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Alkaline Water Protocol                              2011


          Makeup of the Human Body…………….………………….….3
          Optimal Health………………………………………………….5
               Ph Balance
               Oxidative Stress
          Man’s Original Diet……………………………………………10
               The Sickness and Death Diet
          Environmental Stresses………………………………………...12
          How Healthy is Our Water?..………………………………….13
          Type 2 Diabetes…………………………………………………15
          The Complete Water Protocol…………………………………16
               Drink More Water
               Alkaline Diet
          Nutritional Supplements……………………………….….…...22
          Ayurveda Herbs………………………………………………...25
          Eliminate Emotional Stress……………………………….…....26

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                  2011


          How exactly does your body heal itself? First, we have to
          understand how the body works. The body is an incredibly
          sophisticated, complex organism.

          Enzyme proteins take the raw material building blocks, the
          nutrients procured from food, water and oxygen, and process
          them into the cells, tissues and organs of the body’s electrical,
          chemical and mechanical systems.

          Some of the body’s components are:

                100 trillion individual cells
                22 acres of skin
                100,000 miles of blood vessels
                45 miles of nerves
                9 trillion brain cells
                5,000 enzymes
                A heart that beats 2 billion times
                Brain, lungs and nervous system that work automatically

          The body’s electrical system produces electricity (about 25
          watts) which becomes the nerve impulses used by the nervous
          system to communicate with and coordinate the functions of
          cells, tissues and organs.

          The chemical system produces the hormones, acids, alkaloids,
          neurotransmitters and gases necessary for life.

          The mechanical system consists of muscles, bones and enzymes,
          which are atomic-sized proteins that make all the body’s
          functions, such as breathing, movement, and thinking,

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                2011

          Every second, millions of cells are born and an equal number
          are destroyed by the body. The correct building materials must
          be delivered to the right site at the right time to allow the
          creation of new cells, and the old cells must be dismantled and
          destroyed, with the waste material removed in a timely
          manner. All of this occurs automatically.

          Breathing, heart beats, perception, cellular repair and
          reproduction: every bodily function requires precise timing of
          electrical signaling and discrete chemical reactions carried out
          by the nervous system and enzymes. The body’s machines
          physically produce all the components required to maintain

          The body’s internal operating environment is critical. All of
          the processes and activities mentioned above require the
          optimum operating environment in order to function properly.
          If these parameters are met, the body functions properly and
          health and wellness are maintained, even when attacked by
          pathogens, toxins and other acids and free radicals.

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                  2011


          When the body’s operating environment is optimal, the body,
          through a process known as ―homeostasis,‖ is able to defend
          itself against sickness and disease and to recover from any
          illness that may have taken hold during lapses.

          All chronic, degenerative diseases are caused by failure of one
          or more of the body’s operating parameters to function
          normally, crippling homeostasis and opening you up to deadly
          pathogens or degenerative changes in your body.

          The four pillars of optimal cellular health are:

             1.   Hydration
             2.   Oxygenation
             3.   pH Balance
             4.   Oxidative Stress

          All of these conditions are based on optimal nutrition. All
          nutritional deficiencies have a negative impact on optimal

          For instance, when the body becomes dehydrated, all of the
          cells, organs and systems of the body are negatively impacted.

          Dehydration leads to high levels of acid in the body’s fluids.
          This causes damaged blood vessels throughout the body;
          cardiovascular disease, strokes, peripheral artery disease and
          bleeding gums are all symptoms of dehydration-caused

          Pain is caused by the irritating effects of acid burning the
          nerve endings in various cells.

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                   2011

          Remember the enzymes, the workhorses of all the chemical
          reactions in the body? Enzymes do not work well in an acidic
          environment. They do not work well if the body’s fluids are too
          thick as a result of dehydration, either.

          If the enzyme’s performance is degraded, all of the functions
          they mediate, such as breathing, generating immune system
          components, sight, muscular activity, thinking, etc., will suffer.

          Also, an acidic environment produces free radicals. Free
          radicals are the drivers of oxidative stress. For instance, a free
          radical-damaged pancreas is not going to be able to produce
          the amount of insulin required by the body, which can cause

          Free radicals can also damage the DNA of any cell, which may
          lead to abnormal reproduction or cancer.

          Clearly, dehydration leads to acidosis and the generation of
          free radicals, which lead to all types of illnesses, diseases and


          Water is perhaps the most critical component of the body’s
          environment, as discovered by the late Dr. Batmanghelidj, a
          classically trained gastroenterologist.

          Your body is 70% water—about 10 gallons in a 150-lb
          human—and loss of just 10% of that water can cause a
          collapse of your circulatory system.

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                 2011

          We all lose 2 to 3 liters of water per day by exhaling,
          perspiration, elimination, etc., which must be replaced to
          insure proper functioning of our cells, tissues and organs.

          Water is far more than just a solvent or transporter of
          nutrients and wastes in and out of your cells. According to
          Dr. Batmanghelidj, water has many more vital functions than
          most of us are aware of:

              Water is the body’s main source of energy. When water
               hydrolyzes or breaks down food during the process of
               metabolism, it boosts the energy generated by the
               oxidation of food by a factor of 10, making it by far the
               largest source of energy available to the body.

              Water also supplies energy by the process of
               hydroelectricity. Just as electricity is generated by a
               turbine in a dam by water rushing over its blades, so do
               cells receive electricity when water rushes through the
               water channels in cells in which there are microscopic,
               protein/mineral flywheels which spin and generate

              Water is an integral part of every biochemical reaction in
               the body.

          Most people do not replace the 2 to 3 liters of water they lose
          every day, resulting inevitably in chronic, unintentional

          Drinking coffee, tea, soda or other water-containing drinks
          does not count toward your daily water requirement because
          they contain substances such as caffeine or alcohol. These are
          diuretics and actually remove more water from your body than
          is contained in the drink.

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                 2011

          Dr. Batmanghelidj’s revolutionary discovery was that chronic,
          unintentional dehydration alone can lead to the development of
          virtually all of the chronic degenerative diseases that plague

          pH Balance:

          The acid/alkaline balance (pH) of the fluids in and around cells
          is another critical operating parameter. pH refers to the
          relative percentage of hydrogen contained in a fluid. The more
          hydrogen, the more acidic is the fluid. The less hydrogen, the
          more alkaline the fluid.

          The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 0 the most acidic
          reading and 14 the most alkaline. The scale is logarithmic, so a
          one point difference up or down the scale is actually a tenfold
          difference in strength.

          A reading of 7 means there is an equal balance of acid and
          alkaline ions present in the solution, which is then referred to
          as neutral.

          The normal pH of body cellular fluids is 7.365, meaning
          slightly alkaline. As pH falls, bodily fluids become more acidic
          and contain dramatically less oxygen, become thicker, less fluid
          and electrolytic balance is thrown off, affecting functioning of
          the nervous system. This is referred to as a state of acidosis and
          is quite unhealthy unless corrected.

          Acid damages cells, DNA, tissues and proteins and burns
          nerves, causing pain. The lowered oxygen levels promote the
          growth of disease-producing pathogens, bacteria, viruses, etc.
          Thicker, coagulated blood cannot travel through the smaller

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                2011

          capillaries, hindering oxygenation and waste removal from
          organs and tissues. A low oxygen acid environment is also the
          preferred environment for growth of cancer cells.

          Oxidative Stress:

          Oxidative stress describes the damage done to the body by free
          radicals. Free radicals are dangerous, unstable molecules
          produced internally as waste products by chemical reactions
          such as the metabolism of food, and externally by toxins,
          sunlight or atomic radiation. Also, 2% of the oxygen we
          breathe is of the free radical or ―reactive oxygen species,‖ free

          Free radicals are dangerous because they are atomically
          unstable, lacking an electron and will steal it from any other
          molecule they come into contact with, whether in the DNA of a
          cell, the cell wall, or other proteins in a cell. This damages
          those molecules and turns them into free radicals, therefore
          unfit to perform their normal functions. This causes a chain
          reaction that can damage millions of cells unless it is stopped.

          The body has natural defenses against free radicals, called
          antioxidants. As long as the balance between free radicals and
          antioxidants stays within a certain range, the body is spared
          oxidative damage.

          The common denominator among these operating parameters
          is that they are all dependent upon nutritional inputs to attain
          and retain optimal health.

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                2011


          When Man was created, his body was genetically programmed
          to eat and drink (metabolize) the foods and drinks that were in
          his original environment, such as vegetables, fruits, water and
          some meat and fish.

          When this diet is adhered to, the body’s operating conditions
          are optimal and optimal health results with the body being
          able to heal itself from all assaults.

          The Sickness and Death Diet:

          The Standard American Diet (SAD) of today is a far cry from
          our original natural diet.

          Take sugar, for instance. If we observe the average sugar
          consumption in non-advanced societies such as in the Amazon
          or Papua, New Guinea, the per capita consumption of sugar is
          about 2-4 pounds per year, from fruit and perhaps honey.

          The average American drinks the equivalent of 500 cans of
          soda per year, with an average 10 teaspoons of sugar each!
          Throw in some cakes, cookies and pies and it adds up to over
          154 pounds of sugar per year, per person!

          It is a known fact that excess consumption of sugar unleashes
          acidosis and free radicals in the body and is cancer’s favorite

          The acid in sodas and animal protein are also major
          contributors to acidosis and free radical damage to the body.
          In fact, there is enough acid in a can of soda to acidify your

Alkaline Water Protocol                                               2011

          body enough to kill you, if your body did not have enough
          alkaline buffers to neutralize it.

          Most of the items in the SAD diet create acid in the body; meat,
          dairy and grains, to be exact. Instead of vegetables and fruits
          as the preponderant food, we gorge on meats, grains, dairy
          products and prepared foods.

          Fried foods and other foods cooked in vegetable oils produce
          cascades of cell-damaging free radicals. Thousands of artificial
          chemical preservatives, colorizers, taste enhancers and
          flavorings infest processed foods, producing a variety of
          illnesses in humans, from allergies to cancer. Residue from
          toxic agricultural chemicals is routinely found in fresh fruits
          and vegetables.

          Worry and emotional stress, so prevalent in today’s society,
          are also huge producers of acid in the body and suppress the
          immune system, opening the body to damage by pathogens.

          To understand how stress damages your body, read this piece
          by two University of Michigan doctors:

Alkaline Water Protocol                                              2011


          Evidence is steadily mounting that radiation from cell phones
          causes cancer. This is in addition to the EMF (Electromagnetic
          Frequency) radiation all around us from radio, TV, house
          electrical wiring, etc.

          This radiation produces dangerous free radicals when it
          bombards our bodies. This is the same way atomic radiation
          from an atomic bomb kills people!

          Then there are the toxins in our air and water. We routinely
          breathe air contaminated with lead from Chinese steel mills,
          radiation from Japanese nuclear sites; ozone, particulate
          matter and other airborne pollution cannot be escaped.

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                  2011


          Experts say that 19% of Americans drink water so polluted
          that it does not meet Federal guidelines for drinking water.

          A recent study revealed that the drinking water in 42 of the 51
          States in the US was found to be contaminated with 140
          unregulated chemicals that didn’t meet safety guidelines.

          The newest hazard to drinking water is prescription drug
          residue. Imagine inadvertently feeding birth control pills,
          antipsychotic drugs, antacids, strong antibiotics and blood
          pressure medications to you and even your children!

          A recent test showed that Philadelphia, Pa. had the most
          prescription drug residue of all cities tested. Traces of an
          unbelievable 52 different prescription drugs were found in the
          municipal water supply.

          Chlorine metabolites, resulting from the ingestion of the
          chlorine in our drinking water and absorption through the
          skin while bathing or showering, causes cancer.

          In reality fluorides are among the most dangerous chemicals
          on Earth. Their initial use was as insect and rat poisons.

          Fluorides have been implicated in autoimmune diseases, cancer
          and other serious diseases. The kicker? Tests show that
          fluoride does NOT prevent cavities. To make matters even
          worse, most fluorides used in municipal water systems in the
          US come from China, and are contaminated with other toxins.
          Go here for more information on Chinese fluoride in our
          drinking water: http://bz9.com/chiflor

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                2011

          Furthermore, over 40% of bottled water is simply tap water!
          Worse, there are fewer regulations governing the quality of
          bottled water than that of municipal water. For instance, E.
          coli bacteria, found in animal and human feces, are forbidden
          in municipal water, but small amounts are tolerated in bottled

          You can now understand that all of these additional stresses
          result in extraordinary stresses on the systems of the body.

          Even Dr. Batmanghelidj realized that just returning the body
          to ―normal‖ is not sufficient to prevent, control or cure deadly
          chronic diseases in the face of the massive environmental
          stresses to which our ―modern‖ diet and lifestyle subject us.

          Admittedly Dr B. was not a nutritionist, and he made general
          recommendations, such as to eat more fruits and vegetables,
          take appropriate supplemental vitamins and minerals and
          drink clean water.

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                 2011

          TYPE 2 DIABETES

          When I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, I was devastated
          and frightened. Several years earlier, I watched my father die
          from Type 2 diabetes. First, he lost his right foot. Then the
          right leg below the knee. Then, just as his sight was failing, he
          died from a heart attack, as do 75% of T2 diabetics.

          His expensive diabetes medications did not stop the spread of
          the disease or save his life; they just made money for the drug

          I decided I would not go out like he did. So, I did research and
          came across Dr. B’s water cure. After three months, my
          diabetes was gone. You can get the details here:

          I give much of the credit for my speedy results to the fact that I
          augmented the Water Cure with specific additional nutritional
          and behavioral changes.

          Today, I call my regimen the Complete Water Protocol.

Alkaline Water Protocol                                               2011


          This protocol is based on the groundbreaking Water Cure of
          Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, the classically trained gastroenterologist
          who discovered and proved the ability of water to heal the
          body’s many chronic illnesses over a 22-year period.

          The Complete Water Protocol is designed to add dietary and
          lifestyle changes to water’s proven ability to heal.

          The Protocol allows the water to not only produce results
          faster but to also act as a powerful preventative by shielding
          the body from the daily deluge of acid-producing foods, stress
          and nutritional deficiencies.

          The goal of this protocol is to:

              Provide adequate hydration to the body, replacing at least
               the 2 to 2 ½ quarts per day of water lost from the body
               by exhalation and elimination.

              Rid the body of excess acidity, which attacks the cells of
               every organ and system in the body and provides a fertile
               environment for the growth of pathogens and cancer, by
               neutralizing it with alkalinity.

              Provide antioxidants to bolster the body’s own immune
               defenses, which protect it from dangerous free radicals
               which facilitate aging and disease.

              Provide more pathogen-killing oxygen to cells than
               regular water can provide.

              Stimulate and improve the body with exercise.

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                   2011

              Deal with the damaging effects of emotional and
               environmental stress.

          Reference Dr. Batmanghelidj’s book, ―Water Cures, Drugs
          Kill,‖ available here: http://WaterCuresDrugsKill.com

          I recommend that you seek the advice of your medical
          professionals before altering any medicine, prescription or
          procedures prescribed by them.

          Drink More Water:

          The first step to regain your body’s ability to heal itself is to
          drink more water.

          Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water daily, minimum
          2 liters or quarts, which is what you typically lose from your
          body in 24 hours. Add ¼ teaspoon of sea salt to each quart of
          water, because the body’s fluids are almost the same as sea

          A note on salt: commercially available ―table salt‖ has been
          processed in ultra-high heat (1200 degrees Fahrenheit) to
          enable all of the other minerals contained in it naturally to be
          removed and sold.

          Pure sodium chloride, without the modulating effects of the
          calcium, magnesium selenium and 80 other minerals in natural
          salt is a poison to the body, causing, among other ailments,
          high blood pressure, according to a study reported in the
          Journal of Clinical Nutrition by a Dr. David McCurron in

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                  2011

          Himalayan or Celtic sea salt, on the other hand, contains all 84
          minerals vital to the body for good health. Check with your
          health care professional before adopting this suggestion if you
          have any qualms about using salt.

          Try to drink the water and take the salt 30 minutes before or 2
          ½ hours after meals, but never with or during a meal.

          The water I drank and highly recommend to those suffering
          from chronic, degenerative diseases is Ionized Alkaline water.
          This is water produced by a machine that is recognized as a
          medical device by the Japanese and Canadian governments.

          Called Kangen Water, this water has been used in Japanese
          hospitals for at least a generation to treat all sorts of chronic,
          degenerative diseases, from bed sores and migraines to cancer
          and diabetes.

          It has four characteristics that give it powerful health-restoring

             1. High alkalinity—Kangen water is hundreds of times
                more alkaline than fruits and vegetables. It fights acidosis
                and helps neutralize the dangerous acidity in your body.

             2. Powerful antioxidant—Kangen water is thousands of
                times more powerful than antioxidants such as vitamin C.
                It is also the lightest and smallest known antioxidant,
                which makes it able to penetrate bodily tissues quickly
                and easily. It is a powerful deterrent to dangerous free

             3. Hexagonal microclusters—Kangen water provides more
                efficient hydration and extra energy to body cells. It may
                also provide protection to genes.

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                   2011

             4. More oxygen—Kangen water contains 100 times more
                oxygen than regular water, which enables the body to kill
                pathogens and cancer cells.

          This water is a powerful antidote to acidic foods and drinks,
          the environmental toxins in the air and water and the acid and
          free radicals resulting from the emotional stress we are all
          subject to on a daily basis.

          If you would like to read scientific research on ionized water,
          or ―Electrolyzed Reduced Water,‖ as the scientists call it, go
          here: http://bz9.com/kanrsch

          To read testimonies from people who have been able to restore
          their body’s internal environment to optimal conditions and
          healed their bodies, go here: http://bz9.com/AABook

          You can also learn more about ionized water and the Japanese
          Kangen Water Ionizer in laymen’s terms here:

          Be sure to register for the newsletter and download the free,
          32-page e-book to discover the amazing health benefits of
          alkaline water.

          Alkaline Diet:

          In addition, the Water Protocol includes an alkaline diet.

          The first step in a healthy alkaline diet is to eliminate the
          following from your diet:

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                  2011

              Smoking
              Soda and alcohol, with the possible exception of a glass of
               red wine with meals
              Artificial sweeteners
              Fried foods
              Heated vegetable oils, with the exception of coconut oil or
               avocado oil

          In addition, you should drastically reduce the intake of the
          following foods:

              Sugar
              Processed foods
              Commercially baked goods
              Enriched cereals and grains
              Simple carbohydrates, such as baked goods, white flour,
               rice and pasta
              Dairy products
              Meats and fish
              Fruit juices (high sugar content)

          Try to limit your daily calorie intake to no more than 1,800
          calories for men and 1,200 calories for women, as it has been
          shown that caloric restriction alone leads to longer life spans.

          Nuts, particularly almonds and walnuts, are a great healthy

          Only coconut oil or avocado oil should be used for cooking.
          Cold olive oil is great for salads.

          An alkaline diet consists of 70-90% vegetables and fruits,
          depending on your health goals or current illness. The other
          10-30% can be protein, beans, whole wheat pasta or brown

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                2011

          rice. Get a free acid/alkaline food chart, showing which foods
          are acidic and which are alkaline, delicious vegetarian recipes
          and an introduction to the alkaline way of eating, at:

          At least a quart of freshly-made carrot, celery, beet and other
          vegetable and fruit juices should be drunk daily.

          I believe the Vitamix Blender system is the best because it uses
          the whole fruit or vegetable, giving you the maximum amount
          of phytonutrients and polyphenols, many of which are found in
          the skin of the fruit.

          Use sea salt for seasoning, along with cayenne pepper, turmeric
          and garlic to taste. Stivea or Lo Han are the only
          recommended sweeteners. They are natural herbs with no
          calories. Dark chocolate, at least 70% cocoa, is a natural
          antioxidant. Eat in moderation.

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                 2011


          Nutritional supplements make up for the nutrients that are
          scarce in our foods today. They supply additional vitamins,
          minerals and antioxidants needed by the body.

          Here are my recommendations for daily nutritional

              Alpha Lipoic Acid—The super antioxidant. Boosts the
               power of the other antioxidants like glutathione. 200-

              CoQ-10—Another super antioxidant and supplier of
               energy, especially for the heart. 60-300mg/day

              Vitamin E—A powerful, fat-based antioxidant that
               specializes in protecting the heart from free radicals. 1-2

              Vitamin C—A powerful, water-based antioxidant and
               collagen supporter. 1-3g/day

              Vitamin B12—Great for more energy and the heart and
               nervous system. 500mg/day

              Vitamin D3—Heart, bone and immune system protection.
               2000-5000 units/day

              Fish or Krill Oil—Supply Omega 3 essential oils. Take as

              Turmeric (Indian spice) should be taken daily because it
               is a great cancer fighter

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                 2011

              Cinnamon is great at modulating blood sugar and is a
               must for diabetics.

              Green tea in moderation (2-4 cups/day) is also a great
               antioxidant and cancer fighter

              An algae, seaweed or barley grass-based green drink
               powder or tablets—Alkalize the body and supply trace
               minerals found in seawater. Also a good source of

          This site provides some of the highest quality vitamins and
          minerals I have found:

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                2011


          Exercise helps you lose weight. Exercise will also keep your
          muscles toned and will keep your other circulatory system, the
          lymphatic system, toned and moving.

          Exercise consisting of a mix of cardio and strength training is
          ideal, about ½ hour per day.

          You can do an hour of walking or a ½ hour of swimming for
          cardio. Weight training is the best strength training. Pushups
          and sit-ups can do in a pinch.

          Daily exercise also improves blood flow to the heart and brain.
          It can help you maintain your strength and flexibility well into
          your ninth decade of life or beyond.

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                2011


          Ayurveda is the oldest complete medical system known to man,
          first written about 5,000 years ago in India. It is now taught in
          many British and American medical schools.

          If you have specific health problems, I suggest you consult with
          an Ayurvedic doctor. He or she will recommend the proper
          Ayurevedic herbs, the workhorses of Ayurvedic medicine to
          treat your illness.

          It has been found that these herbs have a lot of science behind
          them; they are among the best and most powerful
          phytonutrients available.

          A consultation with an Ayurvedic Specialist is only $30, which
          will be credited to your purchase of herbs. It is important to
          note that most Ayurvedic treatments are four months in
          duration for maximum effect. Go here for your Ayurvedic

Alkaline Water Protocol                                                 2011


          If you are religious, I do not have to sell you about the calming
          healing power of prayer. Try to pray at least twice per day, 15
          minutes per session.

          If you are not religious, to neutralize the harmful effects of
          negative thoughts, worry and stress, I highly recommend a do-
          it-yourself form of acupuncture.

          I am not proposing that you jab yourself with needles. The
          procedure, called Tapping, only requires that you tap certain
          acupuncture points on your body.

          Tapping has produced some really dramatic results, banishing
          disease-causing stress quickly. It makes conventional
          psychotherapy obsolete in the elimination of worry and even of

          It may turn out to be more powerful than hypnosis. Go here
          and give it a try:

Alkaline Water Protocol                                              2011

          Please understand that none of the recommendations made in
          this publication are designed to cure any specific disease and
          have not been evaluated or approved by the US FDA.
          Any recommendations made herein should only be undertaken
          with the advice of a medical professional. Under no
          circumstances should you stop taking any drugs prescribed by
          your doctor.

          I am a Nutrition Therapy Coach. The protocol I just outlined
          was what I used to repair the life-long damage done to my
          body, which allowed it to cure my Type 2 diabetes.

          I believe I can help you and your family with your health
          challenges. You can contact me with any questions concerning
          the Complete Water Protocol. There is no charge for a 30-
          minute private consultation. Click here to schedule an
          appointment: https://ywg.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php

          I also recommend that you subscribe to our free weekly
          newsletter to keep up with the latest information on the
          Nutrition Health Scene: http://bz9.com/AplNews

          Best of luck to you!

          Bill Young, Nutrition Therapy Coach
          Apple Health Network, Inc
          Box 1732
          Philadelphia, Pa 19130

Alkaline Water Protocol                 2011


Alkaline Water Protocol                                                        2011

          http://bz9.com/AABook Read what several doctors and dozens of users
          have to say about the health benefits of alkaline, antioxidant, ionized

          http://WaterCuresDrugsKill.Com Learn more about the key role of
          water in the body. You can also buy Dr. Batmanghelidj’s book, ―Water
          Cures, Drugs Kill.‖ This is the book that showed me how to cure my
          Type 2 Diabetes.

          http://acidalkalinediet.com/alkalize/?file=1054 Get a free acid/alkaline
          food chart, recipes and an introduction to the alkaline way of eating.

          http://Natural-Medical-News.Com My blog will keep you up to date on
          the latest medical developments and the latest outrages from Big
          Pharma and the Medical Mafia.

          http://TheBestWater.Org More info on Kangen Water

          How Does Stress Cause Disease? U. Mich. Health System Drs. Williams
          and Carey http://www.docstoc.com/docs/document-

          How to Defeat the Damaging Effects of Stress! U. Mich. Health System
          Drs. Williams and Carey http://www.docstoc.com/docs/document-

          Testimonials from people who have beat chronic diseases using the
          Complete Water Protocol:



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