; Serum Magnesium Levels and Acute Exacerbation of Chronic
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Serum Magnesium Levels and Acute Exacerbation of Chronic


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									Scholar: Sajjad Rajab

Guide:      Shah, B. A.; Syed, Mudassir

Title: Serum magnesium levels and acute exacerbation of chronic
         obstructive lung disease.

Keywords: Lung- Disease; Serum Magnesium Level

Degree: M.D

Year:    2009

Institution: Dept of General Medicine and
                Dept of Clinical Biochemistry.
                Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences.


Objectives: To get a comprehensive insight into COPD exacerbation & stability and its
relation with serum magnesium levels.

Methods: The study included 77 patients of COPD who had presented with acute
exacerbation from June 2006 to May 2008, as defined by Anthonisens criteria. Serum
magnesium was determined in these patients at exacerbation, at discharge and one month
after discharge as stable COPD.

Results: Hypomagnesaemia was found in 33.8% of patients with acute exacerbation of
COPD. Maximum numbers of patients were in the age group 60-69 years (46.8%)
followed by > 70 years (32.5%). The average duration of COPD was 7±4.5 years and the
commonest presenting symptom was dyspnea (100%) followed by cough (96.1%) &
increased sputum production (63.6%). The average duration of symptoms was 6.5±4.1
days. The factors associated with hypomagnesaemia were duration of symptoms greater
than 7 days, stage II & III disease, & raised MCV. It was also observed that patients with
hypomagnesaemia had hospital stay of more than 7 days in 73% of cases. The incidence
of hypomagnesaemia at the time of discharge & in stable COPD patients was 5.4 & 04 %
respectively. The mean serum mg levels of patients with acute exacerbation of COPD
was statistically significantly lower 1.88±0.67 mg/dl (mean±SD) than serum Magnesium
0f Stable COPD patients 2.30±0.36 (mean±SD)

Conclusions: The prevalence of hypomagnesaemia in acute exacerbation of COPD is
higher than in stable COPD patients and is associated with prolonged hospital stay.

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