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									15 Ways to Take a 15 Minute Bar Exam Study Break

The sole focus of many of you during this time period is bar exam
preparation. You may wake up in the morning at 8 or 9am and have the
entire day, over 14 hours of time, to prepare for the bar! That is a
ridiculous amount of time and much more than you'll ever need. What will
get you ready for the bar is not so much the time you have, but what you
are doing with the time you use. During your bar exam preparation, taking
breaks will be just as important as studying.

Study breaks are VERY GOOD for you because 1) you have the time to do it,
and 2) they will keep your fresh, energized, and efficient. Here are 15
ways you can take a 15 minute break to reenergize your body, mind, and

(1) Walk/Jog in the park

Even taking a short, 15 minute walk may be the best thing you do all day.
Not only will taking a break clear up your mind, but walking allows you
to keep the blood flowing. Also, being in the park changes your
surroundings, giving you new, fresh energy. And being in nature will
connect you with your natural environment. Studies show nature walking
can make you more successful than city walking.

(2) Walk your dog

Taking your pet out for a nice walk or run will keep the blood flowing,
give you fresh energy, change up the scene, and provide some
companionship and connection.

(3) Read your favorite book

What?! More reading? Yes! Dive into your favorite fantasy novel, war
story, or brain book. Surprisingly, I didn't feel tired or drained when I
did additional, outside reading. Rather, it was a great way for me to
disconnect from the bar, keep my mind in the 'reading' zone, and learn
something new. Curling up with your favorite book for 15 minutes to end
each night is a great de-stresser.

(4) Play video games

Without a doubt, this was one of my most utilized and best study breaks!
It was easy, games were short, and I didn't even have to get up from the
library or wherever I was studying. It's also very fun, makes you happy,
and allows for a complete disconnect - all the things you need to do on a
break before you hit the studying again! In case you're wondering, my
game of choice was Command & Conquer: Zero Hour for PC.

(5) Youtube

Enter 'funny videos' on youtube and you'll be off to a great,
entertaining, and fun break from your studies. Keeping yourself laughing
and smiling is one of the best things you can do.
(6) Push-Ups

Need a quick de-stress? Drop down and give yourself 20 push-ups. If you
feel embarrased, do it in the corner of the room or next to your desk so
people don't see you. This is a great way to get the blood flowing in the
brain again.

(7) Meditate

Finding a nice quiet park bench, closing your eyes, and letting all your
thoughts seep out into the ether is a very relaxing way to de-steam and
collect yourself.

(8) Pray

Meditation if the art of listening. Prayer is the art of asking. Putting
yourself in a peaceful mind and ask the divine creator for assistance in
helping you pass the bar exam just might be the best 20 minutes you spend
the entire two months.

(9) Simple stretching

If you don't have time to go to a yoga class, just walk outside and do
some simple stretches. Put your feet together and try to touch your toes,
holding for at least 20 seconds. Then go two shoulder widths apart, take
your right arm and put it over your head, feeling the stretch on your
side, and switch sides. Stretch your arms out and move them in circular
motion. Do a slow hula hoop movement to stretch out your hips. Do
whatever other stretch you feel you need. Stretching is a great way to
keep your body and mind from getting too tight.

(10) Call mom, dad, sibling, best friend

Need a positive, encouraging boost? Don't we all. Make sure you take the
time to get it. Call up your most positive, supportive fans and have a
conversation. Just hearing their voice for 15 minutes can do wonders.
Hopefully, they'll drop a few, encouraging remarks, "You can do this.
Hang in there." If not, ask them to give you these remarks. Just hearing
it will help, even if you told them to say it!

(11) Take a power nap

Naps allow your mind to absorb and process all the information you have
been putting into it. A quick 15 to 30 minute power nap can help you get
ready for another essay run. Just don't oversleep during the day. If you
go over 45 minutes, you'll become drowsy, and it might take you a while
to get back up and at it!

(12) Eat a snack

If you're hungry, why wait? Grab a 'snackers.' Giving yourself a few
minutes away from the book, while feeding your mind with a stimulating
and healthy snack is a perfect way to take a break.
(13) Brain games

These are a great, fun way to take a break and strengthen your mind.
Think your mind is already being tested enough? These brain games can
actually be a great compliment in strengthening your analytical thinking,
significantly assisting you for the bar exam. You can get brain game
books for cheap at a bookstore or find them online.

(14) Look at your visual/goal for passing the bar

Sometimes, when you need a break, it is simply your mind telling you to
remember what you're here to do. Looking at a goal you wrote, a visual
you created, or the reasons you want to pass the bar exam can be a
beautiful way for helping you refocus again.

(15) Sing to yourself

You know you sing to yourself when you're alone in the shower or driving.
It's ok, we all do it. Sometimes you may just want to yell at the top of
your lungs. Instead, turn that rage into a nice, sweet melody. Just sing
it loudly so you feel like you're still satisfying that rage feeling.

I hope you enjoyed these great ways to take a 15 minute break. Make sure
you take several breaks every day throughout your study period.

As always, good luck in passing your bar exam!

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