Santa santa high in the sky by ashrafp


									                                      Santa, Santa, High in the Sky

Part 1 Listen to the song. Can you find the right word?

Santa, Santa, high in the tree ? sky?
Come down the street? chimney?, don’t be shy
Santa, Santa, high in the tree ? sky?
Leave a little pencil? present? for me!
There’s a cake? carrot? for your reindeer
There’s a cup of ? glass of? sherry and a big mince pie
There’s an empty stocking? schoolbag? waiting

Santa, Santa…

Come on Santa, don’t be shy!
There’s an icy cold wind? snowman? blowing
The spaceships? stars? are shining in the dark blue sky
The Christmas fires? lights? are glowing
Come on Santa, don’t be shy! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Look at the underlined words and write them below the pictures.

T___________         S___________S__________C_____________       S__________ M_______ _____

P___________   R_____________ S_________ L_________   F_____________ W___________
Part 2

My family

                              My father                       My grandmother
                                               My mother                                         My grandfather

                    My brother
                                         My sister

What presents has Santa got for the family? Match the family and their

________             ________                  ________                  ________

      a) My grandmother likes flowers.                    e) Mum loves music.
      b) My brother loves art.                             f) My sister likes games.
      c) My cat likes toys.                               g) My grandfather loves sport.
      d) I love Christmas!                                h) My dad loves books.

      ________                   ________                  ________               ________

Now write the names below the pictures :
CDs   present          bike      game                toy (mouse)     books        flowers   painting
                             Christmas vocabulary
                            Find the English words.

Across                                Down

2. étoile                              1.   renne du Père-Noël
7. arbre                               2.   bonhomme de neige
8. petits gâteaux aux fruits confits   3.   jeu
9. chaussette                          4.   vent
10. cheminée                           5.   cadeau
11. le père Noël                       6.   lumière
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