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									    Monetizing Your Social
      Media Presence
  “Turn Facebook Into Big Money In As Little As
              30-Minutes A Day”
A Free Report By Robert Grant & Ian David Chapman
Monetizing Your Social Media Presence

First I want to congratulate you on making such a
good choice and taking the time to read this report.
What I am about to share will change the way you
look at social media and will immediately give you an
edge over your competition who are still using old
forms of marketing and advertising.

What I am about to share with you is the story of how
I went from Zero as a total newbie on the internet, to
building a successful business that generates a full
time income and developing a contacts list that most
people would die for.
I am now on first name terms with multimillionaires,
bestselling authors and movie stars across the globe
and the people who were once my inspiration and
heroes have now become my students, clients and
business partners.

A Blueprint You Can Use
I’m going to share with you the blueprint that I used
so that you can easily replicate my success in your
own life and business.
How I Got Started In Social Media
About 15 months ago I was managing a multi million-
dollar recruitment company and I was about to be
made a partner.

My previous Job was extremely stressful and I never
had any time to see my Family because I was always
working and my health started suffering.

One day it reached the point that I collapsed on the
floor and I was rushed to hospital with chest pains.

I had a conversation with the doctor and he told me I
had to quit my Job or risk the health consequences
that had already started to surface through stress.

I Quit My Job
My life was basically on the line and after a lot of
deliberation I took that leap of faith that many
secretly wish for and had the courage to quit my Job.
I didn’t really know what I wanted to do except that I
wanted to pursue my dreams of helping people and
sharing my skills and talents with the world.

I accidentally stumbled upon Facebook and was lucky
enough to meet people who showed me exactly what
I needed to do to grow my business.

At that time I was hearing different opinions about
marketing using Social Media. While some of my
friends were saying there is no money in it, I knew of
others who were doing wonders on Facebook.

One of those people was Ian David Chapman. Ian was
fortunate to have been on the inside of several high
profile social media launches and had spent
thousands of hours testing and tracking Facebook
from a marketing perspective.
Marketing On Facebook Is Free
Now what attracted me most to marketing on
Facebook was the fact that it didn’t cost money and
was virgin territory with relatively little competition.

Well cutting a long story short Ian shared with me a
blueprint that enabled me to start making thousands
of dollars within a very short space of time. And we
soon became business partners.

Ian got frustrated because I had a serious lack of
patience and only wanted to know the strategies that
would produce immediate results.

He sent me off to read Facebooks’ terms and
conditions and I told him to go jump in lake. I didn’t
listen to his advice (which I am grateful for)

And forced him create a strategy that creates fast
results for people like me that have no patience.
I am a firm believer in the 80/20 rule, which states
that 80% of your results come from 20% of your
actions. I told him that all I was interested in was that

The end result was a condensed step-by-step formula
that contained the essence of effective social media
We Called This Process Crowd Conversion
It basically show you how to create an audience of
targeted prospects and turn them into a tightly knit
community of paying customers who will evangelize
and promote your business by word of mouth.

What this means is that instead of having to pay
through the nose for Google PPC (pay per click), SEO
or other conventional ways to get traffic to your
website you can use the power of the crowd to
magnetically attract new customers into your sales

Why is this formula so powerful?
We have tested this ourselves rigorously and have
seen the same results for total newbies and multi
million dollar marketers alike. This stuff works!!

What would it be worth to your business to get 409
targeted leads from only 3 minutes of work creating
and uploading a video.
This formula provides a way to get free traffic to your
website and It gives you the ability to grow your own
email mailing list.

It’s also highly targeted traffic that makes you money.
Its not difficult to create a full time income from
spending as little as 30 minutes per day.

We don’t need to brag about it. The proof is in the
pudding. Which is why we have best selling authors,
top internet marketers like Alex Mandossian and
multi millionaire businessmen and movie stars like
John Assaraf knocking on our door.

    “Last month I had a video on Facebook that was in
    highlight feeds for almost 3 weeks and helped
    generate over $100,000 in that time period.
    I have been told that this is something that no one has
    ever done before.

    Thanks to Robert and Ian, I have I have been able to
    grow my Facebook Fan Page to over 1000 people in 24
    hours, which enabled me to do my most successful Ask
    Alex teleseminars to date”

    Alex Mandossian – Heritage House Publishers.

The Truth About Social Media
There is a lot of stuff being written about social
media, a lot of it by self-proclaimed gurus who have
just jumped on the bandwagon. And most of it is
misleading and downright untrue. The reason is all
these so called experts are talking about theory or
they are relating to data that has been twisted or
distorted to conform to the point of view they want to

What I am going to share is based on real life
experience not theory and other people’s statistics.
This knowledge has been gained in the trenches right
out on the bleeding edge in an industry that’s
changing as rapidly as we speak.

It’s easy to get lost in all the tools and technology and
miss out the basic principles that you need to
succeed. I come from a business coaching background
so everything I do has been rooted in solid practices
and with a deep understanding of the way human
beings behave when they are placed in social
environments, crowds and communities.

Before I go any further I’d like to clear up a few
misunderstandings and set you straight on a few
things. A lot of people come to social media with
preconceptions like.
You Need Something To Sell?
One of the biggest barriers to someone getting started
in social media is thinking they have to have
something to sell.

While it’s a good idea to have your own unique
product or service its definitely not a requirement to
succeed and start building a profitable business
Truth be told, nearly half the income that I make
comes from selling other peoples products as an
affiliate and in our training we will show you exactly
what you need to do to do this successfully.

There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to go
about this and most affiliate marketers who
experiment with social media sites like Facebook fall
flat on their faces.

Their main problem is the attitude and mindset that
they approach it with. On sites like twitter where
there has been no rules or restrictions affiliate
marketers have become little more than spammers
and it’s only a matter of time before Twitter starts
cracking down.

The same problems happened on MySpace 2 years
ago when it used to be nicknamed SpamSpace. This
won’t ever happen on Facebook for a number of
reasons. The main one being that Facebook
vigorously protects its users. That’s a blessing in
disguise for the smart marketers who know how to
take advantage of such a closed-door environment.

You Have To Have A List?
Any one who has been around Internet marketing
circles for longer than a few months must have heard
the old saying “The Money Is in The List”.
Well, it’s true to a degree and one of the biggest
obstacles most newbies face is they don’t have a list
and they have no idea how to get one.

Some people are fooled into thinking that if they just
get 5000 friends on Facebook or 20,000 followers on
twitter that suddenly that list will start spitting out
money like an ATM cash machine.

Anyone can buy a spam robot and grow a list of
thousands of random names. We know for a fact that
most of the so-called gurus have been using them.
And they impress people with these huge numbers
who don’t really know what these numbers mean.

We are not impressed. The Fact is we don’t even care,
we know that with the advent of social media the
money is no longer in the list, its in the relationships
you have with that list.
Relationship & Response Rate Are Important
We are personally friends with people who have
massive lists and their response rates are pretty
pathetic when compared to the response rates that I
get do with some of my small-targeted Facebook
groups and pages.

I know that one of my groups of only 8000 people had
the same response as an email list of 250,0000

The bottom line is that if you build a Facebook Group
or Page in the right way like we will be teaching you
can instantly have a responsive list that you have a
personal relationship with and this list can easily
provide you with a full time income.

You Must Have Your Own Website
With the rise of Social Media it’s actually no longer
even necessary to have you own Website.

I know people that have spent tens of thousands of
dollars building beautiful websites that get hardly any
traffic. They took the wrong advice and its like they
have a palace in the middle of the desert. The only
visitors are those people who know exactly how to
find you.

Social media gives anyone the opportunity to set up
shop on Main Street. And lets face it, Facebook is now
Main Street with 70% of the worlds entire internet
population on Facebook and the average user logging
in for an average of 21 minutes per day.

While we do recommend you having your own blog
it’s not a requirement to get started. Anyone can set
up their own Facebook Page for free and start
building a community around their product or
services. 8 million people join a Facebook fan page
every day.

If you already have own website the activities that
you do on Facebook will only enhance your website
and help your search engine rankings. We can even
show you ways to use your existing visitors and
customers and instantly gain exposure to their
friends. It’s all free and takes almost no time to set up.

The 3 Common Mistakes That Most People Make

1. They don’t have a blueprint or a mentor to guide
them and show them the pitfalls to avoid.

2. They waste tons of time for little results and get
lost down the rabbit hole.
They don’t know the key things to focus on that will
bring them profits or they end up adding a bunch of
random people, thinking it’s a race to get the biggest

3. They enter social media with the wrong
mindset – well meaning people can often end up as
spammers sending links all the time and alienating
their potential audience. Social media is an art and
we’d like to share more with you on how to approach
it in the right way.

Key Concepts To Monetization With
Social Media
We have broken down the steps that all the successful
people go through when they use social media in the
right way and we want to share that model with your
right now.

While we have focused out attention on Facebook
these concepts can be transferred to any other social
networking site like Twitter, Your Tube, Linked in
Orkut or Myspace.
1. Building Core Relationships

Core relationships follow the 80/20 rule, which
means that 20% of you effort will lead to 80% of your
results. This means that 20% of the people you
interact with will add 80% of the real value to you or
your business.

Furthermore you can apply the 95/5 rule and
understand that 5% of the people you meet will be
responsible for 95% of the potential growth that can
take place.

So how do you focus on the right 20% for your core
relationships and find that 5% of people who hold the
keys to the kingdom.

On Facebook The 5% that you need to focus on can be
divided into two groups, influencers and engagers.
Influencers are people who either have an established
reputation and circle of influence or who have large
networks that give them a wide broadcasting reach.

Being At The Centre Of The Web
Many people use the metaphor of a spiders web when
they refer to the Internet and social networking. It’s a
useful analogy to understand how we are all
connected together.

If you place your activity in the centre everything you
do has ripple effects through the entire web.

Every business is made up of people and your initial
task is to find a core nucleus of people who can help
you move in the direction to spread your message.

This can be as few as 5 key people who you need to
find and develop relationships with. If you add
sufficient value to these people they will allow you to
piggyback off their network and reputation and
instantly catapult you into a position of influence and

This is a vast subject and for now we will skip over it
as we have a lot more to cover, but we will be
releasing anther video and report in a couple of days
that will focus on this subject specifically.

2. Gathering Your Crowd

If you want to make money using social media you
need a network or people around you. Whether that
network is one that you will directly sell to or one
that will facilitate you to sell to an even wider
network you still need to have the right crowd of
people around you to hear your message.
On Facebook you have several options for doing this.
The first thing is to focus on your core relationships
through your personal profile. If you have the key
relationships in place you can start building your own
community immediately.

We have taught our clients and students how to grow
their Facebook Pages and Groups strategically.

Many people ask what’s the difference between a
group or a page. The basic difference is to do with
communication. A group allows you to message 5000
people directly to their email inbox whereas a Page
allows you to send messages through the newsfeed or
via notifications.
Right now Facebook pages are extremely powerful
and once they reach a critical mass they will grow all
on their own.

Think of a Facebook page as your own personal
website within Facebook that has a huge viral
potential to grow and spread your message further.

3. Engaging your audience
The key to all social media marketing is engagement.
If you want to build powerful relationships with
people quickly you have to get them into some form
of conversation

On Facebook there are multiple engagement channels
to choose from, such as sharing content, status
updates, videos, photos, notes, and comments.

In order to grab attention your content needs to
contain some of the following attributes
   Be Entertaining/outrageous
   Display your convictions
   Shocking/controversial information
   Bad news headlines get attention more than
    good news
   Weird things that don’t make
   Uncommon wisdom
   Challenging a paradigm

The beauty of social media is that you don’t even have
to be the one who creates all the content. You can use
other peoples content to get the same results and
people will remember you and associate your name
with the good feelings that they experienced from
that exchange.

4. Amplifying your message

On Facebook there are three ways which your
message and content is spread. When people share
your content, when they comment on your content or
when they click a button that says they like it.
As you enter into conversations always leave them
open ended so that you invite people to comment or
to reply to you. Ask for opinions and feedback. The
more comments you get the more attractive your
conversation will appear to other people in your
overlapping networks. This whole process will spread
virally and amplify your message getting you noticed.
Its just a matter of turning up the volume

5. Magnetizing Your Extended Network
As you build your network larger you will discover
that you start growing automatically through word of
mouth. You no longer need to put effort into meeting
the right people, they are magnetically drawn to you
just because the way you have structured your
This means that any content you syndicate and
circulate will be seen by a much wider audience,
drawing even more people towards you.

We call this process hitting critical mass.
6. Choosing To Belong

The most effective way to turn prospective clients
into customers is to make your prospects more
committed by allowing them to take a step closer to
you and make them feel special.

If you have an emailing list this is the time to migrate
people over. You can use a variety of techniques to do
this by offering them ethical bribes.

Possible examples are: A free teleseminar, free ebook,
audio download, webinar, discount coupon,
competition or sweepstakes.

The main focus is on creating a sense of community
and belonging. This is something that all humans
crave for.

It makes little difference if you have an email list or a
Facebook page you still need to develop the
relationship on an ongoing basis. The mistake many
people make is to reach this point, and then stop
engaging. They forget that they are building a long-
term asset. Like we said before the money is in the

7. The Risk Free Offer

Now you have migrated your prospects to this point
its important to make it as easy as possible for people
to take the next step and that’s to become a paying

By reversing the risk you facilitate this process, what
this means on a practical level is that you offer a
guarantee on your products or services that make it
difficult for people to refuse.

Risk free trials, lifetime money back guarantees;
bonuses that they can keep even if they choose to
refund are just a few examples.
First give them a taste of the content or service that
you offer so they can look forward to experiencing the
same quality if they buy. If you are a coach you can
offer a free 20-minute consultation. If you are an
author you could give away a free chapter of your

Your customer is your most valuable asset in a social
media world. Treat them with the utmost care, as
your reputation will depend upon this.

While happy customers will sing your praises,
unhappy ones can destroy your business and damage
your reputation.

Since 67% of people will consult a social media
community before they make any purchase online.
Reputation management has now become a necessity
not an option. This is why you need start embracing
social media immediately.

8. Leverage Your Success
Now you have paying customers and your business is
growing. Your next step is to leverage this to promote
yourself further. Your Brand will gradually get more
and more exposure.

If you have followed this blueprint you will have a
responsive group who appreciate your products or
services and will be only too happy to recommend
you to their friends.
Every interaction you have with them in a public
environment like Facebook they are passively
endorsing you and encouraging their friends in a non-
invasive way to listen to your message and find out
more about you.

If you gather testimonials so you can leverage them
for your other marketing materials. Offer these
customers other products and services.

The Key Concepts

Success in social media is all about understanding the
power of leverage – effort in the right direction
applied in the right place.

Understanding the power of affiliation and learning
ways to piggyback on other people who already have
built their reputation.

You need to have a giving and service mentality – if
you take too much people get suspicious and won’t
trust you- the most generous people get the most
Have an abundance mindset – promote other people
and give them credit, take their concepts and improve
and add value. Your competition are your friends not
your enemies

Be yourself, revealing your own weaknesses builds
credibility – Social Media is about real people building
real relationships.

Making Money Through Social Media

If you follow this simple blueprint we can guarantee
that you will build a community around your business
and will quickly be able to monetize the relationships
that you have built.
Here are Your Next Steps
By now you should have gotten a taste of how
powerful and profitable Social Media can be when
practiced in the right way.

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    hand and walk you through the exact steps to
    most effectively monetize your social media
    presence this is what you have to do now.

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To Your Success,

Robert Grant & Ian David Chapman

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