permit with photo
Learner Permit Requirements                              • Naturalization Certificate                          Test Requirements
    Applicants must pass a vision and knowledge          • Valid Foreign Passport with supporting                  You must pay the $40 test fee and pass a
test in order to obtain the learner permit. The            documents as required by U.S. Citizenship           vision test and knowledge test to earn your learner
permit allows the student to practice with a               and Immigration Services (USCIS)                    permit. DMV has consolidated the learner permit
licensed driver who is at least 20 years old, has        • Baptismal Certificate or similar document           knowledge test and the driver license knowledge
held a license for a minimum of four consecutive         • Marriage License                                    test into one comprehensive 25-question test. This
years and who has not been suspended in the four         • Foreign Birth Certificate (translation may be       test will be administered before issuing a permit.
years prior to training. Driving without a permit is a     required)                                               Below is an explanation of the tests:
violation of state law and could extend the waiting      • Permanent Resident Alien Card (I-551)
time necessary to apply for a Connecticut                • Pilot’s License (Issued by U.S. DOT)                Vision Test
operator’s license.                                      • Expired U.S./U.S. Territory or Canadian Photo
                                                                                                                   Minimal vision is evaluated for at least 20/40 in
                                                         • Connecticut State (DSS) Issued Public               the better eye with or without glasses or contact
Required Consent                                                                                               lenses. Peripheral vision (sight to either side while
                                                           Assistance Card with photo
    A parent, court-appointed legal guardian, or                                                               looking straight ahead) must be 140 degrees or
                                                         • Employee ID from State or Federal
spouse over 18 years of age, must accompany                                                                    100 degrees for persons with one eye.
                                                           Government with Signature and Photograph
the applicant in person or provide him/her with a
                                                         • Social Security Card with signature
notarized certificate of parental consent                                                                      Knowledge Test
                                                         • Certified School Records
(form 2-D). The test will NOT be given without                                                                     In order to pass the knowledge test, you must
                                                         • Court Order
consent.                                                                                                       answer at least 20 of 25 questions correctly. The
                                                         • Divorce Decree
                                                         • Expired Passport                                    test is based on the latest edition of the “Connecti-
Required Documents                                       • Civil Union Certificate                             cut Driver’s Manual for New Drivers.”
    To acquire the learner permit, the applicant                                                                   Applicants that fail the knowledge test must
must provide resident address verification such as       All Non-US Citizens Applying for a                    wait seven days before retesting and will be
a postmarked letter, magazine, report card, etc. A                                                             required to pay $40 for each retest.
                                                         Connecticut Operator License or
post office box will not be accepted.
    You must bring your certified birth certificate      Learner Permit
                                                         • If you are not a citizen of the United States,      Locations to Take Knowledge Test
or valid U.S. Passport, in addition to one form of                                                                 The knowledge test is offered at all full-service
identification from the list of acceptable               you will be required to show proof of your legal
                                                         status in this country.                               DMV branch offices and is given on a walk-in basis
identification (Photocopies of documents are not
                                                         • Holders of B1/B2 Visitor’s Visa are not eligible    up to one hour before the office closes. Tests are
                                                         for a driver’s license or learner’s permit unless a   NOT given at satellite offices, mobile units, or AAA
    Social Security Act [42 U.S.C. 666(a) (13)],
                                                         valid Employment Authorization Card (EAC) and         offices.
requires that the Social Security number of any
applicant for a driver’s license or learner permit be    verification of an application pending for Lawful
                                                         Permanent Residence is provided.                      Training
recorded on the application.
                                                         • Foreign Students with an F1 Visa status must            Before taking the final on-the-road exam, you
                                                         show USCIS document I-20 and verification             must have at least 30 hours of driver’s education,
List of Acceptable Identification
                                                         of current enrollment in a Connecticut school.        including the state-required eight-hour driving
• Military ID or Dependent Card with photo
                                                         • J1 Visa holders are required to show USCIS          safety course (which includes two hours of parent
• Military Discharge/Separation Papers
                                                         document DS 2019.                                     training). These hours of education are designed
• Certified Birth Certificate or Registration of Birth
                                                         • H-1B Visa holders are required to show a valid      to teach the applicant how to become a good
• Valid Passport
                                                         USCIS Employment Authorization Card and an            driver.
• Certified Adoption Papers
    The student driver must also be given at least        Restrictions for Newly Licensed Teen
40 hours of behind-the-wheel, on-the-road
                                                          Drivers (16 and 17 years of age)
                                                               Once you earn your driver license, you must
                                                                                                                       What Is Required
    If you plan to be home trained, you must also         follow certain driving restrictions, such as:
complete an eight-hour approved course through                 During the first six months of holding a
either a commercial or secondary school covering          driver’s license, the license holder may not have
safe driving practices, including the effects of
alcohol and drugs on a person operating a motor
                                                          any passengers in the vehicle except for:
                                                          • The driver’s parents or legal guardian, at least
                                                                                                                      The Learner’s
vehicle, as well as the penalties for alcohol/drug
related motor vehicle violations. Your parent or
                                                          one of whom must have a valid motor vehicle
                                                          operator’s license, OR
legal guardian will be required to attend a two-hour      • One person who is who is at least 20 years of
class with you concerning teen driving laws.              age or older, has held a license for four or more
    For those trained in a commercial or secondary        consecutive years and whose license has not
driver education program, the original certificate of     been suspended in the last four years.
completion is required to be shown when you
appear for the road test. All training requirements           During the second six months (months
must be met before a student can be given the on-         seven through 12), the license holder has the
the-road exam.                                            same passenger restrictions as in the first six
                                                          months however, the license holder may also
Passenger Restrictions for Learner                        transport members of his or her immediate family.
Permit Holders
     Connecticut has passenger restriction laws for       In addition:
learner permit holders except when the permit
holder is receiving instruction by a licensed             • Until their 18th birthday, teenage drivers may
instructor during a driving school or driver              not transport more passengers than the number
education lesson.                                         of seat belts in the vehicle.
     Permit holders may not have any passengers           • Until his or her 18th birthday, a driver may not
in the vehicle except for a qualified trainer.            operate any vehicle that requires a public
     The qualified trainer:                               passenger transportation permit, or a vanpool            For 16- and 17-Year-Old Drivers
     • Must be 20 or older and held a driver’s            vehicle.
license for at least 4 years with no suspensions          • Driving is prohibited between the hours of 11
during the last 4 years.                                  p.m. and 5 a.m. unless the individual is traveling
     Possible trainers include:                           for employment, school, religious activities or for            Dannel P. Malloy
     • Spouse of a married minor applicant, or            a medical necessity, or if the individual is an
                                                          assigned driver in a Safe Ride program.
     • Parent, grandparent, foster parent, or legal
guardian, or                                              • Until their 18th birthday, teenage drivers may
     • If the applicant has no spouse, parent,            not use cell phones (even if they are “hands-free”)            Melody A. Currey
grandparent, foster parent, or legal guardian             or mobile electronic devices while they are driving.              Commissioner
qualified and available: Step-parent, brother, sister,    A “mobile electronic device” includes any handheld
uncle or aunt, by blood or marriage.                      computer or other device with any type of
                                                          video display.
The On-The-Road Test Appointment                                                                                         State of Connecticut
                                                              These restrictions do not apply to persons who
     After an applicant has held the permit for 120
                                                          are active members of a volunteer fire company or
                                                                                                                   Department of Motor Vehicles
days or 180 days they will be given a date to return                                                                       60 State Street
for the on-the-road portion of the driver’s test at the   department, a volunteer ambulance service or
same office.
                                                          company, or an emergency medical service                      Wethersfield, CT 06161
                                                          organization who are responding to an emergency
                                                          call or carrying out their duties as an active                      ct.gov/dmv
                                                                                                  Z-15 Rev. 8/08          ct.gov/teendriving

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